Friday, September 26, 2014

Specialization is for insects...

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
— Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

   Wandering my mind about the carrying of a pocket knife, folding lock blade, multi-tool, or a sheath knife - is the thought of Community, everyone has to contribute and draw from the common wealth... ooo... common wealth, normally means the rich get richer doesn't it?

    One problem with movies, television and novels is the main character is the one that carries the day, slays the monster and make happily ever after. And he always gets the girl. Who is always hot, drop dead gorgeous, with long legs up to her... you get the idea. None of our stories, myths, and legends are real folks - real folks have warts, blemishes, scars and ideas that should never see the light of day.

   But, in my opinion, the current culture is constantly wanting experts to take out the garbage - and in some states they had best be union members, and in other states they belong to the mob. But everyone can take out the garbage - really, it was once thought of as a chore for a child.  Look deeper, and you will see the creep of control everywhere, you have to get permission, a license and certification to do ...... (fill in the blank). I know that women give birth everywhere when it is time, but I was born in a hospital - a situational improvement over my father's birth at home. We were both near our mothers.

   When a community has a problem, they have to find their solution and fix it. And disarming the community does decrease the possibility of death by firearms, it does not make everyone nice, peaceful and a saint. If the problem is that anger leads to rage and murder - the community has to quell the anger.

    In the American Revolution we have important leaders, whole Histories are written about their greatness, goodness and shared with the community. But you do realize that if you take all the great men - and their ideas and do not have the community provide the food, shelter, intelligence, manpower, healing and support. The whole war would have been less bloody and unresolved... just the elite couldn't have done it without Yankee Doodle, the thousands of Yankee Doodles that showed up to become the Continental Line, or the courier service, or the guard at the post.

   In one of my recent readings they talked about the ten percent that fight in combat, boldly and bravely, and die... then the next boldest, brave and effective fighter steps up and continues, and the next and the next.... until the battle is won or there just aren't anymore. It struck me as a kind of truth.

   America is the nation of individuals, working for themselves and family and friends, in any way they can, to accomplish their best. The phrase 'We the People' means something. It can be the strength of a nation, a town, a business, a farm, a school, a church... specialization is for insects. Humans don't do well in lock step, frozen in the status quo...

  Change is important for adaptation to the current challenge, are we flexible enough? You should have the tools, or you should invent them. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gray rainy day... don't be down...

Earlier than dawn my wife leaves for her hiking group, new trail to conqueror. I ask about which plants she wants harvested, the tall ones, and get all their roots. Okay, I can do that later a bit. I put the oatmeal, crasins and raisins in the microwave, egg and yogurt wait for later inclusion. Gosh, do I know how to eat breakfast? The only weakness is no bacon to eat and grease my bullets with.

I found at the midweek service that when it came time to open the baked goods, asking for a knife to cut anything was a problem. Ten men and only three knives, and they were all mine. I have been told that I am out of step, marching to the beat of a different drummer... but how do they play mumblety-peg during recess if they don't carry a pocket knife? I can't really say when I started carrying a pocket knife, must have been about Cub Scout times, when I learned to carve some very simple stuff. Now it is used for opening boxes and cutting cord, still I carry daily. But that is an indicator that there are a lot of people that aren't in step with the rest of US.... ha, ha. Like we (US) are the normal Americans and those others have been converted to the Dark Side. One cousin claimed going through metal detectors caused his to disappear, but then he should have looked at ceramic knives, plenty sharp enough for cutting stuff. And I would bet in his office there were scissors, but then maybe not steel ones.

Well, big day today, best get to that breakfast and pack out for the YMCA, cause if I don't sweat I swell in lock step with poor eating exercise habits. Yesterday I entertained one older man with the First Strike of the Match about the march to Lexington and the confrontation on the green. He was impressed, wonder if he will be hesitant to get me going again?  He only asked what the words on the pink Appleseed t-shirt were all about. It was fine, I was between the rowing machine and the bicycle machine. 6.2 and 13.51 miles respectively. Y'all be good and love someone well today - that will shock them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 I had some strange thoughts last night, about how to change my Appleseed to make it project a better image. I had forgotten or didn't feel it needed to add the Revolutionary War flag set on sight. But when reviewing the pictures noted I needed a great background to make the Heritage stand out while we rewarded or noted the success of the shooter being honored. Make the setting to tell the story.

