Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, the world didn't end, and tomorrow is 'New'

So while I have a couple of minutes, I should reflect and thank God for all His blessings on my life.

I did notice between doing 'stuff' today, that Congress held our attention just long enough to prove they aren't able to make real positive decisions. I can make one, pick up a penny and take it home, roll it up with forty-nine others and turn it in at the credit union or bank, and I will be helping the economy, my government that throws millions of dollars around (but never at me), my sense of good works and protecting the innocent from road rage and abuse. See how much smarter I am than government? The government pretends that COLA is necessary to control the effect of inflation on its spreading the wealth around. It doesn't, but they don't want you to look too closely, just trust them.

If they would reduce government spending every month by 1%, I would be pleased, but they aren't there to make Earl happy, are they? I do hope God blesses you next year, and that you recognize where the goodness came from and are thankful. Amen.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

So you think the Fiscal Cliff is bad?

It is only in how high you are and how far to the bottom, for those of us - poor folks, it isn't so far. If you can't borrow money now, if you haven't got a job, your house is falling apart and housing prices are out of your reach and ability to make payments - if your letter to your Representative doesn't get as much attention as the one from Wall Street Bankers and brokers... well, the drop to the bottom isn't far at all.

 Very much like getting to the Emergency room, if you aren't bleeding and screaming in pain, you will have to wait for treatment, you may even have a competent medical person try to discourage your sitting and waiting making them feel guilty for your troubling them....

Maybe, that is why I am sure that going over the Fiscal Cliff is a good thing, kind of like being at the bottom of your addiction to whatever your weakness was most..... you don't wake up and die, or you do wake up in pain and sorrow and address the faults within yourself, and you may be totally alone because you never saw the light. You will want to blame your supplier, your co-dependent, your teachers, your parents, your friends, your party, their party and the lack of God or the interference of some greater powers.  But in the end, it was all you.

One of the best parts of being Earl, is that I am not so sure that following a crowd of fabulous fools is any better than being a self made one. Step outside of self and look, a fool is still a fool, and good for some laughs but not something to aspire to... not at all.

Most of us will never know the truth of where the country is headed, the forces at work, the people that aren't doing right, wrong or anything. One has enough trouble figuring out oneself, making the best Earl I could be.

I mentioned the Tenth Commandment in something I posted on Facebook, and a comment came back about 'Which Tenth Commandment, the Jewish, the Roman Catholic, the Protestant?' my only response, which I thought was the truth "God's, just God's Tenth Commandment". But I can't make the blind see nor the deaf hear - but I try to listen and open my eyes. Yes, God's Ten Commandments.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It isn't so difficult if you do it every day, routinely...

Every day, I take medicine, in the proper doses at the proper time. Every day, my health issues have been met and I am still recovering better and better, every day.

Every day I am studying the Holy Bible, getting much better in my knowledge of the Word and in my walk with the Lord. Every day, better and stronger. I am even praying for my enemies, when it has always been easier to just eliminate them. Every day, I love better and stronger, but I have to work at it, everyday.

Every day I am trying to get stronger and faster and totally in tune with my physical potential and once had capabilities. But I have to go and work out, every day, eat right, rest enough and stay the course, no, I don't want to sink deeper into the mindless fat blob I pretend I am not. Every day, I have to sweat, breathe hard and make my body do things it once did so well - I thought it was natural. Everyday, if it isn't work, it is real rest and recover.

Do you aspire to learn a foreign language? Travel beyond your front door? Play an instrument? Be happier, be better, be wonderful, be friendly, be older, be hated, be true, live in the shadows, live free, to die a hero? What do you aspire to? Everyday, just a little in the direction of your goals, and you will make and finish that journey - everyday, routinely, that is how a snail does it, a worm, a man, an eagle, every day in the direction of success or failure. Only rocks endure, to be beaten upon and become worn. Only gravity affects rocks, sooner or later.


