Monday, December 30, 2013

Restless night, and striking too close to home...

1:35 AM, and I am awake, not coughing dried out and going for a cup of coffee. My wife has girl K-Pop groups dancing and singing on the television. Better than infommercials by a bunch. She is sleeping  in the family room because I am restless and coughing periodically, likely because I don't know how to turn the cough off, there seems to be no mucus.

My wife found strange cars at the street entrance and behind my Caravan on our drive when she returned home yesterday evening she drove off and reported it to the old homeowners President, who had suffered two home break-ins this holiday season. No one has been caught, but the story on the street is that the folks renting the home two houses East of ours are the ones responsible. Warned now I can expect that today or tomorrow they will be moving out and on. Also that they might come back in January to strike some likely homes again. Leases normally end with the month and the year, even the ones supported by the State housing for poor folks.

Well, I have some Credit Unioning to do tomorrow, depositing rolled coins checking account balances. This is the end of the year and it has been a good one, not great but better than I need, but employment is a higher priority than wildly spending the future. Since Blogger keeps telling me I am logged on from somewhere else, the Chinese or former communist computer hackers might have my stuff. Oh, my!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wounded Knee to be remembered, today...

I am still wandering the American Revolution as I try to recover my health, and both are slowly getting to a better state. I was reminded that Wounded Knee was today. Long ago, but a government that had parts that didn't care for all the people, since it still defines people as us and them. If you really think, that however the media is reporting what the two major political parties are doing is just, effective and necessary - then you are part of the same problem - George the Third or the Indian Department. Government is not a moral institution, it is an institution.

I wandered and found a blog post about a Libertarian that had to join the Democratic Party because the Libertarians were all clowns or nuts, I figured out quickly that he wasn't afraid of being a clown or a nut, he did join another political party, but he didn't want to feel like he was hurting the helpless... the idea that everyman should be free to be whatever clown or nut they want to be is true libertarian, not a political party, wasn't on his menu. Free to succeed or fail, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Wright Brothers... no better examples of why governments can't control outcomes and shouldn't try.

One blog post wrote about instead of goals work on systems. Duh, you still want to make the shot perfect, but you actually work on the system to make that happen. I understood it immediately, that is how I do my Mathematics, I want an answer so I build a system to find it, I invent algebra once or twice a month to figure out the correct solution for a problem, when I worked in gunnery I memorized the systems, but when I got away from it, I built systems to find the solution, more time to do so.

The reason most people succeed or fail is that they tried and succeeded or didn't. The reason more people don't grow up nor old is they aren't trying, no growth without stimulation, mentally, physically or spiritually. Keep on trying, you haven't made that perfect shot yet, or if you have you may not own it, but you can.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Okay, I think it is time to join the continuing Revolution!

I am, and of course you are, although we may not both be the same (you are unique, and I am special) but I am accepting my responsibility to be part of the revolution. I am so tired of fighting the forces of evil, of corruption, of status quo, keeping it the same... so tired. Change like time is a constant, maybe nothing major but this not only isn't the best of my time on earth, I could make it even better. I don't think everyone understands that. I know that you do, but those others? There are people in positions of power, that keep you stuck in your rut, make sure they never fix the pot hole that is tearing your automobile up, make sure you must have something to feel accepted and one with everyone else. Bad people.

So, I don't need a King, a President, or a Captain to command my ship... I really don't. All the rules and wisdom I need to study has been written. Really, it isn't going to change that much. There hasn't been any human evolution since about fifty thousand years ago, and technical improvements and breeding and education haven't changed the human beings at all. Once medicine is developed with the ability to prevent deaths for certain illness, there will be deaths due to unknown illness, until we find the reason and a cure or preventative. In the end, we all die right here, or where we are at the moment of expiration - which we cannot predict unless we cause it.

I am going to work on those things that work in my life and I will assist those that want or need my help when asked if I have the ability or will or call to do so. Otherwise, I am getting off this train of current culture, lack of values, lack of morals, lack of faith (don't believe in God nor your fellow Men?) and for sure with the little time I have remaining I think I need to get off of the entertainment addiction to fill all the blank spots in my life. Like a telephone, internet or radio background noise - where did the need for constant stimulation come from? People once had lives, places to be, people to meet, people to love, adventures every time they left the cave - now they drive out of the garage and on down the road to where 'everyone knows', 'everyone says' and 'everyone does'. Boring.

Look at me. I will not be ruled.  I am in no state to be governed.  I will be represented by people the voters in my community elect.  I know they could be bought by special interest groups, be polished to look so much better than they really are, I know they will make sure they get paid every day they represent me - no matter how badly they do their job.  But they are only my representative, for what ever office they were elected to, and they will give more loyalty to the political party than to me the voter and citizen - because they aren't as smart as I am. And all the others in government service - are only civil servants, they should know that they should be proud of that, they are filling a function and a need. But they are only servants. They aren't going to make railroads run, they may stop them, they may fail to inspect something properly and cause a problem, but they don't start businesses - they normally stifle progress and profit, constantly slowing what they can control down... government would only release power by not regulating, restricting, or restructuring. And what we need to be in rebellion about is government bothering us constantly. The revolution can only be won when everyone gets older wiser and more responsible for their actions as part of the community - the world community.

I am only Earl, and the government won't worry about me, because my acts of rebellion and revolution are not going to affect it - there are too many people not joining me, or those others that are following a different path, a different drummer, a better way. As long as it seems I am getting along with the crowd, they won't notice that I am not smoking, drinking, chasing wild women (anyone this old likes the ladies to have better sense), I spent years in Europe. Asia and Americas, not drinking and still being politely social. If they think you are one way, they don't look to see you aren't, smile folks, especially if you are carrying a gun. Everyone knows that people with....  You will get what you expect or a gentle reminder that some of us aren't as smart as you and your friends are.  Have a wonderful life, beginning with today, for tomorrow will be an adventure.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I want to be feeling well on Christmas Day...

So I am hiding from the weather and resting one more day. Still I have to read about George Washington's War,  and listen to jazz.. There are many out there really sick, they need care and visits, there are lonely and alone out there and they need a nudge or at least a friendly wave from afar if they are real hermits.

I get home made soups, honeyed tea, coffee, and naps. It will work out, there are cookies cooling in the kitchen their smell doesn't save them from this cookie monster.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Putting me in a box again...

Really, I often wonder what causes others to think in certain ways about me, what I look like, what I have written, read or said.  What changes me from Earl to: one of the beings in a box.

Veteran - I belong in that box
Combat Veteran - I belong in that box (although like most combat veterans I was more target than threat)
Disabled Veteran - yes, but I don't really feel disabled as much as dislocated and unloved....
College Education - yes, but that only means I attended and graduated, not sure it means as much to you as
    it did to my mother and I.
Paratrooper - yep, do it again as soon as you get an aircraft and a working chute for me...

Boxes I no longer want to be in:

White Non-Hispanic, although my mother grew up speaking Spanish and living in South America, she wasn't Hispanic    Too limiting a label.  But I have to accept it to properly fill out government forms for firearms?

Middle Class, Blue Color, Enlisted, Retired ( Re-tired  I had to get tired twice?) Unemployed

Christian, Methodist, Baptist.

Who am I? Son of Donald and Melba, husband of Kum Cha, father of Gideon. I am William Earl Dungey, and if you are from the government you can call me by my SSN, because you want it from me wherever I go. Boxes are so confining, and the universe has no visible edges nor boundaries... that like the boxes you only created in your mind.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Let me tell you everything that I know about homosexuality and the Duck Dynasty

Remember? God is dead! Remember that from the enlightend years of silly youth?

I do, I never found God dead, but those thinking so were sure they were now in charge.

