Thursday, March 28, 2013

Them's fightin' words where I come from...

Haven't thought that way for a long time, interesting to be reminded of it. Normally it would lead right into a good ol' scuffle (which I would always think I won after it was over). You can build a reputation quickly that way, then if they have ever heard of you by reputation you will never have to get to that phrase nor the fight. Very likely why our wonderful military force isn't winning wars completely and decidedly. No victory dance on the graves of our enemies. We get a reputation for being a kinder gentler service. Actually, the reason we don't win wars and influence others not to fight us, is completely political.  The United States of America has not fought a real war since 1945, their military has be almost constantly under the threat or engaged in combat operations during the same period. If it were good Christian virtues making us friends with our enemies after combat, having a beer with the buddies, I would be happy. But it is a bunch of fools thinking the power of their money will buy them a lasting peace... and those that can be bought, are corrupt and not to be trusted. Those that buy other people with money aren't to be trusted either.

It is my understanding that the President is launching his anti-American campaign and promoting alternative life-styles without guns and non-John Wayne movie heroes. By the time he gets to California to raise more money the film industry is going to have more action heroes chasing their same sex lovers across the screen (or those of that persuasion will be protesting adverse working conditions). Don't worry I have stockpiles of old fashioned entertainment, my wife wonders why I don't turn on the television in the evenings now, but I am being told that (by MSM) all the family programming has wonderful homosexual couples everywhere. I am getting so old that two women kissing just doesn't do it for me any longer. Actually, I expect women to kiss and hug, I don't thnk much of men that kiss and hug, only children and their wife or mother. Old fashioned and a cultural thing I should be able to be re-educated away from it in the camps.

Marriage, did see Suze Orman complaining about how little protection her partner has from the government for their relationship. Being as wise as she is, her partner and she have invested as they could for their partnership from the moment it became serious. Without government assistance nor interference. Best way for a solid relationship, keep the lawyers, government, Oprah and Dr. Phil out of your relationships.

Anyway, since Left is the new Right, and re-defining marriage to include every potential PETA objection, High School Diplomas don't mean an educated potential citizen/worker/tax payer. What will they tell us they are going to be doing in the Re-Education Camps? With all of us too old to change, use us for body parts?

The picture came from:
Girls, Guns and Government's and it is a great one. I labeled it a fine fellow that doesn't trust his government, so he up guns.  Works for me.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Had to stop my devotional study this morning...

I am not pleased with Facebook fellows and am thinking about too much.

Seems the media has gotten excited about the US Supreme Court deciding about two cases where marriage will be only between a man and a woman.  I think that what the Court will decide is if the voters have any say in the future laws of the land, they will not be able to say that two people of the same sex have an ability to reproduce offspring, they will not be able to say that two people can love each other for the rest of their days bringing their love and blessings to the community of people that surround them and Glory to God in the Highest.

Scientifically, it is already established that some almost sexual act between two humans of the same sex will not produce nor reproduce a human being. I am of the certain but unproven (to me) opinion that scientifically and with medical intervention the half of one adult can be joined to half of the other adult and produce something un-natural but really human if brought to term and life.

I am also of the belief that if the life is started, it is real and could grow with care and lots of love - but I have no idea why one would want to do that, spend all that time and effort when there is a beautiful and natural way to have conception, birth, and raising a child into adulthood. All proven and blessed by God's love and most people's. I do not believe in abortion, but then I don't think making laws about it will change the stupidity, criminality or evil of the deed. The fool woman needs real love, the innocent life terminated needs your prayers, and there should have been more outrage that it is still an accepted choice for poor choices and bad behavior. The morality of slavery is the same morality of abortion. I am saddened that either existed, certainly sad that such disregard for real life is so lawful but so sinful.

I do say that you and all humans should love more - love others to the point of giving your own life to save theirs. So I have no problem with two men loving each other, women loving each other or men and women loving each other. But then I don't foolishly believe that anything they do is not wrong in the sight of my mind - or theirs - or their community - or in the Eyes of God and His guidance to us.

