Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Trauma... weakness piles on to increase discomfort.... it just is life at risk....

   I and my wife are a couple, of old folks with different desires and different priorities. So the first step is to keep out of each other's way, and help each other when we can. In general we had wonderful examples in our families of how to live life. For some reason my wife can't give up shoes, her shoes. They have significance I will never understand. Since she is going to be a widow, she gets to keep the shoes. I am going to empty one shelving unit, disassemble it, maybe to put it up somewhere else, maybe. But every I do bring up moving stuff she balks and wants to do something that won't work, until she thinks it through.

   My problem, almost gone now, it that I thought I had saved all the important stuff for the end of the World, or at least my world as I thought about it. With this much stuff, I need to stop worrying about it. It is not worth my trouble. Inside I want to give everything to someone for their use, beside someone making lots of money from it. I did give the history tactical gaming magazines away today. Since someone else has them, they no longer concern me. My aunt planned and worked better at it than I am, but she was a wonder. I thank the federal government for their destruction of my news addictions. I just don't care - they have been wrong before, and I expect they will be again and again.  I will make sure I have some stuff for Goodwill every day, maybe they can move it.

  Didn't work out today at the YMCA, forgot to lock my locker, forgot to have recharged my cellphone, and so I took the old Vietnamese Mister Li to coffee and we talked, about our whatevers. Well, church tonight and for me that means AWANAS. Now back to moving out before my passing over. Ha, ha... it will never get done but I will be trying.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Packed that weekend up and I did well... but getti...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: Packed that weekend up and I did well... but getti...:   We had Men's Village Bible Study at our home on Saturday evening, pray, study and discuss, then pray again and then eat. Who hosts has...

Packed that weekend up and I did well... but getting old, moving to elder...

  We had Men's Village Bible Study at our home on Saturday evening, pray, study and discuss, then pray again and then eat. Who hosts has three days of search for main meats, snacks, paper plates, cups of lots of stuff to clean up. The Spanaway group was once about twelve men., now around seven faithful. What mainly happened was changing the large group of twelve to make more effective local groups elsewhere. I suspect that we got older and died off, our wives had problems, and we were distracted by current events on digital distraction devices. We have a core, each member puts five dollars in the hat/cap and we send the money to The Gideon's International, which means I get unasked for mailings from their contributor lists. I got stuff moved, helped my wife find her roaster, LARGE hiding in the garage since last year. I also was called in to find the crystal water pitcher, which I had misplaced since I put it in the wrong cabinet. I was going by my height and logic, since I could see it (TOP shelf and surrounded by other crystal items). Love being a hunter finder hero of the moment. Why don't we entertain more, my wife feels competition from other women and homes, for my sake, of course. Yes, she knows I don't really care at her professional level.
   Sunday service, adult Sunday school and members stayed around or returned for the 1330 business meeting, agenda  three items, small group of conflictors trying to muscle the church their way, we are still searching for a Senior Pastor. Meeting should have taken no more than one hour and a half, it went on to three hours. I fell getting out of my pew, alarmed too many, felt like a fool pretending I am still spry and able. I am moving to other seats, since the worship areas are not designed by the no longer needed. I will lay by the pool, hoping someone will drag me in to be cured one day.  I was not hurt, I didn't fall on the two little ladies that I was working so hard to avoid bothering. Only my self image was again crushed. No more telephone booths for changing into Superman, everyone will be exposed to gravity. It is a law.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: History and I will be parting soon,

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: History and I will be parting soon,:    My America, the one I grew up in, the one I served as my ancestors did, the one they helped build and maintain is gone. Most of their, li...

History and I will be parting soon,

   My America, the one I grew up in, the one I served as my ancestors did, the one they helped build and maintain is gone. Most of their, little people with little lives will be written away by authors, reporters and nonsense spouted as truth. There doesn't seem to be an office of disinformation, a central control for changing history, language and custom or memory. Orwell thought too highly of the clerks and administrative staffing of the Empire, thinking only that total control would mean more perfection. It doesn't. Accept the flaws and fragility of humans, the variations will allow adaptation and success in addressing issues not dreamed about. Why robots and programming codes will never feel an answer.

   I was standing on the steps of the legislative building in Olympia, (17 JAN 2020) demonstrating for my right to keep and bear arms. The legislature was inside hiding mostly, and working on more infringements to them as their answer to the money flowing in from Bloomberg's Anti-Gun organizations. All aimed at controlling the good folks of the state or the nation. He will always outspend me. I just buy another gun. Well, I don't but there are some that think we all should.  I want to add some evergreen branches and needles to outline the fine animal and the caution to government. Haven't yet. One of those things on the procrastination piles in my mind.

