Friday, November 30, 2012

Mr OReilly is not Right, kind of left of middle...

I am laughing at many funny things, no matter what the Atheists believe in, they do believe in Nothing - don't they? But my interest is in how traditional Christmas is as an American holiday. Now believers in the Bible and the New Testament, do probably know that Christ was born in Bethlehem. Long before Macy's, Target, Cosco or Sears/KMart were ever selling Christmas Cheer. And everybody knows that Christmas cards made Hallmark the cable channel to get all the wholesome value Christmas Romance and entertainment. What so many complain about is that the United States is always celebrating that defeat of the Hessians in Trenton, Royal Colony of New Jersey That was long before the current governor, the Royal Governor then was Benjamin Franklin's son. Actually, the Puritans frowned deeply when finding folks frolicking and feasting around Christmas. Those jolly Dutchmen of New Amsterdam, oops, New York, knew better they even had a real Saint Nicholas tradition. But the Germans and Swedes were using an evergreen tree, but they didn't call it a Christmas Tree either. "Oh, Tannebaum, oh, Tannebaum"...

There is the inclusive "Happy Holidays" which die hard party goers will use as an excuse to party hearty. That way everyone can celebrate, nothing wrong with saying Happy or Holidays, nor Happy Holidays - it is all positive. That God or Jesus makes people quake has little to do with either, mostly has to do with guilt and certain knowledge the people quaking don't want to change stupid bad or even evil intentions. Not what Christmas is about at all. Have a very happy one, and it is a Holy Day, the holiday thing is from folks that couldn't spell.

Today I listen to OReilly talking about the fiscal debate - and his worry that the Dollar will fail if the government doesn't take proper action. But those that KNOW, already have written off the Dollar.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time to get to work...

I went out to buy some wine today, found they aren't making it fast enough for me, I also got a paperback book. The second one I have purchased this week, at $9.99 per book. I was wishing I were twenty and single as the checkout chick asked for my birth date to verify I was old enough to buy the wine. At my real age and wisdom it only means that I wish the beautiful young lady the best of life and love in her life, it never would have been me at twenty and single.

I got into my auto and listened to NPR talking to the lady from California, House Minority Leader, and she was telling the nation that 'everyone knows'. Which meant she hasn't a clue, but she is enjoying the fame and the times. I am convinced that the Democrats are not serious about anything except what is good for themselves, and their pretend voting blocks and favorable media limelight. I hope we go over the Fiscal Cliff, because that isn't the problem, the problem is never in the jump, it is always in the landing.  No one talks about how far down that landing is going to be, and how fast the nation will be traveling to slam into it. Both Political Parties and the Main Stream Media are sure there is a bridge out there to reach the otherside. Only in their minds.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

And what do you do when all the world is shopping?

I went off to shoot this morning, at Range 15 of Joint Base Lewis McChord, only forty-eight rounds, the last twenty four aren't covered up, the earlier ones are and most of the earlier ones were under the bull, somewhere. Met some nice people, talked a lot about Russian ammunition, then as I walked the line there were a more than a few of the Soviet Union's contribution to the war on global gun controllers.

I did my normal heroic Earl firing a rifle poses, and I did video of my performance to review later. Mostly, I was just having fun, posting targets and walking the range, the rains had blown away for a bit.
Just enough that after a lunch with my wife, I went out to cut the front yard for the first time in a bunch. If the Sun were out more the grass would have been higher.

Men's Bible Study at Rudy's home tonight, I will keep out of politics, economics and jokes. I should be just right in prayer and comment on the lessons. Y'all be the best.

Should have shown a before and after picture of the back of the target stand. You would be , impressed, or not. Fifty yards first eight, all others at 100 yards, prone.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day after, rebuilding...

Too much to be thankful for, contact with loved ones far away, and re-thinking what is truly important. I spent too much time looking at video from the Desert Storm/Shield days. Both sides of the world, back at Bragg and out in the sands of Saudi and rocks of Iraq. I have actual footage of our first invasion of the state of Iraq.

We were so much younger then. Notice the watch on my left arm, the compass on my right? Learned that from Panama jungles, works in the sands of Saudi, too. Same pocket folder I carry now, older model Leatherman multi-tool, on my belt that you can't see. There is a loaded M16A2 out of the picture close to hand along with the webgear and helmet. I take no joy in talking to a camera, it never looked like my wife.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My home smells of old people...

