Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: What is the fear today? Lots of them being passed ...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: What is the fear today? Lots of them being passed ...:    How does this fool notion that you can't swim exist? Everyone can swim, but breathing water never works. It does help to learn in a c...

What is the fear today? Lots of them being passed around...

   How does this fool notion that you can't swim exist? Everyone can swim, but breathing water never works. It does help to learn in a controlled environment with experts, but Hondo has been tossing kids into the water for a long time. But you can allow your fears to magnify to the point that you can't swim, and that isn't helpful, neither is getting your training from watching Hondo and the boy. Nor is it productive to outlaw unregulated swimming without a life guard present and a certification of proficiency.

   Jump to school shootings, well I never saw any in my schooling, so I never knew they existed, when I was young Blackboard Jungle and Westside story meant knives, mostly switchblades, were the weapons of choice for the bad teenage boys.  I even owned one once - cheap waste of bravado enhancement. Pen knife was of more utility and only Spics used knives in fights (stereo types that no one wanted to be like). Most of that was media narrative, there were rules about threatening folks with knives, written and otherwise. But no one worried if any one was carrying a penknife - since two or three bladed knives were standard boy gear.  Why? Because our fathers, uncles and older brothers were all carrying them through the day. Remembering this makes me sure that many men weren't carrying pen knives - no one sharpened quills anymore, the name stuck from when they still did.

   Almost all the things one fears are based on projection of possibilities, it could happen and then magnifying what you want everyone to fear with you. I find walking through the world being amazed and laughing at wonderful surprises better than cowering over someone's nightmare. I don't find joy nor entertainment in the horror movies, but enjoy a good drama or gun slinging adventure with well developed characters... but then I like puzzles, too. I am becoming very accepting of change, fools and folly. Not all those things make me happy, but real life isn't about being happy only about pursuing happiness. And that too will change.

   Time to wake my wife, we have places to be and things to do. Nice to be in this fine country where we can do the important and the pleasing without being preyed upon nor limited by government excess regulations.... oops must not be paying attention, they have a law about that - being adventurous without a license.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Breaking free, walking away...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Breaking free, walking away...:    I have never liked commercials, telemarketers, computer interruptions of my viewing, door knocking salespeople and strangers out to kill ...

Breaking free, walking away...

   I have never liked commercials, telemarketers, computer interruptions of my viewing, door knocking salespeople and strangers out to kill me and loot my piles of stuff... but current culture demands participation and my attention or they will send someone to find out how I am. Do they really care? Probably not - but someone will try to call or thump on their side of my viewing of my activity. If I am blogging, like now, I would be likely to just never return if I had some popup ad.

   Break free, it is a bit of a chore for some things. I have lots to think about, current books being read, memories to be recalled and taken care of, and a mind that always wants fed. Give me more of what I am searching for... so I was doing the 100 years War and wanted some diagrams beyond what was offered in my book, and I searched and found the book I remembered - not at hand. Things move, are still here but behind some pile of things not disturbed for years, and I do mean years, and I could be mistaken.

   I do become convinced that I must start liquidating my stuff, throw away, give away and gift the really good stuff. Too much, too much. I also want to redo the Computer Cave, anyone know why I have three computers there? Well, if you do you are smarter than I am. I likely have all I need, just more than I realize or am prepared to handle.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: So you are old and afraid.. why me, LORD?

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: So you are old and afraid.. why me, LORD?:   Came back from a success, looked at Face Book feed and left a note that I was going to flee. I am reading Northwest Passage, and would rat...

So you are old and afraid.. why me, LORD?

  Came back from a success, looked at Face Book feed and left a note that I was going to flee. I am reading Northwest Passage, and would rather dwell with Rogers and his rangers coming back from wiping out a hostile French Indian camp then look at the silly stuff on FB. But can't stay reading forever I have stuff to get done, and if I don't move it won't get done and the less I do the more certain I can't handle anything on my own.. or government intervention.

  Speaking of government intervention, I went to pick up my most recent purchase, no sales tax, but there was a SAR processing fee of $18. I have no idea how they decided that that fee was an improvement in all the good the government is doing for the folks. Being in Washington State I count it another example of an attempt to extract a little more blood but leave me alive for now.  I am okay, I did enjoy the company of humans trying to please me and help me and do a fine job to put their needs in order.  My wife isn't slowing down and I am not starting up the remainder of the day, unless she goes to walk on the treadmill. Then I will head for the garage and start straightening everything up. Too much stuff!!!!

   I did have a couple interesting conversations about modern life. The clerk was telling me he didn't get his phone until 7th grade, I laughed. He said they get them younger now.... all soon to be part of the Borg.   Real fears abound most aren't based on truth, as I teach rifle marksmanship I tell the shooters not to allow their mind to fuss their shot, don't allow your mind to change many things that don't count.... but like any temptation they will take their easy miss over a difficult hit.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Are you programmed properly yet? Seriously, we are...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Are you programmed properly yet? Seriously, we are...:   It has been over a month since I broke free of the computer war game I was playing every day, no matter where or when. The designers, want...

