Saturday, January 31, 2015

So January is almost over, go shooting with anyone, why not?

  If a well regulated militia is necessary for the security of Free State --- why haven't you gone shooting with someone. Rumor has it that the Swiss did, I know I did this morning.

  It is difficult to convince some people to spend some time away on a range shooting targets, some folks are looking for other things to do and conquer.  But finally, one of the men from church decided he would go with me to the range and we had a great time. He and I learned many things, about ammunition, shooting and each other. One down, many others to work on next.

  We did go early enough to get positions and targets, sure enough there was a waiting list for most of the morning. I don't think the movie is driving the desire to shoot, I still think that many got some improvement in shooting device or a rifle for Christmas and a settling in, and zeroing. We started out on sighting squares and found his ammunition wasn't powering his Ruger 10/22, it was only 750 fps, and recommended for competition indoor ranges and bolt action. He changed to Blazer and everything worked better, but now he was shooting high. Adjustments are the thing.

  When I had settled down and zeroed the Stevens 414 Armory model, single shot target rifle from 1907? I switch to shooting  a Classification AQT, the RWVA green coat. Twenty round, five per target, and on the first time through I marked in a shingle for the fun of it. My first target was 204, still a bit looser than I wanted. But then I did nail the Shingle low center, surrounded by black. Put up another Classification AQT, without the shingle and just twenty rounds and my good intentions I scored 232 of  possible 250. I was happy but chilling, temperature was dropping while the fog had lifted and long since breakfast and I hadn't dressed heavy. I changed to the Marlin Liberty Training Rifle, and loaded three magazines with five rounds each and shot at the orange center of the target. High left - change the sights (it had been used as a loaner) and then shoot again. Had a great time. Total, about a hundred rounds for me, eighty or so for him, all rounds made in Lewiston, ID, ammunition capital of the Great Northwest. Yes, they were all on target and safe.

Saturday morning, I know you are on the range somewhere...

   I have my copy of all the Appleseed Event shoots in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Will be putting them on my calendar to check for conflicts with other stuff that I need to do. One sister mentioned driving across the country (SD to FL and back) had gotten her over fear of driving long distance alone and might think about coming to Idaho to shoot. My brother said there were a couple members of the family that had guns she might use (we've been outed!) not that he had one. I said if Sherry could come up with a twenty-five meter range the traveling Appleseed show could go her way. Now that would be fun. I have been part of an Appleseed in Spearfish, South Dakota.

   Wife got out of the home early for morning prayer. I will grab another rifle and head that way soon.

Some nice guy from India called three times yesterday to tell me that I was sending too much data from my computers and he would help me clean out the virus or program that had taken it over. Since I had no patience I disconnected the modem, shut all the computers down and did something else, came back later and cleaned all the computers and reconnected the modem, then started shutting the computers down (two are off now as we speak) and I will shut this one down after this post. Amazing the amount of time to fill if one isn't on line trying to feed on snark, snarls and snippets.

   Do check your business cards for typing errors, this blog was listed on instead of --- which would have meant one or two fewer followers.

That is an old issued one, but even they had to be checked and re-issued when they were found flawed. Those were the days.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

crazy lady in the bathrobe running down the street chasing you with a potted plant

  It is that kind of a world, one day an interesting little female with a mind and a laugh and she turns into a "crazy lady in the bathrobe running down the street chasing you with a potted plant" lovely one at that.

  Probably too many males in her life... admiring ones like me.

  Today, as I waited for the light to change and I could continue home to my list of things I will do when I get around to them, I said a little prayer for each driver and I looked at them. It was good, and I do hope their day goes really well from that point, which was my point.

  I watched Bill O'Reilly talk to the new reporter on Fox News, former Navy Aviator, F-18, and she was great and humble and she was nice to Bill, cause he really doesn't know much about the service in so many ways, but he was trying. He recommended she write a book, and she came back with she would title it Killing Bill O'Reilly, which works for me, but I think he suggested it earlier before the introduction/interview.

  Still doing war by proxy, either in books or movies. Need to pay bills tomorrow, almost the end of the month and the beginning of February can't be far behind.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lots of talk about things one knows nothing about...

  Snipers, I was interested in becoming a sniper in Vietnam, didn't happen since I was on a re-enlistment bonus and had to work in my Military Occupation Specialty - so they shipped me off to where they needed my precision computing of big rounds on little targets. Could have had a larger score than many snipers, but it wasn't really being counted except by the enemy - since it was a team effort I would never believe anything except I got the rounds on target as fast and perfect as I could. I learned that going without enough sleep for days would affect my computing abilities and that as soon as someone asked us to shoot for them - everything else was gone all we did was shoot, moving ammunition for gun crews, getting chow for people that couldn't move from the mission... making sure it was quiet so only the important words were in the air to hear.

