Friday, August 31, 2012

Lost in translation and lack of common knowledge...

 From the text of Governor Romney's speech, from Fox News:

"My dad never made it through college, and he apprenticed as a laugh (ph) and plaster carpenter. He had big dreams. He convinced my mom, a beautiful young actress, to give up Hollywood to marry him. And moved to Detroit."

The job was 'lath and plaster carpenter' -- I once knew a man that fed his family on that work. But young folks may not know that profession, although I think Governor Romney knew what his father had started learning. How many speech writers know about lath and plaster?

From my mother's love of stories, and my early reading of legends and myths:

King Cnut set his throne by the sea shore and commanded the tide to halt and not wet his feet and robes. Yet "continuing to rise as usual [the tide] dashed over his feet and legs without respect to his royal person. Then the king lept backwards, saying: 'Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the King name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.'

Governor Romney was reaching for me in the audience with this statement: "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans." or he thought that it was an illustration for those fearing the Greens and Global Warming... I like to think he was reaching for me, without saying that President Obama had failed to acknowledge the Lord's singular authority over the Universe - or that they don't teach the lessons of kingship that King Knute understood and demonstrated.

You know, I missed it...

I was watching the beginning of Clint Eastwood's bit on the stage in Tampa, and my brother called on and I took the call.

Yeah, family is very like that. I even cooked dinner and had it waiting for my wife's return from work last night, that was different, too. So I have demonstrated some positive efforts at rejoining humanity and the struggle. I have hope.

One of the things my brother talked about was how long it is taking to get his body and life back to normal. I reminded him that he is older and it takes longer to correct injuries, surgeries and bad habits. I should have paid more attention to my wisdom, because it has been true of me for my own recovery and at least I am accepting it better. Do you think the country is going to be gracious and patient enough to recover from its experiments beyond the Constitution?  People do it all the time, excesses of flings of fancy go over well if you are Earl or Prince Harry, provided you use the foolish stunts to flee to growing up and growing old and remembering when. Kind of difficult to keep playing a bad boy when you get fat, wrinkled and baggy... although there are many trying, constantly.

Now the country is an institution, a geographic location, a population of folks, an idea, and still young and too rough and strong but mostly loving... all the fires are still burning, not many have been put out although some seemed banked for future starts upon waking up.  Yep, a dangerous idea, and seemingly self centered and often out of control - which could be very dangerous.  Be humble and handle with care, you aren't finished with life yet. I like my country, but I am sure that chanting USA or saying the Greatest isn't going to make it better. Begin in bumble and humble, that gives you room for growth. There are choices and chances to change the day. You have to make them and work on the one you think will help, just being outside of Washington, DC and the government gives you a better perspective of the possible. Seems that everyone that goes to DC as anything but a tourist gets tainted and disoriented. They did drain the physical swamp and build the city, but I wonder if they have ever thought about the spiritual swamp that government is mired in?

Time to go on my way, and begin my day, talking about the future and government isn't as good as thanking the Lord and asking His attention to my efforts, so my time here is done. Back later.... be good for the best of reasons - because you can and the Lord loves it. Amen.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It was my fault, I made a decision and ...

People are running around in panic, nothing they are doing is working. How did that happen? Well, it was me and thousands to millions like me, folks that wanted to do their jobs, their lives and get on with getting on... and then the folks that can't moved in to do their best to make everything better, at least for themselves and their buddies and perhaps for the rest of us less fortunate. That is how they sleep at night, knowing they are the good guys.

But they didn't do it well, they got in everyone's way and things kept going wrong. They wanted to be if not a little prince or a god, they wanted to make the rules of gravity, differently. They couldn't, but they do keep trying. Thinking about the Soviet Man, where Communism was going to take us all, how did that become a model for a Free Man? It didn't, but we didn't want to talk about Liberty and Responsibility - that would mean you understood sacrifice. For you must be willing to risk it all to win a victory, but those that seem to be in charge don't understand sacrifice - they have no value in others, a nation, an idea nor a cause. And that is my fault. I am so sorry, I was supposed to be defending a free State and protecting its security. It takes an informed citizen to make a vote count, and I haven't taught anyone enough.

For everyone that worries about a vote for Ron Paul or Johnson, taking votes from Romney or Obama, you really need to find out much more about the Electoral College. Your individual vote counts for local races, but for the President not so much.

Really, a country that has as its citizens, only those that don't understand better than its representatives what would work for paying the bills, for the size and scope of the powers of government -- they do need to become more accepting of their ignorance and place at the bottom of the swamp - evolution says they aren't adapting to stupid behavior well.

I should have told you earlier that it was my fault you don't know, I should have taught History and marksmanship and leadership. There isn't enough of it around for the size of the stupidity and envy and greed.

Happy Thursday! Smile, you too could be...

You could be better than me, of course. I had teenage dreams, and my wife filled in as a girl friend with lots of walking. Good dream, has no bearing on reality, but then it does take me back farther than the military ones do, maybe I am regressing to childhood?

I did finally finish the computer cave, and I flipped two switches last night and shut the entire network and all the lights and waiting off. Then took the hot shower and went to bed. This morning I turned on the classical music station, and that was nice, the system came back up after flipping switches and punching buttons, good? Caught up to the political news by reading the speeches of the VP candidate and Condi Rice- without the audience reactions, and noticed they weren't the level of Lincoln's Address. Today, I can listen to people maybe smarter than I (certainly in better clothing, makeup, paid much more, and produced and directed with staff to fill in all their blanks) as I find out how the world went without Now if Isaac will take its rain and move on up the Mississippi, life would be more interesting than listening to folks wail about life as they know it could be so much better.

Since my dreams were far behind the current it is very easy to compare life then, and life now. I had no computer(s), and less (much less) television. More books, more friends and longer conversations, and more things happening where I was. Diversions? Expending all my life in foolish pursuits of pleasures - unrealized?

Paul Ryan's son struggling to stay awake as his father performs! Go to sleep, kid, adults making threatening rants, go to sleep, nothing happening here. Time for breaking my fast, so fat I am, and get to exercising and finding that innocent life I once lived without those electronic distractions.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I need a break

Still working on the computer cave and the entries to the Rabbit Hole. When I read about the boy signing his name and making the folks think he was pointing a gun, in violation of weapons policy... I decided to get off the Merry Go Round. What is the real problem people? You don't think, logically nor critically. Sigh, get off the Merry Go Round.

Hollow Point did destroy one CD driver, and there was a ton of dust inside the cabinet, the case and steel parts of the computer are pretty tough, only the boards, cables and software are very like my brain, too soon worn out and need replacing. Not having interest in being part of stupidity, I am on my last connections to the internet, and I gave up my cell phone, so: yes, I can! Never learned Morse Code and don't text messages to anyone anywhere, no twitter account. 

