Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't cross the streams... something very bad will happen...

"And speaking of guns.....I have no problem with private gun ownership as long as it's regulated. Guns have great killing potential. That being the case, I feel if you want a gun, you should first show that you are capable of hitting what you aim at, 2nd show that you know the basic rules of gun safety and 3rd pass recurring BG checks for criminal and mental health red flags that might appear. If you want to own guns, carry insurance against "accidents". Pretty simple." commentor from Facebook.

Ah, the shrill voice of sanity. Since I have met all his artificial requirements, and he hasn't - I get to carry a gun and he doesn't. In his reality. In mine, he may carry a firearm, a machine gun, a submachine gun, an anti-tank weapon, an explosive device, explosives, fuses and detonators, own a tank or a fighter aircraft with weapons, a submarine with torpedoes  - he may have anything he wants, because we refused the government to LORD it over us folks with good intentions.  

If you replaced gun with any of the other rights and then tried to regulate it like he did, no one would be happy.

Regulation and restrictions law enforcement oversight and periodic inspections have yet to stop traffic deaths - but they do keep trying. For some reason, unknown to people, what fails with transportation is going to be perfected with gun control? 

I had drifted somewhere in the universe where unions aren't an arm of the Democratic Party, the organized crime control of workers, and more stuff to slow the economy down.... and left a comment or two - and was immediately attacked like whatever I say had little merit. Now I understand why my brother gets attacked by my Facebook friends - he sound exactly like the ENEMY, as I do when I commented on his comment on that post... 

I am sure the fellow that designs his gun control hasn't implemented it for criminals already regulated from firearms that seem to find them everywhere. He also gives Hollywood and News anchors a pass on breaking laws about firearms all the time. But then I am also sure the person spouting nonsense was not a gun owner. I also am not a Democrat, Union member, and know more about the world than those I seem to have just crossed streams with....

A New Year's Resolution - quit playing with ugly, stupid and definitely harmful folks - they will hurt the world, with all their good intentions to cage me up where I can be fed, and photographed and made fun of.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The problem with being perfect...

 Someone that I stalk online (no, I don't really - but I do read her stuff) mentioned not being perfect and having constant troubles with the adjustment to that.... or so I think she said. So I responded that I thought she was perfect, but I have been wrong before.

  But that has bumped into my personal disgust with the fact that in a nation of over 310 million citizens, with a pool of eligible candidates of perhaps a hundred million men and women of character with a love of people, and possibilities that could be elected to be the next President that - the two major political parties and the media, and those bankrolling this farce are going to tell us the choices is between these twenty-two best qualified because of their quantified evaluations and the dark secret cabal wins again!

  When King Harold Godwinson fought William the Bastard of Normandy for the throne of England - at least they had God on their side. Now the way we pick Presidents I am almost positive that God is very far from the fray, no one even prays about the votes now... the Devil is into all the details.  Abraham Lincoln could never have called for 75,000 volunteers to conquer the Confederacy, but to free the slaves he could, which by the way was not why he fought the Civil War. He could free the slaves by Amending the Constitution, which he did with only a few slave states voting. Men march to war for reasons that may have nothing to do with why the nation has entered into the conflict.

  I in my quest for more knowledge about Boston in 1775, bought the kindle version of Boston 1775, by Francis Russell. I don't recommend it since the History is presented as if it should never have happened and why can't we all get along. Not written by a Whig nor a Tory, most certainly by a fence sitter. And I, when I read the author's name and other books, wondered if there were a relation to the owner of the Russell house in Arlington, Mass. Disturbing just when I thought that History was being researched and written well by both sides of a conflict (I love reading the British side of the issue recommending Sergeant Lamb's America and Proceed, Sergeant Lamb - fiction but good to think upon). But then I might expect too much.

  I have an idea, in my mind, of what a man is - mostly based upon my father, grandfathers and other men around me as I grew up like teachers and coaches, sergeants and officers, and characters from stories, histories, and historical fictions and science fictions....  Jack stands tall in fairy tales, Greek, Norse and some Roman mythology and fables, then the Germanic sagas... yep, but none of that stands for the current popular cultural view of a modern great man.... duh.One of the things about the myths of long ago was how imperfect they were - the heroes and the gods, how they handled things and often couldn't win even if they knew the outcome and what their enemies were going to do to them. And I did notice that sexuality was much more a Mediterranean myth subject than the Northern Europeans. Just my observation, I am sure it worked the same. Again, since I don't aspire to Robin Hood, King Arthur, Wyatt Earp or the Man with no name I would have to be content with my father and his, and they weren't perfect. Which makes my aspirations and ideals much easier to reach than trying to be David of Michelangelo's mastery... or even of the David of the Bible.

  Unreal expectations cause much of the unsettled issues in life, I want peace but some fool wants to make me do it their way. I want to be better, but they fear my becoming too powerful when I get my place in History, that wasn't defined by them.

  Americans are armed, they are always armed, and they are paying attention to what is happening around them without being nosy and interfering. Now that is MY expectation - but y'all aren't perfect, and I will allow you to not be armed, or always armed and still be an American, just realize I might live up to my expectations and be so. And the firearm, or weapon, isn't going to be used in any manner that I won't approve.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Time to review the year, 2014 is about History... hmm, just when one thinks nothing happened...

  I am so self centered, that I actually think whatever I did has lasting effect on the wobbly course the World makes through time and space, and humble enough to know - it ain't necessarily so. I have limited span of attention - me to other things (procrastination pile will grow as soon as I get around to it), and other things to me (was that a pothole or a speed bump we just sped across?). So quickly forgotten.

