Thursday, February 28, 2013

Now where am I?

End of February, 2013, and sure enough I didn't get a retirement check from the folks that have been taking my money for years while I was employed. Sending a check to my Checking account, knowing my spouse's name, SSN and date of birth.  Sure enough they want all that again, and don't submit original documents, do get it notarized and send it to us soon. Amazing, how out of touch one becomes from everything, although they all want the SSN, they then decide that I must prove that number is I. And what would happen if it isn't?

The Assessment time is here, two months gone from 2013, and how am I doing? What still needs to get done? How much time do I have, what is the priority? We do have one don't we?

Amazed at how much of my life, looking back recently, isn't based on what is on the television (or cable). Have I missed a great movie? a book that must be read? Are there bills unpaid? File for retirement, file for taxes, why am I not assisted by these government agencies - don't they have to accommodate those functioning less than perfectly?

Seems like I weigh just a bit less than I did in December of 2012, that is good. When working out at the YMCA today I found an eleven and a half mile bike ride after a 5k row, with a mile slog with Fox News captions. A little rope pull and a hot shower and the day is done.

Yep, need some more assessment, for I must be falling behind those important things in one's life -- if I could just remember what they are.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What is a law for anyway?

I would hope that law would provide protection of everyone from threats, although it seems that most laws are only threats and outlaws and rebels ignore them.

If the law, is that: A well regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Seems very straight forward, positive, and non threatening. Being a law for the government, without a punishment listed I would assume that violation of that law would be treason or just impossible to break. Enough of that, I am not that stupid.

But I am a simple man, and ancient but I do want you to know that I don't really run around obeying some fools' laws. I am normally going around behaving well because my parents, friends, family and neighbors expect me to be a fine fellow.  Life is sure easier that way.

I stopped at a Safeway one night, going to get a sandwich and some snacks for a long drive, and since I was there I picked up two bottles of Blackberry wine.  Now, I am not a drunk, had not been drinking, was intending to take the bottles home where I have a glass of wine in the evening with my wife - no more than one a day, like they recommend.

But stupid thoughts in Olympia, Washington had been put to paper that drunk driving would be reduced by stopping Earl and all his kind from purchasing alcoholic beverages between the hours of something to something. Drunk driving is a problem - so many legisators and public officials and judges seem to do it and get caught. They are not alone, other drunks are out there - and from my criminal contacts when asked about this law, they all told me that most snack and beverage shops will have an employee with alcohol in the trunk of his vehicle that he will sell during those hours.

Now I don't care to change the law about alcohol sales, I want more responsible adults, and longer jail terms for those caught driving under the influence - like two weeks in a Chinese prison, or a DHS re-education camp.

But it was one of the many laws, good intentioned folks with too much time on their hands have passed to make the world safer but sillier, without achieving their intentions. Failure, again.

So, just to keep my bonifides in the Gun Control Contentions, the outlaw and the rebel will not follow any laws about firearms - except the one about not being caught without enough firepower for the fury and the fight. The armed law abiding person will have to decide if this is just another stupid law - like homosexual activities and dope smoking, that being lawful is just not the way one lives with the LORD.

I do know, that representatives elected to positions of power, that can't do the functions of government outlined in the Constitution, aren't really smart enough to be followed, nor listened to, but they should be confronted constantly. Where is the budget?  

Monday, February 25, 2013

I have been away, trying to reduce the death by recliner..

So Friday night I turned the three computers off, and the link, and went to Ariel, Washington to the Wolverton Mt. Gun Club for two full days of Appleseed. The weather started with snow flakes, water everywhere, gusting winds and cold. But we waded it out, and got into the reason and the organization, safety, rules to shoot by and then we got the rifles out and starting shooting.

Two ranges, plenty of instructors for the brave 19 that showed up, lent some materials and a bit of ammunition. You have heard there seems to be a shortage? For totally unknown reasons the line I was working had faster times completing training and shooting, so the normal Time Monkey was hiding from the chill in the air and puddles, too. I was line boss in the morning, 2nd Strike during lunch, and safety officer/instructor in afternoon.

