Saturday, December 29, 2018

What happens to the people without children at Christmas...

   Wall to Wall or lack there of news about silly things.... kids are more fun.

   For sure, we were lucky, we have Alexa to contact the kids and grandkiddos, if we only knew what we were doing with it. Then we were off to church and there were many children there, and the Pastor spent much time trying to keep the parents from silencing their children, or at least not worried about it. I wouldn't have mentioned it at all.

  I just don't fit in the box, I know, I must check one or they will check it for me...  truth is very relative, and hardly objective in the end. There were about seventy men and boys facing the light infantry at Lexington April morning. They were not all the same, but they were all standing there because Captain Parker had asked them to. You shouldn't make assumptions, find out who and why.

  The YMCA is running in the red it is reported, the goodness of their hearts and programs mean that many are served and encouraged to come, but many of the staff have their hours cut, or are just volunteers - and there is nothing wrong with volunteers but why does it seem there are so many back office managers when they could all come out to help?

   The YMCA keeping modern, decided that the ActivTrax program wasn't delivering - I was happy, but I am only one. So they went for an app on the smart phone. Well. I put the app on my phone and started dragging it to the YMCA with me, I get five points for using my phone and the barcode on screen to check in! Wow! Now the app hasn't helped me record my workouts, seems I can't touch it correctly, it isn't easy to scroll, to save, to figure out what it isn't telling you, and how to ignore what it is telling you (are you sure you don't want to do that exercise?) Ugh! But today! For whatever reason, when I finished my light workout, I had four exercises to record, and somehow I got them into the machine, saved and they are showing on my history. I have been trained, why do I feel like a pet that isn't getting a treat for my performance?

   Getting ready to switch calendars, except that my wife has her new ones up and using them already - probably miss New Years that way. Don't know. Nah, will sleep through it. I can catch the early fireworks from the other side of the Pacific, the ones over Germany and get a great night's sleep missing the Space Needle shooting off - should be raining here, right?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Oh, what a wonderful weekend... Appleseed!...

   I am in driving distance 1h 45m from Port Townsend and the rifle range for our Appleseed. Dark from start to finish of the drive, Winter is coming. I meet 'Janer', the Shootboss, and we are setting up in the pistol bays but maybe squeezed, over twenty with walk ons signed up. 'Never on Sunday', and Yankee Terrier are in IIT positions and we begin to check people in, set up equipment line and firing line. The fire is lit in the warm up shed, we expect cold but not freezing weather. I miss putting Josh on the right side of the line, for his left hand shooting. But we moved the instruction right along, just enough words to make the points. The morning was prone, and the afternoon was full of sitting and transitions. and the first Appleseed Qualification Test, and one former Rifleman, repeated and became our first Rifleman of the weekend. He wasn't going to be the only one, but Sunday would show that two others were hiding on the line.
  Sunday was the day of the wind, and the wind won. We had the canopies erected for keeping the rain off, and they decided to try flying away... almost made it. So took them down and moved to another range where the wind would be behind us, closer to the warm up hut and cover in case of rain, but the rain held off.  There would be target corners and sheets lifted by the wind, the chill would stay with us, but all instruction was given, and one AQT before lunch, Dangerous Old Men stories and back out to shiver on the line and we need to anchor the mats better, since they would lift and try to move the rifles on them.
   I must be getting old, didn't spend much time on the line just covered up and called the line commands. Didn't do too much instruction and no demonstration at all... hmm... My overall feeling was that the shooters overcame the wind and the chill, we didn't give them too many things to remember and they performed wonderfully. It is all a shared learning experience, and we could take the memory home and put it to bed.
   Off the line and away from the shooters the discussion was often about the threat of more constraints against the range by local forces that don't really know anything about shooting, the ranges nor safety. Just GUNs are bad. Never ending ignorance. Now to get ready for Christmas.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The government can't control guns, they can't control spending and accounting....

 Really, the list of things they are supposed to control: immigration, drugs, education, justice, welfare, taxes, retirement, secrets, aviation, transportation, scientific evidence of ______, and such. They can't control and for some reason, they think success in gun control will be wonderful.

  Why allow them to try? More people are dying of drugs -- suicide is killing more, but then guns are sometimes used for suicide. Anyway, my point is don't strain the government, they haven't caught all the killers yet. They need tax money and they haven't caught all the tax cheats either. They haven't caught all the liars in Washington, DC. That should be grounds for an appeal for all convictions for false testimony in Washington, DC. Not uniformly prosecuted, all those lying politicians.

  Report from Australia, the guns aren't all gone yet, and automatic weapons are coming in, or being manufactured in country. They aren't that difficult to make.

   I don't think that Gun Control will work. I know that I haven't decided to use a semi automatic rifle to commit crimes, most gun owners are with me - but lies on entertainment, news media and politicians' lips will try to make you believe that only the government is moral enough to control gun crime... not true. The government is not moral, the people in it maybe, but probably not.