Monday, September 30, 2013

Last day of September, thunderstorms wake me...

Sipping fresh coffee, trying to get up some excitement at checking the weekend's Lottery tickets against the numbers. No, the coffee is great but I do realize that normal efficiency of the government in running any program means that they should be losing billions and billions of dollars to folks like we... so what is different? Are the games really just an extension of traditional criminal syndicates - who knew how to account for even the skim of the skim? Can't get excited about that. My wife pushed a strange button on the machine, and ended up with a Seahawks Scratch ticket, I cleaned it off, found no wins and then they want you to submit the ticket for loser drawings. Another fine way to get individual information to sell to those needing more potential victims.

The total rainfall for September here in Washington State should be higher than normal, a river is running down the street. If I make morning breakfast and dine I will be prepared to row away later. Only forty more pounds to very slim pickings... like that is going to happen soon. Our Sunday school teacher returned for coffee fellowship, had major heart surgery - parts of his memory are hiding from him, he has really shrunk, and he looks tired. But everyone was glad to see him getting around and smiling gently, and all hoping they never have to suffer so much, because they know they won't do it as gracefully and gratefully. Just not that fine a folk, need more saving.

So tomorrow is the government shutdown, do they dare? I mean, what happens is the people go find a life without the benefit and obligations to a failed state. Like the king is dead, and haven't got time for another king in one's life. Really, do they dare shut it down? I was watching the sequester effect, on the Blue Angels, and such. We miss them but can catch YouTube reruns, can't we? I was watching Star Wars trilogy yesterday, and falling asleep in the first video, but looking hard at the last two. Wishing Lucas would do the last three episodes, on Computer animation if nothing else. Too many authors seem to die before finishing their series, then someone tries to finish it and it never is the same.

Well, time for breakfast and then job searching, a bit.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

So you are getting dressed for church...

And the big decision point comes in the process, which caliber and with piece am I going to carry, concealed. I have been told that it would have much to do with who I am, 45 or 9mil? I would be going with the 45, then do I take the stainless steel one, the nickle plated one, the basic black, the one with the gold inlay and ivory (almost) grips? Should I use full metal jacket or hollow points? So many decisions in being a proper fellow.... what to do what to do. I am only a simple man, a humble man. I will have to wear my pensive Mickey Mouse tie - then the brothers at church will know I am carrying on.

Hope your Sunday worship and fellowship is blest by God, for He is good.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Have a nice weekend, my favorite barista says...

Doesn't she know, that every day is Saturday in my life, except Sunday. But she is a nice young lady, she knows what I like and 24 oz of black coffee works wonders after the work out. Hmmm, didn't even get to post my 10K rowing nor the 13.5 miles biking. Will do that after this post.

I was commenting on Facebook about a news report about the Appleseed shooting clinic in New York, the one written about was in New York City, but the pictures were from outside the city at another Appleseed in New York.  It wasn't a bad report, missed a few points, got some History wrong but mostly a positive write up about the activity. One of those commenting to my post started beating the RWVA up for not coming out and saying we support the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Although we shoot rifles, we teach marksmanship and tell the History of April 19, 1775 - the organization doesn't take a modern political stand, which actually isn't a modern stand - the 2nd Amendment was needed along with the other nine in order to get the states to ratify the new government. But the RWVA doesn't teach that at all, and is not going to voice any opinion on what anyone wants from today's government. There are lots of very vocal, very active groups defending the 2nd Amendment. As I pointed out my problem with those that can't understand English and have difficulty reading started in 1934 with the NFA (The National Firearms Act). But I never bring that to the Appleseed. There is so much to do in two days to get shooters the full course of instruction.

I finished reading Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly and his helper, don't bother - he uses the same stuff he used in Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy, and presents it as badly. If you don't know much about Romans, and their empire becoming more tyrannical then you should read it. You will recognize current political activities to protect the ruling elite and their excesses. But if you were looking for some proof of Jesus the Son of God, or even Jesus the son of Man. You will find the name, some of the story, and all of the rumors of miracles but none of the truth. They didn't go there. Which makes me think that the authors really are believers, and have in no way committed to making you one in this book.

