Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What do you want for Christmas? The regular, please.

  Gift giving is great upon the event celebrating real Holy days, it has never been for commerce, although there is a real effort to make sure the perfect gifts are given...

   What I seem to want and have for many years in the military, is: Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men.

   Ever remember that phrase from a prayer now banished by the godless 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven'? Banished from the public school system, I am sure some of you are still using it in your devotions and worship. Or are you like a fine Baptist and making it up every time you go to the LORD in prayer?

  Peace, children, peace... is that the cry of the Sunday School teacher with very noisy students? Or just the old veteran that has had enough wars to last several of his lifetimes - no one told him the nightmares last with all the REM sleep... forever.

  I read with interest two school administrators calling for their students to arm or not ever arm as a true Christian should... could... or maybe Christ would. What would I call for? Peace on earth, goodwill toward men... Would I train you how to use a firearm? Yes, and as I told someone asking 'Is it difficult to train soldiers to kill?' I answered: 'The difficult part is telling them when not to.' I would also make sure you knew that I expect you to avoid confrontation, not to be a target, and to preach the Gospel to the unbeliever trying to kill you, run at them shouting "Christ died for our sins, repent and be saved." Of course, you might die a new martyr on your way to sainthood, or save those behind you that aren't doing anything but waiting their turn as target.

  Having been where my government said I should go, and performing what my government and I thought I should in killing enemies of us'ns, I have long ago come to the conclusion that you can't kill anyone that God doesn't accept for death. Really, my Bible has a couple interesting references to returning to life in it. Human beings, Men, are not the Supreme Being, not even close -- but you should be trying to be holy. 

  I won't tell you that there is never a reason to kill another human being, I will tell you try not to unless you are doing it with and for love... but that is a whole 'nother sermon,  and I am not qualified. When I think about angels, I have always thought about the most beautiful angel, perfect in every way and crying. Why? Why, because he is the Angel of Death, and weeping with love as he destroys the life that God had blest for too short a time... but then God will reward the fallen in Heaven according to His Love and the truth.

  What do I want for Christmas? Peace on earth and God's will for men... forever. Amen

Monday, December 21, 2015

So what are we, or y'all afeared of?

  I am hearing that it is the terrorists, but there aren't that many of them, most of them die in suicide attacks and they don't really reproduce.  I am not afraid of them, although I am sure one should be prepared and aware of everyone and everything around while awake. A friend mentioned that he was going to start carrying concealed because he thought it was all coming apart. I am not afraid of the economy, although I haven't had work since five years and ten months ago, I am sure the economy has been artificially weakened by banking and government policies I am not afraid of that nor them.

   When one of the non-politicians found that he could stir up interest and the crowds by playing to their fool fears, he did so. The press ate that up, since they could tell Americans were angry about many things, but what most people are angry about is the terrible mess the government makes of their world, all for the benefit of hidden puppet masters or some concealed cause.  No one knows why they do it, but the serving politicians can't all be stupid, incompetent and traitorous... could they? Once they go to Washington, DC they completely have a brain reboot with some strange software.  Or something.

  The fear of the bad government has been floating much long than any other fear, and as the government got bigger and more intrusive, the greater the little guy's fear grew - of the government.  Kind of like taking a wolf cub home and raising it, and as it got bigger and badder it was like seeing a fine animal become the center of your focus because it was too big to ignore and decidedly dangerous if denied any of its desires.  In the end, what you and I want, is up to you and I, not the businesses that want our money, not the government that wants our attention and money and time, not anything but what we need and want and what we love and want to provide for others.  Don't need leaders to make me contribute just a cause worth my efforts.  Most folks not living in fear are like that... looking to make our world better.  Seems others are constantly fooling with good enough to get some elusive perfection... which will immediately not be a high enough goal when met.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Only a week to Christmas, and I am seriously watching The Alamo

  Strange, we have received Christmas Cards and gifts in the mail, but I am watching The Alamo, to get a glimpse of the turmoil of the coming collapse and conflict between the old way and a newer better way of living.

   To me, only the disappearance of the normal talking heads on the networks has any holiday meaning, and they could be unbelievers just visiting Hawaii to get some well earned rest.  I am sure that the message of love of one's neighbors has slipped in the excitement of the violation of the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution, although like the Koran and the Bible the current reader sees things the last reader never noticed nor learned. And we will always pretend the folks higher than Us'ns know better than we lower than dirt types about what is to be gleaned from the fertile fields of thought.