Fine instructor dinner down the road in Cougar, where I also found a place to shower, sleep and watch the show about who is the best chest pounding combat pairs. I learned long ago in very hot places the quiet ones you never notice are the baddest.

 You do know that I just would love to have an M1A with a rail and a scout mounted scope, with about six ten round magazines, I promise I won't bring it to New York, Governor Coumo. Now if I can just get Mayor Bloomberg to buy my ammunition for it. Best be some very good letters to send to them.
Next day, back at the refresher and instruction, more shooters come out and some folks change lines, Rifleman patches being earned by paying attention and persistence. Time Monkey still no where to be found, I shift to the other range in the afternoon after lunch. I give the Known Distance information for their future shooting skills. Everything wraps up well, about five Riflemen made, loud Huzzahs! mark the ceremony, I am off starting to clean up so we can pack out.

Finally, finished I get into the Caravan and head back for the drive home. Two and a half hours in Sunday evening traffic, stop for more coffee, and hang on until the welcoming lights of home. I feel much like the chainsawed Bigfoot that was getting moist and mossy, but very happy for the difference we made with the new and experienced shooters. I got to do one 1907 sling presentation for the one shooter using such, and it really worked for him after, so he is on his way.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, I have done enough for the day...

Visited the YMCA, but was lazy so I won't brag about my renewed body - it is still out of warranty and needs more adjustment.

On my way out to the Caravan, a younger (much) man called to me and asked if I had jumper cables, seems he had left his lights on while he was inside. In Washington we drive in rain with the lights on, and it is always raining. 

Anyway, I said I was pretty sure I had some, went to the back, got them out and moved my car beside his, popped and propt our hoods and red to positive, black to negative or ground. It took a little bit to get his battery up and turn over his starter, but it happened. 

He thanked me as I unhooked him, then he tried to give me a twenty, but I laughed and told him to buy some jumper cables. There is a reason old guys carry such things, we don't always have a twenty.

Wondering how the world is going to act since the President says we can't make it on his plan, the Congress says we can't make it by cutting budget, which I never have seen them produce.  But since I am still waiting for more stupidity about control of Gun Violence by restricting Assault Rifles - both of which are made up and not going to happen anyway... I have stopped looking to media and politicians for real solutions. They can't tell me how to make a shot, they certainly don't have any idea on how to protect me from thugs that they create in Chicago with their perfect systems of criminal justice.

As I was telling my wife, the money is fake, the repayment on the debts is all fake, the system won't stand up to real inspection -- it will all come down. She grew up in a country that changed money, governments and stuff. She believes in gold, rice fields (own some) and hard work with family and friends. Have some jumper cables, water, tools.... times are going to get tougher, cooperate.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So why isn't this Great Society working?

Probably because it was never designed to 'work' only to care for those that fell outside of success.

From the Holy Bible, one is supposed to care for the widows and orphans, now my belief is that the word 'widow' was used for an unmarried woman with a child - how ever she got to that status. It was the duty of the community to care for them, they were allowed to glean the fields and such. Not an easy life but still not totally starving.

I am no expert on the Holy Bible, there are many things I am still discovering, but for sure it has more to offer me than some things I am hearing from conventional wisdom.

Ever wonder why there problems in Chicago, with all the money the Democrats give their favorite causes? The little Baptist Churches do much better with less, the Catholic schools do better with less, and the list of good people doing good things in Chicago go far beyond race, political party, religious community. But it just doesn't get into the political process nor the ruling elite, they seem to be permanently corrupt, EVIL. But they keep getting re-elected by the Daly's dead voters, and no one in Chicago is surprised. That is all a myth of mythical proportions. No truth to it. They aren't evil just plain old fashioned stupid. They don't see that it doesn't work.