So I do hope your days are bright, and if you are getting the rains from the tropics, I hope it isn't more than you can use safely. Those still too dry, there are storms coming your way too one day.

So today, signing off, more work and adventure await your attention where you are.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Power continues to corrupt, doesn't it?

Ever wonder why both political parties look alike? The Republicans only want your money and one vote, just like the Democrats because the power isn't going to be shared. This is the United (under us) States of America. Floor fight you have to know that sooner or later the money guys will get to the 'leadership', which is almost why politics don't matter, Rome of Caesar's time or Tampa, Charlotte or Washington, DC. of our own. The Parties look very much like organized crime, or Union bosses with their thugs. The TEA Party has been less visible this election, but they are still out there, Ron Paul is still out there.

Maybe I should be kinder, maybe the TSA resembles the Republican and Democratic Parties more than organized crime. But the parties are too professionally clinging to power and giving favors in exchange of just a bit of support. Looks just like the Don at the wedding.

Yes, I still think it is worth supporting and casting your vote and talking at the conventions and in the offices and at town halls. But then I am still one of those that would have mustered at Concord, or even Lexington or in frozen Germany on Reforger, or some mountain top in Korea. Is it time for a bunker and hunker down mentality? Are we going to be forever betrayed by good intentions corrupted by EVIL Moneymen and Powerbrokers? Abe Lincoln didn't have quite this problem, did he?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get a life man, get a life...

Okay, I am going to eat for my Blood Type and work on all my shortcomings. That will be a life, ha, ha.
Look at what they think of me:
Type B Blood Type Characteristic
Advantages: cheerful, outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, active, sensitive, kind

Disadvantages: forgetful, undecided, disorganized, noisy, spontaneous, prone to exaggeration

That explains so much and only took me sixty some years to find scientific evidence, the food thing is very interesting for my blood type. Venison, turkey, pheasant, and rabbit are my meats to eats.  They have it broken down fairly well, for all food groups, don't you know that ice cream and lobster are on my avoid at all costs. My wife and I laughed and laughed as each list came up. Chicken and pork products are off, soy products are off, American cheese is gone.  I can eat all the Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage I would ever want. I need to do a lot more looking at this information, there are witch doctors and fortune tellers around and as long as the FDA and USDA don't try this in the schools and places we eat I should be just fine. I also found that my wife is my same blood type (sure, you know what your significant other's blood type is don't you? right behind their SSN).

   I disconnected the online tower for memory scrub, will go have its dead drive removed and replaced after that. It didn't do what I want.  To be turning over a new leaf, Since I am healthier and feel better I cleaned up that corner and reorganized the computer cave a bit (still lots of stuff to find a place for). And I am back to standing for typing on the keyboard, using pen drives to transfer files, and hoping my teeth grow back, hair is restored and the American governments get their spending and borrowing and printing money under control. How can they expect their peoples to believe in their better government if the leaders can't pull off the easy stuff? 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Signs it is coming apart... small signs...

As I prepare to rejoin the work force, lovely category for a life, 'I was one of the work force'. Not as good as police force, political force, brute force, or armed force. But it is honorable and essential.

I have been sent by the retirement services of my wife, to find her W2 from the last three years, I have located two of three. Which I wasn't happy about. I am missing more than I thought these last few years, probably because I haven't been thinking well. One of our home owners came by and asked me to sign a petition against some troubling neighbors. Renters - which shouldn't be a bad term, but if it is said by home owners that live here in that tone of voice - it means they haven't become neighbors they are nuisances. Loud parties, parking to block access, then almost immediately saying we discriminate because we are offended or troubled. The law has been called, restraining orders against the complaining home owners by the renter. They have much more experience protecting their rights in the legal system since they have had more problems... and need more help. Housing assistance to live in our rapidly falling apart development, because it does cost more money than some have, want to be fair. One of those questions that developers, realtors, and county government don't want you to get too close to, in the end they tell you to move to a gated community. They have their money, and will sell you more security, until they up the assistance.

As I found that I couldn't find one W2. I found my forefathers' World War II mementos. Dad had mounted his patches and brass and Marksmanship Medal and stripes on a cardboard. Proud enough to do that , not important enough to spend any time or money upon, he had things to do for family, job and the future. He also didn't much talk about the war, didn't like McArther, was in love with fresh pineapple, thought the Korean Winter was brutally cold in Inchon (occupation forces, cleaning up the harbor 1945-6 ,yes, Dungeys were in Korea that early). His brother would be there for the Korean War, my cousin and I would be there for the Cold War (1968-9). My grandfather Will Dungey hadn't been to war, but joined the American War Dads, one of many patriotic organizations as the nation went to war. He wasn't a joiner, just the Methodist Church, or local Protestant church. He already had a strong family, and work. Don't think he ever thought he needed more. His life was full, he was probably right. My father's most telling statement about the war "I was never nineteen." Which had made a mark on my mother, who believed that her nineteenth year was the best ever. That was the year she was married and had her first child. She thought it was perfect, the child was me, and I was much less than perfect but I did give her some joy. No, that was my sister, Joy, never mind. They won't write an allabout book about us.

Have to go do some more work, for my family, for their future while I watch it all come apart around us. Glad that God loves us, seems lonely and scary sometimes. Can't we get along?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I want to save the America that should be...

Personally, I will go back to work to help the President prove that his economic plan is working. Of course, I am unemployed but not on unemployment - too much pride and able to almost retire because I am so old. So I wasn't on the official totals of anything. All the factors that made me under utilized had nothing to do with the President's intent, ability or vision. The type of government in this state and how badly it works is just a small example of the major faults of the Federal government.

I will report how that works out, but I have to get out of this house much more.

The other thing I will do is continue to watch the election, having had a bitter taste of the current party politics, and watching too many experts on politics (we probably need more experts on amost everything else - politicians should all be like jurors - caring but never going to get rich on the duty). So make sure you vote on election day or earlier by mail. That takes care of politics.

Have to make sure your firearms are cleaned and working. If you don't have any, do look hard at your responsibilities to protect your home and family from the government forces like Lybia and Syria, Egypt, China, Cambodia. If you are armed, make sure you have enough ammunition, I recommend much more .22LR. Cheap enough, and great for all small game, most of us don't need to try to eat a moose. Until we get larger family or clan groups.

Food, lots of basics, flour, grains, beans, lots of garden seeds and tools to turn the earth and chop weeds. More books on farming, small husbandry, cooking, baking, be ready for lack of microwave meals. Duh. Sure you have all your canning supplies, and you can every year don't you? Oh, that was your great grandmother, the one that lived through the Depression, wasn't it?

