Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Boy cried wolf... and no one listened when the wolf showed up....

  So I have way too much time to think... and I notice in my indolence that lying to the folks gets you the expected results, they don't believe and go their own way. Or you weren't lying, but it could have been that way, just looked like a wolf, or you didn't mean to hurt anyone and your couldn't help yourself. You have heard all those excuses in the last few years, about the Presidents, the Congress, the Media, the people, John Q. Citizen and the forgotten and deplorables.

   So we have a new illness, the government can't control it. Where does it say the government is supposed to? It is a problem, so have the government handle it? We will work better on it by hiding in cover - isn't that what we do during 'active shooter' situations? Cower in place, until the guys with the body bags and tags show up... Looking at both situations, I think prayers and divine help is a better start then take action where you are.  Just me, of course, I have been a firm believer in cover and attacking the cause of my troubles - you should have seen the doors I have gone through.

   If you were the first to suffer an illness, what would you do? Most illness is suffered the same way, be kind to the patient, warm or cool, rest, plenty of liquids. Don't forget them but don't bother them, and keep them separated until they are recovered. That looks like something I read before somewhere. Why solitary people can adventure, and if thy have others with them they can write about it, otherwise you have to hope they kept a journal and it survived.

  If my mother and my wife can't get me to obey them in everything, how can the government?
I am going to die, one day it will happen and that is only unknown to me: the when, why, the where.

  And I need to practice my six steps for taking the shot, and get prepared for the daylight - which has snuck upon me, while I have been thinking. Take care out there, your best is needed everyday, really.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Snow day and forgotten appointments...

   So proud of putting the two garbage cans out the evening before and a good solid long sleep after a movie on Prime. Gentle wake up in the morning, prayers and suddenly someone is walking on the porch, I have to decide to arm myself or just open the door and say hello. The government or gangsters would have just gone through the door - so I don't bother arming. Idle thoughts, for years I slept naked, now either cold or body shamed has kept me in flannel or whatever pajamas. Lucky for my visitor - not confronted by a naked old fool.

    It is the installer for the Security system, part of the improved Infinity service for two years. I am still for grabbing the gun first. My wife has opened two of the three doors several times and I get a report each time she does, she won't be sneaking up on me now. Anyway the system is working and effective...  It did take forever, since my cellphone wasn't able to upload the app for the system, then we went around a dozen or more times finding my fingers too fat, the secret stuff I typed unreadable, for security reasons - never mind that I am old and can't remember what I thought I typed. This is just another effort by the machines to try and dominate my life and actions. I am not that smart, but certainly have always resisted obeying what I think is stupidity. And most computers are basically stupid, just fun to play games upon. The installer was very patient and it all came together, but it is easiest to do six steps for making the shot than it is to encode my personal numbers, letters and symbol on the device to make it alarm me. I now have a sign in the front yard, thinking of why I don't want to have one out there, maybe I will put a Trump2024 sign out in front of it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

OK!, Boomer... why aren't you dead yet?

  Because the LORD is in charge and it isn't my time. I am reminded of a Twilight Zone story where everyone would die a terrible death. The mother and father pondered and prayed and finally decided not to take the poison distributed by the government in its goodness. They went to bed and awoke to a world that hadn't died during the night as promised -- except one of the parents had decided to spare the children and had helped them suicide to avoid the terrible death... We had a call from a minister's wife to see if we were ill, alive or needing help yesterday. Nice of them.

   I am so sorry, but I read and study history, and I have thought about war and injury and death. I have my three score and ten and two more. I think Trump is a one term President, but I don't want to catch a virus and give it to him. But he is in that target group that will likely die from Global Warming or the Climate Change. Aren't we all tired of being lied to by media and politicians? I am but worse is always watching people that should know better accepting the lies and their thinking that the government should have an answer and a policy the government is probably causing much of the fool news. Tell me I am wrong. I have been wrong before expect I will again.

