Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So are you going to compete in the election or Olympics in 2014?

Me neither. But I will watch for the effort and the results. In the Winter Olympics I expect great performances, some of which may have extra chemical and hormonal boost - not because the competitors need it, but because they don't know they don't need it. They will seek advantage, programmed into our DNA, isn't it?

In the election the Media will declare the TEA Party is evil, divisive and not to be trusted. The two primary parties will continue to increase their power and influence by promising better tomorrows, until they get to the government, where the reality of how insignificance sinks in and they decide there needs to be another law, and good times must be regulated and taxed. They will also seek advantage, unfair advantage. If they had a real good idea, a known truth, it would be picked up by the people. But they don't and have to hide what they do, and lie about the effects.

Once upon a time I advised some young folks to make up a plan, to have goals and to prepare to meet those goals. Being an expert procrastinator (if I would just get around to finding my certification and writing that book) I have trouble with the Honey-do lists in my own home, but I still advise go get a plan and set a goal.

I have a Known Distance clinic to attend this weekend, the weather look COLD, but that is Idaho and close to Canada what would I expect. And then the following weekend I have a full Appleseed to help instruct in Ariel, Washington. So today, I happily signed up for my first Revolutionary War Veterans event of 2014, an Instructor Boot Camp in Battle Ground, Washington. I also put it on my 2014 calendar as my first Appleseed event of the new year. Only 364 other days to fill.

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  1. I'll vote, and watch the Olympics in amazement... again...