Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good Morning, America...

  Big day today, hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting out their guns, checking them, checking the ammunition and leaving their homes and expect to shoot today.  Many are looking forward to it.  Some are going to be reluctant and cautious.  Depends on why and where they are carrying.  I expect most all of them will return home to put the guns up, cleaned, oiled and resting until the morrow. Yes, many rounds will have been fired on target, most - over 95 percent will be on target, all most all will never have harmed anyone. I pray it will be so, for sure it is my expectation.

  I enjoy watching dramas and such, but I can tell my life is not one of those fantasies. My life is mine and much better than Hollywood writes.  Oh, today I am one of those Americans that will be carrying guns and ammunition around, with the intention of shooting, if needed, on target cause only hits count.  All the proposals about training, identification, registration and what they call common sense gun control --- I will be right there, meeting all the artificial requirements, gosh if I could be trusted and expected to compute tactical nukes, and not betray my country... how do you think you would ever regulate me out of my very real gun control? My guns, I control them. Not the government, not the local drug lords, certainly not the Pastor, the policemen, the auto mechanic, the bikini barista, the little boy down the lane.... just me.

  I offered my brother a pistol and fifty rounds when he was complaining on Facebook about who was going to get these guns and ammunition for everyone being part of the militia of American citizens... but he didn't answer. Which is fine, no one should be required to own a weapon they don't want, just like no one should be required to drive a Prius. And being an American, I do understand resisting stupid ideas from people in government and power. Part of our nation's foundation, resisting bad ideas and behavior.  If registration were a fine idea, you could register people, DNA and fingerprints, photo id with bar codes to be read by machines, to allow citizens to carry a firearm anywhere they wanted to, and to vote.

   Not that the anti-gun goofs will read this far, but if you tie carrying arms to voting, as far as registration and photo ID, the Left will fold.  I watched one do that yesterday, I don't care but they seem to not understand that militia and citizen are the same human being. I have been carrying ID for a long time.

   I got a form letter from my credit card company, one that I owe money to, and since they have decided that I was late with my payment they would have to penalize me.  Ah, punish me! Beat me!  I sent a couple pieces of the offended card back to the fine folks, thanked them for all the years of working together and helping me break that habit of reaching for plastic to cure my temporary ills.  I have noticed that everyone wants you to have their card, giving you all kinds of perks, but just so they can drain your blood, you are a golden egg laying goose and they want you.  I am sure they talk to each other out there in the money lending world.  Didn't they notice the number of credit cards I have but don't use? The number of cards I once used but decided I didn't like their rates and closed? Hmm, not in their program, just like everyone expects I can't get along without a cellphone, iphone, smarter than I phone, but I do, thank you.

   Oh, yes, I could get by without any guns, or knives, or some little knowledge of martial arts and war.... but they aren't hurting me, my family, nor anyone else.  The problem is the people that don't love life, be they in Planned Parenthood or all the crazy murderers feeding the nightly news and the let's keep the people in fear so we can stay on top and in charge folks in government.

Monday, October 5, 2015

It was a great weekend, but I was praised for my wife...

    Seriously, I married my wife long before the government even knew she existed, and she and I have a very committed relationship.  Now from outside of us, we have heard it all and much that was unsaid was deafening.  Words like she is only a "        " put any offensive word from either language in there if you like.  Or, just a GI, can't get a job, can't get an American girl to love him -- what a loser.  The biggest reason the words were unsaid was she would fight, once when I couldn't get a pass off post, my friends came back to tell me how she had beaten up, in a fair fight, another woman for her disrespect or something.  She did have a bit of pride in those days, she was her father's daughter.  And I had a similar attitude, and would fight for honor or love or just to be bad, so I didn't hear much directly. I was denied much by the command that was protecting me from making a big mistake - my first but not last confrontation with the government deciding what was good for me, and us.

   Not going to bore anyone with the years between that and yesterday, Sunday at church, and as I left the church shaking hands and going to do Sunday School with the fifth graders -- I got these 'you have a wonderful wife'.  Okay, I would say, thank you, I really do know that. Thank you...

   Now the children had some concerns about the shooting in Oregon, just down the I-5 highway, and I had a great day on the range the day before with Jack and four older shooters, so I made sure we covered firearm safety, two main points: Don't touch the firearm, and get an adult. The other was if you have a firearm to keep the muzzle in a safe direction.  I was there for Bible study and kept the safety simple and repeatable and made them discuss it so they were sure.

   I have about half of their names memorized, they all know me, cause I am one and they have been around forever. But we are getting better...  After that I was invited strongly to attend the Sunday School teachers lunch with the Pastor in charge of their education, and as we sat around the table I noticed that all the teachers were old men, for first through six grade. Hmmm, so the lunch was good, the introduction to the Pastor and his wife and the other teachers. Then back to pick up my car at the service shop, which is open all weekend, and of course didn't have the sensor it needed until Tuesday morning so we will repeat that again. And I drove home, met my wife and decided to give her a little time off the computer on her problem.