Are you programmed properly yet? Seriously, we are being had by the borg...

  It has been over a month since I broke free of the computer war game I was playing every day, no matter where or when. The designers, wanted a international game, multi-players and all time zones. Their goal was to make money, anyone's money was good. They had a good solid design and they monitor player activity, because if they don't the players go away and speak ill of their product. So now I have more money, time and am doing productive things.... it would have been fine if I needed to watch a screen while I healed. But I am getting healthier. Adventure, learning, combat, rewards and fame for advancing in levels and power in the game.

   It does become addictive, and if you are impatient you can buy gold pieces and buy weapons, training and advancements. Getting your high much faster, but the crash is exactly the same - is that all there is? Flat - until the next struggle for success. Humans are wired that way. So after about two years of play, I said good-bye to my team and was out of there. I, my avatar is now a ghost city producing everything so that any attacker gets rewarded without bursting through my defences and troops. I still have gold that no one can touch, still have my armor and level. I would just have to play again and recover my former power and might. Not going to do that. I am free.

  At the YMCA, I have used two different software programs to monitor my activity, one on my home computer, and one an app on my digital distraction device (electric tether telephone w/apps). I have been a compulsive note taker for years on mileage and repetitions, not that I had ever look back at the numbers, but if you graph them you can see what is changing and any thing that changes with effort. Not much except health changes without moving. I feel good enough to think I should put my motorcycle back on the road and go visiting... so I must be feeling very good. Don't worry, I haven't started the lawn mower up yet, that will be first.

  As I sip my second cup of coffee, I hear that reverse mortgage might... whatever, they do want you to be chained by: debt, guilt, too many things and personal responsibility. Poor alternatives for love, conversation, simple games and gentle touching other lives. But they know you won't be had if you aren't on their lists - still answering a phone? No matter who calls? Did you think the Pope was calling? The President? The Queen?

  Some fool programmer is putting together a code to determine if you are going to commit mass slaughter. It will be based on known data Age, Sex, and all your financial transactions, data drops and photos on the internet and every word written, and sung by you... Social status, family, friends and political activity. To survive you will have to adapt, innovate and overcome, or just disappear.



Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Well start training as an EMT, cause the second Ci...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Well start training as an EMT, cause the second Ci...:   Too much hate, no compromises, the ruling elite are sure the laws don't apply to them, that they can't be punished. And none of it...

Well start training as an EMT, cause the second Civil War is on the way... no one studies history...

  Too much hate, no compromises, the ruling elite are sure the laws don't apply to them, that they can't be punished. And none of it is secret - I am on the side of the deplorables, I cling to my God, my family, and my firearm. Now if you would outlaw the medical murder of unborn humans, I might give up the firearms you are so afraid of. Because I study history and know much about warfare that Hollywood has never found sexy nor entertaining.

  Right after the next medical appointment I am registering for the First Aid then the EMT course. Why? Because y'all are going to need medical assistance. Not enough love in America, Hollywood tried to convince everyone that sex and romance are just fun, thank you Hugh Hefner, ruined a whole country preaching that everyone should be a deviant - probably created the toxic male all by himself. I will have to pray for all of us, non-clingers especially, although the reason I never followed the Walking Dead was I thought they were the supporters of the Democrats or Republican rascals. They all just grab power for enriching themselves, families and friends.

  For the fools that think any resistance will fall to the power of the police and military - who do you think is in those uniforms? And if the political leaders don't honor the Constitution and laws, how do you expect your bodyguards and security forces to obey your fool ideas? Want to do something helpful, clean the street, say hello and how are ya to your neighbors, laugh a lot more, pray and worship the LORD that cannot be bribed, bought nor conquered. Now about the uncivil war - the resistance is going after leadership, the little folks have never been the problem. First everyone not living in love and trust in the LORD will start by saying mean, untrue and ugly facts about the other side. The speed of communications will magnify the effect - just like the Media reports all of President Trump's Tweets. I am not on Twitter and remain sane- but the Media tells me what he said and what it means.... and I am somewhere else studying to save lives while all mindless, influenced by bad manners, bad language and Mainstream Media run around frothing off the latest talking points.

  Example: the AR -15 is an assault weapon, a military grade machine that shouldn't be in the hands of slaves, prisoners and the people we are about to betray because we don't trust them. May as well castrate and emasculate all men because frightened women may not trust them. And my brother knows nothing about military weapons - the reason he fears the AR is he forgot full automatic isn't a feature on the AR-15, that American military and police weapons will have a selector that will go to burst or full automatic (why police need full auto is beyond me - but I was military not police). Not enough love, manners, respect, nor pause buttons.

  What I find amazing is how the President will adopt a bad idea: suppressor banning, AR banning and has no real idea of the effect except it throws the Media off a bit. He is a political animal, feels the crowds, listens to his Twitter feed. Yes, the end is not very far off. Hope you are prepared - every institution has been compromised and seems tainted. Suggestion is that you straighten yourself up, cling closely to your loved ones and be nice. If you are already nice, talk others into that pattern of response... and stockpile bandages, and medicines. We are going to need them along with prayers.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: We need to get beyond fears, especially the ones t...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: We need to get beyond fears, especially the ones t...:   Folks in government do like to be powerful, at least enough that you would be afraid, very afraid. So a fool politician says he would nuke...