I noticed that while helping my wife making the bed, this is the last use from those sheets, but the kingsize pillow cases will stay forever! Need new pillows. As I put the clean folded sheets back in the linen closet, I find some other really old sheets - that need to be gone, too.

Since I am down to only one cable connection and I have a large broken television - I start thinking of buying a new flat screen for watching video and dvds, and if I am going in that direction I ought to look at a blue-ray player... understanding that the Blues sound better.... so with tons of 'Buy Me! for you' commercials haunting the airways, I am more likely to yield to temptation and grow the economy of Asia a bit. Nothing electronic is made in America, except electronic dollars backed by the power grid. They don't exist when the power is gone.

Since I have a couple of televisions not hooked up, I put one on a VCR and can watch one of my hundreds of movies when I want. Now the weight of that broken television is too much, almost and will be a struggle - if I can find someone that wants a broken one. Life is tough, then I realize I have too much, and that is why it seems so tough - well, that kills that buy something. Better keep looking for a job. Work is good!

I had to laugh, when I first arrived in the 82nd Airborne Division, the Thanksgiving Day feast was awesome. Total dress up, chow down, everyone there all the commanders, families and food! The servers and cooks would get Friday off and had a three day weekend as their reward. There were only two days off for goodness in the old Army (19th Century) - your birthday (which the lower the rank the less likely to be awarded, but a good sergeant would make it happen) and Thanksgiving - a day the entire Army would take off and celebrate (if possible). But then in the good old days the troopers lived in platoon bays, the NCOs in two man rooms and everyone used a common latrine and showrooms.

Fast forward to making the Army just like a civilian job, two to four man rooms with personal bathing facities, snack bars and no battery messhalls. And give the troopers four day weekends and cars - they are gone, mostly to back home as they can. The Thanksgiving feast is still big stuff, and the command and NCOs dress up and bring families and dine well, but it isn't Thanksgiving on the Yalu in 1950 before the Chinese Communists send those volunteer divisions against the United Nations in the frozen Chosen.

What does happen is a lot of deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the units are tightening up again and Thanksgiving away from homebase is special - the President could drop in, you never know. That is nice. But back home, they still want the big feast, the unit dining together and the good stuff that civilians hardly understand. So today, through the miracle of Facebook, I find the 3rd Brigade of the 82nd posting pictures of their Thanksgiving Feast. Wednesday! Yes, the modern Army can provide, all the beauty of the unit dressing up, coming together for the celebration and still giving everyone a four day weekend. Considering how long they have been fighting in the far corners of the world, I think that it is a great idea! Airborne! All the Way!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Preaching to the choir... almost...

Make bacon and eggs with toast and coffee for breakfast with my late sleeping wife, and we talked about what to do after she retires. She has no experience with having nothing to do all day, and needs to make sure she doesn't end up like me. She has many ideas and some of them are interesting to me, but attitude needs always to be positive to hear well. Today we talked about gyms to visit or use. Talk is cheap, my only complaint of worth about the YMCA was that we paid for more than we used. Which was our fault, not the Y's. We determine that we will explore the options and pick one in December. The sounds of love at work, adjusting to change.

Off to church and combined service, packed house is always a good sign. It was combined so we could be special for Thanksgiving. The Pastor had a fine sermon and told a little story about his son and his school, then another one about homeless fellow met in Portland. All the stories were geared to the Thanksgiving theme and worked well. Attitude being the first thing, I really enjoyed the service, since I had come to worship and not to be entertained, amused nor patted on my back. There was a dinner after, with all the trimmings. So we ate and talked, and I got amused and started teaching. One man thought that the stock market was gambling, so I had to explain why stocks are good and derivatives are bad, and salesmen aren't to be trusted. Personal examples of investors were sitting at the table, and they testified.