   Now on Saturday evening when I returned the hundred and thirty miles diven twice to instruct and tell about the heritage at the Appleseed in Custer, Washington, ten points if you know whom the town was named in honor of.. anyway our son called from Hawaii, where he is now working and living. He wanted to connect on Skype and hadn't been able to since I changed to Windows 8.? and I opened the laptop with Windows Solid Seven and got a great video feed going and son and two fast moving lovely grandchildren had a great visit, but determined that Windows 8.? was going to go away and I was going to get control of my new computer. So I went to sleep happy, dropped the Caravan off at the dealer Sunday morning, and went to church where I got the opinion of our working computer expert on upgrading to Windows 10 and would I be happy.  Good talk and he convinced me to spend some time doing it.  So I did on Sunday afternoon. And as I worked on that my wife asked me, again, to get her new smarter than husband phone on my WiFi (another resident monster I hadn't conquered). Okay, there is a lot of checking and loading time for me to do other stuff.

   I got Windows 10 on my computer, about the same time that she with help from her coach in her native language that I got her connected to my WiFi, then I went totally crazy and started linking everything that would take the WiFi connection. Only the printer remains that I know about.  What a wonderful, successful weekend.  So, as we are chilling out, she tells me about her trip to the hot bath spa with the other ladies.  Seems that they were having a wonderful time and noticed one was missing, she was under water and they pulled her out, asked for CPR help, called 911, and my wife trained long ago for CPR started clearing airway, positioning and mouth to mouth, which brought up the body's reflect choking/puking clearing shoving stuff in my wife's mouth, which she spit out and began again.. All the time thinking this was harder and how long would it take professionals to get there and why doesn't everyone know how to do this... and would she be able to keep it up -- my wife is a worrier, but determined. She kept it up until the professionals arrived and relieved her. The woman didn't make it, she died on Saturday.  My wife tells me about it on Sunday night. Koreans don't like to share bad news, but I was proud that she had tried, and so were the people at the church that knew... the ones that kept telling me how wonderful my wife was. Same woman, but very different perceptions of her value, worth and I get the best of it all.  No matter what all those other fools thought when we were young and so powerless but so promised.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

I have been given permission... so...

Tamara Keel Oh, feel free.
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 So I think everyone that really wants to know about "guns" please Google 'Tamara Keel' and find out what she is writing and speaking about which is usually about guns, although you may find cameras and Indianapolis and Tennessee among her notice.  She knows, she cares, and you may feel so much more  expert if quoting what she has shared, what she doesn't share may be totally scary.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Time for the meek to inherit the Earth...

  Meek = showing patience and humility; gentle   and that describes a paratrooper from Charlie Cobras long ago and far away...  Cause when it was time to fight, they would do so...  all boys should be brought up better, with the certain knowledge and playground experiences that say they are to fight and protect the weak and innocent. To include shooting Afghan child rapists, but it isn't about a failed nation state as much as a failed cultural norm - 'violence never solves anything'.  That wasn't true when my mother said it, and she knew it but had to give me better examples of a better way.

   I don't have guns because I have a desire to shoot anyone, that is irrational and stupid and I don't have to be either.  I don't want, desire nor expect to ever shoot anyone, I work hard to avoid it. Firearms are dangerous, but so much of the world is dangerous so I have to learn how to control - ME.  When I pick up a firearm, I must make sure it doesn't overcome my reluctance to point it in a dangerous direction and pull the trigger. If I am really picking it up, I first make sure which way it is dangerous, make sure it is on safe and unloaded.... then I can decide what to do next with it. It takes a real man to resist that urge that Hollywood gives every red blooded boy to shoot their eyes out, to take up the blade and slash and stab until blood is covering everything... right? Oh, I am supposed to know the difference between myth, fantasy and foolish idiots?  I mean, really all my girl friends and romantic lady friends have all looked just like... themselves and are cherished because they don't live like Pretty Woman characters with golden hearts and sloppy morals?

   Let me be perfectly clear, I blame the Western Culture and Civilized world for the foolish politically correct and almost Christian view of living in love and harmony. Jesus wants us to be our best in this life for the next.  You should want everyone to be their best in this life, not because of fear, not because of weakness, not because they must or the government or mob will kill them or condemn them to being outcasts. You should want them to be wonderful people so we will all live a great rewarding life here on Earth.  And sometime, in dangerous times when people are getting killed, the men need to know they are to stand up and attack and slay with effect.  They need to stop when the danger is done - then God and the government can come along and investigate, repair, restore and award points for form or take them away for folly and foolishness.

Meek = showing patience and humility; gentle   It is time for boys to be boys, and the meek to inherit the Earth.  Ladies, teach your children well, you do need to produce gentlemen and warriors and heroes.  And those that say that I mean to decrease the importance of women and their role, haven't a clue and should visit the library much more. Ladies can and may fight just as hard or harder, but I hold them responsible for the most important part of the killing time, turning it off when the danger has passed.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

So what would a disarmed American population look like?

  There are lots of wonderful gun free citizens in the world, and they have tanks next door going through walls, machine guns firing tracers in the night, artillery and mortar rounds landing on school yards, and the constant fears that not only can't you trust your government's goodness, but how deep must that hole be to protect your family and how far can you run with food and water to make it to the refugee camp... think about it.  Countries that fall apart, normally have very sane and safe firearms laws to protect the citizens - and the heavy handed politicians making power a principle.

