Friday, June 29, 2012

Google makes wise business decision...

In an effort to keep the American Federal government from invading its workings, Google deletes all weapons from its realm. Otherwise it would be faced with allowing sting operations for those fine folks with guns, courts, political power - and so much stupidity and dishonor. But the folks at Google are very smart, very fast and very secretive and competitive -- which would be so slowed down by Federal agencies helping it stay pure.

The gun selling, supporting business can be profitable, and some places understand that. So they encourage the industry. Those that fear everything, especially guns, government, goodness and God think that allowing the fools in politics and government to protect them - are on their way to the end of America. Don't worry America - as something becomes more difficult to own it becomes a prize, as America fades and stops building personal weapons - the godless Communists have plenty everywhere to pick up, look what gun control has done to Africa. Really, look and cry over the future.

Still, not a bad decision for Google to pretend to support gun control. I wasn't selling any firearms and my search engines are no longer Google and mapping? well, the well armed American military (which politicians think belong to them, they have the Courts Martial and officers, don't they) will continue to do much with Google's mapping.

Take care out there, learn another language, buy more bullets and find friends off the net - Google and the Feds are watching, they are everywhere! So is God, and that last is what I will cling to... God is.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am whizzing along with the new modem...

So, an opportunity to tell everyone all I need to KNOW about Fast and Furious.

1. designed to lie to the world about law enforcement in the United States.
    hide the names of those responsible
    hide the objective of the exercise in stupidity (allow guns to flow out of control to evil men so you could figure out how they flow and again how the law enforcement will break or not enforce laws in America)
2. When a bit smarter folks in the Justice Department saw the stupidity, they ordered it stopped.

3. When a Border Patrol agent was killed by one or more of those weapons that were out of control of the good guys, the Executive Branch (not the President or Attorney General alone) decided that hiding names and evidence was better to raising the dead or honoring the dead and punishing the stupid, we don't want anyone to feel superior or inferior, do we?

4. The Main Stream Media is afraid to find out the truth, the names, the dates and the guilty. We have been robbed of courage, and this is how it goes.

I do know, there are many fine law enforcement officers - the whistle blowers that got the stupidity stopped should be honored. I do know that Democrats don't really want to be seen as corrupt, secretive and probably guilty of more that the Public will never be allowed to know. But I have to let you know, I trust Democrats as little as I do Republicans. I will vote for the individuals, but they had better be shooters, rifle carrying Americans that understand what is right, and WRONG.

Lost my internet last night, but didn't die...

and y'all never missed me, you didn't call, or text, or twit, sing or drop in... I just do not matter. The last serf on the estate, slave in the field, tax payer to all political organizations of do it better-gooders everywhere.

Felt very relaxed and free this morning, didn't have meds, had planned on going getting them and a haircut. I have all the meds now. I find I must be mandated to... on television and PBS is wildly waving their airway arms to get everyone's attention.

Do remember that if you can't get deep enough in the ground on your own, Obama has the ability to spend more than he takes in, in government and political campaign spending. But then he is a minority, the first one to use that excuse for all his less than wonderful behavior.

The next mandate is that all the People not having an assault rifle must get one, with training, joining the well regulated militia to protect the security of a Free State.

It won't happen, but if the People had been paying attention the large debt of the government, the Federal Reserve system, and many other things wouldn't have happened either. I know I probably have engaged in things in the privacy of my home that shouldn't be done in public, but the government is supposed to be PUBLIC, so let it all hang out. Who is getting all the money from the Affordable Care Act? They must not be in the Mayo Clinic.

I will know the government has gone completely crazy as soon as they outlaw competing ways to have better than everyone else. Congress doesn't have to, the President never does, so why should I - the man that bears the burden of holding their house of cards up? Oh, I have stumbled before and might again. Who is going to catch those cards when I do?

You be good out there, I may be off the internet, but I have reloaded my brass. See you on the range or in church. God loves you, even if Obama and those fools in government don't. Thank the Lord! Amen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Image, what I imagine I look like might not be so...

Oh, I know none of us look like we think we do, and when we are younger we work hard to achieve that certain perfection of 'cool', in my day. After the hair and clothes are right, then the display of fine heroic aura is added for attitude, dude. And you lock that in as tough as it gets, you cling to an image of you among the monsters that dwell in your forest of fears, always battling, always calm, always in control and laughing at the danger and dirt and devil in the details...

