Saturday, August 29, 2015

Seems to be major image problems... fed by media hype.

   There is a fine fellow out there blogging privately on about his views and for sure he had some about the NRA and the sticker many members put on the back of their automobile. Here.
Almost needless to say, Facebook posting of the blog put his blog up for attack from the gun goofs, those of us that would laugh at his fears wouldn't add fuel to his fire. Anyway, it didn't take long for the perception that he was in even more danger to bubble up in his mind and he went private and the post is inaccessible. Nicki at the Liberty Zone wrote a thoughtful rebuttal to his words and fears. Here.

   As I discuss the coming end of the world with my wife, in front of the cable monitor I remind her and myself that what is on the cable will each time shown be another new incident in our constant recording brain of what we saw and participated in. That normal nice people seldom get on the news nor in front of the camera. That entertainment media will sell sex and violence constantly, to bring attention to its sponsors and their products. The more you listen and watch the media the farther out of norm your perceptions will fall. Way, way far from truth.  We all have someone that watches too much muck, and it colors their lives. Unless the muck is from a local swamp, mud hole and is near the pig wallow - then it is real.

   Two terms from the antigun goofs - it will be like the 'wild west' when everyone has a gun, and 'I support the 2nd Amendment but...' both based on false information in their minds. If they tell you they support the 2nd Amendment ask them to repeat the words, and explain them. If they tell you it will be like the 'wild west' (which has been long an accepted media hype of frontier living), how did most humans die in that wild west? Hunger, thirst, accidents, disease and lack of the big three needs (food, water, rest) not violence. I won't tell you that there wasn't violence, but it was never the big killer. But if you are going to write a book based on the travel journal of John Archer, it won't be a best seller, if it was based upon his daily thoughts about crossing the great desert to get to Oregon. It would be in the University library or State archives for scholars to read.

   The NRA is blamed for a lot that it never does, but then even it wants more members living in fear of losing their firearms - and the people that want everyone to lose their firearms are out there, and working hard to deny them. So it is almost true, I would want the antigun goofs to have to carry a firearm to protect each person they denied the right to keep and bear arms.  But then I really don't, I expect one to take care of themselves first, family and community - in that order. And to live as if they have personal contact with their Creator and are in constant communications with same.

Friday, August 28, 2015

I am wearing two brand new knives today... I am only fifty pounds and a couple IQ points from awesome...

  My two knives showed up, nice enough for my work, will have to sharpen them a bit. For being a major German knife maker they were produced in China, sigh. Well, I have kept them from keeping them until the migration. On Korean news, their President (a woman) was announcing that they would recover from the recession with hard work and virtuous conduct and calm. But Americans haven't figured out they are riding on a bubble and haven't any liquid to make more with... Ah, it will be ugly.  My only advice is to pay off all debts and be prepared to buy land with all rights.

  My progress in fitness was twenty more miles at the YMCA, took my wife to get her time on the track in. The rains were light, the air is heavy with moisture and cool, hope it makes it over the Cascades to the eastern dry burning and dumps a load or two. I think I will read Caesar's Invasion of Britain by Ellis.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Death by recliner... how recliners kill more people every year than guns.

  I have long held that I am dying by recliner use. I can ruin my health by just watching a weekend of football games. From the bench or from the bleachers or from the recliner - needless to say, I can see a lot more football in comfort from my recliner on a big screen.  Just have the kid or a well trained dog go get me another cold beer.

  Okay, you might know I don't have a kid at home now, nor a well trained dog, and that I don't drink beer... but sitting too much is terrible for your health.  My mother loved to read, watch game shows, and sit and sometimes write letters and poetry. She did it with more modern methods as the years went by, but she was the woman that walked to her car, put the dog inside and drove to the dog park, and sat and watched the dogs run and play.  My Dad would get the leash and walk the dog to the park and play a bit (throwing a tennis ball) or stand and talk to other dog walkers about whatevers. Then he would walk back. Now Dad went to his reward sooner than my mother, but all the elder women in my family are widows, just a fact.  In her later years it was more and more difficult from my mother to get around, we even got to the point of a recliner that would lift her to her feet so she could progress around with a walker.

  So, since I am not the slim young fellow from long ago and far away, and I don't feel confident enough to jog enough to burn up all the ice cream and sugars stuffed in my face by automatic stimuli response... I have gone back to standing at the computer, and workbench and in the yard.  For sure it is a big step in the correct direction to over come gravity, the gravity that keeps pulling me down... down... down.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Leader of the FreeWorld... or just another pretty face...

   The pastor was preaching with passion today, got so many of us fired up - I even told the Sunday school fellow I would follow his lead on Sunday school next week.