I only mention that as an illustration of people making quick judgements and living on their words. Because, until today it wasn't official blogging is dead. Yep, Breda had been saying it was dead or dying for a bit, she packed up her blog and moved on. She is still at the reference desk in Ohio, in the snow, wishing she could carry in the library. I watch her on Facebook. It becomes official today that Nieman has written in a blog post, that the blog is dead.The blog is dead, long live the blog  

He might be correct, how did you get here... take a wrong turn up ahead, into the Twilight Zone? Of course there are many things that really are dead, the library can be carried in your device, your paper books, the publishing industry, newspapers, romance, truth, sex drive and thoughts communicated by face to face contact.

I know how I got here, my mother made me.  She said I had to produce a weekly letter to tell her what I was doing and stay in touch. It was once called correspondence, and my South American grandparents had a whole sequence of write, edit, re-write and review then post to the family far away. A weekly letter. For years we kept the USPS in the black, sending letters. Then the digital age, the computers arrived and email at work could become email to Mom. And since my life was so interesting, I would send that long, lonesome letter to everyone that must care something about me... you do know that everything is all about me? Yeah, that was dumb, everyone is too busy to read long boring prose about me. For the truth is that they are more interesting than I, and they all knew it. Email deletes so quickly.

Don't know the woman that read one of my long missives, but she sent me a note (an e-note) that I should blog. Wanting to make everyone happy, I started blogging. But I haven't changed my focus, it is still all about me, it is still long and mostly boring. But that does help me get some relief from having to think, just write and pretend it happened. There is more satisfaction in dreaming while resting.

My blogging will cease when I do, when Google decides to charge me for the service, when they turn out the lights and power up on global warming.... or some such. But then it could happen, no one shoots firearms anymore, not one politician has any reason... and that shows.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Now that is rude... or is it?

At the post office, I see a woman (black curly hair, tight blue jeans, fashion boots) in black nylon vest and pistol and hand cuffs on belt. The black vest has DOC in gold letters. I think, Department of Commerce? Department of Criminals, or criminality? Having forgotten working under the Department of Corrections for ten years of my twelve with the State Library. I don't care that she is armed and has a magazine in the pistol, nor that the snap is loose. I don't even notice which fine firearm she has, nor do I notice what brand jeans she is inside of.. not important. I don't rate the vest as bullet proof, looks more like something to hang stuff on... I am in the post office for mail service.  She leaves and several people move up and to the counters, the staff stays pleasant and professional and everyone is nice today.

I get outside with change in my hands, and stuff and am approached by a white male, 25 to thirty, 205 pounds with glasses on. Eyes are focused speech clear and he says he and his buddy are hungry can I help them out. I open the back of my Caravan with the shooting mats, targets, tools and water and say I don't have any food. But I ask if he wants water, he says any help at all. So I give him my two dollars and two bottles of water. Close the back and wish him well. I see his buddy when he gives him a bottle of water, same look and age and about twenty more pounds. As I drive away he looks sadly at me, and I catch his eyes and smile and wave, he returns the wave. I am normally hard on beggars, but I haven't been employed in over three years, there are still people looking for work, and why those two are there now - is their story, My story is that I could help a little. Having been where I would eat pecans from the ground and smoke long cigarette butts thrown on the ground, I don't expect everyone asking is trying to con me, and I didn't call the police or shoot them. I gave what was easy, I should put some sardine cans in the back, too.

My day goes on, I watch television, dress for church and attend, have a great time talking  to the men, listening to the preacher and more talking with the men. Then I get my wife and we go home. Watch a bit of a DVD, check on Facebook, then I post "Back from church, I can take my gun off and have a glass of wine. Have a good nights sleep, for tomorrow has so much promise." or words to that effect. My reader immediately thinks that I took the gun to church, that it is my hobby (how else could anyone explain having a gun on?) and it would be rude to take it to church. My only response: "If I had a gun on at church, it isn't a hobby." I don't think most people have any idea how many guns are being carried around them, all the time.

Their entire basis for knowing is based on movies and television. When I see a policeman yell 'gun' inside a police station, I will know I am on the set of a movie. I go to the courthouse and go in the one entrance where you can lock up your firearm, duh, see how simple that was? They don't ask if it is legal, they don't ask if I am qualified, they don't ask if it is loaded. They just want me to lock it up while they protect me and everyone else in the building. When I leave I can put it back on and carry on. If you are going to base your understanding of guns and Bibles on entertainment, the bad guys always hollow out the Bible and keep a gun in there. I saw it on a movie or two, so it must be true.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

I do have a brother, and am one to three finer folks, so I have an opinion about 'brother' - the relationship the reality the responsibility. I have always had trouble labeling another man, human male as a brother. I understood, a little, what a brother in Christ would be, but that never moved me to call anyone brother.

Gets easier if you capitalized it, Brother Thomas, Brother Mike. Seems almost like one of the monks - oops, they already do that don't they? Well, in the stories they do. More than one, they become the Brethren, that could be a good thing. Band of Brothers, term and title of honor, associated with battle, combat and trials not suffered by the many that weren't there on Saint Crispin's Day. Brothers in Arms, brotherhood of war, and still I would have trouble calling someone my brother. Motorcycle gangs use the term, motorcyclists often use it. I could be alone, so alone.

This whole blog post came from this poster, from DV6 on Facebook. And I was more understanding, until it hit me, that all Men are my brothers and that was why I should respect them, not because they earned it. I might never be anyone's brother if I have to earn it, which was probably why I am most certain I am the brother of my sibling - they knew I didn't earn it, I got it the easy way - just born to it.

But the poster nudges me to acknowledge all men are my brothers, be they good, evil or awesome or hidden in a dark corner of time and trouble - all brothers. I should respect them for being born, it isn't getting easier, I should respect them for their abilities and promise of a better person as they grow, respect them for the power they will wield for their future. Funny, I have for a long time respected my enemies, especially on the field of combat, if for no other reason than they could kill me if I wasn't paying attention. But also for the fact that in that basic struggle to kill each other - we were equal and risking all we had for our cause. I had little respect for those that sent us there... but they were my brothers, too. So much more to accept as truth. So little time.

One more strange thing on Facebook to gnaw upon. So my real question was: "I am really having trouble understanding the idea that a man never having sexual activity is a virgin, and especially why it would matter." But then I still have this idea that words have meanings, and males can never be virgins, and that somehow not having had sexual relations would make a grown man cry. This remains proof that the American culture, or all civilization has lost its senses... or it is all a bad dream? Go back and remember that all men are my brothers, and that laughing even a little is good for the heart, and more male virgins just prove the enlightened education and entertainment systems of the digital age won't change biology enough to notice.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays!

So after waking on Sunday, going to church and all, I felt sprite enough to do some Christmas decoration to include the tree outside and inside our home. Wasn't happy with the one inside on Sunday, but Monday it was warming me, and by today it is just perfect. How does that happen?

Now it seems to be politically remarkable when one wishes you a Merry Christmas instead of a Happy Holiday, which is all about nothing, folks.Remember Ashcroft, the Attorney General that had to drape something over the statue of  Justice? She had her eyes covered and at least one breast exposed - you could do a whole pornographic skit on the dirty minds of prudes and purists. Not that I would, I think the statue was perfect in art and symbolic reality, she deserved to be seen. Actually, that wasn't what she looked like, she has both arms raised, no blindfold, no scales of justice. But the people didn't like pictures of her in the newspapers when covering the justice department.

So in California, there is a memorial cross that represents Christianity and it must go. I do get tired of people telling me what things mean and why they have to be gone, covered and never talked about. Mostly it is fear, not my fear - some little creature in the corner - their fears. Americans were once brave enough to stand and say what they meant, didn't look for everyone to agree with them, weren't afraid to duel and be damned.