Then our Sunday school teacher showed up and asked my opinion of a Walther 9mm, postwar manfacture and a price from Cabela's. So I asked a lot of questions, gave my opinions and talked him out of the temptation. But the conversation was a keeper, and he made sure I knew he wanted to go shooting with me at the East Gate range (which is Range 15 where I normally shoot). After we were done the Pastor came up and said hello, which surprised one of the men - that he knew our names. But I assured him a Korean pastor knows everyone's names, and if he wasn't looking at us he might have to be told which Korean lady we were married to, or our first male child's name. Anyway, it was my chance to tell the Pastor I enjoyed his story about his son and their relationship. He missed the relationship thing, and thought I was speaking about the broken English, and I told him that was a bad term the proper term is Korean English. Then I told him we had been talking about shooting and when his son was old enough I would be happy to teach him gun safety and marksmanship. That got a bit of wide-eyed panic in his eyes, seeing he is sure that Christians don't shoot, or that Guns are tools of the Devil. He didn't say so, but my wife was sure it was in that direction. Still gun talk at church, the promise of a shooting date, influencing the future economic activity of church members and worship of the Lord and celebrating Thanksgiving - which for believers is a daily activity.  Time for a nap?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

You will pay the price, because it is fair...

I know that there are people that are sure the government is correct, that government officials won't lie or bear false witness, or be foresworn. Really, I know you are out there. I also know there are many of the opposite take. I will remain knowing there is a little truth in most thoughts.

I had a fine opportunity to get off the cable news feed yesterday and see 'Lincoln' by Spielberg and I really thought it came through very well. I was very impressed with all the actors, the photography and the writing and direction. I recommend you all go to see it, especially you Democrats, Republicans and those that still trust government to fix your problems. A real political eye opener.

I spent most of the evening reading The Wolf by Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen, and aside from the best of real steam punk World War I naval action (and it was pretty good), the comments about the British Admiralty denial of truth for their best guess that wouldn't cause public alarm. Secrets and censorship and suffering because of lack of trust in the citizens and their good sense. Now I assure you that the other governments were engaged in suppression of their own citizens for the same different reasons. It didn't save the Tsar, the Kaiser or the King of England, empire breaking was the result.

There is mounting evidence the pace of disruption of the force is increasing, more regulation, more threats to improve our lives through more laws, drugs, sex and rock'n roll. You may disregard any threats from me, I own none of y'all and don't think I could possibly feed and cloth you. I also deny my ability to think for you, make you holy, whole or sane. You are going to have to be what the good Lord gave you and all that you have made of yourself. Take care out there, God loves you more than you realize, or you do know and are content to work on His Kingdom.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Your life is all about how you find it...

I love 'inside' jokes like this. Too funny because they are too true. The real heroes are lost; for the moment passes quickly and the fear is always coming back. I was thinking recently that the Wizard of Oz has had a greater influence on the awarding of medals to insure courage then the guys who worked hard to win, the ones that know what it takes, and pay the price.

I read Gates of Fire, and was in awe that the author captured the true Spartan warrior - his boldness, his professional competence and then during battle  - captured the bravery, then the tired, then the saving of self, the fear, and the overcoming it to fight effectively but hopelessly to the end. About my own life and how I feel 'great' about somethings and not so much about others has to do with what I know about me, my conduct and how short of my goal I fall.

I once organized a twenty-four hour relay race, and there were three teams of ten, and we started running and passing the baton and recording in pictures and script the event. But one of the memories was that going through the heat, the darkness of the night, the stiffening muscles, the longer to finish your mile and the shorter the rest between your chance to get up and do it again, the jokes between runners and recorders, the visits from wives and girl friends - looking at us like we were a little bit crazy. Periodic checks from the command structure to make sure we weren't going to turn this into an embarrassment. And then as the last hour finally showed up, the drive to run just a shade  faster, pass the baton quicker, to look good for the gathering supporters. That was when the battalion commander showed up with his staffers, he was a very fine commander, and he even ran that last lap before the bell to pace those last runners. We set no records, we hurt no one, we all left victorious and worthy -- sure we never needed to do that again.

Lots of challenges in the world, and trying to find good things to do and say, and to be a real help is better than wallowing in misery. I wish y'all luck, I will go see Lincoln today.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

ZimbabweZombie Project...

I don't believe there is a great conspiracy out there trying to destroy an America that was too big and too proud. I think that there are lots of little conspiracies of little people that don't know what the consequences will be for their petty efforts. They don't study History and have been on a really stupid economic model. It all comes from thinking government can provide everything - never has been true, and the other idea that because someone is in charge they must be followed and must be right.

