Saturday, December 29, 2018

What happens to the people without children at Christmas...

   Wall to Wall or lack there of news about silly things.... kids are more fun.

   For sure, we were lucky, we have Alexa to contact the kids and grandkiddos, if we only knew what we were doing with it. Then we were off to church and there were many children there, and the Pastor spent much time trying to keep the parents from silencing their children, or at least not worried about it. I wouldn't have mentioned it at all.

  I just don't fit in the box, I know, I must check one or they will check it for me...  truth is very relative, and hardly objective in the end. There were about seventy men and boys facing the light infantry at Lexington April morning. They were not all the same, but they were all standing there because Captain Parker had asked them to. You shouldn't make assumptions, find out who and why.

  The YMCA is running in the red it is reported, the goodness of their hearts and programs mean that many are served and encouraged to come, but many of the staff have their hours cut, or are just volunteers - and there is nothing wrong with volunteers but why does it seem there are so many back office managers when they could all come out to help?

   The YMCA keeping modern, decided that the ActivTrax program wasn't delivering - I was happy, but I am only one. So they went for an app on the smart phone. Well. I put the app on my phone and started dragging it to the YMCA with me, I get five points for using my phone and the barcode on screen to check in! Wow! Now the app hasn't helped me record my workouts, seems I can't touch it correctly, it isn't easy to scroll, to save, to figure out what it isn't telling you, and how to ignore what it is telling you (are you sure you don't want to do that exercise?) Ugh! But today! For whatever reason, when I finished my light workout, I had four exercises to record, and somehow I got them into the machine, saved and they are showing on my history. I have been trained, why do I feel like a pet that isn't getting a treat for my performance?

   Getting ready to switch calendars, except that my wife has her new ones up and using them already - probably miss New Years that way. Don't know. Nah, will sleep through it. I can catch the early fireworks from the other side of the Pacific, the ones over Germany and get a great night's sleep missing the Space Needle shooting off - should be raining here, right?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Oh, what a wonderful weekend... Appleseed!...

   I am in driving distance 1h 45m from Port Townsend and the rifle range for our Appleseed. Dark from start to finish of the drive, Winter is coming. I meet 'Janer', the Shootboss, and we are setting up in the pistol bays but maybe squeezed, over twenty with walk ons signed up. 'Never on Sunday', and Yankee Terrier are in IIT positions and we begin to check people in, set up equipment line and firing line. The fire is lit in the warm up shed, we expect cold but not freezing weather. I miss putting Josh on the right side of the line, for his left hand shooting. But we moved the instruction right along, just enough words to make the points. The morning was prone, and the afternoon was full of sitting and transitions. and the first Appleseed Qualification Test, and one former Rifleman, repeated and became our first Rifleman of the weekend. He wasn't going to be the only one, but Sunday would show that two others were hiding on the line.
  Sunday was the day of the wind, and the wind won. We had the canopies erected for keeping the rain off, and they decided to try flying away... almost made it. So took them down and moved to another range where the wind would be behind us, closer to the warm up hut and cover in case of rain, but the rain held off.  There would be target corners and sheets lifted by the wind, the chill would stay with us, but all instruction was given, and one AQT before lunch, Dangerous Old Men stories and back out to shiver on the line and we need to anchor the mats better, since they would lift and try to move the rifles on them.
   I must be getting old, didn't spend much time on the line just covered up and called the line commands. Didn't do too much instruction and no demonstration at all... hmm... My overall feeling was that the shooters overcame the wind and the chill, we didn't give them too many things to remember and they performed wonderfully. It is all a shared learning experience, and we could take the memory home and put it to bed.
   Off the line and away from the shooters the discussion was often about the threat of more constraints against the range by local forces that don't really know anything about shooting, the ranges nor safety. Just GUNs are bad. Never ending ignorance. Now to get ready for Christmas.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The government can't control guns, they can't control spending and accounting....

 Really, the list of things they are supposed to control: immigration, drugs, education, justice, welfare, taxes, retirement, secrets, aviation, transportation, scientific evidence of ______, and such. They can't control and for some reason, they think success in gun control will be wonderful.

  Why allow them to try? More people are dying of drugs -- suicide is killing more, but then guns are sometimes used for suicide. Anyway, my point is don't strain the government, they haven't caught all the killers yet. They need tax money and they haven't caught all the tax cheats either. They haven't caught all the liars in Washington, DC. That should be grounds for an appeal for all convictions for false testimony in Washington, DC. Not uniformly prosecuted, all those lying politicians.

  Report from Australia, the guns aren't all gone yet, and automatic weapons are coming in, or being manufactured in country. They aren't that difficult to make.

   I don't think that Gun Control will work. I know that I haven't decided to use a semi automatic rifle to commit crimes, most gun owners are with me - but lies on entertainment, news media and politicians' lips will try to make you believe that only the government is moral enough to control gun crime... not true. The government is not moral, the people in it maybe, but probably not.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Not nice to fool Mother Nature... nor mess with her...

  I have been having a doomsday feeling since Prayer Group last Saturday evening. Good study, fine prayers and great fellowship and food... and still I couldn't help thinking the end was near and we are not close to prepared for it. Brought on by the missionary that was shot by an arrow and returned the next day to get killed by more arrows - trying to bring enlightenment to the heathen, in an area put off limits by the local civilized authority. Can't help but wonder if it was a gun free zone. Very poor joke, but the missionary was certain that he could bring peace to the savages, and they were sure he was bringing destruction. According to modern Liberals, he was a token white man bringing all the civilized ills they had brought to the New World in 1492.

  Some fine point on the Facebook feed on the internet I found out that the windshield dead bug count is way down and efforts are being made to get a real count and difference from the counts done thirty or more years ago. You will notice, in the Spring and Summer, the decided lack of insects, except most of us only think of them as something to clean off the radiator grill and windshield as we drive across the country. But they feed lots of bigger feathered flying friends, and slithering long tongued almost slimy things... when enough go the whole food chain is in peril. Remember the beast at the top of the food chain? Yes, your local tyrant/ruler/representative/member of Parliament the one on top of the food chain... they will be the one that will ration, order, regulate and guide you into destruction based upon their need for other useless mouths to feed.   

  There will be many to jump upon the Climate Change bandwagon, and they could be correct. It could be a new bug from space, due to lack of a space force and a cosmic dome. Could be, my best guess, the weed and bug killers are winning. I am canceling all future business with Terminex. It could be that there are too many man made things that aren't food in all kinds of food and trash left around to be consumed by bugs that haven't found the proper acids to render and reduce them into basic real usable compounds. Evolution does take surviving and adapting and lots of time. Jump to the genetic manipulators and you have my other culprit - stuff that isn't real, but that fools (almost) Mother Nature.

   Humans hardly ever leave well enough alone - from forbidden fruit to communism - humanity has many original bad ideas that will destroy innocence, perfection and goodness for all. And as they say, we are all on the same boat, so be good, kind and at peace. Those that aren't going quietly will be loud and proud and dangerous. We haven't been paying enough attention and building stuff that we can use for power, but not love. And without love? there will be nothing...

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Just another waking up at five morning... aren't they all?

  Adventures in the American court system are amusing, painful and not to be repeated. A whole level of government that should be very good by now, but really they tell me 1pm and they don't show up until 1:30, we are being treated like we don't count. And we don't. Allow that to set the tone.

  Interesting, to see a former coworker in town, and touch base later on Facebook. If I were a smartphone addict, I would likely have texted, shot a picture as we passed and later looked to see a response... could just have said 'hello!' with a smile, but it is all being recorded now - by our government, the Chinese or just trolls... who is watching over you? All I could do was smile a bit better and store the memory of the passing in my mind.

  Tennessee Ernie Ford's gospel got me started this morning, lovely to pretend I can match his bass and know all the words to all the songs. I am waiting to things to happen on my electronic game, so I am listening to The Gael, one window for music and the others for blogging, and another on a game, one for email, one for confusing our enemies. Remaining thankful that I don't really have enemies, just millions of people that don't love me because.... pick your reason - mine is fat old white man, and an American to top that mess off. I am chuckling, the false rage and anger about the imagined terrible type of person I must be.... My mother tried to make me be better than that. And good women have been trying ever since, don't give up, ladies. Just putty in your hands... ha, ha.

