Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is a little interest between friends...

Interest, could generate some warmth, a closer relationship and change your whole world... but maybe what I was talking about was the cost of borrowing someone else's money. How does that change one's life?

Well, add us the number of dollars you are paying in interest and figure how many gallons of milk that would be, how many pairs of shoes, money for improving your financial worth... buying into banks, or animals, or flowers.
All that is gone because you are paying interest on a purchase that you thought was important but you can't really name what that was. We buy meals, movies, books, ebooks, itunes and on and on. Just running up a tab, then look around and realize that we aren't doing well that way.

How can the nations do that? Where did they get the idea that debt was the way to make life better as a country? If everyone in this world decided to pay off all debts and not acquire new ones, we would all have more money than we would know what to do with it.

No one thinks about how much they could do with their own money, the government doesn't either. When they want to build a new arena in Seattle the wheeler dealers come out and figure a way to get bonds sold, as the City/County borrow money from people that have it, and then will pay interest and repay the bond, but give the rich people, unions, and retirement funds and such a tax break on the interest they paid... making them richer and the City/County poorer. But we have to have a better arena for those teams that don't exist yet... don't we?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lets have a goal in life...

I am up on East coast time, for no more reason than I didn't want to spend another hour in darkness wondering if I was going to fall back to sleep. I have had halfa cuppa microwaved coffee. Wandered Facebook, noticing that some people were up after I last session, but most not. It must be time to crawl back into bed, the eyes are telling me they don't need this. Although I weighed I haven't measured, so I can pretend this is a commercial interrruption and go back to sleep. Trilling my 'r's.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Suficiently advanced technology will look like magic...

Yes, it will. And there aren't any magicians around to save the apprentices as they play with it... Mickey is supposed to be coming to your mind now... and if he isn't you never watched the cartoon. Doesn't matter, the music is worthy all by itself. But back to technology.

Being a thinking animal, what a man isn't designed to do he can use laws of Physics to overcome his short comings. Want to throw a rock farther, everything from slings to trebuchets can help you toss rocks far and fast. But it all came from the mind of man.

My father loved electric razors, I don't - I use a multi-blade from Schick or Gilette, I did once use a straight razor but it scared me. Anyway, you pick and choose and the economy hums along providing so much choice that will make our life different. I no longer think it will be better, but it will be different.

I had a problem with my telephone service over the weekend, my wife insisted I call and get normal service returned. The exercise with the computer finally wore out and I started talking to a human, and we got to the disconnect the telephones since it seemed that one was off the hook. It wasn't, but the phone was off and throwing the service out of joint. I found the phone, it is gone and I am happy again. Because my wife isn't going to ask me ever again for what that phone provided -- more than she ever needed or used. Now I will disconnect all those extra little services like Caller ID (if you don't want to talk to anyone, don't answer the telephone) (if you don't want to talk to someone - don't answer the telephone) you do see where this is taking me. If I don't need to call out, I won't pick up the telephone, if I do I will. I NEVER need to answer the telephone. Come to think about it, I don't need to answer the door unless it is a Law Enforcement Officer with a warrant or two, do I?

So the next big improvement in Earl's life is not answering the telephone, my wife can if she wants. Thank you all very much.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Denkmals... Memorials... Remembering...

Something about remembering, causes dreams again. My dreams were of a much, by about forty plus years, younger man setting off on his adventure into the Empire. Saying good-bye to old friends and family, getting the addresses to write to as some of them were going to college and work in other areas. It wasn't very real to my very real life, but I seem to have used all those same steps in my own life.

I caught this on my way to church yesterday, it reminded me of the marching through the German countryside and seeing the markers of their fallen in every little village, most with only three or four family names, most having died on the Eastern Front against the godless Soviet Union. America has honored the memory of those that died in our wars, they aren't studied or remembered very much, never for how much they gave and considering how we seem to waste the benefit of Freedom on too many calories and pretend sexual perfections and pretensions as our Freedoms are taken away by our fearless (?) leaders.

