Friday, December 13, 2013

I guess we have been reading it wrong, all along...

A librarian posted how she was dressed: "Sweater, skirt, tights, socks, boots. Rockin' the Amy Pond today." I immediately thought " I read funny, I got tight sweater and skirt, socks, boots.... I am so programmed."

My point is about the Constitution of the United States, being a citizen bearing arms I have read and re-read and re-read the Second Amendment, over and over and I keep getting the same result. No change, not one thing I would add nor detract from those words. Still the government has the idea and continuously sells this idea that the government is first. That it granted rights to the people, not that the people constrained the government. And being programmed to accept that the American government is the best, the most free, and just super powered wonderful - very few people that like being associated with a winner ever question the reality of the people being the power not the powerless.

If the really thinking independence (                                                                                                                                                 )

All the missing material in this wonderful post is because Blogger has been hacked. Sigh.

My point is that few people are reading well, what they so know about, and when a woman says tight, anywhere in the sentence the sweaters and skirts become so. When the government says the 2nd Amendment is about the right to keep and bear arms - it seems to have granted that right. The truth is that the people didn't grant the government any power over the right to keep and bear arms - they intended to restrict the government. So it is a restriction on the government, it has no right to abuse the people in their rights nor to infringe upon them.

I get to keep my machine guns, artillery pieces and main battle tank. It is my right.

Since I don't need them -- is the next point other fools bring up. But then I go with, since I don't need the government why do you keep thinking it is a good thing? Like locking shackles upon my legs so I don't run too fast and trip and fall... government goofs and their goodness, in stainless steel or soft but strong silk braids - still shackles.

The lady came back to explain the sweater was loose, too late the errant thoughts were already loose. Hope she has a warm enough day in the library, Ohio has off the water wind chills..

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  1. Ah yes, our 'programming'... Obviously in this day and are we are dinosaurs...