 Cousin Everett Dungey World War II veteran, glider command in England, and not enough known about his service. Not enough interest in following generations, or he didn't think it was a great story, or he just didn't want to talk about it - his family and future were to be secured. Wish I knew, but then my conversations with my own father about his war, were full of missing the action - we talked about the present, a little about my future, my present and his and what to do about women... the wonderful ones we married and then... I so do wish my son, father and I could have sat around a day or so before my son got married to talk. It would have been great. It couldn't have happened, it wasn't on the ladies' schedule of events for the wedding and my father had already gone to glory..

  So in general, I am still not working, am retired, paying off the home's mortgage, still trying to prepare my wife for my departure. Still marveling over how quickly children grow, and wondering why each generation has to think they have invented a better way ... only an illusion of not knowing it has been done before better.

  I did get the pacemaker, twice placed properly, and it seems to work very well. I haven't started running again, but I do exercise at length so probably could.

  I have all the Appleseed clothing I will ever need for instruction and seventh stepping. I have fine firearms in the three calibers I decided was enough for my needs and desires. My Appleseed year was pretty good, and 2015 should be even better.  Links are always there on the left of the page, yes, I do go back and re-look at them, and there must be special computer trolling programs lifting photos and comments regularly, no one needs that many looks at photographs, do they?

  I have had a very solid year in my wife's church, the Men's Bible Study group, and the Sunday School and Pastor Oliver's sermons have opened my mind to more than I knew, and that is always a great thing. Will miss Pastor Oliver as he moves on.

  In the end this thought process was started by a sudden realization that I have made an impression along the way.  ''Wish I was making a difference like you are with Marksmanship."  There are some future conversations about that to come, I hope. But for sure the comment is a wonderful observation surprise. Thank y'all for being around, making my world better than I could without you.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day... what did I get for Christmas...

 Biblical wonders  Isaiah 9:6, sent by a cousin on Facebook;
     For a child will be born for us,
     a son will be given to us,
     and the government will be upon His shoulders.
    He will be named
    Wonderful Counselor, Might God,
    Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

A Throwback Thursday photo of the 82nd Christmas Card from 1944

  to which I added my Christmas Card from 1990, Desert Shield.

Which meant I went into the mail home piles, I stopped at 1990, looking through lots of  'FREE' mail from Saudi Arabia and Iraq,  Which got me to some of my son's letters to me, and his artwork, and stuff from long ago and far away.... I refused to go back and look at the Vietnam era stuff, didn't like the last time I was there, looking for something my son wanted to know about. Seems I didn't like that fellow writing those letters much.

Came back out and scanned the Christmas Card from '90, missed the call from my son, figure the computer isn't working because the North Koreans are upset at me, and President Obama went golfing in Hawaii for the holy days - they must really be angry at being so ignored. Kind of like the American people...

enough political nonsense for today.  I have my Warhammer 40.000 symbol for my IMPERIAL Space Marine FORCE.  Angels of Anarchy (Unnumbered chapter)

I am almost back to painting small warrior figures from fantasies of youth...

My wife is passing up on going out with one of her lonely friends to make sure I have dinner - turkey and ham, and all the trimmings. A wonderful woman, a lady and my love....

My response to my cousin's Biblical reference above, was that the government forgot Whose shoulders it was to 'be upon'.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Season... blahs...

  I took the day yesterday and hibernated, just dropped out and lost myself. Hmmm, and no one noticed. It is the time to celebrate and get back into the darker part of the cave, Spring is weeks and months away, and although the bulbs are popping up in the garden, they won't get large nor bloom without warm and much more sunshine. It did seem to rain and drip all night long, but I was sleeping through it.

  People talking about going to see the Interview, for patriotic reasons. I pass, I want to see three others, two about WWII when patriotism was real, on all sides of that conflict. I am thinking about the New Year, already, since we are changing the calendars and time for tax preparation and paying off debts. You know, what the Federal Government doesn't do, ever. Well, actually back in the day, when the Treasury had obligations they did pay off the debt. But now we have dollars made of air, no one worries, there was never enough gold or silver, but we have lots of air, much of it hot air.

  I noticed the Swiss Banks are going to charge negative interest about .25 of one percent on accounts to stimulate a drying up of deposits. Too many folks stashing money in the banks, the Swiss ones, because they think they will be safe there. With the banks in America borrowing money from the Federal Reserve and not needing deposits and assets on hand, they don't pay interest on deposits or very little, and the government taxes that little gain along with everything else. So negative interest is here until the depositor and his deposits become important again. Ever? I am sure that you have been stashing your excess in the market and causing the rise in the HISTORIC levels of value... I would tell you that the dollar doesn't buy what it once did, but then much of what we buy wasn't there long ago, and far away. Nice that oil prices have come down a bit.

   About time to head out to the YMCA, for many virtual miles of sweat... hundreds of years ago there was enough real work to be done - now, not so much. Winter...

Monday, December 22, 2014

What is your chant, today?

 Seems very easy for the big movers and shakers to forget that they incited the riot, or the assassination, or the revolution... it couldn't be that someone thought what they heard was troubling but true - that police are racist, that kill a cop was a great thing and that some things in the different cases of unarmed fools getting killed by highly skilled representatives of the government goodness must be obeyed. I do know it was really lucky that Maryland has good gun control and no stupid fools could try to shoot an ex-girl friend and then drive to New York faster than an electric transmission to kill two cops - which he didn't know, had no beef with, and hadn't even been introduced to... just the uniforms in the police marked automobile.. A fine target defined by rage and anger, exploited by mainstream media (presenting a over reaction by police causing death to the almost innocent and causing marching and mayhem in the street to sell commercial time on cable) and even the city Mayor had cast doubts on the professionalism and good will of his policemen...

  Mike Rowe says one must submit to arrest and police control --- but that got lots of folks killed in NAZI Germany, Communist Russia and Cambodia.... perhaps in Cuba, too, our relations haven't been established long enough to know, yet. I do know that many police forces are starting to feel like targets, from Constitutionalists (poor Eastern Washington), or drug gangs, or wild crazy fools, or their own lost politicians looking for more votes. I have only one thing to say to them, like all uniformed services that protect and defend our country and its best and brightest hope -- yours is a thankless task, you will always be needed, always be expendable, and always be lauded by those too feeble and too frightened and too foolish to stand with you for decency, respect and good sense.