   It is good to get stirred up, for good things. My wife was working on food for the fellowship all day so I didn't see much of her in church, but we found each other periodically. Old folks don't do much bad, like to think they are so slow that all their energy is for good, would work for me. When I get to the point I realize how old I am, someday.

   That passion the preacher had was way better than most of the politicians and others running for major office, more like the passion of the parades of folks against Planned Parenthood. They seem to be out in force, would be nice to see some leadership, but I notice that it isn't at the top of the list of things wrong with America that we can fix, that most of us aren't supporting so why is the government doing it? Should be the question about all of those troubling things that just aren't right.

   I have decided that running as the write-in Candidate for President is where I stand - not asking for money, power nor sponsorship - won't owe anyone of y'all anything except to try and do my best to work on things that really need fixed. Government debt, value of the dollar, investing part of the Social Security Trust fund in the broad stock market (as soon as you say that, people start figuring ways to steal from that idea for themselves or to use the power of shares of stock to change the world). Eliminating large government groups of goofs, and just hire some experts for particular jobs.

  I am sure I won't win the election, since it has always been rigged for certain groups at different times. But then to tell the truth, if I were needing to follow a human in office for my best efforts - I would not have a relationship with the LORD, and that would be a very sad day for me and thee. None of us need the government, we designed it because we wanted to be left alone to do our best, and while we were sleeping all kinds of fools and folly took over those good intentions by the founding fathers.  History says we will always go wrong, just the way humans are.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Okay the ladies are now qualified Rangers, but not being assigned to the Ranger regiment or battalions?

A lot of people are making noise about the two females who completed Army Ranger school. Can anyone tell me if they both met all the physical standards their male counterparts were expected to meet? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Thanks.
If both met the same standards before women were allowed in the program, then good on them and congrats. If the standards were changed and they were "accommodated", then I personally think their completions of the program are nothing more than the equivalent of a PC participation trophy. That is all.
       Reply: William Earl Dungey Don't be so hard on them, they are only girls. Why the command believes that they had to graduate to prove something might be as troubling as why any women would believe they have to get a Ranger course to prove they are as tough as men. I don't have a tab, I just have the Ranger Handbook and I can read so I am as or more qualified to be a tough man as they are.   And my brother thinks one tough woman should kick my butt to show me they are better than I am, well, I am just a fat old man. But I would remain too dangerous for a few more years, even as slow and mellow as I am now.

   It is an Army school, where graduating is the norm and not impossible, they should be wearing the Ranger Tab proudly. And should know that won't do them any good in a bar fight, in the real jungle and all our enemies will treat them like they treat all American women.  They will be treated wonderfully by the press, by other women - maybe, by most people that know nothing about combat infantry and small units against stiff odds.  They will also be competing against the male officers for promotions - equally - NOT. Now they have the tab they will stay special, the first. Poor men, that have been graduating the course since 1950 will be second. And as tough and capable as they are, I am not following them. Sure if I were in the military I would have to obey their lawful orders, and disappear as fast as only I know how.  If they are great officers, and work hard and have real leadership, I really might work well with them... but they never had to have a tab for that to happen. You see, I know most officers aren't great, many are just good, and then there are the really stupid ones and the bad ones and the ones no one wants to be around.  Luckily for the American army, that is only a small percentage, very small.

   But the other truth they know and you should know, too. That PFC Smith did everything those two West Point officers did, everything. Also that in combat operations, infantry sergeants are supposed to be able to do all that the ranger course teaches. And if the sergeant dies, some one of his patrol, squad or platoon steps up and accomplishes the mission. This isn't rocket science.

   Two characters from Space Opera combat fiction - Honor Harrington and Adele Mundy - both women, both of noble houses, honorable, and both great fighters and leaders.  I like reading about each, mainly because the male authors treat them as female men... I know nothing about women, like them but women have other values and experiences than I.  Adele Mundy, is a librarian, spy and cold blooded killer - and she I understand best, really. Honor Harrington is the Horatio Hornblower of the Napoleonic Wars moved into David Weber's space future. Adele Mundy is much closer to my values and perceptions than Honor Harrington. I do read the same type of fiction and fantasy from female writers, enjoy them, but never find any understanding of combat, and way too much sex and romance for me to enjoy. And killing is just not the way it got written there.

  Remember, that the first two female officers to graduate from the Ranger Course and get their tabs, they were there, they met the standards and so did PFC Smith.  But it was cheaper to send him to the training than it was the ladies. I have to wish all the graduates of the Ranger Course with their new tabs well, hope they have a very fine future in the US Army.  So glad that I never went to school and earned the tab, would mean that I would have to think it was like a ribbon everyone gets for showing up, and that women could actually now be as good in combat operations as I, which I don't accept. But then I think women are very valuable for civilization, and war has never been civilized nor the best of civilization. Only godless communists and stupids from the PC crowd would waste women, so needlessly. I often am with the Chinese, you don't waste good steel on nails for horseshoes.... iron will do.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Have you ever been a young man, with hormon control problems?

