Monday, November 11, 2013

Leisure Living Estates...

Leisure living estates... so much promise in the name. I liked it when I first lived there. But I had been thinking as I worked a bit on my yard yesterday - that what was truly hurting the American economy is leisure, time off, unproductive activity. Sitting in the rocker or recliner and gazing at the television or cable feed or whatever feed your mind to keep it empty... of real content.

Now, advertisers want your attention, but you really don't have any left do you? Real working folks have something to concentrate on, to build, to fix, to find, to pay attention to... and then most of the rest don't have anything they can't turn on... I never listened to music as I jogged, excess weight and it would get in the way of thinking as I jogged. Of course, my mind would wander and my concentration on going faster fled quicker than my feet would ever catch up. Still it was all Earl, and I like background music, and bird song and wind whipping through the trees and thunder and lightening (over there not over here).

I think I know the suffering that too much time upon the hands, too much empty in the mind can bring about.

Isn't that why the boys will poke sticks into ant hills? Even fire ants? Wanting to know what could happen? And the government guys, aren't they similar? Poking sticks at the little folks, trying to stir up something? Had some fun watching the Kennedy Assassination stories on FOX last night. The truth is never going to be known, it was buried with Jimmy Hoffa. And you don't know where that is either. Aren't you glad you have so much to fill your life you don't do leisure?

Cool Hand Luke, finished tossing gravel on the oiled road and had to wait on the trucks to come pick them up... now that was leisure. Worked hard for it.

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