  I commented on another forum, that I trust ninety percent of the police force, but only ten percent of the elected officials - that I don't trust any of the government employees to do their best work for me, but am so happy when I discover one working wonders (think Post Office during the holidays) My chant will never be that I have to kill cops, start off by changing the chant to law enforcement, then change the laws to reflect our total population - think about it. Big money buys political powers - and it does not matter what my brother says, the NRA is not owned by the firearms industry, the Republican Party or Blue Dog Democrats... I think Wayne owns it, he would help by becoming a retired adviser about five years ago... but like politicians that should move out, he has become his most important product. Does he shoot? Has he taught anyone else to shoot well and safely, lately?

  I can't tell you, I think he shoots because someone comes by and has a gun, he has a range and there is free ammunition. So I do hope he shoots, but my being a brave American, a law biding if it is Constitutional
(no matter what the Supreme Court say) then I am around for the better of the whole world, honest I would kill fools in most any country to protect innocence. But then I am a bit different than main stream culture... sigh.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to know you missed the culture shift...

  My mother was the BIG Christmas Spirit in our home, she loved buying gifts all year long, was putting money in Christmas accounts for all of us so we would have money for gifts. And in the end, she would buy necessaries (underwear and socks) and wrap them in Fancy paper to add the the pile of stuff under the tree. There have been a few great gifts that I have worked hard to give, but not as many as my mother. The holidays were special, homey, and never commercial. Seems many Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were spent days on the road going to Minnesota, to see the grandparents and have a white Christmas.

  One thing I never wanted was to waste my time going to a movie on Christmas Day or even just shortly after... I could wait. But this year there is Imitation Game, Unbroken, American Sniper, and Into the Woods. Unbroken is the one I will for sure see, and probably own, will likely own the others also. They make some great movies, often about subjects that shouldn't sell. I never would have seen Chariots of Fire, but just happened by it on video long after the theater circuit. I don't read reviews - nor had I read the book.  What got me thinking was the movie The Interview, about a comedy about assassinating the Glorious Leader of  the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Now, having seen the trailers - it was not a movie I was ever going to see, having chased North Korean soldiers and raiders in the Republic, having waited for release of the Pueblo crew, having an idea that leadership has to be earned... well, I don't think North Korea is funny.

  They do seem to have all the advantages as they struck at Sony, the Japanese company that bought into American film industry. I don't care about the controversy. I am saddened by what passes for humor in the film and entertainment industry. I am of a different era and miss Carol Burnett, Red Skeleton and Bill Cosby. It seems like I am avoiding much of the current younger humor, but I wasn't into some of the harder humor of my era, either. There were days when I laughed because the alternative was to cry, and men don't cry, difficult to shoot straight with tears fogging the view. Edgier comedy, to make the audience squirm - not my kind of comedy, I liked the type that made me think, George Carlin and his wonder at words and how they relate to us. Baseball and Football.

No, I won't go see movies on Christmas Day.

Friday, December 19, 2014

It is beginning to look a lot like... Christmas?

   Or it should look like Christmas, if some more decorations were put up, if there were lights on the tree outside, if I would have replaced the Christmas tissue box from last year with this year's model - but it stayed on the cabinet all year long... I haven't had many sniffles, have I?

  Call for the furnace to be checked and serviced, make sure the garbage is on the curb, put up the decorations, finish the Christmas card sendings, continue tracking the packages to destinations far away (lovely thing barcodes and scanners).

   Would be bad form if Christmas suddenly arrived and we hadn't prepared room in our heart nor at our hearth for a baby savior, or just the feeling of love that should be everywhere. Y'all have a very merry Christmas, enjoy and celebrate and the New Year may be bright.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Christmas Party...

It was December,
right after your sister was born,
your Grandpa and Grandma Dungey
asked if they could take you
to the War Dads Christmas party,
(the only organization they ever belonged to
other than their church).
We said sure they could,
and we dressed you sunday school best,
and put your snow suit and cap
and mittens and let you go with them.
We looked at each other and Don said;
"I wish we could be little mice in the corner
and see how he did!" I agreed....
Time past, slow for us waiting for your return,
Finally we heard steps onto our front door,
          and here were Mom and Dad Dungey,
and you all exited, so much so,
you didn't want to have to
take your snow suit off and your cap,
but your grandma proceeded to take them off
while you, all full of what Santa brought you,
opened up your package and showed us,
a little plastic donkey
with a bobbing head.....
of course your grandparents had bought it
so you would have something to open like the other kids.
It was a happy time and a happy memory,
(though I cried remembering).
... the years have gone too swiftly...

from my Mom, a Christmas story from long ago, and the people that made me happy and full of wonder have all gone on to the LORD.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I will not comply...

  They want me to lay on the ground with my hands spread - just shoot me, stupid. I haven't done anything, and I am not afraid of dying at the hands of a government that doesn't love me - actually fears me for my faith and my intelligence and my bravery. Makes me think that they, the government, are sure I am an enemy. The government is not my enemy, but for sure they are silly to stupid in how they conduct my government's business. They don't even recognize they belong to me, they think they belong to the powerful, rich, elite, lovely leadership class and the bankers behind the scenes. Ah, maybe they aren't crazy, just misguided and greedy. Any of them leave office as poor folks? Lately?

  I went to the demonstration We WILL NOT COMPLY with I594. My wife was telling me I should get out more, so that was a good place to go, guns were everywhere. Unlike Texas, Washington State has open carry. How did that happen? Family and dog friendly, folks were a bit weird to very nice, the State Police and the grounds keepers were friendly and helpful. Most of the people I met, I knew from Appleseed events, or were introduced to me by folks I knew from Appleseed events.

