Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take this and shove it... stupid people everywhere, gosh, I must be one...

Good morning, America and those few states that fear guns more than irate citizens - the ones that don't understand that the Constitution is over all, equally. To not have slavery, is the exactly the same as to not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Exactly.

I was thinking, since I am just a piece of meat to my medical providers (once they know that they will be paid) that I should go to Connecticut, buy an AR (which is not my favorite rifle - forever) and walk around with thirty round magazines (not my favorite size nor design) filled with bullets of proper caliber. Just waiting for arrest, then the state can pay for all my medical procedures and my defense is based on the Federal Constitution. Much better idea than the running away on a three speed bicycle to join Castro fighting the dictator Batista in Cuba. God, that mountain is so big and this boy is so small.... thank the Lord.

Anyway I am being musicked by computer as I wait for a real human to connect me to Tracy, the lovely young (they all are) technician in the pacemaker maintenance shop in Doctor Lau's practice. He won't talk to me, just wants to do what he did wrong the first time, one more time! Why would I, a thinking human being, have a failure do it again, why? I am blogging about waiting for a human being. Don't I hate being me watching my blood pressure rise as I try not to kill everything in my path. I did get angry, poor lady was just trying to do her job, the computer is in the way, or wonderfully protective, or I could just hang up and go far away. Or I could send the link to this blog to the customer service representative - who will put it in the stack of complaints for the manager to look over and fix, or file, or try to build some more barriers to human interaction.... or just go to the YMCA and sweat. That one sounds like a winner. If they open me up again they will try to regulate my life more - since it wasn't their fault I don't sit in the recliner or lay on the bed or couch enough. Don't I know I am an old piece of meat?

As I worried about getting another failed procedure yesterday I thought about shopping to make my Blues go away... not shoes or some bright colored frocks. Rifles. I have an interest in bolt actions and was trying to find some other old shooter that would part with an 1903-A3, or I could go and set a standard size, Ruger American rim fire rifle, clean a bit plastic but in my cost range (haven't completely left the reservation). I stopped at Creedmore Rifle sales and could backorder a 1903.

I just gave up on the hospital call, I shouldn't have shocked and frightened the nice lady trying to do her job, if the doctor wants a patient instead of a piece of meat I will get called today. Or maybe not, just doesn't matter to me. My only problem was passing out in January at the YMCA, stop going to the Y would have cured that. But I liked going to the YMCA, can't have all that I like.

Later same day.... I am to report to admitting at 11:30 AM, for admittance to the procedure at 13:30 for the operation not later than six that evening... or so, spend long uncomfortable hours waiting for the nurse to bring me some more pills from my normal medications. No more eating and drinking after midnight tonight, have someone pick me up on Saturday, since they are sure I can't drive myself. Since I am in a good mood I go look for my life insurance policies for if I don't make it this time, find them. I also look for my passport, which I note runs out in 2015, but I think we should have free border crossings by then, don't you? Ah, well, it is all good, trust in the LORD and do apologize to everyone you meet for all the bad behavior, there really is no excuse for anger that isn't righteous.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It is so hard to be humble...

when you are perfect in every weigh... or was that way?

I am not perfect in any way, but I sure am all me... which will always make me humble. OldNFO was having and interesting conversation that he shared about perceptions of military family members and their military members differences from those that weren't. It made me think about how alone you are in the foxhole when your combat buddy is grabbing some sleep, that stuff they don't issue. Then in your darkness and fear you might be listening and find God there... you might. So you aren't alone. And when you are hot you are hot, and high speed no drag and suddenly you meet Murphy, and Murphy is always there, always. So you have two constant companions. The more familiar you get with each of them, the better your life can become... but you still have to take the shot.

At Home on the Range sad news, but I will go with my mother - what kind of Heaven would it be if dogs weren't allowed. You can gauge how much a human loves you, we learn early, but our animal friends have gone far beyond in their love for us, not being an entirely reasoning selfish person... I am not a hugging person, but she would get one for her loss.

What is life? it is the adventure of becoming what we will and can't be. Do love a lot, the adventure is better that way.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Bus Man's Holiday... one of my mother's favorite stories...

