Monday, August 3, 2015

the nation has lost its moral compass.

God grants life and y'all kill it and sell it for parts, lots of little parts.

   Planned Parenthood has donated large sums of money (from a nonprofit business) to the Democratic Party. They didn't donate a dime to Republicans. Now it is clear to me, that Planned Parenthood is EVIL and works for the Satanic worshippers. Or, they aren't evil they are really doing to the unfortunate women that can't help themselves by virtue (which seems to be a myth just like honor - current culture saying that real people don't have to have virtue nor honor) a fine service. 

  Then they list a bunch of medical checkup stuff, that many women got from clinics and hospitals and doctors - pretending that is what they do - some of those items they will refer you to a clinic or doctor or hospital where you can get that particular service. They will also give you counsel and answer your questions - kind of, cause they won't swear to the truth, just a reasonable facsimile.  In the darkness, in their depravity, they will provide abortions to women that consent, especially women that wait long enough that the baby parts are harvestable. Not that anyone wants baby parts - we don't need no baby parts, we got deaths everywhere.

   There are some visuals circulating with rich white women sipping wine and talking about techniques to save the good stuff and shred the rest. For free not for a fee, but being careful could be assisted by proper compensation, a donation for the nonprofit organization so they can continue their good work and support the Democratic Party and the Butcheredbaby Bunch.  That is what is really going on under the name 'Planned Parenthood'.  Killing the unborn for the devil, and making the whole world their fertile fields.

   I was more concerned with the coming collapse of the empty coffers of the kingdom, with the lack of care for The Constitution and the letter and intent of the law - but the real end of America was pointed out by Senator Reid, no moral values. It is the true danger, no God, and you can't save yourself.  End of America, and of everyone else, when the point of worship becomes yourself, your fears and folly, it is all over. Satan wins.

   Oh, for those that are willing, there is a way to save your soul (you have to know you have one, I pray) and to align with the LORD. But it isn't cool, hip, and never will be easy - cause you start becoming old fashioned and out of step with the beat of the drums...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Starting my day with tea instead of coffee... what could be wrong...

  Seems like my congestion has dried up, no fever, no headache and normal disgust with folks that think the government is on their side. Good morning, Sunday. It looks beautiful outside my window and begins a promise of better things to come.

  My son and grandson did a whole eighteen holes of par three and I don't golf, but wished I had been there to watch. Think that will go on my list, have to sign back up for flights, and get my passport renewed (every ten years, time passes).

  Not wanting to spread my germs, we will go later to church, but my wife won't allow me to wearing my bandit kerchief over my face.  Win some lose some.

Friday, July 31, 2015

So, I need something to do well, for more than I and I pick...

  Restoring my country to Liberty, not greatness, not leadership of the world, not an economic powerhouse... just Liberty under the LORD. That last part makes many modern Americans squirmy, cause it is so misunderstood.

  All governments are about control of the populations under their control. They also evolve into an institution that may be often corrupted. Many organized religions are successful for the appearance of making the congregation 'Children of God' and many then ally themselves with the government power to protect the people, or so they believe. 

  The truth is you don't need the government, you don't need religion you can be the best you can ever be without either. Having said that, remember that Jesus didn't really establish a Christian religion, he presented the truth and was the way. He never said the Roman government should adopt his love for everyone, he never forced anyone to his path, he talked, he taught and was a living example.  His tale of the temptations while in the wilderness are critical. For those temptations are being accepted as a way to change everything, but they never have changed anything except the fool that picks those.

   You do need to find the LORD, receive guidance and work out your life as the noise of stupidity ramps up, you should do it often and vigorously. Find like minded folks and work in love for God and goodness. Don't worry, the government, which ever one takes charge because there are too many godless fools will decide that you have to die. It is going to happen to the worst and the best of the human beings. Honor your God, love His creation and don't worry about it as you spread the message and make you life count.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Yes, there are some people that should not be armed, especially dangerous...

but, if I told you that when you lose you ability to bear arms as a right of a human being, then you should also lose your ability to vote - what would you think then?  First they started with the disabled and maybe not so disabled veterans (you know those men and women that killed people and broke things for their government) make sure they can't commit suicide or murder by having arms.... yep, happens.  Not too many to make the politicians quake, because if they are taking medications for mental issues they can't be too safe. If you tied their ability to vote to the same thought process as bearing arms or being responsible for financial dealings then the folks in charge of getting live bodies to the polls might worry.

   So now, the government in all its goodness and greatness is going to disarm the old folks.  How many old folks have committed these mass shootings? drive-by shootings? We should just pass a law outlawing oxygen to anyone bent on using arms for evil. Regulation of the tools will never stop what starts in the mind of a human, they will always invent a way to perform what task they put their mind to.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Gosh, I am now Facebook famous, I am a 'Right Wing Troll'. Wouldn't Mom be proud?

