Saturday, July 4, 2015

I find no truth out there...

  Watching 'Sons of Liberty' which is so far away from the real History of the colonies and their independence from the Old World, that I fear for my posterity. My grandchildren are going to be fed the most foolishness as fact, and their representatives in the capitals will lie. How does this come about? Why the cry over old flags, the true meaning of common words, and great moral questions of every age - suddenly become suspect? Too much Hollywood in the brain?

  Well, I have written 'Fred' about things, Do hope that Independence Day isn't just a movie about how to beat an invasion of overpowering aliens, and that you remember why we celebrate.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

independence day blues... everyone should so suffer...

  No it isn't the 4th of July, it is Independence Day... with a long list of terrible things the colonies couldn't suffer under the far away Parliament and King George the Third. A long list that looks suspiciously like or better than the stupidity we are living under now.

  I am not concerned, the America that could have been died soon after WWII, not because of lack of courage, lack of leadership, lack of values - but because re-writing History continued. The lie that government must control the economy to make everything better - a lie. That without the Roosevelt changes in basic freedoms that the collectives of the Soviets or the Chinese Communists would be better than free enterprise, better than the Republic, all lies. That a secular society is fairer than a moral or religious society will be better for everyone.  The lie that the government has an answer that will always work, all lies.

  I encourage everyone to read the Declaration of Independence, and reflect on what a monster has been created to replace those points of contention with the Crown. Know ye that England has not gotten better nor lesser from the separation of colonies from Crown, but very well suffers exactly the same ills with a resident Royal to bring tourism to the homeland.

  I encourage everyone to be free and independent.  I am embarking on bicycle riding for Gas Tax increase protest. Why should I pay more to ride just because the law maker representatives in Olympia don't have any good sense and don't love me, the citizen they don't care for and love more than their life.  They don't love me, nor thee, they think we are just something to be controlled exploited and robbed at gun point.  Don't believe me, the sheriff or police will be on their way, since true free thinking is a dangerous activity, not approved by any political party, nor representative of the people that aren't secure in their importance without subjects to their will.

  Don't owe them anything, become free and independent. Save your energy for the future that no one can predict, although they really want to.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Quiet Monday morning thoughts...

  My brother drove me to the Bible and prayer, or my lack of a proper start to the beauty of the Summer morning outside my Computer cave window and my thankfulness that I can truly believe.

  A ton of work is awaiting my attention, having returned from a very small but as always successful Appleseed event, I even have reports to file, rifles to clean and put away.  And I found out more truth while upon the road and range that isn't on my computer feed, nor is drawing national attention but is there in all our lives, troubling us.

  So I share: Seventh stepping being a critical part of spreading the word about the wonders of an Appleseed event with safe marksmanship, having history and honoring our heritage, the Shoot Boss, me, has to encourage the shooters - to tell everyone to wear their Appleseed Project t-shirt, tell their story and talk about the RWVA message so I did.  And I learned a large truth.

  I found that a shooter, who really learned and improved a lot, can't tell family nor co-workers and friends about the two days with me... SHOCK!! But then I realized the shooter had just become my introduction to the S to the 4th power, (Super Secret Shooting Society!). Never fired a rifle before Saturday, the shooter's final shots went out safely on target on Sunday, but has been invited back with the normal admonishment - dry fire practice, read the study materials and think well of us.

  I won't tell you the shooter is afraid of nothing - that there isn't a real effort to paint the NRA, shooters and such with the same color paint one uses for the horrors one sees on the entertainment and news media. EVIL, and those that are brave enough stay and find out an uncomfortable truth, maybe the fear that is spread from the top of the human pyramid to the bottom dwellers isn't based on truth.  Because there is EVIL in the world, a younger white man murdered nine real Christians, and the news media, the entertainment folks and the ones that want to spread fears began looking at everything to blame his actions on... and a feed frenzy of the fearful foolish began.