Well, the next thing I thought about was the fat old guy with the Marine shooting jacket with all the patches or the desert colored shirt with lots of patches - the guy has to be a GUN NUT or Boy Scout leader or a Military fool.  Luckily I don't wear black, even when motorcycling, I wear brown leathers.

So I am going for the Mister Rogers look, with a soft sweater and loafers and maybe leaving a tie on with a powder blue or rose blush pink long sleeved shirt.  Yeah, I can teach in that outfit. That will be much more a positive - progressive appearance.

Polo shirts I also have, but if I shoot I want long sleeves.  Hmm, will need to find an appropriate color for a shooting jacket with elbow and shooting should reinforcements.  Brown? MI Blue? Sherwood Forest Green! But for sure no patches and not looking like a uniform, just a normal fellow.

One other thing I thought about was a full color Rifleman patch, that would cost money to make, but the embroidery machines on computers would be able to knock them out. So with those adjustments to my appearance I might not chase all my shooters and crew away because I am too military in my bearing, attitude and performance. Like a good neighbor, Earl is there...

Monday, September 22, 2014

So I am happy tired, and wasting time on blogging?

Link to the Custer, WA Appleseed on the left. Friday evening I got to the range, place is full of state trooper cars and a few Sheriff vehicles- the fifteen law enforcement units use this club heavily. They depart and it gets as quiet as it is going to as I read then go to sleep in the best living in my automobile mode. Wandering rifle instructor without rich patron.

Get up in the morning, shave, breakfast and no coffee (?). PaulW shows up and we prepare to unload and set up, then Ralph arrives with the electronic key. His club his rules. He brought a Remington Model 37 target rifle for me to drool over - gosh the wood is beautiful and I want to use the sights and that so smooth bolt action. We won't have the time. Eight shooters arrive, two from a shoot in Port Townsend, one of which will score Rifleman three times out of eight tests.

The instruction goes well, the shooters try to hide from the heat and the Sun, ending Summer in the warm zone. One would sit out a few stages to recover, he finished two events but didn't return on Sunday. Quick clean up, and they all leave me alone to find Jack in the Box and make myself a bit uncomfortable for hours. The burger just wasn't hot, like a quick microwave didn't penetrate. I would sleep like the homeless another night in the parking lot. Two state trooper cars met there and when I woke they asked if I had a shoot in the morning, since I was sleeping under a military poncho liner. I said yes and they went back to talking. I kept wondering what their computers would come up with if they ran my plate? There are clues to who I am on the outside of my vehicle, but they must have been happy - since they never knocked and asked what I was doing. The parking lot has about twelve hook ups for water and power for big events sleep overs.

Second day, shave, change clothes, breakfast with COFFEE! and crew shows up with shooters not far behind. Smooth day, gets hot but popups help shade and they can be moved to the travel of the Sun. Milton scores Rifleman with a 212. then would do it two more times 220 and 221. He would also clean the final Redcoat target of the day. Everyone was shooting better by that time, but over 521 rounds expended in four Redcoats and eight AQTs for record, one peppermint popping challenge and other shooting practice and refinements. Gave the final talk, passed out their targets and some wisdom and I hope I see them on the range again one day.

One of the highlights of the second day, show and tell, PaulW got his reproduction flintlocks, rifle and musket fowler out to demonstrate and wow the eleven year old boy, who got to pull the two triggers on the rifle and set off the primer. Love being an American and the smell of gun powder.

Two hour and fifteen minute drive back to home station, and a real meal and a real bed. I went to check the RWVA forum and find something that just bothered me, so I let fly with fast fingers and zinged something back. "Earl saved none of the Vietnamese of the Republic of Vietnam, total failure, Earl saved none of the Iraqis from Sadam nor ISIL, total failure. Earl saved not one American in his entire life, total failure. Must be a problem with Earl, couldn't be America, lack of American leadership, nor sense of community. It will always be Earl's fault for not doing what his mother and his wife told him was better. I am off to hang my head in shame, American failure was all my fault." One really shouldn't write when really tired, for publication anyway... a note to a more wakeful self would be better. The subject was saving America and how I wasn't doing enough. Truth is only God can save us, and I will trust in Him.

