Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3D - Digital Distraction Device

   We are all now connected part of the web and everything should be so much better, right?

For the last almost seventy days I have been playing an online War Game, with real people in other places. Luckily, caught a real sinus stuffing head cold and have to stop. Time to rest and see what NetFlix has to entertain me. Or sip my honeyed tea and read my kindle library. Y'all be good for the best of reason - you were built to be that way. Lots of love.

   So well designed to grab your adventurous spirit and suck you into the fantasy world where you only think you are in control. Part of my fascination is testing their limits, what can I do that they aren't prepared for? But since the game has been around and some players still have no idea what is going on, it is a learning experience.

   What is real and you find it very fast, is that the people (live humans in other wheres) are real, and have different orientation to teamwork, goals and how to conduct themselves in internet public spaces. Fun, one could learn so much about politics, economics and social engineering. Bullying and fear don't work any better there than in real life. The computer translator is not good, but then you aren't supposed to be using King James English either.

   Good looking Stellar's Jay stopped for a drink at the bird bath, then went up the tree, almost made me want to grab my camera and take a photo to share, but y'all can come visit and we can sit on the porch sipping something warming and wait for him or his partner's return. We have a sun break today, mostly between rolling rain bands. Lovely life in the Great NorthWest.