Thursday, August 16, 2012

Problems with politics, again?

In America, always.
If the Democrats were serious about winning the Presidential election, VP Biden would bow out gracefully now, some fine smart replacement get selected, win the debate with Ryan and assure themselves a golden path to 2016, but politics is made of fools...
That was my thought, but why would the really smart people in Wall Street, business, and government leadership suffer fools? Because, most of America isn't as smart as they are... and fools can be bought, paid for and discarded when they become a liability. One doesn't have to be really a critical thinker to be kind to others, really, some of the nicest people I meet know they aren't smart, but they understand nice and work well at being such.
Election day, our votes count, the rest of the time our political leadership looks to where the money and power come from, which is not from the voters. 
Now except for many strange voters in long time voting status but no face that can be photo ID'd, most voters will use those places that can be bought for their information on the candidates, the effect of laws, the hard work of the candidates and how good they look when sober in the sunlight. Most of us will never see them in their drugged or drunken stupor, in some sleazy den of some slime.
So, don't be surprised that media, and politicians are so corrupt and very ineffective. Government isn't run on sound principles, it isn't even rocket science, it is all about illusions.
Do you know where your representatives are? Do you have a real idea why they don't have a clue? Can't craft a solution to a problem? Me either.
Joe Biden, didn't mean a reference to slavery, but he did... not to America's black history - but to ALL the People's slavery to an ever growing government, greedy bankers and money men. We all wear the chains until we break free of the borrowing binges - personal debt, family debt and government debt. REALLY!


  1. Interesting take on his comments, and you could well be correct!

  2. I know that my U.S. Representative changed when my district was changed by the Republicans in power in the NC legislature. My husband is happy to be able to vote against someone he's hated for years. I rather liked voting for someone whose work I liked. Now, I'm stuck with trying to bring down the idiot that does not represent my views. Drat!