Somehow, everyone has to get along... this country wouldn't exist if people hadn't moved away for a new start, a chance to do it their way. Israel will bomb Iran as soon as they must, they won't wait for American permission. They know that America has no guts left for hard choices. How did that happen? China is certainly testing the waters, waters they never ever cared about once upon a time. Except for the famous Admiral Ho.

The world of today is in many ways shaped by those that feared too much to expand and conquer or settle distant other places. Japan went under the Shogun for hundreds of years, China under Emperors without vision, now is it America's time to look at their belly button forever and see what happens without change, chaos, and chance? Will the Boer leave south Africa, not without a real fight they won't. Unless, fear was built into civilization as a way of slowing change down... a design feature to save us from our follies?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Not working... it just isn't working...

Up after a long solid crash into sleep - didn't even hear the end of the Blues I had started listening to....

Well, I am up early because it didn't work. My new Marlin 795 LTR (Liberty Training Rifle). I had such high hopes. But a semi automatic must feed correctly every time, must only fire when the trigger is pressed, must set the round off with the strike, must extract and eject the round or brass cleanly, and must feed correctly again. That didn't happen, I will start by blaming me, Earl. And then quickly decide that a good cleaning and examination of the rifle is due.

For sure I am not going to use Golden Eagle TARGET Eley Prime 22 Long Rifle ammunition from Mexico. I will save that for my single shot target rifle where it has done wonderfully. Nope, I will test my other 22lr stuff, and hope to buy the recommended brands one day, as soon as I find what works best I will buy a bulk of it.

The rifle works, when it works. Solid shooting, the sights adjusted well and I was on target by the end of the first sighting square exercise - but I didn't wait to hear IMC. I had some sling problem, changed to GI web sling and settled into a string of problems. First one was not always feeding a round, second one was the stove pipe where the case didn't clear the ejection port before the bolt was coming back catching it. Then we had unfired round stuck in chamber, no extraction. Had to rod those out two or three times. Totally unsatisfactory.

Having a long history with firearms, I know things go wrong, there are immediate action drills, and how to clear the firearm and reload is critical skill set. There really are reasons that bolt action and revolvers are often trusted more than semi automatics. The same reason that the bayonet is absolutely the best addition to personal defense on a rifle. I had fired about one hundred and twenty rounds by the end of a short almost Winter day, day one of the Appleseed at Moxee, Washington. And to top it off, the rear sight fell off, but by that time I was finished with shooting for the day and got my camera out.

Now for that secret part of shooting sports, the fun and adventure of fixing all my perceptions and problems with the rifle, the ammunition and the shooter. I will be back to get Rifleman with that firearm, yes, that is coming.

Friday, December 13, 2013

I guess we have been reading it wrong, all along...

A librarian posted how she was dressed: "Sweater, skirt, tights, socks, boots. Rockin' the Amy Pond today." I immediately thought " I read funny, I got tight sweater and skirt, socks, boots.... I am so programmed."

My point is about the Constitution of the United States, being a citizen bearing arms I have read and re-read and re-read the Second Amendment, over and over and I keep getting the same result. No change, not one thing I would add nor detract from those words. Still the government has the idea and continuously sells this idea that the government is first. That it granted rights to the people, not that the people constrained the government. And being programmed to accept that the American government is the best, the most free, and just super powered wonderful - very few people that like being associated with a winner ever question the reality of the people being the power not the powerless.

If the really thinking independence (                                                                                                                                                 )

All the missing material in this wonderful post is because Blogger has been hacked. Sigh.

My point is that few people are reading well, what they so know about, and when a woman says tight, anywhere in the sentence the sweaters and skirts become so. When the government says the 2nd Amendment is about the right to keep and bear arms - it seems to have granted that right. The truth is that the people didn't grant the government any power over the right to keep and bear arms - they intended to restrict the government. So it is a restriction on the government, it has no right to abuse the people in their rights nor to infringe upon them.

I get to keep my machine guns, artillery pieces and main battle tank. It is my right.

Since I don't need them -- is the next point other fools bring up. But then I go with, since I don't need the government why do you keep thinking it is a good thing? Like locking shackles upon my legs so I don't run too fast and trip and fall... government goofs and their goodness, in stainless steel or soft but strong silk braids - still shackles.

The lady came back to explain the sweater was loose, too late the errant thoughts were already loose. Hope she has a warm enough day in the library, Ohio has off the water wind chills..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A lot of fear out there... of almost everything...

Some people use fear to control their children, their less than loved ones, their audience - to even make themselves stay awake, attend a function or do something they would really rather not.

Fear, a motivator, but not a good one. Kind of a last resort in my life - having fears, spreading fears and responding to fears. I have to respond to my wife's fears, or pretend I did.

The fears I have are much fewer now, and some are just made up to stir conversations and thoughts of the clueless. Some will keep me hibernating until the Spring. They all start with a thought, which can build rapidly and become consuming. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent... what is coming is special...

I won my race to the top of the team on the bicycle, six days of riding my butt off. Don't I wish. I had intended to finish up today, Tuesday, but three of the Asians were hogging the rowing machine, they were rowing and talking and sitting and talking, and although I was told I should kick someone off the machine - it didn't feel like the right thing to do, so I went back and biked on. Two seven milers, one five point four miler and I was finished! Yeah, I am a hero in my own mind. I still went and rowed five kilometers. Got to work that upper body for the babes.

Then went and had a hot sandwich and shopped at the Base Exchange then we went to the Commissary and shopped there for a couple of things, we went for milk and eggs. As I drove home I continued my thoughts of driving over the mountains to Yakima and an Appleseed this weekend. When we had checked the mailbox, Packages!, and unload the Caravan, I sent a message to the Shoot Boss, weather permitting. I also ordered the things I needed for my Liberty Training Rifle, at about 4:30 and by seven I was getting notified they had been sent. How fast is that internet? I also changed my avatar on Facebook and ordered a t-shirt to celebrate my virtual unwheeeled bicycle event. The rifle stuff will be here by Thursday, the t-shirt not until the following week.

Now, fresh cup of Kona influenced coffee in my mug, and the quiet of early winter darkness I think about Christmas, and maybe decorating a bit because it is time to celebrate. You may not know that I don't do parties well, but I don't. After the drinking and the fighting what is left to do? Motivations are important, and what makes me happiest is the season for economic reasons is still celebrated. Imagine a year when most of your sales start after thanks giving. oops! Thanksgiving Day, the one day of the year to gather and give thanks, feast and watch football. Who wouldn't want to give thanks everyday, and have big sales everyday?
Isn't there a government program to make that happen?

Really, there isn't a Christmas decoration anywhere in this home, yet. For a couple of years only the incoming cards and pictures from far away reminded me of what I was missing. But I have been on firebases in the Asian tropical heat, or desert sands in the chill mornings of waiting for victory at Christmas time, and in Saudi Arabia the King doesn't want too many bright Christmas celebrations and symbols. I can live without them, but it isn't much joy in muting love of God through carols and song. Looking for stars to guide wise men is easier in total artificial light absence. you should see all of them out there. The shepherds had the best seat in the house.

Yes, it is time to prepare to pretend to honor the birth of our King. As a real American, I have no experience with royalty, none. I know what king means, I have played chess and the king off the board means you aren't going to be checked nor mated. But for a heavenly king, I am totally uncertain. I just like the idea, the certain knowledge that the babe born in Bethlehem was and is better than I, and loves me more than I deserve. That is all I need to feel like I should join the party, decorate, participate and find some more love to spread around. It goes farther will a little help from all of us, so Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year. Love you all, y'all.

Monday, December 9, 2013

How cold is it?

For a fellow that is old and much too much retired it is COLD. It has been frozen around here for many days, and without snow, or slush, nor rain ... the little moisture in the air freezes each morning on top of yesterday's frost. A few more years of the same thing and my roof will collapse under the weight of ice.

