Saturday, September 13, 2014

Intervals, lets do intervals...

I once knew something about physical fitness, training and examples. So the latest news about how much more effective interval training is than just long boring same stuff same pace forever... is, is not news to me.

Honest when I was young and handsome and in my right mind, I knew all the intervals I wanted were there in the way I trained myself and my troops. Which is why as a Command Sergeant Major with a troop count of one (myself) I slid into dull boredom so easily. And boring gets slower and easier in consistent decline with the recline of the cushioned chair.

But, now that I have a constant heart rhythm monitor, and I am getting better everyday, I decide to spice the YMCA workout up. I add swimming! Yeah! only lap swimming is boring, and slow --- but I am doing sets - down and back in the crawl (before I walk?) then flip over and do the back stroke down and back, then flip to the breast stroke (no, not the one I'd rather do - the swimming one). So, I have a way to do the laps, change the muscles and stroke, and keep count, and three sets and one more lap of the crawl is five hundred yards. Yeah, I like that and the feeling it gives me after a normal work out on the rowing machine and the bicycle. So, next week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will finish with swimming, on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday, I should walk, jog or run (????) as the desert. I am still illogically afraid to run, stretching out... don't know why, but it is silly me I am describing.

Hmm, that ice water with apple cider vinegar is pretty refreshing. When I finish this glass it is back to cutting the grass in the backyard.

So, I have come to the conclusion about the efforts to modify the RWVA and Appleseed to attract more folks - if it doesn't make me ashamed, sick or stupid I will continue to work the Appleseeds and work on marksmanship and heritage one or two shooters at a time. I was not the guy they wanted to attract back to work with them anyway (some days I think I could be the one driving everyone away - but then I remember the smiles - and Heather's happy hug - gosh, she scared me). What I like doing, I am going to continue. We all should.

I found out I have been remiss in finding a writer about the country I knew so well - not that I really know the mountains of Pennsylvania, but I lived there an important bunch of my life starting. Anyway, his name is Roy F. Chandler. I want his Pennsylvania frontier stuff, but he also was big in the shooting/sniping gun world. You can tell how little I pay attention to who writes what. Anyway, Arrowmaker, Pennsylvania Frontier Series Book 1. I have it in my kindle, what is your excuse? Intervals, change up and keep going up hill until you have to start down.

What made America great was that everyone could change their story, their life and build it better... what makes us weaker is that no one believes that enough in the elite political class, the underprivileged, and the media. So many Nay-sayers make a country weak. Just think if King Saul hadn't found a humble but willing servant of the Lord, a teenage shepherd from Jesse's house.  There is a time, there is a season, turn, turn...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We all seem to want the same thing...

   Millions of Moms Against Gun Violence, oops, that isn't their name is it? Anyway, I agree, there shouldn't be any unsafe firearms anywhere in my country. But I don't agree that a Bread/coffee selling company denying service to true Armed Americans (their right, exercising it is their privilege) is a money maker, and certainly won't keep the bad boyz away - can U text Flash Mob - unarmed Yuppies needing taken down at: fill in the bread shoppe nearest you, they ain't carrying.

   I am sure, seeing how many police SWAT raids and shootings are just over stepping FEARS gone wild, that having the government in charge of firearm safety is a poor choice. We all must be in charge of firearm safety. We all live on the same planet, we all have those we love, those we work for and those that must be defended against evil and terrible ugliness.

   Deciding that restricting and prohibiting drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind will work - is an already defeated reliance on the law, enforcement of the same and the desires of the down trodden. You have to improve the human morals, you have to make right and wrong mean what is wrong isn't just this time but for all time. And the way one loses self worth, or life or respect for life is dangerous... need to fix that. It has never been about the guns, the drugs, the sex, the money, the alcohol -- it has always been about the no value in the life and the potential of good in everyone.

   I will honor the bread maker wanting to be in a gun free zone, I won't darken his doors. I would honor my Concealed Carry Permit - you will never know I am carrying. But for sure, ladies and gentlemen, I will not calm your fears for 'the foolish flee when no one pursues' it is all in your head. And the former Mayor's big bank account. Are there really a million of you? - hard to believe there are so many silly folks sometimes.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Travel light, freeze at night...

 Operational wisdom from paratrooper daze.

   I don't fly around much anymore, getting old, and the entire TSA from DHS was silly, intrusive and frustrating - so I would rather get on the Trusty Triumph and sleep on rest stop picnic benches across the country.  But sometimes, when you have to be there, you go by air.

   I had to cross into the protected zone twice in the last week. The efficiency has improved, or I was traveling at not peak travel hours (yep, go late come back early). But we slid through the lines and agents smoothly. Don't know how they award Pre-checked status but my wife got it twice, and I was so blest once. My pacemaker and bulging belly make sure I am scanned by ghost radar, I have no idea, put your feet there hold your hands above your head so, and wait. Thank you, sir. No, I don't want a copy emailed to my friends on Facebook. Bad enough the NSA and DHS have to file it and match it to the last data.