So the Bus Man, drove the bus every day, and he was very professional, kind and timely and people thought he was great. Rain or shine the bus was clean and neat and on time. When they gave him a holiday, to enjoy, you know what he did? Well, he would ride the bus, greet the people, and help the driver that had replaced him on the run. A bus man's holiday.

So there was an Appleseed in Ariel, Washington this weekend, and I decided to attend as a shooter, to keep working on the interface between new rifle and old shooter. It is a compatibility issue isn't it? marksmanship and new equipment?  Kind of cold, a little damp. But there were two iron wood burning stoves to cut the chill.

The drive down was pleasant and I found a old time Country Western radio show out of Portland, imagine, songs I knew the words to and could sing along.

Nine shooters, four RWVA volunteers manning the line and the process. After introductions and briefings and bringing the cased rifles to the line.  Clear the line, post the Red Coat target and get to shooting thirteen rounds to see what your skill level is... I only got three in the 100 yard target, and missed the Headshot, when posting the sighting square target I wondered about why I had done so badly. Back on the line I found my rear sight loose, so I fixed that, but the truth was the shooter was still loose and needed to focus!  My sights got locked down, and adjusted for me and the day and the rifle, a couple clicks up and one to the center..

Five at a time and my groups were still loose, but on target. Six horizontal to be engaged with ten, 3,3,4. Lunch and two strikes of the match, my wife had made me a lot of lunch.  After lunch back to that last target, and then new positions, sitting in all its variations. I like kneeling because I can get into it quickly. But I need to practice them all to build muscle memory. We also do the ball and dummy drill, and then the standing position.  We are ready.

So right into the AQT, and my standing is my best position, 46 of 50 points. Next best is sitting, I did get all ten rounds off within the time of 55 seconds, No non scoring points, but the total was only 41 of 50. Should have taken a split second to get NPOA lock. Fives pay more than threes. Stage 3 again I get all ten rounds off on the three targets, changed the magazine quickly after the first two, but then dropped the round on zero points, shifted and shot two on target and one in the unknown, shifted again and fired four, all counters but by just barely.... total 33 of 50 - dropping 17 is not acceptable.  Last stage, lots of time, counts double and I shoot it calmly and shifting targets, but I am not locking myself deep enough to make it worthy, so I got only 31 of fifty, or 62 of a 100 and those thirty-eight points missed mean I only get 182 of 250 possible. Only a Sharpshooter, but the best I could do without more time and practice. I will work on it.

So time is up, and we post and shoot the last Redcoat target, I want to do very well on this, but I miss Daniel Morgan's shingle and one round on the 300 yd target so 11 of 13 possible hits and I have a new Avatar for my Facebook follies.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Life is good, and love, even just remembered love is awesome...

As I take a long look back, at the falling apart as my body fails a system at a time, and the best medical technology, and doctors and medications attempt to slow, stop or reverse a trend or failure... I will have to take time to remember how wonderful it was to be in love, to receive love and to feel loved. Can I remember the dollars, sure, I still have little cash books where I spent how much for what and when - but that is all nothing when compared with the time in love... it is nothing.

I do feel very good now, am gaining strength and working out a little harder and trying to be a much better me than yesterday. Hope I am doing it at the proper pace, don't want to hurry and hurt some thing... so a glass of wine, and good night. Tomorrow comes early, and I will shoot at least the first day of Appleseed, may rest and praise the LORD on Sunday, and give thanks for all that I have received, especially all the love, that counts big time... why didn't I pay more attention to making it bigger and better? Well, it was very fine what ever I got and all I gave, it was all good. Good night, and wake to more of God's blessings on the morrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So things are happening in Ukraine...

And you think of it as part of Russia.... sigh.

Public education system, huh?

So go watch Taras Bulba, 1962. Filmed in Argentina.... they had horses, and pampas which are almost steppes.  After seeing the movie - go look for the story - in English, I won't strain you into trying Russian.

Taras Bubla by Gogol   from thank them very much. Now back to my reading.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Don't push it...

Got up early, packed out and said farewell to wife, she was going hiking and I was going to Oregon to try shooting Known Distance at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. Almost three hours later I was there. So was the RAIN, heavy constant storms dropping water upon us. Still, except for two shooters, we swam on.