  I saw lots of fine firearms, and many that were exotic and some I would have taken home but then another shooter would have been short one gun. I met some famous folks, a couple of which were speakers. I noticed the sound system, and it worked perfectly except for one brief feed back problem, but quality voice - poor song choice, but I wasn't in charge of the music.

  As I stood by two of the fine RWVA instructors with revolutionary war flags in their hands, we got questions about the flags and why we were flaunting them. So the Appleseed Opportunity for improved marksmanship with rifle and sling was slung... one young lady, a competitive shooter from high school, knew very much what she was about, her mother liked shooting but not the cost. Still good talking to people about something I knew and could relate.

  I am already planning on attending the one in January, on the fifteenth. Midweek it may not be as big a demonstration, there were about 1200 folks at this one, but the legislature should be in session... could talk one on one. There was one legislator that spoke at this demonstration, with a message from another she read to the crowd. And where were you? In spirit you were there on one side of the issue or the other, but make up your mind.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Good Morning, coffee, and oatmeal...

  It is 5am, in the Real Coast Time. If more of the coast doesn't slide off into the Pacific. Last count was only three homes attempting suicide as they pretend they can be a ship at sea. There are always going to be more, they build them on earth temporary land - then come the storms.

  I have been building my reputation at the YMCA, still two basic workouts, the rowing machine for ten kilometers, and the bicycle for over ten miles, please. I have looked at elipticals for thirty minutes, need to get weight on feet without pounding again. Foot doctor drained the large pocket of joint lubricant that hides on top of my foot. He says it happens to folks, and it was a kind of clear jelly product - looks like good grease to me. Three hours later it starts to fill and gather again, looks like a different treatment is called for, will look at it again on Monday and call his office for the next level of cure. That reputation building at the YMCA is based on other old folks asking how long I row, and being very surprised at my calm 'over fifty minutes' response. But then I could be OCD type 'the boy who washed his hands'. I mentioned to the front desk crew, that the Y in YMCA stood for 'young'. Like they didn't know, and since they all are.

  Today, I am taking a break from the YMCA, to attend and participate in 'We WILL NOT COMPLY with I594' demonstration and illegal activity in Olympia, WA. The illegal activity is exchanging, buying and selling firearms without a background check. My participation is based on they never put the entire eighteen pages of the Initiative on the ballot, nor in the Voters pamphlet provided by the state. I will not comply mainly because I am not selling nor transferring any firearms by my reckoning. The State may see it differently, but then I will want a jury trial. The State is really not prepared to administer this law, since it has big flaws in language and how do they know which firearm belongs to whom? There is no registration in the state. Nor should there ever be, until the criminals using firearms for illegal purposes demand registration?

  On a very positive note, I started and have finished reading "Unbroken", wanted to get it before the movie comes out and I go to see it. And I will see the movie. I don't think they could stuff the whole story on the screen, but since they wanted PG13 rating, reading the book is better. Then again, I can read and imagine better than those that no longer do read and imagine. Mel Gibson did a movie about a book, and left the important second part of the book out, made the story a 'love story'. Hmm, as I get older I fall farther outside of the norm, i do so love that point of view and period of life - like exploring a new land.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I am all about me, and my stuggle to get to Heaven or get laid... or something.. like that...

  Just an old fat white man in the corner of forgotten blogdom, keep on walking, riding or speeding by... nothing to see here.  The big goal of last week was reached I finished the twenty mile bicycle ride (expresso,com) on Saturday and the total mileage of ninety for the Express Alps award, six days on the machine grinding the miles out. Felt tired enough that I went home without my normal ten kilometers of rowing (no Zumba instructor to distract me). Great week, since coming back from family Thanksgiving in San Diego and constant snow or rain here in the Great NorthWest, life has been fine.

  So imagine my amazement since they put me in a box, labeled it and called me names --- AGAIN? I was just cruising by on Facebook and I noticed two of my 'Friends' had shared a post that one had put on her blog. I have no idea who Mark Morford is, just like he (it is a he isn't it?) has no idea who Earl is... not this Earl anyway. But I don't put him(?) in a box and label him (Stupid Liberal from San Francisco and you know what that means, wink, wink).  But then I have such a fine following I don't make money expressing my stupidity... my mission is to make the world a wonderful place as it was designed to be.

  Mark Morford wrote this about Black Friday Gun sales (Earl doesn't believe in Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other things but you know it is just Mark being wrong again). Such a petty poutter, Mark thinks he really knows me - well, I don't thing of myself as a Scared white guy, those are the ones I would put a twang in my voice and say 'scared 'yellow' are you?' but then Mark would jump on that as evidence that I have a problem with Asians and I should get out more...  As soon as I win the Lotto I will, Mark. The Lotto the greatest weath leveling government program for taxing the poor and mathematically challenged and disadvantaged.

  Well it is time to go to church, pray for lost souls like Mark and his normal readers, they haven't a clue. It the weather was better I could go to the range and shoot after, but I have some good stuff to make my wife's life better at home to get done. So I will, but Mark, we will be praying for you and the rest of the lost boys.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I want to tell you about how it was in my end of the world event...

  The one that caught everyone sleeping, or seemed to... but I couldn't, the power was out. Facebook was dead, and you thought blogging was dead. Facebook doesn't work on wishes nor prayer. So, no one got my take on what was happening. Being at the center of my universe didn't mean that Watters was coming to put me into his World for Bill O'Reilly to make money from youth watchers. He knows that he is stuck with older and middler-aged men as his base audience. Add a few thinking women and that is the core. But the media frenzie was still trying to figure out the qualifications for the new ambassador to Hungary. If you spelt that as Hungery you are a product of the culture that thinks 'wanes down' is proper English.. I am so poorly educated I think marriage is between a man and a woman, or two or three or ... still between opposite sexes.

