Monday, July 29, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: So i-1639 went into effect on 1 July 2019... for f...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: So i-1639 went into effect on 1 July 2019... for f...:   When I realized that the new (improved by fool committee and unknowing and not participating voters) anti-gun owners law was in effect it ...

So i-1639 went into effect on 1 July 2019... for fear of the few, and good intentions misdirected

  When I realized that the new (improved by fool committee and unknowing and not participating voters) anti-gun owners law was in effect it was time to buy an AR-15, that evil black rifle. So I quit my online wargame (March of Empires, War of Lords) of a couple years. And found my freedom again. Those lovely little distraction devices are almost as bad as drugs and alcohol used beyond moderation. 

Shooting KD at DRRC
    I went to our local Base Exchange where they sell firearms to military service connected people. They didn't have a 20 inch rifle, lots of 16 inch carbines. The helpful clerk told me I could order one and I found the one I liked and ordered it, after producing my Certification certificate for my firearms safety education. Colt AR-15A4 should provide a fine answer to my desire to help the new law overcome the fears of the few. Once I placed my order, 6 Jul 2019, I would have to wait for the rifle to arrive to continue the paperwork. On 26 July, I returned to the base to pick up a prescription. And I found during my stop by the firearms counter that my rifle had come in, I hadn't checked my messages on my telephone. So another helpful clerk went back to find my rifle and bring it out so I could handle it and start the additional paperwork. I filled out everything, then the clerk checked and we printed out the filled forms and they would be sent off electronically and kept with the purchase paperwork and rifle. My next event will be waiting for the cooling off period, ten working days, so on Saturday the 10th of August, I will be able to pay for and pick up my new rifle.
   Nicest thing about the waiting period, I can read more, order extra magazines and ammunition for the rifle. Which I did, so easily on the internet.
    I have been watching the CMP shooting events on the Facebook feed, lots of lovely stuff and great competition. I will not be joining their ranks, but will continue to work with RWVA at Appleseed events where we help train folks in rifle marksmanship safety and heritage. I am also a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, and love the magazine but not the politics at the Headquarters too close to the DC swamps. Isn't that like any place of power, the wrong folks go to claim leadership and then ruin the basic fine organization and apathy means that nothing changes. Pay attention and talk, write and vote. And since you know I think you should - get your rifle and the skills needed to be a citizen of Liberty.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Personal camo outfit local purchase, dressed for OPFOR
  In 1968, I was an infantryman, 11B assigned to an artillery unit, C Battery 7th Battalion of the 17th Field Artillery. Where I would attempt to do the best I could, but I was always learning how much I didn't know as I tried to get in charge of my life. I became a real 13B corporal by another corporal being busted for breaking a rule, and the senior sergeants and the commander thinking I could handle others as I learned about the artillery on a  howitzer, 105mm towed. I went to a school to learn ballistic computations and become part of the Fire Direction Center, then another school for small unit leadership and tactics, called the Advanced Combat Training Academy, My commander and his driver/clerk came to visit half way through the course. Saw I was doing well and they put in my promotion to Sergeant the following Monday. Come graduation day, I was number two in the class and to be honored for that with four others. All would be called and presented promotions by their battalion Commanders, The best in class actually got staff sergeant stripes, and I was given acting sergeant stripes by my battalion commander (which he kindly apologized for the not having real ones). Get back to the battery and the Battery Commander and the clerk would give me orders for a real promotion to Sergeant 13F Recon Sergeant dated ten days earlier than the graduation. I was also given the Fire Direction Center/section to be in charge of after forgetting most of my computation skills from that earlier school. Ugh! back to the books and the additional duty of Training NCO for the 1SG/BC, as well as periodically being the Recon Sergeant for when we fielded a FO team for our Infantry Battalion. Times were good!
   In 1969 my mother wrote and said my cousin was getting married in Seoul Korea, and I was the closest relative and I needed to get there and see the wedding and write her all about it. So I asked for
Fixing cousin's uniform, day of the Moon landing
and got a pass, put on some blue jeans and some kind of shirt with buttons and a cigarette pocket and went to find my cousin. My mother loved family, and weddings in general. I went boldly, and found him, he lent me a civilian suit (I wasn't a fat old man then) and I became a best man at his wedding, an honor I have never repeated in my life, says something about how anti-social I have been. It was cool and as soon as I could I broke free and returned to my unit and my girl friend that was sure I was getting married to another woman - language lag is amazing, must have corrected her confusion. Since yesterday I left an Appleseed after lunch and some Dangerous Old Men story, drove home, cleaned up, picked her up (my girl friend became my wife) and we went to a party, which I reported in for the final five minutes and we spent the next four hours catching up and reliving long ago and far away. The good things become the best things when they cost just a little effort and are done with love. Remember this story will disappear when Google decides they don't like it, marriage, military, families and not making a dime on it. But the marriages and lives mentioned march on. Y'all be great, because you have already mastered good!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Well, I have been driven to test and use the new improved denial of my rights...