Then you grow up, and start to grow old, settling into you and your old fashioned ways. Still wearing blue jeans and tee shirts? Knotting your ties like your daddy did. In an organization you even like the way it was in the old corps, or brown boot army, or just back in the day... but you still can't see yourself as others do, do you?  I must have gotten bit by the 'what do you see when you see me?' bug. For I found real joy in a poem from my mother, a drawing from a trainee of his Drill Sergeant, a description of me written for advancement in rank, position or because it was praise (which I only accept as real from people I deeply respected). Honest evaluation reports for work, critical notes of disappointment in my performance, skills or attitude - all views of me that I value. Quiet cutting comment from my father when he said I looked like a punk. All the real value in clearing my vision blurred by stupidity, vanity, or temporary insanity -- what do they see when they are looking at me?

 As smart as I am, well read and inquiring mind, I discounted much of my early exposure to the truth in my Biblical foundations. I didn't constantly compare and contrast my life (very central) to the lives of the folks populating the stories of long ago and far away. And I knew, as much as my family loved me, that God wasn't really paying any attention to me, He might be paying attention to my parents, or a sick sibling, but I could take care of myself and was too young to help Him. I was pretty certain that I couldn't break His Commandments, so I wasn't worthy of notice. I didn't want to think that He had made me, and my time for His purpose. I supposed that I was only a little part in the plan, a completely disposable part, and the plan would go on without my support, participation and He wouldn't miss me if I was gone.

That last idea, is where suicide starts to look like the answer. Which is completely the wrong reason to take oneself off the game board and stop playing, or living, or loving.

I once had thoughts of doing that, but then there were reasons to believe that when my life was complete here on Earth, the Lord would call me to Him. But I wasn't finished. There is more to be done, and for God having given the blessing, the plenty, the challenges and the creativity to all living creatures, it seems to be Man with the most problem accepting perfect life.

I once wrote a story about Jake, that God had created to give the best life to of all modern men. And every blessing and all the perfect moments that God gave him, Jake would mess it up, and miss out. Now Jake kept trying, and he got pretty good at his life, still God would be there with the perfect woman, the perfect job, the perfect family and each time, Jake would mess it up in a hurry to get the next best thing or on to make his life just the best. Jake did finally meet a fine woman, married, had a family, provided for them and loved them as they grew into the world on its way to wonders. God sighed and kept giving Jake more blessings to make it all better, but Jake was very independent and his life was centered and focused, and he knew what he wanted and worked so hard to get it. Then finally, he died, which is where Jake's story would end, except that Jake had a fine funeral planned and paid for, nice monument, sad but also happy in his memory family and friends... You have heard that your life will pass before you as you come to the end, and having been in places I never wanted to go, I do know that my thoughts are often of places and things I would rather be doing... so in Jake's story, he dies and his life passes before him, as He is giving Jake His final judgment. Yes, Jake got to see where the Lord had given him the best of everything, and Jake had missed the gifts so lovingly given.        Of course, it isn't an autobiographic tale, but it is every man's, isn't it?

Well, I will go mow the yard and finish reloading some 30-06 today. Still wondering what they all see when they lookin' at me... you lookin' at me?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yes, the godless Communists of North Korea invaded this date...

in 1950. The reason, the American President or someone had said that we would protect our interests around the world, listing them and forgetting the Korea where we had declared a Republic and didn't cherish it. Just a slip of the tongue, or poor staff work. The Soviet Union supplied most of the equipment, the Chinese would supply more volunteers (?) for the liberation. And the United Nations, missing one Veto wielding member on the Security Council would vote to stop the war before it got out of hand. This war effort would get called a police action, assisted the economic industrial recovery of war ravaged Japan, allow the very slow growth of real democracy, and opportunity in the Republic of Korea. By not defeating decisively the godless Communists the Korean people will always owe America and live in fear, which they don't. I will be attending a movie about the war at my church, in remembrance of the anniversary of that wars start and the price paid for delaying victory.

 I know that I just wrote about not being a classification, racial. But someone is always trying to tie me down and box me for resale to interested buyers.