  So my wife welcomed me home, I had the wine, brandy and food stuffs she requested and she heated the  soup on the burner on the back porch. I was back from the civilized portion of Tacoma that still had electricity... and traffic lights and no Ferguson Protestors trying to look like deer in the headlights. Since the YMCA did such a fine job of wearing me down, or is that waning me down? I napped after the soup.

  I couldn't get the part needed at Home Depot, so I cannibalized another item with similar parts and repaired the broken and made the other look good. Function starts with looking good, right? The garage door doesn't open from the outside without power either... and the door bell... no one will miss me when we are gone. Since no one will see my missing posts on the internet over Facebook.  Think I should meet and have a final dinner with my cousin, hope the power is on at the steak house, tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How do I look, really?

  At the airport in San Diego, awaiting the loading call my wife said there was an old man that looked 'Exactly' like me. Being so in love with my own image, I always welcome photographs where I am a model of masculinity or some such thing...  so I looked and was dismayed, oh, this is what I look like to my wife now?  The old man, was old, walked a bit strange, wore clean clothes and didn't look like a hero and wasn't smiling at the beautiful young lady nearby.... ah, I will have to workout harder and more often at the YMCA, I can't look like that when I am in public.

  So I am on day two of my improvised plan to make me into the image of my mind... yesterday was a vigorous exercise period, rowing and bicycling, three sets of each - total of 26.15 miles in one hour and twenty-five minutes (don't I wish I ran that mileage that fast? YEAH!)  When I got back home I felt wonderful, knowing I would be burning extra calories while puttering around the home. Also knowing that how I look is important but not anything to cause concern nor sleepless nights. My most important features are an easy smile, silly grin, and calm listening to your end of the conversation.

  Still I like to look dangerous and competent, so without the wonderfully distracting ladies around I give you my best angle.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to spend Thanksgiving...

  Go to be with those you are most thankful for... and enjoy the blessings, and be thankful.

Left the dark and gloomy home in the night, parked car, met friend, dropped off at bus stop and rode the express to the airport only paying the Senior rate, a buck and a quarter! Get on flight, get off flight (yes, I slept) and meet son and grandson right there when we landed - flight was early and son and grandson were, too. Lots of bright blue skies and SUNshine, won't need that rain jacket until Friday.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Normal November in the NorthWest...

 Grey and wet, cool and calm, mushy turf and leaves, squishing beneath the boots, while watching the final mole mountains being birthed...

  My harmony with the universe is gone, up early to support my wife's adventure into kim-chee making at the church, so I go early to the YMCA, and find my locker room blocked off for cleaning - I won't get locker 82, so the heck with the workout, leave a couple of light complaints with the other few old guys that talk to me and go get a hair cut (I wonder why I even try) and pick up more LDL busting drugs... sigh.

  Two strangers are about to meet, they are watching and they know a lot about each other within ten feet. I hand my military ID card to the guard and he looks the vehicle over and the card and says "Does it get any easier?" (There is a cry for help if I ever heard one) and I respond 'What?' and he repeats "Does it ever get any easier, Sergeant Major" ah, he has a real question with some expectation that an old man might know the answer.... hmm, so I respond "No, it never gets any easier, but it is always interesting." and as he hands my ID back he agrees. "Yes, it is always interesting." with a smile and thoughts about better times. Both of the strangers thinking of the interesting times and better memories ages apart..

  Still grey and wet in the great NorthWest, and I am happy that my wife knows I like hooded coats for the adaptation to reality - rain pounding on my head. Lovely lady she is.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winterization... time is freezing but the thaw will come..

  Finished ironing the togs from my last Appleseed of the season - family, holidays and weather have my priority now. But I have some thoughts I should share about Appleseed.

  This is a great time for getting all your gear in top shape, cleaned and lubricated rifles, leather slings preserved (tong oil and saddle soap?). All targets, tee-shirts, and forms inventoried and boxed up - yes, I know I have heard we are re-branding, and although I won't bet on it, I am certain I have at least six to seven major RWVA/Appleseed operations before re-branding is finished fact, sometime after the NRA convention.  I have received my red Instructor short sleeve shirt, and the new flags of the Revolution tee-shirt, so with all the other stuff I own for Appleseed, I am covered. And Dickies brown, or sand colored carpenter pants speak Liberty to me (5.11? never heard of them - some yuppie outfit?).

  Winter is a fine time for reading, writing and studying - everything one wants to know about the Revolutionary War has been written by the British and the Americans - start making each of the three strikes a twenty minute presentation in at least two formats. You have to tell the tale to your audience, you must watch them to find what works - keeps their interest and perks up their curiosity. Liberty Seeds in the minor key would be good with small audiences. Not that it would support Appleseed and our day, 19 April, 1775, I think all instructors should know that Canada and Mexico have both had challenges in their History, some of which had to do with Mother Countries and much to do with colonialism and paternalism. One more person telling me that Canada didn't have to have a revolution to be as the United States is will be a tipping point. Canada stands as a fine symbol of English enlightenment and the problems with budgets - and like I said, Canada has had conflicts internally to make them how they are now. And Canada never ever wanted to be like the United States, just have a good relationship - neighborly.

  Lock in your schedule for 2015, like anyone except Coupeville and Douglas Ridge Rifle Club know what Appleseed activities they are scheduling now. So send out the letters asking, make personal contact, do presentations and answer questions and get ahead of the calendar as much as possible. Get one Instructor Boot Camp early, helps frame your knowledge with the rapidly changing ways to tell a tale and all the basic fundamental knowledge. You will also be able to make known your skills and weaknesses among your peers, with their skills and weaknesses. Might even make a friend or two, and homemade cookies are awesome.

