Saturday, December 28, 2013

Okay, I think it is time to join the continuing Revolution!

I am, and of course you are, although we may not both be the same (you are unique, and I am special) but I am accepting my responsibility to be part of the revolution. I am so tired of fighting the forces of evil, of corruption, of status quo, keeping it the same... so tired. Change like time is a constant, maybe nothing major but this not only isn't the best of my time on earth, I could make it even better. I don't think everyone understands that. I know that you do, but those others? There are people in positions of power, that keep you stuck in your rut, make sure they never fix the pot hole that is tearing your automobile up, make sure you must have something to feel accepted and one with everyone else. Bad people.

So, I don't need a King, a President, or a Captain to command my ship... I really don't. All the rules and wisdom I need to study has been written. Really, it isn't going to change that much. There hasn't been any human evolution since about fifty thousand years ago, and technical improvements and breeding and education haven't changed the human beings at all. Once medicine is developed with the ability to prevent deaths for certain illness, there will be deaths due to unknown illness, until we find the reason and a cure or preventative. In the end, we all die right here, or where we are at the moment of expiration - which we cannot predict unless we cause it.

I am going to work on those things that work in my life and I will assist those that want or need my help when asked if I have the ability or will or call to do so. Otherwise, I am getting off this train of current culture, lack of values, lack of morals, lack of faith (don't believe in God nor your fellow Men?) and for sure with the little time I have remaining I think I need to get off of the entertainment addiction to fill all the blank spots in my life. Like a telephone, internet or radio background noise - where did the need for constant stimulation come from? People once had lives, places to be, people to meet, people to love, adventures every time they left the cave - now they drive out of the garage and on down the road to where 'everyone knows', 'everyone says' and 'everyone does'. Boring.

Look at me. I will not be ruled.  I am in no state to be governed.  I will be represented by people the voters in my community elect.  I know they could be bought by special interest groups, be polished to look so much better than they really are, I know they will make sure they get paid every day they represent me - no matter how badly they do their job.  But they are only my representative, for what ever office they were elected to, and they will give more loyalty to the political party than to me the voter and citizen - because they aren't as smart as I am. And all the others in government service - are only civil servants, they should know that they should be proud of that, they are filling a function and a need. But they are only servants. They aren't going to make railroads run, they may stop them, they may fail to inspect something properly and cause a problem, but they don't start businesses - they normally stifle progress and profit, constantly slowing what they can control down... government would only release power by not regulating, restricting, or restructuring. And what we need to be in rebellion about is government bothering us constantly. The revolution can only be won when everyone gets older wiser and more responsible for their actions as part of the community - the world community.

I am only Earl, and the government won't worry about me, because my acts of rebellion and revolution are not going to affect it - there are too many people not joining me, or those others that are following a different path, a different drummer, a better way. As long as it seems I am getting along with the crowd, they won't notice that I am not smoking, drinking, chasing wild women (anyone this old likes the ladies to have better sense), I spent years in Europe. Asia and Americas, not drinking and still being politely social. If they think you are one way, they don't look to see you aren't, smile folks, especially if you are carrying a gun. Everyone knows that people with....  You will get what you expect or a gentle reminder that some of us aren't as smart as you and your friends are.  Have a wonderful life, beginning with today, for tomorrow will be an adventure.


  1. It's always an adventure Earl, and I for one, would prefer less exciting times... We're all individuals, but as a mass we CAN impact what happens!

    1. Sure we can as a mass, so join the revolution, I have figured out that you are stimulated by problems and proud of solutions. Almost automatically you are adjusting to make things better wherever you go, good stuff. How did so many fools get in positions of power and in the way of the better future?

  2. Regarding human evolution: when was the last time you wiggled your ears?