Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How does the story go... if you are in denial...

So my wife calls me to bed and I shut off the reading lamp, turn off the stereo, and walk to the bedroom, and along the way I fall down and lead with my head and nose. She asks if I am okay, and I have gotten up walked into the bedroom, pulled back the covers and going to sleep, saying "yes, Dear."

  Several hours later I wake to look in the mirror and I find a bit bloody forehead and the bridge of my nose really smashed and bloody - so I go to take a selfie for the History of the event... and posting it on Facebook to gross everyone out- you just have to have a story. Still thinking I am a fighter, I could pretend I took one for the team, led with my face to block the punch, or just allow them to see I am laughing it off. It is not beyond my personal history that someone has smashed my nose at the bridge so well. High school football practice I kept getting Clark's elbow until I moved out of the way faster.

  Some sympathetic noises (comments) also made me go to the second choice for the story, I had too much to drink last night... song from my youth. Saying so to my wife got her off of worrying too much about it. Although her best friend advised that I should see a doctor, I wasn't going to burden the healthcare system, put some Vapor Rub on the wounds after washing the dried blood off, okay, she could apply some vitamin E. Honey would have worked too, but the bugs are back already. And we had seen Revenant and fear bears bumbling in the woods out back.

   The day hiding from the outside world was spent pleasantly with the Cable guy from Xfinity as he checked, repaired and made our individual sets perfect. He really was great, within ten minutes of the time he was supposed to be here, came equipped to do whatever it took.  And still be a pleasant conversationalist.  We talked a bit about the cableset boxes and why new ones are going to be better than the old ones (larger volumes of transmission) and buy the time it was time for lunch, I had two really well behaved universal remotes and a totally new connections and a modern box ready for the improvement. Oh, we had some conversation about the grid, our time in the middle east, our sons, guns, hunting and stuff.  He never asked a thing about my face, guys don't really.

  In my expanded movie availability I watched D. Washington acting as a drunken pilot in Flight, pretty good movie about bad behavior and the government saving us from evil alcohol, and I especially liked the end.

  So today with my intent to go to the YMCA, and sweat and then return to preparing for Spring, I think I must come clean.  I don't know why I fell, I wasn't drunk but do think that my foot lift wasn't high enough to clear something and I tripped, why my hands didn't catch me is more concerning. When asked about scaring, I had to laugh, my whole face is a scar and a scare- time marched boldly upon it. Is it time for LifeAlert? Or just time to realize I ain't that young anymore?


Sunday, February 21, 2016

What happens when I don't vote for President? nothing, my vote for president isn't an elector vote...

   Want to make a difference, go talk and work for the difference - anyway that speaks to you as a person of concern about the future.  It will surely mean much more than following fools, listening to the media that knows you have no real mind, that is how they make their money - proving you don't really understand how you have been addled.  So the ass and the GOP don't really love you, nor your choice and they are going to be in charge, so do whatever you want it is still an opportunity to not vote for their choice. Always remembering that None of the Above is not a proper name so that person couldn't be a candidate and win all the positions.

   Thank you Jeb! for bowing out so well.  Now if the GOP would, but it isn't noble.

   Do understand it is all coming down, the 'they against us' only works if you are one of the us and not a they.... but as the elite media, money folks and politicians know... as soon as they labeled themselves as special, worthy and elite... they were no longer us. There is time left, to fix the country, the people, to solve the problems to hold everyone accountable.  But it won't sell, no one is running on it and neither party is answering the real need and moments.

   Just remember that not voting for the highest office in the land, makes just as much difference as voting for it, unless you are one of the Electoral College.  Do pay attention and enjoy your loves and life as long as you can, cause the government will be coming for you and it has failed so much and so many times, but it can't stop trying.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ever dream you are running???

  Woke this morning from a Special Ops training area where I had come back from a run, and cause I still had something in me, I asked if anyone (from the just landed group) wanted to run along and we took off and sprinted a bit then settled into some serious stretching of the stride.  That was a very cool dream, reminded me of the smoking dreams while I was quitting, where it tasted so good in your dream and you woke up thinking to light up another... that real and happy.

   So I turned in the Xfinity box yesterday, power cord didn't match the juncture it was supposed to and I wasn't going to carve it. Jury rigged a splitter and some cable to connect a second box, and it has been not coming to life, but since the regular older box works, I have only a replacement cable before I go back to replace the box.  I can still get the DVD/videon player to work on the monitor so it isn't anything except the box, and cable connection from the splitter. Yeah, time for coffee and breakfast. We are going to try and see Risen today. Only four showings, like Race, seems Deadpool has many, many more.

   I have decided that listening to Donald Trump would be just as bad as listening to Jeb! every day as President, but was happy to see Condie Rice running in California as it sinks below the fold. Wish one could go back to those really real happy dreams... but they have fled, maybe I should just burst out and RUN!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Missing in action, MIA, missing, inaction... not doing enough...