  The good part of the airport is always beyond the security screening gates.  Lots of food and drink choices, gift shops and book stores.  But the best part will always be baggage pickup where you might be greeted by people that expect you and want to help - the last time you saw such people was when they helped drop you and your luggage off at departure/ticketing.

  I was flying United and associated lesser carriers. The take offs were roaring, the landing bumpy (but I always compare to my father's landing - which I am sure he liked to make so smooth) but all safe, and we would get to walk away. Limited first class seating, business class has disappeared on the flights I would get on -- what happens when one is fugal (read cheap!) - economy. The airline is in business to make a profit, and they do, the seats are smaller, leg room less unless you want to buy a little (VERY!) stretch room, as I walked out of the last airplane I notice the aisle is just wide enough for one more seat, and they could swim through the air above as soon as the anti gravity units start working -- the next Boeing project I have heard about.  But most of all, there were never any empty seats, none. Everything was full. At the price of aircraft, fuel and operations they have to be.

   I had much more room on the transit bus, which is how frugal and wife get to and from the airport without the participation of the parking garages. But the government run bus services are also where lots of public assisted folks ride - I have no idea if there is a government program for the poor in public assisted travel on commercial air - unless one looks at the business tax breaks, military, and government agency tickets that come from the tax payers.

   Well, I had best get real serious about that body beautiful project, I was brushing the seats on both sides of the aisle as I loaded my lard and unloaded my lazy moving about. Yes, walking across the country could make me slim again. That statue of the Minute Man is the way one ought to look in the RWVA. Lean, mean, fighting machine... oh, don't those fool paratrooper thoughts ever bubble up?  Then again, if I carried a musket and possibles - I might be given more room?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Good trips are worth mentioning in dispatches... the truest honor.

  There was once an army of Regulars of the good King George and his many variations, that found a lot to be truly proud of being mentioned in dispatches from the front, to the court or to the home office. Now, wearing the ribbons or the medals are a public display of merit or achievement, I like to think my highest honor were to be thought well of by those that were there and actually know what they think they saw me do. This trip has been full of great things.

 I had conversations, deep ones with my wife as we finished meals with nowhere to run, no schedule to fulfill, place to be or were surrounded by people that would not care what we were doing in public. There is a lot of freedom in that place, although, it reminded me of my mother having to take a picture of me holding my wife's hand - she had never seen any public
display of affection between us - none that she could see through her idea of what my life should be like. If she had to write about it - she was always writing a story about everything around her.

  I was privileged to escort my wife to a formal military dinner for my son and his classmates and catch a picture of his advisor giving him the certificate (diploma) for the course. I met many fine men and women, currently in uniform - can you say the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Joint Chief of Staff ? He was truly interesting, kind and fun. My son's classmates were also polite, sharing and considerate - in the end I am happier with the current military than the media or most of the American public (although most of the public that knows people in the service or that had served before have a better idea than the media). Really, a very satisfying evening with my son and those he has been with these last few weeks. He looks so much better in his mess whites than I ever did in my mess blues - and I don't know the proper term for any Navy uniforms.

  He took us to visit Concord and Lexington and Battle road, found a museum that I hadn't thought to visit that had some very neat stuff I wouldn't have seen otherwise, with a helpful young woman that would have allowed me to exchange knowledge on North Bridge all day. We hit the best of the Friday got to go to the weekend commute, which was moving but frustrating - he held us together and returned us to the safety of the motel and we said good-bye until the next visit to his home.

  I have some real idea about how to improve my Three Strikes, and the Appleseed event on the getting the folks out of the deck chairs. I needed more time with those that really don't know who, where, when and definitely WHY, the loyal subjects of the crown would decide that being treated as not capable of Liberty because of birth or lineage was just stupid and must resisted by all means necessary.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weathering the campaign hat... sweat into it.

  So I take off early to apply my body to moving swiftly nowhere at the YMCA, and I had a total of 17 miles, only 6.2 were on the rowing machine - while the Zumba class cavorted on the basketball court below me... I have always wanted to use 'cavorted' in a sentence... thank you, Zumba class. Talked to the old guys, cause I ares one, one wanted to use my military ID so he could fly to Rome and visit the Vatican. I mentioned that lending someone else our IDs was against the rules, and that I have already seen it. Did he want me to buy him a ticket?

   I showered and came back home still old and fat, but happy that all I had to finish was packing, mowing, dressing and leaving.  I can handle that. So I put on work clothes and the campaign hat, and sweated away the mowing. Since my wife had locked the gates to the front yard, I didn't have to do it, but will have to fix it all when we return. With the mower put away, I brushed the campaign hat off, sun, dust and debris must have an opportunity to age properly.

   Looked for love on the internet, still sadly lacking (one would question if the internet was a real human endeavor) so I await the awakening. As I ate my mostly vegetable and tomato lunch, I saw that someone thinks somebody ought to do something about ISIS - and they keep mumbling and waiting for leadership. I laugh. They also find it will really cost a lot of money to put those children in schools, they came without tax payers attached. I laughed. The media loves only certain candidates for President in 2016, but hasn't admitted that the Democrats and Republicans are having so much trouble getting to November of this year.  Not enough drama, not nearly enough. I laughed. They have missed entirely the event that started somewhere off their director's plot outline... and that will be the problem they aren't prepared for, all too soon. And, I will laugh.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Good morning, September, how is the world today?