When Africa was gaining independence, various countries from the end of World War II, there were problems. Seems the black Africans were still very tribal, the Communists provided education and weapons, European nations and business wanted to continue to exploit the riches of the Continent for their profits. the white Africans wanted to continue to build their business, farms, or efforts to self govern. And the Internation Monetary Fund and World Bank wanted to help (always for their own profits and power).  The goodness of the civilized West decided the how when and why independence would be gained and would work, most of them were living in Europe or English speaking America... and they were trying to correct the impression of the miserable exploitation of black Africa by Europe.

I like looking at the various African nations, they haven't done as well on their own as they could have remaining a strong link with Europe - but they lived their history and their anger is often strong. It only matters to the people of Africa, how they treat me - I don't have enough time left to visit and see their wonders, and there are many. There are also dangers and dirt and bugs, which don't get experienced on video feed. Such a clean pretty picture.

Well, if one does no more than listen to Oprah's experience with her school, the Rwanda genocide, and the driving the whites out of Zimbabwe (which seems to be a popular model to destroy the Republic of South Africa) one can see the framework of the destruction of the good old United States of America. Everyone divided against each other, to exploit others, to take what you want for free, to behave badly and cause it is fun, exciting and you don't look far enough into the future. What awaits is authoritarian rule (with harmless voting) to control the population as it gets regulated (strangled) and ruled unmercifully (read raped and robbed). or the zombies are going to run free killing and eating brains because there isn't a strong independent minded population - willing to sacrifice for the common good and the future. I am sure that the zombies won't eat well, most of the population has shown a decided lack of brains, sigh.

There are millions of great Americans in the world, but they never want to be in charge of more than they can control. The others are the ones to watch closely - they cannot be trusted. Don't worry about taking notes, if the best win they will be busy building a better future, if the worst win - if they remember how to write they will tell the story to their own glory. Oh, you notice that it is happening even now? Yep.

Oh, I know that there are millions of good brains out there for the zombies - just they are too well mannered and now even politically correct to whack a mole or behead a zombie in anything except a video game.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Important financial advice...

Money is not real,  but if enough of us believe in it whatever the government says and all that we accept has an ability to transfer your work and property to others for commerce. And to the government for your protection, to the union for their job protection and to the thieves for their protection. Your hard work protects a lot. But it is based on a form that the government calls currency or money.

I am sure that the Fiscal Cliff isn't the real problem, and it isn't the Social Security nor the Medicare, and it isn't the high cost of weapons and military. The real problem is there isn't any good faith or credit, and there never has been any value to what they call money, except good faith and credit on your ability to work, produce and payback. Since the Zimbabwe Plan is in effect, we are going to loot the rich and give to our supporters their tools, land and wealth. Which will breach the final barrier to everyone being miserable which becomes the new standard of fair.

My point being, with the problems with the money I recommend converting it to something you can use. Tools, land, animals, metals, beans, water source. For free you can read The Forgotten Man, about our Depression. The go find a history of the German Money between the World Wars, and Zimbabwe from the collapse of Rhodesia to today. Having spent an afternoon crawling around under my home in the crawl space, I was reminded that exteriors are always cared for better than the concealed framework supporting everything. If the country ever restores individual responsibility and honor, they can rebuild a better world. Of course, it isn't up to the country to restore responsibility and honor. The country doesn't believe in it. The individuals do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I have given up 'HOPE', don't need it now...

Saturday, I woke too early after too little sleep, dressed and drove off to Oregon. Thinking I needed one of those early graffiti 'Oregon or bust' on the side of the Caravan. It once took so long, long ago and far away. Three rest stops and coffee refills later I pulled in and said hello to the crew prepping for the start of the Appleseed. That fine volunteer effort to teach marksmanship and our Heritage. I knew everyone, although I mistook Ben for Ambulance Driver, memory and eyesight being so old and worn. Douglas Ridge Rifle Club provided the range and two fine Range Safety Officers, with long NRA and shooting experience.

It was a full day, the shooters did improve and enjoy the training. I left after the last rounds down range, I was weak but happy and had a long way to go, at least three more rest stops and coffee and a burger on the trip. Darkness surrounded Saturday and I never saw my home except in the headlights that day. One of the funny things was being asked by one of the RSOs what were we smoking up there in Washington, since we passed the marijuana legalization. I knew the results and I had cast my ballot, but hadn't run into the thoughts of how that would look to people of sense outside our state. I told them that when we had busted up the State monopoly on alcohol sales the Liquor Control Board disappeared so they remade themselves as the Marijuana Control Board, that is my take on what was going on.