So, to make this just a political pause, a point needs to be understood by all our representatives in all their positions of poor performance. If you want to balance a budget, make one. If you want to reduce the debt don't spend as much, if you want to make the dollar mean something protect it from inflation and stop worrying about deflation. If you want to be trusted, you will have to demonstrate real good intentions and performance - a little every day, it builds up. Once you make the choices to be strong and powerful and right, to have honor and good sense and even better manners - you have to keep the work in that same direction, every day - rocket science means learning from your mistakes and failures - not repeating them because you wanted it to work and you are going to spend more money and time doing it again, harder. It isn't so difficult.

Friday, December 28, 2012

What turns you on, keeps you motivated?

I am going to say, most turn on is artificial and designed to make you spend money.

Media wants your attention and direction in their way...

 Just look at what we do and why? There are those going on without worry about the Fiscal Cliff, which was the result of a Bi-partisan effort to reach a dead end. Sure enough that is exactly where we are. Wasn't anything to worry over, either the government gets it right or continues to screw it up, if I were a betting man I would go with the latter.

There was a fool, saying that most Gun Owners agreed that something had to be done about Assault Weapons - and it is only true in they believe the government should issue them to tax payers. Yes, I made that up, and I am not on television getting the last word in, so it doesn't matter. The media will try to sway you to believe that it would be better to do away with guns, they don't like folks shooting on the weekends away from their sponsors. Of course one of the thriving industries in America is about shooting for all kinds of reasons. Another reason to squash it quickly, failed green energy ploys suck up more excess government goodness than collecting the tax on ammunition which the Conservationists think is a fine idea.

The Blues play in my home tonight, I will bury myself in a couple of good books. One fiction and the other about the Alamo. I am on a theme of the government ruthlessly smashing opposition forces. I do know that only those invisible people survive when madness marches.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

So what hits the news today?

Feeble attempts to work out a deal before we all go over the cliff?

It does not matter. If the government is incompetent, the media no longer stands on its honor and truth, if the American citizens don't take their own action, the Earth abides and God is in Heaven.

So, since I am looking for important conversation on the troubles, the problems and the answers - I will continue to visit the YMCA, study the Bible and love better and better, Amen.

Two points I like to make: the movie Gran Torino, see it again, slower - all the answers are there, it isn't a sound bite, there are things we would like to ignore but it was a good picture of where America went while we were off on our own thing... and we woke up without someone to remind us we are better than that.

I had a comment to an ad on Facebook:

Still young and beautiful enough to make up for lack of real knowledge, real men don't need guns they carry them to protect the innocent and completely stupid.

in reply:

  • James Sands Unfortunately William Earl Dungey there are more completely stupid carrying guns than real men
  • William Earl Dungey Too true, too true.
    So an answer is for all the Good Men, the real men to get their guns, not leaving the world to the tender mercies of the Mayor of New York and the Main Stream Media which knows that conflict in Syria sells but in the streets of our cities not so much?
    So the 'everyone knows' anti-gun crowd, the ones that think Gun Control will work better than Drug bans, alcohol prohibitions and everyone succeeds when it is fair.... the ones that don't understand that Economy happens if there isn't a government agency to measure it, build it or screw up the outcome - for whatever reason. 
    I found this worth sharing, along with the movie, 

    Gun Restrictions Have Always Bred Defiance, Black Markets

     Now, I have done my best for the blog from here. You have to see the movie, and read the linked, and join me in the revolution.

    I am in the passive resistance portion now, I refuse to think they are important, know what is going on, or are headed in the direction that will make this a better country. Don't participate and give them the spotlight or the satisfaction. No hurry on getting to the armed revolution portion, I have to go see Les Misserables -- no I won't check the spelling or link the movie trailer. It is about France anyway, it could never happen here. Could it?

    Earth abides and God is in Heaven, and hopefully in your heart.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is Christmas and I shouldn't blog...

So, I won't. I did wake up to a warm home, a wonderful wife, a full larder and the rain was outside beating on the road and roof, not in my heart. We had breakfast, exchanged gifts, and went to Christmas Combined (culture/language) service with communion, a wonderful feeling of completeness to the day. I had pondered a bit the people getting breakfast at Denny's and coffee places - felt sorry for their lonely, to me Christmas is always about family - one in Bethlehem and the one in our hearts and homes. When returning home I found my internet folks, and a call from my son, I called back immediately. Yes, I know it was dark on that side of the world, for more than one reason and I called my wife to talk to him. Made her day, she will have more to worry about him now, but he did receive the food package we sent. Then  he and I got settled in and started talking.

