Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Season't Greetings... read Washington's Crossing by David Hacket Fisher....

   Day before Christmas and my wife and I stop at the Credit Union to sign for a Home Improvement Line of Credit. Interesting, I don't need to draw on it until I need to write checks, and I pay nothing until they send the money I need to my account. Okay. sounds good. Rather win the Lotto, but we all know that won't happen.

    We stopped at the Berger King for a quick breakfast, and Hal Evans, my old friend was there having breakfast with his sister, who was up from California visiting her daughter and granddaughter.... how cool is that? It became a great time, talk, eat, talk... Catching up a little since the last time we met there for breakfast. She remembered me and my Trusty Triumph from years ago. I do still have the motorcycle, just terrified to try and ride it anywhere. I do need to slow do my clicking with mouse and software. I have to regain control of my Windows 10 machine, seems like it has started to respond correctly.

     Seems cold air and wet hair combined to lower my resistance to  a cold, and I now have a stuffy nose and some sneezing and desire for hot soup, hot tea and honey.. My wife has a desire for a really clean home, in case we get someone dropping by for the holiday. The new vacuum is great, picking lots of stuff.  I try to find some meaning in what is on the cable screen, Xfinity didn't get the new components to us, but it isn't nine pm here yet. Still I have more than I need now. All the other packages and gifts arrived, and I got Merry Christmas greetings and shared some with the delivery folks, trying to make everyone's holiday perfect. So I am now on the Hallmark, fireplace, holiday music from all the eras, and kittens, cats, puppies and small dogs, and rabbits?

   PEACE on Earth and Good Will towards Men. And the angels will sing and life is best when done in the Glory of the Lord.