I went to sleep quickly and deeply, because I was in very tired mode, woke prepared for the Lord and His worship, it was the real Veterans and Remembrance Day and I shared thoughts and prayers about that. At Sunday school I was able to relate my Appleseed experiences to the other men, as we discussed the Lord's work to be done, how to know we are still able and how to tell the story. I like being able to tie the two together. There weren't any firearm fearful at the table, but there weren't any exhorters or preachers for the bringing shooting to the masses. So many to hear the word and believe, but one has to go out and find them where they wander. Too easy to see the relationship, isn't it?

Part of the discussion was about the election results - and our teacher led off with submission to authority, for it is God's will. He didn't like my response, but I did have to finally agree that everything finally resides there and we don't know why He is working that way. Like taking a shot, in the cold, gray and wet - what God has given is the challenge what I have to deliver is my best effort - what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. We discussed the fool General BetrayUS, dishonoring his God, his family, his honor, West Point and all that Loved him and his slut, a name she won't be called (I figure she was just looking for a speaking circuit and a second book - the real steamy slimy "Swapping of body fluids with my boy toy GI Joe General"). The ladies on The View had their take on it, the news corps had their presentation and I will leave you to your own. The fool general knows there were thousands of finer soldiers and warriors in our Army, and he also knows God, all those that truly love him, and the country will forgive him - if he confesses and makes his life right. Even the slut will be saved, as soon as she wakes up to her sins and repents. Just thinking to myself that this world is very like an old fighters gym, a lot of stinking old sweaty clothes, sweat and worn leather and more boring training until the opportunity to fight at the peak of our condition, lots of bruises and beatings and sharing the old tales.

I have given up 'Hope' and will run on Faith, for I know the Truth and it sets me Free. Go with God.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day... you don't really understand...

So, read The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Tennyson and then The Last of the Brigade, by Kipling. Now you have so much of what Veterans Day is about - not the dead, but the forgotten and discarded. They aren't the 'thing' now. And I am tired of the 'thank you for your service', I have the one I never felt brave enough to respond to after Vietnam burned in my mind, none other will ever reach that level. But for you that really want to understand, go ask them for their story - ask them for their opinion about something just as stupid as your opinion of the worth of their war, reach out to them and LISTEN about their lives before the world centered on you and your friends and your things worth dying for... they will go quietly into the night and you will be left with a world you made poorer by your ignorance of worth. It will be yours... all yours.

I still love the fact that in the 19th Century the British Empire stood for the best of  Western Civilization and then look at them now. How do you get there from here?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Words do have meanings. Or they don't work...

In a genderless marriage, the proper terms are parent and spouse. No more father and mother nor husband and wife. And I don't want to KNOW what sexual satisfaction looks like, ever. Of course, I think words have meanings no matter your twist.

But it is true, there are as many people with 100 or less IQ in the world as there are those with 100 or more IQ. None of that measurement mean anything as far as good sense, future conduct, ethical or moral behavior or even sanity.

There are now laws that say that marriage isn't only between a man and a woman. So you can be a dog and marrying a human, or even a tree. Did they change the meaning of marriage? No. Just more politically correct twisting of words to make everyone feel better. Feeling better while doing stupid doesn't make it any smarter. I am sure dogs will always love humans, but will still respond to scent and hormones much more honestly than humans seem to... Does the brain's capacity to imagine a better impossible become the greatest flaw in the species? Remembering that a high school diploma awarded to those that haven't learned anything in school (for whatever reason) will not a fine person make. False values can't be trusted and changing standards won't stop gravity, time nor the truth. Oh, there have been billions of fine people in the world that never got a high school diploma or attended college, so sometimes the diploma isn't as worthy as really knowing the person, but then the hiring folks have to base job choices on something.

I like the idea that a racial label is only an observation to identify a characteristic of the skin color - George Obama calling Barack Obama 'white' was not about skin color, just that Barack is not black nor Kenyan. I am rich, but it isn't because I have piles of plunder hidden in Swiss Bank accounts. I am rich in all that the government can't tax and can never take away. I am sure that when the PC folks decide that those of the down trodden want to feel better they will be uplifted, by decree - or executive order. The most transparent administration in History doesn't spin anything, they just lie boldly and if they said it, it is the truth. No it isn't but that was part of the point of this blog, wasn't it?

