Thursday, July 8, 2021

As I understand it, the Democrats all love criminals...

  Taking my wife to her appointment I noted a tent encampment, and that is because of Democrats that only love voters that can't be responsible.  I lived under a tiny tent before, or even some of the GP Mediums on a cot, but only in the military.


  Try again it is after 4 am, went to bed early last night - before my wife returned from church, so I had plenty of sleep. I bring up Prime to see some movie but realize that I do not need to be entertained by computers, there aren't any humans that answer phones any closer than India, or so it seems to me. So I need to repair, wipe clean and reset my desk top computer - will call a service person today. 

   Sitting awaiting morning coffee and wondering if I should dress and get a mug, procrastination strikes again. I started a new pot already.    Got it! Couple of sips will do.

    Still too much stuff in my computer cave, need to get rid of it.


Monday, July 5, 2021

What do I think, not that anyone needs to know...

  It seems to be a holiday by default and I wasn't paying attention until I turned on the cable and noted special 4th of July shows. I just found the Covid-19 restriction page for Washington State and it is dated tomorrow,  6 July.  It is amazing that I believe I am aware or in control of anything.  

Just me, not changed that much.

These are working well.

 This one is not on WiFi, but it will be one day.




So I was streaming Tucker Carlson Today and his guest was Ned Ryun, who had just publish a book, The Adversaries.  And the discussion mentioned Nick Bunker's book An Empire on the Edge. So I purchased both and a space opera to while away my house arrest by the governor. The author's father was Jim Ryun famous miler from my youth. One doesn't get far from truth and interests. I recommended both books on the Appleseed forum, but there is no one listening that doesn't speak Chinese.