Thursday, June 30, 2016

Found at the library...

  The White Donkey, Terminal Lance, graphic novel by Maximilian Uriarte (good work, sad story).  God's War; A New History of the Crusades by Christopher Tyerman to be followed by Holy War; How Vasco Da Gama's Epic Voyages turned the tide in a Centuries-Old Clash of Civilizations by Nigel Cliff.   That should quiet my quest for more about how we got to this point.

   I have decided to join Barack Obama in leaving off the name of the religion associated with the terrorists, ISIS and ISIL. Since there seem to be many blaming the NRA for guns and Christians for attacks on homosexuals or other groups of different than thou, I am starting to understand the pain of group mentioned for heightening fears of unknown but now blamed. The truly godless are constantly attempting to rip the soul away from the solace. If they can't have belief then no one else should either. And if media or madness can use God, NRA, Christian, Moslem or Satan to make you bend to their influence and fears - then they aren't alone in the void. Now there are at least two of you without an anchor in the storm.

   So, June is almost over, time to go out with a strong finish. Lovely internet, sent a hundred dollars recently found to the Salvation Army for West Virginia Floods 2016. Better than the Clinton fund, the Republican Party or the Democrat Party... at least my money will do good.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

So you go to Men's Bible Study for prayer and fellowship...

   And as we wait for our leader, who went back to get the hymn books, an old Special Forces guy talks about gun politics that he doesn't think belong in America. Another man says he is going to get a gun, and he wanted to know what I thought about a pistol for less than a hundred and fifty dollars, giving him my no where near expert opinion, I told him he should be willing to pay more for quality especially if he thought it would be to defend himself and his loves.  Another fellow asked how many times had he needed a firearm in the past - which drags up the whole I have a right conversation.

   I do mention that no one should do anything from fear, and tomorrow we will look at his schedule for an opportunity for us both to go shopping for his gun. The leader shows up and we go into the Bible Study and where Jesus says that having hate or unforgiveness in your heart is just like murder. Which was a great place to go with this feisty group of old men that still think they are 'guys'.

   I was able to steer the conversations towards truths, not ever mentioned on media nor by the pushy powerful pretenders on their thrones of self importance.  It was agreed that most of America doesn't need a firearm, but when they might there isn't anytime to get a gun, training or a lawyer if the shooter was wrong. It was also very true that most of these Christian men don't trust the government any farther than they can throw them... which isn't very far. Found another .32 caliber rimfire revolver, a closet keeper far from the box of ammunition which is likely as old as the piece. What we get from long ago and far away from where we are now.  My grandfather's knife, pistol and Holy Bible are not as important to me as my memory of my grandfather coming to our house with our dog and two pheasants and a shotgun under his arm, and they let me pick bird shot out of the bird in the basement. He was an American and not on anyone's list.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making a killing, Business and politics of selling guns...

  An article in the New Yorker magazine, by Evan Osnos.  I listened to him on Fresh Aire (error?), the PBS show that is supposed to inform us that can't read... or some such thing.  I can read.

  I did like some of his points, saying that fear drives a lot of concealed carry and gun purchases -- I always tell my audience never do anything from fear, but no one listens to me much. I agree that fear does promote gun purchasing, every time Bloomberg or President Obama says something about the gun violence the public does seem to run out and get more guns and ammunition. I like to believe it is because the buyer knows that the government doesn't love them, won't be there to protect them. And then to add to the fear, the writer explains that most guns will increase the potential death by gun risk of everyone around the buyer... who is spreading fear?

  Here in the very drier West, there are forest fires and there are building fires and we fight fires, but I haven't seen the effort to get fire making devices under strict control of the government. Still arson is a crime, which will be prosecuted after the fact.

   Since my conclusions about the gun question are different than the writer's, should my words or his be censored, only one of us is correct?  But that would prohibit the freedom of the Press, and the link to the 2nd Amendment is so clear as to be funny, and ideas like ISIL and ISIS publish are killing more people in the name of a religion that seldom promotes violence any more than the Old Testament - and it is official policy to not censor the noise.

  The alarming amount of time spent by news media, entertainment media and game media spilling a lot of untruths about firearms, sex and what is cool - promote a lot of fear, and envy, and copycats.  You all need the truth and it will set you free.  Then go get your Concealed Carry Permit, get some solid training, and practice and then maybe a firearm because it can be a safe addition to your life and loves' protections.  



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Who is telling the tale?