I had posted my RWVA Appleseed trail on my sidebar, so I could keep track, and when reviewing the Eagle Creek, OR 11-12 December 2010 
I found a new entry, about Jason firing a very nice target about two weeks after that Appleseed, with the target. I made a comment about that and his father came back with a link to when Jason earned his Rifleman patch he seems to have cleared a Red Coat and scored 219, with a very fine looking rifle. That was a particularly fine Appleseed (Dec 11-12m 2010), very wet but lots of good shooting, splashing and one of my final ones as I headed for the exit. I am back, have Coupeville on Whitbey Island to Shoot Boss. My point to the commenter that doesn't like the RWVA and Appleseed because we won't make a modern commitment to the political chaos of America - we teach safe rifle marksmanship, and talk about a governor that tried to disarm the public, and failed. We are focused on the front sight, and keep hitting the target - he is focusing on the target and misses the point...


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Who is defining you, what you do and what you want?

If you are going to the media to find out, well, they must be the ones. No wonder I keep turning the cable off the video feed on to the audio - the Blues are on. Now no one knows who I am, what I do and what I want...

I bring that up because I am going to do some reading on my Kindle and want the world to know that I have departed the noise.

Appleseed and New York, an interesting point of view but not the way I would have explained it. The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is still defying King George and the Parliament, and Lord North. For some reason we think and can support our case with better marksmanship.

I like Appleseed events of ten to thirty fine folks coming to learn and be persuaded that they can be better Americans, once they get off the couch. Death by recliner is no way to go. Take care out there.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still talking in the Senate, in the UN, over coffee...

That is a very important survival technique - keep the conversation going - when you have run out of words there aren't many options left. It is so easy to die or to kill and talking seems to slow that down, a bit.

As always I am thinking about the end of our world - since we don't seem to work hard enough, live close enough to people we love and can depend upon, we are not at this time ready for that 'end of the world as we knew it'. So we die or are killed off.

That human has an animal base - needs food, water and waste elimination, and a certain range of temperatures and an amount of sunlight. Then the mental part that defines a human being kicks in, and self interest and logic progression makes one choose the path to personal goals, remembering what works, projecting out comes for actions contemplated... and survival is better. This is where cooperation and Pyramid building resides. There is a spiritual element, base much of it around love - that willingness to die that others you love will live on. What are you fighting for? The Legion was the reply... given by non French soldiers in some forsaken corner of History. Shared values, shared future, and lots of forgiveness and real love and then the whole survival thing would be assured. But then the collapse of civilization as we know it wouldn't happen, would it? My problem is I don't see enough real loving people in positions of power, which are why the parts aren't working well, too much I and not enough you and us'ns together on the same little planet.

Kind of like worrying about which firearm to defend yourself with.... HERE. I would have wondered how one got to that point that someone was attacking you in your home, your outpost, your manor, your minor castle, your tribal lands or your nation state. How did you allow that to happen? Did you make excuses for others and bad manners, uncivil conduct and vulgar language? Did you make sure they were hungry, cold and angry? Did you share your good works, good sense and fortune enough to promote their own accomplishments? Did you allow a lie to stand unchallenged? Size of firearm is always compensation for lack of male member? Did you allow government (and the fools that think they control it) to believe that it was more important than a live human at every point in his life?

They do study and write books about the why things fell apart, or they throw money at it because it was too big to fail --- or some throw tanks and airplanes, or suicide bombers or more lies, can't we all just get along?

Individuals, family, clan, and tribe... need much more study, understanding why humans only work that way before they can re-establish civilization and law.  Law seems to become needed when the spiritual is lacking. Kind of like the parents that have to impose limits on their young, the Alpha wolf will nip the cub, but continued lack of progress towards a sound pack member will cause the Alpha to kill the cub. Animal, but surviving.

