Thursday, January 31, 2013

Off to get my ride fixed....

Can't say the Anti-Gun folks and the MSM don't have some fool affect on me, I almost want my own AR platform semi-auto rifle of .308 caliber... but that is only almost.
Still don't you love beauty in action? Senator from California has no idea, not worth paying her for....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

How many Main Characters in your life?

Finished reading a book, interesting but found the author making his central (main) character next to Superman with vulnerabilities like a heart, and two remarkable gun shot wounds - that only slowed him down enough to introduce all his super cool buddies, that also had his weaknesses and all his confident strengths... like love of shooting, flying, beautiful women, steak and fishing, and poor language choice when aroused in wrath. So, it is like Doc Savage, superman of bronze, with all his high speed buddies, that for some reason had to be rescued along the story line, by Doc Savage. The hero wins, against the villains, and in our minds and hearts because we are simple folks - living on certainty that the book will end the way we want our world.

Might be the reason the great authors, like Larry McMurtry, retell the stories of real people of the Wild West, with all their flaws and foolishness, but leave the core untouched, pure.  I remember, many main characters that were heroic, and flawed and often destroyed by those flaws, heroically. Their stories live on much longer than James Bond - although I think some of the new Predator Drones are being named after 007. Fewer flaws.

One could name all the historic Mountain Men, but not all the trappers in the height of the beaver trapping, trading and hat making.... one could name the famous that died in the Alamo, but few knew the places of birth of them, although since so many Mexican soldiers died there, many were from old Mexico. It takes a lot of people to make a History, and a few will find a place on the pages written to explain who, why, where, when and how. And if you think the President, like a main character, is central to History - I will tell you that every President had more people going their own way in the world than following him... but it takes time to find all those folks that had a real life outside of the recorded story, there were more than Crazy Horse riding on Custer in his final battle - more books about Crazy Horse and Custer than any of the others that day.

Being a hero isn't about getting a medal, being a superman, nor puffing chests. Seems to me that being a hero is accepting a task, accomplishing it and humbly moving on to the next one.  Real heroes are everywhere, celebrities aren't but seem to be making money from their followers... hope there are many humble heroes and heroines in your story - not the one you are writing, the one you are living.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

What you haven't seen on the news feed today...

Thousands of married Americans in love with each other and not cheating even in their mind. Hundreds of beautiful babies born, weddings happening without drunken bachelor revels. People went to work, did the job, and were helpful, courteous and productive - and weren't represented by a union, although most union members went to work, did the job, were helpful, courteous and productive - and paid their union dues. More policeman/women hours were spent on paperwork than curbing crime, but the criminals are mostly waiting for darkness or courage or stupidity to strike. There were large numbers of people saying hello to neighbors, meeting over fences, cleaning the yards and watching golf (?) or another sport. Although the television tried to make you stay inside away from the freezing and windy weather - lots of people went out to walk the dog, care for the animals, play hockey or ice fish. Lots of library and bookstore browsers, patrons and buyers - Amazon hasn't cornered every market yet. There were more firearms used for lawful purposes and good stuff than criminals or some politicians would like. More people prayed today than committed suicide, or died.  More people sang in the shower or along with their music box - whatever version or tune, than frowned in frustration all day long. The number of people worried excessively about their gray hair and wrinkles, is so much smaller than the beauty aid ads would have you believe. More children brought laughter and joy to their parents than can possibly be recorded on a blog. Hope you found some real love today, gave some away and made a stranger smile deeply.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I am looking at my gun, and no violence, I am waiting...

Gun violence, nice scary term, but what they really mean is Human Violence, and they have laws against all of that type. Guess we need to start outlawing humans and the violence problem will go away. True, no humans, no violence by nor against humans.

You do know that I have been trusted by my Army to carry a loaded M16A2, so what changed when I left the service? I can't be trusted any longer? If you understood the rules of the military, and their special justice system, you might think that they (the Army) didn't trust anyone.  But then the humans, the soldiers didn't have special justice to contain you and your violent M16A2 -- but then you never hurt any of them with it, did I? I must have a special perfect gene, the coffee was always hot, the day fine, the sleep sound. Or I am a good guy, or just hadn't been tempted by the power of that assault rifle. Fools everywhere aren't there?

I am no longer interested in the whole debate, the destruction of the Constitution, the coming collapse or the creation of a better world on the other side of this one... History is full of failures, there is no reason that the American experiment cannot fail, too. And no, I won't say, I told you so.

If the citizens of this nation, do not understand the American Revolution, the Constitution and their own individual duty to stand ready to defend it, and the prohibition of the government to infringe on their right to keep and bear arms -- if all that is true, then it is over and stupidity and irresponsibility are in charge. And it happened on your watch. It may have even started before you were born, but you didn't question it, you didn't speak out, speak up nor voice your thoughts. Too busy being fat and happy, now you don't like hearing you are of the common people, you thought there was no price to pay for being an American, a great nation. So you won't be a great nation, a bastion of Liberty in a sea of tyranny... yep.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I do love conspiracy... those folks behind the door...

I joined an Army that had beaten the Imperial Japanese, Nazi Germany, and convinced Italy to switch rulers and change sides in World War II, my uncle and my father wore its uniform. I heard they fought pretty well against the North Korean Communists and the Chinese Volunteers (which I have always thought were left over Warlord forces from the Chinese Civil War - led by proper Communist Political Officers at every level).  That war wasn't concluded very well, no political will from the United Nations, but the Army and Marine Corps did just fine in combat. They were trying that individual replacement system, but the armistice was too quick to figure out that it was a stupid idea. Vietnam would demonstrate that.

War isn't only about combat, just like any institution of the government isn't about its function as it is about the political coin and power it costs and contains. Somewhere in the planning of the late 1950s and early 1960s there were people that didn't understand combat, didn't care about winning on the battlefield and had other ideas about how to make the Department of Defense better. The same kind of people that were going to destroy the family unit, and the education system, and make everyone afraid of their neighbor through the media powers presented by television and radio. They may be the same people, I don't know, I just know about the US Army. Can't even tell you about the Marines, but I have seen glimpses of their response.