Ah, I am so back, finished all the paperwork and internet/forum reports the breakfast and YMCA call me to perform, gentle rains fall the first day of Fall, here. Be good and happy today, you will have to earn it.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Violence... such a problem, gun violence, sexual violence, domestic violence, terrorist violence, video recording of violence....

Now I was always told that women were equal to men, but a real man didn't strike a lady. I had too much trouble with my hitting in anger - my poor siblings suffered. I grew out of it.

The NFL is the target now, cause they make lots of money and the hustlers are looking to soak lots of dollars away from them.

But Real men don't strike a lady. It is that simple, you - MEN - are supposed to defend and protect the women around you, the children and the old infirm folks.  Really.  Why isn't anyone saying that? Because we are all equal?

Look, currently if you abuse women and children you must be a fool or a Muslim Terrorist. Or the woman is not a lady? Nah, doesn't matter, she could be a very FALLEN woman and still deserve the respect and protection that every man should provide. We defend all the other handicapped, don't we?

If you can't do it for the Glory of the LORD, nor do it in the name of Jesus - is it really a good thing, whatever you are doing? I am not in favor of doing something for the NFL, in the name of the Goddell? See, it doesn't work the same. You want to see good football games, boxing events, chess matches - but you don't live you life based on them, do you? 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apathy, is the apathy out there? crickets...

ISIS or ISIL doesn't believe in apathy, they will punish you for not being one with them - they aren't tribal they are just evil to any that aren't on their side or in their control... and they don't know how to tell the difference. Maybe I should just take out the garbage, even calm civilized folks are calling for the death of ISIS or ISIL, not that THEY (the calm civilized folks) would do the killing - they would hire it done.

Yes, I would go, I can teach and shoot, and am versed in all small unit tactics needed. But I am cheap and no one would hire me, they need a $500 million solution to a two bit problem.

You want to change the culture - you don't have a solution, you haven't understood the problem yet.

Look, maintaining Iraq is not going to work without a dictator in charge. Allow Kurdistan, too bad for Turkey, they could have accepted Kurds a long time ago, but they aren't modern enough to make their History into school mascots and funny costumes. Allow the Kurds independence, help them negotiate with Turkey, Iraq and Iran. That takes care of half of Iraq's weakness, everyone wants to be tribal in the modern age, don't allow them to be national... building a nation takes real internal leadership, and they all must pay attention to the population or kill the angry ones off.  How many time do language owners have their own country? How many languages in India?

Case in point, three hundred years since the Union in the British Isles, Northern Ireland isn't Ireland, and Scotland isn't England and Wales started it all... but as the polls closed the people of Scotland were deciding, civilized way by vote, to maybe stay in the Union or separate to a special class of lonely. Some fool American thinks it would be time for America to vote to rejoin the British Empire - Duh, Hong Kong is under Communist not Royal authority now. Very capitalist Communist authority, but it isn't part of the British Empire. Except for Gibraltar, the Falklands, what is left? The Commonwealth isn't an Empire, it is a club.

People love to believe they have the answers, they are in control, and they will get the thing organized and working again. But they don't believe the 'We the People' have the answers, are in control and can make it work without them.  So wrong.  So in many levels in many countries terrorism is needed to keep the people engaged in how wonderful those in charge are... and when we aren't - we are apathetic and the PROBLEM. And I was looking for leadership, but then they would want me to follow.

I will still like the pipes, still think we can all get along (as soon as we dump tribalism) and when I win the Lottery might visit Scotland to see the sights, find me a fine dog, and look confused when someone quotes Burns. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Men's Program Manager.... help wanted from a Women's Studies graduate...

Interesting idea, a job on a University campus for a Men's Program Manager, sounds like a fine job for me, until I read further and find that they want a Women's Studies graduate and someone versed in gender equality, with ideas about homosexual, bisexual and really weird sexual preferences... duh, I thought this was a Men's program.  Okay, it may be the direction of the future. Not mine but theirs.

As I continue to read the Roy F Chandler books on the frontier, I am happy to announce he is absolutely right... and it is good reading. You can get them on for kindle - how many other ways to get them I don't know - for sure my public libraries only have one of his sniper books, and he wrote more than one of them. Always a small time small area writer, and not picked up everywhere.

