Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When I was news... or just new...

I have always been interested in me, although I could be an expert on procrastination I will never get around to it, and this blog is all about me and what I see. It was not a giant launch to go to Facebook and 'everyone' was on Facebook and then expanding their friends, or unfriending them - what a concept, I can unfriend you. In so many ways I have been a loner I am very surprised I have so many people willing to link to me - some of them are very fine people of a much different view, and I like to listen to them, they could be wrong, but they are making a point I should consider.  And some of them are very quiet, and don't visit very often, they have a real life and don't do virtual with the same passion they do reality.

Facebook makes its money the same way cable and television did - gain audience, deliver the audience to commercial interruption. Which might be why I seem to have misplaced my interest in commercial television. Now, Facebook doesn't intrude into my mind that I notice, oh, there are attempts to see what I will look at, and the real interesting stuff which you must click on gives you an almost automatic page covering ad, that you have to click to remove - stop wasting my time - make me upset enough I am gone.

I still say the best part of Facebook is the postings from folks I care about, but they aren't living on the net, so something different is happening in their lives and they will give me a glimpse in photos or notes. So it is best when they are doing stuff, and come back for a quick note.

Troubling about Facebook, there are some strange people on it. Not in my friends and family, of course, but sometimes when I drop a comment on a post from some one of a different persuasion some ugly vulgar bully shows up to display their beastly best (which isn't very good at all, Oscar Wilde they ain't). And there are the lurkers, the stalkers - waiting in ambush to make a name for themselves because you have a popular post and larger circle of friends, and no one should be that nice - it just isn't fair.  That will never happen to me, I am not nice nor popular - but then I thought that was an artificial standard of public posture, used to keep the children in line and make daily a smooth journey through our time.

I only want to be nice because: my mother would be proud, beautiful women won't cower in fear, children will smile and talk to me (even if I can't catch it all), dogs won't bite nor cringe, and smiles are always better than frowns for promoting a handsome image... and I will always be thankful for that help.

Rumor is that one of my 'friends' may stop her facebooking... is that going to be a verb? She already dumpt blogging, which hurt me because she was good. Seems she has gotten to the point that Facebook doesn't satisfy, plowing through a stoney field isn't easy nor necessary if you are just grazing cattle, only if you are going to plant. We would miss her, but the world still has her - somewhere doing real life better. Kind of like my favorite pastor moving on, can't stop going to church because it wasn't about the pastor, I can stop going to Facebook when it no longer meets my needs and enjoyment. No long term contract.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Did you ever make a difference? what happened?

  Not enough people talk about religion or politics - to maintain the calm it is easier to smile pleasantly and be a bit vague about your opinion. That is a result of lack of civility in conversation, because 'everyone knows...'  Not cowardly but prudent. Or am I just making excuses?

   I went to Battle Ground to the school house early Saturday morning and met men and women that are making a difference, really.  I know, they aren't on any red carpet, in the news and if they were making a difference it would be noted.  And it is, just your senses have been dulled by electronic information overload and you have difficulty finding out about them. Okay, just type in: or hit this link Appleseed Information. Everything you need to know about them is through that page. The map of the United States on the right of the page will zoom you to where you can find Appleseed Events in the state you selected, and a link so you could sign up for the two day rifle marksmanship, history and heritage event. Your rifle, with sling, 500 rounds and sixty dollars to find out if you 'know very much what you are about'.

  Could say I went to encourage the youngsters to carry on, to get the word out, to meet new folks on the trail, to see some I hadn't seen for awhile at any range. But then some of them are a bit older than I, so youngster doesn't fit. What they all are is dedicated and determined to make America a nation of Riflemen again. To tell the story of April 19, 1775, to honor the heritage of the men and women of peaceful colonial towns exercising their rights being rudely suppressed by violent undisciplined military action.  A people that knew they could govern themselves better than someone far off that didn't care about them and certain unalienable rights. I do so love to read and study and then share about them, for we should be just like them and attuned to the love of Liberty.  Are we?

  First thing, get out of my Caravan and greet the first person I see that I don't know - Colycat - introduce myself, shake his hand and give him one of my new business cards. I would be spreading them around all morning. I am not really well known enough not to need the card, haven't made enough of a difference yet, although since lots of these people, that didn't need my card, had strong opinions of my value and are looking forward to working with me on the trail, on different ranges and dates. I hope.