   I have some serious contacting to do on the internet today, seems the dental program is going and I must replace it... should we pay by the teeth remaining?

  I have a .58 dollar credit on my credit card, why don't they send me a check? Do they think I would lose it? First cup of coffee down, time to make a fresh pot... warming and waking magic. So Gandalf.Rx hit me hard with a spy and supply raiding, but I have 20k of his best this morning. Nicely rounding up my t5 which I can't create without some research. Not to worry, got to go, y'all be good. It will confuse them that are living bad, and badly.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Almost finished on my tenth year on the Appleseed trail, Custer Washington...

  So I signed up, prepared my vehicle and packed out and on the road north at 5 AM, it is dark and cold. Filled up at the Safeway and drove, and drove and drove and at 7:25 rolled into the parking lot at the Custer Sportsman range... been here before always interesting.
   Ben and Matt are on site, Ralph rolls up and we begin to set up. I have check in and t-shirt issue. Ten shooters to work on marksmanship and their heritage from our history presentations about April 19, 1775. I like to pretend anyone reading that date would automatically, if an American, know what happened and why on that date. But most Americans have no idea, they could google it or find it on Wikipedia, if they thought it important.
   Introductions, history lessons, safety and expectations of the two days are presented. There is a plan, a course of instruction that guides the instructors, and the shooters all have their personal expectations. Some of the shooters are back for improving what they learned on another Appleseed some times ago. Family and friends gathered to learn, practice and test their skills in a common, American heritage, marksmanship with a rifle. Something my American History teacher showed me in ninth grade Junior High Rifle Club, in the high school gym on Thursday afternoons.
   So, we start, building on little stuff, adding more, repeating the words, pointing out what we see, helping adjust the shooter, the sling and the rifle to the target with our techniques. I am sure they have much better ones in high power, competition and Olympic match levels. But we can bring you into 4 MOA at five hundred yards with our twenty-five meter targets... if the shooter pays attention and corrects one flaw at a time. And lots of dry practice, lots of dry practice.
  Gus joined us on day two, while we waited on Alec to return from border crossing adventures. In the end several cleaned Redcoats and three new Riflemen made. The future Riflemen were all around but darkness comes early in the wintery Great NorthWest, and my hands were chilling.

Monday, November 12, 2018

End of days...

  I went to my aunt funeral in Minnesota, she had a long and full life, I always thought of her as a wonderful lady, my father's sister. That was last year, December. My wife had to return to Korea, for maintaining her parents's grave mounds and paying respects, and seeing her sisters and brothers and all their children and grand children. Each of the graves took a day and she traveled the Republic to see her family and friends. Her tales of the changes in the last seven years in high rise apartments, cutting all the trees, getting rid of rice paddies. Most of her travel was bus, rail and air, taxis are too small since she was always with others.  When she went to her home village it was like a ghost town, and the farms had gone from rice to black beans - low maintenance high dollar value crop? Times change, excess rice comes from the two crops in Southeast Asia instead of the one crop in Korea. But farming isn't looked upon favorably, working in a factory, starting your own business, being highly educated and in politics, justice, medicine or science.

   As major improvements in tech, and computation show up, my wife's smart phone service stopped at the American border, without some serious changes she wasn't prepared to do. She took pictures but had to use her brother in laws computer to comment on Facebook to me. I laughed. She had various adventures on her trip back to the USA. But I was patient and was there when she came looking for me. She had to get new luggage, the old set had problems with handlers and plastic parts breaking beyond easy repair. But the new stuff got stuffed until little old ladies or their husbands shouldn't pick them up at all. Almost, but wheeling them is nice.

   Church, Sunday school and a revival for us, then I went off to meet a Tennessee Appleseeder that I am a FB friend of.  Met him and his wife, a local family lady, and we talked about career and Appleseed. The new efforts to infringe on rights and how we got into Appleseed and where we are going from here. Good burger and cole slaw, and I drank coffee. We exchanged business cards, ha, ha. Busy Sunday, my neighbor told me that the Seahawks lost, but the game was close and worth watching.
    Monday plans don't include anything except one funeral, for a lady born in Japanese controlled Korea in 1923, married in 1944, widowed by the godless Communists in 1953, raised her daughter alone, daughter married an American, she moved to Hawaii and then Washington to help raise the grandsons. She became a Christian and a Baptist late but was always at church, a senior lady friend to my wife, and my wife knew her grandsons from youth choir trips she had supported for years. One of them gave a beautiful tale of his grandmother's life and meaning in his family, a wonderful tribute. I noticed how young she was in their wedding picture. 

   It was interesting to me, how pain free my foot was, and how well I walked across the cemetery grounds and back to my car. And when I got home, changed, napped and got up to get a cup of fresh coffee and return my tray to the kitchen, I fell catching myself about twelve inches above the rug. Dropping the tray, coffee cup and stuff - had my priorities correct.   

   You had your three day weekend, unless counting or making more ballots to count in Florida. So be of good cheer the Democrats are winning, we won't become Zimbabwe, but Venezuela maybe.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The day after the Vote...

  Yesterday, I went off to the YMCA, to get a coach to show me the new routine, but they aren't prepared. As I walked to towards the double doors I saw a couple leaving the old man slowly going to the car in the handicap spot, the little elder lady carefully, slowly placing her feet as she danced with her walker. She was not happy, so I gave her a bright cheerful 'Have a beautiful morning!' And her face lit up, with a smile saved for the gallant knights arrival - just in the nick of time. She was so beautiful in that welcoming of my greeting. That made my day.

  I often tell young girls that only their smile will keep them beautiful, but they are too young to understand, they believe in makeup, dieting, dancing and surgery and dental alignment devices. But it is the smiles men will come back for. Since they are often disturbed by some young fool's teasing and taunting - never realizing that it is to get the girl's attention and then a smile. I will have to go back to Tom Sawyer to find out how Mark Twain wrote about that.

  Washington's election results weren't published until 8 PM. Too many misinformed people voting about things they know nothing about. I guess we are going to the Supreme Courts of Washington and the nation. Both Constitutions prohibit government infringement of the right to keep and bear arms. Different words. The biggest problem is there are too many people living in fears of their entertainment and news media promotions of the dangers of Assault Rifles, semi auto rifles, mental health of humans being treated for mental problems. Lots of rich guys pushed it, but the entertainment and news media had prepared the minds for thinking that legislation would prevent the next mass killing. But it doesn't. Promoting love of all ones' neighbors, strangers at the gate and one's self -- even promoting good manners and quiet behavior would help. But they are going to send the law enforcement forces into battle against the law abiding citizens with these terrible dangerous firearms and people will die. But we are all going to die, and once you launch the ball, the attack, the raid, the action to win your game - it all comes up against the other side, team and their reaction. No one studies history any more. We will be going to court first but gun raids have already caused the death of the gun owner denied.  Since most of America isn't worried about President Trump, not the alien invading masses (you don't study history enough, folks) the extra voters in this state were in resistance to the i1639. Thirty pages of feel good legislation. I am sure some of the first ARs were hidden yesterday because of the legislation, a few families are looking to move to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. When you got to go, you have to go.

   We aren't even sure about Texas now, the big money is going to get us all if we don't watch out. One of those fine science fiction paperbacks from long ago, talked about the godless communists taking over America, and then having control of money, work and schools - they turned to the independent of community folks - the small farmer with family and faith, that doesn't have to come into town, use a phone or communicate with the government. The ones not depending on the government... Anyway, the main character was attacked and killed, can't have any independence must be dependent on the government.

  Now I know that fools believe it could never happen in the United States of America - but rights never understood nor exercised may not be legal in the minds of many. And if you studied history, you would quickly see how many governments have failed to do more than kill off a lot of good citizens in their efforts to make better citizens living in the current enlightened rule of foolish elite. Killed off millions, and not too well reported. But like I said before, we all die, it is important to live well and do your best right to the end. Forgive them, for they know not what they do... nothing really changes, we forget why we wrote the law.  Gods of the Copybook Headings, Kipling?

