Friday, August 3, 2012

Missing the point, too many distractions for target ID

I should stop now and go hug my wife...

she might not be here one day. (actually I will probably go first, but any excuse for a good hug of a loving woman).

Most of the noise comes from others telling me how life would be better with their guidance, products, entertainment or adventure. I have no problem with folks that love each other caring for each other, I have the same problem with government being involved in the relationship between two people that I had in 1969. It made sense to me for them to be giving the official documentation and stamp of approval, until that year when they decided they knew better than I. After that I was sure they had no business in my business and I had to wait them out and get it done on my own. I also don't think much of divorce, but it is the same government stamping the paperwork. One wonders why they approved the marriage to start, didn't they know? I know they didn't care, there is no love in government.

Most of my sins trouble me, kind of like hurting someone else and needing to accept the responsibility for it and ask forgiveness - not so much for them but for oneself. God cares for me at my best, and any sins I commit aren't my best. Although, I may have given all my effort to achieving that level of stupid behavior because I thought it was right - in the light of looking back, it wasn't. Being older normally means lots of scars for things done badly. I would like to think I never knowingly engaged in evil, but I can't be sure.

Well, I can't swim for Michael Phelps, can't smoke his dope, can't pay his taxes. Just think of all the other stuff I can't do. Too much to think about. I can go hug my wife and tell her that I love her, I can pray to the Lord for His blessings, on me, my life, and our world. But it can't happen if I am feeding frustration by watching the world going crazy and waiting for the continuation at the end of the commercial interruption.

You all be very good, find those that you love and take that time with them, for they are all too soon gone and you are left in a hospital bed watching muted Fox News with Spanish captioning... all too soon.

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  1. Take pleasure when and where we can, that is the best we can do! Envy doesn't make it any better...IMHO