Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The coming collapse...

There are signs out there that the whole thing is falling apart, and that the government is preparing to hold the civil unrest down and make everything better.

Duh, you are looking in the wrong direction. The collapse is never with the citizens and the peoples - it is always the failure of the government. Probably because the people that believe they are in charge - stop being effective leaders, rulers, or elected representatives. They stopped working like they owned the title.

A leader in the Army will always be the one making things happen. There are official leaders and un-official leaders - may your units always have the two working together to make the mission work and get everyone back to safety for rest and recovery... sometimes they don't.

So, if the TEA Party is part of the problem with the Democrats in the Senate not being able to pass a budget, or a much needed law - the idea that the TEA Party is the problem is not a solution. Duh. Excuses don't make things happen, they just make everyone no longer feeling bad about failure. David Crockett's ghost talking to Jim Bowie's ghost about how they should have done it different, just doesn't matter - they made a big enough statement that even in their failure the die was cast and Mexico lost Texas. No one really outside of Texas celebrates the other places the little Napoleon of the West killed everyone in rebellion. In Mexico nor Texas - the idea that dictators are going to be good guys, someday... doesn't pass the History test.

There was lots of great leadership, political, military and economic in Russia during WWI but they didn't share a common goal -- some nobles thought they were, duh. And workers wanted to be united and oppressed because they didn't see the changing rulers didn't make the world brighter... The current government failures and continued beating their heads and ours against the wall of stupid silence and political correctness - none of that will fix the nation. Selective hearing, pretending that if feels good and we should do it harder and longer and make more noise about it.... won't bring back America. America is the land of the free the home of the brave... and most of what was America, is waiting for SWAT to descend on their party and ruin it for everyone.

Historically, all government collapse is before the civilian folks and peoples give up, the peoples will fight long after their kings, presidents and thugs in charge are dead and gone.... really. Look it up.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

YMMV or AFAIK or SOS.... duh...

  I am not a text-er, so after a life full of FEBA, LD, JSOC and DZ,LZ, PZ... I don't really do alphabet words and sentences outside of limited professional need --- cause AAR might mean something else to one not in the know. But there are those that love to be in the know, and flaunt their knowledge constantly, as they make little grammatical errors or spell checker misses something. It is alright, Google search will bring me into the know - or I can make something up.

  Today is the expected delivery date of the rifle, happy sigh. It is on a delivery truck, put there in Dupont, WA, which is just down the road and I pass by there when I go to many of my Appleseeds. So close... and so far. I am reading a story about WWI, getting my mind set and delaying the waiting by filling my mind with something interesting and 'can be done in the privacy of your own home...'  Wasn't that a slogan from some long ago product?  On Facebook my friends and family have caught my comment about the did I get to thinking that was a real conversation? Hmmm.

I received a book, signed and the digital camo poncho liner. Changed the sling to a 1907 Remington 38407??, with lots of ammorer markings on the stock I will have to look up. Today is a YMCA loss... but I had best clean up the packing material from the reading room, shouldn't I. Cannot say Thank you enough.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Trouble in paradise...

  I was very disturbed by the RWVA forum today, the word manslave was used... and I had enough problems with the junior high boy mentality that thought 'the floggings will continue until the marksmanship improves'. And that was on the official Instructor sweatshirts. Sigh.

  So if the California PC crowd that ruined Colorado and Washington States is going to take over the RWVA forum and make mockery of men, many for many good reasons do need mocked. Well, I don't have to be among the ones wondering where the 4MOA and three strikes got hijacked for silly stuff.

  I figured that if one is to build a country, or rebuild a country - you don't leave out important parts of the building blocks. You don't leave women out, you don't leave children out, you don't leave loners out -- everyone is welcome on the line or in the programs. So they do want to extend outreach - and will do Libertyseeds for those that don't shoot, but want to share the history of April 19, 1775. And they will help the National Guard with their marksmanship, and the Scouts, and others. And if there are women that would be more comfortable in a Ladyseed, they have those available, too. I don't work Ladyseeds, because I am a man, and I am not a 'manslave' any day of the week, and won't accept that from anyone. It would have been a game changer in the military - but then I always knew the officer corps had to be smart enough to know they couldn't do without me, and when they discovered they could - I retired.

  Getting older and crankier, maybe I should hibernate again. Is the program going to survive the lack of ammunition, the twisting of effort to make the RWVA acceptable to more folks? I don't know, it may not be worth considering. When I get cute on the line, I might not be as safe as needed, might miss someone not being the best shot they could be while their sling slips down their support arm... one needs focus, and distractions are only such, if I were in the rifleman's bubble I wouldn't hear the fools calling me names, would I?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Have you been listening....