We need to get beyond fears, especially the ones that make you change...

  Folks in government do like to be powerful, at least enough that you would be afraid, very afraid. So a fool politician says he would nuke anyone that resisted disarmament. He couldn't launch a nuke, can't compute for using one, and he has no power to start a war beyond his one vote. Idle threat, like I mentioned he is a fool. His threat may have destroyed his Presidential campaign, but helped his reelection.

   I am an old fat man, many reasons but for sure too many carbs eaten and a finely tuned body that stores everything in layers of fat. I do not run ten miles a day, five days a week. I am like too many modern fools, sitting and watching a screen, which burns few calories. I am in danger of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, shingles, flu, headaches, fevers, many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and ED. Now I do have a family doctor, who has sent me to taking daily pills and has increased my life by a few more years. Or at least my blood pressure has gone down. I have it good and will suffer for it, I don't look like the beautiful people on the screen unless you watch television to see the audience on WWE. I have no fears of the few, but like the fat, I will suffer for them.

    I am not believing the media, I will continue to find entertainment value on it, but normally I will put my cable on to music, light classical in the day, and Blues in the evening. I would like to start playing cards (Canasta, Bridge or some Rummy) but no one has time when they show up. I will read prose and poetry in my lonely. I will be fine and I will have little fear. I did say I am not believing the media, didn't I?

   About the whole gun culture, I would be happier if they weren't so scary trying to look like operators with lots of magazines and tons of bullets to shoot and three sets of aiming in the dark and the dangerous devices taking their rifle from seven pounds to twelve. But most of that has little reality in how they shoot. How well they shoot, what targets they shoot and most of them aren't making their shot based on fear. But then I don't do cowboy action shooting, nor any of the other fast shooting competitions. Now safe competition is fine, but not something fat old men would do well at. If I were a techy, I would shoot bench, and reload and become an expert but the benches are all the wrong size, too heavy to move easily and get in the way of my shooting mat and prone positions. I can never be satisfied. And sitting on a bench does not make one more mobile and flexible, where position shooting would.

   How many murders have you been witness to? Hopefully no real ones, but I once saw Marshall Dillon kill the same man every Sunday evening, for years and years. And don't get me started on the war drama, the police dramas, and the gangsta stories. My mind can't tell the difference between illusion and reality - remember everything on the screen is a binary representation of something created, or recorded to be transmitted to your eyes, ears and mind. They can build fears, you have enough of your own but with the speed of transmission and the money the carriers will gain, you will be fed fears until you are too feeble to resist another episode of Law and Order. Now I really do know that only one robbery happened in the local area and the burglar was caught and charged with a lot of ones that aren't covered because only so much time in a broadcasting day.

   Being basically a shy young man, I never believed the romantic stories, cause that isn't the way love is... but I can see how the cultural norms and social expectations are destroyed by media, Enough media overload and you might as well be part of the matrix, because you aren't in reality. And in the end, realize that the advertisers, are fueling the obsession with the screen and the entertainment.

  For a destruction of the mass killer culture, get it off the screen, allow no advertising during news and commentary and education programming. Our fears are being fed by media, I suggest more reading of real books less watching screens meant to sell you something you really don't need.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

I am so bad, evil, sinful and then God spoke to me....

   Really, but you don't believe me. It is alright your disbelief won't hurt me, change me nor count against you in the final judgement.  Calling me a White Nationalist, a hill billy, a toxic male, or just a really 'not one of us' kind of guy I once would have fought about it, teenage boy stuff. But I grew out of all that long, long ago. I don't value the opinions of people that look at me with their fears in front of their eyes. Their fears are only in their mind. I am counting on love and forgiveness, but sure that there is an evil government employee that will try to make me bend to their way of doing stuff. I have met them, and avoid them.

   The same way I don't count opinions in the news as truth. I know they slant their reporting, and all for audience and money. Is there truth out there? Sure count the bodies, find the shooter and the guns and bullets. But listen carefully while the police and medical community hide facts from the public, to keep tourists coming to Vegas, and people taking drugs to stop smoking or other mental traumas. Although the warnings are always given mood swings, depression and suicidal thoughts seek help. As I remember depression, I aspired to be a potato. I would guess that most of the suicides of veterans are because they don't feel important, loved, part of the community around them... lonely does end badly. With the speed of communications today, I once learned more about my family around a Canasta table than I ever did watching the network evening news.

   You all need to be good working on best that you can, do it all with love, and remember that no one can fix the fears inside of another person, the best you can do is listen politely and respect their attempts to make the fears go away. Speak kindly, use good manners and be kind.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: So i-1639 went into effect on 1 July 2019... for f...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: So i-1639 went into effect on 1 July 2019... for f...:   When I realized that the new (improved by fool committee and unknowing and not participating voters) anti-gun owners law was in effect it ...