Have finished the first five of twenty-one virtual bicycle tour runs for this month, Sunday I normally don't go to the YMCA, but the others I would have, but I am traveling the friendly skies to visit the site of the start of the end. Lexington and Concord. How far they have fallen. It should be interesting. We are actually going to see my son, and have dinner as he finishes the Navy Enlisted Course - I don't know what it actually called (the U. S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy). Which is kind of cool, my father mother and one niece (Sherry), my wife and I got to view his graduation review in Great Lakes when he completed his first training. I was even stunned to hear him sing a solo - the boy that wouldn't sing in church hardly.

   Sherry assembles bombs for the Air Force against our enemies,  in South Dakota. Although she was in Korea, England and Pope Air Force Base. Anyway, they serve well. Difficult to believe they have served so long already, and the places they have been and the missions and training... busy folks in uniform, glad I don't have to try to get all those ribbons and awards in the proper order, or have a chest to pin it all upon. I like my father's few. My son had some questions for the protocol officer or petty officer, I was only important if you knew who I was and I was working, otherwise it is best forgotten. Still, I don't hide anything, I am just not concerned, but they find life better and richer if everyone is a known entity. I will behave myself, I am too old to attempt stupidity and expect not to fall on my face. Just to be a guy, I will wear a very small reproduction of the Master Parachutist Badge. A small one. Mostly I will listen and smile quietly. Just glad to have some time with him in his neighborhood.

   For those still of the mindset that things are better than they have ever been. I have doubts but don't want to trouble y'all about them. My grandfather that lived and grew up in California wouldn't recognize it today. My other grandfather wouldn't recognize much either. Guess I can clean up and prepare to pack up for the trip. Heavens, when I go back to Ligonier, Pennsylvania or Albert Lea, Minnesota I hardly recognize the places or the people - the only reason they don't feel the need to lock me up or subdue me, is I listen and smile quietly - the moment they feel otherwise - it is all over.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What is on your mind today... or why are you up so early...

How little of my monitor screen is taken up by what is on my mind. Really, 17x10 inches, and my mind has 6x1 inches of acknowledged FB content for display? Sure, then the diversions, take y'all immediately to where FB is going to make money...

No, what I think about: Combat Experiences of the AEF of WWI (reading it) Pontiac's War in the movie '
UnConquered' (watching the DVD), RWVA expansion to the millions of those that have never been to one or have never heard of us (the members only portion of the RWVA Forum), declining participation in church, public schools, voting, community, and when am I going to learn how to shoot better... or do anything better than...

There are many places to go and get lost aren't there?

I did shoot yesterday, checked my zero at twenty-five, found my sights off, put them back on, then took the target to 100 yards, the black was about six inches, okay, I shot it, I hit it. Go back to 200 yards the black is still six inches, darn that is a small target, shoot it and hit the paper, take it back to 300 yards the black is still six inches and I can see it? Well, yes, unless I look at my front sight (FOCUS!) then I have the large paper blur, twenty-one inches wide, which is about 7 minutes of angle, which is about my front sight width... Still I do hit that paper.

But I don't have the good tight one inch groups I have shot on the twenty five yard line. Sigh, what is my expectation? Consistency, but I am not that good. Yet. I bring all my failures home, lay the targets on the bed and think... Maybe I should use a larger target at the distances, you know, something like the whole twenty-one inches. Looking up the longer range targets I find them having black areas about twenty-one inches or even more. Ah, that is interesting. I could run out to the range and engage a full size, 24x20 D silhouette. Be happier.

Notice the sneaky NRA commercials? First one I caught was the blond with the 1911 gold pistol necklace, and she was talking about something other than shooting, when she got to the 5 million members of the NRA I had it figured out. Saw a man later, but he had no jewelry so I wasn't sure except for now familiar format.  My brother's enemy, the NRA, which like Republicans and Conservative values - is a red flag - a warning that nothing good will come from listening to that stuff, all lies. Which is shared to guns and shooting, although most people may now something about guns and shooting that doesn't fit the EVIL label... some of them.

As long as the unknowing media label soft ear plugs as non lethal bullets the shooting community has its message to get out - there are so many unwashed and unknowing out there. Can't get them to read the Constitution or Declaration of Independence since it doesn't fit in a hundred and forty characters or takes more than a few seconds to think about... or are they thinking anymore, maybe they are just feeling?

Well, your homework assignment, so I can rest longer and sleep soundly is: define America, Liberty, and marksmanship. Why are folks tuning out, dropping out, not being part of the herd, or defining themselves as a part of the herd, the protest, the mob, the looters, the lost, the winners, the losers... are they defining self or their darkness potential? Think it is time for a fresh pot of coffee, I am not going back to sleep.