The memory of the fallen deserves so much more from a grateful nation, but then we would have to truly be grateful. What do the Presidents say as they stand by memorials to wars and warriors fallen that they hid from or protested. I don't think I have ever paid attention to them, I have always taken time to read the names... to remember that something greater than self is worth the price, if we the ones protected thank God and the fallen for all our opportunities to get life right. Y'all try not to waste it - they were really good boys and girls... someone loved them.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What do you do in the Great NorthWest when...

the weather is perfect, the Sun slams you awake after a great night full of dreams of military and library operations (often think they had too much in like manner). Well, I got up and did start the day well, went off to the Range to make sure I was well regulated as a militia responsible for the security of a Free State. Shot just a few bullets in my two pistols. They hit the target at sixty feet so I am fine. Took a picture of the Colt Model 70 .45 APC. Then back to home, lunch and exercise, nap and off to Men's Bible Study. Good time was had, and discussion went round and round, potluck was more than enough. Finish at home with the Korean Historic drama. Good day and fine night, seems like the Sun has taken over... must be almost Summer.

If it doesn't rain in the afternoon tomorrow I will take some motorcycle riding photos, or I will just ride and you will have to take my word for it. Don't forget to attend worship and thank the Lord for all we have, even the tough stuff.

Friday, May 25, 2012

What does humble law abiding folk get you...

  You sure won't be feared in school or at work, but then you are probably successful in business, family and work. Think about it, there are ugly thugs out there, shooting badly and killing people they didn't even mean to hit (secret, they shoot like Hollywood is going to make it a great shot in editing). There won't be a lot of drama in your life if you are a good guy, the media will cover the man or woman that wants to save their sexual life for marriage, that cultural custom of commitment to a partner of the other sex to reproduce bad copies of yourselves - just hoping their life will be the one that saves the world... That is a twenty year commitment now, or twenty-six under ObamaCares. But I watched a reporter laugh at a young hurdler that said she was remaining a virgin until marriage... laughed at the answer, like the young woman was crazy.

  I was think about it, that God Fearing, Law abiding, Good Citizens are what politicians and Kings and dictators fear most. They like scum, thieves and terrorists -- they hire the same to protect their position and love to snort fool powder, or shoot morphine with the other corrupt folks. All for their little god called money and power. Anyway, Howard Zinn, famed Historian and Socialist thinker, had much to say about following the government into wars and destruction.

As I look at History, it is the common people that will build the civilization, when they believe in themselves and have a future to build. Yes they can use a good leader, one that is worth following... but it isn't a given that a position makes one a leader. Over forty some Presidents in the United States of America, and how many of them were leaders? Six? Eight? Ten? How many can you name and what made them a leader? There were thousands of people, millions of people that made the country and over seventy percent of the Presidents weren't leading that population anywhere. More control feels like the Communists or Fascists making trains run on time. The Media wants the population to be swayed and controlled by its message, they make business pay for the privilege of being present.

During my morning walk, I took a picture of what some of those people have done without the President or his leadership. Oregon Trail markers. The people came and this wasn't even the United States territory at the time, in the 1930's they erected the marker, part of the make work for prosperity of FDR. There once was a brass plaque near the top, but it was ripped off and never replaced by some fine meth sucking punks that needed money. Well, I did get lots of exercise today, 80rds of dry fire with the M1, and a couple of war films to watch between bouts of commercial enterprise and political BS. Don't they know that People died serving the cause of Liberty, only to have their posterity waste it on picnics, drunkenness and sex? Well, not you and I, we don't work with the Secret Service. Memorial Day, remember how many did it without the leadership at National level. Thank God for accepting their lives and sacrifice in battle.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doesn't meet the Paul Revere Ride test...

What doesn't meet it? Well, the mail I receive telling me I need to assemble on the Green, bring rifle and ammunition, food and water. You know, gather with my friends and neighbors to defend our lives, Liberty and all the Lord provides. All I seem to get are solicitations for motorcycle insurance, refinancing my home, and the American Rifleman magazine telling me if I don't get a Challenge Coin for Defeating Obama this year I won't be sexy anymore.... Then I do get a very nice almost personal letter from Mitt, to me (Mr. Dungey, one of America's most notable Republicans - not exactly what I want on my grave marker).

It is a fine personal letter, so I won't bother you all with the rest of what it said. Once you get beyond how well I have impressed Mitt it is about his belief in America and his plan for leadership. Sounds pretty good, until I see that he didn't remember why I think Ron Paul has a better slate than the rascally Republicans. Mitt, like President Obama, doesn't go and join the military and protect America from foreign fools. Under orders from some really strange other folks in uniforms with rank way above their capabilities... he, like President Obama, hasn't a clue what defending the nation is about. What is worth fighting for, what isn't, and why all those with only common values, of a common people don't think smart folks are very smart.