   There is a government in the United States of America, why there are still so many levels of government I am no longer sure. If cities in the nation can decide they don't have to obey laws from the Federal government aren't they in rebellion? No, the Democratic Party still needs the votes from them for political power...

  But there are forces, powerful ones, that want to attack me in my little part of the country. I am not alone, there are people in high places, at all levels of government and media that promote the idea that the government is the only way for us all to get along.  Have you looked around and found that government agent making your day lawful and wonderful? Oh, look there is a police vehicle over there, there is a Highway Patrol officier over there.  Not that they have a thing to say to me, I know they are looking for the local drug distributor, the local rapist and the local mad terrorist of all the various causes... aren't they?  Or at least the local home invader?

  No, the truth is that the forces of the government don't spend time looking over your shoulder to find you doing something that they fear. Doesn't stop them from trying to frighten you into compliance with their superior thought processes.  When I was sixteen a uniformed State Trooper stood in front of five hundred plus high school students and said they would be cracking down on underage purchasing of tobacco products.  Being a teenage boy, I went out and purchased my first two packs of cigarettes, Marlboro, of course. I am sure I have done other things based on the idea that they couldn't tell me what to do, especially if they were fools and had no idea of how much smarter I was than they.  I quit smoking eight years later, on my own and for my own reasons.  I do like to say I didn't smoke nor drink for years and years because I didn't like the taxes they levied on the products.

  So we come to the gun control debate - on my side there is no debate - the laws against murder, assault and mayhem are all the government needs. I may need a gun to defend myself against the forces of evil, wherever they come from, but for sure I will not fight for my guns when stupidity is running loose, or amok (I love that word). Anyone that thinks a law that restricts guns is a wonderful idea is stupid, and those that suffer the government to control the guns will end up like the Native Americans, killed without mercy and nor apology. And when you are defeated, stuck on a reservation with very little prospect since it is the government that will be caring for you, since you aren't really to be trusted with your own life pursuits... how successful is that program working Washington, DC?
Tamara Keel and real gun control

   Over and over recently I have heard the largest mass shooting in American History when talking about the Orlando night club attack. But it isn't, the Wounded Knee event was bigger.  No one studies History anymore, but the pro gun goofs will constantly point out that governments kill more citizens than any terrorist organization, always.  And for the same reason, to frighten you into compliance, the British Empire tried to kill enough Indians to stop independence and they couldn't.

   I am delightfully old, but so much wiser than those poor stupid people sitting there in the House, pouting because there is no gun control. I looked at Tam's target for today, all her rounds were on target she has that gun under the only meaningful control she and Indiana need.  Which is what Liberty is all about, individual responsibility and self control. Remember it isn't the law abiding citizens that are the problem with guns, never have been. If we tied the ability to keep and bear arms in the well regulated militia to the right to vote (which is not in the Constitution) the anti-gun Democrats would fold.  They need as many stupid people voting as possible, even the dead ones, and the pro-gun goofs also don't want stupid people doing stupid things around them, muzzle sweeps as well as failure to properly clear the firearm on the range and vote for stupid representatives in office.

  Me, I don't think the government will ever love me, so I will remain an observer. Good night out there, make everyone of your shots count, if they aren't where you called them, they don't count.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day, I do hope you are carrying...

   I am off to church, and I am carrying.... my Bible, love in my heart and my love in my vehicle, love for those long gone before I could love them as much as they loved me, love for those just becoming wonderful in their innocence and discovery. Love for the great good folks everywhere doing likewise, carrying their best and blest forward into the world to make it better.

  oh, I might be carrying a pistol with ammunition, but I do trust in the LORD more than my self, I have fallen short before and would not like to disappoint again. But working on my humble and kind, I am not ashamed to ask for forgiveness if I do, nor to boast if it all works better than I expected, go gently into our day and use only the kindest of touches.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mission impossible... two or three examples of things that will never be...

  My wife told me to clean the gutters today, since the heavy rain last night wasn't going out like it should have but running over the edges of the gutter - may as well have just a roof. That was easy. just allow myself enough energy and ambition to make my wife happy and I can do that mission.  I received a few emails asking me to do some things for people in far off places - today and in the future, done for today and looking into the future - I am reasonably competent and agreeable to help.

  But people much smarter, paid better and seemingly more responsible want to change my position in their world - for my protection. They are gun goofs and anti gun goofs, both extremists and it seems it is all or nothing. So their impossible mission is to limit guns or get everyone to carry responsibly. Depending on their point of view is how much Liberty the individual is to have. To me it is very simple, do not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and expect them all to be part of the militia that will provide the security of the free State.

