Sunday, August 12, 2012

Running, Romney and Ryan... so what will happen?

The Bain Capital effect, will happen, if that team is elected. Sigh, all they have to do is calm the fears of the faint of heart - which seems to me to be most of America, so sure they can't live without the government. On the other ticket are Hope and Change, just need some more time and money - your fair share, or is that fare shared?

I am still not sure why Romney wants to be President, I have to think he just wants a challenge and to make a legacy for his great great grandchildren. He doesn't need the power or the money, his place in Heaven is secured, and he has more love around him than most folks do (he doesn't watch anymore television than he drinks alcohol and coffee). Don't you know the money men, and the politicians are going to hate a clean living, hard working, competent executive in the White House. He doesn't even think of the job as KING for eight years. Then he shows you how he is going to do that, the same way he built BAIN, pick the right team, organize, assign tasks and goals and work hard. Spooky thought. The country actually might be richer and more efficient, the ones that can't be of service are let go, Agencies that duplicate, or pretend to be important, dry on the vine or are burned quickly. Exciting times.

I think this Vice President will be very important for tweaking and watching all Senate and House actions.

In both the Romney and Ryan life are core examples of family, hard work, faith, failure and follow through. In the other team are examples of what doesn't work... too much government dependence for your success and outright bad behavior. Having said all that, the only person I am sure knows how to fix most of the problems of the government on America is Ron Paul. What he can't do is get elected, nor inspire the multitude of helpless and hopeless, most of which are well orchestrated voters - vote once - more often.

Yeah, I am a bad man, I still don't trust most of them, gasp! Really, only trust in the Lord, seems to be working for Romney and Ryan.

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