Well, I haven't the money to toss in Mitt's direction, and I know that Obama doesn't need my money - he hasn't asked and has already thrown away trillions on his stupidity. The letter, since it didn't address bringing my guns  to the Green to defend our Rights, is convincing me that no one in Washington, DC, nor wanting to go to Washington DC, knows what is worth fighting and dying for, therefore none are worth following. Have at it you proud professional political paupers. Have at it. I will be Earl, and will vote for the better of the choices... have had a taste of the fruit of the tree.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to belonging to no one and nothing...

Well, I think I belong to God but that isn't what my post is about, and my wife thinks we belong to each other, and this isn't about that either. There are organizations that think I belong to them. Facebook, the United States of America (I am not a State, I am one of The People and a proud member of a well regulated militia, but I don't belong to the Federal government, the State government, the county government... or the United Nations). Frank W. James has closed his blog, and all because Google wants to own us all, they map and monitor us very well. They decided that blogger wasn't good enough in the old format. Some young folks wanted something else, or had to prove they deserved their jobs and were told to chase off the people that just wrote and read and weren't making Google much money. Facebook decided the Timeline was the thing and almost lost a bunch of us, but then when I warned everyone that the IPO was not worth buying into - a bunch of folks went crazy anyway... and got burned. There aren't any get rich quick and easy schemes out there.

Anyway, since there is a decided lack of customer service in many big businesses, consider banks a wonderful example, computer answering and polling and political and charity fund raising.... no human touch, kind of kinky like those blow up dolls. Not something to waste time or money upon.

The real secret is getting cut off from the internet, power outage, disaster, or just not turning on the computer that is linked... and life goes right on until you take that last breath. You will have more time to talk to real people, hoping they understand you since they may be basing their world view on what they see on tiny monitors and not linked to what is happening - they have to check the weather before opening the door and looking out at the sky... This can be a great communication method, and much work can be aided by good software and business sense, but if you can't find buried treasure in cyberspace you may have to go to Oak Island and dig. Have a great time, remember Troy wasn't found in the local library, but the clues were.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It is possible that it isn't on the internet...

I asked for help finding a real gunsmith, and I got some fine recommendations that panned out. The rifle is in the hands of another old fellow, with lots of firearms and work, and machinery to make things happen. He quickly analyzed my problem, said it would be a little while. Then he showed me some of his custom rifle work, and made be foolishly think the 10th Commandment wasn't for me. But there are some beautiful rifles, even a precision target rifle for those 1000 yard competitions. He even complimented me (???? not really) saying that I could hit targets at that range when I mentioned 500 yards was my limit (he probably meant the rifle could easily do the shot). I should have volunteered to test fire all his work. Fat chance, but my spirit is willing.

Oh, he isn't listed on Google, Bing, or other search engines. Could it be because his cell phone works and he has all he can handle. Someone called for help with his problem with a firearm, but insisted that it not cost too much. One of the young, replacement society, that doesn't feel attached to the firearm he wants repaired. I like being attached, come to think of it, the wife and this rifle have about the same number of years with Earl. Hope I have been treating my wife better, don't want her broken... fair wear and tear is okay.

But, we do need more craftsmen and women, technical experts and semi-pro do it yourselfers. Really, this have to go to college isn't always going to work. Advanced schooling, like gunsmithing and such, that is good for the country if you can't get a degree in Science and Engineering. Go get it, of course, a great work ethic and a plan for your life and your goals is a great start.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Expert Gunsmith wanted!

Stevens Model 414 Armory Model Single Shot Rifle 

 Mine seems to have a very broken firing pin and needs a replacement. Makes me very sad, because I really like to shoot this fine rifle. Anyone knowing a fine gunsmith in the Tacoma, Washington area send me a link or a name and a telephone number, I would call on this one. Thanks for paying attention. The only serial number on the receiver is 41.

The rear sight isn't exactly as the above picture. It is an aperture sight with screw elevation and windage. 
All help would be appreciated.