In America, you work and make your life, you read and educate yourself (yes, there are great and good teachers, but really you know who is responsible), you make friends, you do good things for good reasons - never for money. You invest in a future, you don't borrow with no intention of repaying quickly. You look for a mate, build a family, do more good things, and some how, you die. But the little world you built, or helped along the way, the people you touched are all better for your being there when it mattered.

You can do most of that anywhere in the world, and we will all be better for it. No one has to be wrong, do bad things, become hated, become a problem... The problem with the Great Society, is the title. It should be the humble and nice society - no capitalization, and it isn't a government program, it is a human program called humanity. Be nice out there, another million laws or so - only employ too many lawyers, politicians and criminal injustice - y'all be nice and we will git it done right.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What we leave behind... is what we are...

Studying the Assyrians, and they didn't leave behind much except the terror of being City Breakers, and stone monuments to the warriors, their chariots, the siege engines and the conquests. The Sub-Asia peoples give us statues of near naked women and men wrapped in lust or something... The current Syrian Prince and peoples give us news highlights and fear of terrorists with deadly gas and the current Bollywood gives us several cinematic adventures and romances and lots of dances.

This thought got started on my wife's simple question, have I had breakfast, and her offer to make me some, I told her eggs and toast. Not normal behavior, I am really a gruel person, but the protein in the eggs will be fine, and a couple slices of toast with butter are not too many. Breakfast at her pace means my toast will be cold, the eggs properly runny yoked, and she won't sit down to breakfast until mine is cooling on the table and she can complain about it. I did go to shave and ponder why I look so old for a real age of 7.8 years younger than my paper age.

I sit and have breakfast, and spread my butter, cold, on the toast, cold, and it doesn't melt into the toast - but I don't mind, I am here for her, she will never wonder why it isn't perfect if I never mention that it isn't. The eggs are just right, still hot from the grill, yoke breaking with my fork and running making everything covered in liquid gold. Three, good number, I break my toast and mop up the yoke from the plate.  She says I do it just like my father, and she is right, I do it just like my father - I imagine he did it just like his father. They didn't waste much of the bounty on the table, they were very close to where it all came from and properly thankful for God's goodness.

They didn't decide that chickens needed to be.... or that wild critters were... and that wetlands couldn't be drained, since they were part of a swamp reclamation area that produced tons of good food from the rich peat once un-dampened. Dad hunted squirrels, for extra meat in the stew. boarded in the town to go to high school. Different lives than mine. All I bring forward is grace, and mopping the yoke from the plate until the yoke and toast are gone - and thanking the cook for her care of the breakfast and my enjoyment of our conversation and memories of the past.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You know they are counting on you...

The Founding Fathers were hard folks, they didn't have air conditioners, refrigerators, automobiles, airplanes and instant gratification through mindless streaming media. They had to go to plays, read books, discuss issues and be roused by the rabble. Who were armed and dangerous.

Current culture isn't like them, so their expectations of responsibility, honor, liberty, justice, death and life were totally different than yours. They were better for theirs, you I am not sure about.

The current culture expects that most of you are law abiding citizens, and will disarm properly like you stopped drinking during Prohibition. Most of America did, the gangs got lots of money from selling alcohol, but the government got no tax revenue - so Prohibition was repealed when the government needed more tax revenue, and the losing tax/alcohol control agents went after guns in the ATF, a tax enforcement agency. Anyway, not drinking is totally healthy, drinking just a little is basically harmless, and being an alcoholic is classified as a disease and needs treatment. Being drunk is lost time in a very short life - time that one never gets back. My point, is that the government has no competence in making great personal choices - just using drinking as an example of personal choice.

So, I expect the fools in politics, will bow to the Main Stream Media's bias on GUN CONTROL, which is silly but politicians are smart about how often to consider the voters (once, the day of balloting) and the MSM (constantly in the 24 hour news cycle of cable vision.) And no, FOXNews isn't really different that the others, they are just more inclusive for more audience. They are all selling ad space on the airways - their primary job is attracting viewers for commercial exploitation.