  Twenty-one total participants.  Instructor Boot Camp, is about stirring the mind, spirit and preparing for another great year of sharing our best with those people committing to participate in the rifle marksmanship clinic and hearing the history. Colycat was laid back Passionate about the mission, I would dislike shooting Known Distance against him - he has the fire, probably shoots very well, but is humble enough not to rub it in, not without a lot of smiling. Kind of 'just glad we could do this together'.

  He had a checklist of things he wanted done, schedule of when it should be done, and goals to emphasize for our presentations and instruction. Ben and Flipper brought a bunch of food, Tionico had his coffee making perfection and always happy to share it. Spent hours talking with him after the first day before we headed off to sleep at eleven. I slept in the school, that sleeping bag is the best investment I made in Germany, bought it for German winters but it works internationally. Got it about 1984, and been using it ever since. Tionico slept in his van, better mattress system than the one I use.

   First day was about instruction in Prone and Sitting, steady hold factors and Natural Point of Aim, slings and presentation techniques. And Kenjo presented very well the 1907 leather sling, keeping it very simple, he used the same fine little green book I recommend.

   The second day would be about the telling of the history, Nero had a great ten minute outline about the people that started the country and the two reasons they came to colonize - and why that was all the difference. Then we told the three strikes of the match, the dangerous olde men stories and American Amazon gave her version of the wedding that never was. I couldn't get as good with the Third Strike of the Match, and crept into the Benediction a bit.  Colycat got up to do that, as he listened to my long standing complaint about the name of the closing call to Liberty... I know the need for the closure, the call for volunteers and supporters, and to leave a good feeling. A suggestion was to name it 'A Call to Acton', and I like that, have to build that link in mine and that would be very appropriate - what stirred Isaac Davis to lead, train and equip his minuteman company - what set him on the course of History saying 'I have not a man that is afraid to go.' offering their commitment to be the first in the march, to lead, to be the ones first engaged?  What was it? It was a great difference to be stepping out to be the one, he made a difference that I talk about still today.

I was asked to find a citation for the written in dispatches about Death on a Pale Horse.  My portable library was a hit, should make a bibliography of the readings I recommend for study of the Revolutionary War story telling. We already have more than we can tell in two days, but the hunger to hear it is out there and I should start building some relationships to perform Libertyseeds for the non-shooters. Yep, don't have too much time to start making a difference.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting prepared for a season in Liberty...

  First clear your mind of fears. Just because someone offers a really great deal, doesn't mean they are undercover BAFTE agents, informants nor Moms For Goodness Good Gun Cents. So meet the person at Denny's. The public diner is better than the parking lot behind the motorcycle leather shoppe. And I can get breakfast and a coffee.

   Being me, I was there one day early and had two eggs over easy, bacon, sour dough toast and red potatoes. Where are the grits? Oh, the Great NorthWest doesn't know what is good for it.

   Repeat the next day, with a bright red woolen coat and a faded red RWVA ball cap, good looking old guy.  Sees another fellow - figuring it is the man I was to meet. How do I decide that - a good looking OD green army ammo can swinging from his hand. And he give me four boxes of 22LR standard velocity made in the Philippines, because they can make and ship it all the way across the Pacific, and make a profit. We will take it. Thank you, sir.

   So I meet Jeff, who kindly remembers me from Walla Walla - and I put him on the correct range area - Waitsburg - where I was photographing turkeys in the morning on the berm.

   We go inside and I buy him a coffee and we share some thoughts on shooting, why the donation of ammunition (he ordered a case and wasn't going to shoot it all, must be a good guy). Good supporter of the program, hasn't earned his patch yet, but hopes to - maybe at Medicine Lake?  I encourage him to keep talking about shooting and the Appleseed program and offer and get him a bunch of trifolds to keep for passing out where he is from.

   Liberty will not be strangled by Tyranny, but smothered by Concerns of What ifs, like feathers in a pillow, very light as an individual, but a ton of them still weighs 2000 pounds, and little action or reason can get through.  Now I have two thousand round more for sharing the marksmanship and History, and reminding our shooters of the heritage they should be enjoying and the price that was paid. Oh, yeah, I gave him my business card and the tale of the target upon it (braggin', just braggin').