Monday, October 29, 2018

Time keeps moving on, and I am falling backward... or just happy to be here...

  So this weekend, we had a fine Appleseed at Coupeville, WA. on Whidbey Island. Which means ferry boat rides on and off. I said hello to the ticket sales lady on my first day, and had a fine longer conversation with the man selling on the second day, since it was early and no one was behind me. Day two was about how America was changed and everyone was alone and we needed to talk more everywhere - the kind of conversation that fit because of the shootings in Pittsburgh and the mad bomber from Florida. We didn't solve the lonely (my wife is away) but we did start the conversation and kept it positive.

   I know I am getting older, great picture was taken of me by Ben, and I love it, although it isn't as beautiful as I think I am. But ten years of wear on the Appleseed Trail will do that to a fellow. It pays so well: smiles, thank yous, and 'we will be back's. Trying to remember any people I met that I wouldn't be happy to see again, and can't think of even one.

   So with rain promised for the weekend, we showed up to greet 14 shooters to present instruction, history and build the heritage that seems to be missed by current culture. They came as groups, family and friends, to learn to shoot well and improve their understanding of marksmanship. Nine of them confessed to being beginners, and we would spend some extra time getting them into the marksmanship, but I know that it was worth it, the shooters that improved quickest were the ones without experience and skills built strangely to overcome.

  Don't know how to stress that there are things never seen in movies and news reports about firearms. They do have weak springs, fail to extract, double feed, and ammunition fails to fire when primer is struck lightly or the primer wasn't applied uniformly. It is all part of shooting that experience will help over come quickly and confidently. There were the adjustment challenges, I do need to study those YouTube videos about the strange slings I run into more and more now, they should work.

  We never got the soaking rains and high winds I have been under before on this range. Luckily, the weather blew in and blew away, so little lingered that we thought just a little shivering was not having an effect on our performance... it was chilling me and sitting on a wet directors chair wasn't half the fun of laying down in a puddle of water on the tarp laid down to keep one from the dirt. At least the shooters had a chance to shoot. Will got to shoot to demonstrate how he would shoot the AQT, we aren't sure it was effective. But he liked getting an opportunity to fire his rifle.  Mike showed up on the second day, riding his Gold Wing, bringing me a training aid book that I had left on the range at Port Townsend a while ago, Spring? I had been looking for it, figuring it was gone with much else of my mind. Still have a shooting mat left behind in Idaho from a couple years back.

  On day two we reviewed everything, the shooters much more interested in making sure they understood why they weren't hitting tiny groups on the target they were engaging. We did some drills and presented transitions to add to challenge and difficulty of meeting the time standards. The groups had the normal slowing down and being supportive and competitive as they always are. Which translates as good and bad. One young man was having trouble concentrating on his shooting, but his distraction was really learning, she had mentioned knowing nothing about shooting but she was learning quickly. Looking over the young man's AQTs on day two convinced me that he was sandbagging. He probably wasn't, but he wasn't really paying attention to the course of fire. He was safe enough, and he listened well to advice and took gentle ribbing well.

   By the end of the day and during our clean up I asked him how old he was, on the roster 24, he said 23. I thought a lot about that, he had manners, potential and will do well in life, if he gets interested. I believe he will, but then I thought about me at his age - so long ago and so far away. I was in Vietnam, the third overseas assignment of my Army service, a sergeant working on staff sergeant, planning to get married after that tour. Different country back then, too. Highschool grad, college and OCS drop out... well, we learn by what we fail at and repair later. It was a very good Appleseed, even without any Riflemen earned, all the shooters learned, they all improved and I hope as their lives allow we will see them on other ranges and Appleseeds bringing friends and family to learn and hear about the history and build the heritage back into our lives.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Y'all are ignorant of too many things for the amount of real knowledge that exists...

 Nice way to tell y'all that you should be smarter.

 There are
a bunch of people coming to America, the United (?once upon a time?) States there of. They are labeled as migrants, immigrants and looking for opportunity. But come on, they come from rich countries, great climate growing seasons and full of opportunity... except for one thing. We have a prohibition of government disarming the people, infringing on their right to keep and bear arms. None of those countries in Latin America have such a thing.

  Lots of people will always talk about voting, education, medicine and capitalism our nation of laws and such - and for some strange reason they discount our having guns as our only flaw in what could be a perfect society. But then you can't sell the idea of immigrants coming to America to live in Liberty with the opportunity and responsibility to keep and bear arms. All those strange talking folks buying their first of many ARs, nasty black rifles. I think they should be cleared to purchase as soon as they show up, take classes and learn fire arms safety. Sounds like the only difference world wide, in how they are perceived as a human being in their home country and the USA.

  In most of the nations of the world being armed is a criminal, or revolutionary act. The government reserves the arms and their power to itself, they don't trust their peons, serfs, bondsmen, slaves, and tax payers. The countries where you may be armed expect good behavior with the arms, but they aren't thinking they might be at war with the population...  Really, children are armed by godless revolutionary movements - easier to impress and control. But they get real automatic weapons and all the ammunition they want to fire into other human beings, in countries that have strict gun control. The weapons always move to the market and need.

   Look at the murder rates of countries that control their weapons, if they haven't higher morality and social expectations supported by gentle government and less than ravishing criminal elements, taking up all the law abiding populations arms just mean you have become the last of the Celts, disarmed by good Roman government after being conquered by the legions - you get soft and totally untrained and the migrant Jutes, Angles and Saxons will tear you up, and take your women and land. Then when the Normans defeat Harold and it starts over again...

   Don't fear Californians, except they bring unAmerican activities with them and they try to make all the states as big a future problem as California is already. But the knowledge of who you are and what you believe and what you work for every day for the rest of your life - is not on any digital screen. Real people to talk with, work with, have coffee with... meet them and be good.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Seen on the NEWS... a picture of another America, where I don't work and live and love...

   There have always been giants in the MEDIA, great writers, thinkers, artists, performers and politicians. All part of the smoke and mirrors of an illusion of a place where I don't live, and y'all probably don't ether.  They are broadcasting and making most of us fearful -- because we don't know the truth and what they present constantly builds our fear.

   Let us look at something common, instead of guns, drugs and thugs... something simple. All women should be beautiful, and how that is defined is there everyday on screens everywhere. And you can guess how much money is spent by all those media magic makers to make all those young beautiful ladies feel unwanted, unloved and without a future because they don't make the grade, just not at all that slim, graceful, confident and paid attention to - never to be courted.  It isn't true, but how else may we get more lipstick, makeup, perfumes, and new clothes purchased - we have to make everyone envious, fearful and in need of comforts and solutions to their self image.

   Okay, lets make everyone uncomfortable with firearms, or medical misfortunes. First report it, investigate it, and run it on the evening news for five days, periodically refer to it as the way things are wrong and if we could just change the law - it would never happen again. NOT TRUE!  But it must be, you saw it on the internet,  or it was on CBS, FOX, or ABC.  Aren't you glad it isn't in your neighborhood? Just in your mind. Not where it can be fixed by you, but then someone will offer a new law, so certainty that it will not happen again. More illusion, something much less than God's goodness to cling to, much less than the true brotherhood of humanity. Breast implants (something I know nothing about) are harmful, dangerous and all caused by the original thoughts about not being as perfect as women on the screen.

  I assure you, life is too short - you won't be able to stop evil, only you can teach, explain and help create good things. The government is not functioning as it should, only as you find it. The bigger the government the less it can do well.  Because of improved communication they start to feel like they can handle anything. But do you really think they will establish peace and prosperity in Afghanistan? Do you have any evidence that anything people from outside that nation have ever had any lasting effect? Ever?  Maybe if they stop the killing in South Chicago, they will be ready to cure Afghanistan.