Now, you could call violations of the Constitution acts of treason, since the Constitution is the foundation of all law in the United States of America. Most won't, but I would if I weren't so fat and lazy, I do know there are procedures to change the Constitution, new amendments or just trash the whole thing and write a new one -- since they don't do it long hand now, it would be a long written always unread document, I will vote to keep the current one. Imagine the tax code, if written in long hand or carved in stone, short and vigorous, written by cut and paste on computer long and pages more than ever needed - and never followed nor cited.

Anyway, they are going to try this Gun Control thing, it will pass in many stupid States - like New York and California and looking like Colorado and Illinois.  The criminals that don't do drugs, run criminal enterprises will disarm immediately, NOT! The law enforcement will go to eight round magazines and never shoot innocent bystanders or ladies delivering newspapers again, honest. They will use drone strikes, and give the operators medals honoring their service far above those WWII warriors in real battlefields. But many of you weak kneed citizens will quiver in fear of failure and turn in great grand-pappy's blunderbuss, and that beautiful thing you never fired but bought just in case.

Those that care about many things will finally realize that the government hasn't a clue about crime, drugs, morality, liberty, responsibility, economics, agriculture, energy or science and ignore thems in government.. Just ignore them, they will eventually die, go away, or destroy themselves. Take good care of yourself, all those you love, those you tolerate and pray for those sinners and saints and always your enemies. For in the end, what you do as your personal choice is always going to trump what the fools say you must do because they made it a law. I am working on getting close to Heaven, before they decide that believing in Salvation outside of government goodness is against their law.... silly folks.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time to come out of Hibernation...

Think I will buy and wear a kilt. Not that I have the legs for it, but I feel free, freedom and Liberty under the LORD.

As I have been analyzing my coming back to fuller strength and will, it goes along with the slowing down of my heart rate. My cousin noticed my resting heart rate is close to closing all systems down, I normally just fall asleep until Spring shows up, but I do remember my doctor telling me that he was giving me a medicine that would slow my heart rate and he didn't want it to shut down completely. Maybe I will have to look into getting that changed soon. Appointment is in March with him.

Now that the world is completely under the spell of the President's charm and promise -- I expect the total meltdown much sooner than later.

My list of things to do since I am up and awake: reload all my brass, clean the garage, cut the lawn, start hunting moles, keep my wife smiling, prep the garden.

Normal items will remain: shoot straight, stay armed and alert, constant prayer and daily devotions and thanks to the LORD. Y'all be good out there. Any advice on footwear, combat gaiters, proper headgear for balding kilted man -- is very welcome.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Armed? why yes, I have two, too...

If you are a person of law abiding sanity and not a gun owner nor worried about your government - then you are part of my problem. You will likely say, what does anyone need such a firearm for and so many rounds of ammunition? Looking at the civilian population that you think you represent. But the question should be asked of your armed forces - which includes the police and regulatory enforcers.

But you don't ask, although the 2nd Amendment is all about all of us, you won't ask.

So why do the armed forces, the police, the regulatory enforcers need all those weapons and ammunition? Well, to do their job poorly.  Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas, are just two examples and this fine group of excesses done in the name of the government gone so wrong. But then you could have looked at what happens when a community of law enforcement officers think they are being hunted by one of their own-rejected. Don't deliver newspapers in the early morning, ladies.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Objective opinion

Watching the MSM (CNN) cover religion in the choice of a new Pope, is like watching the President and Vice President tell you which firearms would be better for less Gun Violence.

Friday, February 8, 2013

So I went to support the Pro-2nd Amendment

At the rally, at the Capital in Olympia, Washington. Since I have nothing better to do and I was free to attend. I went and parked and walked to the campus.

Very few people, because it was Friday, a casual work day, no one in Washington State is going to miss work dressed down for a demonstration... 