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What is America going to do about ISIS?

  Well, since political correctness, non violence and secularism are in control in the United States - I figure they are going to do nothing under the Democrats and the current President.

  I am sure that all people of that faith are not part of ISIS, just as I am sure all people of my faith aren't people of the Gun.  I also know that ISIS will kill Christians and Jews and other faiths that don't submit, because they have faith, real belief that what they do is honored by their Prophet and their God - and you in America - where you don't live in honor, have nothing but snide remarks and jokes in bad taste and so much compassion that you actually think that all faiths are the same, and no faith is scientifically superior to fairy tales,,,  well, what do you have to drive you to victory over EVIL?

  As a truly devote Christian, you should be standing up for the message of Christ, daily, praying constantly and loving all of God's creation, asking forgiveness for your sins, showering blessing upon the mass of humanity that needs the LORD.  But there aren't enough of you to overcome something as stupid as abortion, a medical procedure to end an unborn life. How will there be enough of you to struggle for the LORD against the Evil - be it a tyrannical government or a faith driven groups deciding on the final solution, in 1945 or in 2015 - seventy years and you are going to stand in helpless lines awaiting the judgement of crazed humans believing in Godless State or faithful followers of fallen angels in Legion understood as the one true god and his prophet.

   So I watched a famous mind (in his own) call for a HOLY WAR, which has been raging for centuries on Earth, he must have missed it. But he want the help of all the godless governments, he worships at the altar of LAW and Order, against the terrorist of ISIS. I will say he is right, no one is ready to do all that is necessary to restore God to Heaven and follow Him here on Earth, not in the numbers that God needs.

   Although, trust me, God will not be defeated but if you aren't ready today it is going to be harder tomorrow and today is the only constant. Take the time to find out the truth, read the Gospel, read the Bible or your book of faith and take sides and struggle to save yourself and the lost. Every day, pray all the way.

  Life and love are not a game, also they are too important to think of as a spectator sporting event.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Taking a personal break before paying bills and filing tax return... which could be another bill...

  As I have gone over a year now with the pacemaker, I have remarked at various times to lots of people that I did not know how much I had been affected by the problem that the pacemaker fixed until I started to heal.

  As I am no longer a paid productive member of society but just another leach that has enough credit and plastic to get my way, and needing so little except entertainment and the library is already covered by my taxes so it is almost free. Anyway, as I got healthier, and things happen (like I decide to do something, and I go do it!) or I have to have the garage cleaned out by... or the telephone service done by... or get my business cards, Appleseed t-shirts packed up, or many things and still find some time to make it to the gym (or in my case the YMCA) and sweat and study yoga pants parading by...(really, I am only there for the sweat, I dimly remember what was supposed to be attractive about such fashion  -  but I am olde enough not too befooled and befuddled by them).  Seriously, I am starting to feel like I could handle a few more productive years of work - scary thought that might be if I start looking does it count against the number of un-employed if I filed for unemployment? Could I? There is probably a law against it.

  It just got me to thinking, that those in poverty, that adjust to their circumstances with aide and assistance from several layers of government that want to take care of their needs (and keep their important job secure and votes going for the political party of question) would be just like me - stuck in the rut in the road to nowhere. Sustained but not important nor productive.  The design is fixed and the bankers, politicians and those that want control, official or not official control like or even LOVE the design of that rut in the road to No Where, USA. 

  There is a lot of discussion in Europe about the new government in Greece, which was elected, and wants to change its relationship with the Central Banks about its outstanding loans.... let them default, stand on their own two feet and break free of the bondage to the bankers.  Maybe the Americas would wake up, too.  But the world is much like Earl with slow blood circulation - not really awake and aware. Afraid of going to sleep to wake to find the ship sinking - like 'All is Lost' (fine dialog, Robert Redford).  As I tried to convince my cousin that gravity is a constant and we can adjust to it, government support and proficiency isn't a constant and must be discounted, since they only help big people of power and the bankers.. always. Only God considers us equally.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Just call me... isn't that a song?

