Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Break free, go to Hawaii...

  Notice the decided lack of blogging or intelligent word flow in my internet life... do I have an internet life any longer? I am watching way too many movies, foreign and old school stuff, and the best improvement in my life is something called Activ Trax at the YMCA which is building me into a fine figure of a fat old man, but I do enjoy finding muscles that one has never used to aid in the 'death by recliner' and think in a couple of months I may be prepared for bikini season, which never ever has been about me, but what I can see. There are a few really high school looking types reporting on important news items, but I can't take them seriously because they have no wisdom wrinkles - and they don't talk like they have a message.  Hmm, I might be confusing them with the children at church, but the children at church are having much more fun. Being a Holy week I have no responsibilities for Sunday school or the AWANA, so sneaking off to Hawaii sounds like a fine thing to dream about and mentally prepare for.  Now where is that badge of courage, to impel the little old man out the door and into the sky?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If you are paying attention, you don't have enough to do..

  The point has come that the media is using its 1st Amendment protections to try and destroy the 2nd Amendment.  I kind of laugh about that, since the godless government wants to stomp upon the religious right and rights. But it does all seem to be coming to a convergence and the storm isn't going to be pretty and the destruction savage - because too many people will be looking for heroes and saviors and soothing elevator music. We know we are living in a fantasy world, like the folks from the Great Depression, go to the movies and have a laugh, see how wonderful life could be and should be... all smoke and mirrors.

  I listened to President Obama present his nominee for the Supreme Court, and cynical me thought that this is likely the best Republican choice that he could have made, Judge Bork being way too old. I also tried to imagine Bernie Sanders, Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Donald Trump giving the same presentation -- I couldn't see any of those rising to the level of past Presidents. 

Well, time to finish my coffee and head to the YMCA, using ActivTrax to program me into a fine figure of a fat old man. There could be potential, and I do like to record my progress - OCD is my fool characteristic, which I will address right after I conquer my procrastination.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How did my Sunday worship go? armed and dangerous... sometmes I can be cool

   I woke from a dream about the military as a younger man, which I hope to write about later since it has much to do with how my day went.  First Sunday of the month, make bed, shave and have a breakfast as I watch Sunday on CBS, Jane Pauly's legs are thinner than I remember from her younger years. She was talking to a famous actress I can't remember the name of, but I do remember the movies she got big credit for and a lot that I haven't seen.

   Time to dress, want to remember to carry my tools and still look good, so I get the fresh ironed shirt, and then the last suit I bought, with suspenders. Put it on, with a black tie, tied in a Windsor knot. I am so fat, sighs the man in the mirror, but there is room for not imprinting. So find the dress shoes, start the car and listen to that new noise and my wife and I are off to the church.  After church go to the Fellowship Hall for checking my English Ministry personal data, giving them my email address. I have a doughnut and talk then off to finish the new comers class, great discussions. We will get certificates of completion next week or so.

   Back to the Fellowship Hall, along the way meeting a confident young man munching on an egg roll, and I stop and ask how he is, he says fine and says people tell him he is cute. I assure him that he will outgrow that, and he mentions he still has baby teeth, and I nod sagely and say they will disappear, too. So we go into the almost empty Fellowship Hall except for children's Sunday school classes out a bit early to buy some food to nibble upon. And the teacher that has been taking my class because he is a good man is there and happily gives me back the teachers books and fills me in on where they are. I walk over and talk to Caleb and his buddies, mostly young boys looking for leadership in boy stuff, and I figure Caleb is providing that pretty well. I ask about what they are eating, how much they like it (very Korean food) and they tell me. Even showing me how to dip the the fish dough into the cups of soup... learning always learning.

   The last service, which is Korean language, is over and the main congregation shows up to buy food to support the cause and talk over before they go home or back to the store or restaurant. The first two ladies in are in their twenties and drop dead gorgeous, luckily I remember that I am glad we are on the planet at the same time, but I am the fat old guy with really thinning hair. Now there had been dangerous looking man in English language service but nothing happened. During this fellowship, lots of people moving, buying, eating and socializing.  Suddenly tension breaks out, and Mike is getting ready to deck someone - he comes back to his seat fuming and raging. Seems someone isn't doing what he should, isn't listening and the police might have to be called.  I say a quick prayer after looking to see who the problem is... okay, got it. So I get up, pass him by and talk to the young people around Caleb cause he is about to move out to the playground with his groupies or gang - friends, really. Then I stop in the Men's room, washed my hands and came back and pulled the seat out beside the problem turned mine around so there isn't anything between him and I.  And I say hello, how is it going?, nice group of folks isn't it? looking around at the busy moving socializing going on.  I ask if he liked being here today, was he going to come back next week? I told him they were waiting to take him back to the shelter, where upon he said he didn't want to go with that man, and I grabbed Harold's arm and said he must be a fearsome fellow to offend such a nice man. Harold laughed, former Special Forces type, and then I asked his wife if she were driving.  She said yes, and so I asked the problem person if he would go with her driving, and he said yes. So I thanked him and patted him on the shoulder and told him to come back next week.  Then I went back to my chair since my wife had purchased some food for me and when I got back Mike wanted to know what I had done that made the problem person cooperate and leave with the van. Mike will be reflecting on it for the week, since he is younger and much more aggressive than I, it will be good for him.