I understand that Al Gore is going to run against Hillary in 2013 to secure the blessings of Global Warming for all.

I timidly went outside to shovel composting stuff, and immediately thought that I was happy to live in the 21st Century when out houses aren't needed... imagining how much fun that would be. I also thought I should watch Jeremiah Johnson through the glass door, the winter trapping stuff especially.

Home schooler time to explore. Get shovel (and pick?) How frozen is the ground, what is permafrost, and why didn't those paratroopers in Bastogne dig deeper? Do the worms freeze in place or do they go deeper? Where are the moles and why is their mound getting bigger? How deep do you have to go to find softer soil, which should mean warmer, how warm is it? How many calories are you using for warmth, how many for work? It is cold.

Will have to seriously look at getting a rear sight for my new rifle - seems that Marlin Firearms is in trouble - it has a loyal customer base, and knows how to produce firearms, but has been purchased by Wall Street traders that fear gun toting citizens that aren't on their payroll. Whatever...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor day...

So I put Tora! Tora! Tora! in the DVD player and watch un interrupted by commercials and cuttings. Knowing that at all levels of command in every country and military there are fools just waiting to make folly.

I did wonder how many Americans now, know anymore about the Japanese success in the surprise attack on the Imperial Russian Pacific fleet, which started the Russo-Japanese War, which President Teddy Roosevelt got the Nobel Peace Prize for halting? Or know why the Japanese agreed to stop that war?

Since American government education sets such high standards, my question should be -- how many of our current and near future leaders have any idea about History at all. One would have thought the British and Soviet experience in Afghanistan, let alone Alexander the Great's troubles there, would have been an indicator. And NO, Earl doesn't think we are really fighting a war against terrorists nor Taliban, Earl thinks that America is still sleeping on the glories of World War II, done with Brad Pitt pretenders for commercial success.

Well, since I will have to do something positive today, I will go to the YMCA and sweat a lot. Saying thanks to the WWII Veterans for their very real service in defense of freedoms that we seem to have given away to more fools in Washington, DC.  No one is teaching that, except some who are the few, the proud, the real folks (not on the commercial media).

Friday, December 6, 2013

Just about the Ladies, not that I know anything about them...

One of my problems with the way the world works, or that women are different or special or a problem is that I had my mother. She was not like your mother, mine was different, a problem and special (although when she was the first two I wouldn't admit she was special).

I started this thought process, having received an email about linkage, someone wrote something, some other read it and rephrased it, and someone read that and added a bit to their work and caused the first to read and think about who was writing, look and see pictures and writing about - linkage! What goes around, comes around. It is flu season.

In the way Appleseed works, trying to reach the vast pool of people, trying to save a sinking ship, trying to get back on the track (railroad reference) the Appleseed folks decided that Ladyseeds are a great idea. And I am always against it - because I had my mother. Or she had me. Or because I like women - nah, that can't be the reason. I just think that women, ladies all, need to be included for their part in the nation and its heritage. I have watched ladies take instruction and run with it, working harder and better and improving the program constantly - so I have never supported a separation of the species by gender. Having said that up front, I am smart enough to know that some men are and some women are and they just don't always work well together in some events. That some people need to be sheltered from their fears, so they can gain the power to confront the foolish and make the shots and speak and do math in public. Later

The nicest thing about being truly humble is my self awareness that the world isn't looking to me for leadership, wisdom nor the solution. So although I am against the Ladyseeds on my watch, I wish them all the best, from personal experience I do know there are men that can ruin a great shot or even a shoot if one allows them.

So, Ladies, do attend an Appleseed or a Ladyseed, enjoy the time and the heritage becomes yours to pass it on to posterity. I am sure my mother would approve and one of your daughters will be teaching me something about Liberty, shooting, or life one day.  But it won't be at a Ladyseed.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

High stress day, or not really...

My wife is back from her hiking in the snow, in subfreezing weather. She showed me her soaking wet coat that she had removed and replaced with a dry one while out. I gave her the good old Army fighting in the snow, don't sweat, wear only dry socks and don't sweat but drink lots of fluids. The 2-325th AIR lost a couple of troopers on an sled race with snow shoes or skis, ten man teams, not too serious, they had heart and were tough but needed more seasoning, winter seasoning. Good training.

I went and hid out in the YMCA, where it is warm, did my 10k rowing and then hit the bicycle machine to knock out twenty miles in Yeti country. Took forever but I have my marathon mileage day done. It was slower and easier when I could really jog that distance, 26.2, those were the days.

I did stop and check on the possibility that the rear TSM200 sight had fallen off the rifle at the gun store where I picked it up. They haven't found it, but will call if they do. I wrote letters to Gallery of and Marlin Firearms about the quality control and the tightness of mounting that rear sight. I do hope they fix that in their future manufacturing and shipping. What folks buy should be there as advertised. I did put a fine Rifleslinger RS2 sling and mounting hardware on the new rifle. Will have to cut it down a little, he makes the excess long so the shooter can cut to measure, everyone is different. But quality stuff. I also looked at for the sight tool and optional sight apertures, and a new rear sight. I may really trust my rifle's Natural Point of Aim with my body, but I really insist on using two points of reference for sight alignment with my eagle eye.

In Rifleslinger's blog he talks about getting smoother getting into his best position, by practicing it as a separate skill set. Repeating correctly until it seems like he is always falling into the perfect shooting position. Slow is Smooth is Fast! So added to those things I don't do enough of, but only take time and a little effort going from standing to prone, standing to sitting (squat, kneel, crossed legs, crossed ankles and open legs) five times each. Then taking on dry shot, stand up, rinse and repeat. Like walking and snapping into a solid aimed shot at a fleeing target and picking up the lead, dry fire, call the shot. Practice, practice and a little more practice. All without ammunition. That will really save some money, now the wear on body parts and patience I cannot speak to, I am too old to acknowledge and too young to admit it.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A little old, but I could become an expert on alcohol...

Since I have no real experience, that I remember well from long ago, I walked in the Safeway along all the bottles of stuff to drink - refined carbohydrates - alcohol like sugar isn't really good for life forms in quantity. Remember, that you can get as overwhelmed as you like with either, I will just be sadder, but I am not getting in your way of stupidity. The pressure of being perfect reflection of your lord might be too much for you to bear. Being a perfect reflection of our LORD is much easier and more rewarding - do good and great things until they crucify you, evil does fear.

I was looking for the Christian Brothers brandy, named Honey, for the sweetness and the calm. I saw that Honey seems to be another way to get more acceptance for various types of alcohol - whiskey, vodka, rum? I was also checking out prices, knowing how much the Federal and State governments depend on the consumption of the biology-physics-chemistry lessons refined and aged. The young clerk made some friendly remark about the choices, and I was quiet which will make him think I am dependent or abusive in my drinking. I will just think I am stocking up, more ammunition and Bibles in my home than alcohol and I have used them more than my drinking of anything except coffee and water.

I called about my digging, they took my information, promised that the marking would be done by Wednesday, and to mark where I wanted to dig with white - since they are using blue, red, yellow and orange and green doesn't cut it in the Evergreen state. So my second Christmas present decoration was waiting for me when my wife finally returned home. Snow, a light dusting, the promise that Global warming isn't going to ruin another ski season.

I received my first Christmas decoration from one of my Sunday school-Bible study members. He does worry about me a bit. The guns you know, he wasn't in the military and all his firearms experience is from the fears of the fools in the Hill District of Tacoma. Since I only rode a bicycle or a bus through that area I have only rumbles of what crazy goes on there. Bad shootings are legend. Anyway, he thought I would appreciate his bauble, it is a re-elect Obama pin, so cool in its plastic container that says MADE IN CHINA. I love it. Although I have a deep understanding that our President was made in America, born in Kenya, and raised by a step father in Indonesia with a foreign culture, and educated by failed economic and political refugees from awesome reality of representative government and capitalism. But since he is a dope smoker I figure he has his own troubles to calm. Still looking for his father, I guess.