Considering the collapse of nations in the past, Russia, France, China there were lots of people that died until the nations settled under some kind of authority - but as interdependent the world is now, how many will die if the grid fails and the truckers stop moving stuff? Can a planet Earth be too big to fail?

Monday, September 23, 2013

For our Posterity, again!

Another Appleseed bites the dust, not that there was any dust to be found this weekend. Port Townsend and the Sportsman Club was just down the road, about two hours and a bridge toll away. Beautiful country up there, and seemingly far from the King County Seattle-Tacoma metro madness. Seemingly. There was a special farm/resort for sale close to the range, actually lots of cool property for sale in that area I liked looking at.

Jay was the host coordinator, and had about eight young shooters, or never had ever shot shooters, signed up, Four were dropped off with his rifles, and visiting/viewing parents (very proud ones I would say) and he, would finally get on the line, shoot his own Rifleman score and be arm twisted into taking an Instructor in Training (IIT) orange hat for continuing his walk along the Appleseed Trail.

And the weather announcing the beginning of Fall was waiting to impress us mightily on Sunday, ripping corners up on targets or completely off the target backer, or just blowing the whole line down. A rifleman loves a challenge. A great bunch of folks, and good time had by all, and many were repeating participants, or expected to be returning to another Appleseed down the road. Looking forward to them. Port Townsend, WA, 21-22 September 2013.

How does one keep the passion in the romance? How does one keep looking at one's love with love, are we condemned to become jaded and give less than our best to the people that come, especially because we know it all, and they are so far behind our progress? That is the day you shouldn't have shown up, because you become part of the holier-than-them.... and clouding the water. Take a well deserved break, go towards your new love and be fondly remembered and talked about. Honest.

I am not going to take a break, just pace myself, and do some perfecting as I prepare for the next time, next month. Keep doing the tough work, of preparing for the collapse, or the wonder of Peace on Earth, or just having a happy healthy life.  There are so many depending, unknowingly, on you and your performance - the important ones you haven't met yet. Posterity, what has been done for you? 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just because I am an American

I am going down the road to instruct rifle marksmanship and the heritage of April 19, 1775. And am happy, be in the Spirit.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Keep it simple, silly.... so much more PC

So you are born an animal, and never ever lose that until you die.

And being human, you have higher brain functions, or we hope so. Sometimes there isn't much evidence.

And being children of God, you have spirituality that again often can't be proved. So it gets
called many other things but I will allow you a secular morality...

The animal and the human will die, and be remembered by those that love you.

If you have spirit, live by your spirit and improve your spirit and relationship with God, you might not expire as completely as expected.

I would complete this post but am still in awe of the change that accepting the spiritual over the human and animal in my daily life. It may take until that departure from the other two to find out what is beyond for that spirit. If you go first find out why Houdini hasn't reported back yet.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who is still around that thinks the government can do it?

I ask because there are people that think fair taxation will get more support to those that can't do for themselves. Really have no evidence of any love from the government for the fallen by the wayside, slid off the grid, or anything. There is also no evidence that politicians suffer for their stupidity. They may not get re-elected but otherwise no evidence.

If you believe that the government knows what is best, then you want to be a member of the Taliban, the American Indian nations, Canadian First People or those in Australia and New Zealand that were there to watch the coming destructive forces upon their people and culture. Oh, add Africa to the mix, Zimbabwe was the result of benevolent government far away. I know that now everything is fine, because the government has been watching over those groups that couldn't help being less than civilized. Which might be why the Chinese, whose country is not the Middle Kingdom but the Central Kingdom (bad translation, folks) always had so much problem with accepting they weren't civilized, the Japanese knew the barbarians (not a Japanese term, but they have one similar) knew they had to modernize to resist domination of the Western Powers. They did a fine job, remained Japanese while doing it... but they weren't that civilized.