  Must have been better citizens back in the day of Presidents Washington, Adams, and Jefferson -- but there weren't really. It was expected that the people were good, honorable and very responsible for their own conduct. Yes, it was expected and understood - and no one thought it would be perfect and it wasn't, but they were willing to stand up and be counted when needed. Loyal to the Crown or to the cause of Liberty - they were willing to stand.

  My belief is that there are still many good people, of the kind that founded America and its principles.  Although, I do think there are people trying to change the norm and make us all very afraid.  Just like they want to gloss over the ugly truths about History, or make it into entertainment that has to have sex... on screen, like the founders would have done it on stage or in the streets? I don't think so, they did have children.

   People that have little or no idea keep talking about the AR 15 used in the Orlando atrocity, although it wasn't an AR 15, the same people act like whatever that weapon was - it was a military grade firearm.  It wasn't, although if George Armstrong Custer could have had one with five magazines per his troopers, he would have loved it. Today's military wouldn't want it, although they could have used it better than the killer did. So there are a lot of emotions being wrung out over the fears of something they do not understand. So Congress is going to debate and pass some kind of law, because it will somehow magically stop any such thing in the future... same government that disarmed all the passengers in the safety of the aircraft so that thugs could cut throats and frighten everyone into cooperating, with the hijack rules to the crew to cooperate and get the plane on the ground. Government failure to expect modern terrorists, always sure they have all the answers.  The government isn't really that smart - or it wouldn't have a 19 Trillion Debt it will never repay.

   So Americans everywhere, there is no Safe Zone, even Disney World can't provide one. They allow illusion of safety without providing it.  I expect every alligator to act and attack just like they all do as a survival method - they and Crocodiles have been around longer than current human food sources. There is no way that Disney nor Florida will be rid of the threat of attack by very simple minded big reptiles, that place is a very natual home and they walk about at night, too.

   There could be a Gun Free Zone from sea to shining sea - although America is bound by oceans not seas, seas is poetic.  Ideally, all our enemies would love it, a totally disarmed peasant population, even the ruling elite thinks no one is as sane nor as safe as they are, but they do hire protection since many have no intention of standing up to be shot nor to shoot.

  That whole gun free thing in England works well, a member of Parliament attacked by knife and killed by gun.  How does that happen?  There is surely more to that story to come.

   In the end on the Orlando atrocity, the killer (I object to calling him a shooter, cause I am one) wanted exactly what he got, his picture and name all over the internet, media and like all his selfies, he will be thinking he looks so good to all those that aspire to his brand of being the only character that counts in the movie of his life. He imagines he makes a very sexy hero, and looking at that rifle he bought - it was bought for its sex appeal (in his mind anyway). A mall ninja with exotic overtones of green and black. Just from the amount of time he spent calling 911, his wife and texting - it was all about him... kind of like the real ISIS, it is all about them and the religion is just a cover.

  There needs to be more love and respect in the world, all of us need to work on it daily. For sure don't look to Government nor PC to provide it - those don't have souls nor hearts.  Learn to shoot, learn first aid and prepare to do both -- which will always happen when least expected, just like the Boy Scouts  Be Prepared - and then help in everyway you can.

  For those that don't know most of the fear of the firearms and the harm they can, and do cause is all based on the entertainment and news media. If this country doesn't live in Cambodia under the communits - The Killing Fields is an attempt to describe how the world ignored atrocities instead of stamping the evil out.  Not the same reason, but the same ugly evil is sitting in Syria and Iraq trying to survive and spread. Why don't you understand you are the solution to evil?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Morning has spoken...

  So I am up with the East Coast folks, for no good reason, but I endeavor to persevere.  So I check Facebook feed, am fed up. Then look to cable for news, and am really fed up, so much so I turn it to Korean soap operas, mute and disregard. I weigh and best measure soon, then I put my YMCA bag together, and clean up the weapons and their cleaning tools, doesn't everyone start the day by cleaning up the little procrastination piles?

  I make the coffee, doughnuts are fattening so I just make my gruel, in lesser amounts, just enough. Take it out to the back porch to sit in the field recliner (don't give them to the Army that hardly marches enough as it is). I enjoy the morning nature noises and the cool arrival of light not provided by capitalism, government goodness nor appreciated by those that think it isn't a real miracle.  Alright, I have miles to go before I sleep, but I do have another clothing challenge thought upon while I was fueling the body. how to add another knife to the mix of concealed tools. XXXL hoodies hide so much.