Tools, it is nice to have them run on air, or electricity or batteries. But if the collapse is a bad as it might be, the hand tools work, they build the British Empire on hand tools and basic skills. Learn to make do, to patch, to maintain and repair. Darning isn't lightly swearing, it is making socks last another child longer. We don't have to buy our rag rugs from China, my grandmother had several she made and maintained.

I do know that the technology stuff is very neat, nice to have, makes more time for more empty days to be filled with mindless entertainment or text messages or twitters from twits. All those fine books and we want someone else to tell us what was important about the work... why? Too much time and not enough respect for how badly we built this current economy and government. If you have no family, or appreciation of the best of a great family life, then you don't understand why it is a real foundation of a great country. It can go too far, without trust of people outside the family, there isn't enough cooperation to build a nation, let alone a little community.

Another fact, that we don't tussle with enough, is how does the rest of the world does it better, or what happened when what we are doing didn't work? Most of us have no idea. You need to really look to figure it out, the military does it all the time. I am not sure anyone else in the government analyzes their fields the way the military does, internationally. They should. But then you should have that emergency plan, shouldn't you?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So how do you feel? it often isn't noticed is it?

Normal, one almost always feels normal. I work hard at trying to get back to that, except I really don't -- I figure that it is the new normal. Until I do something that hasn't been normal for a long time, and am loving that feeling, effort and the victory... hmm. Do we almost always ignore the signs of a problem, have illness we are not self diagnosing?

I listened to some folks discussing increasing nudity on television. American television, I have watched European television - they are so far ahead and you must be still growing up in a repressed society to marvel at people without clothing. Ask any really smart woman, does she present herself best with or without clothing, make up and accessories? But then I liked watching the coed volleyball game at the stone quarry where we had gone to swim and picnic. Lovely young lady and her male friend totally nude, enjoying the sun and the game. We didn't even hide the children's eyes from the behavior, it was only a game. We ate and went swimming. I wonder if my son remembers, he was about four or so, I remember. My problem with nudity and sex scenes on entertainment - is that it doesn't help the story, just wants a bigger audience following. Like folks that use bad language, in acting to make a point of character fine, but in real life - using it is insulting and rude to me, I don't have to participate.

Now, I don't have a problem with being nude, taking my clothing off in public, not being ashamed of Earl as I am no matter how much you want me to think I am degraded and powerless. I have more problem with not being beautiful when compared with some swift swimmer, but not enough to work it to perfection - and never enough to think about getting a doctor to clip and tuck and inflate... after all I am still Earl, very cheap, and always procrastinating. My physical efforts from Saturday's picnic and games caught up with me by Monday, I wondered and now I know. Makes me happy for the pain.

My biggest fun yesterday, was paying the bills, reconciling the books and having money left over and only the mutual funds to bring up to date. I was taking joy in counting my piles of plunder! They are only little piles, but as I shredded an unwanted and totally un-needed credit card from a company that had hurt my bank account long ago - I was ready to trumpet it to the WORLD! I liked looking a the old statements and adding up quickly the amount of money paid in interest would have purchased a new rifle and boxes and boxes of ammunition. Or purchased something my love wanted, so deep in her heart, the possibility is great when you don't give the government nor the banks so much for their pretending.  to want to help you into a happier future. Now for debit cards, or credit cards you pay off immediately every statement - that is wonderful as a means of lightening your wallet or purse - cash is clunky and bulks in bill bundles. I have enough excess weight I carry around as it is, still looking for an anti-grav gun.

The problem with credit is the burden you don't feel responsible for... but you intend to pay off. But what it buys makes you happier today! And if you don't notice the change in your life, your relationships and your future. The chains are forged and they bind bitterly. But you didn't notice, right? Don't worry, everyone does it in America, we all have debts and live happily on instant gratification. It makes up for not being a hero, handsome and healthy. Come to think of it, the entire country is built on debts, that we should pay off one day, and then we realize we aren't going to be getting a better job, a bigger pension, a COLA raise... and the interest on the interest. Then bankruptcy, insolvency, and uncertainty... but the dreams were memorable.

And you still have to breath, and feed your face and earn your place. So get up and get going. For your own good I hope they won't lend you anymore ever again. I don't want you to starve, just work and rebuild on your efforts, merit and potential best. You could not only look like one of those swift swimmers, you could win a place in the race. God bless all your best. I know how that will feel.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What am I just waking up to? at 03:00?

Yeah, I don't know why I am up. But the coffee is good and the net not too cluttered and I have left a comment on someone's post. I guess there are new covers for magazines that suggest something is changing in the election predictions. But I believe the cover is supposed to make you want to buy the magazine and often, only the cover is worthy. If anyone in print is covering the campaign, they are old news or wishful thinking. The whole effort, especially the request for more money, is sad. Don't they know buying votes is not a real economic booster? I don't think they have paid voters cash for votes since 1960. The dead vote cheaper than the living.

The other ugly truth, most of us don't have more money to throw into a campaign, and the news of how many millions have already been wasted on the next bunch to raid the empty treasury means they don'[t need me, do they? Lots of dollars once were a sign of success, now  it seems a black label of greed. Those political machines just keep burning it up. But that is the way to victory, isn't it? You don't need a message as much as a face, a story and a machine with professionals to tell it and gather the clans.

So, I can't help them, I have one vote and will pay for the first class postage for our votes. It is all I have left. I should get a job, better for me to wear out than petrify in place. Once, professionally, we talked about those DIP (die in place) positions. The guys left behind during retreating and regrouping and I wondered when it would be my turn. I need to dig that position, seems like I am better prepared for it than my grandchildren. But as my strength and finances wane from aged and no use, the walls are weak and might come tumbling down.

Banking day today, deposit an extra payment returned from the hospital, finish filing paperwork, writing checks until next month. Going to jog gently today, the lawn needs mowed, the time to chase the moles is now. Haven't thought about eating them yet, times are still good at the grocery. Later!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time is flying, you only get forty, what do you do?

It is easy to tell you what you are going to do, or should have done, or what happened from where I saw it... if I saw it at all. After all, I am Earl and this is my blog so I really do have super powers here (okay,, I won't mess around with the software). So here comes the End of the World, and you are there.

So make it challenging, like a Reality show with time limits, drama, and getting voted off.

You have exactly forty left, what do you do?

40 Seconds (they do count - down, yaknow.) I will pray for all those that don't know how much time is left, and for mercy I don't deserve but very much want.