I am much too much a sinner to be preaching, especially about something I don't experience nor have studied, except that people loving each other to the point of giving everything they have, including breath and life itself for another is the way of the LORD. I do know that stupid laws, poor judgement and just disregarding scientific and moral truths won't make the world a wonderful place. It was wonderful when I woke up, without the fool adjustments by fools. I trust in the LORD, the others I will pray for, since they will need saved from the government.

John Brown wasn't hung because he believed that abolition of slavery was worth his life and the life of his followers. John Brown was hung because he fought the law, led an insurrection, and the LAW won. The government didn't have any love for those, right or wrong, that attack it in its stupid behavior.

Now, back to my devotional study, would love to get my walk with the LORD right before I am found wanting.  Pray for us all.  Amen

Monday, March 25, 2013

Call the shot, tell yourself the truth...

Step six in shooting well, Follow Through and Call the Shot. Every real shooter knows that, and with that information you begin the Rifleman's Dance, you called it 'good' and it was six inches low - so something changed and you have to change your sight picture for the next shot (as you check to see if your sights are still tight). So holding higher on the target your next shot should be on, or you will have to continue to adjust until it is.

Three stories have really disturbed me: Pennsylvania Football players and coach caught in rape trial and stupidity scandal, no, I am not happy with the drunken female victim (who was not dragged off the street and drugged to that helplessness) - that Violence Against Women program ought to help her.

Then there were the two tough teenage punks with guns holding up mothers pushing baby strollers. Something all those high speed Gangsta films promote. When they couldn't get tons of money from the mother without a hovering husband (stealing from women that can't defend themselves goes right after raping them to make the trophy babies in certain subcultures in America). So they shot the baby five times in the head. You will not see their trial on television - they are protected by being stupid, young, and raced.

And the last story, the crowning glory of so modern, scientific and progressive America, they are finally going to charge a doctor with murder for killing living babies in failed abortions. What happened to doctors that would do no harm?

Not enough love in the country, not enough adult behavior and responsibility. There is no value in other human life? I guess I will have to be very ashamed that I am part of the problem, I haven't demanded that the country change, what difference is there between the those stories and the culture of Sodom and Gamorrah? None. I don't expect the media, the government nor the law to have any answer to the problem, since it is individual and human. We aren't teaching our children well, we allow stupidity to be more present in their daily lives as wonderful choices than serious solutions to bad decisions. My fault, may the LORD forgive me.

Now to adjust my aiming point.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sign of better health, strange dreams...

Woke from a dream about losing my credit and debit cards during some transactions. What I had been carrying around weren't my cards. I checked my wallet immediately.

I also decided that if it warms up just a bit I will go shooting, that I didn't do last weekend. Being rainy and chilly.

So, conversation at the range is about ammunition shortages, not hitting well today, and that is a neat rifle. I was getting my rifle sighted back in, and have it close.

I am reminded of the Provincials and the British Regulars - the Regulars had some training, thought in volley fire and charge with the bayonet. The provincials had some training but thought in individual shots to hit real targets, like game and predators, they also paid for their ammunition and equipment. So every time a provincial shot it was for a purpose and would be talked about.

I think I need to get one of those jobs where they buy my ammunition for work and practice, had one once. Is there a chance Homeland Security would be looking for old undercover fatmen?  
At home I find another email from the White House, keeping me informed of all that the President has done to stop gun violence, which by my count isn't as good as the drift adjustment I have just made to my front sight nor the fine Riflecraft RS-1 sling I have put on my favorite,  Shucks, I will have to return to the range and improve and finalize my sight adjustments next weekend. When it is warmer.

Almost time for Men's Bible Study, I get to bring the brownies.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

I am not worried about my perception of the government...

Nope, I am pretty certain that they mostly fools committing folly.

I am concerned in what the government's perception of me is... You see, I haven't up gunned, stockpiled tons of ammunition and SWAT equipment for normally beneficial agencies.  Nope, not I.

Nope, I am concerned that Medicare hasn't cured my cough and cold and stuffy feeling, my wife makes Lemon tea faster than I can awake back up to drink it.

I am looking forward again for resting another night away, picture is of my manly sleep wear. Sweating every night, so it get washed daily, sheets, pjs and Earl.