  I bring this all up, because there are many things working around the next election cycle. We have a very bad set of initiatives that when read and thought about won't solve anything. The government has always retained the ability to pass laws against murder - the People never wanted the government to disarm their citizens. They had a much better sense of history and repression than current citizens. I always laugh, when those screaming for gun control are so certain they will always have police to call upon to defend them, that believe 911 will be a rescue instead of a clean up team, looking for evidence. For everyone that says we don't have to worry about defending our families and homes, you haven't been watching the last hundred years of civilization... Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, South Africa, and there still seems to be war all over the world where our news isn't reporting much... everywhere.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Great Weekend in Renton...

   Left home early to get to the Interlake Shooting Sports range, in Renton. The first thing I noticed are the construction men waiting in their trucks to get into the area they are preparing for construction, looked like water and sewer and drainage. Neighbors are going to complain about noise and safety, but the range has been there since 1947. And the city keeps expanding, sigh.

End of the 1st day - happy shooters

   I checked my stuff for the course of instruction, and noticed I hadn't brought my hat, nor wallet, luckily I did start the morning with full gas tank. So Andy shows up to open, has a really bad head cold sinus and won't be teaching nor staying around. But his target line was set up the evening before and with a bit of tightening no problem. Scheduled for twenty-one shooters. It will be a bit tight on the firing line. Prescott is shoot boss, Bandaid and Glock Girl, Tally and Matt and a totally new to me, IIT named Schooner. Big fellow with a beard.

   Introductions, and orientation and safety rules taught. They aren't automatic yet and then they bring their firearms down to the line.  First Redcoat of the day, isn't very impressive for the group. But there are some shooters present, a few of which have been to Appleseeds in the past. When they know your name and they look familiar. Yep, back for another set of targets. I was the first Line Boss and away we went into the drill, teach one thing, shoot, teach another thing and work them through the day adding more to their skill set and knowledge.

  Because of some mechanical issues, adjustments of stocks for sight alignment and just new learning with too much information to absorb - the morning was slow to move along... but a Rifleman perseveres. During lunch the First and Second Strikes of the Match were told... I always wonder if food and refreshment aren't first in the audience's mind. But we moved into the afternoon refreshed and enlightened.

   We taught carding the sights to promote the use of NPOA, and to trust NPOA so one doesn't fuss the shot, out thinking the target shouldn't take more than a pause in respiration. Sitting and standing are taught, and fired, some speed drill. We did shoot one AQT, told the third strike and fired the final Redcoat target of the day, took a group picture and packed up to go home for rest, reflection and clean up of selves and equipment. We had one Rifleman from that one AQT, and three cleared Redcoat targets. A very big improvement from the morning start.

 Second day, starting at eight with the check in and preparing the equipment and firing line. A little cooler but going to become clear skies and warmer. Refresh and review, First Redcoat target should have been better than the last yesterday, but wasn't. So we talk through it all, coach, advise and watch for dancing fingers, sling usage, good form. It starts to pay off. trying to conquer one problem at a time, and the groups start to shrink as the shooters start just doing the six steps without thinking about all the excess wording and sage advice given. Rifleman's cadence and speed drills for transitions pays large as the shooters have only enough time to drop find target focus and squeeze the round off and follow through. Keep it simple, no magnifying your fears and frustrations, just not enough time. Three Riflemen made (Ray, Bruz and Liana) and honored on the first AQT of the afternoon. Ball and dummy drill, more AQTs and Known Distance knowledge presented.

  I hope the familiarity with their rifle and our instruction, coaching and tips will combine with the history of April 19th, 1775 to light that fire of the American spirit. We can take care of ourselves, we will speak up for the right, we will engage as soon as we break free of digital distraction devices. Good luck, keep the faith and honor our heritage. Hope to see y'all on the range, some where in our future and showing how well your dry practice has made you.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I am not playing that game anymore... why are you?

   Now, I am not a Senator, Congressperson, President nor Judge... I am just me, Earl. Now having watched the country change because of what we all see and hear as our communications links get better and faster and seem to have nothing. Where did America go? Lift the magic curtain, and it is still there. The seasons change, technology changes, but the land, water, stars in the sky -- none of that has really changed. Has it?

   Where is the anger coming from, where is the idea that everyone has to be cool, sexy, hip, on top, best, brightest, purist, beautiful, handsome, talented? The culture of envy?

    Anyway, I am not going to apologize for being an American, and asking about my heritage is fun, but you can't blame me for it, nor anything my ancestors may have done to survive and live during their time on earth. If it is creative and interesting I may read your words, view your works, listen to the poem or music - but you just aren't moving me to react to ugly, hurtful, or threatening. Why would I? Because of polling data? experts say? everyone knows? There is Liberty being old, wrinkled and weak, poorer and laughing at those that don't know what happy is.

   I hope y'all drop your fears, fancies, and foolishness. Be good and kind. Be better than you think everyone else isn't... or as they are.

Friday, September 28, 2018

I was correct, the Democratic Party hacked all those Facebook accounts, cause Zuckerberg...

  I have been traumatized and in thirty-five years will testify about how devastated I am as I suddenly remember which one I know did me in...

   Having broken free of putting my mindless thoughts on the only thing bigger than twitter... I may continue to play here until the Speech Police come up to take my computer away.

   In my happier news, I have had a wonderful email from my sister, updating me about her life, challenges and the remodeling of the home she is living in. The pictures are great of the kitchen.

    Also my Magpul order showed up. Three ten round magazines for my new (to me) AR, which I still haven't named (Sister Liberty?). And a sling, RLS Rifleman Loop Sling, which makes me wonder if a friend of mine sold his sling design to Magpul. Looks fine except for the nylon web, I like cotton, but I am going to give it all a go.

    Tomorrow, pictures and maybe I will sneak off and shoot some rounds to find my zero. But tonight I go out to see Redemption, part 2 of Unbroken. And tomorrow I have Men's Prayer Group. Good night.

Seems I have been hacked... must be the Russians or the evil LEFTist

  I am going to change into gym gear and go workout.

Watched the action of the Senate Subcommittee, and this nation is toast. My America only exists in real people, not performing artists in the media exposure for profit, so it is all for naught. I don't want to learn Chinese, my English vocabulary may be better than most of the talking on television, because I learned mine from books, not movies and television.

  Anyway, someone owns my Facebook page, I am not playing Farmville with my sister, who needs my prayers, much more than my foolish.  So y'all are left with my ghost and the haunting of the hacker that stole my (free) membership. Or Facebook folks decided there are too many guns on my page and stroked me out. Doesn't matter, I will not live by AI nor digital device alone.

  I did some work on my new AR platform and am looking forward to taking it shooting this weekend. Busy weekend, lots to do on.


Monday, September 24, 2018

I really am an American... so when they are going to oppress me about an AR...

  I immediately went to find one I would buy, there are some cheap one around. Had some good suggestions from friends to build one (they don't understand how challenging that would be) but the best answer was 'I am downsizing take your pick of these.' That didn't take but three emails and a meeting set up for today to pick up said AR.  Iron sights and GI web sling, and I was hoping for a magazine, too.

    It was interesting driving up in the commute around Seattle and even more so to find his home in the maze of streets, which often ended in a dead end with the promise some day there would be a road to link. Ah, ten minutes later than I had planned I found him and a small dog waiting for me. Invited in and he has on the kitchen island, a shopping bag full of magpul parts, 2 new 30 magazines, one twenty rounder, and 360 rds. Plus another pistol grip and butt stock. And a soft black gun bag, so the little stuff was left in my car, and we were off to see the man about an official transfer of the firearm, thirty dollars and some paperwork later. I now own an evil black rifle - and can hardly wait to shoot it.

   He did mention leaving the 30rd mags in the packages, because there was no telling what terrible thing would happen when they got loose. I told him I had ordered three 10 round mags, because I have never loved long magazine for anything except ease of carry. Ever since 1967 a rifle with a box magazine that laid into my support arm has been unfit for me to use.  I had also dropped an ammunition order and would be waiting for it. At the store where we did the paperwork, I picked up some bumper stickers about the voting NO on I-1639, and flyers on same. One issue that Americans cannot leave to those people in power. Having watched the government and their problems with fairness, I am sure the less they do the better we all will be.

   He did note how quickly my background check came back, I think it is because they have a fat file on me. I worked for them for a long time, and now my son is working and having to get and keep his clearances up to date. Judging from all the ribbons he is wearing, his file is twice as fat as mine. Ha, ha!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's talk about politics... really?