  I read the Bible, play with photos and print outs and will have to start buying my printer ink cartridges from, since my normal supplier is moving on to the newer improved stuff... sigh. Brick and mortar will fall to the if they don't watch out. 

XXXL Hoodie hides so much

Monday, June 13, 2016

Another mass shooting, and what I don't like about it...

  The police have the dead killer, his weapons and all the victims, there is no need for a court trial and the public (me and many others really want to know) what happened.

   I understand a delay in giving out the killer's name, you don't ever have to give me his name nor a photo of him - ever.   Record everything, sort through all the evidence for the victims.  But I do want to know what were the killer's weapons, it is there on the weapon, a manufacturer a caliber and a real model name of the firearm, not some scary made up word. I don't need a serial number. I would like to know how many loaded magazines the killer was carrying.  And how many empty magazines he left behind as he cut through the crowded club. This killer wasn't carrying an arsenal, he was carrying his killing load, his arsenal is probably empty back in his residence.

  I would like to know why a SWAT unit takes three hours to arrive, you could have had five fire department units pumping water into the club faster than that. Maybe we should have foamed the whole place? I don't need Congressmen telling me the cyclic rate of fire of a semi automatic rifle or pistol. I would have liked to know where the killer trained and practiced.

  For any government official, activists of any type for all the causes, to tell me or the world that one more law will do better than the basic one of making homicide an offense punishable by local legal system - is wishing that unicorns and dragons lived and humankind didn't. If the killer doesn't have a real respect for the right to life of the human they are trying to kill, maim or mutilate what can anyone do to stop them except kill them first? Change their view of the world? others? their own place and responsibility?

  For terrorism to work, you have to be in fear fed by the government, media and the terrorists. In the United States of America, we are not in terror of death squads - our government isn't usually disposing of its opponents that way, yet. Nor do we have terrorists rounding up school girls for sex slaves, but we do have some criminal enterprises and criminals sucking the innocent into the smut industry, the media seldom covers that but sleaze and stupid sex will be championed by evil people for power and profit. Back to terrorism, if we turned off the news there would be less fear - just like turning it off so there is less uncivil conversation and bad thoughts about our neighbors we don't know as well as we should.

  There are plenty of laws, enforce all of them or remove the stupid ones.

Well, as long as you aren't afraid and enjoying the season, the friends and family and are taking care of your little problems and giving the rest to the Lord, we might make it.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Two of three isn't bad, but three of four would be better...

  So the plan was to wake early, go to the YMCA for a modest workout, then pick up another member and his pistols and take him to range 15 and see him shoot and find out about his pistols. I brought my own to shoot also and we blazed away on the targets. Okay, I don't blaze away but I did engage my target and took the pictures for proof, and I have sent him copies of him and his time on the range, email is wonderful for sharing. Then I was to get to the Library for a Homeowners Association meeting at twelve. I was there at 1204 and the doors were locked. The only way to repair my performance is to go out and mow the yard a bit, since the rains weren't that hard.  Saw a  picture of my son back in Hawaii with his family, always a good thing to see and think about. Take care out there.  You did take someone to the Library or your local range this weekend didn't you? Okay, take someone to church tomorrow.

Monday, June 6, 2016

June in Idaho, almost sizzling Summer...

  Two day Appleseed calls for my participation, and I have to get away from the computer and cable, find real people and firearms and some story telling... so I drive away from home at eight in the evening all night to get there, five hours and twenty minutes plus stopping for food, fuel and sleep.

  Twenty-five shooters on the line, wow! I loved it, how do they get such large groups, well, they do bring the children, come as couples, and are the only Appleseed until 2017 in Northern Idaho. That is how that happens, the Shoot Boss is on top of the event long before the gate opened in the morning, using email to keep the shooters in contact and aware.
Junior Patriots

  Large number of Red Hat instructors, makes almost certain we will do fine, opening introductions and briefing, safety. Then they bring rifles to the line and uncase them. First Redcoat targets tell everyone that there is a lot of improvement ahead. Several of our shooters are on their second Appleseed, since we teach so much in such a short time a second Appleseed is a great way to solidify the shooting skills and ask those questions you didn't know you needed to ask at the first one.