The Army I joined, had all the soldiers waking up from sleeping in bunks, getting their fatigues and boots and hat on, and falling out to march to physical fitness training, PT. They would ground their shirt and hat, and assemble in a PT formation, and start the daily dozen - following the commands and demonstrations of their leader. Then they would fall into a running formation, about platoon size (40) and go for a run, of up to two to five miles. Real tough units would go more faster. They would return to the shirts and hats, fall in on their gear and put it on and go to breakfast. After breakfast they would go clean up the barracks, do police call, and fall in for training about nine - lunch about noon, and recall and end of duty day about five, when retreat was sounded.

The rifle could have been carried all day, it was an M14, semi-automation with a twenty round box magazine (which normally wasn't carried if not going to tactical, field or rifle ranges). It was a fine combat weapon, good range and penetration, and had a bayonet that could be attached. It would be stored in rifle racks in the platoon bays with a lock maintained by the platoon sergeant or Charge of Quarters. The bayonet drill was good stuff left over from years of fighting with a rifle or musket with a pointy bayonet that was never unloaded and always lethal if placed properly upon a victim. And then the butt stoke could really crush a skull or two without reloading, too.

The Basic or Advanced Combat Fitness Test was administered to all the soldiers, or should I start here saying all the male soldiers. I think the women in the service in 1967 had their own Fitness Test. So the male soldier would start with a 40 yard low crawl, chest must remain in contact with the ground, 20 yards one way, spin and 20 yards back. Fast as you can. Then the Run Dodge and Jump, and it was just like its title. Then the Horizontal Ladder, as fast as you could, as many bars hung from as possible, then the grenade throw, and last the run, one or two miles depending on your training.

So as I learned how to do these tests, march, carry the rifle, shoot the rifle, be part of a team and many other things as I became a soldier, then Non Commissioned Officer (NCO). I noticed the changes, made in the male training, uniforms and housing as the military prepared for integrating women into the regular Army and combat arms.

First change I noted was the excitement over the M16, until the reports against it from Vietnam, which were fixable, and the Marine Corps even made it better which became the M16A2. The rifle was designed for women, lighter, not so much for bayonet drill or training. So the second thing I noticed was the Pugil Stick training, became more and bayonet drill less. Those M16s would break when used as clubbing implements. M16A2s are a fine rifle for closer combat, the M4 more so, but when you want to reach out and kill someone four hundred or more meters away, as the designated rifleman with the M14, or your local sniper with his rifle.

In the Combat Fitness Test the low crawl became the inverted crab walk - which is a fine physical exercise, and test, but has nothing to do with a combat skill - it does keep one's chest from constant contact with the ground. The horizontal ladder had to go, I always ripped my callouses off on the bars, and I have no idea how women would have liked swinging like an ape, with a bit less shoulder and chest muscles than most men, that was eliminated because it cost so much to build and maintain those ladders for testing. Not that it wasn't a good indicator of upper body strength and coordination, for men. The grenade throw went away, too. We had grenade launchers, didn't need to throw them now, and who ever decided it had to go hadn't watch girls softball and was sure they couldn't throw well. So, as a Physical Fitness Test let us do three things, push ups, sit ups and run. That is all. And we would grade women differently on the push ups, sit ups and run just because we didn't want them to feel bad.  Linking it later to promotions hasn't helped the difference.

There was a whole lot of walking in WWII and Korea, the helicopter moved more troops and supplies but the grunts were still weeks walking in Vietnam without showers or mail. But a lot more mobility came in, which gets you to the battle quicker, and makes the Headquarters think they control more territory based on how fast reaction forces can get to the enemy.... while he bikes or walks or takes the public transportation and strikes everywhere you aren't looking or guarding.

Back to all that changed in the Army. Where once I did PT in boots and fatigues, I had now jogging shoes and a PT uniform, and time to shower after PT before the remainder of the day. The idea is to change the pattern before the women show up, it was constant, change before women show up. Once all the service academies were all male, well, that had to change - opportunities for women - which again has nothing to do with winning wars or fighting in combat. It was fair.

When I got into the Army, men could fight and not end their career, they didn't always go to Article 15 UCMJ. There was something the platoon sergeant might do, the First Sergeant or the boys in the platoon might make adjustments. But then they decided that total control from the top was absolutely the best way of making everything better. Like an officer would be a better judge than the men.

The pistol was the 1911 and it was clunky, but worked, the bullet worked, and the only problem I ever had with the Colt 45 Semi-auto was never enough range time to shoot well. But ammunition is expensive. It had to be changed for the M9 Beretta, which had its own problems. The idea of the change was good for our allies used 9mm, it was bad in thinking that women couldn't handle a .45, and that all those extra bullets meant more hits. No one bought more ammunition for practice, and the extra magazines needed were spare parts request and often not purchased.

The platoon bays, were changed to four man rooms, the NCOs then went to two man rooms, everything looked like college dorms. In the field, shower runs became a norm (using DECON units), and porta-potties.  This getting men ready for integration of women in the field and into combat is sweet. Thank you, ladies.

The last step in the transition to getting men ready to accept women into combat roles, was to make homosexuality a norm. Men really are bothered by women that love women.  We, the soldiers of the many centuries, have had homosexual men fighting around us forever, but the idea that a woman in uniform only wants to be with other women - that was always the rumor in the men's barracks. The homosexual men get to live, and never went to courts martial as long as it was not hurting the morale and discipline of the unit. Yeah, they had to keep it covered up, but sexuality has nothing to do with military operations, and combat isn't sexual it is killing and destroying. Real combat doesn't make good press or dreams but perfect nightmares.

Now the people that think the military is just an organization to be used for employment opportunity, and that men and women are the same, should be treated equally and fairly. They are the same people that have made sure that women's rights are above human rights. I am too old for worrying about fighting women, I like to kill my enemies far enough off that I don't know what sex they are. And the military hasn't figured out maternity leave policy that will keep the units combat ready, and the women producing the next generations of military might - good luck with that one.

I do know, from back in the day, when my wife was teaching Tae Kwon Do and I was just a wanna be - I knocked the breath out of her and she stopped breathing from one perfect kick. And she always allows me to break doors down and open pickle jars for her. She makes the home and I take out the garbage, however you like to read that. So, I have no dog in the fight, but I would rather have the men in combat wanting to get back to that innocent girl, than snoring beside them in the fighting position awaiting the next action. No, the Army is not a Nation building police force, nations build themselves and the Army has enough problems policing itself - have you seen the number of officers caught in adultery, or fraternization? Who were those folks behind the curtain? Conspiracy, year after year.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I feel a bit weaker and very sad...