40 Minutes (less than an hour, much less than an hour TV show's content - but no commercial time out will be called here). Turn it all off, the phone, the computer, and find someone you love and talk to them and hug them tight, even if it is only the pet, or the memory of someone no longer close. Remember your love, and thank God for those extra minutes.

40 Hours, almost two days. Don't go to sleep with anger in your thoughts, on your heart or in your soul. Reach out with the widest transmission tech you have and say good bye and how much your life has been blest by all their attention, participation and love. Since you have that extra time because of technology, pray for forgiveness of those that hurt you, for your own hurting of others and always for being so self centered that you never noticed them or how that made them unloved. Don't dwell on your past life too much, you have time to give them all a better future without you, just by making it right that it is your time to go. Go loving, God and all their goodness.

40 Days, more than a month, at least two paydays, and closing all debts, keeping all the important promises, gently answering all their concerns and making them happy that they can share without care your finish. Seems lots of time with lots of potential, don't waste it, get right with God, all those you love, loved and need, and then meet some new people and tell them they have a tale to tell you, and take that time to listen to everyone that will share. Do it all with Love, you could write a book about it one day.

40 weeks, lots of time - time enough not to feel pressure of it on your life. Almost too much, so did you write a Bucket List? Well, do one, and get started on it. I have a niece that assures me writing lists will improve my management of my life, this is a time it would help to have one. Look, you have already started the last forty days in all the above - days, hours, minutes, seconds = The End. No time for procrastination.

40 months, more than three years... do you have any idea how many people have been told they would have less than that to live? What do you do with that much time - most will struggle to find more time, a way out of the countdown, to change the rules, to cheat, to not being very accepting--- to think very much of themselves, unless they are wonderful thoughtful loving folks that constantly think of others first. This is where you have a chance to really look at yourself and change who you are to what you want to be remembered for, to get rid of all the demons, nightmares and ugly. You will need to smile much more, fooling everyone into beautiful with you. Always a good to make yourself beautiful and see that everyone else is, too.

40 years - that is two lifetimes from long ago - but we were little better than other primates then. Most of the people that will ever read this (there aren't that many of you) have more than forty years left - it started when you realized that you don't have any idea how much time is remaining, you don't control the clock - or the weather, or the laws of physics. You don't control anything except you - and most of us are not expert in that. God bless all your best, you do have forty of something remaining to you to live. Not that you needed motivation, but just a chance to consider those forty for someone else is helpful.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Made a fool of myself again... I must be younger...

than I realize. I went to the church picnic/games with my wife. I parked and we went out to the games, found our friends and joined in. I was doing okay, quickly becoming an oppressed minority in my own country. Very easy to do when everyone, seemingly, is speaking a foreign language that you pretend to be uncomfortable speaking and making a fool of yourself using. They also decide that you are an English Man, not an American Man, just an English Man - what an insult to the start of my country. But it does increase the pressure, the oppression of me and who I think I am.

I could be wrong, I could call all the Korean Men, Koreans (which works in America, and in the English language - but is not what Koreans call themselves, but then they don't call my country America, in their language either) but then I try to call them by name, and don't you know - that like my wife, they adjusted their American name to our culture (her name is Hong Kum-Cha, she knows it takes too long for Americans to say that correctly or use it as such, so she says to call her KC, which Americans think is Casey). So I am not totally uncaring, unknowing or unsympathetic to their normal being an oppressed minority in this wonderful sharing culture of Liberty and Justice for All. So, why am I suddenly feeling like I almost understand how much stress they are under? Well, just like they have a cultural shell that give grave offense to their person, I have one, too.

So when I saw a man put his hands on my wife to get her attention (she was cheering her team) I came quickly up behind them and called loudly to my wife to get her attention, other women noticed and also told her to pay attention to me. I told her I didn't like other men touching her, which she already knows, and then I turned and made my point with the Korean gentleman. When I was much younger I just would have hit him harder than he was ready for... but I am older and not so young. So I already knew that he hadn't meant to insult my wife or myself, touching in public is something you get over in Asia - touching in private is rare, in America it is the reverse (although I guess I have learned to accept real family type hugs from young people and children, I won't from strangers and don't get me on that whole false fake kiss-cheeks thing). So I didn't hit him, but I left all the anger and destruction on my face and I told him that if he touched my wife again I would hit him hard enough to move the left side of his face to the right side - moving my hands vigorously in the same pattern I was telling him. Leave them with visuals. Then, before I embarrassed my wife any more I turned around and left. And cooled off. Wasn't much of a Christian in my heart then - but he was still alive, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, right?


I wasn't worried about my wife, or her faithfulness or love for me, I was concerned about how my bad behavior might affect her world. She later was approached by the frightened man and she brought him over to introduce him to me (which is a very Korean thing to do - one doesn't really exist until properly introduced). I wasn't having any introduction to a potential target of my stupidity and shame. So I told her I didn't need to meet him, what I didn't want to say was that I was ashamed and didn't want him to think he was better than I (which was really why he wanted to be introduced - it would make me the barbarian - but he and I already knew that, I didn't want him to have a 'face' advantage). I don't think he thought I was going to kill him or he would have had the Pastor for the English Language Service come introduce me and mediate. I had already told the Pastor I had made a fool of myself, that was as far as I was going today.

My wife was telling the story about her wild man husband and his over protectiveness to her friends, in Korean, and was observed and reported to me by one of my American friends.

Later he, brought his fine little Boston Terrier by to be admired, his family ate lunch near us.

I pulled in some of the Tug of War, on his side of the rope, next to him, we did well together but never spoke.

Because they needed to pretend to be inclusive the English Men were asked to run in a relay. Our team had only three American Men able to run, kind of. So I was encouraged by my wife to run, and did. I ran hard, and it was faster than I had been running in a year. Surprised me that I made it so well, so although it didn't get us a win, it made me smile to be that much in motion. Funny years and years ago it wouldn't have been even mentioned.

I helped clean up, brought our stuff and my wife home, and almost immediately crashed before the news. Which is always a good thing, missing the news at the front of the broadcast. But I was wiped out, and I hadn't even fought a three minute round. I need to get hard bodied again if I am going to be so young in my passion and foolishness. I should have done more like my Sunday School teacher, he was a hippie and a monk for some of his previous life, he knows how to party.

 It is tough to be mellow as an oppressed minority, but good to be able to put yourself in their shoes - and not have to live there forever. When are we, Americans, going to stop trying to make everyone think we are the good guys? Only we know that, but we have been wrong before. But I will hardly admit it. Maybe tomorrow I will be a better man.

Word choice is important, even in prose...