   Confederate Battle flags sales stopped, memorials defaced, cakes only baked celebrating homosexual and Christian kills for ISIS or the newly government certified homosexual marriage unions - but not for the lovers of History. The unknown attackers of truth, always hiding their names, their emails and their hardware from the press for protection.... they have decided that only what they think is worthy and we have to wait for their daily feed. 

   But they can't hide the truth, just try to twist it to their benefit. The family, friends and the faithful in that famous church in Charleston demonstrated the way. They reached out in prayer, in strength and Christianity or just great faith in our Father for forgiveness of the murderer and his salvation. Exercising God's Love for all those less fortunate, less blest and so wrong in their actions. Like any muscle, skill or art and craft, one must exercise those things one wants to improve upon - from marksmanship to basket weaving or prayer and finding the truth, exercise more real love in your every day. Evil can't stand against it, and stupidity can't be fixed, but salvation is for everyone.

  One has to accept responsibility for one's sins, ask forgiveness and call upon the LORD. He sent His Son to show you the way, those murdered believers are in Heaven with the thief that died with Christ, and that is the truth. Say a prayer for me, and my brothers and sisters. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How do you stay at Liberty... well?

  Tradition tells us that the United States of America were founded on Liberty, and the politicians finally designed a Republic to represent the People and States in the larger world, and that the Questions of almost everything would be decided at the lowest level - the citizen.  Then the politicians decided they needed to organize and keep limited the number of successful political parties competing for power over the citizens and states that they were supposed to represent and work for...

   Money crept in there from the start, always how do we pay, not worth a Continental, and debts lots of debts to cover, interesting times lots of bad ideas, lots of immoral choices and lots of troubles in various directions. But always a theme that the nation was conceived in Liberty - that changed to Freedom around the time of the Civil War, because all men were going to be Free. Noble idea, morally a very good one, and used to promote the idea that all the people now must obey the government... where did that come in? I was sure the idea was that all free men would live in Liberty and the government would respond to them, the citizens...

  Of course, if you spend a lot of lives and money beating to death the folks that want their Liberty, for the sake of the freeing of slaves - sounds like you do know who has the power, the Federal government. Now I will always hold one truth, that freeing the slaves and ending slavery in the United States of America was a great result of the conflict. Imagine that the British Empire did it by discussion and voting long before America (do you think that shows better intelligence in Britain, or just honorable politicians?), and there were more slaves in the British colonies than in the United States.  Not so important as many truths about the flags and the cause and the evil men do... for whatever reason. Evil is evil.

   There are many people that will tell you that you must obey the police, not true, you should cooperate, but until the local police assume the care and protection of you under arrest, you don't have to obey them. There are lots of great police out there, ask them if you can help, but don't fret obeying them. They will kill you if you are a bother, or they will say they have it under control.

Lead armored vehicle flying the Confederate Battle flag
  There are some famous commentators on cable and television news, that reinforce the idea that when the government says something you must obey. Again, not true, you should cooperate or object quietly. In the end, they will kill you and tell the story their way, always... History is always written by the victor - why do you think Islam is a religion of peace - because you must submit to live.

   Now the worst part of the political parties, the huge sums of money and the various political action groups, is that no one is really doing a good job representing the people. Some strange economic ideas have slid in the mix - less government regulation and taxation means more economic activity. The government is needed to coordinate actions by the nation in defense, in justice and in sound money for commerce. They don't know anything about free markets, banking, trade, education, innovation and industry -- and few government folks can milk a cow - so how do you think they do at fleecing and milking the modern American economy? You do know the reason that we rent Russian space vehicle space - is our government program was a failure.  Which government transit system is working? which private systems are working?

  Don't worry good folks, do the very best you can, the government doesn't love nor will it save you, it needs to get out of the way.  But always try to be polite, have good manners and better language and they won't know what to do with you. You are a free person at Liberty in the most wonderful trainwreck about to happen in the world.  There is no way you nor any of the fools in government will ever pay off nor down the national, state or county debts... mainly because the people that hold those bonds and notes buy more representation than you the citizen.