   I want everyone to get really older looking over the Winter, for sure it is easier than getting younger over the Winter. And I have heard very few dandy young fellows tales -  although I read about Daniel Boone having two ladies that manned the loophole in Boonesboro (against the Shawnee and Mingo) because they shot better than the men, that was the attack before 1773-4. And since we aren't going to get younger, we have to get in shape for getting in the dirt, demonstrating all the positions, transitions and steady hold factors.  My advice for shooters, is five days a week, an AQT on the wall at the end of the hall, an empty rifle and a sling and go through the forty shots dry practice, six steps of making the shot, calling the shot, rifleman's cadence, and two extra sitting positions - one of which should be kneeling, with transitions! Getting up and down must get easier, but only with practice. Break your movements down, make the same solid smooth move each time. That is only thirty minutes, and no one is looking, although it would be better with a partner - you can video record it for self analysis.

   Don't forget a little stretching, exercise unused muscles (thumbs for texting just don't cover much in shooting). I think the touch toes, squats, push ups, side benders, squats, and arm circles and sit ups and did I mention squats? You can figure it out, along with your normal work, school and family and friend and fellowship activities. Plenty of time until that next performance, right?

   If you have real cold, frozen Winterseed and hearty crew and shooters - do have a Winterseed and give lots of those patches out - take tons of pictures and share them with the folks that haunt the forum never saying much, because someone has said it better, louder or repetitiously.  Have a most happy Winter, many holidays, and opportunities to excel await and I will see you after the waking from hibernation.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another great Appleseed weekend, six instructors, ten shooters...

  The weather was COLD and chilling, but not wet and the Sun shown brightly upon us - we could hang. For a spur of the moment journey into the neighboring state to assist in the Appleseed with an eager young instructor that I now know was a member of the Falcon Brigade and the Eighty-Deuce paratrooping division, during the troubles in the former Yugoslavia. Imagine, he only lives a few blocks away from me.

   Many of the shooters were from one of the instructor's work place, and he said something about trying to get the other eighty workers along for Appleseeds in the future. Sounds like a great plan. His wife would earn her Rifleman patch twice this weekend and help in the future encouraging of the ladies and friends and family - getting them to a firing line somewhere some Appleseed event time. Two other shooters would earn their patch also so thirty percent is excellent and the marked improvement in everyone's shooting by the end of the second day brought smiles to everyone's faces. Link to After Action Report here.

   Of important note (who is telling this tale?)

I, because I am diligent, was able to find the flint that flew off the Brown Bess while Katie was firing it. There was only one, so that makes me a hero, saver of civilization in the moment of need. That firing the Brown Bess was a highlight of the weekend, looking at those large holes in the target helped solidify the telling of the events of Lexington and Concord in the minds of instructors and shooters.

A great time to be on the Appleseed Trail, and making up for the challenges of last weekend's wonderful weather - the crew and shooters in both events make the reason for my efforts worthy of participation. But one has to be there to understand what standing for Liberty means. Hope you do, stand and understand for it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ah, nothing happening here move along... move along...

  Went to the doctor appointment today, nothing wrong, change one medicine. The nurse taking blood pressure and blood was shocked at how high the low number was, but I explained we shouldn't be talking about I 594 passing... and then we had a discussion about her lack of range time, since her husband has been using it as a boy's club type thing. Will leave her a trifold next visit for her husband.

  The doctor got defensive about voting for I 594, said we had to have back ground checks. But then he is a board certified doctor, and loves regulations and folks looking over his shoulder. I don't blame him for his vote, that was the plan - lots of lack of transparency in almost all laws. The people buying law and policy are all sure we aren't paying attention and don't know what we are voting for. Yep, I think they are correct.

  An opportunity to take a new Instructor in Training (IIT) to Douglas Ridge Rifle Club in Oregon tomorrow. Leaving his home at five - best fuel up and print out a copy of the COI. I am torn between staying snug and warm in my home and under the covers or getting up and sounding the cry of LIBERTY! across the border and the river. And I could get some shooting in. Do I know how to have a good time?


Monday, November 10, 2014

We aren't no thin red 'eroes, nor we aren't no blackguards too,
But single men in barricks, most remarkable like you;
An' if sometimes our conduck isn't all your fancy paints,
Why, single men in barricks don't grow into plaster saints;
While it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, fall be'ind",
But it's "Please to walk in front, sir", when there's trouble in the wind,
There's trouble in the wind, my boys, there's trouble in the wind,
O it's "Please to walk in front, sir", when there's trouble in the wind.

You talk o' better food for us, an' schools, an' fires, an' all:
We'll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
Don't mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
The Widow's Uniform is not the soldier-man's disgrace.
For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool -- you bet that Tommy sees!"

from Tommy, by Rudyard Kipling

I grew up surrounded by veterans, one grandfather, father, uncle and seemingly everyone else's fathers from my father's friends and cousins. Everyone was a veteran, and none of them considered themselves heroes - they just considered themselves 'home'. One should remember that. It should have been an indicator to my generation. My generation, the BOOMERS, had lots of veterans, fewer draftees that didn't volunteer than the media would say, and many of us would stand watch long after the current conflict waiting on another - professional servicemen and women. That last was not in the design of America, the military was to get big and tough and take care of real threats - the Navy watched the waters, the Marines landed and made large statements of policy, and the Army only became imperial after the Spanish American War, based on colonial conquest (we have to control them to civilize them). Have you heard that reasoning from NeoCons lately?

Modern politics and modern warfare changed the military, and its missions. Didn't change the veterans, nor how the military is treated. I expect many more foreigners in our uniformed services, many, it is a historic fact of all empires, and declining empires in denial of their fading famousness... their own don't serve much. Once in Rome and Greece, every free man knew how to fight and was trained as a unit in the national defense... when empire strikes the free men just frolic and hire the heathens, check on David's rise as a military commander while King Saul sought his death... veterans are a good thing, men willing to serve unto death to protect their loves at home, and they come back to make a better world. There are a lot, now in Britain. Germany and America, non-veterans in places of power, centers of commerce, in the legal system.... only paying lip service to the proud tradition of national service. Remembering comments about being an elected official was just like serving in the military.  Nope, it is not, and I am not going to tell anyone that service to the nation automatically means one would make a fine politician or statesman. 

