Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Occupancy Inspector for Bank of America???

At about 3:45 PM I went out to walk, found a tall white man, with full head of Black hair and a full foot long curly black beard walking to 2701. He saw my interest and stopped and started walking towards me on my porch. He said he was an occupancy inspector for Bank of America. He wanted to know if I knew the name of the people in that house, when I said no, he asked if they owned or rented. Then I got suspicious and said you could tell if they owned or rented by looking at the property.

He thanked me and went to his car and started to drive off then stopped in the turn around circle and let out a loud yell. His car was an old Nissan, faded red, two door with six digits on the plate, three looked like sevens. He had worn running shoes on, black, a dark puffy ski like coat, and Puma warm up pants, also black and very old fashioned. He drove off confidently, I think he realized I once worked on McNeil Island Corrections Center and was sure I might have remembered him. I didn't.

Just thought you all should know, there are strangers about.

Monday, February 27, 2012

logs and motivators are good things...

I joined MapMyRun, since I like knowing how far it was - although my answer is always "All the way! Every step of it." Now it is a race to see if I get healthier, like I want, or just older and more of a wreck like my doctors expect. Only God knows, but I am on the journey to find out. It was good to get out. I don't like spending money, but I have heard that the economy needs stimulating and this will help. Be good out there. And what would you do if there were an active crazy shooter in the place you are working?

Find cover, and concealment, call 911 to report and ask for cleanup.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Religion rules the weekend... almost...

Men's Bible Study at Rudi's home yesterday and church this morning. Opening Bibles, praying and singing both days. The guest speaker at the English Language Service was Peter Iliyn, author of the book "Out of the Far Corners" the story of his father's journeys, survival and salvation. Wonderful powerful message and story, great speaker. I decided to buy a copy of the book, but then my wife had decided I should have that book, too. I sent her for coffee and bought the book myself.

Some of pre-Bible study was about politics - mostly no one cares anymore, they are all sure the system is corrupt and we are all going to fall into catastrophe. So it was timely that the Bible study was about the rapture -- and the End of the World without God? You see the Rapture isn't in the Bible - being lifted up is, but the word isn't. That would get us into worry about which translation was the official one - yes, I lifted my eye brows. And explained to the group that not one of us reads the Bible the same way, each of us gets a different message from it. So we are supposed to study and be ready to answer some questions about the end of the world without God, I will leave the details to the Lord, I trust He will be just totally AWESOME!

Does everyone do that, worry about what one can't control or make better, just because it is so beautifully impossible? So much that I can do from the Bible and my own efforts and I am still procrastinating about the best of it. Don't even have to sweat the stuff I will just be swept away in, yeah, best work on that Love, powerful stuff, even the government won't touch it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Facebook has messages for everyone...

Rand Rose Foreman and DARETODEMAND
Obviously, good gun control takes two hands, and studying the Bible is one of those sit down and sink into it. I trust everyone with a gun that follows the Bible, and the Lord has never disappointed me. Those with the gun and not following the Love thy neighbor - I pray about.
Don't think I will waste time lifting something from Facebook in the future, but these two messages were shared today. Different authors and intent, a cousin in New Zealand is sure about somethings and she shared with me, and my comment when I shared the black sign is above. And my comment on the white sign is below.

  • Oh dear Earl I just responded to Nan that I never heard u justify the use of guns with scriptures - I hope that is not what u mean by this

  • Nope, but since much virtue comes with an understanding of the Bible, and firearms are not toys - both need to be taught with adult supervision - although since they seem to have failed in sex education in our public schools I am sure they aren't ready for either of these subjects. I did tell Nanette that the Lord has no commandments against weapons - just their misuse.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Daydreams in the darkness...

I wake and start thinking, not in a hurry to get up, only the garbage needs to get out to the curb this morning. I have my Chinese button field jacket with patches to pick up, some Grape Nuts and raisins to buy, a book to pick up at the library and Facebook games to play a bit.

I got the rifles and pistols moved yesterday, and today will be the third day of walking the morning vigorously. Suitcases are put away and I think I will win the Lottery, one day. Four tickets are five dollars, that five dollars will buy more than a gallon of gasoline, but walking is better for me, and I could put the bicycle back on the road and save more money in fuel costs.

Want to look for a job again, have the last two days. Then again, tomorrow I will go shooting in the rain, and then finish the day at Men's Bible study for this month. I could get back to normal soon. Or I could just lay in the darkness, thinking about winning the Lottery... tough choices.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Great Northwest recovers from January storm...

Went walking today, and looked hard at the clean up from the January storm, the ice that loaded, bent and broke many trees and bushes. Followed by wet heavy snow, more ice, more breaking and trees falling down on power lines and roads. And when it couldn't get any worse, the power out and cut off from help, the wind started really coming on toppling the weak...

First they clear the roads, and the power crews hustle out to make repairs and re-establish service. People shiver in the cold, unless they have a gas fire place or a wood burning one. Danger is mentioned on trying to use charcoal for cooking and heat inside the home, or even garage. But it is mentioned on television, which are not on without electricity. It take time but they keep working and the schools open back up, the buses run, the power comes back on, and life resumes. Individual clean up continues but unless you have a chain saw, a wood burning stove or heater, much is left for later clean up when it get warmer.

Over a month of could be cleaner, and it still isn't all done. I worked on the back garden yesterday. I have some trimming of the broken azaleas to get to, then attack the broken branches behind the fence that are putting pressure on it. Takes time to make it right, but we have time, the television isn't on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And why am I here, better yet - why are you?

I am starting a new blog because... the old one is done. I still want to write about what I see, think and feel. There are memories and dreams to share, and a bunch I won't share - I am so kind, or should be.

I have been watching many people become sucked into their electronic devices, the music ones aren't too bad, but from cell phones, to computer pads and electronic games - the awareness of what is going on gets farther away. Do you really feel you know what is going on because you can find out - Now - what is going on three thousand miles away? Does a quick text tell you all you need to know? To prepare for something?

I heard from my mother about how the weekly letter to family back in the United States went through a detailed process in my Grandparents era, to make sure the words were correct, the information was complete, the questions answered before they were asked, the polite phrasing and assuring. It must have taken hours, and very important communications. Now, well they tap out something and it flies and settles somewhere - or gets posted on YouTube and goes viral. Is the message still worthy? I hope so, real people are receiving it and it does matter.