  I am only a two issue voter, but then I know how everything works.  Money buys power, it is a reward and a tool of the elite and they will never care about the basket of deplorables (how did Hillary spell it?), those of us'ns living in trailer parks and under bridges. But I don't really support those that have no honor, sense of shame nor Boy Scout characteristics. I will pray for them, but they get no money and no votes from me.

   So toss out what is in the news. Just remember what you support and find the candidates that are supporting what you think is important. Both major parties are doing bad things for their seats in power, they are both hiding stuff. And they are all lying about their record, promises and character - maybe.  In Washington and many other states large sums of money are pushing activity against the Constitution and the amendments to the basic law.

  Interesting times, larger and larger poorly informed citizens going to vote the rascals in...

Anyway, I am close to deciding to buy an AR and need some solid recommendations. I took a look at Daniel Defense v7, and was interested but appalled by the prices, sigh. I am such a cheap old man.
Should ask my son, still serving, about what he and his community think would be the perfect home/vehicle rifle/carbine that he would recommend. Has to be my size.  If the current anti-gun infanticide loving Democrats win big (and the Republicans have no spine nor Constitution restoring agenda).  I will be heading to the gun shop to buy before they think they can stop me. Always have known that when the revolutions come, we march on Fort Ticonderoga to get the King's guns.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ah, you can't prove that you didn't do it, can you?????

   Guilty as charged, banished. When I was a young man, I carried a knife and everyone knew it, and some boys accused me of threatening them with it. And the people listening believed the story... and I was banished from my adopted home away from home... It was traumatic, the family had taken me in as an older cousin, big brother/baby sister, friend and home work helper. It wasn't a good time for me. But there was still school, my own family and part time work and my reading and dreams and whatever. 
   The boys returned, told the truth and I was welcomed back with cautions and lots of love... I learned about running a muskrat trap line and skinning them, a buck a piece. Substituting on the paper route for one of the children, helping Lois clean her kitchen work table, I did half of it. She called my mother and told her to send me back to finish the other half (best practical joke I ever did). My little brother woke me too early and I left home and went and slept on the porch furniture and their grandmother asked if I was a homeless boy when she found me out there.
    But it always bothered me a bit that the mother, who trusted me alone with watching over her home and children, decided that I had done what I was accused of with my pocket knife. I couldn't prove what never happened, I could only continue to grow up and make all my own mistakes.

   So, with the cynical 'believe in nothing and nobody' culture and media circus, I know that the Judge is unsettled. The people that know him are not doubting him. Being a fair man and trying to believe the Doctor is a lady, the poor woman is just mistaken and needs lot more help is my opinion. I can't prove that either. I did see her lawyer say that she isn't against the Judge going to the Supreme Court, although that wasn't her recommendation. Don't worry, say your prayers ask for forgiveness for all those things that only exist in the minds of others. I have long believed and repeated that a reputation is very difficult to live up to, nor under as it grows in the minds and tongues of the unknowing.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The game is becoming boring, only need to show up twice a day...

  So how is life really on my end of the internet? It is fine, sure there are some challenges, but nothing that fewer carbs, more exercise and rest and constant medical interventions won't delay the end. And among the things I can help, the end isn't one of them. Still enjoy teaching Sunday school, and AWANAS has started back up. So I am getting a good dose of youth to balance the old veterans sitting around telling war stories. I do get some fine opinions, ha, ha.
  My wife continues to do her church and volunteer work, says she won't leave me in the Washington Soldiers Home, we have some of our Sunday School classes that visit there also. Everyone should visit before the only chance to see them is under their headstone.
   Remembering that it has never been anyone else's fault that I consume too much, a modern problem of the indolent old men... I want to get a better vest, I wear the work ones because of pockets to fill with stuff I couldn't find on the other side of the belt and belly. A proper waistcoat... like Men's Wearhouse would have what I want.  Sunday night, I am listening to the Blues, although I was happy to see Stanford defeat USC. Time for sleep. Good night, all and y'all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ah, I need to fix that in my life...

   Notice that all I seem to write about is my latest Appleseed. I am hardly telling y'all about the Sunday School class, the old men and lively ladies of the YMCA, my wife and her adventures, and how much I do love a good nap in the afternoon and a good book on my kindle... hmm, boring fellow I have become.

   Last weekend I drove out in the early morning darkness to get to the Custer Sportsmen Association for another Appleseed. A small one.Four full instructors and ten students, three of them likely young men some of which we had instructed before. The club was very welcoming,  I got to do the sign in and t-shirt give away, something I haven't done in a long time. I do the line or the meet and greet in the parking lot, more often, change up is good. Doing the money for range fees was also strange, note to self - twenty dollar bills don't change much except hundreds and no one walks around with them.
GTEngineer talking about the Redcoat target
I did miss the introductions, and since I wasn't there they talked about me behind my back, not really. I was turning in range fees and the list of shooters. The day seemed to be smoothly paced. The shooters listening but having some difficulty in making it all happen at once. Some of the best first day scores, lots of good groups and positions seen. The shifting of body to find the next target was noted.

   I think consistency will come with much dry and live practice, one has to live the six steps on each shot. Our drills for NPOA and Ball and dummy will be used to refine the shooters, perhaps they will use digital cameras to record how they move and take their trigger into the shot. Lots of things to think about in shooting. Try to keep it all simple, learn it well, and keep practicing. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

On the road again, CAP cadets to make into Riflemen...

  I haven't been around as much as I once was, just often in the otherwheres.  So I packed my car and headed down the road to the range. Found it easily, as local as it gets for me.  Out of three CAP events we have held here, this was my best. Nothing to do with me, just that I have done one before so only the cadets calling me 'Sir' made me happy and uneasy. Difficult to believe there really are polite young people wanting to learn something.

   I had only one loaner rifle, and day one the sights kept coming off, combination of heat from sun, and lack of proper tension on the retaining screw? Well, the cadet was patient with me and on day two I only had to tighten it one time. I did get to fire five rounds while the cadet sat out, should do that more often, since it confirms my ability, and my errors to work upon. All the normal Appleseed things were taught and demonstrated but in a shorter version. Several shooters were improving rapidly and will one day, with practice do much better. We did have a shooter on day one do a 210 without transitions, and given a normal AQT he made 218 on the same day. He earned his patch.

NW Appleseed photo report.  Two fine days of making better marksmen.  Sunday was quick review of all that had been taught, a Redcoat target and an AQT, some dangerous old men stories. The fun stuff was in the afternoon, we brought the target line in to fifty feet (from 82) and posted NRA targets for the shooters to get scores to earn their awards based on their uniforms. Looks very much like the targets I shot in 1962 Junior High Rifle Club, in the high school gym.. under the watchful eye of Mr. Mauger, the American History teacher.

  Next trip is to Custer, 25-26 Aug. Hope to see y'all on the range.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Redmond, WA. Appleseed!

  Seems I haven't been writing much here, but I am back from an Appleseed last weekend and want to share. GTEngineer has to make his third SBiT (Shoot Boss in Training) to get his Green Cap. Two instructors came all the way from Florida, Ken to do the Progress Check and demonstrate how to tell the Heritage. He had all that history memorized, to include quotes from Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. A fine story teller. He also used the other visiting instructor, Lori, to demonstrate having worked with her before. They didn't really teach our instructors anything new, but it is nice to know that the East Coast knows we have Appleseeds in the West.

  Did I mention that we turned up the heat in honor of their visit? Well, we were above ninety both days, and no matter how much I thought I drank I was getting dehydrated. Two young folks came to learn with their family's support. They learned a lot. Many of the other shooters had heard about us or had been at an Appleseed on this range with us. Hugh was claiming he felt responsible with I tripped and messed my ankle up during the last event. Not true, I didn't lift my foot high enough. There were lots of fine optics on the rifles, I hope I didn't make it too obvious that I thought iron sights were better to learn with. We got the scopes dialed down and tried to keep the shooters from chasing their bullet holes.