Nice to be under drone watch, to monitor my assault rifles and equipment. Just think my hacking uncontrollable cough is going to give my hide position away.

Although, I took a quick trip to stock up on necessary food stuffs this morning, the Sun was shining and the shelves were full -- I am passing the gun show in Puyallup this weekend and probably not shooting that target rifle either.

Back to reading and falling asleep as needed, The Forgotten Man.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring! so I may as well be ill...

I am cutting off the internet, much more, and if there weren't competing viewers in this home, I would dump the cable - have you seen how little good content is on? They do advertise all the medications, all the investments, all the bloopers, all the funniest home video, and just more than I want to tickle my fancy with - I certainly don't want to pay for any of it. See, my cell phone? No, you don't. I had one then after my cross country trip on the Trusty Triumph, I realized that I didn't NEED it, and never liked paying for it. So it is gone.

Seems I picked up my wife's cough and congestion, and I must rest and recover, I think Longest Day, Bridge too Far and we will see from there. Take care out there, I may not be monitoring, but I care. Your government is monitoring, but will never care - you are just a people of one. Yes, it is still raining, I have to clean out the gutters soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking at the YMCA

And I do look, really. There are all kinds of interesting people there doing the best they can to become mobile. It isn't like the Greeks with their body perfection, but there are some young ladies that must be pole dancers in some of the clubs - since that is such a small group to consider I can stop writing about them. The remainder are mostly old, fat, feeble and faint of heart. Like me.

Now in the weight room, and they have a great weight room, which I don't use, the body builders and weight lifters train up, there are some tattooed ladies in there also, like steel bands are their muscles in tone. I only play at the rope trainer off to the side, or Jacob's Ladder (which makes me light headed).

No, I use the boring machines, repetitiously. BORING! I normally start with the Rowing machine, I dream of sculling with Banacek in Boston, but am sure I would tip the craft and return to swimming for my life. Earl's coordination stops when using anything beyond the body. So sad. Still I try to do 10,000 meters, or if in a hurry 5,000 meters. That is my warm up. Good for legs and upper body - seems to do nothing for the core, but I could never tell, that belly fat is in the weigh (way). I walk a lap then go to the bicycle machine, an linked computer deal, and adjust the seat height, sit and open my account, to get credit and establish my ghost on which trail I ride.

Then I start pedaling, and Sweat, so that it drips off of my arms and face, soaking the floor mat and my gym outfit. Short route is five miles, but six is better and I like to adventure to ten and beyond, no hurry, when my wife is well, she is doing water resistance stuff. The video panel has interesting terrain to bike through, virtual competitors and cliffs to feel like you could drive right off into and die on the way down - the machine won't allow it, the bike stops off the road. Just not an All Terrain Vehicle.

I have to mop up after using the machine and recording my fine times, there are some real animals pumping pedals elsewhere that have produced many watts of power - could we supply the power grid? Not I, but they could link your machine. After clean up I hit the Eliptical trainer or the one called the Open Strider - they are similar but not the same, but I only do a mile or a little more on each.

Every other day or so I do weight machines, but lightly and none on legs, all core and upper body.

In the end, I am tired and desiring that hot shower and black coffee. So I am done, the YMCA has people sitting and watching, talking and always using some machine or exercise program, lots of classes that move the body, hard to soft. 

When I get young and beautiful I will come back and revisit this theme, but it will take much longer although with better weather I will be going outside to take care of the yard, too. The kilt fit well this morning - got to keep moving or that death by recliner will sneak upon me.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rest Day

Sure Sunday is a day of rest, and worship. Time to regroup before hitting the life hard again. I do hope you all took advantage of it. My time at church was shorter than normal, my wife is still feverish and stayed at home resting. Or as much as she is able to, being her.

I was working hard on resting, even thought that writing a blog entry would be a bit much. I had thought to go shooting, but then the chill and wet turned that idea into less than joy - so I rested that idea on the procrastination pile. I watched Shaka Zulu instead. I really know how to enjoy a rainy Sunday afternoon, don't I?