 "get gun owners on one side of the election"
Now, in my mind: all Americans are gun owners, everyone of them. Even if they aren't, my picture of an American always includes owning a weapon, exercising a Right. I think everyone votes as an American, I think everyone works hard as an American. I think everyone is encouraged to stand up for what is good, right and fair.... as an American. Them again, upon a little reflection is the definition of an American in 1858 and 1958 different from what it would be today? A little research, please.

Tom Sawyer
Leave it to Beaver

the American boys are the same, the culture isn't... is it?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I do have a name, I am not a classification...

For ease of stupidity one labels others. It would be much more difficult if we had to know their name, and it would clutter our otherwise perfect mind. There is a Bible passage where Man is to name all the other animals, should I look it up? You can find it, near the beginning.

What has bothered me for a long time now, is how wonderful it is to be White. Really, I never ever realized that I am special because of that. My mother would have loved me Black, blue, red or green. I figure that God looks much deeper, and I know the IRS only cares about how much money I make to give up to their piles of plunder. By the way, they all KNOW my name. So the forward leaning University of Minnesota (state named with an aboriginal language only they spoke) has decided to have a course on how wonderful it is to be born with a privilege of superior race. It only works in this culture, the American one. You have to go overseas to meet populations of people that know you have no manners, respect and are just a curiosity. When the Korean children looked at me from behind their mothers skirts, wondering how someone with such a large nose kept his head up, I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore. But then I had wandered in a Spanish speaking culture six months out of sync with my homeland for a remarkable period of vacation from school where I was led to believe that compasses spin wildly between the North and South (magnetic) Poles. So I have long known that the world isn't all about me and my privilege and superiority.

So, Earl, wants to know who did decide that Fast and Furious was a wonderful idea, why they haven't been fired, charged and punished for stupidity and abuse of powers not in the Constitution. I could care less what color or race or political party or sexual preference or degree of education that the Attorney General of the United State and the Justice Department. Pick anyone in the office, and tell them that breaking a law is not enforcing it. Then lets get on to telling Congress the whole Gun Control foolishness is exactly that, foolish, .

If you consider that race means something in performance, intelligence, ability to function, or anything more than a help (?) in labeling a human you saw somewhere doing something, well you would be a Racist and so wrong. Racist, bad word for folks that are fools about the human race, just pointing to where they are fools.

I must be getting old, knowing how childish it is to call names to heap abuse upon my opponents and enemies. If they are bad enough just kill them, 'bad' being a threat to my life. Then again, since I grew up, grew older and much smarter I notice that television has little influence over me, it is there, but I have lived without it. Remembering a young girl that sent me a joke from America, that wasn't funny since I hadn't been in America and it had no context with my life.

In 1855, Black Bill was represented by Abraham Lincoln from the charge of being a Negro (I think). I learned of this because I Googled: William Dungey --- my name. Good story, but Illinois was as backward a state in them days as it remains today under the Chicago Political machine. Look carefully at word choice, and then intent of the speaker, and understand that using words to make one superior, or inferior has little use except for little people - it is behavior expected of children.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer time and the living is easy...

Sitting, yesterday, sipping coffee on the back porch, listening to the birds and cat creeping along the top of the fence. I have no idea which birds are which, unless it is a gull or a raven. We have all except the gulls around here. Suddenly it gets really noisy, crow caws, seems they are mobbing some poor predator trying to save young or something. Owls, eagles and hawks will leave with dignity and the breeze will carry them all as we climb to all of seventy something. The grass is drying out, after my doctor check up I will have to mow. We have neighbors now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I read other blogs for my schooling...

A fine blogger has pointed out the pleasures of the French Foreign Legion in northern South America, wasn't that where they built Devil's Island? I find out about writing for kindle publication with, and will likely buy the book to download. So many worlds to visit.

Personally, I have been working on a project with assistance from experts and craftsmen that just are a mouse click away. I surprised myself with how well I was doing, hadn't broken anything so I am ahead. But a little bit challenged to  make it all perfect or at least better I got a list of bolts, washers, nuts and departed for a quick visit to the hardware store. Can't reach through the monitor, yet. Picked up exactly the right stuff, paid for it on my debit card and returned home, just knowing the I would do great things on the morrow. Then I looked at a shelf of my bookcase behind me, and found exactly the same material I had just purchased, EXACTLY! Seems around November or so, I had last touched on this and had done a certain amount of preparation, and life got between where I was going and where I ended up yesterday picking back up.