Kevin mentioned it and re-posted Kipling's fine poem. Gods of the copybook. Do read it, he really knew.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stupidity rules!

    It is the law, I will have to smoke marijuana and lust after a perverted man until we make it legal, not that I am. But the law must mean something. Could be that it is just proof that the Main Stream Media (entertainment as well as educational programming) and a godless public education system have failed at making a better world. Or that all God's Children have failed in taking up the cross and establishing a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth (as it is in Heaven). I hold with the latter.

    My first step is accepting the challenge of the moment, praying, turn off the television and conversational radio - music is still great. Second step is getting control of my thoughts, concerns and love. Passive resistance to the government's stupidity, improving my community and love of all those things dear. Again an opportunity for great little things, knowing that only the strong can be meek enough, only the humble will truly be great in my Lord's eyes - even my Mother and Father would be proud.

  Continue to pay off all debts, break free of banking chains. Invest in education (free library) and tools and the skills to use them safely, effectively and in the strong relationships that matter. You know, real marriage (my own), real family and friends, and common sense (in such short supply).

   I do wish the nation, the world and all people the very best that God provides. I do hope your government will be able to protect you - mine can't protect me, but they are tryin'.  Take care and God bless all our best.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Selection Day, a fine day to be a God fearing fellow...

So as the country votes, and counts and ponders the results, the projected ones and then sometime - the real ones (remembering that the electors don't even vote today). One of  my favorite pundits advised doing something besides following the fury and the foolish, and then catch up later after you turn the sound back on. So I did.

I have a fine haircut, hope I don't catch another cold. It is very close on the sides and what little remains on top was trimmed also. I then shopped for dress shirts - boringly white, but I did need something that would fit around me, button popping is funny but not cool. I then joined my wife for a slice of pizza and a Coke. The best part of that was talking about our foolish youth and laughing about those inside jokes only we can share. I was doing well, got her to look at me with love in her smile and eyes. It doesn't get better than that after forty full years.

We went on to do our separate shopping and she has a drum class to watch. I went to check out the pistols in the Exchange. I held and marveled at two .40 caliber semi-automatics. One of them had a red dot laser, I wasn't impressed with it, but then I don't shoot unless I can identify the target, I will never just shoot at anything I haven't decided worth the bullet so I won't be trying to steady a wandering dot out there somewhere. Front sight, press! I won't be buying another pistol in another caliber. I have it down to .22 LR, .45 caliber and 30-06, works for me and all I know and what I will be doing. One thing I noticed that the price of a pistol, and of a computer are alike now. I wasn't really looking at buying a computer either, but you have to have traffic to make sales and touching and looking deep will be just as effective as that test drive

The sign is Red over Blue and simple three words, two of them names and one the offer. That is an effective statement, hope the graphic artist made some fine money on it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Right not exercised is still a right, done wrong...

   There is an election tomorrow, and I hope that every citizen takes advantage of their opportunity to chose those people and issues that they support. I feel battered and beaten by blustering pundits, telling me why the polls say this, or the polls say that - added to the commercial efforts to change my mind about their product and promises for my benefit. Tired, ready to never turn on the cable again. That would improve my mind. I am convinced that voting the way anyone else does would do nothing for my choice, if everyone runs out to beat a neighbor to death I won't be there, if a home is on fire and I can help I probably would - actually, I know I would.

   I don't support drunk driving, texting while driving, I don't support smoking marijuana, I  don't support marriage between anything other than a man and a woman. I also don't support more taxes for any reason.
I don't think one party is better than the other, I blame both parties for their stupidity - since I am obviously smarter than they are in their positions. I am reading about the months before President Lincoln took office, and the blame game, the hot heads and the cooler thoughtful folks. In the end four years of war, to keep the country together, the only good the end of slavery, the only good thing. It does cost a lot, in lives and property to make great decisions a reality, doesn't it?

   If the economy was the only reason to pick a President, I would vote for Ron Paul (who isn't on our ballot), if it were to pick a President that would lead the politicians (the only people the President is supposed to LEAD) then I would vote for Romney, if it was to pick a President that would stir me up and feel good about golf (which I don't play) I would vote for Obama. I am sure if the government would shrink back to the size of the Constitution design - I could see great things for America. It sure wouldn't be a burden.