  We can't run the USA like Houston ran Texas, but then maybe there are too many better qualified now and the clutter doesn't clear without conflict.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just dreaming, always dreaming....

  Great dream, kind of, last night. I and a bunch of motorcyclists moved a couple bunches of motorcycles from departed riders to another parking lot... I don't have a bunch of motorcycle riding friends, although the motorcycles are out on the road in appropriate weather. Strange enough dream to wake me up to pay attention. I realized that we had started out and ridden over the ridges just like my last ride from home, Darlington Road, Ligonier, Pennsylvania to my parents' new home in Morgantown, West by God Virginia... the place that would be forever after their home. I made that ride just having returned from Germany on my way to Vietnam, 1970. Tons of stuff on my mind on that ride, first don't get lost.
   Which ride got me to thinking about that long ride from my home in 1966 to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. Tons of stuff on my mind. I didn't make the most of that semester, no discipline  - since I am such a sad kind of fool - it wasn't drinking, drugs, dames nor rock'n roll that got in the way of my scholarly success... nope, BOOKS.  I read everything, all my normal pulp fictions and many classics and thought provoking.  I could stay up all night reading, yeah, what a lovely wasted college life. My performance was such I was put on probation, and I decided I really needed to go to the service.  Which gave me a whole nother chance to ride that motorcycle (a restored 1948 H-D flathead with the suicide clutch and four speeds forward on the tank) home. Which because of one major accident, which fractured my shoulder blade, kept me from getting in the Army when I was going to be.
   I don't put too much thought into what dreams mean, although my wife the country girl has all kinds of women's wisdom about them and what they could mean. They still have pregnancy dreams in Korea, and don't get her started, I seldom share with her. The Tacoma First Baptist Church put out the invitations to serve as a deacon, and not only my wife got one, she has been serving in that for a few years - not unexpected but they gave me one and told me to prayerfully consider.  Too out of line, not up to standards and the only church title I ever aspired to, in my mind, was Elder.  And remember what I said about discipline above, one wonders how the Methodists managed to loose me upon the world without John and Charles Wesley's core values.
  Ah, well, time to get up and get to doing... luckily no children nor little animals to care for here and we have our health, if I remember to take my medications this morning. I was too busy yesterday they just got shoved to the side.  I finished my day in the dark watching 1612, and drinking some warm milk.  Why is everyone looking so old on the screen, all the famous folks?  All my high school, college and first military year folks have the same exact youthful tomfoolery.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

It is a matter of survival... don't get in my way...

Don't cross the streams... from Ghost Busters.

  Amendment II  A well regulated Militia being necessary as the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  I would guess when we dress for church services we may bring a smart phone, but not the pistol.  But they are going to attack us where we are most vulnerable  - who is they? anyone that is going to attack us. I don't need to know anything more than someone is going to try and destroy what I love, and whom I love. That is all, the secular sillies and progressive posers may make all the worries about what causes them to want to kill others, I don't. I just have to kill them first as fast as they come.  For the free State to be secure the attackers need to understand they are going to die without mercy and will not win and bring down the free State - for I am the well regulated Militia of my nation.  It isn't my fault that the political leaders demanding power have abandoned the most cost effective and most interested part of the population by hiring professionals to protect them and their cronies.  I will look out for the little people, as best I can, and I am sure there are others, too.  For sure even Bill O'REILLY is hoping professionals can protect him, since he thinks the law trumps survival.

   There is increasing call for the citizens to carry when they can, the police and military can't be everywhere, but everywhere the citizens are in not a gun free zone - we are Americans, we are going to do what we are going to do.  Hoping that the law, the judge and jury, and most of all the LORD, see it as something they can agree with and forgive us for.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Leader of the Free World... or Pied Piper?

I would like to say that the President's speech has not made me go out and buy a gun, nor ammunition, nor get my concealed carry permit, nor love my wife more than myself, nor made me teach Sunday School.... I guess I am one of many Freemen not following the herd of rats and the pied piper.... oh, that sounds so good.