  Speaking of wrong, I used Turbo Tax and realized that was a bad choice. No more, went down to the local library and picked up the forms and filed my form in the mail. Including the check. Done! Now I need to watch the crew finish our kitchen remodel tomorrow, the pay all the bills off. Maybe having little extra money now will slow my drifting into fool stuff. But maybe not.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Returning to normal boredom... and moving stuff, always more stuff...

    So, among the uncovered books is The Minute Men by John R. Galvin, am studying it closer this read. Too much great information for Appleseed, but nicely fills in April 1775. Appleseed is only about one day. During breaks I talk with and discuss what we want to move next. The entire time she is constantly moving, cleaning and removing and replacing stuff as she builds the nest of home again.

   We are working on everything, but nothing is critical. The cable is upgraded, but I have junk numbers that want a subscription, and I pay too much now and see no reason to sit and stare stupidly. My local cousin is offered to help me move stuff, but there are two too many people working on this now, my wife and I. The effort exposes our differences and the working together (periodically) makes me love her more.

  I have to craft a careful list of things I must buy, find all that we need but have already in the wrong place, or almost lost. Heavens! I don't know if I have paid the property taxes, but have seen that demand paper - and then there is the Income tax, and the home will still be waiting for my attention. A constant hunt for stuff, and I think I got rid of a lot but finding more, best reason I know not to buy anything (we likely have it somewhere).

   Warrior Poet Society? see something new all the time. Too old to be one now, but like their logo/sign. I am moving into the discarded veteran group. Ask me a story if you have the time.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Up early again, not only my mind is racing but my wife's also...

just noticed, I have bubbly commercials for stuff I don't care about that I never see except when it gets in my way. Alexa and I are parting ways, she tried to get me to buy Apple Music for three bucks a month. Just like Congress, she never really loved me.

My wife reports that Canadian Bacon and rice aren't at the Commissary, reason was that the trucks weren't rolling. This from the lady that was going to side step the contractor and get some extra favors from the crew, like move the cable outlet. I went to the Xfinity store and tore up the old contract and got new equipment and two service calls in the near future. Might as well get all I can from the turmoil about losing a favorite and gaining some other opportunities. It is funny finding homes for the recently found stuff we forgot about long ago. My side of the garage isn't finished, yet and the big furniture might get moved this morning, when the crew returns to finish up the remodel.

I want to get it all done so I may return to my normal indolence, what a goal!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: The Trek back begins again today...

Earl's View, focus on the front sight: The Trek back begins again today...:   Early dark here, morning prayer done, coffee started and Alexa has kindly started the Gospel. So the crew cleaned packed up their tools an...

The Trek back begins again today...

  Early dark here, morning prayer done, coffee started and Alexa has kindly started the Gospel. So the crew cleaned packed up their tools and the kitchen looks finished. It isn't but we get one day or two before the finishers return. My wife is ready then collapses into needed rest. She wants to clean everything before we start moving everything back. I want to only move things once and keep only what I won't donate out of this home. We kept way too much of our working affluence, bet y'all did, too.

   As the crew was sawing, polishing and moving stuff I went and got the Instructor Boot Camp materials printed and assembled for the upcoming IBC. Then I started reading through it, don't like the History much, will have to write my own version. Just for Will's desire to record it my way. The remainder of the book is about where I expected it to be. Many don't know I have been with this program for a while - 2008 to now. Very glad the basics have never changed, always saddened there are more captains than workers.  Still remember Ben getting loud about not driving to Port Townsend many hours to watch the Shootboss EARL show. He was stepping up to serve, thank goodness. He kept stepping up to serve, and it showed in the following years. If only our political posers would take George Washington's example - get it done and go home and work and rest. Enjoy the neighbors and grandchildren.

   My personal schedule is to return and a full workout at the YMCA, after a walk around the neighborhood, breakfast and waking wife. Then reorganize the armory and arsenal, ha, ha. Missing one of my Appleseed books with pictures. Take care out there.  Hope to see y'all standing up for Liberty and your Lord and on the range sometime.