   I am thinking of writing another blog, and just for my descendents - just sage advice for living within their capabilities, the pitfalls, the temptations not tested and never missed. I could write it and no one ever needs to read it nor know that it exists. Only a very few of the billions of humanity are reading this, it does seem to be my way of expressing thoughts and wishes, time to start fading into the fog...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wednesday won't come fast enough... will it?

I have reached my limit on answering stupidity on the telephone, sponsored by people that don't love me. I have had my fill of television ads trying to convince everyone that their vote counts, the news people telling me that all Washington State electors are in the bag for Obama, that the media in general (yes, even Fox News) has discounted everyone in flyover country. They keep counting the increasing firearms sales, thinking that the Obama second term is going for gun control. Don't they realize it is more citizens waking up to what hasn't worked to accepting responsibility for their own course?

And I notice that the TEA Party is still disturbing the normal pandering political process in Washington, DC, and they (the Powers that Be) expect they will have to beat them to death to change their attitude of no more taxes. And although I believe that more and more people are declaring party affiliation but voting independent doesn't seem to be told by many other observers of History. I understand that the World thinks we will be more warlike and aggressive under a President Romney. I don't - Romney is not a war leader, and if he can get a disconnect from the War Machine of Washington, DC, he will be fine. Since he has an economy to rebuild by dismantling the Federal Feeding Trough, he will be very busy. Yes, y'all going to have to take care of yourselves, I think you can, no problem.

Well I must prepare for Sunday worship, thankful for all I received unasked for, and praying for all those that need saved. There seem to be so many of them, everywhere.

Friday, November 2, 2012

So close to a Third World country, aren't we?

I do think this is an important election, I do think you should stand on the side of the Lord, since both political parties are going to stand on the side of the money men and power brokers in Washington, DC. But my vote counts because I cast it, and someone will have to count it or change it after I have. But, really, bankers take my work, government takes my work and they both squander it on stupid stuff. I would like to squander my work on my stupid stuff. Thank you very much.

Takes only one Super Sandy Storm, to level NYC and New Jersey to third world status. The armed forces are mobilizing to bring aid, always glad to help. Until the 1st of January, anyway.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How much courage do you need to do the hard stuff...

The amount of my failure keeps adding up, and although I thought my cough/cold was over - I seem to have a relapse. So in self examination and disgust I know I should be better and address my problems. It would seem the smart, intelligent, logical and healthful thing to do. But I guess I am sitting in the rut of comfort and entertaining distractions and can't find any real reason to change course - those rocks I am about to run onto are so far away and in an uncertain future.

I like to wonder at how our political leadership and our public servants continue to do all the stupid wrong things and sink the nation deeper into a future (so far away and uncertain) collapse, then I raise my head and look into the mirror and know the answer. They are all optimists, full of hope sure of success and not scared nor afraid of failure - since it never happened before. No History majors? I didn't have to get beaten too many times when I fought to know I needed more caution and control. As a soldier I studied deeply past battles and campaigns - what worked and where. That is so important, even those tales told over a few drinks had some points to ponder.

The Super Sandy Storm (yes, I have changed the word order) has highlighted so many weaknesses in our cultural system, our government responses but most of all in the readiness of the citizen to overcome the immediate. Too many news worthy pictures of sobbing and wailing, wanting someone to share or bear the pain of helplessness. I am smarter than the news people, because I know there are millions of people cleaning up, checking on the neighbors, cleaning up, repairing, moving the injured to professional help. It will all come back, maybe the news needs to spread the reality to those not affected, and the electricity needs to be off so people will actually look each other in the eye and talk - not text.

Money,  there is the chain which really does hold us back, as a nation and as individuals. Banks and money are important - but they support ability to grow and have commerce to store energy. Or if you can't control them, they control you. Probably more important than the type of government, is the currency of transfer and who controls it. I don't worry about the BILLIONS of dollars used to buy my vote, not that they would send me a check just suggestions and fears to fuel my foolish and folly. But I do worry that as soon as they can they want you to owe them, for your car, your education, your home -- they make more money from your borrowing than you will gain from having borrowed. Although in business, it is possible for a loan to support creating wealth - yes, money is not wealth, just a measurement of wealth. You have to be aware, have the courage to delay a purchase, to deny a buy, to encourage our followers to save and invest before worrying about hip style. Good luck with that there is a media frenzy to sell you more than your wildest dreams.