Well, breakfast then the bills, then off to the YMCA to help my team on the bicycle riding challenge of Top 100, I am in it for the t-shirt, I do so much for a cool t-shirt. Yes, I will still row 10k, and I will do other stuff, too. But I am so broken that it will only make an olde man proud. See, I don't even drink the alcohol as much as hit the sweat machines and the fool ideas of youth long flown. Now, about how well you are shooting? Do you need some help? Appleseed, we will come to you.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Flipping the calendar page... to see what tomorrow has done...

Looking for a Revolutionary War themed calendar, with pictures of the good ol' days when one could stand up to tyranny, and the King, which didn't have to be the same.

I am now in December, the tenth month of the Roman year - and our last month of 2013, never have been comfortable with that number, for no reason beyond it seemed so far away once and like looking in the mirror wondering whom I am seeing, 2013 was not up to expectations and all because I wasn't at my best. That makes me think, was I ever? Yeah, periodically I was close to awesome, but I don't remember those times that well - nothing to grip onto, the time just slid by me I was so happy, busy, engaged and in the zone.

The Men's Bible study was interesting, lots of opinions and some planning for 2014, the Pastor (being a younger family man) listened a lot. His son listened and I have always wondered what young people think about the strange ideas and stories of the old guys. I sometimes ask, but mostly I wonder where they are dreaming what they are reaching to find, their opinion of the old doesn't change the nature of the old. What are we going to do when it all falls apart was a big part of the conversation. Seems like I am supposed to provide the guns, not that anyone at that table wants to use them - but they have been influenced by the entertainment industry. Will Smith against the world's dark and uglies.

Some of us know way too well how empty evil is, and are working seriously to avoid it. Funny, that the prepper in the group doesn't fit the stereotype at all. He really has done his homework and continues to reach out to the helpless and needy, which makes me believe that he has no selfishness harming his potential for the dark ages ahead. All of them are good men to have around and count upon, not perfect but sound. They won't be making a film, writing a book, nor noticing them as the media marches on - missing most of America, the quiet Americans, just doing the best they can some days and better than expected many days.

Not exciting enough, not worthy of note, and no advantage in politics of fear and fraud. Ever wonder why the reason everyone has to worry about the homeless, the children and the poor? Because the rich, powerful and the idle idols don't want anyone to see what they have done and attack them. I am of the opinion that poverty begins in the spirit, and failure is in giving up. The counting of wealth in dollars in a false value - not a true measure of worth. Real value and worth of a human is... only temporary and slips by the accountant while they text their textress or is it testrix?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Blogger diet

I am on Friday now, The pie has disappeared, the ice cream is half gone, the turkey is same, I have one meal of mashed potato/stuffing left and never opened the wine, the Steelers lost. Did get to talk to my grandchildren, that littlest one is tickling.

As I watched football I loaded fifty enblock clips for the M1, a fine day. Thanks...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shopping seems to top the stuffing of Thanksgiving/Christmas...

Cool, neat, sexy, hot, OMG! just look at what I can get on Black Friday (tell me that isn't racially motivated). All in time for Christmas. Remember the theme of Miracle on 34th Street is: that Santa Claus is real and so is the spirit of Christmas and Macy's is where one can find the good stuff, or they will send you to their competitors for better pricing. They hadn't heard of Pricematch Guarantee back in the day.

What is the point? As the holidays expand, as the commercial success that can be measured in dollars, viewers, glitter and follies.

Start with Thanksgiving - I don't have it so bad. I have it really great, I live on the bounty and eat to my bursting point - which will be in some little noticed artery in my head or heart. Thank the Lord. I don't have secret police writing my name on watch lists because I am a vet, have somekind of disability and haven't a job but like to shoot guns and read the Bible and go to church, they have computer programs that will sweep me into their database - we have advanced so far beyond J. Edgar's secret file folders. I am thankful I don't live in a state like New York or New Jersey where they have fools for governors and support laws in defiance of the Constitution the People gave them to follow. Of course I do live in Washington State, where there is a decided possibility that it made slide into California madness if we just take a few more refugees from taxation and housing prices, thinking more government is a solution - but then I trust the Lord, maybe it will make us smarter to have so many fools around.

Seriously, I have been blest, we all have been blest by being here and being allowed to be foolish and grow out of it, to be stupid and to learn better, to be young and to grow older and weaker. Having started the first chapter of  I Am Malala   and for many reasons I am thankful that her voice hasn't been stilled.

My wife has the dinner planned, I keep wondering why she bought so much - figuring that she doesn't forget the spread my mother told her was the proper way to feast the Thanksgiving (my mother loved the holidays for the occasion and the getting family together). I will remember to wish you all the best of the bounty this holiday, safe travel, fine foods and family and friends... okay, some great football between little acts of love. God bless us, everyone, and save the shopping - no better gift than your attention, concern and love for others. Start it all by realizing and thanking the Lord for His goodness. Amen

Monday, November 25, 2013

Precision, or the perfect shot...

I think I know what precision is... that is when you do everything in your power to make the bullet hit exactly where you told it to... Or you are building a home and the door fits and closes tightly - no cold wind, rain nor burglars may enter.

There is a life time of making one fit, to be part of a group, part of the culture, part of the norm and finding that one mate to spend one's life with - fitting perfectly, with precision...

To have order, to meet the schedule, to design a product for success, things must be exactly as... you do get the idea. The idea of government at some point is to make the world perfect, which is silly because until the human beings arrived it was perfect. God just didn't have anyone to admire it with Him. For those of you not comfortable acknowledging God I will move back to perfection by humans.

I went through the government public education system and earned or didn't earn but was awarded grades for my perfection or attempts at perfection or for my non-compliance with the teacher's idea of perfection. Then I went into the military and had to meet more time goals, standards and measurements and it really became a problem making all the pieces of my world work. Add the burden of leadership, a wonderful wife, a dog and a cat or two and suddenly it isn't all dress right dress.... which is military for being in perfect order, cause we said so. Life is never going to be precise, and love is a bit more irregular in life. You do understand that there will always be comfort in everything going according to the plan, the rules and the wants and desires of all those I love and myself. But... it will never be comfortable. Goldilocks found some too hot, some too cold and some just right. Luckily the best military planning has always been blocked by the efforts of the enemy, and first contact restarts the plan - react, adapt and overcome. That adaptation and knowing the commander's intent is how one wins.

So many times on my journey on the Appleseed Trail I have found less than perfection. Little irregularities add texture to the event, and every shooter has a life outside of the weekend rifle clinic. The shoot boss and the instructors even have lives outside the weekend. They all come together to promote safe marksmanship, reviewing the heritage of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775. There is a Course of Instruction, there are objectives and standards, and then there are the shooters and the instructors, the weather, the warmth or lack of any,  Adapt and overcome, because making that precise shot, to hit the target perfectly is a constant struggle, to honor the heritage is to know that being awakened at one in the dark of almost morning does not mean by end of day you will still be hale and hearty, you might have gone to your maker.

Doctor Warren sent Revere and Dawes out to warn the sons of Liberty, Revere and Dawes didn't make it to Concord, young doctor Prescott did. He wasn't part of the plan. So when I am doing a shoot, and it isn't going exactly the way it should, we aren't grinding out AQTs, I have to know that answering a question, keeping everyone engaged and giving a tip to improve another's technique or use of the rifle they brought might be the start of something in posterity's future that will have made the difference.