So i-1639 went into effect on 1 July 2019... for fear of the few, and good intentions misdirected

  When I realized that the new (improved by fool committee and unknowing and not participating voters) anti-gun owners law was in effect it was time to buy an AR-15, that evil black rifle. So I quit my online wargame (March of Empires, War of Lords) of a couple years. And found my freedom again. Those lovely little distraction devices are almost as bad as drugs and alcohol used beyond moderation. 

Shooting KD at DRRC
    I went to our local Base Exchange where they sell firearms to military service connected people. They didn't have a 20 inch rifle, lots of 16 inch carbines. The helpful clerk told me I could order one and I found the one I liked and ordered it, after producing my Certification certificate for my firearms safety education. Colt AR-15A4 should provide a fine answer to my desire to help the new law overcome the fears of the few. Once I placed my order, 6 Jul 2019, I would have to wait for the rifle to arrive to continue the paperwork. On 26 July, I returned to the base to pick up a prescription. And I found during my stop by the firearms counter that my rifle had come in, I hadn't checked my messages on my telephone. So another helpful clerk went back to find my rifle and bring it out so I could handle it and start the additional paperwork. I filled out everything, then the clerk checked and we printed out the filled forms and they would be sent off electronically and kept with the purchase paperwork and rifle. My next event will be waiting for the cooling off period, ten working days, so on Saturday the 10th of August, I will be able to pay for and pick up my new rifle.
   Nicest thing about the waiting period, I can read more, order extra magazines and ammunition for the rifle. Which I did, so easily on the internet.
    I have been watching the CMP shooting events on the Facebook feed, lots of lovely stuff and great competition. I will not be joining their ranks, but will continue to work with RWVA at Appleseed events where we help train folks in rifle marksmanship safety and heritage. I am also a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, and love the magazine but not the politics at the Headquarters too close to the DC swamps. Isn't that like any place of power, the wrong folks go to claim leadership and then ruin the basic fine organization and apathy means that nothing changes. Pay attention and talk, write and vote. And since you know I think you should - get your rifle and the skills needed to be a citizen of Liberty.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Personal camo outfit local purchase, dressed for OPFOR
  In 1968, I was an infantryman, 11B assigned to an artillery unit, C Battery 7th Battalion of the 17th Field Artillery. Where I would attempt to do the best I could, but I was always learning how much I didn't know as I tried to get in charge of my life. I became a real 13B corporal by another corporal being busted for breaking a rule, and the senior sergeants and the commander thinking I could handle others as I learned about the artillery on a  howitzer, 105mm towed. I went to a school to learn ballistic computations and become part of the Fire Direction Center, then another school for small unit leadership and tactics, called the Advanced Combat Training Academy, My commander and his driver/clerk came to visit half way through the course. Saw I was doing well and they put in my promotion to Sergeant the following Monday. Come graduation day, I was number two in the class and to be honored for that with four others. All would be called and presented promotions by their battalion Commanders, The best in class actually got staff sergeant stripes, and I was given acting sergeant stripes by my battalion commander (which he kindly apologized for the not having real ones). Get back to the battery and the Battery Commander and the clerk would give me orders for a real promotion to Sergeant 13F Recon Sergeant dated ten days earlier than the graduation. I was also given the Fire Direction Center/section to be in charge of after forgetting most of my computation skills from that earlier school. Ugh! back to the books and the additional duty of Training NCO for the 1SG/BC, as well as periodically being the Recon Sergeant for when we fielded a FO team for our Infantry Battalion. Times were good!
   In 1969 my mother wrote and said my cousin was getting married in Seoul Korea, and I was the closest relative and I needed to get there and see the wedding and write her all about it. So I asked for
Fixing cousin's uniform, day of the Moon landing
and got a pass, put on some blue jeans and some kind of shirt with buttons and a cigarette pocket and went to find my cousin. My mother loved family, and weddings in general. I went boldly, and found him, he lent me a civilian suit (I wasn't a fat old man then) and I became a best man at his wedding, an honor I have never repeated in my life, says something about how anti-social I have been. It was cool and as soon as I could I broke free and returned to my unit and my girl friend that was sure I was getting married to another woman - language lag is amazing, must have corrected her confusion. Since yesterday I left an Appleseed after lunch and some Dangerous Old Men story, drove home, cleaned up, picked her up (my girl friend became my wife) and we went to a party, which I reported in for the final five minutes and we spent the next four hours catching up and reliving long ago and far away. The good things become the best things when they cost just a little effort and are done with love. Remember this story will disappear when Google decides they don't like it, marriage, military, families and not making a dime on it. But the marriages and lives mentioned march on. Y'all be great, because you have already mastered good!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Well, I have been driven to test and use the new improved denial of my rights...