I avoid poetry often, I have challenges in rhythm, rhyme and spellin'. But I admire the use of terms such as 'secret'. As soon as it is attached to another noun or verb - darkness and evil intent swirl around and the word is 'alive!'. Secret Swiss Bank accounts, secret tax forms, secret sessions with sinners, secret whispers of sweet nothings. Public is right out there! Public displays of affection; public and publish - just must have a common Latin root. How many folks reached for Latino, Latina or Latin culture first instead of Latin, old Roman language important in law, science and churches not Greek? Depends on how you were schooled, where you learnt whatcha know.

I am fat, sigh, in eras past I could be portly - which sounds so much better doesn't it? Doesn't change the body shape nor the size of the clothing, but it does change my mind and others about my condition. It doesn't answer the truth of what is inside me, just how we are going to describe me to the folks that don't know nor care.

If you don't know yet, school is about to start for the youth, the adults are to be paying attention, but not too closely, to the struggle for the highest seat in the land. I wonder who would want that seat if it were on top of something really high? or very public? I will hold that is all a distraction, the damage is being done by public servants and those that are really in charge of the change, chains and the choice. You can't do too much about all that, just know what you can take care of... yourself and all those you love.

I like shooting, I am interested in military matters, airborne, armor and combat and small unit stuff. I like to think I invested well (I didn't, but it sure has helped). I know that the economy is important, but am still learning from economists that do much better with facts and measurements and are so different than what is presented nightly in the news... SO Different! What I know about military and shooting, which is almost professional expert grade but dated, is always better than all the embedded correspondents can give me, so I figure that is how much of a miss the news is on everything else. And I always remember that their intent is to keep me watching so they can sell ad time to sponsors, no real interest in making a truth known just keep me watching, give me a teaser to stay with you for after the commercials break.

I am going to leave the computer cave, and take my wife and a bunch of stuff (is it possible to leave the house with just what you carry on your back?) to the Spanaway Lake Park and enjoy a day with the Tacoma First Baptist Church Olympic Games! We once walked almost daily or at least weekly in the park, but budget battles, access during unsafe hours of darkness and parking fees drove many of us, just users, away. My tax rate doesn't get affected by that, just my appreciation for the stupidity of the Parks and County governors. I will have fun, there will be lots of beautiful people, fine foolish chatter, an opportunity to feast (oh, yeah, in about four cultures worth of taste) and get sun burned. Instead of just aggravated by time marching steadily on with us lemmings.... God bless your day, He has already started on mine, I will share.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How do you say 'I love you'?

I like to think I start by telling her she is beautiful, in the morning, before she has really waken, long before makeup and dressing for success. While she still thinks I am lying, I must be over sexed, need glasses, hiding something bad or want my breakfast an hour ago.. there must be a reason.

There is a reason, I normally get up first and think about how miserable I would be if she wasn't there... long ago my commander asked how my wife was. I laughed and said, I don't really know, there was a lump under the covers when I woke this morning, it matched the lump that was there when I fell asleep last night. I was working as a Drill Sergeant, and only one way to stay ahead of the trainees, to sleep less and pounce more.

We have been separated by miles, and countries, and always by culture and language. We are separated by being different, still we touch with a smile, a look, and a question or an offering unasked. I don't like alone, been there, done that, still own the t-shirt. It hides in a drawer labeled stupid.

Just another reason to trust in the Lord and the promise of Life everlasting... being in a Heaven with all my enemies and my loved ones and introducing them to each other. For they all had a part in making me, Earl.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Problems with politics, again?

In America, always.
If the Democrats were serious about winning the Presidential election, VP Biden would bow out gracefully now, some fine smart replacement get selected, win the debate with Ryan and assure themselves a golden path to 2016, but politics is made of fools...
That was my thought, but why would the really smart people in Wall Street, business, and government leadership suffer fools? Because, most of America isn't as smart as they are... and fools can be bought, paid for and discarded when they become a liability. One doesn't have to be really a critical thinker to be kind to others, really, some of the nicest people I meet know they aren't smart, but they understand nice and work well at being such.
Election day, our votes count, the rest of the time our political leadership looks to where the money and power come from, which is not from the voters. 
Now except for many strange voters in long time voting status but no face that can be photo ID'd, most voters will use those places that can be bought for their information on the candidates, the effect of laws, the hard work of the candidates and how good they look when sober in the sunlight. Most of us will never see them in their drugged or drunken stupor, in some sleazy den of some slime.
So, don't be surprised that media, and politicians are so corrupt and very ineffective. Government isn't run on sound principles, it isn't even rocket science, it is all about illusions.
Do you know where your representatives are? Do you have a real idea why they don't have a clue? Can't craft a solution to a problem? Me either.
Joe Biden, didn't mean a reference to slavery, but he did... not to America's black history - but to ALL the People's slavery to an ever growing government, greedy bankers and money men. We all wear the chains until we break free of the borrowing binges - personal debt, family debt and government debt. REALLY!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So, you really believe that the media knows something?

Watching news programs have convinced me that mostly they don't know, but they want to keep me watching. Breaking news is always something that has just happened, or is happening and they don't know but they are going to cover it.

I can tell where they are so out of  touch, by how much money they are spending on their clothes and make up. There are lots of fine folks presenting the news, telling us stories and entertaining us, but it is all for them and the bottom line. Give me BBC news without commercial interruption, give me Australian news without commercial interruption, then I will find out things without wondering if a political philosophy that might change my laws and the governments attempts to enslave me. Joe Biden says that Romney is going to have us back in chains.

Ah, well, back to being a clinger. I sent an email to O'Reilly, he doesn't know much about firearms, the American laws, the 2nd Amendment and is so easily swayed by the fear mongers out there (could it be he are one?).

For you not reading his email, nor on my friends on Facebook:

You can own a machine gun in the United States, there is a tax that must be paid. No new machine guns are to be introduced. You would have lots of problems buying an illegal machine gun at a gun show, but you are correct that the unregulated (black market) market can provide what the government denies. Prostitution, drugs and other illegal items are all available, often from the law enforcement folks.

The Second Amendment is about arms used to defend the security of a free State, and the government not being able to infringe on the rights of the people. In MA of 1775 they had cannon. It machine guns had been available they, the people, would have had them. You are a product of a modern civilized country that pretends it has the people's best interests at heart - and then does all those things we fought a revolution over.

Still a great program, if you would become a bit more humble, and on firearms and the law - you come close to Jesse Watters' cute little airheads.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I don't like it personally...

and then the reasonable, white lady, sipping her coffee - tells me that it is time for a conversation about legalizing marijuana. I mute the conversation, for I have decided not to participate in stupidity.