It reminds me of the way, slowly, I changed what I took to the field in the military - this I find useful, this must go with me. So I will allow others to make determinations, what things they will take forward and use. I will just add some of my Shoot Boss stuff to my instructor needs, in case it will help a shoot and I have already ordered two timers for me - so if the watch doesn't work I will still be able to time events. Some stop watches have so many features and functions I will never have time to learn them - like a fully loaded AR, too much stuff, too complicating, and not that cost effective to making my shot.

So, instead of constant complaints and repairing of potholes, and other surface irregularities in my Appleseed trails and trials, I will consider it all texture to keep me awake and participating. Always hoping to catch the fire in another human for sharing the skills and our heritage to our posterity. Maybe my perfect shots will be made by those I met along the trials of Appleseed.

Friday, November 22, 2013

What is wrong with government is:

Yes, there is something wrong.

"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." Preamble to the Constitution of the USA

Some will say the government is too big, others will say it doesn't make everyone equal (which was not the point), others will have one gripe after another -- I have only two.

The people should select (elect) their representatives.

All people elected and hired by the people must remember that they are only servants of the folks. Only servants. Civil servants - not Czars nor Princes, not Lords. They really aren't smarter, of higher principals, above going back home to do some real work after their service is over. They are not special.

There will be some great people, and that is wonderful when they show up, they do make change happen for the better. Just as there are some low scum types of people, which is terrible when they show up, they do make change happen for the worse. And you can't decide perfectly which one just showed up - they seem to have a fog of folks around them doing lighting, make up, and laying down covering fire.

In the end the thing that is wrong with government is that it pretends to be god on earth, without allowing you the opportunity to be sinful and completely stupid. It, government, has set itself up as a false idol for worship, to petition and to milk blessings from... a most base metal, cheap chip board, and hollow without a heart. It certainly isn't God. A total violation of the Second and Third Commandments.

But then the government has decided it doesn't have to have morals, nor faith, nor serve a higher power. It has quietly declared that there is no scientific evidence of a Creator, a Heaven, nor a soul. Could be the reason the government can't find those things - it was only created by the people. They didn't give it a brain, a heart, or a soul. The expectation was that the servants would bring their best and work for the people.

Expectations of the people don't seem to match the results. Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So I got one of those very heavy knocks on my front door last evening, about eight...

Long dark here in the great NorthWest. I went and opened the door and talked to the guy standing there with a paper in his hand. Wrong address, and since I had played that game before I think he found my house with a GPS since the one he was looking for was about three up the street. Maybe they should Google the address and get the picture first next time.

As I closed and double locked the door, I considered how badly I had prepared to open the door. There was no gun in my hand, shotgun behind the door (no matter what the VP says I no longer have one), and I opened the door wide in stepped into it. Very un-tactical, very. So in the game of life, mostly nothing would have happened. The KGB would have been later, would have hollered if they had been American secret militarized police, or black if they had been trying to do 'knock out' game home invasion. So I had only sixty years of opening doors and finding strangers on the porch asking for my attention - all without evil intent. How does that happen? Is the news media wrong?

I moved one of the house guns before I went to bed. Funny, most days I will lose track of my keys at least once, but all the guns have a place.  I have my notice from CMP about my ammunition order and it starting to move in my direction. Yesterday was National Ammunition Day, so I am good. What ever happened to Kim? and his cause? I did like reading his stuff. Well, that is it for today.

Just very glad that all the government activity on my street was the Postal service, and the fire department on a medical emergency. The fire department never misses a bond issue, the sheriff never asks for one.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Really, you have to turn it off...

connections, need to stay connected? Not if you want to get anything accomplished. Bye, be back later.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Change happens... and we go right on...

I chickened out last evening, started on my way to Idaho and turned around after the traffic advisory about the Snow Storm Warming until seven in the morning. We had rain in the lower atltitude, big enough storms that they were having accidents and congestion during the commute, by the time I got to the mountains the warning lights were flashing and the radio said chains required after exit 34, so that was the exit I turned around at and went back home. I do like shooting, I like the range in Idaho, I had everything I needed, except the NEED to overcome my aversion to driving in unsafe and miserable weather. Skiing should be good this weekend. Not that I am going.

I did find I had three more cans of 30-06 ammunition than I had realized, and so with eight hundred more rounds on the way (when my turn comes up) I will have over two thousand rounds. My brother would be shaking his head wondering why anyone needs that many rounds. And I have all that lovely brass to reload during the dark of Winter (another thousand?). Finding the ammunition makes me wonder how many other part time shooters have more ammunition than they could possibly ever need, LOTS, and how many will be departing without having shot it with their buddies, friends, family and competition (that guy with the $4000 rifle and special ammunition).

I thought a lot about how I had once upon a time driven through snow and ice and spooky conditions in Colorado to pick up our son.  It was terrible driving conditions and the Colorado snow plows were flying over the ice to keep the roads clear. I was so much younger then, I am older than that now... truer words never sung... if it was needed I would have done my best, but I have the ability to shoot again another day. I probably will, too. Really looking forward to it. I have to shoot all that ammunition up before I return to dust. My wife wouldn't know what to do with it. I would leave it to my son, but he has tons of stuff and no room, without a whole range and storage facility it wouldn't be a good gift. 

A comment sent me back to my list of shooting with Appleseeds, and the immediate thought is how many have I helped and influenced over the years, which is the most pro-safe gun control effort than whatever Mayor Bloomberg has done. And I have been very happy, making more people smile and enjoy shooting than the Mayor has calmed any fears. And considering some of the very new to shooting people, many that have been frightened for a long time because of media untruths (reminding myself that this blog is media for one - me) that I and others in the Appleseed Project have helped overcome their fears - I would say we are winning. And if the  22lr isn't fully back on the shelves yet... winning by a big margin, which won't be investigated, nor reported - since the media doesn't understand the why.

King George and his governors thought that controlling the colonies with more restrictions, taxes and adjustments would bring those colonials back into line. Unfortunately, Americans don't really study English History during the same period in England, Scotland and Ireland. The quest for Liberty wasn't only in America, it was happening all over. Press gangs were something that fed the Royal Navy, but also fed the flames of change and fired the folks up.

So how is the Affordable Care Act doing? Getting off of the media noise - for sure the discussion is shifting to how to get the care to the people. Even people that wouldn't talk about it before seriously, know what needed to be done will have to be done - and maybe we should look for the solutions that work best and invest in them. The world is full of great ideas. My looking is making me think that the government can't allow a good idea to get away to grow.  It would have to be chained up and harvested for the politicians, never the little people. I think that the United States of America has lost its soul, if Lincoln could use those ideas of "a government of the people, by the people and for the people" you have to start looking at the politicians, the departments and agencies and asking them whom they serve. Lincoln knew it wasn't going to be a great idea to write 'a people of the government, by the government and for the government' still isn't a good idea. 

What was that from the Declaration? "..Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ..." Institutions do seem to take on a life of their own, assuming powers not granted.  Ah, well, a rebirth of Liberty is the cure, not more chains.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rainy day stuff

So I can't get to the YMCA because of public works blocking public access, although they did mention a possible detour, I was thinking I should do a little bit more to make my RWVA duties solid. I had a demonstration rifle to finish. I had passed the drill rifle on to OnlyHitsCount and wanted my own, I had a couple of toy ones I could have used, but decided to invest in a broken (NOT SAFE to shoot) that was around. A couple of sling swivel points, a GI web sling and some Tech sights or other adjustable ones.

Although I will teach Natural Point of Aim without a laser pointer, it does demonstrate very quickly how effective NPOA can be back on target and checked on next target before squeezing the trigger. So I went looking for a green laser pointer, no joy. Cost was out of my fixed income. I had a red laser pointer and figured out how to secure it with cheap rubber bands, and turn it on - with cheaper rubber bands. AAA batteries and I am set to demonstrate.