   I have been a young man, love to think I was one for many more years than I really was... I was at a church picnic and another man touched my wife and I could have killed him, didn't but his eyes hit the BugEyed size that means 'deep fear and what is making you ugly'. I was almost ashamed of myself, but I wasn't apologizing - my world says if I touch a woman I had best be on my very best behavior. So, I have current culture problems with casual sex with 'friends' or cause some one 'needs' it... and a host of other things I am not able to discuss because I am a healthy repressed male - I don't fight nor fling as much as I ought to - just not PC nor current cultured enough.

  If I were to make the world a better place, all the males would learn to fight to the death and stop upon command. Really, our life needs warriors - not murderers - warriors. There are bad and evil people out there that will do terrible things for ungodly reasons. So we need warriors.

   Women can fight, and can kill, and it doesn't make me think that I want women to be fighting for me, nor that I can follow the orders of a woman that has rank or position over me in combat. Remember, I have been a young man, I have little trouble leading men into battle knowing some will die, all must kill well and expecting all the men to carry their own weight, and to step up and take over when I can't. But no women can do that, not for this young man, with this young man nor for this young man.

   So in the days when everyone has to fight to save the Soviet Union, the NVA, the Communist Parties of anywhere - women have had to put on uniforms pick up guns, fly planes or whatever and fight. Remember I said they can fight - but they don't fight nor lead men in combat well. Men attacked by women (all cultures) have no respect for women warriors, they treat them like meat and do whatever they want with them. Likely rape is first, cannibalism is next and last is feed them to the dogs.

    Seems that the Department of Defense is under the same stupidity that the socialists and current culturist where gender doesn't matter and everything must be fair and equal.  So we got our first two graduates of the Ranger course and they met every standard and will now lead other young men into combat in one of the three Ranger regiments.... NOT! But stupidity doesn't ever stop anywhere and it can strike for all kinds of reasons. You won't win any wars by increasing the number of women in uniform for combat. You won't. We won't, they won't but for sure there are two men somewhere that didn't go to Ranger course because we had two women that had to graduate so they could prove wearing a Ranger Tab means nothing.  There are a lot of soldiers that couldn't go to the school, they have to be selected and pass pre-Ranger, then wait their turn and go. Working hard to make sure nothing happens like broken bones or fever or drowning. It has always been a great course of instruction, until the cadets figured out a whole class could strike. Still, it is a great course, and I am sure that the two women learned a lot, I hope they write a book about it, but I bet they aren't really sure that they might not have made it, if they had been a young man.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

So, I don't seem to be blogging... what is going on?

   Good question. I have hit the doldrums... I can't even mow the lawn, that is how locked into just existing I seem to be.

   I have been cleared by my doctor to return to my normal exercise pattern, so he specifically said I could run. I didn't ask if I was safe for sex, the idea of pills is out of television commercials and poor old Hugh Heffner.  My wife's television gave up the picture, I went and found a replacement, smaller and much cheaper. I am waiting on some parts then I will finish the job and make it all better.  About the running, I will have to get over the unspoken fears in my mind. I am almost positive that the body can handle it - just the Earl I have concerns about.

   Well, time to head for a good sweaty workout at the YMCA, then I can return and see if I can do something productive around the home.

   Y'all have a great weekend, don't forget, this is the Liberation Day for all those that suffered under Imperial Japan.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

In case you missed it...

   FOXnews had a big meet the Republican Presidential candidates debate on Thursday, which worked very well for FOX and the people answering questions.  And because all the media is now the circus you didn't have to watch to know - who won, the best sound bites, and where the drama will come from in future debates. My opinion of Megan Kelly, Chris Christie, and some Senator from South Carolina is so low they won't recover. I was impressed with the lone lady on stage, Marko Rubio, and the Ohio governor.  Having said that only two of them would I vote for, and Trump has nothing but good taste in women and bad taste in manners and ideas about government. But you don't need me to tell you anything about the American beauty pageant to pick the next President.

   I find the EPA, in order to prevent a terrible pollution, caused a terrible pollution.  Didn't I say something about the government never being as effective as private business? For some strange reason, power projection I expect, the government and all its agencies continue to expand their control and impact upon America. What comes of that is very slow growth, erosion of the value of the dollar (no, I won't call it inflation) and a world and peoples that don't trust the nation nor the way it seems to be going.