President Obama said I must join the collective, and I studied History in Europe, I know how that worked. And today is celebrated by the MindlessStreamMedia as the Fortieth Anniversary of Roe V Wade.... so they are so happy that two generations of people never had an opportunity to struggle with the rest of us to grow and live and love? Maybe it is true, Western Civilization doesn't honor the power of women - not one man I can name can carry an embryo to birth. Only women - let us treat them as just an object, another tax payer, or benefit receiving voter.... but don't honor what only they can do.

Do you  know why the country is so in trouble? Because the best potential people were aborted, since they didn't have anyone to love them - it was better? I think two generations of people that never got their name, never kissed a love, never wrote a poem, never raised a pet, never grew a crop and harvested it... the ones that were brighter than Steve Jobs, could sing better than Tom Jones,... you get the idea. The government has no courage, they have power, and they hire folks to project it - but as soon as those drones are perfected - you subhumans are all dog food.

America was great because we were free to try, to compete, to learn, to teach, to share our bread, to build something the world had never seen. To trust and honor our neighbors, to be responsible to think instead of just waiting on the entertainment. We once honored and had a real life, where did the nation go? Too much power at our finger tips, too much self gratification, to much trying to be better than everyone else while still being one of them, too?

I do know there are millions of Americans, and wanna-be Americans that have real virtues, have real lives, and will never ever get on the news cycle. Because they out number the ones that do, and that bothers many in Washington, DC and New York, and most major urban centers - they could be ignored and starve, the system could totally collapse for fiscal policy problems, lack of electricity and fuel. 

Some of you do know who would survive - I know many, they will quickly adjust and get on with real living and loving good people and helping.  But there is going to be a large die off, of all those waiting for the News Week 2nd Coming...  Think I will watch Hombre, Paul Newman, acting like a real hero.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Morning, America, seems we must change with the times...

Once there an American that changed the times, actually a whole lot of them. Watching briefly the MindlesslyStreamingMedia coverage of the almost Coronation of President Obama, I was caught by the appreciation of the fact that most of the 300 million plus People of America, haven't the time to be celebrating National Squirrel Appreciation Day, nor Martin Luther King, Jr Day (which I have always held should be Southern Heroes Day - to be more inclusive).

I continue to see that there are too many that fear the Power of the Pulpit, the Bully Pulpit, the Gun, God and good sense and good nature. Quaking in fear of those others, never knowing their name nor their intentions, finding faults, dwelling on flaws, and all the ways it can go wrong.

This weekend while others paraded in State Capitals (49 of 50?) I wandered through the dark and fog to find a small one room schoolhouse, in Venersborg Community, which Google may or may not find for you. Battle Ground, Washington was it.

Hosting was local, instructor was Hawkhavn from Indiana, had Oregonians, and Californians from Orange County (they still have rifles and shoots in California?) all meeting to hold an Instructor Boot Camp (don't worry a couple of more years and that name will be demilitarized to something in pastel). Where we could teach volunteers how to tell the heritage, the safety, the marksmanship and to spread the wealth. Almost said budding missionaries - but they have to go out to the masses of people that no longer know, do not appreciate and will never wonder why all those other countries have dictators, revolts, mass graves and massive grievances.

 I had a wonderful time, was respected for my ancient thoughts, laughed with for my foolery, and admired because I OWN an M1 GARAND, and would let someone hold it. Did I mention they had cookies and fine food?  Appleseed, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, join us on the trail, at your library, range, and on the internet. Or any other fine shooting organization, where we understand that gun control is with four safety rules - and all rounds on target. Be responsible for your life, your community, your nation and our world. God bless all our best.
I would trust these fine folks, with your safety, education and encouragement.
I do know that life is too short to be fooled by my fears, or fueled by flames of the foolish. Become an American Rifleman then you will be prepared to account for all the variables in one discipline, marksmanship -- from there, the world is possible to build.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mister President, why I do not fear your best...

There is much noise about the 2nd Amendment, the Assault Rifles, the fear of the folks, the power of Executive, and protecting us all from harm. Normally, if it were Hamilton, Washington, Jackson, Crockett, Bowie, Cody, Grant or Lee, even Teddy Roosevelt -- I might worry, a bit. They knew what they would fight and die for.

But the current crop of political hacks and almost heroes followed Bush the lesser, Clinton and the other non-glorious paths to power than those that served. They didn't even go to take care of the wounded nor entertain the troops. They made sure they liberated all the women, promoted dope and drug culture, sang songs and then called themselves Liberal...  but a sense of duty? a sense of honor? a relationship with God? a sound knowledge of what they really believe in besides making themselves happy? They did mock loudly the war effort in Vietnam, LOUDLY. And dishonored service, boy scouts, churches, and anything that wouldn't hurt them... they promoted anti-violence, violently. They have all that they have clung to.... nothing of value to me. And they can't threaten me, oh, they make noise, they write rules, they hire guns -- but they aren't coming after me, they have to send those they mock so well.

Ask OBL if he feared the President, or any godless American? He didn't, he had to be killed. So will I, and I am not going to strike terror into America, I stand for Liberty, Honor, Truth, God and all the goodness in Man, and the possibility of the best from me. I stand with all those that know you aren't god, good nor worth following or worrying about - Christ would have stood in front of them, and taken a beating, suffered and died.  I can do no less.

Having fought a few North Korean Communists, Vietnamese and beside other military - the side the President is on and seems to believe he commands - just hasn't the heart for a real prolonged war. So I declare that I am the victor, and will continue to laugh at those that haven't a clue, most don't.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Convex and Concave.... you know...

When a Guy's Belly arrives sixteen inches ahead of his heart (ask your medical professional why this isn't a good thing) you call them Barrel Chested, but that is polite fiction. But the round surface is convex, a round going out. I have gained mine in my lapse from what I could be by better behavior... or blame it on ice cream and recliners or anything except me - don't blame me, I acknowledge it isn't what God designed me to be, so I have failed. The recliner and ice cream are doing exactly what they are designed to do - I never had to wallow in them. Anyway, with my wife's retirement, we joined the YMCA, removing me from the recliner and farther from the ice cream.

I noticed as I am gently exercising, old folks only exercise gently they are happy to be moving, I am now getting two concave areas where once only convex existed. Don't get excited, there is much convex to expand into, but I can hide a snub nose in each of those concave areas! Not that I have any or could tell you if I were to do so, but there is room.  So, I am feeling frisky and decided that I should attempt running again - it has been a long stretch without running - but I was sure I was getting there, or at least felt good enough to post on Facebook a bit

On my list of wonderings still to be explored: if I really can run again, just in the testing phase now, what would it be like to run in a proper kilt? Swinging a broadsword and yelling like a happy Celt savage?

