Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So, you really believe that the media knows something?

Watching news programs have convinced me that mostly they don't know, but they want to keep me watching. Breaking news is always something that has just happened, or is happening and they don't know but they are going to cover it.

I can tell where they are so out of  touch, by how much money they are spending on their clothes and make up. There are lots of fine folks presenting the news, telling us stories and entertaining us, but it is all for them and the bottom line. Give me BBC news without commercial interruption, give me Australian news without commercial interruption, then I will find out things without wondering if a political philosophy that might change my laws and the governments attempts to enslave me. Joe Biden says that Romney is going to have us back in chains.

Ah, well, back to being a clinger. I sent an email to O'Reilly, he doesn't know much about firearms, the American laws, the 2nd Amendment and is so easily swayed by the fear mongers out there (could it be he are one?).

For you not reading his email, nor on my friends on Facebook:

You can own a machine gun in the United States, there is a tax that must be paid. No new machine guns are to be introduced. You would have lots of problems buying an illegal machine gun at a gun show, but you are correct that the unregulated (black market) market can provide what the government denies. Prostitution, drugs and other illegal items are all available, often from the law enforcement folks.

The Second Amendment is about arms used to defend the security of a free State, and the government not being able to infringe on the rights of the people. In MA of 1775 they had cannon. It machine guns had been available they, the people, would have had them. You are a product of a modern civilized country that pretends it has the people's best interests at heart - and then does all those things we fought a revolution over.

Still a great program, if you would become a bit more humble, and on firearms and the law - you come close to Jesse Watters' cute little airheads.


  1. In our free market U.S., most news media is paid for by advertising which means that they have to keep your attention in order to keep their advertisers.

  2. True, that is even the better reason to turn off the tube - does anyone still have a TV tube? We were mandated to go HD, the paying for advertising is why news likes to follow politics, drama, interest and influence. Another great reason not to turn it on.