   I was very proud of the demonstrations in Richmond, VA, where the anti-Gun goofs are earning their money from Bloomberg and folks of good intent but lots of not smarts. When wondering why this struggle always goes on, no one is charged with treason for undermining the rules of the Constitutions. No one hangs, loses office for betraying their oath, nothing happens then they come back and try it again. Then I started realizing that most Americans have spent a lifetime of only obeying the laws that fit their purpose. They speed, they drink too young, they know how to buy alcohol after hours, how to get the drugs they want when they want. According to some, they may even cheat on their taxes (because they really don't like being so closely fleeced?)

   In my personal life, I have delivered and sold two loads of books and DVDs from my excess to Half Price Books. Had I more boxes and less desire to exercise and socialize at the YMCA I could be done already. Work in progress. Not the money I am after, will never get that cost back, I had my reading and all they stirred in my mind for as long as I can remember. Thank you, Mom for giving me the joy of great stories and history and busty lasses on Historic adventure paperbacks. Those with the swords and pistols meant fine adventures.  Anyway, I want to have my books find readers and sharers. Some go to sales, some to libraries and some to others interested. Time is getting closer for the remodeling of the home, so much stuff to get moved out or away.

Friday, January 17, 2020

So I am up before reporting to the Green in Olympia, for the Pro Gun Rights Rally, and it isn't about guns.

  It is about Liberty, for I am not marching for the right to shoot anyone, I give that up to the government. They proclaim the law about murder, assault, threats and injury. Those laws need to be there to have the State bear the burden of punishing the guilty. All seems to be based on Biblical Commandments but without God just sinners in charge.  Which means it will be flawed, but it is the expected results of too much power in the hands of too little love, understood nor practiced.

  Timing is everything, the government has gone over to the evil side, the godless side and the blind leading the blind side. No longer working. Always putting more power in the hands of people not accountable to the people, seemingly not accountable to the law even, different laws for different folks, folks that think they are above the law, love, truth or justice... all those are only words, and they don't mean what you think, and we have all been wrong before and we expect we will all be wrong again.

  I am taking my camera, and my intent to keep bearing arms in liberty and love of life. I can do no less, it is like teaching the young or the ones that don't know why it has worked for so long and seems to no longer be working well, or working for tyranny and evil so easily. I think no violence is best, I think speaking up and calmly and critically is important. Just as important as to die for others to live in Liberty and love of their LORD. The pacifists are correct, don't kill just live in the spirit.

  I have questions, mostly it is why they fear folks with guns? Why have they decided that they know why I own guns, shoot guns and feel free to carry guns - it has never been for their fears, nor the strange thoughts that have no truth in their minds, hearts or speech. We need to address their fears, I can't fix stupid, and they are living on lies I can only show them truths and hope to open their eyes, ears, hearts and minds... they project their worst upon their view of life, a very sad dark view.

The last time I marched and stood for the 2nd Amendment
  I have finished my glass of warmed milk, I have thought in my mind about the huge difference in my preparations for a demonstration and Captain Parker's and his training band. No conflict here, but the fools all seem to want one, but I did mention they are fools, didn't I?


Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 New Year have to reorganize or just try to...

  So we have a Home Improvement scheduled and I have to organize a life around losing much of my home to workers and improvements. Along with that I want my computer cave to get some love, that project will be all mine. But Procrastination has ruled and now I am going to savagely reduce my library, I have a lot of DVDs and a couple of Blue Ray to dump, then new books to donate to a library, older books to Goodwill, and new military books (I left in 1995) to the local base library.

Slogging along....
  So I have started selling to Half-Price books, watching muted playoff football games, as I read about William the Conqueror's final years of conquest and defense against all comers. You think we really understand today's news - try readings about long ago and far away, although in your genetic and family dinner table tales. They just aren't the same stories. I never finished reading Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose, giving me all the reasons that the mission was a diverse blend of folks. Lewis and Clark took what they could and did the best they could. Kind of like Apollo Thirteen, seeing it from outside the scramble to survive with your popcorn and Coke, not the same as 'Houston, we have a problem.' in Tom Hanks voice. (I do have Undaunted Courage on my kindle, I will read it once I muffle my bias it is a fine adventure) 

    I keep wondering why my dreams keep taking back to Ft Bragg in the 82nd in the 19-whatever years, maybe I want to jog again? Don't worry, as Hal Evans told me, I don't jog... it was more slog along the road side. Probably too painful for others to watch. On a jog one morning, I got a call from the side of the road by the SF folks. It was an SF Major that was one of my fellow candidates in OCS in 1967. This was 1984 or 85. So we talked and it was cool, I was a 1SG and he was a Major. We were both Master Parachutists, ha, ha.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Year Seventy-three begins...