You would ask, you must be a liberal.
? As usual, not a lick of sense out of a right wing troll.
Ah, you must know my brother. .... didn't think I was more than Earl, but you have labeled me more than such. ....
  It was really a much better day away than when I got back to Facebook, there is a real message there.
  I woke one minute before the alarm went off at 4 am, turned it off, hit the shower, weighed and dressed for shooting. Made coffee and breakfast gruel (no egg) and took my blood pressure and medications. Look at the computer and turn it off, so it doesn't mess with my Computer Cave while I am away. So I drive off into the early dawning morning for a three hour drive with little competing traffic. Eagle Creek, Oregon, here I come.
  Got there, parked said hello to a lot of familiar faces, and we moved to the trap shed and parked again for introductions and safety briefing then moved the stuff to the two hundred and fifty yard mark. Ben loves starting the Known Distance with a Daniel Morgan one round cold bore shot, so we were going to do that. All seventeen of these fine marksmen and women, were going to go and establish their credentials.  The first few seemed to have it locked, making it look easy, then a couple misses. It was only an eight inch steel plate painted white. Then a hit that really rocked it and set it swinging. It settles and a miss or two more.
  Then it is my shot, and I always laugh at steel targets, because I can't hear them cry out when struck. Someone else was going to have to listen for me. It was a perfect shot from my view. And when it hit the target went crazy and died, dropped and crawled off for a replacement. I saw all that, they should all be that good.  Made my day, so I packed  my stuff up and came back home. I earned my Daniel Morgan Rifleman patch with my M1 Garand, built in 1954 at the Springfield Armory, MA.
   Okay, Al convinced me to stay and keep shooting, only a hundred and twenty more rounds to go, shoot, paste targets, record scores, and remember to raise the target back up or shooting it in the pits wouldn't work (there is an artillery cure for that).
   I had a great time, there were lots of repeat Riflemen, and some very new ones made at the full distance -- but I wasn't one of them.  Seems I switched targets a bit (I was not alone, some fine .223 round was right there in the middle of my .30 target! great shot, Janer!)  I did show a couple of brilliant moments, 300 yards under time pressure, two rounds within an inch of each other. Three hundred yards were my best position, and as a timed transition I couldn't out think the shot. Must work on standing and sitting just for finding solid and steady positions. 
  Overall, I learned much about what I need to work upon. I also, in the cool quiet of my home, know that I was effective as a military shooter. Just not enough to meet the qualifications of the standard, score of 200 or better, or thirty of forty hits in the black. But I will be able to do either or both with more dry fire for good reasons, and live fire for grins. I will be back.
   Came back home to find the Marines lost more men, and a sailor was badly wounded in an attack by an Islamist Terrorist that couldn't out run justice in Tennessee law enforcement. A naturalized legal immigrant from Kuwait, that little country that couldn't... will have to add them to my prayers today. We all need help. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Well, the flag thing is finished back to everyone gets a gun...

   I support the 2nd Amendment, and I have never been foolish enough to think the criminals that wish to harm me will disarm because the government says they must.  And after their time of punishment is over all their rights should be returned, including the one to keep and bear arms. I do think change is possible.  You do notice that no one has put me in charge, haven't you?

  So this morning when I woke and turned on the commercial exploitation of a captive audience to see what had happened in the night. I find Kerry has given Iran all it needed this week. Now the President and the Democrats have to sell this agreement as wonderful to the people, the silly ones that think there is something to fear in America's Evil past (yes, I am talking about the really stupid ones that are so much better than I).  Should be a slam dunk, something I will never do nor admire.

  In keeping with my position that more nukes still don't matter, just like more guns don't matter, I am not concerned. President Clinton made sure North Korea had nukes, and the war hasn't broken out there, yet. President Obama makes sure Iran has nukes, thinking everything is equal. But the neighborhood is going to ISIS, ISIL, or to pieces. Anyone vacationing in Lebanon, lately? My Facebook avatar is the Israeli flag, the background is the Third Temple.

  I study History, and I know there are real fighters in the United States, who will fight for their cause against the hordes of barbarians without mercy.  But there is going to be lots of innocent blood spilled because so many have not one real core value or belief worth dying for, or fighting for. Too long fed the nonsense that America is the problem, they really believe it is. Get in line get your latte and go on line for your morning marching orders... you just aren't going to be ready for when the grid goes down.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Thems that hast no sense of pride nor shame, just no pride...

  I was trying to figure out how the Confederate Battle flag got to be such a hot item, a topic of no discussion and just striking fear into the few of little mind and less history... how did the country go completely nuts?

  I mean, I don't have to have one, but I can't get one to show solidarity with History, an opposing view point, nor calm the fears of the feeble folks.  My Betsy Ross flag is perfect for all I am standing for, but really it is so close to the current American flag, few notice and if I had a circle of twelve stars with one in the center - fewer still would know that one, and if I put the Roman number three in the center only a few would understand but the fear factor would be fueled.

  But getting away from all the lies, and legends (don't want to promote Bill o'Reilly's books) I have long noticed the trend to bland out color... We once painted RED, Blues, and other vivid colors, fierce animals of long ago, mythical and marvelous on our steeds for battle, buildings and barracks and exercise areas... anytime we needed to hide mud and dies were around.  But in garrison we flamed and postured proudly, cause we were awesome!  Then would come a sergeant major that had read the regulations, a modern commander that wanted everyone to calm down and play nice, and the beige paint would start to blandly be rolled over the traditional tigers with big teeth and eyes burning bright.

  My high school was once sporting a hillbilly like Mountaineer with a jug of shine and a rifle and beard. Now, some bland ram - a male or transgender representing the sheep we were to become... so sad, a sheeple by nature... bah, bah, bah.

  So meaningful fighin' spirit has to be cartooned into comical, or bland and pastoral... sheep.