I mentioned it on Facebook, the reason I hardly write here, and was immediately commented on by other men of similar preparedness. Parts is parts, my only challenge is getting them organized one day, another project. Life is becoming a project. For the next little bit of time, I think I will hit the road, the Sun calls defying the weathermen and women everywhere.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

The picture is from thirty years ago, three fathers in the picture, three mothers, too. Thanks, Dad, you are always missed and under appreciated when I had my best chance for your attention. Learned a lot from you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cause and Effect, do you really know?

"You do realize that the end of the 30's depression was caused by the excessive deficit government spending on WW II. And pretty much every economist agrees about that." So starts an email from one of my readers.

But I don't know that. If the government of the United States had spent the same amount of money that the Communists in the Soviet Union did on winning the war, it wouldn't have changed the war. If the United States had sat the war out, the Depression would have stopped as we sold weapons and raw materials to the combatants. If the government of the United States had not borrowed any money from anywhere, but paid by the richness of the country for the service and sacrifice of its armed forces...

 First you have to know why there was a Depression, why communications have sped to the point we react too quickly to a threat. The Depression lasted too long because the government thought it was in control and that wasn't true. The war never had to be fought, Germany didn't have to start a war to get healthier. There are a lot of stupid bad ideas about the world and every nations place in it, and re-writing History is a full time occupation of governments, colleges that should know better, and popular culture. What is accepted is that there was a collapse of faith in the Stock Market, banks, government and one's own ability to take care of oneself. And since my grandmother Dungey lived the rest of her life under the best way to take care of oneself, in case there was another Depression, she would always be in the Depression not part of the Expansion after the war. She was what the government doesn't understand. Strong work ethic, strong family values, firm faith in God, salvation and the future.

By the logic of Deficit spending, and having a war, our country should be very economically healthy. The reason I think we have all the problems in the government, economy, our future -- is lack of trust, no faith in business, government, media, education and a complete lack of faith... now, the ones have have faith in GOD, themselves, their family and the future are not suffering now. Then again, they should be... so says the government, the media, and those that have something to sell. Figure out where you are, know that there are chains that will slow you and any recovery from any misery you know - offered by government, credit lenders, loan sharks, protection rackets. A practicing Buddhist will never be affected by Depression or Expansion... different value system.

The end of the Depression came from the end of the war and the return of the veterans to home, those that had seen the total destruction of Europe, Asia, and their combat buddies wanted a normal good life. Having survived the war, they had a firm faith in their ability to make things better no matter what. They got married never thinking of divorce, they got jobs, started businesses, went back to school and made a better life. Not as many would have gotten more education without the GI bill, but they were going to be better no matter what. I think I got a limited but effective public education, but then I had a stable family (something the government never provides) and brother and sisters, interested adult parents that shared breakfast and dinner daily. That helped me get a good start. Always with a Sunday service, a family involved in community and faith.

At the Washington Home School Organization again today, watching the day two crew sell Appleseed to the home schoolers. Another indication that the government isn't as effective as it could be, so another point to shut down failure. There is nothing secret in Fast and Furious, the ATF wanting to do a better job of proving how inept they really are (after Ruby Ridge and Waco Branch Davidians I had no questions about them). They just confirmed my view. Sad. The current Attorney General isn't guilty of anything except stupidity, and in government service that doesn't seem to be a crime. Congress shouldn't remove the current players, they should shut the agency down. Ah, well. The best thing was being out with good people doing their best to overcome the government - one child at a time. Worked for me. I have to wish them the most success.

I have to give credit to those adults that want to help the next generation not make the mistakes that we might have, and still to enjoy life. They don't seem to be paid for their hard work, they do have a glow from the laughter and excitement of learning. Hmm, you can't bottle that and put it on a shelf for sale (or to be taxed and controlled by the power hungry), can you?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Worn out from talking too much...

Going to bed, Homeschoolers were very interested in Appleseed and honoring our Heritage.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is the scientific proof that government spending is,,,

an economic stimulator? If I told myself or my wife that if we spent more than we have but had to help the economy... I would be lying and she would want to find someone of more sense to spend her time with...