  If there was only one detractor, it was the HEAT. I didn't notice it the first day but I didn't sweat which meant I had no excess water to cool off, should have drunk some more. The butterflies, bees and other flying insects thought our spilling excess water from the well was wonderful, they spent a long time cooling down in the puddles on the damp earth. Only one unscored AQT on the first day, and only the First Strike told, but lots of marksmanship instruction for groups and individuals given.  Reinforce and repeat, make them know what the four safety rules are, the six steps to make the rifle safe, the six steps for making the shot. Over and over, trying the young people, finding out what will make this work.  By the time of the final Redcoat we are ready to pack up, now how well did they do on that last thirteen rounds? Well, they did just fine, thank you very much. Just fine.

  Instructors dinner is good, lots of sharing of ideas for the morrow and what we saw and thought about the day, then off to a shower and some very solid sleeping.

   The second day was the day I earned the big bucks for being there. Being a volunteer means all my payment comes in the smiles and improved performance of the shooters and listeners to our stories about our heritage. I had been fighting a cough for about ten days before I showed up, so it was slowing me down and I am ancient so I walk funny, enough excuses.  Quick reviews, checks of grouping, sight settings and more reviews and the first AQT of the day before lunch. Ah, there are people that know very well what they are about. By this time some of the shooters were shooting everything from the prone with a rest, the rifles do tend to get heavier for those still growing.

   Riley, a fine young lady much noted the evening before, came over to me and asked me to look at her target and score it. She really wanted to know why on Stage one she had only one bullet hole on the target and all the other rounds hadn't touched it. So, it began, I analyzed her shooting from what I saw on the target and gave her one idea for each thing I noticed. Her first score was really not much, less than 129, which means unqualified.   That bullet hole was on the V in the center of that 100 yd target, and nine were surrounding it consistantly... she had been looking at her bullet holes.

  Lunch and a Second Strike, then the Third Strike as the afternoon AQT grind began, walked the line, talked a little to the shooters about steady hold factors, making the shot, and watching for follow through and Rifleman's cadence. When scoring the AQTs I would show the shooters where their NPOA had really been, why changing mental focus to the next target would get them a bullet hole between targets. Little things started getting clearer, and the improvement was constant and amazing.

  I was drinking more, sweating and hanging in there between bouts of coughing.  Riley kept bringing me her target to score and tell her what I saw, the biggest thing I noticed was the improvement in groups, the improving scores and steady progress.  So it was like 140, then 172 or so, and then the third, her best, of 184. The last AQT was less, but still good for being at the end of a long hot day. The group had a chance to fire the last Redcoat, and then circled up in the far shade as I watched the line.  The announcement of the new Riflemen, and their pictures taken, Huzzah, Huzzah, HUZZAH! That echoes so well in the forested hills of Idaho.

   Back to pack up rifles and start the clean up, many hands make light and quick the work. I was on the road heading West as soon as I said some congratulations and good-byes.  Such a fine Appleseed is its own reward, great shooters, and instructor crew...

Friday, June 3, 2016

What me worry?

  I have thought about the Federal Government debt, and what the folks think they have to pay out, and then watching my own money movements I realize that cheap interest rates for banks convert immediately to real bonds upon the masses of consumer borrowers  Go from the bank getting money made from air at two percent (doesn't matter what the rate is, no one is going to pay it back) to lending it out at three to thirteen percent to little guys without anything except a sense that they should pay it back.  As long as everyone plays along and keeps the money in motion it will never slow down to where it could be counted and accounted for....

   I redeem some investments, pay my taxes and await the paper check. When it arrives I go to the bank and deposit it, and am told I can't use the whole amount since they haven't confirmed it as being a real number. I would bet their books made it a real number and that it was immediately put to use for loaning overnight, just to make money.  By the close of business on Monday the whole amount should be mine, again. Lesson learned have the money electronically deposited because banks don't love paper anymore.

  Money was invented by people in charge to make commerce easier and taxable. Really, go to more primitive cultures and there will be some money, but much is paid for by barter or the success of the crops and herds at harvest.  Things moved slower in the old days.  How far back was that, still happens across the world, in either the underground economy or in the cashless hard working folks that have enough to survive but no time for cable.

  I found my annual escrow letter in the mail yesterday and think about just paying the account after the Mortgage is done,,, or be subject to hundreds of offers for refinancing, reverse mortgages and other stuff.

  The primary problem with money being invented by the folks in charge, is they get greedy want more and will devalue their money by changing the metal content, or inflation.  Both work for a bit of time, but sooner or later adjustments will have to be made, the only thing our government has going for it - no one seriously wants an accounting nor a solid value upon the dollar.