It, talking about the frontier, has always been between the civilization and their borders and it is always kind of rough and tumble. So Greece with Macedonia, Macedonia with Persia, Rome with Gaul, Spain and the Germans then the Picts and Scots, --- frontiers. Like Judea under the Romans, trying to civilized the sons of Abraham a step at a time. Until finally they just burn the house down. Frontiers, need a special tough but flexible and quick responders.  For sure civilization loves lots of rules, lots of authority, lots of violence against the weak, the to be exploited for their own good, and those that might be a danger. And the RULERS of civilization aren't the fighters, hardly ever the leaders, but always conspiring to improve civilization in their favor. For the good of all, don't you know?

Maybe Progressives get to be bigger, and biggest because the Frontier disappeared. For sure women were voting and serving in the West before the cultured Eastern Seaboard even seriously considered it. Every frontier is a land of opportunity for real leaders and change - reread the book of Judges, and see if not being settled and ruled by other than their God allowed variations of conduct, until they demanded a King. Stupid civilization stuff.

One thing I keep looking at, since there is so much failure of government policy under government control of everything - as we ruin more cities, states and countries in debt, crime and chaos... Detroit come immediately to mind, but there are many others - and no matter what Bill O'Reilly says the Feds can't fix it.... as things fall apart and they do, there is a new undeclared frontier where change is happening, people banding together to fix what has gone so wrong under the doctrine of many enlightened thinkers - Marx and company. Get outside of government control and live large. The bad guys and the government will fight you for your freedom of action. But they are both engaged with each other and might ignore the smaller free folks.

The governments have two ideas - get control of all the weapons and buy off all the self sufficient with cash.
You have much better ideas than that. Hurry up, declare and live your freedom - you aren't getting any younger.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Women invited to apply for Ranger School

I have an opinion about that... but I have changed it.

Once I was an eager First Sergeant, and wanted to get back into the Infantry so I decided I wanted to go to Ranger school... I had read Northwest Passage by Kenneth Roberts and still have a copy within arms reach, so I knew Roger's Rangers and wanted to be one for the 20th Century. Paperwork got approved through the battalion and then hit the Division Artillery Headquarters, where the Command Sergeant Major wanted me not to go, I was going to make sure the grass was cut around my battery area. Sigh, so they sent the paperwork back (weren't supposed to do that) and I went off to Jungle Operations Training with many of my best troops tagging along with our Infantry battalion's rotation. I trusted my Smoke to take care of the grass and act like a proper First Sergeant.

I had a fine experience at the course, learned somethings that stood me well in the following years and was there to watch a tiny wasp, about a third of an inch long, sting one of the big men in the battery and he fell like an giant redwood. Out, took three hits of anti-venom to get him back up and moving out to evacuation points. I also noted that paratroopers really do need Ranger ropes holding their rifles on their body when they panic in the water trying to swim to the rubber boat. Interesting.

Ranger School goes co-ed.  That is the story, but I have changed my mind. Once I thought women shouldn't be in combat positions, shouldn't be in combat zones. For sure I thought we had enough men to fight, and the women could stay by the home fires and home industry keeping it warm. What changed?

Well, I don't think we have enough men left to fight, not sure they have enough will to win, am very sure many women don't want to be women any longer. I am sure with the current mad enemies around the world giving them women to torture, rape and exploit will be good for them. I am positive that it wouldn't be highlighted in the media - sexual assaults only get reported when a civilized man betrays our expectations of better behavior - not much when the mad Muslim mobs do something to reporters, female by standers or military members.

So I am good with the idea of not changing the standards, keeping the training and expectations of the Ranger Course the same and allowing women to apply and attend. I hope they graduate with fewer sexual assaults than the women in uniform do in all other courses, and I hope they learn a lot about fighting and living as a Ranger. You see, I know the world has changed, we are going to need as many fighters, real fighters as we can get - the general population is still stuck in the thought that women are a weaker sex, but I see the men shaving their chests, underarms and legs. And those aren't the swim team members.