Update, I now know more about my rifle than I ever have, but still not recommending that your rifle breaks so you can become more familiar with it. I just came to shoot, didn't I?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

So did you prepare for your part in the Well Regulated?

Seems there are regulations for almost everything, and I do know, if it wasn't a rule or guideline there will be  someone saying that it is the way they say it is, and that you can't question their authority. Mostly that doesn't bother most of the normal, don't bother me, civilians. In the military you become accustomed to "the Commander says, by order of the Commander, I am serving the Commander in his/her absence". So the name of the Commander isn't as important as the authority. Leadership would depend on a real human dynamics - authority only counts on supposed powers of the position. Anyway, for the purposes of this post - it would be good if you, the ones that don't want to be bothered, realize that you are well regulated militia.

There isn't a way out of it, you are an important part of the United States of America, and you can't be bothered. You want the government to protect you and allow you to be sheltered from the storm, enriched and maintained and not to be bothered by the responsibility of being one of the well regulated militia necessary for the security of a Free State.

I laugh when I imagine the militia of the gated community in upper level California. They are frightened of fires, earthquakes and racial riots and unrest... they think the police are supposed to care for them, that they have no reason to fill sandbags, cover windows, and learn first aid for survivors of bloody chaos - caused by whatever, Hollywood actually thought someone would fight for LA, and brought military units into town to fight. But our Presidents don't name towns after themselves and feel they have to save LA as Stalin did over Stalingrad.

Well, I went out and shot my rifles at the range, and hit the targets well. Enjoyed talking to the shooters and the staff of the range about shooting and how life is going. Early to the range and early to leave, rifle bullets are expensive, 22LR is the way to go for practicing precision, and save the heavy stuff for after you have built in the muscle, sighting, and squeeze reflexes. You do need to know how the hard hitting load feels and sounds, you need to get into the shot and beyond the loud explosion that causes it all to become deadly.

Just remember that being willing and able to defend yourself, family, neighbors, community, county, state and country is only part of that being awake and alert and aware of the threats around you. You must know where those government folks have taken the riches entrusted to them, because we can't be bothered, and why they can't balance income and out go... but think they can tell you how.

If I wanted to fix that major problem you start with the basic test, give a real mathematics test to those that want to represent us in government. If they can't pass it, they shouldn't be elected. You could give them a test on the Constitution, too. Can't pass it, you can't serve. Could add a marksmanship qualification course, too. That should be worth a few laughs for some of our representatives, others won't have a problem. But there is only a citizenship, and age requirements for the elected positions, their staffs and aides are also just folks they trust, but you do have to qualify to be a doctor, lawyer, law enforcement, fire fighter and emergency responder --- and bus driver and commercial driver. Do you see how the system won't work if just being a nice piece of work aces a hard working expert without social skills?

So I wish you all very well, in your preparations for suffering the fools in positions of importance and responsibility above us. For we will all suffer as we find out that spending money that isn't there, is the first indication of stupid conduct and future failure. There just aren't enough Lottery winners to drag us all beyond the collapse.

Friday, May 18, 2012

You live in a flood plain... that is plain.........

So, you and all our politicians are students of History, and believe that you can't control floods, although you build dikes, levees, and dams. Monitoring the snow fall and the snow pack and the Spring melt, but you know you can't stop the flooding when it rains and the water is rising. Even Lee as a young engineer had to try to calm the waters, or at least influence them into better behavior. But only the government sells flood insurance, and most of their expenditures is in recovery after the flood.

The government hasn't promised that New Orleans will never have another hurricane or that the city won't be flooded again - have they? They have too much invested in what they built there, and no way is that water going to chase them so far away they won't be back to spend more money on fighting it until the next time.

Actually, they know it will be attacked by the laws of flowing water and sinking swampy ground. Why are they counting on it? Building against all evidence and scientific fact? Too big to move? Not hardly for a Superpower, it could have been built bigger and better somewhere off the delta...

The reason I think about that is, money and government are tied together, but the government thinks there are new rules about money. The only one they need to think about is printed on their currency. tender for all debt, public and private. Unless you are the government borrowing money that it never intends to pay back - unless it can print, borrow or tax more than it is spending. If I borrow, I have to repay, but not the government.

I guess if I were stupid I could borrow more on the equity of my home - providing that the real estate market wasn't driven by human forces beyond scientific facts. Negative equity means I should pay the lender, none of which makes sense.