In the rush in America to stop the gun violence, Chicago is still with more murders than the others, and the strictest gun control. You really want to stop violence, but don't know how - not as a government, not enough love in government, not real love. In the gun control debate, back ground checks, training, and licensing have all had their day... comparison to driving an automobile jumps right up - until you get the fool that thinks that the government has been brilliant in control of automobiles to admit that more people die in automobile violence than with gun violence. That government control of highways, automobile design and efficiency and bankrolling failing automobile companies, licensing drivers and lots of laws about texting, reading, drinking, or driving impaired, or lawful insured ownership of the automobile has never stopped underage, drunk, reckless or irresponsible people from borrowing, stealing or operating an automobile to be used in another crime or tragedy - totally uninsured.

A great government doesn't work as a ruler, but as a servant - doesn't think it is God or god - but knows it has weaknesses that only the people may repair. Less government is better, and more willing participation in the problems of the day and tomorrow from the people would be best... but only if they really love each other. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You can't make a rule against murder that will stop a mad man....

You cannot expect that disarming citizens will make them victims, nor submissive. There have been and will be again large bodies of people without arms willing to die to make their point that the powers that be - aren't.

Now I know that President Bill Clinton disarmed all the military on military bases when he was in charge I can be sure he was a fool about more than California airheads. At least now I don't have to ask the name of the Commander that has prohibited concealed carry authority on the base. He should have crafted the law that those carrying a weapon on base with intent to harm others would be prosecuted by God. Oops! we are talking about a military that regularly carries and uses weapons to harm others, aren't we? I always figured I was going to be fair, they get as much chance to shoot me as I them -- better shot wins. Have I mentioned how much I love 'cover'? Cover is anything between you and your attacker that will stop his weapon from hurting you. An oceans worth is great.

There are several things that could be done to improve the American public, make the media voice retractions, apologies and corrections as loudly and as frequently as they repeat the lies, slanted and heavily edited news material. One could say they should choose their words and pace of delivery, and present the news in black and white without emotional tone nor overtone. Yes, I know - they have crafted a business model for making lots of money for inflaming passions and pugnaciousness. They call airing the same video and comment over and over the news cycle.

Every death is a life ended. However it happened, the person is gone. Being a victim, a rabbit or a sheep, of the authority, the criminal, or the insane doesn't change the reality - that person has gone beyond the point they will be able to see it on the Six O'clock News. They will be resting in peace.

Monday, September 16, 2013

How can I get back to normal?

As I heat up some coffee this morning, I am thinking I should have a plan. I came back from the Appleseed tired, finished the Internal After Action Report (IAAR) for the Poulsbo Appleseed, fell asleep, woke and ate a dinner, shower and went to bed. Get up a couple times in the night, decide still too sleepy and go back to bed. Finally awake at four something and start editing and posting pictures on the AAR.

Appleseeds must be a subversive activity, as soon as a photo is posted there are at least five views of the picture, and no comments ever left behind. It could be other RWVA volunteers checking out your activity and product, friends from other events around the country, all good people looking at good things and thinking well of your Appleseeders. I never know and really only care that the participants look at themselves in action, check for steady hold factors and trigger finger position. When they were shooting they were focused on that front sight, and Earl's theory is I never looked so good as when there wasn't a camera around to catch my fleeting handsome... Anyway, I know that there are more pictures of me in the world than I will ever be in control of, that the only way to find my best shot is to take it using all six steps. Flurry over the NSA, BAFTE, FBI or Google's spying on the data bits flowing the internet -- just another foolish hoarding of stuff no one will look at twice, and since much of it is computers seeking automatically what they have been told to find... a human may never be harmed in looking at another picture of less than perfect Earl.

Coffee is ready, and as I grab a fresh from the garden tomato from the bowl and my cup of coffee, I see my wife has already washed, dried and folded my Appleseed garb from yesterday - she did it Saturday night, too. How did such a procrastinator find such an energy bunny? Lucky, it wasn't smarts.

So seriously, I have a Caravan load of Appleseed and shooting gear, to unload and repack for the coming weekend. The lawn needs lots of attention, the YMCA expects my ardent participation, and there must be other stuff waiting in ambush to distract me from noticing that hunting season is slip, sliding away...