Grandparents visit before off to Europe, 1978
  Good Morning! Wow, lovely good wishes for my birthday - shocking to me, I am now outliving my father. Only in time spent wondering if I should have done it his way... Don't worry, I have figured out that being thankful for all the blessings I have lived is better than trying to catch up with his life - talking with my son last evening made me realize I wish I could have spent more time talking to my father. I miss my son's talking to me over the net while he was in the middle-east where ever. We must have made almost a solid hour some times. I still want to sit around a card table playing Canasta and talking, and making my best plays with my partner.
   My contacts yesterday sent me tearing into old stuff, not finding what I should have, making me realize that I was going to have to dig out from underneath piles of books and papers. New read books are going to the library, used and older ones are off to Half-price Books (but then I might stop to browse and pick some up! Ugh, I might never get out from under!)
    I was exhausted yesterday, no longer feeling ill we went to the service department to renew the wife's car. While there I read Milton Friedman, I am going to have to try him again, later when I won't be falling asleep as my mind wears out why did he say it that way. Car finally finished, washed and returned, we went off to eat steak - it is my birthday, the treat was my wife's and I think I left my NRA Cap there in the booth on the seat. Didn't get my daily dose of The Five, nor Tucker Carlson yesterday (speeds my recovery, ha, ha)  Well, have to start moving, y'all be good.

Friday, January 3, 2020

First visit to the YMCA of 2020...

  Picked up some medication and I noted that for some reason, all these sick folks gather at the pharmacy to catch each other's illness while they await their medication. Likely been doing that for centuries. Maybe home delivery is a better way to get them and control the spread of illness. I stopped quickly at the YMCA before I got my MRI.
   As a I caught up with the older Airborne elder, he told me on of his heart surgeons was looking for someone to teach his college son marksmanship before the Army got hold of him. Seems he is in Oregon in the ROTC program.  I figure he is trying to get a leg up, to be ahead of the rest of his class. So I gave the old paratrooper my card so they could contact me to talk about some familiarization. Have to see what he wants, has time for and where he would like to shoot.
   If he wants to come to Tacoma for a weekend run, I have the rifle, ammunition and local range where he can shoot. There is too much magic in shooting now days. Everyone thinks everything is licensed, regulated, or a professional expert instructors are difficult to find. Maybe it is, we don't draft everyone like in the old days, not everyone has served in the military, the military training is okay, just okay until you get to what your regular unit wants from the soldier and is willing to invest in your training, practice and skill enhancements. The military will almost always go to higher tech and more explosive rounds first. But the new qualification system looks promising.
    No telling what is going to happen about this favor. I am willing to talk, plan, execute for a day anyway, and I can always recommend learning in Oregon with an Appleseed or on a local range with a local NRA or CMP instructor. The next Appleseed weekend around here is 8-9 February, 2020 in Redmond.  Like I said too much 'magic' in how to learn, set, up and experience and practice. No one knows now, and experts are all busy turning out experts in whatever has to do with firearms. But most shooters don't feel uncomfortable sharing the knowledge, some ammunition and opinions. There are lawyers, laws, and liabilities but if the shooter can't learn and follow the four safety rules, I have nothing easier to teach him.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year, another chance to get it all right...

  So what is it I will do? Better, of course, just have to do better. We all do. First we have to decide who we are, who we want to be, what can we do about getting there - and always remember little victories count as much as major ones.
   I have concerns with the idea that government can replace God, but the government goofs love it, it does increase their power, and they are all about power. So to me, I have to get closer to God, and work on me, for I am the only one I can change to be better. Yeah, I am almost a nice guy, much better than I was long ago and far away. Still I am not happy with my best.  Not brave enough, need to stand up for what I believe and speak well - quietly enough that it may persuade them and not frighten them.

   Take the 2nd Amendment, first- a well regulate militia is necessary for the security of a free state -
That has never ever meant the National Guard, nor the professional military folks, nor the police. It has always meant the law abiding good people that are the foundation of the free state. Currently with the abundance of laws, regulations, decrees and policies, the number of armed and out of control agencies dominating our government structures - they are evidence of power projections from the ruling elite, and I don't mean the elected people, I do mean the ruling elite the folks with money and power and voice. They seem to be the doom of the Republic, and they took over so sublimely. They tell you that it is still a government of the people, by the people and for the people.... beautiful concept, it isn't true today. Find good people, make good people and trust good people. Only then can we regain the Republic.
   Second, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed... which really does mean the I can have my cannon, armed aircraft, tank or single shot .22 short. No restriction on that, the government has been established to ensure I don't kill, maim, wound, assault, or threaten my fellow men. And it is supposed to ensure justice. Don't allow the media or the political hacks project their fears upon you and your harmony with the universe - which is the only weapon the anti-gun goofs have to pretend disarming will protect everyone from death from afar. It is only true if you believe it, in your mind. Being a nice person will save you far more than having a gun or no one else being allowed to own and shoot a gun.

   I will continue to work with organizations that believe in America, its Constitution and folks. I will assist in teaching marksmanship, gun safety and history of the nation and the world. I will also work on teaching young people and discussing with old folks religion and politics and solving problems.

   Trying to become a harmless old man is easy, trying to stay relevant not so much. I keep thinking that Don Quixote and I have too much in common. Y'all have a great new year, and you don't have to start over, you just have to endeavor to persevere.