Anyway, the government continues to try and tame the waters, and protect the value of its money or word backing its currency. But it is too easy to get around, over or behind the smoke and mirrors - we have seen the man behind the curtain and he can't stop the rain. If any of your political parties, or candidates, or personal plans for your future do not address the real threat to your safety and sanity by reducing your debts - then you had best live in a flotation device, the waters are coming back.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So what is going to happen as everything is going...

going... gone? There is a government in the United States of America, national level, that seems to think that businesses can't take care of their bottom line, be successful and hire workers and treat them well without regulations and oversight. This is the same government that cannot defend America from enemies and terrorists, that cannot balance its own books, that cannot oversee the agencies it established for making everything better.

I don't foresee rioting in the streets where I live, too many sane people. I do see a run on banks, I do see a barter economy, I do see success in the states where the political parties and the politicians address their problems instead of waiting for Federal assistance. I do see failure of large businesses that don't get used that have leveraged themselves for the profit of a few, success of business that answers needs and can continue to provide such. But I see a lot of struggle to get there, and it just won't be fair but it will be all that we deserve.

This is a great time to add some to what you were going to share, and do things for folks that will only smile in thanks. It is a fine time to be positive, happy and huggible. As always, it is a great time to be thanking the Lord for all His blessings, challenges and support. You are fine and getting better with every moment you love.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facebook says I have entered the same text twice.

So France has a new Prime Minister or President and will change course to make life wonderful. NBC news announced what is really important to their editors, the new French First Lady... by the way, Europe honors the wives of it leaders, but not with pretend titles of importance, and the mistresses are often more fun.

But I can't see it, can you? Could be that Facebook is about to fall on its ......

Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't you want to be normal?

I want to be normal, not just like everyone else - that would not be normal, not for most people and certainly not for me. But if you have been ill, suddenly unemployed, or no longer attached to people - you feel like you want to get back to normal. The power goes out, normal is so much coming into my home I have more than I can use, the lights work, the computer works, instant noise in my backgrounds... you know - normal.

To me, normal is handling firearms, going shooting and practice. Exercising daily, jogging when it wasn't yet popular, going distances that only awe the unknowing and untested. Normal was having family that cared. Normal was looking forward to another challenging day, an opportunity to make myself and others better than we were yesterday.

I have noticed that when I am happiest in my normal that someone, agency or government goodness will be coming along to restrict it, the activity and my happiness. Now I realize there are natural limits, Gravity rules, can't breathe water well, and flapping my arms vigorously doesn't get me into the air. But I don't like artificial constraints. I like them least when they are part of myself, my will, my body, my mind and my spirit - so I have to stretch, to reach to stay loose.

Speaking of loose, Ron Paul has slowed his search for support for his Presidency, that will make Bill O'Reilly happy. I like that I gave money to his cause, voted and participated in his campaign here in Washington State but it did teach me much about political parties - they don't party well. So, being loose, I am thinking a Loose Leaf of the TEA Party, can't bag me!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, time for a sermon...

I had the world's best mother of Earl, and I had another family that I could hang with when she was trying to make me a much better person than I ever thought I would be... I was fortunate I didn't have to run away or sleep on the streets or many other things that could have been traumatic.

I made french toast for my son's mother today. I have no real idea of how to treat ladies that I love, they all try to tell me what to do I just don't drink enough... I am not the horse but the hind part, too often.

The pastor took a tack I wouldn't have on his Mother's Day Sermon, of the combined service, even though the Korean Mother's Day was the 8th of May.

Mother's Day in religious teachings has to me always centered around King Solomon's justice in the case of the two mothers with only one living baby. As I understand it, the government (the King) in his goodness decided that both mother's could have half. And ordered his executioner to split the babe. In shock, my mother always told me that the real mother decided to give the living babe to the other woman to save the baby. And the King, knew the real mother would do that so awarded the babe to the sacrificing woman.

But today. being a real cynic, I realized that wasn't what happened. The real mother had no heart and only wanted justice and her due and had not enough love to share with anyone but her reflection in the mirror. So it was okay, lawful and just, that the babe die to be shared by both women. And the crazed woman, whose child really had died, had enough love and a greater heart to share with the unwanted baby and the executioner was most happy, since he hadn't signed on to kill women and children in the King's behalf. And the King could mark up another favorable report about his reign in the marketplace as he tried to attract the Queen of Sheba, to help pay off his debts. In the end, Love wins out, and that might mean you have to give something up, go against the government, or sacrifice selflessly for the life of a helpless other -- it will be right with the Lord.

