Thursday, December 5, 2013

High stress day, or not really...

My wife is back from her hiking in the snow, in subfreezing weather. She showed me her soaking wet coat that she had removed and replaced with a dry one while out. I gave her the good old Army fighting in the snow, don't sweat, wear only dry socks and don't sweat but drink lots of fluids. The 2-325th AIR lost a couple of troopers on an sled race with snow shoes or skis, ten man teams, not too serious, they had heart and were tough but needed more seasoning, winter seasoning. Good training.

I went and hid out in the YMCA, where it is warm, did my 10k rowing and then hit the bicycle machine to knock out twenty miles in Yeti country. Took forever but I have my marathon mileage day done. It was slower and easier when I could really jog that distance, 26.2, those were the days.

I did stop and check on the possibility that the rear TSM200 sight had fallen off the rifle at the gun store where I picked it up. They haven't found it, but will call if they do. I wrote letters to Gallery of and Marlin Firearms about the quality control and the tightness of mounting that rear sight. I do hope they fix that in their future manufacturing and shipping. What folks buy should be there as advertised. I did put a fine Rifleslinger RS2 sling and mounting hardware on the new rifle. Will have to cut it down a little, he makes the excess long so the shooter can cut to measure, everyone is different. But quality stuff. I also looked at for the sight tool and optional sight apertures, and a new rear sight. I may really trust my rifle's Natural Point of Aim with my body, but I really insist on using two points of reference for sight alignment with my eagle eye.

In Rifleslinger's blog he talks about getting smoother getting into his best position, by practicing it as a separate skill set. Repeating correctly until it seems like he is always falling into the perfect shooting position. Slow is Smooth is Fast! So added to those things I don't do enough of, but only take time and a little effort going from standing to prone, standing to sitting (squat, kneel, crossed legs, crossed ankles and open legs) five times each. Then taking on dry shot, stand up, rinse and repeat. Like walking and snapping into a solid aimed shot at a fleeing target and picking up the lead, dry fire, call the shot. Practice, practice and a little more practice. All without ammunition. That will really save some money, now the wear on body parts and patience I cannot speak to, I am too old to acknowledge and too young to admit it.

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