  So I stopped by the Exchange to see if they had what I wanted, they didn't but I started to ask to see the Ruger Mini-14, looked so beautiful with wood instead of polymer or aluminum. Would come with two five round magazines (I immediately wondered if Magpul made ten round magazines for it).
So I said what I was interested in, they looked up on hand inventory, no joy... but no problem they would order it for me. I told them I would return and went off to the YMCA to work the body a bit and talk. Sweat and talk was very good made a lunch date with another member, an older Vietnamese gentleman. Who looks like he is wasting away.
   Back home to clean up and do some research about what I wanted to order, wrote it out and I grabbed my paperwork and such and went back to the Exchange. Okay, very helpful woman looked it up, found the price, placed the order --- only after making sure I had a certificate of completion of training for compliance with I-1639, well, I showed her my free one from Sporting Systems and Daniel G. Mitchell, she had to call and see if it was good. It was, they did show me one from RifleClass.com where for twenty dollars and the time spent watching a video and taking a test I would be certified. Mine was accepted, I will have to come back and fill out the other required forms when there is a rifle serial number to match me with it. Then there is also a waiting period after I buy the rifle and they approved the purchase... more bumps. Now I do have time, I can wait. Just more hoops to jump through for someone's fears.  The NRA and the other organization need to keep pushing in court to kill i-1639 as in violation of the Constitution of Washington and the United States of America.

   In my news feed from the Media, it seems politicians, states and even the President are never going to be charged and convicted of any crimes committed. I am sure since I am not breaking any laws, including the really stupid and badly crafted ones, I will be punished by watching helplessly as the fools continue to break up a nation that once worked. But remember, no one is responsible and everyone does it.... current lack of values. God bless us when we do our best.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

So day two of trying to get a recommended organization AR...

    I wandered around until I found 2320 Commerce and the door.

Ring bell. Waited to be received, door was cracked open enough to be asked what I was looking for. When I said I wanted to see about ordering an AR, she told me that this was the corporate headquarters and I would have to go online or to a gun store to order one. Thank you. I didn't need to bother to tell her that someone from her business had said they would like to see me if I dropped in. Being a fat old man, I am always finding rejection in my life and desires. I could go to the YMCA, so I did, stopping at a gun store to see if they had what I was interested in the racks. They didn't, but their first question was did I have the new required certification, which was sitting beside my computer at home.

    After two little frustrations in getting what I want NOW, being American is often a problem, I realized that I wasn't exactly sure of exactly what I wanted - only what I wanted it to do. So I hit Amazon.com/smile up to load my kindle and have some paperbooks shipped to me, having avoided the AR so long so ardently. My library lacks depth in that direction. So the Blues are playing, my wife is out with the ladies, and I have reading to learn from... Y'all have a very fine night, remember I didn't get my AR, the world is safe for fools and innocents from me anyway... since I seem to be one of the brotherhood.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Miss me? Didn't think so, but I missed posting...

  Was having some trouble with Google's AI wanting me to obey it, all about passwords - AIs are stupid and do not allow humans any failures... but I showed it, I am really good at failing. And bending or breaking free of everything but my flights of fancy.

   Will have to find a link to my most recent Appleseed, medical adventures abound and they do take some time. I just today changed my March Of Empires, War of Lords name, I am now Forgotten1, The Game Loft AI accepted that name, didn't allow me Grey Ghost since it had one of those. I dropped my alliance and shields - so my digital death and dismemberment for the good of the thugs that rule that world will happen. I did say thank you to the folks I had been playing with, but they loved too many rules and insubordination was hardly tolerated. When the game starts to reflect ones life and culture and hurt - time to find something worthy of one's time remaining.

  Working gently on getting a new rifle, an AR in 5.56 mm NATO. Am interested not committed yet. Appleseed next weekend for me in Port Townsend, there is also one in Redmond, WA.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Conversations with the sane of the other side...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Conversations with the sane of the other side...:   Talking to an elder man, he was alarmed that there were sheriffs that weren't honoring their oath of office, and I mentioned that they...

Conversations with the sane of the other side...

  Talking to an elder man, he was alarmed that there were sheriffs that weren't honoring their oath of office, and I mentioned that they were, upholding and defending the Constitution of the US and the state. Both of which do not allow the government to deny arms to the people. 

   He said they can't do that, deciding which laws they will enforce, and I said 'Sanctuary Cities', where elected officials are doing exactly the same thing. He, of course, said it wasn't the same thing. He is a well educated man, reads over four books a week, retired you can do that. But he was thinking that the law should be applied and enforced as his side wanted it, because it would do whatever magic thing they were sure would be better.  And that is where the America of my early imagination died. They have to have guns to use against the others that don't believe the way they do, they have to have control of the only ones. The military, the police forces, the government agencies (remember that all the government agencies went on a arms buying spree for their own thugs and regulators).  Now, the man is a good man and enjoyable to talk with - but he didn't go to war working for the MAN, old Uncle Sam. So he and I have very different opinions about firearms and government.

  I am intelligent enough to know if there is a good idea it gets sold easily no force necessary, and if it is a bad idea it will have to be delivered with a promise of wonder and the threat of pain.