Talked to my sister later, both conversations tell me that I really don't communicate well, especially on Facebook and this blog. But I am trying.

So how does the cook know you really loved the feast she made just for us? Well, if she were my wife she read my mind as I filled my plate up the second and third times - it was saying some foolishness about I could work it all off tomorrow - and the gentle kiss on the back of her neck with a nuzzle might have convinced her. Hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

A quiet night, an almost silent night...

I looked for news, but what I got was sensational news - but the big deal was all the world to be taxed, two thousand some years ago. Somethings never change, here in the 21st Century the American politicians are struggling to think, talk and work to make the season bright. Luckily they aren't trying to run a business or save the world, they often remind me of those wunderkind of big business that bankrupt their companies and then want bonus checks for their hard work. Don't worry, we will allow them their pay and perks, after all we didn't ask them to be competent, just personable. We are safe for a few days, they went on holiday.

Most of the Christian world has concentrated on the celebration of their Savior's birth. Funny how one baby could cause so much joy, in the angelic host and the Heavens, with simple shepherds and the wisest of men, going to glorify and mark the birth. They had to get around barriers and threats, abandoning their work temporarily for the magic moment. How do you think they took the laughter of the elite in Herod's palace when they said they were seeking the new born king? You know the tone of the snickering - sounded just like today's talking heads. The shepherds probably knew much more about agriculture than the flunkies in the court at Rome or Jerusalem, although they liked wool, lamb and mutton.

Here in my home, it is quiet enough, the stereo is on with classical Christmas themed music, my wife is calling friends, our family is on Facebook and all is right on the internet... my son posted in the Middle East, my cousins in New Zealand couldn't wait for us to wake up, they are a day ahead and don't post their joy on tape delay.

It isn't a big display of lights, a tree surrounded by gifts, but in the end what warms my heart is that I am close to all those that I love, in love of the Lord and this day, that we are sharing memories and traditions and making new ones to be held closely in the dark lonely times. Every Christmas I count the ones I was alone in far flung firebases, away from anyone that mattered - it is difficult to be un-thought about, un-loved and even hated by those that had no idea. I wish I had been wiser in some of those earlier Christmas celebrations, held tighter to the golden memories of the home and family - there were a couple I was sure I was totally drunk in denial of the goodness and greatness of the Lord and His blessings upon me and humanity. It is very lonely out there, and God was always there in the bunkers and fighting positions, and spending time swapping stories of Christmas past with the other guys - helped. The rum soaked fruitcake from Mom, the quiet knowledge that others have been on the edge before, far away from all we love. Sometimes when one is young, the truth is hard to see and too hidden by self and selfish desires.

I hope everyone remembers those that are standing on station today, holding our fragile world together, it has been long sought Peace on Earth, and Mankind seems to futilely search for it in conquest and control  of others, when it should have started in their hearts. May the Lord love you more than we deserve, and may you see His mercy and His Peace on Earth, this day when we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking for solutions that I can jump into...

Without a parachute, of course.

I want to volunteer to perform armed security duty against attackers of our children. I don't want to check backpacks, or look for drugs.  All I want to do is make sure there is an armed adult willing and very able to shoot an attacker. I don't want to talk, give a warning beyond 'put the gun on the floor' - if that doesn't work I would have to pull the trigger. Unless there is another option, my imagination hasn't one yet.

So the NRA is calling for armed police (they only used that term to quiet fears), what they would really like is for the community to decide to introduce firearms into the schools in the hands of capable adults. Not a Federal idea, not a State idea, but a common sense idea that every concerned parent should look at closely.

Today I found this NATIONAL SCHOOL SHIELD , looks like their program but not exactly NRA all the way, just that they have put on the internet an answer, a direction, an object for discussion and more than the Vice President's group has done so far. Although, the petition to the White House that I supported did get me the White House staffer's response.  It was very professional, political and no use in saving the life of even one child or teacher from monsters.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Remember when we could do anything, be anything?