It is a beautiful morning here, I woke my wife earlier as she had asked. She goes to the garden, the tiny one in the backyard that is still mostly grass. Picking sesame leaves and cucumbers, there are beans and tomatoes and other plants there. I think I should thank the Lord, so much from so little, and project my thoughts to growing more, planting the entire yard. How much is possible? Remembering that I am just the guy with the shovel, rake or hoe - my wife is the grower, the farm girl from far away. And where would I put the rabbits, and chickens? Why? because my faith in God is much stronger than my faith in government, I will get more from what I put into the soil, and farm than what I sent to Washington, DC or Olympia. And certainly the sounds of nature and nurture are winners when compared to the rants and poisoned perceptions so professionally polished to strike fear in my life. But I have been frightened of real killers, and got over it and on to other things.

Well, have to start breakfast and exercise - keep moving, keep smiling and find somebody to love more than self. Thank the Lord for He is Good. Take care out there.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Running, Romney and Ryan... so what will happen?

The Bain Capital effect, will happen, if that team is elected. Sigh, all they have to do is calm the fears of the faint of heart - which seems to me to be most of America, so sure they can't live without the government. On the other ticket are Hope and Change, just need some more time and money - your fair share, or is that fare shared?

I am still not sure why Romney wants to be President, I have to think he just wants a challenge and to make a legacy for his great great grandchildren. He doesn't need the power or the money, his place in Heaven is secured, and he has more love around him than most folks do (he doesn't watch anymore television than he drinks alcohol and coffee). Don't you know the money men, and the politicians are going to hate a clean living, hard working, competent executive in the White House. He doesn't even think of the job as KING for eight years. Then he shows you how he is going to do that, the same way he built BAIN, pick the right team, organize, assign tasks and goals and work hard. Spooky thought. The country actually might be richer and more efficient, the ones that can't be of service are let go, Agencies that duplicate, or pretend to be important, dry on the vine or are burned quickly. Exciting times.

I think this Vice President will be very important for tweaking and watching all Senate and House actions.

In both the Romney and Ryan life are core examples of family, hard work, faith, failure and follow through. In the other team are examples of what doesn't work... too much government dependence for your success and outright bad behavior. Having said all that, the only person I am sure knows how to fix most of the problems of the government on America is Ron Paul. What he can't do is get elected, nor inspire the multitude of helpless and hopeless, most of which are well orchestrated voters - vote once - more often.

Yeah, I am a bad man, I still don't trust most of them, gasp! Really, only trust in the Lord, seems to be working for Romney and Ryan.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My wife left me for some vodka, you know me...

My brother contacted me on on his iPhone from the hospital. My wife gave him her best wishes, advice, and said she would say prayers. I made him laugh, which hurts with the staples and long opening they made in his body so they could put it all into 'all better', he has tubes coming out of him but he will never look like a BORG, and he thinks they will allow him to go home on Monday, but doesn't know for sure. His wife will be visiting today. He is in good spirits, under pain medications, and enjoys humor, he smiles much, rolls his eyes and has laugh crinkles - but don't be too funny or too long. My sister was surprised I kind of could describe what was wrong with him and why... she wondered how I knew. I told her recreational reading. When you get old enough, lots more medical knowledge than you ever wanted to know about suddenly appears useful.

If my wife gets back soon with the vodka, we will have lunch and work around the house a bit. I intend to go shooting pistols today.

I was going to write about lack of trust being the major problem in America, which causes fool notions like World government, black helicopters, trigger happy police with SWAT gear on, anti-gun, anti-drug, anti-war,
and two political parties that do whatever the media and the money make them do... voters only count on election day, after that the score is on money spent, money borrowed, and how many words will it take to say nothing of importance? How many pages will the lawyers need to make them happy?

Aren't you happy I wish you very well, with lots of laughs in your life and God's blessings? I could be as scary as the cultural media and entertainment? My brother was worried about his band, his replacement and what is happening while he is gone -- even music men have a solid work ethic. Take care out there!

Friday, August 10, 2012

So how is not participating in stupidity working?

Yes, how is that working for you to be smarter than most of America? Not participating in stupidity, it is a lofty goal. One of my easiest to demonstrate... I don't abuse drugs, costs the government zero dollars to fight the war on drugs with me -- ZERO! So someone asks you don't take medication? Yes, but I don't have to and if it is medication it is being given to me for a health benefit, which is only a problem if you don't want me around too long.

Gambling, when I was a young soldier in Vietnam I learned that dice is the quickest way to lose money in my world. So I don't participate now, poker I could break even, but I always bought rounds when I won which put me behind on the night. So I play other card games for the skill and company, not for money. Now the lottery has been proclaimed to benefit education in most states, and sure enough those not buying tickets are well educated, and if you are buying a ticket -- you are supporting the most effective efficient tax on the poor ever designed. But it is a chance to get really rich... yep, the chances of the big prize are such I don't want to spend time figuring my chances. I remember that the native Americans, liking to gamble and drink lost much of America to greedy white folks.

Speaking of which, if you wanted to not participate in stupidity, don't sign treaties or contracts with the Great White Father in Washington, DC. Seems they constantly can't protect you, your lands or the buffalo. But then that is why so many fool American citizens believe in their government, they want to end up like the native American tribes - discarded humans in their own country. Oh, you wanted your own casino, so you could be rich... you get the house's cut. And share it with some corporation that builds the casino, runs the operations and skims off very good money for itself and gives you something in return. Still, my most effective response to those that think the government can take care of me and mine better than I and us, look at how well they destroyed the native Americans. And just when you are telling yourself it is because America is racist - thing again, it isn't America that is racist, it is the government that divides to conquer and exploit.

Last evening I got so into a new book on my kindle that I missed my favorite weekly program, which is on opposite to my other favorite program. And I never missed either of them. And as many times as they rerun NCIS, my two favorite programs will get run again, and again. I should save it for when I run out of real life and arts. But you see, watching television is stupid, for putting up with commercials, for violent  discourse on things that are meant to drive you crazy so you can ask you doctor are you healthy enough for ... fill in your blank. Take care out there, find all those that love you, and hang on tight. The world is getting a little more stupid.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Had some stuff to print for my wife...

So I had to figure out again how to get the printer back to work... did say I wasn't going participate in the stupidity out there, didn't I? So you don't need a printer for that.

Any way, I am now with print capability again. While doing that I listened mindlessly to The View, five women that aren't afraid to talk about all they don't know about. Turn it off and print away.