Yes, I know - for Earl hunting is not normal. But for Earl desiring to try something new, look around and see what I haven't done or thought about. I was fascinated by listening to a shooter, that made his Rifleman patch, talk about his work as an engineer on platforms, ships and large production bodies...making things work, again or better or as designed.

Well, the coffee is good but not working, so I should head back to bed for a bit. So tired.

Friday, September 13, 2013

How to get tired enough to go to sleep early and then wake...

Got to be exciting times, since a light workout at the YMCA didn't put me in nap mode when I had finished my lunch. I was wound up preparing for the Appleseed in Poulsbo, Washington. Going back after a great one in April. I have four support instructors, it is a great range and I get to be the Shoot Boss, which puts it all on my shoulders. Not like I haven't done them before but there is a competing Appleseed in Oregon the same weekend. Many of the instructor crew are going to that one or have other reasons not to commit to this one.

My shoot box was ordered, shipped and about three in the afternoon shows up from UPS. I have a new Shoot Boss hat, I have lots of unofficial green shoot boss hats, but now it is red with a black bill.

As I was playing with my blog this week, linking all the RWVA Appleseed events I have participated in or instructed at... I came to a realization that the blog and the postings show I had really disappeared for almost two years. 2011 - 2012. Did much complaining about being tired.

I am better now, must be since I have two days of commitment and five following to finish this one and prep for the following weekend in Port Townsend. A completely new range where Appleseed has never been before. Exciting times, yes, every new shooter every new Appleseed. Returning the heritage and the marksmanship skills to the American public.

In the mail was a small box today, with my new M1 Rifle Appleseed cap, a small Essential Liberty paperback, an RWVA oval for the back of the Caravan, a Betsy Ross and a Gadsden Yellow banner for posting on my Trusty Triumph. and my new FIVE year membership card in the RWVA.  With two free Appleseed passes for future clinics.Timely, now since this is a totally non profit organization, and there are so many dedicated to serving on the lines and behind the scenes, what seems to trouble the media so much about America... besides lack of leadership, commitment and no values. My wife is going to support tomorrow, her packing list concentrated on keeping us fed and watered. On Sunday I will be doing leftovers while she is at church. Wouldn't want to cross the great plains without her, or a fast food chain called Subway.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

For the children, remember the kids...

Too often I see the words 'for the kids'  or 'because of the children' and I am supposed feel for them and be protective of their innocence. And I do love kids, but I want them to escape, to try, to dare, to run and scream or sit silently and watch and question, or read.

The Dutch farmer with goats noticed the kids and the children had shared characteristics and lovingly called them kids. One syllable and very easy to spell the Americans used it a lot and still do. Kids. Unfortunately, like Saint Nicholas, the word morph'd and times changed. The Dutch farmer (boer) would expect his kids to grow, and learn, and work and become adults and take over the farming when the old folks wore weary.

Now, it seems that kids aren't able to grow up, they certainly are protected from work (exploitation?) by government agencies and do-good'rs.  And since education is a growth industry, everyone should keep the kids, children or kinder forever... and ever... Amen.

It hasn't always been that way. People once believed that children are supposed to grow up, be responsible, and accountable. Abe Lincoln paid all his earning to his father until he was twenty-one, Kit Carson fled his apprenticeship and the reward was a whole penny if he was caught and returned. He was on his way to Santa Fe at sixteen and a life full of adventure as a short but capable young man. Maybe Peter Pan and the lost boys, and the ever sensible Wendy were over used by Disney and the idea of  'won't grow up' was musically etched in our minds.

Our culture seems to kill a lot of kids, unborn and still growing infants, children and youth. There is a thought that they freeze in time and place - but they are growing and that is by design, and this too will change should be every thought when looking at the young. Expanding one's control of this fast moving, faster growing and constantly a threat to our tranquility (they are our replacements! kill them before we are out numbered and over worked trying to stamp them out) is an impossible task.