I got some interesting feedback, but supportive. So I decided to test the indoor track at the YMCA after my gentle work out. But then my wife was walking on the track to start her workout, and I was feeling frisky - so I broke into an awkward gallop (who is telling this?) to swoop by her and shock her, just a fool guy in love thing.  Now as I lumbered by chasing a five year old running with her sister ahead of their mother, my wife says to me "Don't run too fast." She noticed! Yea! says the boy inside looking for attention. Feeling fine I continued to run around the track, having proved the motion was real, and passing the little girls, the next time around my wife, still walking, says "If you are going to run you have to run on the outside lanes." I pretend snarl "you have so many rules..." (a very old point in a long term relationship). So I stop and then recover my old man poise and breath.

I go on to my gentle workout, 10K on the rowing machine, seven miles on the bicycle (you have no idea how turned on I get by passing female riders on the digital display), and some swing striders and treadmill, with two sessions on the multi-purpose rope pull. Anyway, I was sweaty and happy, and remembered my wife no longer was on the track and I could finish up a couple of gentle laps and see where I am in my recovery from the depths of self destruction... I stayed happy, and sweaty and breathing hard. More to come in the future, there is hope. Gently.

While I was rowing, it does take about fifty-three minutes, I watched two elder than I folks, little old people, wearing leather walking shoes, wool sweaters, and not really dressed for working out. They were there to walk the track, gently. The old man was just a little larger than the lady, but they were a couple. The lady walked faster, and farther than the man, and although they both sat on the bench for breaks - the lady got up sooner with more grace and continued her walking, he did get up and continued to shuffle along falling behind her. I was in awe of their love and position in time that I was glimpsing, I was partly projecting my marriage upon them. I sent some prayers for God's continued blessings upon them, they make love look good with age. Finally, they had enough, and as the elder man walked slowly behind his wife - he smiled gently at me, like we shared a secret or he appreciated my attention and good will. I smiled back.

I finished all my exercises, made voice contact with a few other hopefuls, and washed up and left with my wife. The lady that only tells me what to do, because she cares enough to expend her very best. I could become a better man, God put the design there, and I have angels watching over me. Maybe one day a very old little old me and my girl friend for life, can silently impress someone watching quietly. That would be good. That is the lesson in convex and concave for the day, be good out there.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Honestly, offer them some help...

Dear Congressman ,

   The President announced his 23 points for struggling against gun violence.  They are not effective outside of the White House, but it was an attempt.

What is? ‘7. Launch a national safe and responsible gunownership campaign.’ Does that mean no more bad movie and television plots and direction and special effects? That would get everyone worried about the 1st Amendment as well as the 2nd.  Adding this as well as sex education in our public schools?

   I again offer my services as a firearms and weapons advisor, for free.   

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I want to tell you about Lance Armstrong...

He is milking this 'scandal' for all it is worth... nothing.

The group that KNOWS he was doping, blood doping or just beating the system - that group didn't exist when he rode to victory, seven times.  But they know?

The people testifying against Lance were team mates, and morally challenged from birth, education and situational ethics. They finally confessed to being sinners to the public pulpit and think they have been saved... but get a book writing deal from their shame? Won't get them to Heaven, but they don't believe in afterlife, do they?

After winning, however that happened, Lance Armstrong attempted to keep a clean healthy image and use it to promote cancer research and benefit humanity... just loves to be doing good for all the wrong reasons. Oh, the Glory of being Lance Armstrong.

You have to know that Lance Armstrong had an evil dark side, his girl friend singer, split.

So now, instead of real problems about the underfunded liabilities of the American Government, the terror triumphant through out the world. Everyone, is talking about Lance Armstrong's fall from grace. Not even knowing what Grace really is - it just sounds good.

So I want to repeat one truth. Lance Armstrong rode some bicycle to victory seven times in France, passing all the drug tests given, however he passed them - he was still the rider that won, and his team mates did work to make sure he won. But you don't even know what bike he rode - you are just as sure as everyone that doubted he could do it (I don't think he spoke French, did he?) that the blood doping was what made it possible. 

So, I believe that Lance Armstrong is going to tell the world he cheated, I heard it on television so it must be true. And all those shouting that it is true - that he cheated, that we must prevent the children from following his very poor example - have won, just as maybe Lance Armstrong lost by not believing he could win without his special cheat, that he couldn't train better, have a better team, have a stronger spirit facing the challenge.  So Lance Armstrong is now a cheater, and y'all will accept his fall from Grace. and now he is a great hero for humbling himself back into the masses of failures we are all striving to become. 

Well, what if Lance Armstrong didn't know as much as he thought? What if those that gave him this fine flawless blood doping routine that never got caught, that never has been proved except by coercing testimony from others observing what they thought was cheating? What if they are all wrong. That only the belief he was cheating, had an edge, and his team, bikes and training and strength were better and good enough to win - actually won him those seven titles taken away by those that don't ride, don't compete and don't know anymore than their little minds can conceive? What if Lance Armstrong won on a placebo effect? How much do you know about the strength of the mind, the spirit and the competition to win? What if the placebo effect was saying a lie long enough made it the truth? What is the placebo effect?  He did ride all those miles, Oprah didn't. Did you?

Monday, January 14, 2013

How is that prayer thing working out?

You do know why I go to my wife's church, don't you? I go to see all the beautiful brown haired babes, so much to be thankful for. In New York, the EMPIRE State, they are about to bow to the vicious cycle of cultural conformity and pass lots of words to restrict the people from freedom - just make them all serfs, and hope they make enough money and pay enough taxes and look happy enough to convince the rest of the country to go their way.

You do know that the United States of America, is a nation of refugees, fleeing something bad somewhere else, coming here for the promise of something better. Now we get to be fleeing the power of the President's Executive Orders. Yes, I know other Presidents have used them. We put a lot of English speaking Americans of Japanese heritage in concentration camps - if we hadn't been trying to save on fuel to fight the war they might have had more to worry about. Luckily we could use them to fight Germans in Europe. Don't you just love a World at War?