So for all you mothers, especially those that aren't doing it the normal way, the legal way, or the related by blood way --- give lots of love, it comes back seven fold in God's Kingdom come. All normal mothers, you are doing great, lots of the Lord's Love for you, too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

So there I was...

and then you add the war story to your listening audience's pleasures of things they can only imagine. Lucky that we can only imagine, we do have some very vivid imaginations. They slide into our dreams at times. Last night I had a great one.

Not that I haven't had dreams of military operations and war before, but this time I got to explain to children in my language about germ warfare, hazmat suits and liquid and gaseous toxins. Lovely, sad, dream... normally all activities with children I have experienced in war zones are between spells of combat, although I did notice the scars and missing limbs, they still laughed and had smiles and a sense of play.

Don't know why the dreams, but it did disturb me, the combat zone was in America, better pray and work harder that day never comes again. Take care out there and reach out to mothers everywhere - no matter what the media, political pundits, and current selfish culture think -- Mothers are the only civilizing force in the world, worth loving more than they receive.

Friday, May 11, 2012

We want to feel so superior to those unfortunate....

I was wondering why dollars count so much, they aren't what they were when Lincoln worked for a dollar a day, and those were long days. They are easy to count, they are useful, but really if they were made of lead and you had to count, carry and protect them - they would quickly be too much.

When I was in uniform and off to fight the godless Communists, I was often looked down upon by those that successfully avoided uniformed service in their nations' defense. And so many from the political leadership of the last many years were them. Now they thank me for my service, should I thank them for not messing up my military? They really were superior to me, they make more dollars, they don't really have to think about getting killed and their family going on without them, they are secretly smug now. Watching what has happened to the culture and the media and the direction of the country unless something very different is done... I am glad they weren't in uniform with me.

It will soon be Memorial Day, and if you don't have one of your own to think about on the real day and the observed day... there are many names on walls, plaques and lists of those that didn't come home alive. I have one that died on Bunker's Hill in 1775, he had lots of daughters that carried his memory on. There were, like all wars, people in power and position that felt superior to the combatants in Boston that year; smarter, safer and sane... and not in love with their fellow men, country or cause to risk anything and everything to advance into tomorrow better than yesterday. Memorial Day, remember the fallen that gave their lives so we could be so superior to those that never served, never risked. Do we have something worth dying for? 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The President is coming to get more money...

We are really excited here, the savior of so many is coming to Seattle to get more money, a thousand dollars for a seat in the theater and for five thousand a signed picture with the President. Needless to say, Earl isn't going to be putting any of his money into President Obama's war chest. Another example of misuse of the word war.

When I was a young man and worked in a bar/restaurant, I found my first openly (more or less) homosexual. A college student working as a bartender, he lived upstairs and would take his partners up for a quickie. Now I was impressionable and it stirred strange thoughts about Catholic Men's colleges, truck drivers, and homosexuals. I wasn't even interested, and don't see anything arousing in the mental images of what such activity looks like... but I didn't beat him up, either. Beating up was more my expression of fear or focus on problems needing solutions. Amazing how innocent one is when young.

I have had many years of wandering the world, and so have by my count at least three more encounters with homosexual men. At least. But then I don't really worry about the sexual orientation or availability of people or persons. I do think that adults that prey upon children have real problems, my immediate answer is to beat them up but there are still laws against that conduct - once was against homosexual conduct. It has been thought to be a defect for thousands of years. But then killing other humans has been considered a defect and I made my living doing it for the government.

The government, ah, well it must be okay if it is legal - to the dead it doesn't matter if it was legal or not. Only the living seem to care, those that have survived then close that off and go on to the next. The government wants you to believe they are the real god in morality, law, and goodness -- but the truth is they aren't. They are doing the best they can, but Iceland went bust - is rewriting their constitution and reinventing their survival. Hmm, the whole thing in failing countries seems to be no one is responsible and willing to accept blame, lay down their power, and allow The People to fix everything.That it is happening in Iceland is not in the news, because Ron Paul isn't drawing any crowds there and it could never happen in America. ???