Those that want to pretend that life isn't dynamic, that humans aren't ready to be hammered into round holes like square pegs are likely the same folks that think you can predict behavior based on your perception of the life form and ones vast experience base listening to fools, are fools. Life is precious, life is to be loved and never smothered, by control or pillows or plastic bags.

Our founding fathers, those fine folks that resisted the King and Parliament's tyranny, they didn't do it for the children, or their kids. They did it for their Posterity, which in modern America seems to be mixed up with Prosperity. 

It could very well be, that as the children of Lexington awoke to the battle on the Green, between their training band and the three light infantry companies, they still worried about their animals, their mothers, their friends and getting something to eat and getting on with the day - which was certainly going to be different.

Current culture must be too self centered, like I am the most important consideration, while long ago the family and its survival was central. Then the village, the community, the larger and larger units of shared values, experiences and common goals. But then, we hardly consider family, or posterity those are things that other philosophies want to destroy and deny... but their true value is not considered, is it?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Normal has returned, now about the Appleseed in Poulsbo, WA...

Sure enough, talking like people that care will help all the hidden fears and frustrations. But we knew that.

Still no shoot box with stuff for the Appleseed, no more instructors signing up to help, and twenty-two shooters preparing to attend. Lovely challenges, thank you, LORD.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I am not a fighter I am a lover... ever hear that?

I heard it too often in my teenage years, and I was just the opposite - a fighter, not a lover. I think I got pretty good at the fighting, and since bluff is half the battle I was really good at that.

I had all kinds of things holding me back from dating, daring to was tougher than throwing a punch by a bunch. I was so backwards that a friend finally asked my Prom date choice if she would go with me if I asked her. That was embarrassing. I didn't thump him, because she was a great date and I never have had too many friends.

My wife has stopped talking to me, seems I have shamed her at church or something. We aren't talking about it - so it will be resolved sometime long after I am gone. Realize that I am not feeling her frustration, rage, hurt or whatever is my fault (which is really making her silent), I do love being a clueless man.

This house is quiet when I am here alone. One of my  friends from the Spanaway United Methodist Church rode his bicycle to my house and knocked on the door. We had been playing telephone tag, the door works better. I gave him a bottle of water and we covered many of our bases and things. Cannot text things like that, only face to face talk works - and I don't think the NSA has any idea of our position on Syria. Good to see him.

There must be several degrees of silence, home alone, home with others not speaking, outside with everyone waiting for the cougar to pounce on prey.... several degrees of silence.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

All that I valued and love has gone....

Seems that I am not well and will remain in my personal darkness, which I haven't found except in the lonely, that is when you realize that all you have done is off the beaten track, in the fog, in the thick forest of trees, in the deep sinking sand, quick sand or sink holes of life. There seems to be no one around to throw me a rope.

Survival skills, lay back and hope you float or you swallow that first choking slime into your stomach instead of your lungs. The fear of Limbo and the land of the Dead is there is no light, and no love.

There aren't enough volunteers, not for Paul Revere

I haven't much help with the Poulsbo Appleseed. Only a bit more for the Port Townsend a week later. They don't make them like Isaac Davis any more.

Did post my Appleseed Trail, from 2008 to 2011. I may have missed one but likely not.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

FREEDOM! for slaves it means one thing, for the freemen a better world is LIBERTY

I have just finished watching all twenty-four episodes of The Slave Hunters, and I was able to see all the parts that had been missed while I made coffee, or worked on something else.

Korea (Joseon) of 1648, the end of the Thirty Years War in Europe, the time of The Three Musketeers, in France, and in England they were beheading Charles the First. In China, the Ming was being replaced by the Qing (Manchurians, really) from 1643 until much later, China is a big place.

The KBS production is available on DVD 2 box set, my library owns a copy (large Korean-American population), it can be purchased on line, probably available on Netflix with English subtitles. It all takes place in Korea, although some of the main characters have spent time in China, and Korea has a younger brother role with the Older brother.