   What can we do about it? 'We' can't do anything, you can take care of yourself, your family, your friends, your work, your investments, your property. You will never, ever be as strong and nasty as the State and its minions. But you are smaller and quicker, so keep quiet and move slower than one minute of angle per hundred, they should miss you being there at all.  I am more certain every day that Ron Paul was correct about what needs to be done to restore America - but am also sure there are way too many low information voters and too many dollars from the controllers to make the changes needed for a smooth restoration.  So it will be ugly, and harder and harder, and something new and better may come from the end.  Being a student of History, I expect bad things from more government. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Woke up thinking of hunting this morning.. cool promise of rain in the air...

  Looked at Facebook, marked as read and left not a track... said good morning to my wife, stood on the scale and decided it was lying to me, but liked the lie anyway. Didn't turn on the boob tube, was that so named because only boobies watch it, or the fools find the boobs? Although I would be uncomfortable with so much feminine flesh flaunted, I have noticed the Latin ladies seem to laugh more so they jiggle and makes me think Americans are modestly repressed...

  Back to heating oatmeal, milk and raisins - while making coffee, mulling that Pat Man had moose for his morning sunrise shot, his father remarked the moose with her two calves is giving the ranch dogs something to bark about, waking up, Idaho.  Break an egg over the oatmeal, mix, return to microwave for finishing. Get first mug of coffee and go do breakfast on the back porch. Spend some contemplation time watching the eastern cat sitting on my fence watching me watching it. I am boring and too big to hunt, it moves down the top of the fence going for the garden, knowing the mice have trails there. One quiet stalk through that jungle, makes me wish I had a telephoto camera to take some pictures, and then off to the side to act like a rock... that doesn't work the western house pet arrives to see if the stalk missed anything, pardon my puss....  I see coordinated patrolling twice then they really impress me with contemplation, compression and leaping up the fence in two different directions.  The coffee is good this morning, I must have made it. As I look above the cat on the fence a high flying hummingbird hoovers making its mind up... shouldn't take too long, it has to be a tiny mind.

  Time to pack out for the YMCA, a mind is a terrible thing for the waist. I get to watch, talk and think as I sweat, there isn't much else on my menu.  Could my resolve be there? My motivation isn't, but then I am expected, if I had something to say I might even be listened to... hmm, I expect to hear about the cost of traveling to Yakima for training again. Some of us are very much like a record skipping back... well, someone has to do it, and since it is for my device tech - I will go and try to make my world interesting. Yard work will wait, the moles are popping up all over.

Monday, August 3, 2015

the nation has lost its moral compass.

God grants life and y'all kill it and sell it for parts, lots of little parts.

   Planned Parenthood has donated large sums of money (from a nonprofit business) to the Democratic Party. They didn't donate a dime to Republicans. Now it is clear to me, that Planned Parenthood is EVIL and works for the Satanic worshippers. Or, they aren't evil they are really doing to the unfortunate women that can't help themselves by virtue (which seems to be a myth just like honor - current culture saying that real people don't have to have virtue nor honor) a fine service. 

  Then they list a bunch of medical checkup stuff, that many women got from clinics and hospitals and doctors - pretending that is what they do - some of those items they will refer you to a clinic or doctor or hospital where you can get that particular service. They will also give you counsel and answer your questions - kind of, cause they won't swear to the truth, just a reasonable facsimile.  In the darkness, in their depravity, they will provide abortions to women that consent, especially women that wait long enough that the baby parts are harvestable. Not that anyone wants baby parts - we don't need no baby parts, we got deaths everywhere.

   There are some visuals circulating with rich white women sipping wine and talking about techniques to save the good stuff and shred the rest. For free not for a fee, but being careful could be assisted by proper compensation, a donation for the nonprofit organization so they can continue their good work and support the Democratic Party and the Butcheredbaby Bunch.  That is what is really going on under the name 'Planned Parenthood'.  Killing the unborn for the devil, and making the whole world their fertile fields.

   I was more concerned with the coming collapse of the empty coffers of the kingdom, with the lack of care for The Constitution and the letter and intent of the law - but the real end of America was pointed out by Senator Reid, no moral values. It is the true danger, no God, and you can't save yourself.  End of America, and of everyone else, when the point of worship becomes yourself, your fears and folly, it is all over. Satan wins.

   Oh, for those that are willing, there is a way to save your soul (you have to know you have one, I pray) and to align with the LORD. But it isn't cool, hip, and never will be easy - cause you start becoming old fashioned and out of step with the beat of the drums...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Starting my day with tea instead of coffee... what could be wrong...

  Seems like my congestion has dried up, no fever, no headache and normal disgust with folks that think the government is on their side. Good morning, Sunday. It looks beautiful outside my window and begins a promise of better things to come.

  My son and grandson did a whole eighteen holes of par three and I don't golf, but wished I had been there to watch. Think that will go on my list, have to sign back up for flights, and get my passport renewed (every ten years, time passes).

  Not wanting to spread my germs, we will go later to church, but my wife won't allow me to wearing my bandit kerchief over my face.  Win some lose some.