Monday, September 4, 2017

Hidden beneath the surface... the center won't hold!

  So I had dry rot on my old porch, now I have manufactured materials that look like wood. As I travel and see old barns, homes and structures - all once proudly standing tall - I realize I am very like that. I put on a suit and tie for church yesterday, and felt like I was looking fine on the outside, and internally rotting. Saturday I was in Onalaska on an Appleseed range, but I didn't have all the energy and strength I needed to perform, hollow man under the read cap. It was a good day with some challenges from myself and the shooters, but I did enjoy being there. Still Sunday was a great day, too. I had to take the fifth and sixth grade classes, and my sixth graders have good memories of last year and we went out and walked around in the sunshine and I found two more picnic tables that weren't there the last time we had been out.

   I awoke to find a missing wife in our bed. She had a bad dream about North Korea acting up. I got up and had coffee and then sat to my current digital distraction, a war game. They have it pretty well set up, but I have no money to spend making myself feel heroic and powerful, time I have a bit of. I picked up the first book of a fantasy series, and dived right in Sunday afternoon. Life is on holiday here, and lovely outside my window. Thank the LORD.