There was a large group of State Patrol officers, but that is normal while the government is working. The host stood up, the microphone worked and he got the rally started and thanked the right people. Then he got to the meat of the subject the 2nd Amendment being under attack and what we had to do about it. When he finished I took the microphone and told the story from my side and what I saw, what  I believed and I did mention being part of Appleseed and teaching safe marksmanship and our American heritage. I must have said many of the right things, people thanked me for what I said (no, I have little idea what came out of my mouth, but it was true) and several wanted more information about Appleseed shoots, where to find more information and made me wonder why I didn't have more business cards or trifolds to pass out.  

As others got up to speak I noticed much anti-the Presidents, the current one, the latest gripe from the news coverage or failure to cover. Lots of anger, lots of passion and lots of fumbling and grumbling.  That stuff doesn't grow without fertilizer and water - wherever it comes from. Still a mostly positive message to get with your representatives and act on our rights. Two Legislators, Elizabeths both, came and talked to us, one had some solid ideas for protecting the children in schools. Nice of them to come and speak during their lunch recess.

I did go back up to cover the positive ideas and things one could do as a shooter, a responsible gun owner, and I covered the third safety rule.  They all need to meet and talk politely, logically and sanely with the opposition, that only seems to know what they fear, not why they fear it. There were lots of television crews and reporters, the crowd didn't look like it got to five hundred total, but the expectations had been fifteen hundred.

I am very happy that I went, met some great people, was able to present the world from my point of view and promote safe shooting, safety and Appleseed. Another great day to be an American, volunteer Rifleman.

Hey, it is Cold outside, the frost would be on the...

pumpkin, but we ate those for Christmas.

Today is totally unremarkable, except I have some new cool stuff to wear for Appleseed, and it fits, now if I can get slim and good lookin' I could have a job modeling. 

I am off to Olympia, Washington, for a Pro-2nd Amendment Rally.  A smaller repeat of the 19th of
January, that was on a three day weekend, and today is a work day, although it is dress casual day.

I did mention that it is cold? Not that cold.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am the Gun Owner

 I learned Gun Control in Junior High School Rifle Club: Safety and Marksmanship, 1962.

I study History, read widely and have a lifelong love of libraries.

I go to church and I go to the firing range.

I vote in every election and write to elected officials and editors.

I have my Grandfather’s revolver and my Father’s rifle and his war trophies.

I served the United States of America in Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Panama, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

I have a license to Carry Concealed a pistol.

I own four pistols with multiple magazines for each.

I own four rifles with extra clips and lots of brass and ammunition.

I am responsible and I expect better of everyone.

I have read the Constitution and have memorized the 2nd Amendment, I know what full citizenship means.

Rifleman William Earl Dungey, I AM A Gun Owner

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heard it on Maimed Stream Media

So it must be true.

They mentioned that it would lead to insurrection if the government came out with a gun ban.

Hmm, don't think that was what was happening. I wrote the Constitution of the United States of America, and the 2nd Amendment was vital to the health of a trust between government and the governed. Vital.

The American People have not violated that trust, they stand ready to defend their free state. The government has violated it by infringing on the right of the People to keep and bear arms. So the government seems to be in the wrong.

There is no right granted by the 2nd Amendment, there is one mentioned, but the right was there before there was a United States of America under this Constitution, I know, I wrote it.

So, no insurrection needed, just a cleaning up of the paper trail of the government infringing on the right of the People, the ones that designed the government and need to trust it. Have at it, and by the way, someone send the Main Stream Media to school - most of them are as clueless as that English fellow on CNN. He never studied American History, he was still wondering how King James was bounced from office.

I still need a firing pin for the above Stevens Model 414 Armory Model, thank you very much.

Monday, February 4, 2013

There are so many great things in the world...

Going on everywhere as I type, and they aren't centered on the spotlight in the middle of the field, and the lights can go out, they can.