The first surprise was one round, cold bore, at Captain Morgan's shingle on the Redcoat target. Hmm, okay, I am not impressed by cold bore, and there is a zero on my M1 and settle down and break the ice. Bang! Cease Fire, Cease fire, cease fire. Unload and Clear. Is the line clear on the right, on the left. Go to your target and look.

Well, look at that, I hit it! Then the Shoot Boss comes by and awards a patch for joining Morgan's Riflemen. How cool is that? Immediately I thought I should just pack it up, it will never get better than that shot. But it was so nice that I had Ralph take a picture of this humble (?) shooter, there were eight others that did it also, but many of them were using optics, but the equipment is helpful, but in the end it is all the shooter for the refinement.

I had a fine day and a half, I changed to Range Safety Office and coach/instructor, seems my pacemaker wound is not happy with too much activity. I did like splashing around with the others and watching them get better and shoot an AQT, Spent the night safe, warm and dry with one of the shooters at his home. I was knocked out after a hot shower. My wallet was holding lots of paper pulp, the money and plastic always do better on swimming than the business cards, and appointment notes. What is the reason the Medicare Card isn't plastic, too?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Impressed am I...

So Valentine's Day, many things come to mind. But most importantly I thought deeply about heart.

I had to, I was in a ultra sound examination, of my heart. I got to look at a computer representation of my heart, beating, alive and well.  Very humbling, something that I am that I couldn't build myself without lots of directions.

So the cardiologist has lots of various pictures, many in motion, of my heart and I should be finished. Still, I do understand better why ultrasound examinations often change people's minds about physical reality.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

01:30 here and why am I awake?

Heavy constant rains, gurgling in the gutters and down the drain spouts, soaking the soil. Which the Caravan will make fine ruts.  My wife is hiking in the morning with her group, it will be raining. I will go and do another light work out at the YMCA, a few more kilometers on the rowing machine, most of the cardio will come from hot ladies in yoga pants and the bicycle which only faces a concrete block wall and has the video screen to divert me.

Final cleaning, greasing of the M1 tomorrow - I ought to find a name for that rifle, except I have never named my rifles. Should name them all, but then I might have conversations with them. I have had two calls to confirm my appointment on Friday, I have finished my form for the last rifle I purchased, since I hadn't used my whole middle name when I filled it out.

Should be a fine weekend in Oregon shooting known distance on Douglas Ridge Rifle range, I will go slow, don't need to cause myself any problems and I want to make every shot count. Since I have been taking some long hard naps, I guess I don't need as much time asleep - best start reading again. NFO is about to release his book, which I will likely get in kindle and hard cover. He bought me lunch once and I have read the beta versions and I liked it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You know, nothing went according to plan for me today...

So, I should just whine and holler about how unfair life is...

But I did meet the most charming, attractive and nice young lady from Ukraine, with just a touch of accent, braids, boots and beautiful smile. Made me wish I were a young fool again, but luckily no one granted that whim. Still I did get her attention most of my day where she worked. There is hope for the world's future.

While in the hospital, finally done with my appointment, (now knowing my pacemaker battery will go for twelve years if nothing else changes, the wiring is sound and can be adjusted by competent medical staff with equipment - if I die the pacemaker will wear itself out early trying to get my heart beat above zero) I was walking down the hall and saw an older man with an 82nd Airborne ball cap on... so I stopped and talked about our time in the Division and at Fort Bragg.  He was in during the 50s and had spent time on the beach in Lebanon back then -- y'all remember that don't you? Great conversation, I even got introduced to his wife when she showed up. We talked jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, his older than mine. Good conversations.

I also stopped at a library and read a whole Robert Parker, printed after his departure, pretty good, although I am almost sure he would have taken a bunch more words out of the finished product. Vinnie and Hawk were as awesome as ever.

So, I do hope you like my day when it didn't go my way - as a finish, in the mail is a nice package of new photographs of the grandchildren and our son and daughter-in-law. Can't beat a day like today - not even if I had planned it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

I have found the fountain of youth...

