Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time is flying, you only get forty, what do you do?

It is easy to tell you what you are going to do, or should have done, or what happened from where I saw it... if I saw it at all. After all, I am Earl and this is my blog so I really do have super powers here (okay,, I won't mess around with the software). So here comes the End of the World, and you are there.

So make it challenging, like a Reality show with time limits, drama, and getting voted off.

You have exactly forty left, what do you do?

40 Seconds (they do count - down, yaknow.) I will pray for all those that don't know how much time is left, and for mercy I don't deserve but very much want.

40 Minutes (less than an hour, much less than an hour TV show's content - but no commercial time out will be called here). Turn it all off, the phone, the computer, and find someone you love and talk to them and hug them tight, even if it is only the pet, or the memory of someone no longer close. Remember your love, and thank God for those extra minutes.

40 Hours, almost two days. Don't go to sleep with anger in your thoughts, on your heart or in your soul. Reach out with the widest transmission tech you have and say good bye and how much your life has been blest by all their attention, participation and love. Since you have that extra time because of technology, pray for forgiveness of those that hurt you, for your own hurting of others and always for being so self centered that you never noticed them or how that made them unloved. Don't dwell on your past life too much, you have time to give them all a better future without you, just by making it right that it is your time to go. Go loving, God and all their goodness.

40 Days, more than a month, at least two paydays, and closing all debts, keeping all the important promises, gently answering all their concerns and making them happy that they can share without care your finish. Seems lots of time with lots of potential, don't waste it, get right with God, all those you love, loved and need, and then meet some new people and tell them they have a tale to tell you, and take that time to listen to everyone that will share. Do it all with Love, you could write a book about it one day.

40 weeks, lots of time - time enough not to feel pressure of it on your life. Almost too much, so did you write a Bucket List? Well, do one, and get started on it. I have a niece that assures me writing lists will improve my management of my life, this is a time it would help to have one. Look, you have already started the last forty days in all the above - days, hours, minutes, seconds = The End. No time for procrastination.

40 months, more than three years... do you have any idea how many people have been told they would have less than that to live? What do you do with that much time - most will struggle to find more time, a way out of the countdown, to change the rules, to cheat, to not being very accepting--- to think very much of themselves, unless they are wonderful thoughtful loving folks that constantly think of others first. This is where you have a chance to really look at yourself and change who you are to what you want to be remembered for, to get rid of all the demons, nightmares and ugly. You will need to smile much more, fooling everyone into beautiful with you. Always a good to make yourself beautiful and see that everyone else is, too.

40 years - that is two lifetimes from long ago - but we were little better than other primates then. Most of the people that will ever read this (there aren't that many of you) have more than forty years left - it started when you realized that you don't have any idea how much time is remaining, you don't control the clock - or the weather, or the laws of physics. You don't control anything except you - and most of us are not expert in that. God bless all your best, you do have forty of something remaining to you to live. Not that you needed motivation, but just a chance to consider those forty for someone else is helpful.

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  1. Interesting post, and an interesting approach to time... And what we should do with it!