   When I am asked about war I tell them that if they read and study the Iliad, everything about war (as the Europeans fight it) is there. I watched two versions of the story on DVD yesterday. Helen of Troy and Troy, both are good films, but not the real story - although I wish I could merge them into a better telling, must have had a ton more money in Troy than Helen of Troy. The military action was better in Troy but the story was really shortened by nine years and a bunch of months in that one. It was a ten year effort. I have Robert Fagles' translation of The Iliad, he kept the poetry - I am not smart enough to know if he kept Homer's meter.

  Too many words for someone not working on their scholarship of the classic. So I have a fine condensation with illustrations: Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of THE ILIAD by Rosemary Sutcliff,  illustrated by Alan Lee.  Seems the book is selling is a newer version without Alan Lee's illustrations - get the Delacorte Press, 1993. Half price books might have one - it is a keeper. For free, on the Project Gutenberg eBook has the version I read and loved for many years - mainly because of the fine line drawings, The Adventures of Odysseus and The Tales of Troy, by Padraic Colum. I have his The Children of Odin, again with illustrations, 1920, but that was when men were men and sagas and myths meant something. Willy Pogany was the illustrator.

  If I were in charge, the books of classics, would have just enough quality illustration to promote the words, but not enough to pull you out of the story, I could always go back and look at the pictures. Well this was fun, hope your days are full of heroes and heroines (does anyone know that word now? or is it like Honor, just not well understood).

Friday, January 23, 2015

At 0200Z, that is Zero Two Hundred Zulu or 8PM Central Time Zone...

 Call in to The Squirrel Report, a pod cast... (you do understand I have no idea what a podcast is) and did I mention it is only on Thursday evening if the host, co-host and guests arrive? I called in last evening and left my two cents worth... it was all about me, although the topic list was right in front of my eyes.
Vinnie emailed me on the Revolutionary War Veterans Association forum, he really didn't like that my avatar was cut off by the software and so grabbed it, and modified it to make it great, so I thanked him, it wasn't more than an idea and I liked it and what he did I like even better, it is now again in the improved version my Facebook avatar - which means it is an official representation of me.

Having changed my avatar again, I then grabbed a picture of me shooting Ralph's 1903A3 in Custer, Washington, which was wonderful and before it was ILLEGAL to do so (pre-passage of I594), for my background. Don't you know I wish I wasn't so fat, until in the prone position cushioned on gravel? Yeah, then I don't mind.

  I need to get back on message, as I left the YMCA yesterday I called to one of my gym buddies, make sure you go shooting this month. I want to keep saying things like that in public, I want it to become a normal part of the conversation during the course of a week. Not something to be afraid of, and if you don't talk to the unknowing, uncertain and easily impressed by choice words and billions and billions of dollars the America, a nation of riflemen, will never return. More speaking up and in kind voice with the correct word choice there might be an opportunity to enlarge the not afraid of firearms community.

  If a person doesn't want to fire a firearm, that is fine, but they shouldn't be afraid of the firearm, I would like them to know enough to make it really safe or to get an adult to make it so. But then I don't believe everyone needs to fight in one of America's many conflicts, just know that they are going on and why. I also am getting positive that concentrating on the 2nd Amendment, instead of the entire Constitution and all the ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) is not effective and larger population is affected by the ten than the one.

  I am always going to be closer to anarchist than libertarian, because if the good choice isn't in your heart and mind, the LAW won't prevent bad behavior hurting others and their property. The law will only take more choices away from you if you pay attention to it, the best is to know right from wrong and do the right thing in all you do.  Wasn't that a Davy Crockett saying from Disney "Be sure you're right and then go ahead!" Will have to look it up, on my video collection of the same.

For sure, it isn't just for the police and military to know how to shoot very well, and to defend the political will of the politicians, it is for the people to know how to shoot very well, to be safe, and to make the political will of the Nation their own.

I like to see musicians, artists, authors, and poets working their skills and I want everyone to admire a great shooter, too. Not just the ones that have to fight, but the ones puncturing paper in competition or just practice for perfect on the local range. It is a good thing to persevere, to have patience and to perform to a point beyond expectations. Warms my heart, hope to see y'all on the range one day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Overheard in the locker room...

  You know the place where men have to go to be manly... cause the women aren't following them there, except in Europe and on sitcoms about fake people. The women don't really want to know what is going on as conversation there. They do just think that men shouldn't be left alone too long without female supervision.