We might need to promote the telling of old fairy tales since Common Sense has been replaced with Common Cool.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Started my worship time on Saturday...

  by going to see a performance by wonderful people of Handel's Messiah. The three soloists, Soprano, Tenor and Alto were wonderful truly, the musicians great and the choir awesome. Then after some whiskey and space combat reading or was it video of All Quiet on The Western Front, a solid nights sleep... I was prepared for Church and my challenging Sunday School class of self centered children... and it went great because I let them play like children and gave the lesson to any paying attention... then sent them off for food and the rest of their day. When I closed the classroom and turned off the lights I noticed two of the young girls that hadn't come to class talking with one that had, so I went over to find that the loud noisy children had scared off the other two, so since they wanted to hear me teach the lesson, I gave all three of them the lesson again, worked.  And I told them that we would be doing snowflakes next Sunday School, bring their talents.
   Then I went to the Fellowship Hall to watch everyone eating seaweed soup and rice. While there I noticed Caleb sitting beside another boy and went over and asked if I could sit down, which was proper, and confusing to them - since adults don't ask children permission in their culture, they are accustomed to giving it all up to the elder person. So I was introduced to Timothy, and talked with him and Caleb. Caleb having met my harmless conversation many times had questions in response to my questions, and I had questions and found they had a good grounding in the Sunday School topic for the day and that I played different sports than they, that Caleb wasn't at the enjoying reading level yet, but he could do it.... Caleb's brother is Nathan, and Timothy's brother is Isaac, and I was introduced to them later in the evening meal period as I departed after with my wife. I also met Erin, who didn't know that name was Irish but wonderful for a girl, which she did know. She will be drop dead beautiful in about ten years. Think I will wear my Chinese field jacket with all my 'I been there patches' next time. 
   Since so much of the church was hanging around to finish some work with the Deacons, budget and future, as well as the youth training - I talked with some of the other Korean American men about whatever and had a good time.  One in particular had been a reserve officer, RIF'd at about thirteen years of active service, had been with the Special Forces and Operations, mostly in Korea where his language set was great and then also in the Pacific Rim. He was waiting on his youngest daughter, 15, and I noticed when she came she waited very patiently for him to finish his conversation with me, and he had been waiting for me to finish before he would pay attention to her.  As soon as I noted her waiting, I waved him off and told him I had enjoyed the conversation, I gave him one of my business cards so he would worry about me in the future, or if he needed my few sad skills.  He did ask about the Shoot Boss label. I explained it as I would be in charge of the whole shoot, and he kind of understood.
   Great day to finish off with a fine Football game as the Pittsburgh Steelers looked fine, and if I could have made that run and had a celebratory assault of the goal post padding - I wouldn't worry about the fifteen yard penalty, I would have paid cash. 

    Then I had to find out what the President was saying since I had napped through that disturbance in the SNF game,  my wife noticed my nodding off and had gone off the game, and I caught it all on the computer - he started off so well, then he decided the Assault Rifles were the problem with other people control problems that he was going to fix, and our first step to becoming a police state for our own safety has been announced and he wants Congress to agree.  I am going to the whiskey bottle, since it is dark outside, the rain is falling and I can't fix stupid.

   I think refugees need our protection, I think immigration and visits to the US should be easier and controlled, and I think beyond a basic protection and assistance everything else should be earned.  No, I don't have a plan, but then I am not trying to stay in power, to protect the wealthy and powerful from the multitude of the much poorer and more numerous normal folks just getting by.... when the middle class feels itself abused, exploited and under threat - it will revolt. But no one studies history and denying what is going on, will be just as effective as saying Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or British East Africa which became Kenya. After the Mau Mau got good at killing.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Crazy murderers... call them what they are: demon possessed fools...

  And don't forget to kill them and pray over the empty corpse...

 They will never be terrorists if... the media wasn't covering their criminal and evil actions hoping to get more fools watching to be energized to buy the sponsors' products. I know we should have access to news, but it keeps getting mixed up with comedy, entertainment and some of us aren't smart enough to know the difference.

  Be it the Weather Underground from Papa's day, long ago, or the IRA from great great grandfathers day, they don't have to give you their reason, they just have to die for their beliefs. It is the way war is waged. 