I once observed that little children will try everything, singing, dancing, painting, reading, tumbling, riding and a host of stuff - because they want to join the fun all around them. Then some adult will come along to put fear in them - about dangerous stuff like touching fire, tongues to frozen steel monkey bars, jumping out of windows and pulling the cat's tail.... and then that they aren't pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough, swift enough, that they haven't learned enough, aren't certified, qualified or verified. The whole education system seems to freeze them into a boring place, a safe place, a calming place, a peaceful place and enriching place...  which isn't a real world, but seems like that warm cozy bed as you and the Sun get ready to rise in the morning.

This nation, the United States of America, was founded by people seeking a place where they could be free from fears - very real fears - of denying their own religion, of denying them the opportunity to make their family stronger and healthy and free from old ideas, free from want, free from slavery, free from stupid governments with rules of "it has always been that way". The nation was founded by men that trusted there were enough good men to make sure there wouldn't be a bad government, an evil government. Noble goal, what? Governments do know there are more good people than bad ones, but they like to have power, and one way to ensure more power is to frighten most people - to highlight the problems that only they can handle, the official responsible... kind of, but don't quote me.

I once had a flat tire, I looked for a certified tire repairer to get it fixed, no one would take my money to fix my tire, so I got the tools and took it down and I fixed it, put it back together and inflated it and got back on the road. My grandfather and father would have taken maybe thirty minutes (they had the tools) and experience of having to take care of it themselves... what changed? How did we, as a well educated and healthy people, get so helpless? Death by recliner, bring me another beer kid and change the channel.

I do have to thank, the President of the United States for two things under his administration, the death of four Americans doing the best they could in Libya - and the death of twenty-six in a school house in Newtown, CT. It isn't his personal responsibility for those failures, not even close, but it should have reminded the rest of us, in the World, that absolute power has no limitations and it has no real power. You only save those that have the power not the unwanted or not needed, have plenty. The Emperor has no Clothes, is a fine fairytale with a very real message - just because you believe it, doesn't make it so, no matter what the Main Stream Media and the fawning flunkies are lauding.

When comparing Canada with our nation's crime statistics, no one compares the cleaner streets with our potholed and trashed ones. When comparing Mexico's strong gun bans - they somehow miss all the dictators, revolutions, and current criminal empires thriving in that poor country, that could be so rich. Where a people are freer, and opportunity to be sought the American experiment stands tall - as we copy other models where the people are too stupid, too wild and too lazy to take care of themselves... the nation withers and prepares to die.

As the Federal Government has provided all the security they can in the Gun Free Zones, it is up to the parents, concerned teachers, neighbors and friends - to arm themselves and stand up to guard against the invaders and murderers. No one loves enough anymore? I don't believe that for a minute. But I do believe that many would want assurance that doing it for themselves wouldn't make them laughed at, mocked and attacked by the better and elite fellowship of fools, nor jailed by the same.

If you start the conversation with "I am only Earl, but I think..." it is humble enough, but they won't listen nor report it, because "they" know you aren't qualified, certified and bonified --- and they are horrified that you think you are identified without any of their labels, personified. Stand up, God knows your name and your heart --- you can do anything, for they aren't.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How is your world? Sad and no wiser?

From yesterday:

Church was fine tonight, children's Christmas performances, I started feeling sad when twenty of the cute kindergarten & 1st graders lined up, but then I was sure that no mad man with an awful weapon had a chance to interrupt them, would be no media to hunt them down after, God was in the house, and all the people praised him. Only the media wouldn't understand why I was sure they were safe in the church and their families' love.

The truth is that no one is answering well my question, what would you do to protect all our children everywhere from those that want to harm them?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Say it often enough in public it might be true...

There was an atheist that died in selfless sacrifice to save the world from its sins....  of course he would do that because he had no belief in a higher authority, say like God, and the atheist loved me and my brethren so much that he would die for us.

I do know that probably didn't happen.

What is it that you love? Would you stand up and fight and die for it? Or do you have to be paid in gold, then owing your service to Caesar?