I have gotten very disgusted with the campaign ads, enough so I am not tuning in, And the news programs are just spreading the stink everywhere. If you didn't know, they do want you to know. Not one news program has really looked at the Affordable Care Act, none of them have looked deep into the Federal Reserve, and all their coverage of the European Government banks and bonds and the Euro aren't covered any better than they do the Olympics. How does it feel to cause the collapse of Western Civilization?

Don't worry, be happy. You can't stop politicians from telling lies, you can't bail out the banks, and if there no longer are services, then you will have to do without. Really. Yes, someone will be by to ask for your assistance when it all falls apart. But since you are so far away from the centers of power, you will have to wait a bit for them to find you.

My wife wanted a picture to take to work, so the island charmer is smiling, be happy. God loves us with all the faults.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How does that really work...

Everyone knows about air and water, our simple compounds of molecules that we want to use for our survival. But where I think modern society has failed in keeping the pressure on... STEAM POWER! For that is an example, almost daily reminder for many, of how people work best. People, get them heated up and contained, may produce power to move the country, the world and the universe. Sure, we once knew about pressure release valves, maintenance of the machines, monitoring of the temperatures and stuff one had to do to have that big rig moving earth, and reapers or combines. Steam power. The lessons not learned.

We don't pay too much attention to the rules any longer... if you heat the air - it expands and goes away.... High pressure areas. Fuel for Hurricanes hot water to move Lower pressure over which starts sucking up more heat and spinning air and water vapor out of control... takes an expert weather person to make the call.

As we watch weather, we don't immediately connect to lack of a people monitor... the economic measures should work. When we work, we heat up and work harder, when we work for the Man, we move so slow... which is why slavery doesn't produce the massive monuments of long ago and far away. Just my thoughts that you have to be working for love of something much more wonderous than the snot picking neighbor bleching so beautifully.. beside you. And those living in fear now, would tell you that whips and chains will work - they would give anything to be spared the beatings. Truth is cowards don't breed nor survive long, life is a struggle and you have to have hope in tomorrow. Most cowards lay down and die, too tired, too low to consider that they were created to be much more than what they had surrendered into... wallowing in self lost...

So my point, and I do have one. My point is people are like particles, they can move faster and produce more, they excite each other in contact - each touch sends them off in a different direction and the heat builds, and organizations can harness much, but not all, of that to produce things. The organization can get so locked down that only the exact thing happens, over and over, and if monitored correctly it is safe... then an earthquake happens and frightens the rest of us... well, not me.

Those that want to be KING, or pretend they don't want to be King but treated like one or a savior or hero or rock star... they want everyone to belong to them, to work on their project to make everyone think of them as almost a little god -- immortal, wonderful and to be worshipt. With their own followers, worshippors and priests to control and bless the masses of mindless. IT isn't natural, and the force of the people and population and purpose will cut through rocks, earth, fences, topple castles and kings.. blowing over all that holds it back from where it has to go.

What is the orientation of your life? or of your home? Are you centered on the Big Screen television? The hot rod in the garage? The job, your home just a bed stop? I am not waiting for the President, or the next President... or a return of the long ago Presidents or Kings... and I know all their intentions and rules aren't to make me better - they are to make them better.

So I orient on people and love and life. I will look for the Lord, and when we had nothing we thought God was in Heaven, which we could admire from the earth but never reach, but He never left our side, we are just blind and deaf in ourselves. We have choices, we will bounce, it is not good to be so hot we burn and certainly not so cold we freeze and never do more than lock in forever... without love or life. Balance...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Taking part... in the political process...

 One of the candidates for Governor is a friend on Facebook, and sent out a reminder that our Primary is today, yesterday. So after clearing the table from dinner, my wife and I opened our ballots and the voter's pamphlet and started picking out the one we want for all those State and County offices.

We don't vote alike often. I did distract her and had a funny thought. I should have more voters on my Facebook Friends, from the local area. I could have told them all to write in my name and I might have become a County officer, or judge? Scary thought isn't it?

Still, I see much good in the FB contacts for all my reasons and I am certain that no one influenced my voting at the Polling Place... well drop box.

Since one of the drop boxes in by the library, I feel sorry for those that get confused and put their ballot into the book drop. I don't know what the staff would do, but if I were emptying the book return bin and found some envelopes - they would get put into the ballot box before  8 PM.

Should make sure our voters can read. It could be very important. I personally cannot remember not being able to read, and I have always worried about some soldiers that didn't read or write well. Very limiting in the modern military, very. The morning television is mumbling in my background and I notice that I am as excited about Romney's VP pick as he is about leading the country. I do have an answer for the whole tax challenge by the Democrats. For his entire life by year, just the number of dollars paid in taxes, along with the dollars of charitable donations. For every year... let them wonder about that. As a matter of fact, buy a page in the WSJ, with the numbers. I think that Harry is just losing his mind to accuse, indirectly, Mitt Romney of a crime too easily proven.

But then you did know that politicians don't get smarter with age and service? VOTE them all out.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Time to protest, and get out of the way...

The world is spinning pretty fast, I don't know that TSA was checking Curiosity for weapons and other things that might harm America before it left and went to Mars. But I am sure that thousands of nice peaceful people were undignified by TSA intrusions on their day.

It is that easy, isn't it? I know TSA doesn't hate me, the airlines want my money and travel. But I am no longer beautiful, important nor adventurous. I drop out of the line waiting patiently for permission. You can have my seat and my flight. Until I get the same treatment as the President of the United States when he flies, I am not participating. Because I don't have to be as stupid as the people playing along, I don't have to surrender to terrorists. My address is on the internet, the terrorists can find me, save my bankrupt government some dollars it doesn't have.

I am not as brave as to think the remainder of America should participate. Many of you make money by getting on an aircraft and risking your lives to pilots, mechanics and union and non union workers. Terrorists are just a new form of something to fear. But to think that my government that once believed in my freedom, and was brave in the face of real opposition - my government thinks the little old lady, the baby and the innocent are to be demonized for what they can't find -- a reason to cower the citizens.

Yep, the same fools that run around telling me I am hot because of Global Warming, Cooling, fat belly, and lack of airconditioning... are the ones telling me that destroying guns will stop the deaths. Truth is, outlawing Gravity will save more lives than you understand on what gets covered in the news. Lady falls in her home and dies, falls in the shower, bathtub, down the stairs, against the countertop. Slips on the ice, grease, split milk, rain puddle.

I will continue to allow the slow death of reason out there, the day is too wonderful to waste on worry and wars unending. God bless your best.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

They speak without thinking, but they do keep it up...

Can't they read and study History, current and ancient?