I would really rather the women stayed ladies and nurtured and maintained the home and family - but I guess I have been reading about the frontier too much lately - and we need more adult fighters just for all the savages. Superman isn't coming - Ranger training - small unit leadership, patrolling, and raids and attacks are all good 21st Century self and unit survival skills. Teach them well how to fight, there are just too many men that can't anymore. They are still working on a pill - but the developers are cautioning that you should check with your doctor if 'your heart is healthy enough for fighting' for God and country.

Yeah, there are women that will shine in Ranger course, be happy to have them dealing death at my side.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Intervals, lets do intervals...

I once knew something about physical fitness, training and examples. So the latest news about how much more effective interval training is than just long boring same stuff same pace forever... is, is not news to me.

Honest when I was young and handsome and in my right mind, I knew all the intervals I wanted were there in the way I trained myself and my troops. Which is why as a Command Sergeant Major with a troop count of one (myself) I slid into dull boredom so easily. And boring gets slower and easier in consistent decline with the recline of the cushioned chair.

But, now that I have a constant heart rhythm monitor, and I am getting better everyday, I decide to spice the YMCA workout up. I add swimming! Yeah! only lap swimming is boring, and slow --- but I am doing sets - down and back in the crawl (before I walk?) then flip over and do the back stroke down and back, then flip to the breast stroke (no, not the one I'd rather do - the swimming one). So, I have a way to do the laps, change the muscles and stroke, and keep count, and three sets and one more lap of the crawl is five hundred yards. Yeah, I like that and the feeling it gives me after a normal work out on the rowing machine and the bicycle. So, next week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will finish with swimming, on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday, I should walk, jog or run (????) as the desert. I am still illogically afraid to run, stretching out... don't know why, but it is silly me I am describing.

Hmm, that ice water with apple cider vinegar is pretty refreshing. When I finish this glass it is back to cutting the grass in the backyard.

So, I have come to the conclusion about the efforts to modify the RWVA and Appleseed to attract more folks - if it doesn't make me ashamed, sick or stupid I will continue to work the Appleseeds and work on marksmanship and heritage one or two shooters at a time. I was not the guy they wanted to attract back to work with them anyway (some days I think I could be the one driving everyone away - but then I remember the smiles - and Heather's happy hug - gosh, she scared me). What I like doing, I am going to continue. We all should.

I found out I have been remiss in finding a writer about the country I knew so well - not that I really know the mountains of Pennsylvania, but I lived there an important bunch of my life starting. Anyway, his name is Roy F. Chandler. I want his Pennsylvania frontier stuff, but he also was big in the shooting/sniping gun world. You can tell how little I pay attention to who writes what. Anyway, Arrowmaker, Pennsylvania Frontier Series Book 1. I have it in my kindle, what is your excuse? Intervals, change up and keep going up hill until you have to start down.

What made America great was that everyone could change their story, their life and build it better... what makes us weaker is that no one believes that enough in the elite political class, the underprivileged, and the media. So many Nay-sayers make a country weak. Just think if King Saul hadn't found a humble but willing servant of the Lord, a teenage shepherd from Jesse's house.  There is a time, there is a season, turn, turn...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We all seem to want the same thing...

   Millions of Moms Against Gun Violence, oops, that isn't their name is it? Anyway, I agree, there shouldn't be any unsafe firearms anywhere in my country. But I don't agree that a Bread/coffee selling company denying service to true Armed Americans (their right, exercising it is their privilege) is a money maker, and certainly won't keep the bad boyz away - can U text Flash Mob - unarmed Yuppies needing taken down at: fill in the bread shoppe nearest you, they ain't carrying.

   I am sure, seeing how many police SWAT raids and shootings are just over stepping FEARS gone wild, that having the government in charge of firearm safety is a poor choice. We all must be in charge of firearm safety. We all live on the same planet, we all have those we love, those we work for and those that must be defended against evil and terrible ugliness.

   Deciding that restricting and prohibiting drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind will work - is an already defeated reliance on the law, enforcement of the same and the desires of the down trodden. You have to improve the human morals, you have to make right and wrong mean what is wrong isn't just this time but for all time. And the way one loses self worth, or life or respect for life is dangerous... need to fix that. It has never been about the guns, the drugs, the sex, the money, the alcohol -- it has always been about the no value in the life and the potential of good in everyone.