The justification for those illegal actions comes down to protecting something, from the fears that haunt the minds of evil men.  Yep, protection from good hearted folks isn't very necessary, they will vote, work and love with total disregard of the government. I would likely think they were good ideas if they did them because they love me (they never do), if it increased my love for everyone else (but I have to work on that), or they only applied their silly restrictions and rules to themselves. I don't think I am special enough to need bodyguards, honest, and I know the police are in LAW ENFORCEMENT, not personal security.  They work very bravely and in tough areas to keep those in suits healthy and happy, unconcerned about security because they know the police are on top of the bad guys.

I do want you all to be armed, especially armed against false witnesses.  The Media, and the Politicians maybe bearing false witness against you, what you know and believe, and definitely against the Truth. That is not a good thing, it could be one of those sins, a commandment from God through Moses, but I don't dare quote the Bible, I don't read Hebrew, Greek or Latin --- so God only reaches me in English, not even King James' English although it is so poetic. Anyway, go out armed with the knowledge that will protect you from the mob of mindless.

Where do your prayers go?  Do you use them for what you love, whom you love? Send them where you love is, where you have planted it, where you want it to grow and bless us all. Love the LORD, your neighbor (so many can't be counted) and yourself. Work on your prayers, you have no hope of paying down the debts, but spreading real love - that you can do.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My sister says the government isn't going to take...

my firearms. Which is wonderful, I don't have to fear my government anymore, she is heavily influencing her Congressperson and State Senators to make sure the government doesn't exceed its authority and take my guns. Well, maybe she didn't but she does support my dangerous weapons because she knows I am only a fat old fool and those sharp Black masked SWAT team types can take me down so quick... or she just believes in goodness.  Of it all, I hope it is goodness she believes in.

She has much confidence in the government, maybe because she is supporting them, thinks they could some day live up to their potential or are honorable or can read and understand the Constitution of the United States. She is a very good person, and expects others to be so, too.  I am not a good person, but I am trying to be a better one. I know I am cynical, and don't believe the best of everyone - especially those that seek power and money.

I do believe in the general goodness of Mankind, provided they are safe and most needs are met and they can earn their way. And they do.

Now my sister will be sure of her government, and its goodness, and that she doesn't have any evil black assault rifles - and since she believes in me - that I also don't have any, and knowing me, that I have little interest in them personally. But she would likely want to talk me into surrendering them to the stupid government, instead of laying waste to my neighborhood in a futile resistance to their wonderful intentions. I did say she was good people, didn't I?

She likes archery, that fine weapon of long ago and such skill and only harming those that got in the way of the arrows. The picture of the longbowmen is of Agincourt,  in France and the French Knights didn't love them. English kings and princes did, they were cheap to feed and train, and were there at royal command and for the rape and the looting.

True the longbow was a killer, it like the assault rifle was a long to medium distance weapon, and for when the enemy army made of footmen and knights got too close those long stakes were needed as a way to slow down and disable the steed that the gallant knight was charging, charging and charging upon, See they was heavily armoured, often beautifully armored, but that stuff was heavy and a big, bold horse was a heaven sent animal for the gallant knight. Now, I am sure you have heard 'get down off your high horse!' that was the battle cry of the English foot, archers and soldiers. They believed in a fair fight. The knights not so much. They were special, and even treated the enemy knights as much more special than the common foot of either army - they were just to be ridden down, and ridden over. A live captured knight could be held for ransom. Common foot could be made to dig moats or test the depth of the water.  If you were of another faith, they could be made slaves and branded and sold off.

Anyway when it came to defeating a heavily armored knight bound by lack of horse to ride, the effect of gravity, and maybe mired in mud (infantry loves mud!) the best weapon to put as many of them totally out of the war was the mallet you used to drive in the stakes that slowed down and killed the charging horses. Yep, the mallet - just a tool, they did have short swords and long dirks, but the mallet was something awesome at the end of a good swing upon a joint, head - a bell ringer on a helmet. Not as pretty as the warhammer of the knights and the Persians, but still effective.

So I have bows, and arrows, and other tools and knives.... I don't feel completely naked, which in the terms of knighthood meant without arms or sword.  But you know if your community can't have an auto or semi-auto assault rifles - then you may be stuck with what ever they can invent or modify from the world around them. On Okinawa they invented karate, when their Overlords decided that they must be disarmed, and Chuck Norris was only flawed by being white - Bruce Lee wasn't flawed at all, he really understood martial arts and the potential of the human.

Not being enamoured of evil black plastic firearms, I was not likely to purchase an assault rifle, but would likely accept one freely given from a fellow citizen when they got too old to carry it, care for it and shoot it. But being a student of HISTORY, the real stuff not the cable channel, I thought I would look at what Home Depot has in the line of evil black carbon fiber and steel.  Found for less than thirty-five dollars the fine example below  - it is black, has a skull and cross bones, the word Dead On and the name of Annihilator.  Works for me, never unloaded, full auto, and finely crafted, and has a pointy end.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

You know I don't fear the government...

I know it is out of my control, and that it has failed in so many ways, wasted so much of its trust and treasures entrusted to it and only lives in fear of being found out.

Besides, I can build a better one. And if I don't someone else will...

What I have to do is be alive, in love and aware ==== and I will still die, a scientific fact to be noted and studied as soon as I go to eternal rest. Doesn't matter if the government kills me on the way to eliminating all its fears, or the crazy man, drugged person or a bolt of lightning strikes me - I die the day my God accepts it isn't worth the effort to put me back in the game.... Thank you, Lord.

Having just a few more minutes in the
billions, and billions, and billions of years on the immeasurable time clock...
I think I will love a lot more, those that love me back, those that don't, those that hate me, those that fear me, those that are strangers to me.... especially those that don't know my joy in loving them, it does a body good.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fat rain drops knocking on the roof, knocking...

Hillsides slide down onto the light rail tracks and they are closed for cleaning, traffic is slowed and accidents loom on the express ways. Are the traffic girls the new 'weather babes' of television? Seeing the drive time to Seattle doubled is making me happy to not be on the commute.

We go to morning prayer at the church, I hold the door open for the senior elder ladies getting off their church van, I smile and greet them, loving the twinkle in some of their eyes and the greetings I get in return in English and Korean - the smiles are my reward. My mother taught me what manners a gentleman should have - she had much hope in me, planting a lot of good ideas and habits.