     We did a little guy talk about one thing or another and then I decided to share the dream, now everyone has military dreams (not talking about nightmares, just dreams) so when I told them that I was dreaming that there was a woman in my unit, in my dream, and she had decided to challenge and compete with me - they understood immediately when I said 'and no way is she going to win'. Mainly because that is what young soldiers do - with all their competitors, even best friends. She was going to go down hard as I could take her.  And if you are going to be my friend you have to struggle to put me in the dirt and rub my nose in it, no quarter until you say uncle or tap out.  I heard they don't teach life that way any longer, one has to remove his combat patch to not threaten the un-bloodied new guys and gals.

  Ah well, I feel heroic, and I so not. Still I have returned to the safety of my home, Netflix and movie madness, and good looking comfortable 3XL stuff that I could wear three or four weapons under. They will be outlawing hoodies one day.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ides of March, when Ceasar fell to fury....

Since we are confused and upset and not following the leaders....

  Day four without the YMCA and leaving the home, this cold is hanging on me and my wife gets better and feels free to rejoin society. She hid much longer, but she was much sicker. I refuse... and I can't find my keys since yesterday at the mailbox.

   So today, consider rebuilding the country and mainly, what is needed in a Federal government and what is not.  For the current one is going to collapse when stupidity can no longer be covered up by good intentions unpaid for, or that must be given at the point of a gun.

   No departments of Homeland Security, Education, EPA, BAFTE, Labor, Commerce, and the host of others too numerous to mention.... cause if you don't have contact with them what are they doing? Well, as much as they can to spend money, regulate what evers, and award favors.  And if you think about it, that is what people outside of politics do - so why do we need the government? To protect us, to have neutral courts for deciding conflicts and wrongs. Law enforcement should be local, and I would keep only the FBI for national and international. The Constitution is a well thought out document and has helped stabilize our nation for many years, but layers from lawyers and professional politicians have really gummed up the promises of Capitalism and smaller government. All to their temporary advantage...

  I guess if I were to be silly and make a small effort to make a better model, I would keep anyone from making political office permanent, the higher the office the shorter the time allowed to be associated with it.

  Oh, After several hours of fruitless searching I have found my keys - reminding me of the LORD looking for the lost at every level... but since I can't find my country, how hard it that going to be to find? Yes, it is already long lost... and we didn't notice it disappearing... someone will write history books about how communications and media changed reality... or spread the illusions.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Choices, so many choices... how is one to know which is the right one?

  I am not talking about the Presidential election which the two major look like the other parties are running. You get two votes, one in the primary and one in the general election, and then the Electoral College will cast the deciding votes. Even if it were direct voting your vote is only one of many and you have three choices - the third being not to vote. I do hope you know why you are taking a stand and who or what you are voting upon... They, media and anti-gun goofs, have fooled many of the people much of the time. That won't be the final time someone lies to you, you haven't done enough research nor had enough failures to become smarter about what goes on in your life.

  Man is given commands to live by, rules to obey, or just good advice by God, parents, lovers, family and friends and of course by all the wonderful people in government. The ones that think they rule us or that are sure they are righter than we are.  Real life is often making a choice without rules, consultation or certainty of the ultimate effect of the choice, good or bad. Every action or inaction will produce results - time is flowing and the universe spinning and YOU are not in charge of anything except your choice.

  Evil is there and always working as hard as the Holy are, and in between the two are the future saints and sinners... I do hope we all make the correct choices, every day we should get up and make that bed... because we hope to come back and rest upon it...

  Oh, my personal opinion, if you are doing something because of your fear - then you should look at it and see if you could make a better choice from love. I would hold with the doing things with love, I have never been impressed with my petty fears in all my years.