Yes, spending can stimulate the economy, but not by the government - it fails at so many things, so where is the reasoning that it can spend well? New York has so few drugs on the street, so they are going to stop the flow of large drinks. Works for me, you can't show me success in government spending.

Infrastructure! Look at the roadways! and how many Toll roads are in better shape? Look at football stadiums, sports arenas, museums! Stimulates a few folks of the many.

If I were to gamble, I couldn't get my small bank to give me some money... but if I were a government I could borrow money to throw away. If I borrowed too much I could borrow more to repay what I owed and my future spending. Sigh.

They borrow money, they spend it, they spend it some more, they pretend it will be all better if they can just borrow a little more. It will not be better.

The World is about to die the death of a thousand cuts, because each of our little nations are borrowing and spending wildly -- and no one is smart enough to say STOP!. 

I know that those people in banks, and government are college educated and the top of their game, but it is all spinning out of control. But although the Federal Reserve says I have lost at least forty percent of my worth, the spin is coming for the other sixty percent - very very soon.  Buy more ammunition, you have to believe in the currency of the Realm, and in the realm... I don't think I do, how do they get so out of mind?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What kind of a Nation and what government are we...

using, really.

I ask because there is the ideal of what we think the good American People are, and the Democracy which we think we are living under, but I am very uncertain.

I am reading "NO THEY CAN'T: Why government fails - but Individuals Succeed" by John Stossel (he would like you to buy the book) which I got from my local Library. He is correct, but too hard on government, they do succeed, just not as well as the individual can. Remembering that an IQ of 100 is in the center, with half of the population above and have below, and it is a Bell Curve, most of us are close to 90 to 110. Cynic says 'I am a little above that', and might be correct. Realize that we do not test for IQ for government jobs, nor is it on the resume, or the ballot behind the candidate's name. Those in government are not smarter or better qualified for anything they haven't been trained to, and being experienced in failing does not make you into someone that will perform better in the future in that position. Then there is that "The Peter Principle", you get to be promoted to the level that you no longer are effective.

I like the thought that the Highest Ranking Officer in the nation is the very best. But the truth is that lowly private in the muddy fighting position or on the sight on the gun, is key to winning any battle participating in... no matter who was in charge, after the enemy and our military might meet, the winner is the ones left alive to clean up and claim the battlefield. I know, the Generals and Admirals will write the books, and George Washington in uniform spent more time writing Congress for things he didn't have, he was never hesitant to ride to where he could affect the combat on the battlefield, but in the end - the privates, corporals and lowly LTs win the battles, there are more of them, for they die faster and need replaced more - but the higher leaders will take much public credit.

Originally, our Founding Fathers, wanted a small effective federal government and wrote the Constitution, they didn't want the Nation's Capital running everything. Where we have gone is to grow it bigger and think that means better, but it isn't. One great weakness of current thought is that the person in charge must monitor the engagement, and our technology allows them to think they are critical to the operations. Think the OBL assassination operation. Found him, assign the team to strike, and go - strike - get away. Professional. Announcing success, proof that it was OBL, and then trying to smooth it over with Pakistan is the National Government's duty. But cheering like a high school at their big games, photo opportunities -- that is taunting the enemy, and the enemies are still out there. Make me feel bad and I might start a feud with your family, which is kind of like what got us into a War on Terror.

Currently the President has a Kill List, but it hasn't been published. Seems to me, if the government especially in the person of the President has a list of our Nation's Enemies that are to be KILLED On SIGHT, it should be published so all three hundred million of us can take the shot. Yes, I know that all of us don't carry and can't hit a target farther than we can throw a rock, but we can help. The government might not succeed but the individuals could. Which isn't exactly John Stossel's point but close.

After the attack on 9/11, in panic the American Government grounded all aircraft because they couldn't tell how many more were in the control of, or could become under TERRORIST control. At that time, the terrorists had won, the entire country surrendered to its fears. I know, we didn't really surrender, and I know on the day, at the time I was watching the planes strike the towers, over and over -- I wasn't afraid, and if you had asked me (but they didn't) I would have said to treat this like a crime, investigate, get the people and shut their operations down. The Federal government has shut our operations down, found a few of the people responsible and fought two wars, and attempted to convert the heathen or build a better nation (not our own). I almost blame the Atomic Bomb on this mentality that we don't dare fight a real war, to the point of an enemy surrender and change - or that the Nation cannot treat little things as something little bandages will cover until healed.