Nah, not really, and I am not interested. Watching 'Traffic' which is how the lost culture of America destroyed itself - chemically. The War on Drugs. Makes one think they don't know it all yet, do they? But since they were defeated by godless Communists in Vietnam, and Hugh Hefner degraded all women to Playmates of the Month or two, we should legalize drugs --- or that seems to be the way they are moving.

Since I don't follow the godless Communists, Hugh Hefner, nor the government that thinks legalization will increase the tax base and won't harm the rest of the sober industrious - which they are already taxing - life will be good for the fools in charge. It is very easy to stop illegal activities, make everything legal.

That isn't going to happen, and it isn't everyone that will become a drug addict or alcoholic, or rapist, or murderer. I think I know what will stop the traffic in drugs, guns, and un-pasturized milk. When they haven't any customers. Just like the evil cigarettes and the tobacco products - no customers no profit. Well, enough of my crazy idea that people are supposed to be more responsible than the law allows. I mean, even almost saintly I, I have had whole un-pasturized milk, it was good. Do you supposed there are other things the government doesn't want us to use and know about that won't harm us nor anyone else?

Only did two rides on the bicycle today, but that was only thirty minutes worth of expercise. I did get my heart rate up to 149(?) and averaged 83 or 97 during the rides. I don't believe the 149, it is only a machine, it could have gotten it wrong. Will check with the doctor tomorrow. While at the YMCA, waiting for my wife to finish her time in the water, I found my perfect olde man challenge, a Triathlon! Called 'TRI BEYOND YOUR LIMITS',   So for fifteen dollars I can, swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.3 miles. And be a rusty man  I would be allowed five weeks to finish it at my own pace. Starts March 17 to April 25.

My only problem is paying fifteen dollars for the opportunity, usually one would be offered a t-shirt with cool design. I haven't seen one offered.

Oh, the fountain of youth, just a couple blocks from the Hungarian Home and the High School, and close to the movie theater, in Ligonier of my youth. Google Ligonier, PA and go for images, I didn't see it. But then I left in 1970 on my way to Vietnam, and my family was moving to Morgantown, WV.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting restless and impatient...

So I know I have two appointments this week, one hospital called and told me to bring my copayment with me. I don't know what a copayment is, but if it is too much I just stop treatment. Who could afford medical care? we do have taxes to pay first.

Still, the big thing is the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club and the Known Distance Appleseed. That is the highlight of the week. Ammunition is prepared, M1 Garand, will stop at the Dodge dealer for service and check. Rain scheduled all week but that isn't a problem, that is a normal course of winter weather.

I have bruises coming to the surface of the skin, and I wonder why, but then I relook the Pacemaker Therapy booklet, on page 29, the following risk during the procedure are: Bleeding, Formation of a blood clot, Damage to adjacent structures (tendons, muscles, nerves), Puncturing lung or vein, Damage to heart, Dangerous Arrhythmias, Heart Attacks, Stroke, and last Death.  They give me the booklet after the procedure. I am fine, and my body is almost ready to start exercising vigorously... but I will just do some courses on the bicycle tomorrow. Not too much.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

What am I going to do with my life, today?

Today I feel very well, so will have to do something to make me sweat, and something to organize my real life, and something to make the world a better place to live in.... okay, I will smile at the dogs and children, and protect the old and innocent.

George Washington had a whole list of things he wanted to concentrate on to improve his life, worth and way. I don't have so much but think I should reflect and work on those areas I find troubling. Being older I know where they are.  I woke this morning very much better, the angry redness around my wound is gone to mild pink, pain is minimal, and I actually want to go to the YMCA to start the bicycle challenge for February. Lightly, but I can hang. No rowing yet, no weights, just bikes and walking.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

How are you going to protect your wealth?

Serious question, how are you going to protect your wealth? I see too many ads on news programs worrying about the collapse of the dollar, the end of time and the Zombie Apocalypse. How are you going to stop the rabid redistributioners? The fools that define poverty as lack of money, education and the fault of those that have enough and won't share? Lots of ways to lose that wealth, gosh you could go to the hospital for medical treatments and find everything going down that hole of qualified folks out to save you at all your cost. You could get targeted by thieves or financial hackers or political tax you more men. Lots of ways to lose it all.