There is a real danger in Gun Free Zones, and the American Indian will tell you that trusting the Federal Government and their protection hasn't saved the Bison nor the American Indian children and their way of life. Promises and treaties, kept and broken, the result is there for you to hear and see. Yep, but you don't study History do you, you want to be entertained and comfortable?

I know I am willing to stand armed guard at a school four hours a day, five days a week. I am willing to confront armed attackers to save the lives of the children and the adults. I also have some advantage in that I am fully trained, retired and aware of what that means. Many of you citizens no longer do, but I study History.

Well, concerned citizen, are you willing to stand armed guard for those innocents? There really are more armed, sane and law abiding citizens willing to stand up and perform than the professional gunslingers, politicians and media would like you to believe in. There are many more armed peaceful law abiding Americans than the powers to be want you to know, they are just not sure saving the President, the banks or the Wall Street hustlers is worth their time and lives. I am sure they would stand up to protect the innocent. They would be brave.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Take the schools back, send in the 2nd Amendment

So get the militia into the schools, I suggest the old retired police and military with pistols and appropriate ammunition. I would love to volunteer four hours a day, five days a week. I know the number of fine professional crime fighters and first responders, the rest of the country was totally unprotected while they were in Conn. We still have volunteer fire departments, we can have volunteer School armed guards - and I am not talking about crossing guards.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The President looked very fine tonight...

Spoke many of the words I wanted him to, to those from the families and school, not sure at all why he was televised, but I do know that he had many more veiled sentences than he needed when he spoke. I would have crossed many of them off - since they were leaning towards something far outside the subject of comfort and support. In all his four years in very public view he has never referred so well to the Holy Bible and the Lord's comfort to those suffering. I hope that works well for him and the Lord.

The conspiracy folks are typing up all the things they think are being withheld from our knowledge by the Media, and laying parts of it upon a complicit law enforcement records. Reminding those of the same cynical view of Waco Texas and the siege of the Branch Davidians, the government and the media will lie, for many reasons, but they don't always.

I do know, for sure and in all truth, that the idea that any government that supports arming the Syrian and Libyan resistance to those of official long term government --  can't really think they can sell disarming of the American public - can they? Sure they can, but it isn't going to be easy. Remember these are the fools of both parties that can't stop the bleeding of the budget (even if you never plan one, once you start throwing money away, that is part of your budget). I don't know, perhaps in the education system or the thoughts of the only 'me' culture, where anyone gets the idea that those assuming power have the Divine Right of Rule and shouldn't be questioned nor replaced more frequently.

Maybe it is time for that discussion...

Shooting after shooting, it is past time to have the discussion -- but the gun takers aren't going to like it.

The 2nd Amendment is to be looked at as a real answer. In the past, and the future, when our neighborhoods are under attack -- sitting around discussing it should happen immediately after the trauma. We should do something about it.

We should not flee the fear but use it to focus on the solutions.

We should have a lot more security. Yep! That is in the 2nd Amendment. Funny that the Mayor of New
York has private security arrangements, looks very much like King George the Third and his royal guards. Mrs. Davis, wife and mother of four, had no royal nor personal guards. But they were not in fear of firearms, only the ruling class was attempting to regulate the militia and remove their military arms - not every firelock or flintlock, just the food, powder and cannon. Our current forgotten responsibility to be part of a well regulated militia, to carry firearms to protect our society and way of life. That is not what Mayor Bloomberg wants to hear, arming the citizens and expecting their cooperation in securing schools, churches, libraries and hospitals.

I won't stuff you full of non sense about what causes the killings, just remind you that the answers to how to stop it in the future are already in the Constitution that few people have read and understand. If you want to be secure in your Free state and your Liberty, a well regulated militia is necessary, and your members should be carrying appropriate firearms, have practiced and the type of folks you trust to do what is correct in catastrophe. Which for me is most of our public and neighbors. That simple.

There is evil in the world, it has been said that it needs resisted, I have yet to read in my walk with the Lord where He says I am to run away instead of confronting it. I am supposed to be ready to give my life for those I love, and I am supposed to love everyone as I do myself. Somehow I am thinking that the discussion is going to go the other way.