  Conversations are about work, how it was in the old days, how it is now. What kind of workout are you doing, how is the program, and how are you now - mostly about health issues. Some stories and thoughts about the military, money, bankers and politicians in general.

  So at the YMCA I have a better idea of the State of the Union than the President, since he is surrounded by other people that don't know, are afraid to speak out, or are afraid to tell him or us the truth they know so well. Doesn't matter, the government has never been small enough to fix anything.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Weapons, new challenges... time is running... on...

So I have a Sergeant's Halberd, and being the kind of guy I am, I need to know how to use it.. it wasn't being used as a weapon as much as a symbol of authority by the 17th Century, and by the 19th Century, it was cast off by modern military in favor of more bullets and cannonballs, since muskets had bayonets and you could always carry a knife, axe, tomahawk or shovel for killing when the ammunition ran out or the powder wasn't dry. Yep, a symbol of authority. Still, since George Washington's Marblehead boatmen would use boarding pikes instead of muskets with bayonets, and one of his generals did an important night attack with unloaded bayoneted muskets - the idea that a halberd wasn't dangerous wasn't in anyone's mind.

The 1783 Advice to The Officers of the British Army, 6th edition, Chap. XIV "To the Sergeant" As by your appointment to the halbert, you are probably at the summit of your preferment (unless you have a pretty wife, sister, or daughter). you may now begin to take a little ease, and relax from that rigid discipline you observed, when corporal. Into whatever company you are admitted, you must be careful to impress every one with an idea of your own consequence, and to make people believe, that the sergeants are the only useful and intelligent men in the corps.
  I suspect that the comments about Sergeants, Corporals and Privates are humorous with intent.

  In the manual of arms for the British Army, and Baron Von Steuben's drill manual of the American Revolution period, include the espontoon for officers and the halberd for sergeants. The best depiction of the British Regiment in line order with a Sergeant with a halberd was in the great battle on Revolution, with Donald Sutherland as the British Army Sergeant? But like one can't trust cinema for realism with firearms, edged weapons and such are a very lost art. So although you may watch repeatedly battles from the periods of pikes and two handed swords - you aren't going to become enlightened by them.

  When the original Swiss Guard were hired for the Vatican and the Pope, they probably practiced with the halberd, but they have gone to guns for real, and tradition for parades. I am sure there are some guards that do practice and learn, but it would be an after duty hobby, maybe? Since these really are edged and pointy weapons, the folks at 'pretend' medieval faires and such are blunted and sheathed and often tied safe with safety lines of bright colors - cause they are sure some fool will hack and slash someone by accident and the law suits would follow the first aid fun.

  Friday as I goofed off from my normal YMCA workout I noted in the yard clean up, that the back woods is growing wild (no one is in charge and there are many trees and bushes that need my attention with the halberd and the two handed sword. One of my favorite Musashi stories, famed Japanese master swordsman, was about his examining a cut flower from another master swordsman and sending a cut flower in return - clearly demonstrating their own skills in making the stroke and understanding the other's message.

  Weapons control begins with a foundation, and balance, and drill, drill, drill -- and question, reflect and drill, drill, drill. Mastery will only be achieved when the student has control of self, then the form, then the weapon, then the situation.... and it is best never to need more than the control of self - but, drill, drill, drill.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Words do matter and maybe the White House it correct...

Terrorists are trying to make me afraid, very afraid. So much so that I will change my life to protect myself from their attempts to destroy my loves. But then, isn't the media participating? Doesn't the media say that only professionals are prepared to protect those things of value and my loves... if they thought my loves were worth protecting anyway.

So the White House doesn't want me, or anyone else to say that a commissioned officer attacking at Fort Hood, was not a Jihadist nor a Terrorist, but just a disgruntled employee.... yeah, right.

What I think they all are - are demon possessed humans - led astray by other Satanic followers that are distorting the Koran... which I haven't time to study, since I am still fully engaged in Bible study, have years to go on that one.

So, say a prayer asking for intervention, to cast the demons out into the swine herd to drown, and shoot straight killing the poor infected person, hopefully on their way to Heaven with a clean soul.

A jihad is a war of defense of  Islam, but like all GOOD reasons for some kind of action, it will be abused by political leaders for their own purposes. A Crusade is to take up the cross (Christianity) to defend against those wanting to attack that religion -- historically the people out to convert the world to Islam, or against the NAZIs in WWII. The idea of Israel as a nation is only worrisome to the Arabs, because as a democracy with capitalism and religious tolerance (read almost secular government) it demonstrates what is possible to oppressed masses of Asia, Africa and the world - if they don't continue tribalism, racism, communism (where some are more equal than others) and religious prosecution of minority faiths.