   So today, another shooting in a community college in Oregon. Too many dead, and of course the murderer. A twenty year old unidentified (conspiracy nuts say that means the shooter was a TERRORIST OF SOME FOREIGN ethnic persuasion) male. The police responders did a fine job of neutralizing the murderer.  The murderer didn't want to obey the anti-murder laws, which are not a right of a person to attack other people.  Maybe the Bill of Rights should have said that the right of one man to kill another couldn't be infringed upon.  Then we could be having a discussion about changing that right.

  But most people don't believe in a right to attack other people, although it is in the Koran or is that Quran? Not an English word and I don't read Persian nor Arabic.  And I want to follow the Holy Bible, so none of that should matter.  And I expect to again, this coming weekend be at a place where a large amount of rounds will be fired safely and on target and no one will be hurt, unless they were too proud and too unpracticed and unskilled, that should only be feelings.  So all of Mayor Bloomberg's money and good intentions done wrong upon the unknowing public and President Obama's skillful deciding that good gun laws mean less violence (completely ignoring the Cook County body counts for wrongful gun deaths) will not be as effective as people establishing safety rules, a Course of Instruction, safe places to shoot. Or maybe it is just Earl, and if they fly me everywhere real quick I can prevent any more gun deaths... but that isn't really what I think.

   I think to be fair and balanced the news has to start reporting all the rounds fired, the targets hit and the enjoyment or troubling of the shooters.  No pictures, no breaking news, no media feeding frenzy - if it bleeds it leads.  President Obama says he is upset about how often in a country of over 310 million people that has a recorded fifty-nine million abortions performed for the business success of a non profit but highly profitable enterprise.  All lives matter, really and the police won't be there when a woman is getting pregnant, and won't be there soon enough when a crazy person is shooting other people.  That is a truth.  I don't have guns and a desire to shoot a human being, a rational person doesn't desire the death of others for gratification.  But, I may one day see a need to shoot someone.  Have before and could see it happening again, not likely because I don't go into gun free zones wearing Zombie t-shirts.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Almost the end of September and there is still rum and whiskey in the cabinet...

  You had no idea that two of the cabinet were code named Rum and Whiskey, did you?  Nah, speaking to my inability to finish what I started... haven't missed too much alcohol in my life, all those dry years I remember so very well.  The session at the YMCA took me to new levels of performance for 'that older gent' (my official new title replacing 'hey, old timer')

   Millions upon  millions, when we look back in History, slavery is completely not understood. Although there is real slavery still in backward countries, in the modern civilized nations there no longer is the same creature. There are legal entanglements and contracts and such, but there is much more freedom for those that don't count and they don't have to make bricks without straw because of the change.  I watched the movie Philomena last night, good movie and not my normal fare.  Still gives me thoughts to mull over.  Today, the Democratic Party, the party of slavery, is still taking an immoral stand, a legal but immoral stand on Planned Parenthood and abortion.  I am, still, a fellow very against others deciding my life, my culture, my contribution to the sins of humanity and the world.  Figuring my own stupidity, and Satan will likely do plenty without the cohorts of evil doers in positions of pretense of importance... The control freaks remain the weakness in most government systems, one very competent person can't do it all, and as soon as you add normal humans, you have lost the power of being really competent.

Monday, September 28, 2015

So Blood Moon, full moon and cleaar skies and I still like the North Star...

  Easier to find right in front of my front porch on a clear night.  Still have to admit, no matter how many cable feeds were covering the Pope's visit to America, gushing with their love of celebrities and dislike of religion and gods that frown upon their lusts and lavishness... I hope more people went out to view the moon. My wife talking to her sister in Korea on the mobile phone, took it and the conversation outside to view, then tried walking up the street to get closer to the Moon????? yeah, like that will work.  Tim Durkan took the picture for those not able to get away from the football game, most of Seattle had watched the Seahawks wake up for the second half. I wonder how many other photographers were working on Mount Rainier and other special locations to get the best shot of the event?  My wife was talking to her sister, because she can, and because it is Chuseok, the three day harvest festival thanksgiving in Korea.  Do wish they would decide which letters to use for which Korean symbols, and have some special sweet rice cakes, and get out the new traditional garb on television.

  I am wearing two daggers today and carrying concealed and realize only the medal detectors will get me, since it is a non-traditional carry position, but I have walked, sat, jumped in and moved Cadillac and my wife's car has so many less miles than my Caravan... so many less, anyway they are secure until they are needed.  So happy.  My wife is off to climb the hills with her hiking team and I am visiting the Service department and going to the YMCA.  Spend money like it isn't real, preparing for my selection as the write in candidate for 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Well, the Sun has finally crested the mountains and the big trees to the Southeast, time to get a move on.  Oh, stop, President Obama is addressing the United Nations and the new folks are already telling us what is important in his speech. He does wear that suit well, tie is tied so neatly, and he has grayed well as President. Should have sold tickets.