How many airplanes would the TERRORISTs have taken over if ten percent of the passengers had been carrying personal weapons? Well, now you know that the President can't have his best security guy on the aircraft full of fuel and innocent passengers that the pilot or copilot have decided to crash into his lover's penthouse or downtown Detroit. What do you want the government to do now?

London was bombed in WWI and WWII, Berlin was bombed, Leningrad was bombed, Tokyo was bombed, only Washington DC closes shop and surrenders when attacked.  You can't surrender unless you want to live in fear and maybe raise your children that way, the government hasn't the answers. Only God will sort us out, and I will trust in the LORD, so I will fight until He calls me home. We are supposed to be brave Americans.

Monday, June 11, 2012

It is all about perspective, your point of view...

There is a name for people like that, a horse's a--, which could be the partner in producing a mule, but we are way beyond that culture. Yes, I know, we don't breed mules, George Washington thought they were special, but we like John Deere and some Asian copies, don't we? Oh, wait most of us don't know anything about them bigger than lawn mowers. Here we are in the 21st Century (we should repeat that much more often).and what everyone knew about the world we have lost -- which is why one must relearn what the label was meant to mean... horse's ass. For such a noble animal, harnessed and driven to pull plow, chariot, wagon or sledge gives the driver only one view and all that comes with it. If you were a driver, or teamster, coachman you would have a love of the whole animal and its efforts and power. But if you are just along for the ride, it is beyond you. Perspective.

I have a date to visit a Home School expo... This Friday, it will be interesting, since I am to promote Appleseed, that fine effort by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. I am almost that old now, but should be able to answer questions and encourage others to shoot much better there. I once attempted to home school my son when we were overseas, beyond the Command Sponsorship Comforter, and ended up sending him to a Christian School. Teaching is very important, not all of us can encourage and enlighten our replacements, it might take a village. One lesson I remember from a teacher long ago, was how to crochet a rose, taught during recess. No, I never engaged in that the remainder of my life, but it gave me a much deeper appreciation for lace, and the Christmas ornaments (snowflakes!) my aunt would make and include in her Christmas card.

I am happy to write that I have been feeling much better. On the question about guns and why the Appleseed is important to me, I give you Western Rose's post.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Olympics and Presidential Election...

Both seem to represent a contest, a struggle for the award, the acclaim, and then getting on with life while glowing with the glory. Considering how important they are, we only close the Olympics down when the world is at war but hold elections during them, I think we, the watching world, should pay much more attention and cheer.

I know I am tired of Media telling me what is important, Bill O'Reilly telling me that Ron Paul wasn't Presidential enough is just like the NRA telling me that this politician is better on Gun Rights, I don't need that to form my opinion. I don't need to only watch the American competitors in London, luckily I have access to Canadian Broadcasting so I will get to see some great efforts. I don't need most of the polling to find out how everyone else is lining up behind this candidate or that question - I sit across the breakfast table with my wife as we talk and fill out our ballots, the number of times we pick different candidates is many more than we would wish, but we aren't a voting block.

All those professionals that craft the public opinions and drum up the vote are a terrible waste of money. Give my household a one page resume with a photograph of the candidate, that is how I am supposed to get my job, except for the picture. Send it to me three weeks prior to the election. Here they print out a voters pamphlet and mostly we get pictures, and goals, and the discussion for or against the items in the ballot that aren't people for office. Good information, the only thing I can get from television is the newest medications to relieve pain, promote pleasure and investing in gold... silly me, that I thought the News coverage would be in depth, sound bites forever, just text me. Lucky me, I don't Twitter.

I don't expect that Main Stream Media will cover shooting sports in the Olympics, even for medal awards they try to pretend that the bad guys are only good with guns. Sigh, like I expected any truth in television.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

So change hasn't happened here, how about there?

I did not take my firearms to the range today - the weather was promised gloomy and periodically very wet. But that is the folks that don't risk much, they want you to pay attention to the advertisers but forget that the weather changes and they could be wrong. A very good reason to learn how to shoot well, and to prove to yourself that you can control something in the world.. often we get depressed by all that we can't do.

