Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays!

So after waking on Sunday, going to church and all, I felt sprite enough to do some Christmas decoration to include the tree outside and inside our home. Wasn't happy with the one inside on Sunday, but Monday it was warming me, and by today it is just perfect. How does that happen?

Now it seems to be politically remarkable when one wishes you a Merry Christmas instead of a Happy Holiday, which is all about nothing, folks.Remember Ashcroft, the Attorney General that had to drape something over the statue of  Justice? She had her eyes covered and at least one breast exposed - you could do a whole pornographic skit on the dirty minds of prudes and purists. Not that I would, I think the statue was perfect in art and symbolic reality, she deserved to be seen. Actually, that wasn't what she looked like, she has both arms raised, no blindfold, no scales of justice. But the people didn't like pictures of her in the newspapers when covering the justice department.

So in California, there is a memorial cross that represents Christianity and it must go. I do get tired of people telling me what things mean and why they have to be gone, covered and never talked about. Mostly it is fear, not my fear - some little creature in the corner - their fears. Americans were once brave enough to stand and say what they meant, didn't look for everyone to agree with them, weren't afraid to duel and be damned.

Somehow, everyone has to get along... this country wouldn't exist if people hadn't moved away for a new start, a chance to do it their way. Israel will bomb Iran as soon as they must, they won't wait for American permission. They know that America has no guts left for hard choices. How did that happen? China is certainly testing the waters, waters they never ever cared about once upon a time. Except for the famous Admiral Ho.

The world of today is in many ways shaped by those that feared too much to expand and conquer or settle distant other places. Japan went under the Shogun for hundreds of years, China under Emperors without vision, now is it America's time to look at their belly button forever and see what happens without change, chaos, and chance? Will the Boer leave south Africa, not without a real fight they won't. Unless, fear was built into civilization as a way of slowing change down... a design feature to save us from our follies?

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  1. Pretty! And Merry Christmas to you and yours Earl!