The government wants to enclose your life and activities in its power for its benefit. So there are laws, strings that attach and pull you in proper directions. They are only for your protection and if they are pulling where you were going it never is a problem. Having had my personal experiences with my girlfriend/wife and the government goodness at many times in my life - I think government anything to do with my relationship with my partner has been extreme, unwanted and totally un-needed! Except they tied all kinds of benefits to a LEGAL relationship, that is how one gets the candy, or the drugs or the benefit... make your life legal.

Then denies benefits to slaves, women, others, and those kind... now God, the real one not in government, wants everyone to love everyone - which has more to do with being willing to die for them than a temporary sexual gratification. God wants humans and all life to reproduce and be fruitful. So then you want to know if God wants homosexuals to live and love? Well, when He wants them to die, they do. They get to stand in His judgement, and I am certain that the Devil wants everyone, too. The government only worries about its power and your votes - so defining marriage has nothing to do with sin, evil or goodness... just votes and benefits.

So, I realize that the President believes that homosexual couples should be allowed to marry, and you need to know that I believe that the government should get out of the MARRIAGE business entirely. Just seeing a foreign soap opera program, a mother telling a young lady that marriage isn't just between two people but between families, so if the families can't join the marriage can't be. Since the modern western world has done all they can to destroy the family and the natural strength of such (allowing the government more power to provide and protection). Where are we going?

To everyone out there, hang on to those you love, do wonderful things together and for each other -- but get out of the idea that government is a solution to your problems, less of it might be... having said that, all you serving in the military may you do great things for all the best reasons and know you aren't forgotten, and my prayers go out for you to go with God.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So you want to change, really?

Noted that the people of France voted for more government goodness, that Greece is headed that way and the Americans are going to vote in November. Picking the one that will be good for you, hmm...

How do you do that? Do you pick your bank on hope and change? Do you pick your vehicle on sex appeal and status? Do you throw away you unwanted children when they become impossible teenagers? Do you pick your doctor based on restoring your best years? fewest wrinkles? less fat but more filling?

When I was much younger and foolish (but seldom admitted it) I drank mixed drinks - normally something and Coke. I did finally stop the drinking, when I figured out that drunk didn't look good on me and wasn't adding value to my life. I don't think I need to stop everyone's drinking - just my own and I did. 1972. If I had stopped the sweet drinks and soft candy at the same time I would be richer and  better off. We do make choices and not all the best ones every day and all the time.

During the same teenage years I found out that wife swapping was becoming popular, married couples swinging. Lovely concept for folks that wanted to be hip. It is called adultery in the Bible, seventh sin and really condemned for various reasons by God and Man and all its victims. There are champions of choice, Playboy and others in the gratification industry, and it was the original sin - to taste the fruit of knowledge and blame it on the woman, or the serpent. And for some reason politicians aren't recognized for how hard they work to provide you an Eden, with plenty for all, that comforts your every need...

I have held that I don't trust government goodness, they have been between me and happiness too many times. But you need to understand that I do make choices, and at some point those choices make my life - wonderful, better or as it is and not going to blame it on any but I. I don't watch Wife Swap, or other such shows - I think I have successfully dodged the 'reality' show foolishness - I live in reality, and pretend is a child's game in growing up. Tell me a story.

Tell  me a plan, watch mine  - the plan for our lives is always in motion, sometimes with music and often in the lights or the darkness. Just have to watch out for that serpent trying to get you back into a version of the Garden of Eden. I like to work for my bread, but some folks think I need to work for the bread of others, or that I lust for their children or their power or position.

In my humble opinion one of the best of the commandments, not to covet thy neighbor's... 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A name and the design...

  There is a slug on the porch step, I don't have its name to call it by - so I call it 'slug' and tell it to move on before a bird or my wife spots him. The slug probably didn't notice me or that I had addressed him, since his world view and purpose has so little to do with mine. But the slug is designed to fit a nitch in the cycle of life in the Great NorthWest, North America, planet Earth, Solar system and this galaxy. You do know the name of the slug or the galaxy, don't you? In what language or culture? You probably don't spend any time talking to slugs or trying to properly name the galaxy for postal delivery from intergalactics.