Now, terrorists don't make me afraid. Big ugly guys don't make me afraid, and a whole bunch of other things don't scare me much. When I think I should worry I find cover, or take appropriate action to save myself and all that I love. What does worry me more is an incompetent government, stupid people trying to rule my choices, and all those folks standing around getting it on video for Youtube, Facebook and the evening news instead of helping to fix the problem that is, not the one they feel is happening.

You want a free education, go to the public library and read. All ages, all kinds -- read and learn, the government will provide a test, if you pass it will give you a certificate. That is cost effective, have fun, the libraries rock!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Being left behind...

  So as I am watching the football games, which cost big money to sponsor (or get one's ad upon) I am noticing little ap games being offered. For free! Excuse me while I smile since I don't have a platform.

  I think I need to go find a store that sells what I want. A tactical game, by turn game but only against the computer, I can conquer the computers, humans are more difficult. Especially since real humans need supplies, the electronic ones remind me of the old westerns where the six guns blazed and the cartridge loops on the belts were always full. But I can't decide what platform I should go for, and I am not a joystick jockey, I have no appreciation for jerking and such, I am wanting to put the correct troops into the fray in sync with the battle flow. Any advice would be appreciated.

  So many important things to do, but only a demonstration at Olympia for this week. Well, time to head for the YMCA, the Zumba instructor will be dancing soon...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Coming up for air..

Been swimming in an alternate author's universe, lovely gift of a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday, and having tons of time. I ran off and purchased print books that I can't put down.... lovely. Not hardly enough excitement and violence in my life, I go from fighting with the Black Prince, to with the Sissies, to Bob Lee Swagger, to an embedded intelligence in a dead alien lifeless form trying to get back to a working body...

I should go off to the YMCA, the range, the movies, the backyard to rake and maybe even meet some humanity along the way... but adventure calls. Thank you, Mom, for showing me the way to leave home.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, anything new?

  I am reading Crisis of Empire: Britain and America in the Eighteenth Century, by Jeremy Black an Englishman. Very well done look at the subject from a world viewpoint. In our self-centered approach, it should only be important if America is the big player - the movement of populations, clashes of commerce and culture, the struggles for dominance in Europe - the need for controllable labor - supplied by poor folks, slaves and indentured servants, the assumption that nobles and wealth mean superiority - and the swimming against the currents.  All fascinating stuff. Especially when comparing and contrasting to today - it is the same with different names for the why.

  Started on taxes today, sigh. Don't have enough paperwork yet but I have one. I also have a new improved income number - increase of 1 percent or 1.7 percent or none. So the tithe check has changed. I am still happy that gasoline prices have come down, although Sunday Morning wants me to worry about fracking in public near Teddy Roosevelt's Ranch. Get real, if you are a trust baby and think that you know what is best for the world, go to fix Africa and then return to make America truly perfect.

  Fixing my world, I am the tall guy that opens the curtains in the bedroom (and closes them, come to think on it). No one else is reaching that high. Need to write more checks and get them in the mail after church today, there is a combined service - which means it is given in two languages. The cultural orientation will be that New Year is an opportunity to celebrate again, and be even more generous. I am of the opinion that more time in Sunday School study and stirring sermons in our native tongues would be better - but I am not in charge. Converting American Protestants to Korean Wannabes isn't going to happen, but the Korean elders need the sound of salvation and success in their own language - they understand it better than English.

  So in the last week, I have exercised, virtuously and virtually, 117.4 miles, in 10 hours and forty-two minutes, for a calorie burn of 11,209, in six sessions (one per day - resting on Sunday).  My question then becomes why am I such a fat old man, but it doesn't need an answer from me - I am the fellow that eats, and I can open all the doors to opportunity in this home.

  Saw my grandchildren on, and laugh at knowing once one has conquered self and the local world - I have run out of time to really enjoy it - so I will take it as I can. In the end they will do well, but not because of any PROGRAM from several government agencies love of them. Mostly because they have parents, and community that do love them. The government is more problem than solution to competent people, so sad. I could say that the competent people would like the government to control those less able than themselves - but I would be repeating what I have been reading about why the King of England was a great thing, or the Khan, or the Tsar, or the Pope --- someone has to do it. Control the unwashed masses.

   Don't you ever wonder why if most of the humans in your country are not as intelligent as you are, nor as capable, why they have any vote that counts the same as your own? Maybe that is why those special elite folks will use every advantage to maintain position on top of the heap.... they are afraid, very afraid.