Thursday, August 9, 2012

Had some stuff to print for my wife...

So I had to figure out again how to get the printer back to work... did say I wasn't going participate in the stupidity out there, didn't I? So you don't need a printer for that.

Any way, I am now with print capability again. While doing that I listened mindlessly to The View, five women that aren't afraid to talk about all they don't know about. Turn it off and print away.

I have gotten very disgusted with the campaign ads, enough so I am not tuning in, And the news programs are just spreading the stink everywhere. If you didn't know, they do want you to know. Not one news program has really looked at the Affordable Care Act, none of them have looked deep into the Federal Reserve, and all their coverage of the European Government banks and bonds and the Euro aren't covered any better than they do the Olympics. How does it feel to cause the collapse of Western Civilization?

Don't worry, be happy. You can't stop politicians from telling lies, you can't bail out the banks, and if there no longer are services, then you will have to do without. Really. Yes, someone will be by to ask for your assistance when it all falls apart. But since you are so far away from the centers of power, you will have to wait a bit for them to find you.

My wife wanted a picture to take to work, so the island charmer is smiling, be happy. God loves us with all the faults.


  1. Yep, their lips are moving, they're lying!!!

  2. What a little sweetheart! Brightest spot in the day....

  3. What really bothers me is the fact that we have a very bad drought in the midwest, but no one is covering it. Apparently, there aren't enough billionaires in farming to make it an important news item. I just keep praying for a good soaking rain there and for help to the farmers and their livestock. Politics are so low on my current agenda.

  4. Too late on the drought, but the farmers on the internet know and are following it. But you are correct, not enough votes or money yet. Pray for snow, deep and rich.