  So recently from New Zealand, the home of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, comes a terrible False Flag attack, brought to you by the mass murderer that wants his name remembered as a champion of Gun Control and Media Bias everywhere. And his terrified audience is going to do exactly what he wants, change our civilization to stifle our fears of a dark future. Instead of going down on our knees and praying and throwing our lives and love upon God's Grace and mercy -- we are going to think that giving the government power over the tools of destruction will keep us safe, or that all our stores of guns, ammunition, grenades and expert fighting skills will work as long as the government doesn't know what we have and where we are...  take your pick, all responses that don't rely on God over government will be fatal. But you are going to die anyway, aren't you? Wouldn't you rather it was at peace with your choices?

  I know where most of the human race is going, most of the human race isn't loving enough, humble enough and satisfied enough with the wonder of the world. I watched the response to 9/11, lots of heroic actions until the government and lawyers could get in charge and make a mess. I guess we constantly ground airplanes since we haven't learned to control gravity, but we do keep trying to fly.

   I think I will go to the range this afternoon, because of all the people in the mosques that were attacked, I would like to think I could be one the people that rushed to stop the shooter, praying to the LORD for His guidance and mercy.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

As I await my appointment for another medical procedure....

  I spent last evening hooking up my new shoulder holster and thinking bout Appleseeds this year. Haven't scheduled myself, since I am awaiting the results of more medical knowledge about myself than I ever wanted to know. Need to contact the VA, and get them on board as I seem to fall apart right before my eyes. Not really falling apart, just feels that way. Medical adventures.

   Does seem to coincide with my trashing on the multi-player game, I keep forgetting how weak I am currently, so I just changed my avatar to an old, really old version. My efforts to rebuild power and strength are hampered by my self delusion of power and greatness just two weeks ago.

   Woke from a dream of taking a young man to the shooting range, could put that back on my calendar. I terminated my Sunday school and AWANA coach positions until I am resolved to be a great one. The children don't deserve distracted adults as teachers. I am sure I will miss them more than they will miss me.

   Can't eat, drink coffee nor lots of water... I will ponder the world news on Japanese Public Broadcasting.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Better speak up and move on to discuss and confron...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Better speak up and move on to discuss and confron...:   I have some medical adventures in my near future and they are troublesome but not anything for me to fear.  I don't fear a lot, maybe ...

Better speak up and move on to discuss and confront the fears of others...

  I have some medical adventures in my near future and they are troublesome but not anything for me to fear.  I don't fear a lot, maybe that no one will love me, but lonely could be my normal, Solo man.

   But I noticed as I failed to replace my shield on my game city and I was attacked and looted by the enemy thirteen times - totally taking my supplies, killing all but a million of my troops, and those are all wounded and will cost time, gold and supplies to heal. So I almost quit, but I have half a year to go to finish my improved city, so I don't and with help from my allies and frugal play, I start to recover and rebuild. The biggest problem is the almost total loss of a million t5 fighters. They cost a lot in maintenance but are deadly when used at the proper time. Only a game so it doesn't matter much, does it.

   In the bigger picture, the end of America, in whatever it means to everyone everywhere, is very close. First the Media and the politicians spread fears to move the people away from taking care of themselves and the nation. That was once the standard, sung about in myths and legends of our pioneers and forefathers. A truth unwritten was of families and communities, united to battle nature and monsters all under a God by all names. Now, I don't need to name the forces against that image, but you know it isn't your grandfather's America any longer. The country is made up of folks that still work, worship and worry - that has always been a foundation, but this blanket of tales, fables, lies and promises props up the idea that the government can fix everything. Government seems to have replaced God and your own strength of love. And government doesn't believe in God nor love, since they can't be bought, stored and sold.

   But the media does, like the devil, worm and worry into the depths of minds locked into its visual message. Sex, alcohol, smoking, driving fast, looking cool, cruel jokes and pranks, promotion of struggle and domination of others to fulfill your desires... all in beauty and living color.

  It is time to say what we think, should think and to wish others the peace beyond understanding.

  If the fearful convince others that another law will stop the evil, then they don't understand that no laws have ever won, only the spirit can win - the holy spirit. I don't want a law against stupidity, for it would not make anyone love others more than self.  We can be anything we want to be, we should be kind and gentle. Go with the LORD, not with the LOUD.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: I have been a member of the YMCA for a bit...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: I have been a member of the YMCA for a bit...:   Originally, I went to work out, jotted my times, weights and exercises down on scrap papers and was content. Did a lot more talking to old...

I have been a member of the YMCA for a bit...