I go upstairs and start my devotions and the English Language Pastor, waves good morning and a greeting and goes to the sound booth (he will be translating during the service), he comes back out and we talk, I ask how his Spanish is - he acknowledges it isn't good as it should be. He was raised in Argentina, before coming to the United States. I talk a bit about my mother and her family, my grandfather and grandmother, using my grandfather's book with his biography and picture. For such a brief moment there was much information exchanged. He got up and went to work, I went back to devotions.

The whole discussion about the arms, the assault weapons and the lack of understanding brings back memories of wars - my little ones, and all the ones I read about - living through the works and words the authors sent my way. I realized like most returning veterans, that civilians don't know anything about war, one of my college professors wrote to me in Desert Shield/Storm that the media were reporting on the Gulf War just like it was a football game, the media knew their audience and communications but nothing about war. I also knew more about foreigners and their armies than the civilians did. German, French, Korean armies - I knew the tactics of all my real enemies and how they were organized. Could have spent some more lifetimes learning even more, but time marched on. Now my own country's Armed Forces are like new. I have enough experience and trust to know they will do the best they can, and die or get wounded and scared forever.  I also know who they fight for won't understand nor believe in them nor love them as much as they deserve. One should never waste those willing to die for you - but it seem so chic to mock them in their ignorance...

My mother's later years were very strained by her fears of the fools, almost thinking she should flee to South America if George Bush the younger took over, her friends from South America reminded her that she had very little idea of what life was like there, she has only some of the stories and terror at the hands of their governments during the repressions... I know that she would have been totally against me if she thought I would be a bully, but, for a woman devoted to the Christian turning of the cheek, very proud of my standing up and fighting in defense of the helpless and weak ones. Wish I could have done more of it, glad I can still hold the doors open for the little elder ladies at the chuch, it would still have made her proud.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Repeal Daylight Savings Time!

I like thinking I am as slim and trim as I once was, but fun house mirrors aren't everywhere, so the sloppy sags are very difficult to hide from my analyzing eye - although a broader belly holds more snacks, and crumbs while in the recliner watching mindless media motions, until one gets up and it falls to the rugs weave...

Anyway, all time is Relative, i'nStein proved it. You could have fifty hour days, twenty day weeks and so on. Earth time a 'day' is one rotation of the Earth, in Creation time a 'day' is just as long as God needed it to be.

In the dairy community, of America, I understand they milk two times a day. It isn't called anything but milking time. All participants know when that is, the animals know, the milkers know - and it doesn't matter that Congress has no real idea, it will get done on those times - ir-relative of Daylight Savings or whichever time zone. Milking time is twice a day... Both milking times could be in the daylight hours, or the nightdark hours.

But those control monsters, they want everyone to do it on 'their' time, don't they? So they pretend by shifting everyone's time an hour they save Daylight and make commerce in the evening better and safer and gee whizzer than anything. When they could find a bean and coin counter that would do the mathematics, they even decided to extend the Daylight Savings time shift into the darn darker Seasons of the year.  An Earth year being equal to the total number of time units to go around the Sun, whatever your time units.

This year concept isn't very perfect, Julius Caesar and King George of England put their names to modification of calendars to perfect the measurements of the year, so the crops would come up on time - control of the calendar is one of the first signs of trying to become godlike, thinking if you can measure it, you can control it, tax it and save it. But I have it on good authority, when it is time to bud, bloom and grow - it is controlled off calendar.

What I want to point out to the fools in Congress and the government that think they have saved any daylight, they haven't. But since they know nothing about money, I am sure they couldn't know anything about daylight - which has been around much longer.

Still, I have to admit, with advanced mathematics and science, computer power, universal grid and satellite feed we could go to proportional time. So it could be perfect, totally.

We want a midday mark. Normally, in English, Noon and a midnight mark called Midnight. And since those learned survivors of the tower of Babel decided that sixty was a sexy number - minutes and seconds are in sixty units, but days are in twenty four hours (how that happened I don't know, I can't read clay tablets). So we keep twenty-four hours as the divisions we like, and twelve of them should be dark and twelve of them should be light. That is the way the Sun sees it; it is organic time on Earth, half in light and half in dark.

Now being a Federal or World government bent on more goodness than gracious - twelve of each is fair but impractical, They want to have fourteen hours of light to increase commerce and safety, not too many productive hours in those dark times, lot of crime and sinning happening where the sun don't shine - ten hours of darktime will be enough for a solid eight healthy hours of sleep, a couple left over for meditation and romance.

So in Earth Proportional Time, there will be seven hours of light on each side of MidDay, or Noon, and five hours of dark on each side of midnight. Now here is where the miracle of our enlightened progressive thinking comes along. The number of hours, the number of minutes and the number of seconds in daylight or darkness continue. The miday for everywhere is when the Sun is exactly over head. Everything is relative to those facts. I know, when the daylight is small time will fly, but you do get a lot more beauty sleep in the dark. When the daylight is larger you can get so much more done, that there should be thousands of sub four minute milers everywhere, if they weren't spending those more productive hours consuming conspicuously or producing prodigiously. Where in the dark colder season it took half a day to make a car, in the light warmer season it was five cars in that same half day.

All vacations could be scheduled with health and holidays in the darkcold times since they would be found to be too slow to produce enough making our work days most productive. Of course, you would still end up with only two milking times per day - but agriculture just never catches up, do they?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just another day that I wish were even better...

EST: Like I deserve special notice - nope, I don't.

I am sure you know that I am not the best man in the country, in all categories there is a better man than I in all of them, maybe two or more. There are many women in many of them also, and I wouldn't aspire to outshine their wonder.

I, like the Psalmist, have often wondered why God would be mindful of me - I haven't been mindful enough of Him. I thank Him daily.

So today I am sixty-five, and that, depending on who tells the stories is a wonder, almost a miracle in itself. They are only stories, that alone should point out to enjoy but not put too much reliance on them. My lovely life-wife will remind me of all those years I kept saying I wasn't going to make it past forty. She hates a quitter.

In church on Sunday, I was upset, but settled down to prayer - asking for things, and came to realize, I didn't need any of that little stuff. That was all temporary too soon forgotten and always being covered by government goodness. What I wanted more than anything, every day forever was God's Love. 

I received a fine box from Hawaii, with Kona Coffee, and candies so sweet and a card from people I love. What I will remember long into the night is how difficult to hug them and help them while we are so far away. No matter the technological gifts, the improving lines of communications, I am not where I can gently touch and hug them. I will trust the Lord to have others give them all they need. Amen.

