Saturday, August 18, 2012

Word choice is important, even in prose...

I avoid poetry often, I have challenges in rhythm, rhyme and spellin'. But I admire the use of terms such as 'secret'. As soon as it is attached to another noun or verb - darkness and evil intent swirl around and the word is 'alive!'. Secret Swiss Bank accounts, secret tax forms, secret sessions with sinners, secret whispers of sweet nothings. Public is right out there! Public displays of affection; public and publish - just must have a common Latin root. How many folks reached for Latino, Latina or Latin culture first instead of Latin, old Roman language important in law, science and churches not Greek? Depends on how you were schooled, where you learnt whatcha know.

I am fat, sigh, in eras past I could be portly - which sounds so much better doesn't it? Doesn't change the body shape nor the size of the clothing, but it does change my mind and others about my condition. It doesn't answer the truth of what is inside me, just how we are going to describe me to the folks that don't know nor care.

If you don't know yet, school is about to start for the youth, the adults are to be paying attention, but not too closely, to the struggle for the highest seat in the land. I wonder who would want that seat if it were on top of something really high? or very public? I will hold that is all a distraction, the damage is being done by public servants and those that are really in charge of the change, chains and the choice. You can't do too much about all that, just know what you can take care of... yourself and all those you love.

I like shooting, I am interested in military matters, airborne, armor and combat and small unit stuff. I like to think I invested well (I didn't, but it sure has helped). I know that the economy is important, but am still learning from economists that do much better with facts and measurements and are so different than what is presented nightly in the news... SO Different! What I know about military and shooting, which is almost professional expert grade but dated, is always better than all the embedded correspondents can give me, so I figure that is how much of a miss the news is on everything else. And I always remember that their intent is to keep me watching so they can sell ad time to sponsors, no real interest in making a truth known just keep me watching, give me a teaser to stay with you for after the commercials break.

I am going to leave the computer cave, and take my wife and a bunch of stuff (is it possible to leave the house with just what you carry on your back?) to the Spanaway Lake Park and enjoy a day with the Tacoma First Baptist Church Olympic Games! We once walked almost daily or at least weekly in the park, but budget battles, access during unsafe hours of darkness and parking fees drove many of us, just users, away. My tax rate doesn't get affected by that, just my appreciation for the stupidity of the Parks and County governors. I will have fun, there will be lots of beautiful people, fine foolish chatter, an opportunity to feast (oh, yeah, in about four cultures worth of taste) and get sun burned. Instead of just aggravated by time marching steadily on with us lemmings.... God bless your day, He has already started on mine, I will share.

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