To add a bit of different to my rest day, two war games played and won - the computer genius is always turned down at my home. Why is anyone watching an interrogation video on the news? I guess because I turned the silly electronic noise on. Fool that I am, time to make the gruel, looks good for a quick jog after. I am so old, so old, and so old.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I went off to Bremerton to speak about the Appleseed Project with the Kitsap Region Rifle Club.  There were about twenty-five members in attendence, well received and it only took me thirty minutes to present answer questions and leave materials so they could get back to important business.

Before the meeting, I had walked around campus, visited the library and took a couple of shots of flowers, it is going to be Spring soon enough.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have nothing to offer but thanks for the blessings...

Seriously, my wife and I got up after a long bedtime talk and sat and talked some more, after I gave her a Happy Anniversary card. It is our wedding anniversary -- she insists we are getting steak and salad at noon, I have prepared the french toast and orange juice for breakfast... and I go to the YMCA, she goes to Korean drum class, and then I head off to promote Appleseed to the KRRC at the Sons of Norway Hall in Bremerton.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To survive what has to change?

I watched a FOX News commentator say that she never needed a gun to protect herself and she had lived in some very tough neighborhoods. She didn't like the words that a Pro-choice argument for having the opportunity was a good reason to allow people to have guns. I think the idea that she knows anything about guns is very like I know anything about illegal drugs - don't use them, so I don't know. My reasons for not using drugs are based on what I think I know about the effect on my ability to think, now I have been very drunk on alcohol and feel that drugs would distort my reasoning at least as much, and there is my personal struggle with addiction to smoking - so if there is a chance of messing my mind up or addiction I am not going in that direction.

So I guess she is permitted, like I am, to have concerns about people too stupid to protect themselves and others from guns - the same as I am concerned about drug abuse and addiction. But I don't speak on television, nor do I think the government is supposed to decide what people may do what things to themselves. I feel the government is only to protect the people from others, not try to modify behavior, nor protect oneself from their own stupidity.

So, to survive, I have to know what is a good idea, and what is a bad idea, and what is just foolish and should be laughed at... really.  So why are so many people in power, stupid, foolish or needing a lot of laughed at for the wrong way they drive the world? I can't trust them, they don't think well, have poor intentions and are causing more problems than they are worth. And to survive, one has to struggle against what will kill you, hurricane, tsunami, dam breaking, racism, anti-semitism, socialism, communism, fascism, caste system, injustice, equality and inequality.

To survive as a human, one needs family, community, clan --- but they all have to be someone you love enough to die for... notice that none of the elected politicians, nor all their agencies or employees of those agencies are people I love enough to die for... in case you wondered. For I don't trust them, and probably never will - they seem to think I will be beaten down to the point of trusting them and their fool judgement since they are in positions of authority - or that they can buy my loyalty by threatening to cut me off if I don't. But the only reason they believe any of that would work - is that they can be threatened or bought. The American Indian tribes trusted them, the Japanese-Americans trusted them, the freedmen trusted them - the Government, small groups that could not resist.

Doesn't matter, I will die, they will all die, and this government will fall or change or even revert back to what it should have remained. Something will happen, happily, there will be some survivors and they will begin anew.  What was true before the end, will still be true at the new beginning. So I figure, there will be people in power with stupidity, foolish ideas and needing a good roaring laughter when suggesting things that went wrong before.... The Gods of the Copybook Headings?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Difficult to know what you are doing is wrong...

Or at least not effective... I got lost in the fog around Post Falls, Idaho - I do mean completely totally and foolishly lost. Just looking for a range I had visited more than once, a few years back. Being a guy, I never stopped to ask directions, never doubted that I was on the correct roads, never knew it was going to take so long to figure out I had best start all over with better information, directions and a bit of prayer. If I had just had a woman with me, she would have straightened me out quicker, yes, she would have. I did regroup, and drove right there to arrive before the cased rifles would get to the line.

Kind of like having that buddy, watch your shooting technique, your dance routine, or the poor choir director noticing you haven't found the proper key to sing in for that hymn. What is a key for anyway? Just to open a door, if one hasn't a big ugly guy along to do it for you.