Thou shall not call FIRE! in a crowded building...

You will cause panic and in the darkness and the mad rush to the doors people will get hurt. I think that is the first example of why the Bill of Rights doesn't mean what it says - you have to have a law against that 'free' speech.  

Everybody knows that, right? But then, what about when there is a fire?

Well, there should be a law: So we can make one: One shall call FIRE! in a crowded building only upon being shown that there truly is a fire, increasing heat, smoke and fright, and calmly instructing all listeners to walk to the lighted exits and depart the building, holding hands with the little ones and assisting all those that that cannot move themselves. Press two for options of other languages, good advice and to find a fireman that is paid to protect this building and the patrons.

I am certain the staff of any good legislator will figure out all the reasons and ways to make the law fully comprehensive and in small enough print to post for the public consumption in public areas where needed.

So instead of figuring out how to destroy the 2nd Amendment, since we already know we can't call a kettle 'Black' since that is offensive and may go all the way to "HATE" speech. We should continue to modify for our benefit the 1st Amendment.

There aren't any real Zombies, wandering mindless undead, shuffling along with only the need to consume healthy brains and create more zombies - really, they don't exist, and don't tell me you see them in the Political Party faithful everywhere,  because the cultural Main Stream Media has been selling the idea (for years and years) that only silver bullets, a solid shot in the head or Voodoo can take them down and out. One of the reasons we have to support Haiti is that whole nation believes in Voodoo and Zombies.

So our right to be spouting out fiction, fantasy, unscientific and unproven lies about Zombies should be curtailed before the enlightened Patriots start shooting the shuffling mindless brain eating monsters of the media madness. I mean, some of the Republicans and Democrats are thinking, caring people and just because it looks like a zombie, walks like a zombie and talks like a zombie - they shouldn't be shot around Halloween, most of them are children and adults that act like children trying to be cool or frightening - but if we had stopped Michael Jackson from promoting 'Thiller' music video and dance madness we might know the truth about the media -- good lies sell ad space and DVDs, Videos and Concerts, theater tickets and 
foolish behavior.

Now that the whole stupidity of the 1st Amendment is clear - let us get to the truth about arms in the hands of the People. One, decidedly more People that own and operate firearms for their benefit cause less problems than politicians and criminals and the unknowing for their benefit. That more people die due to gravity, than will ever die to firearms in the hands of normal people.  Politicians that want your guns, criminals that want your guns are not doing it because they love you and will protect you and your family. The founding fathers, the writers and voters of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights - tried to prohibit the Government from stupid behavior, they failed, there is no test to determine if an elected official or any of those hired by the government (which is an institution - not a thinking human being) knows anything about the Constitution, the English language or being a fine citizen willing to defend the nation against all its enemies, foreign or domestic. No matter how hard, badly and foolishly they swear. 

Today's picture is Earl carrying concealed, my Bible is inside a cover. God bless all our best, and open our eyes to His. Amen

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I am calling for consideration of the Icelandic revolution...

Really, go look it up and consider it.  Do understand that the United States of America is way too big for its britches, and other nations, banks and fine folks do depend on our illusionary dollars for their success or feeling of security. But people who understand math, borrowing, interest and economy (fewer than we cite in our daily quest for truth) KNOW THAT ONLY DEFAULT will get America out from under total failure.

On the gun control and 2nd Amendment war in the media and in the hearts of those that are really concerned and care. I do not want to shoot anyone over this Right, but then I know that because something is a law doesn't mean I should follow it. Many immoral, scientific and medically possible, and just plain stupid activities are the law, lawful and supported by fools everywhere ---- I don't have to participate, and I am content not to be a fool (which is much easier now than when I was younger and not so smart - but intelligent more than most).

I title the picture on this post, Armed School Children's Angel, trying to promote the idea that concerned caring adult volunteers can protect our schools. If they would just get a better hat and wear some shoes. Although John did mention the socks would be great for sliding down the halls during class. He might know about that....

Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to start acting like 'we' know better than 'they'

I have been wondering why there is all this fear of firearms - in this country, and then realized most of the country has only the television experience with firearms, the dime store novels, and the follow-on tough detective pulps. Most of the country has allowed the media and fool culture to define the story, the truth and the danger. Which historian has counted out the 'wild west gunfights' in the Wild West? Don't get me wrong, there were deaths, people did shoot other people. They also hung other people, beat them bloody and sued them in courts. But MOST people that won the West, just were hard working and struggling to stay ahead of the drought, dust, locust, and winter freeze with occasional tornadoes. The reason we all know about Billy the Kid, John Wesley Hardin, Rooster Cogburn and the Earps is they were published - yes, there were the James brothers, the Youngers and others. But never as many as the Smiths, Archers, and other names which made fine families and built a future. There is very little story there in good normal hard working folks to tease the Eastern dudes and dollies.

I learned marksmanship in the Junior High Rifle Club, taught by my eighth grade American History teacher, boys and girls, shooting jackets, mats, high school gym after normal hours once a week. He was looking for the future high school rifle team members. Good program. Because of that alone, I knew that most of what was on television from Gunsmoke to Combat and the Gallant Men was just drama - Paladin and Josh Turner were real, but not really. So I cannot blame the media nor the non shooters for their foolish ideas about a wonderful world they think I should live in without my guns, god or goodness... They do think I should change my ways and have homosexual relationships, smoke marijuana, have cheap sexual adventures and need medical assistance to rid myself of those lives created and always owe more money than I could ever in five lifetimes repay - if I started repaying yesterday.  

I say that is what they want me to do, they both pass laws saying it is fine with them or just setting a fine example of irresponsible behavior in personal and professional conduct. They do love sinning and adding to the day more drama and waste. Both Senator Feinstein and some news person I don't follow are filmed holding banned items(against the law to carry or own) in Washington, DC. And if you think that the media and the Senators have special privilege to break the laws - then you agree with the carjackers, rapists, and murderers that are very certain they are right and you are only a victim. Which is the greater crime against you and I - an honest criminal or the 'I am special and you aren't' bully from broadcasting or just elder lady without merit?

Follow anything that you know something about, listen to the reporters covering it - you will find a large information gap in what they believe (because they heard it on the grapevine?) and what they 'think' you know. They will fill the void.

Asleep at the wheel isn't only about driving...