  Originally, I went to work out, jotted my times, weights and exercises down on scrap papers and was content. Did a lot more talking to old men and looking at people, But it was good. Then they introduced me to ActivTrax and I was able to add stuff and log in and see progress and the computer monitored and encouraged me to different exercises and improvements. There was a coach looking through another screen periodically to tweak my performance, ha, ha.
  It didn't do everything, and was clunky and getting behind the folks with handheld Digital Distraction Devices (personal links to Chinese Communists and American NSA and FBI). Don't believe me, ask Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Anyway, the users of such devices looked for an app to link the potential of the YMCA program to the modern folks that never look around, and found something with eGym , and I was encouraged to get the app, log on and work out. I would be modern enlightened and in the best shape ever. Well, maybe it wasn't going to be that great. Under the old system they posted a big hanging board and listed the top twenty members in five different categories, it was prideful to want to be one of the top five in every category, so they dropped that from the ActivTrax days. No one needs public humiliation to motivate performance, you just can't do that to this fool.
  Not being iSmart phone smart, I have an Android by Samsung, I was only using the Calculator and the new eGym app, but it didn't work well, consistantly nor was it helpful. So after three days of frustration I quit. I did send them a support request, but I am done. I can go to the YMCA with my small clip board leave my device on the desk at home and not worry about it. Never thought being part of a herd was a good thing, still don't.
   Liberty with the LORD, I don't need an app to be there and be square.   When you start to realize that the entertainment and news productions on our devices (TV, Cable and such) are improved when one takes out the advertisement showers that interrupt us constantly, it become clear that a steady stream of music for background and a good book will win our hearts and minds before the silly folks.
   See, I am happy again. Take care out there, God and I love y'all... not sure about the rest of 'em.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: New Challenges... another medical adventure... don...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: New Challenges... another medical adventure... don...:   Just that my last body scan showed NO cancer anywhere (GOOD!) so being a great medical tech the man looking at the scan noted that I have ...

New Challenges... another medical adventure... don't worry nothing wrong yet.

  Just that my last body scan showed NO cancer anywhere (GOOD!) so being a great medical tech the man looking at the scan noted that I have cirrhosis of the liver. Okay, off to see a new doctor about the new information. A consult. Being an old man, I didn't have the doctor's name, nor the address beyond the block it was on, so three building and all three floors of the last building, I was at the correct place on time.
   Fill out paperwork, meet doctor, discuss the potential problem and what tests I should do to keep ahead of my end. No cure, I understand. But also, none of the potential problems with my liver as it is now. So I am scheduled for some tests, a lot of new blood tests looking for any irregularity caused by a failing liver and a fat old man. Lucky me, the tech didn't close until four, so I went over and she got all the tubes and equipment for the draw.
   I sat down, took my sleeves up on both arms, she went for the veins on the left arm after asking which hand I used normally. She got the vein, and started the draw - filling three large, two half size and one tiny one third one. The conversation started getting weird, I was almost sure she was practicing her charms on me, flirting to distract me or something. Now I am so old, I am almost certain there is no way she was flirting, we aren't in the South where it is a duty for young ladies to charm harmless old gentlemen. No we are in the Great NorthWest and women aren't that crazy up here. And I wouldn't know flirting if it hit me... it would have to knock me over and that isn't going to happen.
    I am old and she had finished and she said I looked pretty tough with my sleeves rolled up (???) and then some other stuff that I am sure I didn't hear correctly. But I said good-bye, and went out to see the clerk and get my stuff for my next visit mid March. I guess if I have to do a biography I should just refer the writer to my medical records. I was advised by a YMCA member to check with VA if there is damage, seems Agent Orange is easier if your organs are coming apart since you didn't spend a long time drinking your life away.
   Well, I did twenty miles on a bike ride today, 3.1 miles of rowing and half a mile of walking without a limp and no pain nor tightening in my hip. See, I think I am fine, still smiling that I would think a young woman would flirt with me. Good night, off to soak my feet.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ah, you wonder why we as a moral people, Americans should support lawful conduct?

  The Wall, TRUMP's WALL, or whatever is only a barrier. Most government actions are barriers, to limit actions of the folks listening. You have noticed that few are obeying? Just check the speed limit and red light runners on the roadways. The drunks and the drugged folks driving, the few that steal property and sell illegal substances or will do strange, intimate or immoral acts for money. One would think that the government could take care of all that without building a wall. And I hold that the government could try, but mostly they just make barriers. Now, I do think the government should stop killings. But then I think that abortion is just medical murder of unloved babies - a high price to pay for failing to stop having sex until you grow up and partner up to raise children. And no one is building a wall to keep those that love babies and children from the murderers of the innocent. Government in all it lack of goodness strikes again. That term or phrase - 'strikes fear into the hearts and minds' - that is probably a tactic of bad rulers or wanna-be rulers, lacking logic or leadership or even salesmanship.
     Immigration is needed in Europe and America, because the government's policies are mainly about maintaining power and taxation of subject populations, and not about sound growth of citizens by solid family with a strong moral core and love of their nation and neighbors. Really, a lot of government and professional politicians would like the subject populations to live in fear of neighbors, it gives them authority to build TSA, Homeland (when did we start this 'homeland' reference stuff, sounds like German Fatherland, or Russia's Motherland) Security Agency. More government workers owing professional politicians and posers = POWER.

   Anyway, as long as the immigration system is broken (brought to you by elected representatives, purchased by corrupt capitalists, supplying a population to exploit for their benefit) it will remain broken. Both political parties are exactly the same in the outcome of their share of the legislation, and the lack of enforcement for the laws that exist. They want little good law for enforcement, they are only looking for their own power and have little love of immigrants. They have little love for the really bad people hiding among those immigrant populations, often taking advantage of the criminal enterprises and the rewards in drug running and neoslavery of humans caused by their current broken immigration systems.