This movie centers on slavery, runaway slaves, and slave chasers (or Slave Hunters of the title), and court intrigue to maintain power. All the bad guys are good, all the good women are really just beautiful (even with slave markings). The martial arts are very fantastic, but close to reality (NOT), but entertaining. To me the greatest hero was the tiger hunter, now slave, that knew how to shoot a matchlock, and taught other slaves the skills needed to kill the nobles. That was revolutionary... and the story shows how the culture resisted the needed changes, although everyone had the dream.

I recommend it for all those that are thinking of resistance to the oppressors, but then I really liked the whole story...just remember, it is loosely based on real history, real martial arts and real romance... loosely.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Time isn't as exact for everyone... it is relative.

I look at the roses, just a little bit ago I had taken pictures of them as buds, and now they are big and bold and about to become petals in the wind... since they grew while I wasn't watching.

I step out, get in my car and drive off to an Appleseed, present instruction, coach, monitor progress, encourage and razz as needed. One of the shooters from a couple of Appleseeds ago said he had been the target of some gentle razzing, and he might have been correct - just not a word I use in motivation... but it does work. So, since I am a retired fellow, I have lots of time to concentrate on the Appleseeds, and I get fretful when all those folks don't check for their pictures, read and/or comment on their Appleseed experience. I want to make sure I shake them up more on the next Appleseed. I need motivating, I measure success in every smiling shooter leaving with good memories and a desire to do even better and to talk about what happened.

Like an elevator in a tall building, one gets on the Appleseed, and the Plan of Instruction flows on, and suddenly at the end of the second day, one gets off the Appleseed and goes about life, real life. Family, friends, bills, work, and will think about this last and the next Appleseed when I have to... and if you don't have pictures to post, the Internal After Action Report to file and the report to higher about this shoot, the progress checks performed to standard, recommendations for promotion and just plain old bragging about how well your team did in producing Riflemen and committed Americans understanding the sacrifices of that 1775 generation of patriots - well, you clean your rifles, repack your stuff for the next one and periodically check to see if anyone posted anything wonderful that you want to snap up into calling this shoot.

I need to make two points at my next Appleseed: word of mouth and internet connections to share the heritage (they are stepping up into Isaac Davis shoes, aren't they?) and that 10 rounds standing, ten rounds sitting (in each of the positions) and twenty rounds of prone are the minimum dry fire recommendation for five days of their week. Do it on the best AQT from their last Appleseed.

Well, enough looking to see if anyone posted anything, on the RWVA forum, or Face book.... I give my wife two 5.11 shirts to get taken in so I look professional and my YMCA bag is packed, when I return today I will start the POI for Poulsbo Appleseed, needing more instructors and more shooters - there are never enough are there?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to seveth step -- Seventh Steppin'

Still happy about the Appleseed in Custer, WA, and talked to the young lady selling organic blue berries from Mount Vernon about that. I also talked to a former Marine in the book store, since I was wearing my Red RWVA instructor hat, and my Marine shooting jacket. He told me all about his experience with the M1, and since only eight rounds had been through his I did ask if he was ready to pass it on. His price quote made me think it was a recent purchase, with a little more recoil than he wanted. Nice conversation.

I was really waiting to meet the Congressman from my district, Denny Heck. I checked with his staff, they said he would be there about 11:30.  I saw him walking through the farmer's market about 11:40 and he caught the red hat and the wondering about the RWVA on it. I explained it was for the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, and he said I didn't look that old.

I shook his hand and explained our mission and how we taught rifle marksmanship, after asking how he shot.  I told him we told the story of the three strikes of the match about Lexington and Concord  on April 19, 1775. I had lost track of my trifolds from the Appleseed on Sunday (would find them in the t-shirt box later) but I gave him our address and showed him some of the digital pictures from that shoot.

Very positive reaction from him, I did stress that serving elected officials could shoot free He was going around checking on what his folks had concerns about. So we talked about one of mine  Mostly it was about America's change and the RWVA mission.

That discussion makes me want to modify my closing of my emails.  I want to leave this as my signature:

I won't be ruled, I am in no state to be governed, but I will be represented. In the LORD's Love and Liberty abide.  Earl, Rifleman