I need to hit the bed for a couple more hours, life is wearing and I am worn and weary, still plodding away. But one of the many voices of media says there is a new study about how many of us are falling asleep at the wheel. Immediately I transferred the 'falling asleep' to the citizens not being awake enough to care for the nation, their children, pets and little things like Liberty they will only miss when it is long gone.

I cannot blame everything in my life on the media, the government, the fools, the few, the many, those asleep. Most American voters didn't vote for President Obama, although most of the electors did. Most of the citizens voted for Romney, no one, or someone other than. Those numbers of people on the OTHER side (not voting, not Republican, not interested, and asleep at the wheel) are not responsible for whatever stupid things come out of Washington, DC. 

They are also not responsible for their future under the authority their choice and non-choice has allowed into POWER. It is true, power loves to fill a void, and I see holes everywhere.

I believe in the People, good folks can do it all, nations built on government control, slavery and fear have left piles of rocks for everyone to admire. Living communities and nations that believe that the people have ability if not confined, regulated or castrated will leave: commerce, growth, prosperity, learning, song, art and love to those that remain.

Suggested actions on Gun Control laws, thank you, Bruce W. Craft.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

We should be dying off faster... painfully... don't you think?

Seems that I make some people uncomfortable, many of them are people that I care about, still I make them uncomfortable.  I don't fit well, I am not my stereotype nor theirs, kind of like that crooked door, the leaning tower, the Sun that wants to go its own way.... One spends a lifetime learning and adapting to make a way in the world that works and you think it does, because you get along and we aren't dying fast enough and painfully enough to produce little piles of teddy bears, heart shaped balloons and notes will make it all better when it does. It never does make it better.

I understand there are millions of people hurt over the Newtown massacre. I was shocked, I said many prayers for the dead, all of them, and the people that were hurt to the point they had to do something to make their shame, hurt and humility go away. We are the best, most wonderful, greatest people on the planet - how could this happen? Why does God and the NRA allow this crime against our wonder happen? I will have to slide the NRA into the same group of folks that have a political agenda over something like this loss. None of those groups, nor the NRA, want our children (or anyone else's children) to die at the hands of a madman with a firearm, or any other weapon. Most of them don't want children killed by beating their little bodies against something hard so they stop crying, most of them don't want to burn one or two or more in sacrifice to some idol.

Once they get to that cute stage where they smile so beautifully for their mother, the camera and all those watching in love and wonder - no one really wants to kill them. You do know that the first most effective defense of a child is a smile, don't you. Now, Moma Grizzly is absolutely necessary to defend her helpless little cubs, since Daddy Grizzly will have a couple for breakfast if he could get away with it. But human babies have first and at most a smile, which they learn in their mother's arms. To read faces, to squall when strangers don't start with a smile and sweet nothings.

There are calls in the media, in political circles and in the citizens for money, for more rules, for leaving us alone, for doing something, now to ensure it will never happen again. How does MANKIND and OUR NATION get so awesome, powerful and godly? When did we become so HOLY, so Moral, so Kind, so Righteous and True --- that we didn't need to acknowledge our sinful ways and solve one little problem at a time? We don't love enough, and becoming a best person is back there on the procrastination pile. Some folks think that age has to do with maturity, not noticing it has to do with rot and decay and decline... also. We are better than that, folks, or we should be.

We can't even have a discussion about firearms, the people, the rule of law, the influence of the media on the madness. Unless, we start with that first defense of the baby, a real smile. What will never work is: name calling, reciting talking points, conventional wisdom, common sense, cliche, just fears fueled by fantasy. Media does seem to be responsible for the large number of people that are misinformed about most things. Take any subject you know about, that you study, you work at, that you are creating and improving - and the media will attempt to make opinion and money at displaying their point of view without value, to their customers - those that want to be misled, misinformed and fully mis-functional - but without responsibility for their failure. 'I was only following orders' will not work in Heaven, it doesn't on earth.

The National Rifle Association, is peopled with your neighbors, good folks that want to shoot better, share interests, make our children safer and spread the sport of shooting firearms, safely. They do use the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution as one of their best money gathering points of politics. They share the political points with politicians that want votes and see that the NRA doesn't really want to kill children, start a new civil war, arm the drug dealers or establish a destructive philosophy upon America.

So, Earl, doesn't fit - I am a Life Member in the NRA, I do own and shoot firearms. I have transferred without government permission firearms. I have taught young people to shoot safely and effectively (although they have many more lessons to learn to get to their best). I didn't respond with money to support them in defense in the newest war on the 2nd Amendment and our right. I did explain that times were tough, that I wished them luck in the courts of justice and the one of public opinion - they will never have enough money to stop the media madness. For I am sure, for many reasons, the media will continue to attack the beauty of creation for its own profit and satisfaction, that there are too many ways to twist the face that are used to terrify the viewer. Even the most beautiful woman in the world will never match the innocent charm of a happy baby, unless she allows her heart to show like the baby does.

To all the terrified non shooters out there, where do you get your fears? your foolishness? or lack of understanding and reason? I have always lived with and around firearms, they seemed to be in everyone's home, my favorite memory of my grandfather walking was of him, two pheasants, a shotgun and our dog Wags. I was a very professional paratrooper, surrounded by other people with firearms, every day, and ammunition and good and bad intentions to me - and I don't fear the firearm as much as I watch the human, for stupidity or deadly intent. I ruined my son's appreciation for many exciting war films or action (?) films, but pointing out that what the hero was doing was impossible or improbable or just done for dramatic effect. I didn't want him to think that what he was watching was true. His best features are when he is smiling at his children and they return that smile with all the love it holds. He is also surrounded by firearms where he works. I hope he knows it isn't the firearm that is the danger, it is the people, in their stupidity or their intent.

I don't fear the government's firearms, large ammunition purchases, drones or other devices to expose me to their power - I watch the politicians in their stupidity and intent. They will do more damage to the world with too much of the first than any evil of the latter. But then I don't fear the politicians either, I know the LORD, I know about love, I believe in smiles and I can use a firearm effectively - where I seem to frighten folks, is that I am different from my stereotype - and am sure it isn't worth changing to make them happy. I am going to die soon enough, too fast for some loving lovely people, and too slow for those that hate me, and the rest (most of humanity, the angels) don't even know I exist. Love them all in the LORD anyway. Amen,

It is my grand-daughter's first birthday, she is a wonderful wonder - God's blessings in the flesh, no matter how grave my sins, I know a promise and she has potential. We all do.