I can't be a handsome dashing hero, saving the Empire and bringing enlightenment to the heathen. So I have to find a certain pleasure in reading about such. And watching such, in movies and television, even live stage was great for pretending.

Reading today about money, and debt, and national government. Going back to something I said before, debt limits you if not used properly. Then the question is what is 'properly'. Never have more debt than your income can repay, with interest and still allow you to have a good life. If there were an emergency you could justify some extra burden, but should go find a second part-time job to pay it off faster. I would like to think that you could pay more attention to you debt if it was a real burden - like a weight vest and leg weights - every time you came home you put it on and start struggling to breath, tire more than you need to - you are carrying a burden and need to get out from under it. If, like most of American mindless, you don't feel threatened or unable to move through your ideal life that easy credit and the implied promise of a potential rescue or that winning Lottery prize - then you might not aggressively address paying off the debt and start investing in somethings that will actually pay you. Benjamin Franklin didn't marry into money, nor spend time in surveying land grants, but he did understand about debt, investment in growth and stopped working around forty-five, but remained busy the remainder of his life. So should we all.

I should look up the IRA history, when enacted, when modified (and why?).

Friday, June 8, 2012

Facebook phobia and such fears...

I spend too much time on Facebook, but that is where all the cool kids hang out, or something. I do think I ended up there because of my sister, but maybe I can only blame playing FarmVille on her encouragement. She is normally so much fun and right that I followed along. Soon, family and more friends from everywhere showed up and out of the billions of human beings, most which have more to do than join my small circle of a hundred and so. But I like seeing pictures of people, points of view and that they are still FB with me.

Recently I have noticed I am being asked not to say so much about shooting, and God seems to be a problem for some. I haven't done or said anything that I thought was hurtful, pointed at anyone or decided I need an enemies list. Funny as much as so many nameless military and paramilitary men have tried their best to end my days, I kind of admire their guts. I mean, I was representing a Superpower, and there were so many of us bad boys. But I do notice that there isn't anything to fear in firearms, and that God can't be that powerful if there is still all that darkness inside of me I have to control, so why would anyone fear my words about any of that?

In Seattle they were shocked a man got some powerful handguns and killed so many good people that told him to go away and not bother them. So, being Seattle, the cry is for more gun control, more laws. It was already unlawful to kill another human being in Seattle but the crazy guy killed anyway. That he was wandering around crazy is never the responsibility of his friends or family, or the City or the State. It is sad that so many died, including the crazy man (suicide when confronted - didn't do well in stressful situations). But I am sure that keeping firearms out of the hands of the insane will be a better solution than most against the sale of firearms.

Ah, well, since I couldn't affect the opinion of those on Facebook and don't want to bother anyone, I posted I was off to take a walk since Facebook isn't really exercise. I shaved, put my teeth in, put my gun on, put the vest on for pocket for camera, keys and winning Lotto tickets and said farewell to my wife. It has been really raining and as I stopped for my winnings the discussions were about how hard it has been pouring down. I left with smiles as I told them my theory that all the wind and weather is because we have too many big windmills cutting airflow daily.

It was a nice walk, three miles, the warning about getting caught in the rain was not fulfilled, and I got home and moved the garbage can to the backyard as it started to come down. Perfect timing, and now another cup of coffee. Reading about 1776.

I have it really very good about people that don't agree with me, and the current breakdown of civil society mainly in Main Stream Media and Culture is going from teasing, taunting and into terror like this example of SWATing.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Was just watching the television and this thought..

I am very happy I am not living in Syria under the guns of the government, and the roving bands of thugs for themselves, freedom, Allah or revenge... they are all dangerous and may or may not be the same people. And how many doctors are the Universities in Damascus making while all this is happening? Who cares?

Well, I remember how many Cambodian doctors were produced under Pol Pot, and I am sure that although China now has doctors, they don't reach everywhere -- although everyone has medical coverage, some are more covered than others.

Just when you go to bed with that satisfied 'I live in America' smug smile before you sleep -- remember that our current government has a plan to make us all better. This is exactly the same goodness gracious group of government do-gooders (or else) that gives you Fast & Furious cover ups, and the wonderful education system. The same groups that support Occupy Wallstreet, personal bailouts and stuff. And we know how well the Unions have done in medicine, don't we? Why are the sheeple of America allowing bad things to happen?