  I made the big leap into getting all my services on one bill. The price was right, the number of checks I would have to write would be fewer.... and there is an advertisement on the television that if they can't make it within a two hour window I would get Comcast credit (as in a new currency that I can't use with anyone except Comcast? a non taxable credit? does the IRS know about it?).

  Email received, the hook up box has shipped. The box arrives, I set it up in the bedroom, nothing works. Sigh, so I now know why the return label was so in my face - they knew I had no ability to self hook up. But I went to the ground and hooked up at the cable box, and I have everything, internet and such. Hmm, check the outside line in - oops, it was disconnected, connect same move back into the bedroom. Success!

  Put the telephone on the modem, no line, nothing.  Hmm, I asked to port my long time home phone number to the new XFinity (Digital) Voice.  I received emails telling me that they had called and: "Thank you for choosing XFINITY Voice. We recently called your home phone number and provided you with your XFINITY Voice Security PIN. To protect the privacy of your account, we require the use of a Security PIN to manage calling features and view or discuss your call detail records online or through Comcast Customer Service." Do you see the same problem I do?

  And if the computer can't guide you through the set up they actually have a big area of their complaint department with long suffering folks talking about how sad the service is. A very LONG line of poor service and trouble switching the number. And I just did my business cards.

   A well known secret is that I, Earl, am not a fan of telephones - unless I want to call someone, and normally I don't. So I got rid of my cell phone after my cross country motorcycle trip and I live on Face book and emails. But really, no one wants to call me, and now I can add Comcast and Xfinity Voice to the list of folks that just don't love me enough to connect. This is Friday the 13th, and the telephones aren't ringing off the hooks here - so no telethon possible. It is so quiet here that I heard the mole annoy-er outside the home chirpping randomly in the night - and my hearing isn't normally that good. Who ever designed that device was thinking of Dune's thumpers and worms.

  Calls to former provider and then to Xfinity Vocie and I now have a very happy wife and two working telephones in the home. And I am so much smarter than when I first wrote this five hours ago.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Basing a life on irrational fears...

  Once taught that Europeans believed that sailing too far to the West one would sail off the edge of the world, I knew that was never true. Not only Viking sailed to find new lands to raid and conquer, the Basque fished far beyond that edge for a long time, and kept their fishing ground secret. But there were tales that told often enough, become a relative truth and increase a person's fear.

   A much more modern fear is the one surrounding firearms that has cause the almost complete disarming of the citizens of Australia and Great Britain.  You can look it up, frightened folks were fooled into their fears by media and the power hungry to protect lives. This fear is reinforced by media treatment of drama, adventure and exotic people and places - guns and sex and violence and adult language are entertainment or NEWS.

  So in a planet full of billions of people, one to fifty humans acting criminally and killing, wounding or destroying property with firearms is something to be frightened of, really?  The people engaged in such evil behavior are insane, possessed by demons, criminally intented (I made that phrase up), or on strange mental lapses from humankind. But they aren't Legion.

  More people die by drowning in the United States than by firearms, but it makes a quick sad, sorrowful report that a child drowns. What does a sane society do? Well, they have swimming classes, they provide life guards and safe places to swim, and they avoid driving off of bridges into the water, they wear floatation devices when working and recreating on boats and hook themselves up in heavy seas. There are answers, but they never outlaw water of over a quart because it has the capacity to drown some one, or many people.

  I would wonder why there aren't more Jaws movies, why most of the monsters for entertainment became Vampires, Aliens, dragons, dwarfs, trolls and orcs -- except that the summer spent on the beach didn't make tons of money after Jaws, and shark hunting went up.

  So the media makes money on firearms by presenting humans in the worse possible way with the firearms, if sex were at all like the movies some of humanity would quit engaging in it - you just are never going to get the woman the way Bond does.  Having watched professional wrestling, boxing, martial art combat and real combat - you will never fight nor see violence like it is presented in the media - it is quicker, uglier and often so ineffective. 