   I will honor the bread maker wanting to be in a gun free zone, I won't darken his doors. I would honor my Concealed Carry Permit - you will never know I am carrying. But for sure, ladies and gentlemen, I will not calm your fears for 'the foolish flee when no one pursues' it is all in your head. And the former Mayor's big bank account. Are there really a million of you? - hard to believe there are so many silly folks sometimes.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Travel light, freeze at night...

 Operational wisdom from paratrooper daze.

   I don't fly around much anymore, getting old, and the entire TSA from DHS was silly, intrusive and frustrating - so I would rather get on the Trusty Triumph and sleep on rest stop picnic benches across the country.  But sometimes, when you have to be there, you go by air.

   I had to cross into the protected zone twice in the last week. The efficiency has improved, or I was traveling at not peak travel hours (yep, go late come back early). But we slid through the lines and agents smoothly. Don't know how they award Pre-checked status but my wife got it twice, and I was so blest once. My pacemaker and bulging belly make sure I am scanned by ghost radar, I have no idea, put your feet there hold your hands above your head so, and wait. Thank you, sir. No, I don't want a copy emailed to my friends on Facebook. Bad enough the NSA and DHS have to file it and match it to the last data.

  The good part of the airport is always beyond the security screening gates.  Lots of food and drink choices, gift shops and book stores.  But the best part will always be baggage pickup where you might be greeted by people that expect you and want to help - the last time you saw such people was when they helped drop you and your luggage off at departure/ticketing.

  I was flying United and associated lesser carriers. The take offs were roaring, the landing bumpy (but I always compare to my father's landing - which I am sure he liked to make so smooth) but all safe, and we would get to walk away. Limited first class seating, business class has disappeared on the flights I would get on -- what happens when one is fugal (read cheap!) - economy. The airline is in business to make a profit, and they do, the seats are smaller, leg room less unless you want to buy a little (VERY!) stretch room, as I walked out of the last airplane I notice the aisle is just wide enough for one more seat, and they could swim through the air above as soon as the anti gravity units start working -- the next Boeing project I have heard about.  But most of all, there were never any empty seats, none. Everything was full. At the price of aircraft, fuel and operations they have to be.

   I had much more room on the transit bus, which is how frugal and wife get to and from the airport without the participation of the parking garages. But the government run bus services are also where lots of public assisted folks ride - I have no idea if there is a government program for the poor in public assisted travel on commercial air - unless one looks at the business tax breaks, military, and government agency tickets that come from the tax payers.

   Well, I had best get real serious about that body beautiful project, I was brushing the seats on both sides of the aisle as I loaded my lard and unloaded my lazy moving about. Yes, walking across the country could make me slim again. That statue of the Minute Man is the way one ought to look in the RWVA. Lean, mean, fighting machine... oh, don't those fool paratrooper thoughts ever bubble up?  Then again, if I carried a musket and possibles - I might be given more room?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Good trips are worth mentioning in dispatches... the truest honor.

  There was once an army of Regulars of the good King George and his many variations, that found a lot to be truly proud of being mentioned in dispatches from the front, to the court or to the home office. Now, wearing the ribbons or the medals are a public display of merit or achievement, I like to think my highest honor were to be thought well of by those that were there and actually know what they think they saw me do. This trip has been full of great things.

 I had conversations, deep ones with my wife as we finished meals with nowhere to run, no schedule to fulfill, place to be or were surrounded by people that would not care what we were doing in public. There is a lot of freedom in that place, although, it reminded me of my mother having to take a picture of me holding my wife's hand - she had never seen any public
display of affection between us - none that she could see through her idea of what my life should be like. If she had to write about it - she was always writing a story about everything around her.

  I was privileged to escort my wife to a formal military dinner for my son and his classmates and catch a picture of his advisor giving him the certificate (diploma) for the course. I met many fine men and women, currently in uniform - can you say the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Joint Chief of Staff ? He was truly interesting, kind and fun. My son's classmates were also polite, sharing and considerate - in the end I am happier with the current military than the media or most of the American public (although most of the public that knows people in the service or that had served before have a better idea than the media). Really, a very satisfying evening with my son and those he has been with these last few weeks. He looks so much better in his mess whites than I ever did in my mess blues - and I don't know the proper term for any Navy uniforms.