Personal responsibility, versus the collective hive, and I have found that God is good, and expects me to be even better, that both the idea of America and my personal behavior have little to do with the collective good. I must eat for me, I can eat for no one else. I must think for me, I can think for no one else, I must love for me for I can't love for anyone else. There is enough for everyone, but not enough for some one. Just as I can't love myself enough, loving the rest of you is an awesome task and trial, but I will.

Since I want to mention shooting, I hope you watch your health and diet, when losing weight too quickly the facial fat will decrease, and the padding around the eyeballs disappear a bit, enough that the shape of the eyeball will be changed slightly and that will make a bit of the difference in how one sees the targets, the sight picture and alignments... just a little goes a long way.

Monday, time to read a bit more about revolutions, make my body do some rotations and revolutions and strain and stretch, striving against gravity and weights and waists. Be good out there, a little goes a long way.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Do I really want to fit a stereotype?

Seems like all the cool kids just know that if the President of the United States of America, says something about those clingers and their EVIL Assault Rifles and big magazines, well it must be true. The President wouldn't lie to the public.

Anyway, one of those that draw so well, gets paid for it, and works in California where all the really cool kids do, is looking at me and making me ashamed of being a fat old man that doesn't know anything about the 2nd Amd. 

Being one of those pink and red Dungey boys, I have never minded the redneck label, since to me it was earned working in the Sun, outdoors and making the world a better place. There are those I would say haven't a clue about life. That would be another generalization and stereotype, and I am above all that noise.

I would label this: My Self Portrait, something to inspire me to get skinny, cuddle with a special cute Asian lady, and never touch an EVIL BLACK AR - Stainless steel with pastel polymers maybe.... and I love ten round mags. Dixie Gunworks?  Not until I win the Lottery, and I don't really participate.

Anyway, on my way to the range I remembered that there was a memorial for a very fine lady that has gone to the LORD. So I stopped there, I can shoot another day.

And how will you be remembered? I hope with lots of love and no regrets. I stopped to help memorialize a fine lady, and thought as I sat that she and her husband were exactly the kind of people I want around my loved ones as the world falls apart, they would just keep doing for everyone, the best they could and never ask the price nor count the cost. Not movie star heroes, but fine folks.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I am just the least of their worries...

Reading about revolutions again, something I think I should ask politicians about. One title is 1775, a Good Year for Revolution, by Phillips, and Simon Bolivar, the Liberator... what has struck me solidly between the ears, is that the governments don't understand the people they are governing. Not that they were particularly corrupt, or evil, they just didn't know the people - they were too far removed and not listening to the addresses and petitions. NON RESPONSIVE! So there was friction, which led to the idea the people could do it better, and so they revolted.  Funny idea, that we the people could be better than the government going crazy on stuff they don't need to worry about.

Has anyone felt like the last three or four administrations and all Congresspersons and Senators aren't hearing any of us out here? Do you get the idea that there is an NCIS for the Eastcoast and one for the Westcoast and fly over country just doesn't count? I was talking about how little our representatives know about guns, and he told me that wasn't what they were supposed to know... but they are too busy to do the things they need to address.

Does look like I don't have to worry, or even be concerned about the current rage against Gun Violence - since they have made all other violence not... it just no longer exists.  There are no more murders, there are no more rapes, no more robberies, no more threats, No more crimes against people or property - so the only thing left is to fight against guns.  All the illegal drugs have disappeared, although I could have almost every one of them delivered to my door... I just am not that kind of a fool. One of those reasons I am the least of their worries.

But it does seem, from the President on down to those fine law breaking enforcement officers of the ATFE, they have nothing left to do except to try and destroy the last link of trust between the People, that wrote the Constitution and the current government that doesn't believe what it reads - for they are a product of the current education system, it just isn't their fault that they fail. I have read the Constitution and I can point out all the places they are going wrong, but they wouldn't listen to me - I am the least of their worries. I think they will do better in the next world, I think I can go along without them in this world - I like to remain the least of their worries.