  They listened and learned, shooting improved, shot groups became smaller, they started to use NPOA and Rifleman's cadence. One AQT on Saturday and many more on Sunday. Roy was our only lefthander, and he improved constantly. Three bolt action rifles but still their shooters kept pace. With lots of dry practice of all they were presented they will soon be ready for another Appleseed and earn their Rifleman patch. I hope I see them all on the trail in the future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

AAR Douglas Ridge Rifle Club Applesseed, 9-10 June 2018

 Ten years on the trail with the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, and I am ten years younger than Samuel Whittemore, in 1775.  So up early pack out and drive down I-5 to the bypass around Portland. Exit 12. Get to the gate just as Flipper drives up and opens it and follow her inside. New face, ScubaSteve, instructor from Florida - a shivering instructor. Must be airborne infantry, pack light freeze at night, is their mantra.  Nat, Flipper, Janer, Bandaid and I will make up the crew, twenty-seven shooters are on the way. Did I forget to mention Owen? A sharp young man to help with the administration both days.
   Looks like two shooters per position, but the cover from sun and rain will be welcome. A couple of popups are erected on the left for overflow. In processing leads to presentation to safety steps (6 of them) and bringing the cased rifles to the line, clearing the line, posting Red Coat and the day is ready to happen. Nice bunch of shooters, very social but not too many to disrupt the flow of information and learning.

Stopped after a Redcoat for a group photograph, we don't seem to get enough of them but one has to stop and pose and you can't do that Quickly, quickly, quickly... So the instructor crew kept giving the shooters something to think about as they tried to do six simple steps for each shot, ten breaths of air, and the only rest the pause.......

Hope the shooters were inspired to practice, come again, and mastering the shooting to step up and help teach others about what they know very well about... to paraphrase Lord Percy.

Monday, May 28, 2018

How could we ever forget?

  it is good to remember the lives lost, to remember their smiles, laughter, jokes and their curses for the troubles and trials. Brings them back for just a bit. Some of us don't want to bring them back, because it takes us where we didn't want to be but were.

   favorite song of my military career 'Lay down my burden, down by the river side...' Always will be.
One of the graveyards beside a very old church had mulberry trees and giant oaks and maples, and quiet place to rest, some of the old head stones mentioned the Revolutionary War, too many the civil war service, quiet place to rest.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dreaming, why not?

  So my early morning dreams are strange, they are about me in the military again... which ain't gonna happen. But I am in uniform arrived at a new post and position still undetermined. I find a very different army awaiting me.
  The commander is a woman, the CSM is a tall long black woman, with more rockers and stripes than I remember for a battalion position. Everyone is troubled by my qualifications in their unit which doesn't need my set.  The strange thing they are really stretching to understand is my double 'c' identifier. The only thing I thought it could mean was Christian Conservative.
  Like I said, it was only a strange dream.

Had a wonderful small but effective Appleseed in Custer, Andy was Shootboss, Ralph was ITT and range host.  Six shooters, two bolts, two optics, and all interested in gaining knowledge and practice. I couldn't find a motel room, seems there was a dog show in the area and I didn't want to drive far away, so I slept in the Pacifica, and slept very well thank you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Update... nothing much here...

  No, really, I just finished my follow up colonoscopy, three pulps removed and everything looked great - for a very olde fat man. Tomorrow: banking, visit storage locker for Appleseed this weekend, YMCA and clean up my mess. The mess seems to run from one end of my life to the other, wish me luck. The grandfather clock won't maintain movement, one other clock on the wall had quit but looked like a government agent knocked it off the wall and then put it back up beyond my wife's reach (only two of us in the home, except when secret agents visit with blank warrants).
   My lovely war game has produced big spenders with no idea of how to win friends and influence people. I blame stupid youth with credit cards on that, but since they have destroyed all my forces except my attacking force of bows behind swords and a large Royal guard, and defense siege engines, all I need to do is finish my daily tasks, solo events and add to the alliance events. I have two Warchief chests of rss, and more of Ronin loot in levels five to seven, six is often double, and seven often triple. I continue to build Paragon, research, city and lots of champion items wi

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Another call from the NRA... looking for money and support...

  As I wander Face book feed, I see over and over the NRA membership and contributions are swelling because of the pressure of the children for disarmament. Fine, President Obama was one of the biggest gun sellers around during his eight years in office. I have to acknowledge that there is a feeling of helplessness in not being able to stop crazy people with guns, I look at the crazy people, not the sane ones, and then I still look at all the sinners and the LOST that need God in their life. How do they not see Him everywhere?
   So there are two grave problems in America that much of those that get to make headlines and causes aren't getting safety nor good behavior from... All of us are part of the solutions and the healing and the lack of change for the better. Not one of us can be an observer and not be touched by the events and the continuing cries and oppression. People are doing things to change, not likely to change the people that are causing the troubles and problems, but they are making noise and moves.

   One of my problems with the NRA is that it has become a large power broker in the Swamp, they do lots of stuff for politics. Very much not enough for education of the masses, and promoting safe shooting sports. Shooters get what the NRA does and know they don't go around killing humans, ever. The ignorant masses aren't sure or very much are sure that without the NRA the 2nd Amendment would be repealed and government would control all the firearms and protect all the folks. Which doesn't happen in countries that have strict gun control, look at the people fleeing Central America and Mexico - where they have strict gun control, and gangs and governments prey upon the unarmed populations. For the benefit of those with power and money enough to buy great protection against the masses. Those powerful elites; government, gangs or just goofballs, have all the weapons and warriors they need and ignorant fears of the unknown or badly portrayed in media, news and entertainment will continue to keep the masses unprotected and exploited.

   I guess in the end, I will continue to do the little I can - in discussing, training, helping and educating all those that don't believe as I do, see what I see and get off my chair and away from the mindless media stream. I mean, we do live in a world that the women aren't that beautiful, available and wanton. I do thank God for the really beautiful, nice and loving women that are never portrayed in the fantasy lands of our culture.  It is exactly the same with the news (about what to fear now) or the entertainment media as Costner kills hundreds in Paris (could never happen that way).

   Oh, I did submit my ten entries to the Sweepstakes for those rifles and NRA truck, one time. But I never seem to win those things, although I won one going between countries on assignments. It was an answering machine for the old telephone systems, but I did win something once upon a time.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Protesting everywhere for and against firearms, I answer the call of Appleseed...

 Lovely looking weekend, I rise early and drive to the ferry and head for Clinton and then Coupeville on Whidbey Island. The range gate is locked when I get there, but I am early and need to rearrange my load and garb.  I remember many fine Appleseeds right here in the previous years. The crew shows up with a call from the Shootboss that he is going around the highway and bridge maintenance improvements and will be a bit late. Andy, Franklin and I carry on. I do the prehistory, what happened before April 19, 1775.  I don't notice but all the younger folks look like they have seen me before, and they have! The Shootboss and his two sons show up about nine oh nine, not very late at all. So day one starts.
    I notice all weekend that Total Participation is lacking, no one wants to be part of a chorus, they think everyone else has a better answer? Disappointing that, I must work on my choir director skill set, which I don't remember ever having. As we shoot through the morning learning steady hold factors and the six steps in taking the shot, it seems slow. Cole is having trouble using a red dot to get his rounds on paper - never having used one, I look through his sight, left handed and see that to me the sight is way off high left, to me. So we give him a large blank paper to try and put rounds into for a group. Helps a bit.  Groups start coming together and adjustments are made as we introduce instruction on the next basic building block of marksmanship.
   Lunch and a working one where the First Strike of the match is told, then the second. We have so much history to present, but limit it to no more than forty minutes total. Our reference of Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fisher is highly recommended, I had dragged my mobile library out for show and tell. One teacher wanted to get the title and author of the 23d Welsh Fusileers, the English unit that was in the Revolutionary war from Lexington to Yorktown. Interesting reading.
  After lunch we prepare to shoot the Honor Volley for the fallen of Lexington and Concord, noting that across the nation other Applesseeds are joining us in the Rememberance Volley, I think Andy recorded it, I was noticing as I read the family names where more than one died. Tough times to stand against the Crown and Parliament, and your loyalist neighbors.
   Afternoon and more positions, and instruction on marksmanship and target engagement. We are beginning to know the shooters and work on some of their challenges. Still not enough Total participation. The wind seems to wear us out a bit. But it is more that we aren't drinking enough water and are losing the concentration we should have. I notice a hawk flying above and suddenly his tail feathers blaze out in a brilliant red when hit by the Sun, ah, that is why they are called Redtailed Hawks. Franklin, who grew up on the island, mentions knowing this for a long time.  All the adjustments and the instructions are beginning to show improvement in the shooting and groups. The Third Strike of the Match is presented to get Lord Percy's rescue party and Col Smith back to safety and the siege of Boston by irate militiamen. One Appleseed Qualification Test and a Redcoat and we clean up the range to prepare for tomorrow.
    Good food, good instructors dinner, and great rest for the night.