  He took us to visit Concord and Lexington and Battle road, found a museum that I hadn't thought to visit that had some very neat stuff I wouldn't have seen otherwise, with a helpful young woman that would have allowed me to exchange knowledge on North Bridge all day. We hit the best of the Friday got to go to the weekend commute, which was moving but frustrating - he held us together and returned us to the safety of the motel and we said good-bye until the next visit to his home.

  I have some real idea about how to improve my Three Strikes, and the Appleseed event on the getting the folks out of the deck chairs. I needed more time with those that really don't know who, where, when and definitely WHY, the loyal subjects of the crown would decide that being treated as not capable of Liberty because of birth or lineage was just stupid and must resisted by all means necessary.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weathering the campaign hat... sweat into it.

  So I take off early to apply my body to moving swiftly nowhere at the YMCA, and I had a total of 17 miles, only 6.2 were on the rowing machine - while the Zumba class cavorted on the basketball court below me... I have always wanted to use 'cavorted' in a sentence... thank you, Zumba class. Talked to the old guys, cause I ares one, one wanted to use my military ID so he could fly to Rome and visit the Vatican. I mentioned that lending someone else our IDs was against the rules, and that I have already seen it. Did he want me to buy him a ticket?

   I showered and came back home still old and fat, but happy that all I had to finish was packing, mowing, dressing and leaving.  I can handle that. So I put on work clothes and the campaign hat, and sweated away the mowing. Since my wife had locked the gates to the front yard, I didn't have to do it, but will have to fix it all when we return. With the mower put away, I brushed the campaign hat off, sun, dust and debris must have an opportunity to age properly.

   Looked for love on the internet, still sadly lacking (one would question if the internet was a real human endeavor) so I await the awakening. As I ate my mostly vegetable and tomato lunch, I saw that someone thinks somebody ought to do something about ISIS - and they keep mumbling and waiting for leadership. I laugh. They also find it will really cost a lot of money to put those children in schools, they came without tax payers attached. I laughed. The media loves only certain candidates for President in 2016, but hasn't admitted that the Democrats and Republicans are having so much trouble getting to November of this year.  Not enough drama, not nearly enough. I laughed. They have missed entirely the event that started somewhere off their director's plot outline... and that will be the problem they aren't prepared for, all too soon. And, I will laugh.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Good morning, September, how is the world today?

Have finished the first five of twenty-one virtual bicycle tour runs for this month, Sunday I normally don't go to the YMCA, but the others I would have, but I am traveling the friendly skies to visit the site of the start of the end. Lexington and Concord. How far they have fallen. It should be interesting. We are actually going to see my son, and have dinner as he finishes the Navy Enlisted Course - I don't know what it actually called (the U. S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy). Which is kind of cool, my father mother and one niece (Sherry), my wife and I got to view his graduation review in Great Lakes when he completed his first training. I was even stunned to hear him sing a solo - the boy that wouldn't sing in church hardly.

   Sherry assembles bombs for the Air Force against our enemies,  in South Dakota. Although she was in Korea, England and Pope Air Force Base. Anyway, they serve well. Difficult to believe they have served so long already, and the places they have been and the missions and training... busy folks in uniform, glad I don't have to try to get all those ribbons and awards in the proper order, or have a chest to pin it all upon. I like my father's few. My son had some questions for the protocol officer or petty officer, I was only important if you knew who I was and I was working, otherwise it is best forgotten. Still, I don't hide anything, I am just not concerned, but they find life better and richer if everyone is a known entity. I will behave myself, I am too old to attempt stupidity and expect not to fall on my face. Just to be a guy, I will wear a very small reproduction of the Master Parachutist Badge. A small one. Mostly I will listen and smile quietly. Just glad to have some time with him in his neighborhood.

   For those still of the mindset that things are better than they have ever been. I have doubts but don't want to trouble y'all about them. My grandfather that lived and grew up in California wouldn't recognize it today. My other grandfather wouldn't recognize much either. Guess I can clean up and prepare to pack up for the trip. Heavens, when I go back to Ligonier, Pennsylvania or Albert Lea, Minnesota I hardly recognize the places or the people - the only reason they don't feel the need to lock me up or subdue me, is I listen and smile quietly - the moment they feel otherwise - it is all over.