Mental illness, bad drugs, stupid behavior by mentally incompetent they are also a problem that the media and the politicians won't work on, they are not sexy and much too complicated, but our society still only functions if all the people step up and take part - family, village, clan, state or nation - everyone has role and a duty. We need to approach it all with love and the Lord, the answers aren't coming from the media that must get your attention to sell commercial broadcast space, nor the politicians that are only looking at more power, regulation and taking care of themselves and their buddies. I should slow down my being cynical of other motives - still, the only answer is in your heart and soul. We should have that discussion.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Personal war on Mexico

I am no longer going to put up with Mexico, totally unfree, lawless and exploitative government. No reason to be nice to the government. They have lots of good people held hostage in Mexico, the government hasn't been able to stop the crime and corruption. I refuse to buy any Mexican drugs or products, will not travel to become a kidnap victim, to learn to speak their language or observe their holidays... such a fine country gone to waste. And I once liked Speedy Gonzales!

Friday, December 14, 2012

For some reason, this is the Christmas story ignored...

A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be consoled, because they were no more.

Very sorry that so many have died today, in a school in Connecticut,  I do pray that God cherishes them and I will meet them in a Heavenly Kingdom. There are so many killed on Earth, by people I don't understand. I really don't like the media coverage, the rumors and the best guesses and how do we stop it from happening again.

My only thought on it seems to be to castrate the boys at about thirteen and our problem should be solved. 

The American current culture seems to have the idea that using vulgar and offensive language will one feel better about calling for more chains of law and regulation upon our activities. It is already very illegal to do those things the young man did to others. Our media doesn't even cover the cover up very well if there is a government misdeed. Tragedy in other lands doesn't sell products in the United States.

In the end, they are killing the unborn, the new born and the innocent and it is so sad that we don't mourn them all well. Even sadder that instead of calling for better behavior, manners and relations with God and Man, they call for more change in my life and beliefs. I am not asking for it. Did you count the number of law enforcement officers, armed at the school after the event? Only the media crews were more numerous, I know those praying for the lost lives and souls hurt today by far out numbered the active responders, if we can only get up to all those watching and knowing taking the time to pray and ask for guidance, forgiveness and peace - that would be a real miracle.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The cry for gun control owes so much to the media...

People that shoot don't want any, people that don't shoot seem to be frightened by the media into thinking the guns are aimed at them.

Earl says (this is my blog), people should have the right to keep and bear arms. People should defend the free state against all its enemies, it is their responsibility. Otherwise it isn't a free state. Mexico isn't a free state, England isn't a free state, neither Korea is a free state. They all do have governments, and the people have a voice - in Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Iraq, Iran and Zimbabwe - all functioning governments but hardly free states. Have you figured out that the United States of America are no longer free states? The citizens don't accept the responsibility, the politicians only rule - they hardly represent and they don't pay penalties for all their breaches of faith with the public trust. They lack responsibility, too.

So, just like guns, don't blame the government for its stupidity, the government has just as much intelligence as the firearm - it is all in the hands of those that use it. Hitler, Stalin, King George III,  or President Whoever. The People are to be responsible or it won't be a free State. I think the media should have pointed this out constantly - stupid young man with firearm, stupid older lady with reading problems, they both will be very dangerous.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Distracted? Disturbed? Disillusioned? Nah!

So the Congress and the President don't agree about much, so the end of the world as predicted everywhere is going to happen, so that really great one got away, so you can't be the first, the best, the most important. Maybe all your perceptions are based on false values. Start over, reboot, trash all that stuff you picked up along the way, lighten that load and get on with whatever you thought you had to accomplish before the lights go out all over the world.

Well, my wife called me from my reading to talk over the Fiscal Cliff - that she is finally facing since she hasn't a paycheck any longer. She cautioned me to not get upset or angry, then to sit down and listen to her questions and desires. The television was turned off, I moved the recliner so I faced her and I had a fresh cup of coffee. We NEGOTIATED! We are civilized, and care about each other, and have no political debts to repay on the other's money. So, I asked how much she needed (she has no idea), I asked what she wanted (she had no idea), so I made an offer and told her what day to expect it, I also made sure she understand there isn't any money left for anything else. Then we reviewed our monthly spending and our household duties and capabilities. She is happy enough, she hasn't checked with her friends yet, and she only answered the telephone twice while we were negotiating (I immediately got up and went somewhere else). When I showed her where the accounts are kept, the current amounts and the size of the monthly bills, she asked about what happens when a car breaks down. I told her we have it towed away and hope the other car lasts.