Day two, begin it all over again, refresh and review, safety and get the cased rifles to the line. There are three AQTs shot in the morning before lunch with dangerous old men stories. Andy adds two stories about ladies of the Revolution, and I want to talk about the two sharpshooters in Boonesboro during the Shawnee Mingo attacks but that is a bit far from Boston but really in the same period of history.

  Afternoon shooting was mostly some drills to confirm zeroing and shrink group size. Trying to find the key, each shooter has different challenges and we do cover Known Distance as the Sun beats down. Lovely day, but winterized Washingtonians forget about sunscreen until it is too late. So final AQT and Redcoat and case rifles and clean up, pretty happy group of folks, shooting in the sunshine will do that. Sent everyone home hopefully looking forward to do it all again, after much dry practice. Since lots of people had come to the island for the weekend, the afternoon ferries were packed and long lines of waiting vehicles on the shoulder.
    Need to unpack the car, check the internet and have dinner and more sleep. Can't find my camera, but it did get home with my other stuff.

Monday, April 16, 2018

How do I get so fortunate? Marksmanship and Heritage and rain in Washington State.

  Drove to the Interlake Sporting Association place in Redmond, just outside of Kirkland, off of exit 18 of I-405. And promptly got lost and confused, until I stopped at a motel and the desk clerk printed me a map.  Parked and greeted the Shoot Boss and SBiT, and helped set up, then went to meet and greet those shooters arriving for Appleseed. Very young professional friendly bunch of patriots, interesting that there weren't any children and I was the only ancient of days gone by. Have I mentioned rain, yes, there in the title. This is the ending of the raining season... so being some level of wet and cooled was a constant. Tarps on the ground and and two lines of popups kept us focused on the training and our targets.
   The first Redcoat target didn't amaze the Appleseed crew, but I hope it convinced all the shooters that they had some skills that needed honing. Step by step, inch by inches minutes and clicks the groups shrank and the shooters relaxed and started adjusting one thing at a time. Still the rain came down. the demonstrators were posing on a wet shooting mat in a rapidly filling lake. Only three Appleseed crew for the seventeen shooters meant that I wouldn't be locking names in my memory very quickly, and I was line boss many times as Ben and Andy did training and demonstrations.             During lunch I put my GPS back into my vehicle, I haven't figured out the app on my new machine for finding my lost.  Becca is a new shooter and Ben has to remind me about the Ruger 10-22 and releasing the bolt, tap it and it will come.  Morning adjustments to slings and stocks and prone steady hold factors. More single point slings than I have seen before on rifles, and the shooters often seem slicker than I will ever be on adjusting them. Nat, the Blue hat, is keeping us in targets and making the admin easier during signup. New t-shirts for this weekend, Ben even gives me an Appleseed pin, which will go on my wide brimmed hat. I get out my Gortex camo parka, because the rain really is coming down, I put the work vest over it.
    I teach sitting and the NPOA adjustments and the afternoon starts after the first two strikes of the match are told by Andy and Ben.  More positions, the carding the sights and ball and dummy are taught, and we start to put it all together for one AQT and the final Redcoat target of the first day. Getting colder and wetter, Ben puts us into the clubhouse for my telling of the Third Strike of the match, and puts me on the clock, which I made with a minute left... hope everyone realized I had so much more I could have added.
   Afternoon Redcoat numbers are much improved over the morning one, something is working. We clean up and take down the popups for the night, the wind is unpredictable and the rain keeps a comin'.

     Ben doesn't mention the vitamin 'i' for pain relief, but seems everyone got home, warmed, dried, fed, rested and sheltered fine because on Sunday - we gathered again.  we get two more crew the second day, and I get to give away an orange hat to our new ITT, the blue hat has hers.  Refeshing all that was taught the first day goes quickly after the Redcoat, and that Redcoat is better still. The third Redcoat is normally the best group scores, tired sets in by the last one of the weekend. The cloudy gray skies are fading to blue, wind is constant but the rains are holding off - and seems like we are drying out today. Ben calls me over to help Brian with making a sling with a 1907 model leather sling, since I use one. Leather Sling and Shooting Positions by James R. Owens is my reference manual. But YouTube probably has some video about it. The sling helps him get several Rifleman scores in the afternoon. All the shooters are getting better although, mechanical and ammunition will always seem to frustrate at the wrong times. Everyone keeps working through their individual challenges. Justine is interesting, he has a camera to take pictures of his shot, at the end of his rifle. The number and amount of technology in sighting systems and rifles amazes me, but then I know it is always the shooter, not the firearm that has the most control of performance.  After two AQTs in the morning, and about four in the afternoon a break at lunch for dangerous old men, and a break to prepare for KD presentation by Andy and the presentation of several well earned Rifleman patches.

   Somewhere on stepping up to help a shooter I fell down, helped the shooter clear her rifle and re-engage the target, I blew my ankle out. That was it for real walking mobility, I sat, moved a bit slowly and got to my vehicle. I found a better sling for Brian and gave it to him as they fired the last Redcoat and began the clean up. Then I left and drove quickly home to recover, ice pack for a few hours, then hot soak and napped during both. Ate my dinner and caught up on my wife's weekend.  Wash the clothes, sleep and start to slowly unload the mailbox and my vehicle - have to get ready to do it again in Coupeville this coming weekend.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The real problem... is XXX violence....

  Yesterday were marches against GUN violence, I didn't join, because I believe in violence (it does exist) and I know the government can't protect me from it. Especially when I might use it to protect myself or others.  If I would use a gun or something else, not really important, just know that I would not be a gentle man if called upon to destroy something destructive. I grew up on heroes. Lots of heroes and lots of violence all for the good... Ajax, a large rock, William Tell crossbow, Robin Hood a long bow.  The weapon isn't so important the intent is. So governments go all the way to Nukes, and subtle poisons, or strange unknown weapons. But as I listened and commented on the discussion about the EVIL AR 15, military grade firearm (spoken by folks that haven't ever been a functioning military grade expert) I started to realize that Assault Rifle has reached the status of an idol.

   An inanimate object revered for mystic super powers of death and destruction, in other words an idol of worship.  Both the Gun folks and the Anti-gun goofs have elevated it way up there. Most real gun people know it is a tool, a toy, and a trial, but used properly no one needs to get hurt because it exists. Unless you really do think it is an idol of worship, then you will get hurt by it. The problem lives in the person or people that think it has intent. I have carried one like it for years and years, and seemed to be sleeping with it more than I was with my wife, periodically. I also know it doesn't do well against tanks and aircraft and trucks. I know that it may jam, break, misfire, or disappear into deep dark waters or mud when most inconvenient. One of Murphy's rules.

   I know the anti-Gun forces really believe in its mystic powers - they never give up their guns, just make the little guy, the worker, the slug, the unworthy must give up their guns so they have no power. If I were as terrified of failure as they are, the elite, nobles, special people - I might think I need those evil AR platform guns carried by my expert professional heroes to save me and mine. They really do bow down to those inanimate objects and pray they will be there when the crisis comes.  Then because they believe that power comes from the barrel of a weapon they crush the opposition... until they run into people of will to resist... and they are never ready for that. Oh, there are FBI special squads, SWATs and real assassins working for the government goofs, and they will and do kill and are seldom held responsible - but it doesn't look like any group that need force to rule will last long if the people have values stronger than the folks that think they are in charge.