    Not good enough to stop the illegal drug running, with full automatic or evil semiautomatic weapons, murders and robberies happening from bad hombres in sanctuary cities and states, the government in its fear of lawful civil and mostly moral persuasion must be dis-armed for their own safety, they might commit suicide or murder innocents like Planned Parenthood, or school children like they were a terrorist in Africa. Now the politicians don't really believe they are targets of shooters, check with those that play softball before sessions and the rascally Democrat that sneaked up to assassinate them in mass, with an evil semiautomatic weapon which he learned about by watching a  Harvey Wienstein Production that wasn't about sex.

   The original purpose of the Constitution was to improve the Federal government but limit it, and it started well, but has been changed - the history has been changed and rewritten, mostly for power, gold and greed. Mostly never for God, the godly nor the good. That is how it is we have come to a souless government, populated by people without honor, all working for the evil darkside of their nature. We can never find our way by following the lust and the lost. The correct directions are written and need to be studied. God bless all our best, we have been forgiven all the rest.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Big day today.... pray for little blessings.. nothing important here, really.

  I get to see my cancer doctor, have more blood drawn then hear his fine medical opinion about my chances of survival. He and I have agreed I will die, in some ways like Samuel Whittemore - maybe eighteen years later, so that is just for knowledge. Then in the afternoon I go to court to see American Justice, not on television, which really isn't as cool as Perry Mason and Judge Judy. In both I am working with professionals to get through a problem and I am not confident they are going to be perfect, hope the LORD makes them competent.

Too cool and so proud
  My sister mentioned wanting to contact me on Skype, so I had to get a new password and sure enough, she didn't answer when I rang...  it is okay, just something I wanted knocked off the procrastination pile.  Alexa really works, except she doesn't live where I dwell, so my son calls to alert me, thinking of which, I need to put skype and Alexa where I will have an attractive background and I can sit alert and interested and participate like the television folks all do...We have the most beautiful orchid and the wrong background for taking its picture. Like smartphone videos and selfies, they just don't get the editing of the professionals and we keep trying. Take my word for it, the flowers are just lovely and on the second or third blooming since I was given them to help my recovery from the cancer surgery so long ago. Nero Wolfe and I appreciate them deeply. God has created more wonders than I can ever encompass.

    Great news that you won't understand, I found a way to muffle and control my hammer toe that caused me so much pain, that I was willing to cut it off with a cold chisel and sear it with a hot iron. Anyway, I could do my exercises and walk with less of a limp, hip is working but squeaking a bit in protest, it likes reclining rather than use - will work on it. The piles of things I haven't gotten to continue to grow, just don't move fast enough, or I can't be bothered... hmm, will have to think about that. Y'all have a wonderful day and do your very best for the glory and the honour.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year, and the start of another struggle against the evils of living large...

  I seem to have become a member of a new evil class - fat old white men, you can add all the stuff I have been responsible for throughout History. I have been told I can fix the fat part, and If I paid any attention to the commercials, I can have pills and surgery to fix most of the appearance of OLD...

   Knowing I can control only me, I am working on the weight.. so 3500 calories in a pound of fat, I have about fifty of those in excess, and doing a pound a week will make me leaner by next Christmas. Breakfast is fine, the oatmeal, raisins, sliced almonds, with milk and peach yogurt and coffee. A fine start for every day, and easy to clean up after. Lunch is now a slice of meat, slice of cheese and lettuce or spinach or kale/seaweed on dark bread. one apple and two pickles. For harmony I will allow my wife to decide my evening meal - and I will try to leave food on the plate every dinner... but I will have to struggle against 'starving children in China, and clean your plate, we don't waste food around here'. I waist all my food intake, and that is a waste. It is also life shortening. Share more with others, especially those candy bars that my wife brought home. Get them off the table, or just leave them there as temptation resisted (I did quit smoking all by myself after eight years and being up to three packs a day in RVN and two a day in 1972). So I can establish control of excess, then work on better choices of what my exercising old fat man body needs.

    I expect the better portion of my fight against fat will be in exercise, boring repetitious machine exercises. If my feet got fit, I might increase the walking, but will do what I can now, and that little is really helping, not with the weight loss, but with the stepping out without a pronounced limp.

   The wind knocked the power out here for a few hours, the clocks are blinking at us in the bedroom, another early start for the day ahead, but my wife's alarm is off the grid so we would have awoken on time. I get up to turn off the cable and the lights inside, and to quickly put another 24hour shield up in the game, if they catch me without a shield they will attack to steal my resources - which will cost them dearly, but the big guys always do it, pretending it is protecting everyone else. Just like politicians everywhere. Lies and more lies.

   I have been attempting to use the new app for the YMCA, to record my calorie burn and what I did to produce it. I have started to put a weight training program for upper and lower body, helps make me older but does burn calories also. I found out today, that I cannot enter data from home, so I went back to the YMCA and entered today's efforts, and then I submitted them into my history, and although the date was my grand daughter's birthday, it recorded them on the fourth. Talking to the staff about the new app, they were impressed with my efforts, since theirs haven't been as smooth, and they talk about glitches. I put my phone down too much to be impressed.