I would only say remember their service, pray for their continued success in life, and be thankful of all those that have taken on that thankless job when others wouldn't or couldn't. But for sure don't allow Kipling to write another poem about how one treats the veterans, once praised and sung about like heroes. The Last of the Light Brigade.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why does he do it? what motivates him...

  Looking for that leadership, motivational, inspirational touches that make things happen. It has to be more than just showing up... 

  Back in 1968, or so, some North Korean Special Operations types - highly trained, politically sound - slipped right through the sleepy American soldiers on the DMZ and walked into the Seoul metropolitan area and into confusion, conflict and elimination at the hands of the ruthless capitalism fascist military might of the Republic of Korea. Well, one man survived and was kept political/military prisoner and zoo exhibit for years of propoganda.  He was finally rehabilitated, married and became a minister of the gospel, and a real nice man. Who is telling this story? Oh, me. So it must be totally true. Since I was one of the sleepy Americans behind the DMZ that they snuck through...

   Anyway, as I watch Korean television and the program about he and his wife and their lives in the limelight of the conflict between Kommunism and Kapitalism (K for Korean, aren't I cool?), my only thought as I watched how relaxed and at peace he is now compared with the frightened cool military operator of 1968, and they were really good. My only thought his whole life has been to make worthy the death of all his comrades - and since it is Remembrance Day and Veterans Day - don't discount how deeply you don't understand the vets motivation --- politicians would love to attach their power to that motivation, but they will never pay the price of the fallen comrades, they will never love enough to die in someone else's place. So the veteran understands and knows, and owes a good life to those that didn't make it far enough... it is called honor, heritage and responsibility... difficult matters for the newer generations, but historically always evident.

   What did you think the movie Saving Private Ryan was about? Veterans Day,. ask them about the men and women they remember from those far off times and service. Those are a building block of a veteran. Those that never grow older. This isn't Memorial Day, but the veterans can't live without honoring the dead daily.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Get together to repair the Federal Follies...

Just a quick idea, that is long overdue, the Congresspeople and Senators should get together and establish their good faith, intelligence and cooperation and do two things we can all agree upon.

1.  Repeal Daylight Savings Time - it never has affected the chicken, the cows, or the corn.

2. Have the President consider offering Daylight Savings time to the North Koreans under Kim, Jong-Un.

Really, this could be the start of real effective government.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Okay, State of Washington Attorney General

State Attorney General,

  I am concerned with my participation in the Appleseed Project, a two day rifle marksmanship clinic and heritage event the April 19, 1775. Many of the shooters at our events bring rifles to use that don’t facilitate their learning, and we have used loaner rifles for the day they need them and then take them back at the end of the day. This new improved control device to stop troubling transfers of weapons to people that shouldn’t have them, is not clear in our events. We aren’t really a competition, we are instructing rifle marksmanship.

  So, we would like the State of Washington to authorize our organization to have loaner rifles to use at our events. The state is the governing body and has jurisdiction over all state lands within its borders, only for the period of the event as a very temporary transfer for the instruction and practice of safe shooting on target.

Code Rev/AI:eab
 (f) The temporary transfer of a firearm (i) between spouses or domestic partners;
(ii) if the temporary transfer occurs, and the firearm is kept at all times, at an established shooting range authorized by the governing body of the jurisdiction in which such range is located;
(iii) if the temporary transfer occurs and the
transferee's possession of the firearm is exclusively at a lawful organized competition involving the use of a firearm, or while
participating in or practicing for a performance by an organized group that uses firearms as a part of the performance;
(iv) to a person who is under eighteen years of
age for lawful hunting, sporting, or
educational purposes while under the direct supervision and control of a responsible adult who is not prohibited from possessing firearms; or
(v) while hunting if the hunting is legal in all places where the person to whom the firearm is transferred possesses the firearm and the person to whom the firearm is transferred has completed all
training and holds all licenses or permits required for such hunting, provided that any temporary transfer allowed by this subsection is
permitted only if the person to whom the firearm is transferred is not prohibited from possessing firearms under state or federal law;

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.


                    William Earl Dungey

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You want change, well, it is coming...

  I was asked about I 594 and I 591, and I recommended voting NO on I 594 and YES on I 591, but I only had one friend that asked. So the big bucks folks, some that don't live nor visit the fine State of Washington, bought enough fearful advertising to make sure the eighteen page document would never be read, cause everyone knows it will prevent the death of one person... I am not everyone. Considering Bill Gates and his wife paid for much of the cost, and they have been known to have deep ties to Washington State - I do wonder if their good works have gotten in the way of good sense. But people do get old and fearful, maybe they are thinking that this will protect them. Probably I think well of their intent, they really do want only nice people to have the ability to keep, bear and share arms. Who decides who is nice?

  So, powerful people with fears and money, bought enough ads and advanced their cause to enough uniformed voters that could be swayed by lies and good feelings. That description fits much of modern law, doesn't it? Some organization or two will look to legal opposition, but real people, some of which shouldn't have a weapon and most which really should will immediately gain the weapons outside of stupid laws. I know that there are law breakers everywhere - only because the laws get too many, too stupid, and definitely too exclusive - so Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and other fool places passing said laws end up with criminals armed, quiet good people stealth armed, and everyone else just hoping dialing 911 gets a speedy rescue when one asks for it.  And the murder rate in Seattle got lower with concealed carry, but then the normal fearful anti-gun crowd thinks this I 594 will slow the murder rate down. Only a change in character will make a bad man with a gun into a good man with a gun. Even joining the NRA or a fine institution for worship may not make the character transformation happen, but I am hoping.