As I was resting at home today I answered the telephone and scheduled another test for what is wrong with me, remember the man that doesn't have a problem with passing out at the YMCA, but everyone else does. In a land with drugged and drunk drivers, the doctors are only concerned if I pass out while driving. To protect me from feeling guilty when I do it and hurt others, I guess. Thank them for their concern, but they never knew me before and were only reaching for a reason to stimulate me into accepting their treatment. Kind of like the government deciding anything is better for everyone for whatever the reason is, as long as I believe. I do believe, that I will be better after my medical treatment is set, but then I do know that I will test the limits of the cage I will be carrying with me. My doctors have said I can run and have a regular life after the wound heals and the pacemaker becomes part of me. No MRIs, but that is fine.

Still, what do I do about protecting my wealth? First define what wealth is - I am certain it isn't money, investments nor the land I live upon. My wealth is in the family and friends that share their wealth with me, and it isn't money. All that I value, really value, will really miss if it is taken from me - is love. Not the stuff the entertainment industry cheapens, mocks or doesn't believe in... but real love. That is all the wealth anyone has that no one can take from them. The only reason to cling to life and life saving treatments is that there will still be people that will share love with you, as you do stuff, laugh and cry. Don't see anything else to stick around for - World War Fourteen or the Thousand Years War or the last of the Trillionaires. The next Ice Age, or Global Warming or Space Exploration to the Universe at our command. Only love counts, only love makes it all worth living.

Depressed Penguins in English Zoos, put them in the Southern Hemisphere where they will thrive not in zoos, depression goes away with challenges met. Depressed children, adults and old folks - reach out and make them part of a solution, not a problem to drown in medications. Medications aren't supposed to be forever, you are only treating symptoms not the problem. There has to be more love, and government has no love, it is an institution of political power and process and only knows force to make smart people obey. If you can't convince intelligent people of your idea without force - it is not a truth. Anyway, all I need is love, then all else will work out. So how do I protect my wealth and build it, try to be nicer, try to be smarter, try to do more with and for others, and certainly lay up treasures in Heaven, because the bankers vaults have rats nibbling at the treasures in the tombs.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

They have released me from the hospital, thank the doctors and Thank the Lord!

So, since you really didn't miss me. Facebook has a measure of a member HERE. Don't know where that will take you but it was a cute measure of what I posted, pictured or shared that others "like'd". I guess that was what they used.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Four data dumps, two calls on message machine...

I thought this monitoring wouldn't be too productive, my heart rate gets very slow when I sleep, my doctor gave me medicine to lower the blood pressure that would slow the heart rate down, and I was already lower than normal when I started taking it. To me this is not a problem. Worries the doctors, they think I won't wake one day - which I already knew, I won't awake one day.

Still, I have started feeling biotech, three monitoring pads, wires from each to the recorder sender and a Samsung phone, with only one app that I have to control. You do realize I am only in control when putting on patches, changing batteries and hooking up to the phone charger. I have never had reason to push the button for an event, but I can read the blue light, blinking slowly for gathering data (little EKG) and fast for data dump to the phone, phone connects to the monitoring business. The monitoring business sends the data to the heart doctor and his staff call and leave messages on my telephone - while I am out working out at the YMCA. There have been no 'events' at the YMCA, although some of those exercise leggins/pants are going to cause some heart failures (among younger people - old guys just smile).

The picture above is the English Language Ministry Village Men singing in the New Year, yes I do see the women and children, but part of them are the Pastor's family and make it look like there were more of us around. I enjoyed the singing, since I knew the words and the tune. Hope those watching the performance liked it, too.

I didn't go shooting today, thinking I could do some tomorrow after church, forgetting about the SUPER BOWL, which I remembered now and will make sure I watch, or nap gently through it in the rocking chair.
Isn't getting accustomed to being a really old man just peaches? There are many more folks with real problems, and take some time to see them, talk with them, if they are really old touch them gently, smile a lot and remember to pray for them. One old retired veteran did take his wife to see Lone Survivor, she went to sleep during it, he was amazed at the foul language (he has had two wars but doesn't remember that kind of talk, especially when every breath counts). I told him to read Blackhawk Down, there is a different culture and world out there, a very different one from ours.