I saw a bit of news on Ferguson, MO. And they said that rioters were looting a store, sure enough there was someone looting a store. While the police were tear gassing the protestors, and there is unrest in Ferguson tonight. Because the good people of that town, went to bed, not wanting to be on television/cable news, and they had jobs to go to in the morning. Now if I had been writing the story, the looters ran lawlessly through the community striking at will. The pushy protestors were being quelled by heavily militarized police forces, having more in common with Storm Troopers than they wanted. This is all brought to you by eTrade, where you too can make Warren Buffet look conservative.

As I finally fixed my yard like I should have long ago, and made my wife concerned but happy, I was thinking of the old television. Tennessee Ernie Ford Show - and others. Where I heard people singing Gospel standards, and patriotic songs. I must be on the wrong planet, because they only seem in my memory. I have a cousin's son that sings in a quartet - they are still doing traditional music, I guess.  Of course that is my traditional music, not the music my son has grown up with -- I am so much of a long gone away era. As I dumped a bunch of WWI books and manuals into my kindle, I may be reaching back into my grandfather's era for no good reason, except I haven't been there for awhile. Maybe I find the current shouting and pounding no longer rocking but frightening... and I might be afraid, very afraid.

Truth is: stay off the cable, find my music and listen to it, and for sure read more about the New Springfield, the 1903 A3, cause I don't want to be behind.  Did you hear that some ammunition manufacturer is hiring more worker? Great news! I have also been following the Camp Perry competitions, great work, and no one was robbed nor attacked by all those military style weapons, but then the targets are all those big circles way down there many hundred yards away. And some of those rifles are almost a hundred years old - at least in design. Why are those shooters smiling? Cause they know very well what they are about.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have been marveling...

I recommend Joe Abercrombie, for his book The Heroes, it is fiction but I like it.

What I have been marveling about is my healing, my recovery and how long it has been going on and I think is still in progress. I had no idea how far I had fallen in health, just that it wasn't there anymore. 2011 and 2012 were probably the bottom, I hope to never get that far down again, since coming back is awful - but necessarily so slow... so slow.  Still haven't run again - and a gentle jog would be enough to convince me that I could, but I am still hesitant to trust myself and the pacemaker - it isn't far to fall in the YMCA and there are lots of fine folks around to save me... but I don't want to trouble them. Still, I am getting better and stronger and think if I continue to take it slow it will happen again.

Something else in the universe has happened also, and I need to make a call, but I have had a desire, not a need, for a 1903 A3, and I thought if I kept asking I might win the Lottery and find one and buy one.... so I tickled a few folks about it, and sure enough I have a call back on my message service to call and maybe look and buy a sporterized one.  When I posted on Facebook that I was thinking of looking into it I found suddenly three messages that they would like to help me find their rifle for my desires. Wow!

When it rains it pours. I might really have one soon, and will be sharing my joy with the world as I learn new skills with that rifle. Still the search has been interesting in the response to the question and what has been going on with other shooters and their lives.

I have also run into my reputation along the way - I have several of them - and they seem to depend on where I and the reporter of the reputation were when. So there are dark ones that no one talks about, and much brighter ones that I think have been polished by time and goodness greatness thoughts that I didn't recognize as mine. One truth about reputations is comparison and contrasts - the rep is always held up against some real person and situation somewhere, and the reporter/promoter has another chance to make me worthier... hmm, seems like the real me gets dimmer as the rep gets brighter. Like any great war story, if the stink, the slime and the sleaze were part of the story - we wouldn't tell them so often and so fondly. So with the reputation/representation of paratrooper Dungey. Doesn't survive first contact with reality/real me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We just kill them all until they don't return...

  One of the better messages from the Vietnamese commander in We Were Soldiers, when asked about taking prisoners.

  I have personally concluded that killing all Hamas, ISIS or any other enemy is the only way to stop the madness.  Yes, I will pray for them, but I am sure that killing them will get them to the Lord's  mercy sooner than allowing them to behead people, threaten death and destruction, and in general rape and beat women. Kill them.

  There is a fine thought that they should be able to be moderate, gentler and honorable. But they don't seem civilized, and if our civilization has gotten so cushioned chair bound that we aren't willing to FIGHT the stupids wherever they are -- they will be coming in the back door soon.

  No more non-lethal, no more halls of Justice, just kill them if they are carrying a bomb or a weapon. If they are in charge, kill them. Their sons will avenge their deaths, kill them when they try.

  You may now return to your regularly covered petty little lives.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stuck in Atlas Shrugged, the book...

I am on recovery break, wanting to get smart and beautiful and loving... so I leave you with a gem from the internet, which I left a comment on.  When the Music Stops    Don't you just love it when the looters of the literary world followed to lay out the current stupidity in government goodness?