   Not off to the YMCA today, my wife says I should hit the yard and dig the french drain some more. All good ideas. Have said prayers for people in hospitals and under intensive care for falling apart unexpectedly, but that was the theme of the post wasn't it? You wanted change and then complain that you were better off as a brick maker in Egypt, and you got thin beer during the heat of the day, so water and manna don't really look good on the way to the promised land.  Yes, you want change, be careful what you ask for. It is like the weather in the plains, it will change - sooner than we are prepared. Shucks! I don't have enough friends to lose another in a hospital ICU or tent in some far away country fighting thankless wars unknown but to God. Be careful out there and spread a little more love, in all directions.

Kind of exciting watching the end of America, killed by stupidity... and kindness...

  I love to read books about America's end, not often is it because of outside influences, but godlike pretenders and their coven or clique or cult - depending on which persuasion they are.  It becomes really fascinating when comparison is made to the reality, or the contrast between what the author presents and the failure to account for irrationality of a free people. Most of the writing tries to see preparation as most crucial, and survival away from the government failures, and expect lots of sex and violence. Hemingway must have written the story - but there is only a normal amount of sex in real life, the violence is sudden and seldom expected, usually fatal and a story end. And no central figure will ever do it without the Centurion and legionnaire with the shovel and pick. Be it General Washington or Julius Caesar - they had to have lots of little people. Most authors can only work with so many characters.

  So I watch election news coverage - and not being a better on horse races, so I don't try to bet on the finish, why do news folks think they have a better idea than a straight count of the results? Why am I putting up with it? This is the same organizations that buy into global warming is a man made event, even knowing that the Earth has been hotter, with more carbon dioxide before than it has in any of the projections. They are smarter about politics... why?  If the projections work, the idea of tossing all the bums out make me wish the entire Senate was up for election. Oh, that isn't a flaw that is a design feature.

   It is 4:03 am, and I am up because of Congressional stupidity, Daylight that was never saved nor invested, sounds like the Social Security Trust funds - government IOUs? There is good that, God and I have quiet time to reflect and plan and pray.  The elk is waiting for me out there. Found an email asking for pray for a friend, and I don't have many. Found that some men, on Facebook, are planning on shooting on Saturday, with the intent of sharing rifles and ammunition - to thumb their noses at rich folks still pretending to own poor folks and fools.  I said it more like 'Rich people without understanding buying the votes of all the poor folks with without understanding.' I am going on an Appleseed this weekend, and taking a loaner rifle - which is exactly the kind of thing that I594 was supposed to instruct the Legislature to stop? Hmm, have to look up Initiative again - the legislature goes around them for tax increases.

Monday, November 3, 2014

What is wrong with those elected representatives? aren't they smarter than us?

  I am waking up in Daylight Savings Time, which is longer than needed but I adjusted last Spring forward. So I will now have to fall back harder, duh. No Daylight has been saved, see Einstein for conservation of energy - he never recommended this. It was an elected official with offers of something for nothing - which will get him (or her- no 'war on women' here) re-elected. This one thing, that fools engage in every year since we made those representatives in Congress important (in their own minds), is Daylight Savings Time. There never has been a real reason for it. You can gather eggs and milk cows in the darkness, or bring a lantern or turn on the lights. Hibernation preparation is also based on length of daylight, but we, will fight that for the opportunity to watch an evening football game in Hawaii four hours earlier than normal spectators at the game.

  So, if Congress is serous about doing good things for the nation, they need to repeal Daylight Savings time, they haven't found any of that daylight they think they convinced us they saved. If that were the first thing they fixed after being sworn in to office I might have more hope for change.

  Right after tackling the DST, they could change the relationship with the Federal Reserve Banks, come on the idea of making money out of air only works for the bankers when they are in control. In all other countries of the world, they have to get real currency for their fearless leaders when the system collapses - Swiss Francs, anyone? Gold? Silver? How about some of those eggs and milk for your children in exchange for? What is supposed to establish the value of our money in the United States of America - trick question.

   That idea is probably not on their list, Ron Paul isn't in Congress now. How about remaking the Federal tax code? Five percent from income, no credits no deductions and no adjustments, no lawyers and no accountants and no tax courts. No tax power for the Congressperson to barter for political power. Yeah, that will never happen until the collapse, which is closer every day - but I won't know the hour, cause I am still confused by the Daylight Saving rhythm and mythology.

Just those three things would show me that Congress is intelligent and going to do great things for the country, but if I were a betting man - I would expect that no matter the votes cast and the votes counted (lovely cheating Democrats and Republicans) the first order of business is to establish which fools will be getting paid extra for leading(?) that mess of folks that have just become more than civil servants and representatives of the peoples back home. It is all smoke and mirrors, not real magic.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good morning, Norm Al, how are things in your time zone.... saving any daylight?

I think I will go make some coffee.

And made my breakfast gruel and watched the NEWs, which wasn't much. A drunken argument in Seattle, four folks shot, shooter is gone but described. If I594 passes it won't stop drunken shooters. Put enough money behind a cause, tell enough lies, make promises that can't be kept (even if you were well intended) and it start to sound like snake oil medicine and politics. One may never know the difference. One member of my Bible study group called and asked about the two initiatives on the ballot. I told him the difference between the two, how I voted and what would happen if one passed but not the other. I then talked to the mail carrier, that once worked with me in more exciting times, and found he voted the way they told him it would stop the gun show loophole. In Washington State? What is that loophole? If you attend gun shows you know there is no loophole, but if you don't you have no idea.

Highlight of my last week in October was helping another fellow reassemble his 1903 rifle, he took the bolt out and couldn't put it back in and then it fell into two pieces and he couldn't assemble them either, well I learned some things. Everything I needed to know was a YouTube video away. Like I said, I learned some things.

Time to prepare for church.