Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So I got one of those very heavy knocks on my front door last evening, about eight...

Long dark here in the great NorthWest. I went and opened the door and talked to the guy standing there with a paper in his hand. Wrong address, and since I had played that game before I think he found my house with a GPS since the one he was looking for was about three up the street. Maybe they should Google the address and get the picture first next time.

As I closed and double locked the door, I considered how badly I had prepared to open the door. There was no gun in my hand, shotgun behind the door (no matter what the VP says I no longer have one), and I opened the door wide in stepped into it. Very un-tactical, very. So in the game of life, mostly nothing would have happened. The KGB would have been later, would have hollered if they had been American secret militarized police, or black if they had been trying to do 'knock out' game home invasion. So I had only sixty years of opening doors and finding strangers on the porch asking for my attention - all without evil intent. How does that happen? Is the news media wrong?

I moved one of the house guns before I went to bed. Funny, most days I will lose track of my keys at least once, but all the guns have a place.  I have my notice from CMP about my ammunition order and it starting to move in my direction. Yesterday was National Ammunition Day, so I am good. What ever happened to Kim? and his cause? I did like reading his stuff. Well, that is it for today.

Just very glad that all the government activity on my street was the Postal service, and the fire department on a medical emergency. The fire department never misses a bond issue, the sheriff never asks for one.


  1. I don't worry much about opening my door since the city police like to take breaks in the theater parking lot across the street. Yes, we have had some problems in our neighborhood with break-ins and the like, but violent behavior has not hit ... yet.

  2. Glad it wasn't something else Earl...

  3. The story only illustrated how media frenzy can completely overcome a notion of 'answer the door!', which I have done successfully for many years. Not that many knock or that I hear the door bell.