I am always going to wonder when the government will catch up with the efficiency of the family, not much belief in that it would ever happen. Families care about each other.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I am for some great things, but I can't convince you...

I so really like representative government, working for us. I can't convince those that get into government to be what they should be -- they get off center and screw it up, instead of nailing it.

I didn't want to follow a family profession, Methodist minister, sure that no one would listen to me about how to save themselves from whatever judgement awaits beyond, they haven't listened to me about excess drinking, drugs, casual sex and general stupidity. So, although I know what I should do in my life, I find the idea of being a pastor beyond my ability. Still, I try to sing hymns, but not to that professional level, just the joyous saved sinner kind.

I convinced a few of the men in my wife's church that I like shooting and I could help them improve and have a good time shooting with them. So we set up to be here today, at Range 15 at 09:30, but I was alone, one had called to cancel last night. The other two were younger and less free to come and go as older worn out fellows. Still there were other shooters and at ten we started shooting.

I have brought my Browning Challenger II, Ruger MarkII and lots of 22LR. I hadn't unlocked and loaded nor shot the Browning in a long time. It showed, I had feeding problems and it was shooting way too low.

For my personal happiness, the Ruger was still on and still fine, I was a bit flaky but that was why practice. Right? Well, I finally was very happy, scheduling another fine day to tune up the Browning, it is so pretty. I packed out, there was a line of shooters wanting a lane. I walked the line looking at form, targets and firearms. Found a very beautiful 1903A1, and another old guy shooting it.

He was shooting the three hundred steel with iron sights, and I watched a bit, I can't hear the clang. So I started off by asking if he was ready to give up that rifle and he started telling me about it. He also reloads, uses his own cast bullets and wanted me to shoot it to see how nice the recoil was, now. I didn't bite at first but another shooter did, and he continued to talk about that rifle and his reload.

I did get swayed to sit down and shoot about ten rounds, at the steel targets at three hundred and paper at a hundred. First time for those sights and I was pleased and happy. But he didn't give up the rifle, but made the shooting part of my day brighter.

I will be back, not that I need a reason to go shoot, but since I can't drag anyone else to the range, I will just go support those attending anyway. Having fun!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Has anyone found my mind? seems to be straying...

I am excited, wanting to check the mailbox, for Christmas cards and stuff, and looking for my key ring, and looking...

We did receive a beautiful book of pictures from Hawaii, it is a collector's item. Several Christmas cards have arrived, and my wife has hung them for display. Always fun to see what has arrived from whom and where. Still I can't find my keys, they are on a snap link (of course). I have to straighten my stuff, looking.

I pull out my pistols to clean and pack them for tomorrow's shooting at Range 15 with men from my church. A great way to spend Saturday morning, we are going to the Messiah concert in the evening. But where is my mailbox key? I put all the clean clothes away, but no keys under them, check all the jacket pockets. Frustration!!!!

So I start cleaning the pistols and admiring my legacy from my grandfather, William (Will) Edward Dungey,  Rumor was that he purchased the pistol for adventures (?) or opportunity in the less lawful Dakotas, truth is likely that he thought he should have something - dependable, not too expensive nor heavy - just in case. Mom's story is that as he sat in the recliner, limited by his stroke, he asked after it. No one got it for him. Probably got tired of daytime television. The knife was made by him -  all of stuff from around his farm work, still sharp, although I did put it on the stone and oil it, and the leathers. Still upset about no keys, and I even got the trash can to the curb and back - still no keys!