 The picture is of the Sun shining on the shooting, this is not a qualifying Winterseed by RWVA standards, it is only an Idaho Springbreak (in the weather).

Her second Appleseed, with two cleaned Redcoat targets and her Rifleman AQT. Her husband mentioned that he would be looking for a new 10/22, since it seems she has adopted one of his favorites as her rifle.

It wasn't all 22 caliber, we had three .223 shooters. The second day Known Distance was fun, all the way out on the crunchy snow to the 200 and 300 yard lines for the racing heart beat.

Appleseed, with EERT, Dirk, and Mr. Clean, eight shooters first day, nine shooters second day. At Fernan Rod & Gun Club, Inc. North of Fernan, Idaho.

By the second day, there would be a total of seven Riflemen shooters, of nine participating, and I would head home, five hours away , with a happy feeling about my Stevens Armory model target rifle awaiting my pick up at the gunsmith's.

Life is truly good.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello, I have to leave to Idaho tomorrow, just ...

checking in.

Anyway, there are millions of good people in America, for that matter the world has more good folks than bad ones. I wrote a note to a Colorado Senator about her idea that statistics rule - that one should just trust that next time one gets raped it will be different.

It is important that Colorado have safe schools, citizens and freedom from fears. I watched some of your performance as a member considering gun free campus laws. There is no evidence that having guns or not having guns will change the rape statistics, but the people that carry firearms - legally and without permission from the law, never have to wonder what would have changed if there had been a policeman present. They only know they had prepared the best they could for their own protection or for committing a crime against people that wouldn't resist - someone that was disarmed.

Most fears of firearms are fed by watching television and movie productions. There are bad people out there, there are many fine good law abiding folks deciding that the legislature is not concerned with their individual protection or are just stupid about the threat. The bad people and those deciding that the government isn't concerned about really protecting them -- they will both be carrying a firearm or other weapon for their peace of mind. You shouldn't restrict freemen and women from protecting themselves and their loves, that would be stupid.
Thank you for your concern, but put yourself in a beautiful young innocent body, in the dark with a rapist and tell yourself how you are going to live with the trauma. How many more criminals will strike before you allow your good citizens to assist in getting rid of the trash?

I want to make it clear that the government isn't good at protecting citizens. I also think that the individual is responsible for most of their actions and reactions in the things that happen in their lives. Mostly, one should only be good, and resist and fight off the bad, the government is going to ignore anything that isn't a threat to itself, unless it can make some money from it.

If I were king the rapist would be gelded on first conviction, emasculated on the second conviction and sold to China for body parts and fertilizer upon a third conviction. Aren't we lucky that I will never be king? 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Armed Intelligence...

Had a wonderful day at church, lots going on, much of it 'Old' truths.

Psalm 1 - for starters: 

Discussions about the Media, Politics and grandchildren (how to spoil them) and coffee and doughnuts. All good.

My wife has decided that we need to get together on our schedules, and we will, kind of. I am going to Idaho for an Appleseed, next weekend, and I am riding the Trusty Triumph to Rochester, Minnesota end of June and back first of July.

And sure enough, looking for a new title for myself, an Armed Intelligence, just jumped out and hit me.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Afraid to go out and face facts...

I have been playing with my fear, not examining it, and then facing it and conquering it... I am frozen in fear. Sigh.

I am enjoying watching Waterloo with Rod Steiger, one of the finest Historical movies made. Made coffee, made breakfast gruel and still have the fear.  Watched a bit of Fobes on FOX, watched a bit of Neil Cavuto on Business. Nothing breaks the fear, it seems this is all just distractions to the need to face the fear.

I have come to the conclusion on the Gun Control - 2nd Amendment debate/conflict/and the Revolution or Total Collapse of American Civilization that I will stand with the LORD. I know the weapons, the tactics and history and such - the only thing that will work is Godliness. I am sure that surrender to the LORD, makes more sense than surrendering to people of power that can't make a budget, figure out where the money went, and constantly tarnish their lives by bad or even evil behavior.

Still haven't faced that fear, the one in my mind, and there doesn't seem to be a better time than now. Wish me luck... how do those fears get planted and fed? Where is that instant fear killer when one needs it?