Operations in the Homeland I should be happy that the teaparty folks aren't the TEA Party folks but the authors are writing in the Ivory Tower and cut off from reality.
French Revolution
John Brown, Harper's Ferry Armory
The War between the States commonly called the Civil War
The fall of the Tsar of all the Russians, the Russian Civil War
The Spanish Civil War
Indian Independence
Israeli Independence
Athens Tennessee
The fall of most European Communist Countries - especially EAST GERMANY and the wall.
The Arab Spring
Vietnam & Afghanistan (the last against Alexander the Great, the British, the Russians and the American led NATO).
Current Syria, anyone?

I read much better Science Fiction with more truth than this article.

The above is so childish but what would one expect, someone using the Bible to be a better Christian in the middle of Mordor? Glad they only get chalk in Chicago, aren't you? Show much more love of the Lord, folks.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

public land, public range, those that don't care...

Lost everything I wrote the first time.

Although I have problems with private ranges, costing too much and not universally accessible by the public. And I have problems with NRA, Shooting Sports Federation or such -- because they don't work hard enough on getting everyone to learn how to shoot safely, sanely. They are all still making sure someone is shooting well, where they won't get hurt, or cause poor public opinion.

I visited a fine potential shooting range site, and the natural beauty was very nice, but the County and the people that come to trash the area waiting for the maid and janitor to show up and clean up after them. It just makes me so happy not to have to see what their underwear or firearms look like. It was so bad that one of the shooters complained and blamed it on the volunteers from Appleseed. Don't think that county gets another Appleseed, they will have to go to Oregon.

From the unhappy shooter:

"Things I disliked:

1) The weather, although you can't blame Appleseed for 100° heat and wind so strong it was blowing the pop-up tents over!

2) The range. Had any of the volunteers actually been to this place? Now I know why Skamania County is shutting it down: The Blue lake Range looks like a friggen' LANDFILL! I have never in my life seen a shooting range on public land that was as absolutely polluted as this place. "Environmental impact study" my arse. They're closing it because of all the *&%$! that drop their garbage there.

3) Relay shooting. I guess this harkens to #2. If any of the volunteers had been to the range, they would have already known that there was absolutely no way to put 28 shooters on the line. As such, we had to relay shoot which was time consuming and somewhat disorganized."

There were once four or five heavy shooting benches at that range, they are all gone. Reminds me of watching Detroit burning every Halloween, and the people that burn it wondering why it isn't nice any more.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Missing the point, too many distractions for target ID

I should stop now and go hug my wife...

she might not be here one day. (actually I will probably go first, but any excuse for a good hug of a loving woman).

Most of the noise comes from others telling me how life would be better with their guidance, products, entertainment or adventure. I have no problem with folks that love each other caring for each other, I have the same problem with government being involved in the relationship between two people that I had in 1969. It made sense to me for them to be giving the official documentation and stamp of approval, until that year when they decided they knew better than I. After that I was sure they had no business in my business and I had to wait them out and get it done on my own. I also don't think much of divorce, but it is the same government stamping the paperwork. One wonders why they approved the marriage to start, didn't they know? I know they didn't care, there is no love in government.

Most of my sins trouble me, kind of like hurting someone else and needing to accept the responsibility for it and ask forgiveness - not so much for them but for oneself. God cares for me at my best, and any sins I commit aren't my best. Although, I may have given all my effort to achieving that level of stupid behavior because I thought it was right - in the light of looking back, it wasn't. Being older normally means lots of scars for things done badly. I would like to think I never knowingly engaged in evil, but I can't be sure.

Well, I can't swim for Michael Phelps, can't smoke his dope, can't pay his taxes. Just think of all the other stuff I can't do. Too much to think about. I can go hug my wife and tell her that I love her, I can pray to the Lord for His blessings, on me, my life, and our world. But it can't happen if I am feeding frustration by watching the world going crazy and waiting for the continuation at the end of the commercial interruption.

You all be very good, find those that you love and take that time with them, for they are all too soon gone and you are left in a hospital bed watching muted Fox News with Spanish captioning... all too soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nothing worth noting... just an 'h' of difference...

It is August, I am a month closer to  my death. The Army Marksmanship Team decides to not shoot in the shoot off of the President's Hundred matches at Camp Perry. They must be paying for their own bullets and saving themselves for future competition. Back in the day, when I lived Diamonds being Trump (First Sergeant) in the 82nd Airborne Division, I had a 'Jump anytime list' of volunteers - if I had parachutes for airborne operations that I needed to fill, those would take it. The day they said they wouldn't jump that time, they came off the list. They only got to get off the list the same number of times I gave them an opportunity to get on it, once. I also wouldn't put up with paratroopers that would endanger everyone else on the jump by becoming a 'jump refusal' when inside the aircraft and the jump commands being given. That only happened to me as Jump Master one time, it was a soldier from another unit, and I would have killed him and thrown him out if my anger hadn't been under control. The safeties took him out of the stick, secured him and he landed with the aircraft. He should have been courts martial-ed then, but wasn't. He came up before me for a promotion later, and I gave him all the points I felt he deserved to become a sergeant. Easy to score. The Army changes, and I hardly know how, I was once so flexible. Probably the whole Army of One, political correctness thing.

Or it could be cowardice. Which makes you wonder, because all soldiers are heroes, with medals and bands and parades and gee aren't they wonderful! Most of their real heroes aren't ever known to the public or beyond the small circle of people that were there. And don't get started on the command structure holding up recommendations for awards, for petty reasons - or awarding it to build self esteem. Duh.

But cowardice isn't something the military normally worries about, I figure the cowards are going to find jobs in safe areas, and those that fight over their better sense and their fears will be brave because it works better than the alternative. When you find cowards winning battles and wars, well, they weren't real  battles or wars.

I was looking at Kevin's blog, and found a link to Ann Barnhardt and she wrote well "On Cowardice". For reasons I don't understand I had trouble linking it to this, but you have all you need to find it-- much better reasoning and writing than I did, but I do agree with her... if you sit and watch, afraid to speak or act, you will die. Along with all the others. Why the regular politicians don't like the TEA Party, is that it isn't one of the organized regular political parties, and they vote.

I understand that the organizations and businesses will have to provide birth control for women, even if their religious beliefs say no. Not a problem in my mind. Last I heard the Roman Catholic Church gives it away for all women, of all ages for free. Chastity and abstaining have always prevented births unless God decides differently. And it doesn't cost anything.

I find thinking ill of those soldiers in the Marksmanship Unit as cowards, afraid to take some more shots, or that the government is really made up of fools that think the Constitution is not important, think that the Revolutionary War was won by media madness and those with the most money and rock star qualities; I find it sad and hard to take. So I did go walk and enjoy the day and the sunshine. Hope all your days are blest.