And not wanting to show up for an Appleseed unprepared with untested props I had to make sure I could adjust the sling, do a standing position and be on target. I don't spend lots of money on things, so I have to invest development time and testing, I am not the Federal Government. When I show up to help, I am just an old man with limited potential - you will have to imagine that I was effective, and I thank you for that.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So are you going to compete in the election or Olympics in 2014?

Me neither. But I will watch for the effort and the results. In the Winter Olympics I expect great performances, some of which may have extra chemical and hormonal boost - not because the competitors need it, but because they don't know they don't need it. They will seek advantage, programmed into our DNA, isn't it?

In the election the Media will declare the TEA Party is evil, divisive and not to be trusted. The two primary parties will continue to increase their power and influence by promising better tomorrows, until they get to the government, where the reality of how insignificance sinks in and they decide there needs to be another law, and good times must be regulated and taxed. They will also seek advantage, unfair advantage. If they had a real good idea, a known truth, it would be picked up by the people. But they don't and have to hide what they do, and lie about the effects.

Once upon a time I advised some young folks to make up a plan, to have goals and to prepare to meet those goals. Being an expert procrastinator (if I would just get around to finding my certification and writing that book) I have trouble with the Honey-do lists in my own home, but I still advise go get a plan and set a goal.

I have a Known Distance clinic to attend this weekend, the weather look COLD, but that is Idaho and close to Canada what would I expect. And then the following weekend I have a full Appleseed to help instruct in Ariel, Washington. So today, I happily signed up for my first Revolutionary War Veterans event of 2014, an Instructor Boot Camp in Battle Ground, Washington. I also put it on my 2014 calendar as my first Appleseed event of the new year. Only 364 other days to fill.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Leisure Living Estates...

Leisure living estates... so much promise in the name. I liked it when I first lived there. But I had been thinking as I worked a bit on my yard yesterday - that what was truly hurting the American economy is leisure, time off, unproductive activity. Sitting in the rocker or recliner and gazing at the television or cable feed or whatever feed your mind to keep it empty... of real content.

Now, advertisers want your attention, but you really don't have any left do you? Real working folks have something to concentrate on, to build, to fix, to find, to pay attention to... and then most of the rest don't have anything they can't turn on... I never listened to music as I jogged, excess weight and it would get in the way of thinking as I jogged. Of course, my mind would wander and my concentration on going faster fled quicker than my feet would ever catch up. Still it was all Earl, and I like background music, and bird song and wind whipping through the trees and thunder and lightening (over there not over here).

I think I know the suffering that too much time upon the hands, too much empty in the mind can bring about.

Isn't that why the boys will poke sticks into ant hills? Even fire ants? Wanting to know what could happen? And the government guys, aren't they similar? Poking sticks at the little folks, trying to stir up something? Had some fun watching the Kennedy Assassination stories on FOX last night. The truth is never going to be known, it was buried with Jimmy Hoffa. And you don't know where that is either. Aren't you glad you have so much to fill your life you don't do leisure?

Cool Hand Luke, finished tossing gravel on the oiled road and had to wait on the trucks to come pick them up... now that was leisure. Worked hard for it.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

To be poor, isn't everyone deprived of something of value?

Mostly, money is the first thing to enter one's mind - I don't have enough money - for food, shelter, for stuff I must have to survive. But many without money aren't poor. I was reading a blog post about abstinence, the not having sexual relations with other human creatures I guess... most of my life is without having sexual relations with other human creatures, my mother expected too much from me, and having human sexual reproductive activities with humans of the opposite sex was really frowned upon by her.

I never felt poor because I wasn't following the Playboy Philosophy of Mister Hefner. Certainly did like looking at the charming young ladies in his magazine, and the cartoons, and the jokes. Don't remember reading any of the writing and I was a reader, reading more books in a week than some boys read in a year.

Being poor, feeling poor, never did - although I was sure there should be more money for Earl to catch up with the Jones boy - I realized later that my parents had done very well with four greedy little grubbers to clothe, shelter and feed. And it wasn't until I was throwing my own money away that I truly appreciated how rich that life had been.

I guess if I were to be asked, not that anyone cared, I counted my riches in the family, the dinner table and card table conversations, the number of magazines and books circulating in the home, always being read. I was rich in that there was only one television and one full bathroom and when I was a senior I got my own room. (decorated for a girl?). I was rich in friends that would tease me and people that liked some of me, hoping the rest would settle down and turn out okay. It was always difficult enough to live up to my own dreams and expectations - doing it for others was nearly impossible.

There was, and probably still are hundreds of sexual education teachers that tell young people that you aren't normal without sexual activity. That abstinence doesn't work, that... well, I can teach killing as well as that sexual education teacher can teach sex, but I also know that you really aren't morally prepared for the responsibility of killing another human being in high school - although, like sex, it does happen.

If when you are a child, you learn good manners, good language, sharing and helping, if you learn right from wrong then you will be closer to being prepared for starting a human life (which is what all sexual activity is designed to do) or ending a human life (which is what all military combat is about). But you would have to see beyond the video games, the movies and television drama to find the real people all around you - and you will notice you aren't going to have sexual relations with most of them, nor even try to kill anyone of them for the good of some government guy. And that is a much better normal than I or that Sex Education teacher can illustrate.

Marry once and forever, and when sex dies, let it lie. Don't ever kill anyone, no ugly to try to not remember. Gee, I feel so rich in never having to have to have a hundred screaming fans watch me pretend to have sex in some love relationship - oh, yeah. Tom Cruise has it tougher than that forgotten soldier in Afghanistan - I guess being a short actor was tough on Clark Gable, too. I am so rich to have never been so deprived as to be an actor without a justification for my words, work or lack of height. Can't be poor all the time.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thank you for your service...

Getting close to Veteran's Day, or Armistice Day (which I always thought veterans of that war really appreciated). Time to get specials for being there when the really smart powerful people didn't want to go, go get those specials.

I like the veterans I knew, they are all giants in my life. Lots of them from the Bible, many from mythology, bunches and bunches from History of everyone everywhere. While studying the Greek and Roman military I constantly noticed that the veterans were the backbone of the formations, were always the carbon in the steel, that make it tough and able to hold an edge... I was sure that Horatio at the bridge was my kind of guy, and Horatio Hornblower must have been a real sailor... yeah, those are people I think of as veterans.

I was lucky, didn't have to wait for Veteran's Day parades or sales to reach out and find a vet, I had the very best kind - a quiet humble man I knew as Dad. His parting comment as I left for my own military service "You aren't going to like it." . Having permitted (like I could change anything) my own son's enlistment and his service - I hope all the veterans know the love of all those they served, protected and have left behind while they did their duty. I hope all veterans know the day when they can just be quietly thankful for having survived and gotten on with the real joy of living, being in love and creating and growing a better world that they knew was out there on the other side of war. Oh, how I pray that the day comes when they step out into the light for they have had all the darkness they couldn't sleep through, and they shouldn't drag it into their dreams or allow it to weigh them down.

Yeah, I can't know what any veteran went through, but do know 'they didn't like it'. Sure they had the days, hours, minutes and seconds of pride in surviving something terrible, and the shame of not being able to save everyone, people they had come to love... but they are scar bearing, tarnished, dinged, worn and tattered.

Give them your thanks, say lots of prayers for them and their healing, and always know that only love will make it better.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So, I am going to shoot known distance...

Do much of my shooting very safely (no rounds, dry fire) or very close (25 yards or 25 meters), and all for marksmanship and instructing others in rifle marksmanship. But I am going to Idaho to a two day clinic for Known Distance and the range will go farther than I will engage. They may encourage me to take a 500 yard shot or two.

Researching I have been looking to find the Course of Instruction, so I would see how many rounds I will need. My M1 Garand is the primary rifle for this exercise, although I will take the Model 70 with optics to learn a bit about using the optics at the distances.