   I am a fat little old man, but I don't get my power from idol worship, nor my guns.  I get all I need from the Bible, and many other readings and experiences in my life and the histories of others. I do want protection for the students in schools, I want to charge school boards and administration with failures to provide such protection. I also want the same folks to provide a quality education since I am robbed to pay for it. But if you have massive demonstrations in worship of the mystic power of the gun and not in getting those sick and sickening people that attack the defenseless help and rescue from their own demons... then I am sure the problem of mass deaths isn't going away.  Somehow the media, entertainment and educational and journalism have corrupted the whole way of thinking about everything and there doesn't seem to be any answer except to worship and lock up the mystic powers of those inanimate objects built for war, almost, but so evil regular folks can't be trusted with them.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Okay, I am now for Gun Control, and the restriction on AR type Assault Rifles from the folks...

  First, if you are so ignorant (lack knowledge) that you trust the government at any level to protect all you love you shouldn't be allowed to touch a weapon. If you are ignorant of why there is a 2nd Amendment for the original Constitution, you aren't ready to be trusted with a weapon. If you are sure that limiting the number of rounds will prevent mass shooting in the future, you shouldn't have access to weapons that could make such a slaughter. If you think that my deciding to not own an AR platform rifle means at all my years of instructing on it, running training around it, and carrying it into battle for the government will disappear when you outlaw those to civilians - you shouldn't be making decisions for others to live under. So if you can't pass a test that asks about what you are making a logical choice about the prohibited weapon, you can't have such a weapon and can't vote on this matter.

   I would love to point out, especially when people use the last Assault Weapons Ban, ten years and no mass shootings in the schools. That there were also no Alien Spaceship Battles that Earth lost, thanks to the International Space Agency, during the same period. I would also be sure to mention two states that have banned or registered all Assault Weapons and large magazine have not enforced any of the law against the population that are not in compliance. I suspect those states do not want a Constitutional Test case in the courts.

  I suspect that home schooling and private schools will produce the best thinking young people and the continued disarming of all those that just don't know enough to be entrusted with arms or the vote will increase in speed. Until only the noble class of folks armed with knowledge and responsibility will be continuing the American traditions... by some time soon after the newest AWB, the current Constitution will be replaced and we will be stuck with our enemies among the sheep in the fold. Then it really will get bloody. Does anyone study History any longer? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy anniversary, yes, really have a happy anniversary...

  Today is the official date, government approved, and done without US Army assistance nor resistance, the day I stood before a Methodist Minister with my girl friend and became very much more married. My father, mother, sisters and a niece were there to officially witness and support the event. Mother went a bit beyond the call to make sure we had a wedding cake and something to drink a toast with and to capture pictures. We were blest. For it doesn't always happen so well, today marriage seems so difficult but I and my wife had our own parents and others of examples of solid long lasting unions. We were blest.

  I believed at the time, and teased my wife about it, that I wasn't going to live to forty. Now we are married forty-six years. We are thankful and know that we have been blest.

  I meander the kitchen making my oatmeal, and she steps in and out making hers, a dance we are comfortable doing, speaking in tongues and chuckles, pointing out the future, thinking about the past.
She isn't cute, her long black hairs has been cut long ago, it has grayed and now silver. I don't wear a uniform nor get up too early to go do PT. She has grown to a beauty that only God and I know, and she shares her loves.  God and I get her fears, but she loves well and deeply. We will always keep working on and around the fears. I would hope the world would find true love, for it is there. It is everywhere.
   Did I mention? We are blest.

Friday, March 9, 2018

What are you basing your life upon?

  The Gun Violence, Gun Control, Abortion and generally, how one is supposed to live, and why doesn't the government do something to fix it  --  has come up again. All those questions, debates and solutions circle around seemingly going no where. So I see no need to expound on any of them, as soon as you said 'the government should' you have left the playing field.

  Everything that should be better can be if everyone steps up and does the correct important things in their life and with their family and friends and to all strangers they meet. If I don't get high on drugs nor alcohol, then drunk driving won't happen. There already is law, but it is behavior that makes the best things happen, not law. Most law is punitive, some faceless fellow is going to punish you and you should be afraid. That doesn't motivate me, anyone else out there deciding that they will be good because they will be punished? No, most people are in denial, it will never happen to me, goes their thoughts.

   I wonder if any of us have looked deeply into why we do what we do, your life is patterned on a tale of success and goodness, isn't it? When you turn on the television to see Law and Order, you find the criminals hiding, lying and lawyering up. Yeah, then for a bit more drama, you have the 'good' guys cheating on their loves, the job, the rules and in general only a little bit better than the accused.  But watching the actors never registers as unacceptable behavior, someone is killed during a story, then you see the same actor in another story very much alive - you now, in your mind, think being killed isn't real. Don't teach bad behavior, teach and sell only good behavior. I am sure I have never had the romances illustrated on entertainment, really.

Go get them, Grasshopper.
   I will always go back to the fact that I am responsible for my behavior - the wonderful and the totally stupid - it all belongs to me. Do not make the same fool action that hurt the universe again. Don't repeat errors, make different ones but doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome never works there is science and engineering proofs if you care to look them over. There are people that blame the LEFT, the RIGHT, the NRA, the government and all kinds of places to lay blame for all that seems to be wrong and go wrong. Like making my shot, I am the one on the weapon and I am the only one responsible for where the bullet strikes and what happens when it does. Many may care, or very few, and the media may make a lot out of it, nor not, I will always remain the person responsible no matter what anyone says. It will never be the few semi auto rifles that hurt people, out of the millions used responsibly daily. It would be the shooter's fault.

   If you watch enough, for some reason you think you aren't living up to your mental model, making love to hundreds of beautiful women(?) only in the lives of the LOST. You wouldn't even know their names.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Might as well give up... so I did, going in circles has only a limited life...

  The Gun Violence debate is posed by the other side as a problem with the guns, access and danger... but the problem is Cain killed Abel with a rock. David killed Goliath with a stone. And current culture believes more in Road Rage than good manners. Entitlement, I have a right to be rude, crude and lewd... or so I think they think. Have a quiet conversation about the power of words with the intelligent ones, about how easy it is not to use vulgarity, profanity and obscenity. It is likely they are all telling you to take from the forbidden fruit - you won't die.  As justification for their poor choices and why I should be accepting of it - that is unacceptable. Go away!

   So we are now engaged in a conversation, a debate, a rude shouting down match between the forces of good and evil, the left and the right the up and the down. Boring, nothing new, nor better will come from it. Well, you will take care of your portion of the conversation and the conflict, and I will take care of mine and I firmly resolve that I won't kill any children because they haven't gained their maturity. Also, I know they have much more to bring to brighten our world. I also resolve to resist stupidity as I constantly run into it. There is a lot of fantasy in the media, and fairy tales have been my favorites for years and years... but I never dreamed nor aspired to be the Prince, I was more the bookworm in the stacks. I took bat, ball, glove and a good book to Little League... notice I didn't play much after that.

   Lovely wargame I was playing, I picked the name Ajax, and went about gaining experience and points learning the rules and meeting folks from far away online. But I started noticing empty castles, where players had stopped and now the castles were raided, looted and burned - no human life left inside. The computer machine age will miss human beings one day. No poetry, unfortunately I see the children I teach in Sunday school are already lost to poetry, as they sink deeper into their digital distraction device. If I were a betting man, I would say we (the tech savy civilized world) have no way to resist our end.

   When we think another government agency, law, rule or tax is going to fix everything we are lost. How does the FBI, get into defending schools from raiding savages... just because the communications seem so quick? That doesn't mean you have control of anything. I can focus on the front sight, and I don't need optics or electronic enhancements (I just am not going to shoot that far). But I know that the government can't make my shot, only I can. Over and over, I hear Liberty Mutual will fix a flat, and I laugh because thinking only the Xperts and government can handle anything means we should return to a King, a royal lineage.  Don't study History, you might find this human interaction at every level hasn't changed. Personal responsibility, personal action and don't stay on the beach waiting for orders... it is a kill zone.