Well, I grabbed my wife's keys, hanging on the key hook, and went out to check the mail box.  The mailman hadn't delivered yet, he must be off and replaced, which means a later delivery. But that is okay, I have lots of time and now I have my keys. Seems they have spent the entire night and the morning hanging from the mailbox door.  My house key, car keys, the gun case keys, the mailbox key and keys I have forgotten the reason for... all there, patiently waiting my return. This getting old is tough.

Seems my excitement about a Christmas package, and talking to the crew chief cutting the timber just got in the way of taking my key and locking the mailbox. Bear with me, I can fix the Federal Debt but finding my keys is troubling... y'all have a great day!

Just don't leave us, common everyday things, hang around unappreciated we do have some utility, use us!

Nice neighborhood, no one used my missing keys against me.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The worst of my wife's fears are falling down...

We live beside a piece of wooded ground, very beautiful, until the ground soaks and the wind roars and the trees fall upon our homeowners' dreams. So she has been at me to do more with the danger, and I don't, except to cut the bush back from the fence and clear the fallen from the fence and tool shed. Today we woke late, chain saws ripping through our dreams and nightmares. Well, that is gone, gone and still going...

It isn't as beautiful, nor threatening of my wife's worry - she will have to go back to warning me to stay out of strip clubs with pole dancers...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discipline, the act of doing the right thing when no one is watching...

Discipline is a most important characteristic of the military person, and for all the successful humans that I have ever met, there are a few billion of them out there that I can't speak about. You first seem to run into discipline as a kind of punishment to remind you of the best choices of adults around you for your behavior. Normally a parent or grandparent, but there are others. Then along came the military service and a new definition of discipline that I could love even more - because it meant I took the proper action in the absence of orders, oversight or cynical watchers/scoffers. That feels good, and is the best procrastination protection around, just be disciplined and you will finish those tasks as needed, now.

To make a good shot your marksmanship builds on discipline, the better efforts are self motivated, you are trying to beat your best, constant evaluation, honest assessment, and practice perfectly. I must get back on track, and I can't wait on the President nor Congress to make Earl's life and loves better - I have a certain point of view that tells me they have little idea of how to pay down the massive debt, nor spend only money they take in, or ask more from their money men buddies and the poor that can't help themselves, they have no discipline and don't seem encouraged by popular media to know the problem, nor find the answers. I feel lucky they don't carry firearms much, they don't look like they could hit the target.

Snow falls, but you could leave it in the way until Spring, only the Ice Age might make it a problem and that enligtened media is harping about Global Warming, not a problem.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I am such a old guy...

I left my wife and went off to shoot a few rounds and talk to other shooters about their firearms and things. Haven't seen seven young folks in sniper prone behind their bipod'd high speed reach out and get them rifles like I did today. I asked if they were from the same unit, but it wasn't, they just shared the moment and the idea. They were all zeroing their scopes at a hundred yards. Very tight groups and way above my skill set, but then I don't really use optics at all. I confirmed my zero at twenty-five, did some NPOA proofs (to my foolish mind, needs reminded) then moved the target out to 100 meters for more work on Rifleman's cadence. Nothing to brag about, just enough to make me smile about the  results and the improvements as I settled into the shot sequence and better habits. I guess the best thing was the gentle jog back from the 100 yard target line because I feared I might be holding up the next course of fire. Nothing better for getting my heart racing, especially before I shoot. Oh, I know some cute younger lady could, but I don't want to be any trouble, the World is already in a fix I didn't cause.

When I returned home I found my retired wife had gone shopping for our son, and would spend the rest of the day away. So I put the video of Deadman's Walk on the VCR, and watched carefully. I think Corporal Call is playing Sherlock Holmes on CBS now. I had started the day with watching Defiance about the brothers that saved thousands of Jews by not cooperating with the established authority. I do like those stories. Still, I am only being entertained by the reminder, no real people were harmed nor died in the production of the film, the Historic facts were much uglier a reminder of the Evil that dwells in the hearts of men.

It has been raining around here, but the good Lord often will send strong winds at the range instead of drenching downpours, so I have remained blest (yes, I like spelling it that way, because Microsoft and Google don't). Have heard more rumbles of discontent with Windows8, and I still haven't conquered my current software. But I am very happy with my relationship and understanding of my M1, a very fine battle rifle.