And not having a real sense of what is going to happen, I will make up a known distance course for myself to test my .22LR and the M1 skills and potential this Saturday, supposed to be cloudy and cool. Verify the zero on each rifle, move the target stand to 100 yards, place four inch square on white background, Shoot twice, once with each rifle five rounds, notice where the rounds hit, paste and then adjust aiming point or come ups for .22LR. Shoot again, 5 rounds, check and put four 100 yard targets up (reduced size), shoot four phases of KD AQT on those targets with .22LR. Check, which I always mean take a picture for later, post full size target on backer. Shoot 10 rounds standing in 2 minutes on it. Take picture, paste holes if any...

Move target backer to 200 yards, put eight inch black square on backer. Shoot with .22LR and M1, note results. Post full size target, shoot two and eight with M1, shoot ten rounds spotting with .22LR. Take pictures, move target backer to 300 yard line (will have to move Caravan down to target line for speed). Post 12 inch black square on backer, shoot with M1, check target. Post full size target shoot stage three with 2 and 8. Take pictures and pull backer and clean up firing point, recover brass.

Either YMCA is going to be very early or very late on Saturday, had my rest day yesterday.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I have been told that I limp...

I immediately put that remark beside the one 'looking sexy' - it depended on the voice, the moment and message. But it was followed with was it a war wound... nope, I never got wounded, that anyone could really see, by war - I love cover, really love cover. Skinny kids hide well in the depressions of little note.

Having been laughing at my fellow Men's Bible Study men, as they limp, sit and groan -- I have noticed that those that really keep working and moving, are still moving well. Those engaged in thinking, loving and smiling are even doing better than well. So I need to start back on the To Do List hanging on my wall.

Go with God
Husband my wife

and then the other measurements still unmet... I can look at them daily, doing them is another matter.

I don't have a lot of time left, or remaining here on earth and this time, time is almost up... Should I put annoying little pop-ups on my computer to drive me out to become better? Wasting more time?

Don't be negative, teach no wrong, live only right, spend time in love with love and for love... God is watching, all the time and time keeps moving on.

Part of that motivation is to get a new suit, my funeral suit, when I get light enough for six ladies to carry...
title IX adjustment. I don't want to bother my military, I need no more honors than having served and having been well remembered, surprisingly often. While putting on my Sunday best today, I looked in the mirror and said the waist would have to be at the waist and belted there, the coat would have to be hanging from the shoulders, and then I realized I want a waistcoat (vest) to be under the jacket - which would make it a real coat, then I would have to get an overcoat for the cold weather.... Winter is Coming. Where is a great tailor when one needs one? Ah well, seems like Summer of next year, or as the election season starts, right after Christmas of this year - and not something that a truly humble man would ever concern those that love him.

So I did see Ender's Game on Friday evening, enjoyed it very much, having read the book and the follow on books leading to Ender's Shadow. Great adaptation, and I really liked being reminded of why we send young people, without fears and experience up against enemies and fears of the old fools.

So, since running is off the table for now (as a training tool), I will have to aspire to walking along the road, and being offered rides by those many kind people - which I will thank and ask God to bless them.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Is time travel an important part of Science Fiction?

With faster than light, or even getting closer it has always been part of - is it an important part? There is a effort to get some science fiction writers, a new generation of them.

Military Sci-Fi Book Needs Writers, Guns, and Money

So I look at it, having read most of the great ones, and think Ender's Game becomes many other titles, Forever War touches on it, and my favorite Starship Troopers never touches it. Reminding me to go see Ender's Game today. There will never be Time Travel there will always be Time Travelers.

I am a time traveler, I study History, I have lived History and will soon just become History.

Ever wonder about the Patriots of 1775 in Lexington and Concord on April 19th? How did they become the Patriots of Tom Brady in  2013? Take that fifty some man team back into the early dawn of Lexington and place them beside Captain Parker and his muster, would it have slowed the Light Infantry companies marching onto the green, chanting Huzzah, huzzah? I always wondered when Hoo-ah got into the modern military lexicon.

Personal Short story - all real time travel:

I think you were my drill sergeant.

Answer: I have no idea if you were in one of my platoons, I was Drill Sergeant for the 1st Platoon of A Btry, 2nd Battalion. I looked at the picture books I have copies of and never found your name. But still it is possible.

You were my Sergeant!  It is really quite amazing to be able to converse with you.
We had you for the first part of our training, and then suddenly one day you were gone.  Spent several days without an assigned Drill, and then got a SFC  named H or He.  I don’t remember much about him, except that he was a bit lazy, and couldn’t sing or even march troops.  We were used to you, and we had some pride in our D&C abilities so a couple of us were allowed to take over those duties.  One of my proudest days there was the day I got to move the whole Battery a couple of miles or so, and there were quite a few spectators whose lives we were interrupting because the cattle cars didn’t show up to pick us up.  

There was an incident at the record fire range with him and one of the trainees.  Some kid from one of the other platoons allegedly cooked off a 5.56 round...they said towards him...  I know my weapon disappeared from my hands to the hands of a Drill, and we were left standing for quite some time in the culvert Firing Points facing “down range only”.  The only other thing I remember about that incident is we were put in the back room of the Orderly Room Building for several hours after we got back to Garrison...  I do not remember if that was before you left, or after.

Answer: I disappeared to work in the S3 at Battalion Headquarters, since I was having trouble being less than I thought I should be.

That whole incident was after I left, I never heard about it.  While I was there we had no trainee Drill Sergeant problems, all the problems were with officer control of training and Drill Sergeants which you would not have known about. Nothing to do with firearms, just the standards of training.

That range incident was for a couple of days pretty “front burner” amongst the trainees.  Then it was addressed in a Battery formation rather in “you all will shut your mouths unless asked to speak about it!”.  We did just exactly that!
I was never convinced the shot was fired back towards the range control.  From where I was, and where the trainee was, it would have had to pass pretty close to my six.  I always thought I would have heard it...but who knows.  I know the kid was a screw up, and he was a bit “off center”.  He had words with the 2LT XO earlier in the week.  I was the Training Platoon Leader, and it was witnessed by one of my guys who was assigned a Female Barracks Roving Patrol one night.  I had to tell the CSM about it, and it was not one of my favorite days.
I will write more as I remember, but know that in a part today, I am who I am due to you!  I have an evening fire at the range tonight that I have to Range Master for...we are going to open up the 1Km lane will be all .308 and .338 stuff. 

End of Story, kind of... but there we were and now here we are. Still with troops in Asia, my father was there in 1945, Easter April Fools day, yep. This video from YouTube SPITFIRE 944 is a great story about a great story and time travelers.

Monday, October 28, 2013

How do you tell a happy camper?

He falls asleep waiting for the ferry to load so he can get home, of course.

Woke and left at oh dark thirty, catching the six am ferry to Whidbey Island, drove to the range and met up with Prescott and Cubflyr. Tracey_B drives up with truck and trailer and keys for the gate - the Appleseed is on! It was one of my best ones and I have had many great ones, but the fear of failure, failing the shooters not a safety thing, was oppressing, since I worried about having enough instructors for all the folks...

Seems that when I spoke the sky would clear up and the Sun would shine, and I had to keep talking. Wonderful people in the world, not in the news, not in front of the television, computer monitor or looking for love in all the wrong places. One just has to go out and meet them - work together and amaze each other and ourselves.

I was greeted by Ron, telling me Todd sent his regards and to mention him, I looked at Ron and said from Eastern Washington? Tdow? Yep, seems he had purchased a sling from him, through the internet and mentioned the upcoming Appleseed. Cool, and Ron shoots well, he will make Rifleman another day.

Coupeville Appleseed Now to get back to my regular programming.