Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Noticing how little I write with all there is to say...

  Looks like another beautiful day here, since it is the Great Northwest one could say unusual, but aren't all days full of weather, traffic and confusion?  Or are days measured by my happiness? Then they are all better than I deserve, aren't they?

  I should wish that this message finds y'all well. I am watching the end of the world, our world, your world or mine.. but I take no alarm nor sound one. Things happen, and I often miss them entirely. There is an industry dedicated to commercially exploiting me that feels they know more about what is important than I do but I am limiting myself to Japanese broadcast at 7am here, The Five, and Tucker Carlson.  I am dodging President Trump, most of his speech will be repeated and re-interpreted many times. Still able to think for myself, thank you for caring.

   My wife and I grow closer in our government Exile for their fear of our dying of some virus from China, or finding out that governments can't fix any real problems for the majority of their people. I am not sure which it is, cause I think we are good folks at least my wife is. She is really, but there is the difference between us. For what we are the same about? Why is that important to you? My mother's wonder I was always amazed by, but found the more I told her the more people I didn't know, understood incorrectly about me. I think from boyhood at home to the remainder of my life I was always struggling against what my mother knew about men and me.  I must have given up and allowed her to write my story in her mind, she would be close and I became at peace that fixing a little problem for her was easier that convincing her that she wasn't correct about anything. Still love her, badly like most things that others count on.

   I am getting on with the lessening of my footprint upon the world, it isn't large until you try to get rid of it, then there are tons of things. Books take many trips and there is still more than a few remaining, for as much reason as when I purchased them. Tools are in the way, until I want a particular one, and I have gotten accustomed to my wife moving some to where they work for her. Of course, I will wait mulling the project over until my need is gone. When I heard my father confess that his weakness was Procrastination I realized the world he looked at I had never seen.  But I could have found the same, but one never has to get around to it, looking for a weakness - I have so many.

not the soldiers in my story except me
    I miss teaching, not that I am certified like my sister, she knows that to be certified is required for a professional. If I ever taught I would know, although I think she discounted all my efforts in the military because she knows it is just, monkey see monkeys do.  She might be correct, I was never in her military nor her schools. She does take pride in her student's success.  When I measure my success it has never been about the boss but the unit. An officer from DivArty watched in horror my FDC on an alert in Korea getting ready to shoot live on trapped North Koreans in support if the security mission. One man was obviously obliviously sleepy/drunk, one man must have been speeding while he explained how he got the range and deflection on the chart and gave it to me, but I didn't seem upset nor flustered as I computed the data. I always thought alerts were based on enemy opportunity not friendly. He left shaking his head, for those that believe I couldn't have fired without an officer verifying my data? Reality is always trumping assignments, during Vietnam there weren't enough to go around.

  That is enough yarning for today, have a great one!