   And it is a war, but you have to know what side you are on, you don't have to know anything about their side when they start killing, they have taken the side of evil and they must die.  You can ask forgiveness of your God later.  Now, remember until they attack they are hidden among the rest of the population, and remember that 911 is your line to help some day. You need to know survival skills and help your brothers in their pain and suffering and against further attacks. Be armed, be prepared to be the real first responder (learn first aid, weapons and manners).  And for those that think others mean some racial characteristic or accent, stay home until you can find love in all the people, the evil ones will do you harm in all ways - crime, exploitation and just ugly.

   And quit watching television, except to laugh and sports, cause the news is always slanted for sponsors.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Been dreaming lately? or Have you been dreaming lately?

  Well, sleep is a constant, but remembering the dreams isn't.

  So I am doing a library dream, working in a downtown city library, and having a wonderful time.
You would have to work in a library to know the feeling.  Still there are problems, or challenges with staff sharing time off and other things like caste and qualifications and what are you producing for the team... like any organization.

   So I come up with an idea, a sharing idea, of how not to hog Monday off from one of my co-workers and she comes up with the idea that as a demonstration of good skills and faith (not religious but as a loyalty to the profession) a skilled library staffer can do in an instant.  For me the task is to get a list of materials for the logical counter to the Pro 2nd Amendment materials.  I would have done well at that, but it was disturbing enough in its intent to take my dream into a nightmare and I woke up.

  Once awake, my mind then went to how to have been much more deadly, and effective in the California shooting yesterday.  But that goes with my prior profession, and the fact I had already done the thinking on the false flag story, being only another effort of the militant anti-gun goofs. None of those ideas nor stories is worth losing sound sleep over.  I am going back to bed and allowing the professionals to  accomplish the task of making America safer.  The only perception my wife had for America, is the same one I have - you have to quit treating others as second or lesser class of citizens.  We are in this country together, and the world has as many particular views of our values and stupid as the media has been able to present on screen.  And it is very difficult to know that Star Wars isn't trying to proclaim only the white Europeans get to claim the galaxy. Could be a problem fixed in the next three movies?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Well, I have been missing but am fine, thanks for asking...

  Didn't get my morning coffee for two days in a row, tripped on the rowing machine yesterday and today tripped on the top of the stairs at the YMCA sending my backpack and handhelds onto the rug as I attempted to look graceful in the falling to gravity and not hurting myself or the observers that didn't laugh but were concerned... I am fine, just acting in strict compliance with the laws of gravity and motion.

   Since it is the first of December the last month of 2015 only so many days to finish the year off correctly.  By being in love with the LORD and all of creation, of course.

   I have a new bicycle challenge that looks like last Decembers, but isn't. Twenty rides of a total of 125 miles, the least is six rides for 25 called the Mini Yeti, the next is that plus eight more for a total of seventy-five called the YETI, and six more for the Grand YETI and a 125 miles in all, now isn't that special for December to remember? In November they just wanted fifty and I did a hundred and fifty one, the 101 extra were just cause I am old and fat and remember the 101st Airmobile... or because I did not care to count. I knocked out the first three this morning, because they were bite size and didn't even add to ten miles - more like 9.85 virtuous miles of sweating. My newest buddy came over to wonder what was going on, he had started me talking about Appleseed and shooting accuracy because of my t-shirt and I left him the contact material to Google and find his way to an event one day.  We talked scopes, ballistics and the effect of Earth on the shot...

    I showered and came home with a stop for accounting of my accounts, so I know what little I have to spend wildly.  My wife is out and about, I removed my teeth and put my gun belt on, and thought I should mention it on Facebook, got to have something for the government to trip over, since they know it all so well.  In their obsession with finding out everything about every one - I laugh, because my parents never knew what was next, my friends and girlfriends were often surprised and strangers hardly ever had a clue... and I was only trying to be the best me possible, and only shocked by how difficult it is to be that person, especially as you are still a work in progress.  If I were really as worried about terrorists as the media and government want me to be, I would have put my teeth in when I woke, checked the functioning and load of my pistol and then put it on, with a smile prepared to face what may the day.

   Saw a movie 'Best Offer' on NetFlix last evening, I do think I will have to see it one more time and stay awake because I must have missed something somewhere. Still, movies are all part of the illusion of what is normal, aren't they?