If the teachers don't teach, if the students don't learn, if the folks just won't work -- what was the reason to reward them? The people in government, and all its agents and agencies must be personally responsible. They need to be sent where they will do the most good - as far away from Liberty as we can make them happy. There isn't a good reason that the United States of America should become a Third World nation, is there?

Once upon a time, Koreans with the means would go to Japan for medical treatments, now both Koreas have modern and almost moderner medicine. I will allow you to figure out which one is available to more people, and it probably isn't the one that says they provide medicine and health care to all their starving masses.

Looking at the success in urban blighted areas of schools not public but performing properly, we could be getting more doctors and nurses from them, instead of inmates, rock stars, thugs, sex slaves and seamy steamy underworlds.

When the whole World as We Know It collapses, the fastest group to regroup had better remember what Civilization was and start producing doctors, nurses, fathers with mothers, teachers and working folks. They had also best kill everyone that thinks politicians have any idea about: fair, equal or how to make things happen (that has to be a bad gene).

I am really happy that Hillary Clinton has the Syrian situation under control, because those terrible videos make me forget about Sudan, West Africa, and other regions killing a hundred times more of folks not like them or their likes. The ones keeping cameras and truth out of reality. Free Tibet!

As the fears grow... the stupidity is increased...

I just read about Aurora, Colorado and their police department. Arresting one bank robber, safely. How they did it and why makes me wonder how many will die in the next attack on population in their area. I can use 'their' because the police are pural, while a robber is singular. And although there were two high powered semi-automatic pistols found on the robber, only one was used in the crime. Guilt by association?

I remain thankful that although the police over reached on authority, that they didn't just shoot them all and allow God to sort them out... but that could be the next step. Y'all have a great day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Vanity Presidency...

Why do you become President? That is an excellent question, and only Ron Paul would give me an honest answer of the candidates running for election in 2012. Which is why I think is the problem.

The Presidency is a job, you are the Executive Officer of the National Government of a people and their States that want to be supported and at Liberty to be themselves - not perfect but themselves. I can't remember the last President that took the office as a burden, maybe Truman. He was happy to move on to citizen. I am not saying that the other Presidents weren't or aren't intelligent, hard working, or dishonest. But I do think that as successful people they only become President to become a little more celebrated for their beauty. It is vain and as you look deeper, it is not effective for the nation.

I see what Nixon did, some good stuff, but lots of wrong stuff. Reagan did good stuff, but so much wrong stuff. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, both Bush boys and the current office holder, same.

Can you blame them? Those men can't sing well enough to entertain, act well enough to become the character in the story, so to be the object of worship for the masses without a foundation, they assume the robes of office and the Imperial Presidency. It comes with the fawning empty headed interns, the smart guys that support dumb ideas, and the money from big unions and banks and businesses that want more for themselves, especially government favor. So take your candidate of either political party and ask him what is his reason. The truth.

The only saving of the original idea of America is in the individual goals and lives of the individual people - one of the reasons that self education is better than the government provided one.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Korean Memorial Day is 6 June

Watching a Korean Talk Show, and they are talking to the mother of one of the soldiers killed recently on an island by the North Koreans, and a Doctor, and some Veterans of the Korean War - one serving when he was fourteen (ever have your country over run by godless Communists?). But the memories are shared and the old men cry... that is what memorial days are about, not an opportunity to make History like a foolish politician with self importance on his mind.

My wife, fine simple country woman that she is (yes, she remembers the war) says that you can't be a President if you fear your own people. And she voted for Obama...

Monday, June 4, 2012

So far behind I will never catch up...

Saturday was not spent shooting or riding or doing wonderful things.

I went to a Memorial for a fine man that had gone to the Lord. He was about my age, had served in Vietnam, found a lovely date in Seattle, got married, raised a family, member of the United Methodist Church, and participated in ministry to prisoners, and others going to be walking closer to God. The church was full. His last two years was spent fighting cancer and touching his family. He looked like a wonderful grandfather.

He made me uncomfortable with how well he fit into people, that he would hug - even me. Makes me think that hugging is along with raising an empty hand, a sign of trust not just affection. Ever hug someone carrying a firearm? You know pretty quick. I was glad I had known him a little and there were so many others that had known him better. The Kingdom of Heaven is ever growing, isn't it?