  So I stopped by the Exchange to see if they had what I wanted, they didn't but I started to ask to see the Ruger Mini-14, looked so beautiful with wood instead of polymer or aluminum. Would come with two five round magazines (I immediately wondered if Magpul made ten round magazines for it).
So I said what I was interested in, they looked up on hand inventory, no joy... but no problem they would order it for me. I told them I would return and went off to the YMCA to work the body a bit and talk. Sweat and talk was very good made a lunch date with another member, an older Vietnamese gentleman. Who looks like he is wasting away.
   Back home to clean up and do some research about what I wanted to order, wrote it out and I grabbed my paperwork and such and went back to the Exchange. Okay, very helpful woman looked it up, found the price, placed the order --- only after making sure I had a certificate of completion of training for compliance with I-1639, well, I showed her my free one from Sporting Systems and Daniel G. Mitchell, she had to call and see if it was good. It was, they did show me one from where for twenty dollars and the time spent watching a video and taking a test I would be certified. Mine was accepted, I will have to come back and fill out the other required forms when there is a rifle serial number to match me with it. Then there is also a waiting period after I buy the rifle and they approved the purchase... more bumps. Now I do have time, I can wait. Just more hoops to jump through for someone's fears.  The NRA and the other organization need to keep pushing in court to kill i-1639 as in violation of the Constitution of Washington and the United States of America.

   In my news feed from the Media, it seems politicians, states and even the President are never going to be charged and convicted of any crimes committed. I am sure since I am not breaking any laws, including the really stupid and badly crafted ones, I will be punished by watching helplessly as the fools continue to break up a nation that once worked. But remember, no one is responsible and everyone does it.... current lack of values. God bless us when we do our best.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

So day two of trying to get a recommended organization AR...

    I wandered around until I found 2320 Commerce and the door.

Ring bell. Waited to be received, door was cracked open enough to be asked what I was looking for. When I said I wanted to see about ordering an AR, she told me that this was the corporate headquarters and I would have to go online or to a gun store to order one. Thank you. I didn't need to bother to tell her that someone from her business had said they would like to see me if I dropped in. Being a fat old man, I am always finding rejection in my life and desires. I could go to the YMCA, so I did, stopping at a gun store to see if they had what I was interested in the racks. They didn't, but their first question was did I have the new required certification, which was sitting beside my computer at home.

    After two little frustrations in getting what I want NOW, being American is often a problem, I realized that I wasn't exactly sure of exactly what I wanted - only what I wanted it to do. So I hit up to load my kindle and have some paperbooks shipped to me, having avoided the AR so long so ardently. My library lacks depth in that direction. So the Blues are playing, my wife is out with the ladies, and I have reading to learn from... Y'all have a very fine night, remember I didn't get my AR, the world is safe for fools and innocents from me anyway... since I seem to be one of the brotherhood.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Miss me? Didn't think so, but I missed posting...

  Was having some trouble with Google's AI wanting me to obey it, all about passwords - AIs are stupid and do not allow humans any failures... but I showed it, I am really good at failing. And bending or breaking free of everything but my flights of fancy.

   Will have to find a link to my most recent Appleseed, medical adventures abound and they do take some time. I just today changed my March Of Empires, War of Lords name, I am now Forgotten1, The Game Loft AI accepted that name, didn't allow me Grey Ghost since it had one of those. I dropped my alliance and shields - so my digital death and dismemberment for the good of the thugs that rule that world will happen. I did say thank you to the folks I had been playing with, but they loved too many rules and insubordination was hardly tolerated. When the game starts to reflect ones life and culture and hurt - time to find something worthy of one's time remaining.

  Working gently on getting a new rifle, an AR in 5.56 mm NATO. Am interested not committed yet. Appleseed next weekend for me in Port Townsend, there is also one in Redmond, WA.