   I expect we are all going to die. But the next time some one tells me that slavery was so morally wrong that we will never be forgiven for building a country with it... I will remind them that if life begins at conception (scientific fact) then all abortions are immoral.  Nope, I don't want to punish the women not smart enough to find alternatives - I really feel sad for them, really.  Living in liberty means always being responsible for what you do, and we all should work on being better folks. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The ugly stuff thrown around out there... or the things I would rather never learn about...

  My brother made a comment about something being metric - so I had no idea what he meant so I went looking. And was immediately offended. 

  Not that was what my brother intended, but he had nothing to offer that was good, so he slung it out. He does not think it was offensive. But then he is a modern kind of guy and can be swayed into all kinds of stuff - some of it really wonderful - others not so much.

  I, on the other hand, am just a old man, with the big belly, balding pate (no, I don't use that term much), with in a rut that could just get big enough to be buried in... almost up to my axles.

  The Governor of South Carolina took the Confederate Battle Flag down, and I do think she did it so well. But then I have always thought it best to be used in movies, or placed with honor over the graves of Confederate soldiers and veterans. Remember, it only matters to me, you should have your own opinion. I have long been upset by people that want to change the message to their advantage, normally for political gain. The one that come immediately is homosexual marriage. By my definition marriage is a union between a man and a woman - most often for establishing a new family. I have been told I am wrong about that, kind of like believing that Democrats care about the people, or Republicans have more to offer than Democrats cause they are all rich. Most things that everyone knows are needing fact checking.

  When you don't fact check, there are perceptions to overcome, and you will probably miss what is happening because you don't have to understand to be entertained. I could be seeing a lot of ugly in my world because it suits the humans wandering around lost. Kind of like Moses coming down from the mountain with God shining from him and seeing the people locked in lust under a golden calf, made by his brother. It could really make one angry.

  Not me, I hope for salvation, built upon the idea that God loves us.  For sure a government, made up of self centered fools doesn't love us. But then a government is only an organization to harness people to pull the wagon or the plow and get the job done.  Isn't it?

  I do hope you all have a wonderful life, and that you have family, friends and good strangers to love better than they deserve. Lots of laughter and lots of love. Be very good out there, and make all your shots count.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

First day of Summer, and my wife takes me out for steak and ice cream...

   Perhaps we shouldn't read the comments on Facebook, especially when a person from the fool camp is posting what is good sense to themselves, and many other silly things they thought you meant or said.

   I expect all gun control, or common sense gun laws to be as poorly written and enforced as the drug laws, drunk driving laws and rape laws. So I don't hold much hope in the government solution to any of those things, why give them more that they can't handle?

  When my brother says they aren't coming to take my guns, he forgot about Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge.  The most recent Waco, Texas incident with the motorcycle clubs makes me wonder if he should be wary of riding around large groups of bikers.

  All the great laws about driving, often held up as an example of what the government could do to make shooting firearms safer, has a much higher death toll than firearms, daily.  So, how is it that the increasing regulation of firearms would make anyone's shot within one minute of angle?

   But I have enjoyed a French film today, and the steak was perfect and so was the company, do hope your day was wonder full.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

When you get lemons... make the best of it, limey...

  So I didn't have sweat pants, so I turned around and went to the range.

And I shot my M1 and admired other fine shooters and weapons. No one was killed, wounded, nor felt fear during the entire time I was there.  Should have invited the clueless to watch, and maybe shoot a round on target.

Just forty rounds for me, finding my zero, synthetic 1907 sling marked from CMP.

I do like to look and talk to the other shooters, not enough to bother them, but it is part of the learning experience. 

The Blues are playing loudly in my home, pardon me, I am going to take some down time reflecting on how Mad Max Fury Road worked, and why there were so many males in that one tyranny. It doesn't work that way, really, and most of those shots couldn't have happened - ah, fantasy violence. Do you think a sip of whiskey would help?