   My only point is the people start to believe the 'truth' presented by the media - especially in harmless entertainment. But it isn't harmless if it makes you fearful of things you can handle by rational thinking, training and good old common sense. Now, those in POWER, will always try to disarm the public, always -- or give them the illusion that the citizen has a right to arms - except the really lethal ones that those in POWER are afraid of.... rational thinking trumps media frightening movies, books and news.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Once known as a nation of Riflemen... it was never really true, was it?

  So it is Saturday morning, and I am going shooting something... and there are other people interested going to Olympia for a demonstration against Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Conspiracy - you know the former Mayor of New York that thought big sweet drinks would cause the fall of his city, so he just made them illegal. Well he came back after guns, fooled many of the people and they voted their rights away - except if it is a right it existed before the law and can't be voted away... but then the whole law to be voted on wasn't presented, the author of the law (must have been part of a coven) wrote it so badly that now lawyers and judges will have to rule on something that flew in the face of the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution.

  This is all because the good Mayor has irrational fears and made irrational efforts to quell his fear. A second demonstration caused a stir in the elected officials that saw citizens carrying scary black rifles of some kind OPENLY into the viewers gallery to watch their elected officials - they were afraid, frightened beyond belief, and promptly dispatched the State Troopers to monitor the group, and passed some meaningless legislation declaring they were working in a gun free zone, except for: your great State Troopers, law enforcement folks, and those elected members and staff that were carrying concealed... or just like most gun free zones - criminals with intent. The fools have made enough problems with their Ninja Mall Rat gear and guns. So I will write a letter, which should be much more effective than parading around with elected officials that don't want my opinion, clutter or noise.

  So, I go shooting.  The range is less than two miles from my home, and I never knew it existed. Tacoma Sportsmen's Club Friendly folks, helpful, and I am looking forward to shooting this again in the future - just because I have no where to go but up. About a hundred rounds fired, I have some issues to work upon. Some pictures? Sure...

  You have heard that the United States of America was referred to as a nation of riflemen. Couldn't be that any more - the NRA is running around worried about votes in Congress and your home state - yes, they do teach rifle marksmanship and safety, and yes they do sponsor competitions and ranges. But they aren't building that rugged individual rifleman part of the American Heritage - only the Boers had as well known a tradition. No, when a cousin noticed I was posting NCAA rifle team completions on Face Book, he asked how many SEC colleges has rifle teams so I went to find out. SHOCK - hardly any, because you do know that rifles are scary things don't you? The list of competing colleges is only a wikipedia search away, or I can link it.

  I will have to continue to try and find the few, that would like to learn marksmanship, sixty dollars and five hundred rounds on a two day weekend, the Appleseed Project. I thought everyone was a rifleman, and it just isn't true - your circle of friends isn't like mine, is it? I feel so sorry for those that can't, and even worse for those that could but have been frightened back into their recliner in front of the cable by Mayor Bloomberg and his henchmen. Remember, if he has his way, no big sweet drinks.

Friday, February 6, 2015

So what is my excuse... Oh, I wasn't shot down in a helicopter in Iraq...

 There just had to be a reason I am not famous, aside from the fact my mother really hoped I would be humble - it would have made her so proud.

  I should be on the road to the YMCA, but like many part-time bloggers, a few words on Facebook and some comments and emails in the cyberspaces we haunt, there is no passion to get my message out.

  I am in the midst of rebuilding our life inside the home, new ISP (if I ever get connected), new phone service at the same number, new insulated garage doors with opener (which means I have to move all the junk and motorcycle to other areas - lovely). estimated time to completion is about six weeks which is two Appleseed events and one local competition shoot away. I could have counted the number of weekly garbage pick ups or something else. The truck is rumbling along the street now, lots of noises.

  Second cup of coffee, I did make it strong today, felt dehydrated yesterday so tanked up when I got home.  There are a couple pieces of furniture that will make my living a little better. And since I am up, if I plan and build it better the whole thing will be cool. Kind of a Spring time build the nest better feeling or something. The turning off computers has really loosened the chains and it is time to get going. Signed up for nine Revolutionary War Veterans Association events through June. Need to get the word out that by going to the RWVA forum you, too, can find a fine place to learn something about history and marksmanship with good people.

   Not doing things the normal way, is either going to get me deeper into the rut, or over the edge into the new one in another direction. Life is built on choices, may all of yours be wonderful, for mine have just amazed me.