  It is not more than a perception but that was my slug, and it is my galaxy, my world and my life - temporarybut at this moment it is all mine. Given to me by God to make the very best of and use in love. Would be good of me to share it with you all, wouldn't it?

  Science and medical artists tell me that when I strip away the slug, the universe and all that I wasn't born with I am no more than the DNA and organic matter arranged by its design. It was a great design, so able to do more than I had ever thought, to survive where it was tough, to give and aid other organisms. To love, to be, and I have a name. Call me Earl, know that I am William Earl Dungey and have been called, sometimes falling short of the glory of the designer and the design, but I am trying.

Often noted on my blog, there was no government goodness used in the production of the name, nor of the design - just in the artificial limits placed upon it by well meaning officials in positions of limitless power, wish they would procrastinate about a hundred years. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Don't get around much anymore...

Do you hear the music to that tune? It is Children's Day, Cinco de Mayo (which is a Mexican celebration of a victory long ago), and my wife's birthday. I made the bed and turned on the dishwasher, she has a guest coming this morning at eight, so she has to finish cleaning before that. She is still recovering but duty drives her.

I finished the King Arthur tale, will have to go back to the End of Sparta. Bury meself in books, pretend that the world will be well or even better when I stick my head back up. It won't be, but it will also pretend that everything is fine. It could be that many of us glued to our entertainment devices (yes, books are an entertainment device) will all pop our heads back up at the same time, look around and start fixing what went wrong. But don't hold your breath waiting for it.

Until then, remember to go out and cut the grass, sweep the walks and clean the gutters, and hug your significant other - if you are alone, give yourself a big hug - we all deserve one for our better being.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quiet day, and that can be a good thing...

My wife is ill and resting, I shopped and bring her what she needs when she wakes - tea and chicken noodle soups mostly, some apple juice. I listen to music and read about Gawain and King Arthur, long ago and far away. I am on the second of Gillian Bradshaw's telling of the story and noticing that the best of those tales is done in the period of time before the lights all went out in the Roman Empire. But the book reminds me that they were going out and the stories are of a futile effort to hold back the Darkness, but the Dark Ages were well on their way. The Civilized Roman world had fled towards the Greek one and allowed the barbarians to have the leftovers of old Rome. Sometimes we get to dig up something from then, and turn it into a tourist site. I have been to one of the places unburied in the dust near the volcano, If their lives were so wonderful, that they had little to be proud of beside their love of sexual play, bloody entertainment spectacle, the arts, wine and wit - well, I didn't see it pointed out to me there. Not strong enough to put on their armor, sharpen their spears and fight the traveling tribes - no, they hired that done. Pay ransom, commerce and more taxes for more German Legions, since Romans were much too important and wealthy. So if there were a warband in Britain after the last legion left it could be the basis of the Legend of King Arthur, what will there be in our future as the lights go out?

Cold rains return... the moss will love it...

I want to make May a wonderful month, so I keep trying.

Yesterday the rain stopped long enough for the drying of the yards, and since beauty is in the eye of beholders, I mowed my front yard, the empty home next door and then really chopped at the home across the street. Their big dog thought I should be barked at or that was his job. After I just finished and put my mower away, someone drove up and fed the dog and spent the night. It will be easier to clean up now the first hack attack.

Next project for today, pay bills, shop for groceries and make the bed... I do have some reason for moving. Hope your trips are safe and profitable.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day! happy May Day...

Turn over the pages of the calendars and start anew! Go out in the rain and find the beauty, the richness, the glory. God is good... and then there is Man.

Someone asks which rifle is better. "The one you have, with ammunition that you can hit targets with, son". All others are just beyond utility - for whatever reason or excuse.  Sounds like most of my life - chasing dreams or thoughts, and sure enough catching some of them, making them mine, finding some of them better or worse than I in my limited capacity had thought. I am using my Senior Class 5x7 picture as a bookmark in "The End of Sparta" by Victor Davis Hanson. Interesting how the Thebes and allies went up against the best and broke them finally.

Well, I am sure I have a day full of adventures and things that I would like to accomplish for all those that I love and those things I love to do. Rain keeps coming in waves of clouds, then the Sun and beautiful blue skies break through, and then a repeat. Do you have any idea of how much the grass and other green growing things love it just that way? Buds and blossoms blooming, nature is booming.