  So Democrats and Socialists everywhere (except in Venezuela) believe that the government will care so well for us in our stupid greed and danger... sigh.

  If governments were so good, they would grow more food, build finer homes, and hospitals and the education would be the very best. Ever wonder why with the Veterans Administration there is a charity partying well on good folks donations to get better care for wounded warriors? If government education so good, that rich children go to private schools and learn more? Remember that government education at college level will produce an officer prepared to work in a rigid environment with the power of the courts martial behind him. You can add all your personal examples of how the government doesn't get it right most of the time, and certainly not on budget or within standards - and any link between private enterprise and government is immediately a warning that there is probably corruption at some level.

   That is enough tonight.  Having no interest in WWE or reports of the political action of the election year, I did my taxes last night, using Turbo Tax.  And I have one missing document and I will owe a hundred and forty dollars which will be in the April check writing pile.  Last year I got a refund of five hundred and more dollars.  My wife and I are now on fixed income, awaiting the collapse of the markets, the government and our entitlements because we trusted the government goodness...  The truth is the government needs our help, I can pay my bills, but they can't pay their bills. And if they just made the dollar worth what it was in most of American History they wouldn't have the current problem... cause the dollar was once very sound, the banks weren't but the dollar was.

   The banks aren't sound again, the markets are better, but then don't buy on leverage...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Took the last blue pill today....

 And I saw no reason to refill the prescription for another bottle, so I didn't.  Life goes on, on Facebook there was some software to make you participate and go 'Ah!' for Friends Day.  Nice little application of fun stuff.  But "Hi, William" never works on telephone solicitations, used car salesmen, nor on Facebook fun... They think I am like all the others.

  As I sweated gently and pushed weigh around (mine and the machine's) at the YMCA yesterday I marveled at the heroic efforts of many of the patrons, there are tons of folks in recovery, or physical therapy, or just trying to remember how the feet need to roll with the walk as they hold on to the railing to keep from falling.

  My wife comes in to ask why her phone says that it can't make a connection - and I don't know, since it isn't my universe, if I were to guess she hasn't waited long enough for it to wake up, or the end of the world is just outside our door, or someone touched the machine to inhibit her happiness. But it wasn't me...

   I didn't do a hard workout yesterday, started feeling ill and so took a hot shower and went home early, and this morning, although I have packed and am dressed for attending the YMCA again, I don't think so... should we blame it on the election cycle, the total failure of government to get it right, this time since they didn't get it right the last time? No, I think it is just olde wearing on me.

  Which is in a way sad, but again it is the way the world works. I spent some quality time, last night,  with the Awana, nothing holding back joy in playing with the children. I was teased by a five year old seeing if he could move faster than I could turn to look. And we don't even know each others name, but I tickled him behind me and he ran away laughing.  Then off to study Bible Verses and be tested by an adult on their memory and understanding. Only pretty smart third grade girls in our group, but now I know where the young ladies that charmed my coffee time as they ate seaweed soup came from, they have much better pay attention skills than I do.

  Am really thinking hard about that ride to the Class Reunion in Ligonier, PA.  It will probably be my final fling at adventurous glories in my own mind.  A good number of folks have said they would like to meet on my route, imagine, meeting real people and sharing a meal and time... like it was in the good old days.  I have to do much better planning about how long it takes to cross country, even my sleeping on the benches at the rest stops won't get me faster than sixty miles per hour when riding, just lots more hours of a day on the Trusty Triumph and down the road. Will have to find a mapping program to share as the planning unfolds, I did get the H-D Ride Atlas out.

   Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana/Ohio, the rest of Ohio, Pennsylvania, maybe New York and Ticonderoga if they change governors, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama Arkansas, North Texas, Colorado and then streaking for home maybe stopping in rest of Idaho for a bit... whew! That should eat up a lot of August.  Remembering that pictures of me only work if I have given you time for a shot, and here are two from my 2010 trip.
   Take the time, talk and share, for people you could love a little more won't always be there, and there are so many really wonderful ones awaiting us all in the hereafter, but I don't know if they allow motorcycling in the Heavens, only Ghost riders in the Sky....

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Who wins? How do we do that?

  So the question of taxes came up in my house yesterday, and my wife wanted to know how much money she had in her IR accounts.  Imagine her shock when I told her the last time I knew or had paper for was from 2013, the year she had set up her automatic distribution, some step on that process had stopped their sending paper copies to our home. I do keep too much old paper records, I still have LES copies, and I can tell you what my budget was in 1973 through Feb 1985 when I went to computers. She would go to the credit union to get the quarterly reports for the in between and I hope start again that wonderful system of mailing the full quarterly report to the account holder.

  This was caused a bit by the Iowa caucus news reporting, very nice MicroSoft app, and sure enough the little captains could figure out how to boost their candidate's numbers quickly, and seemed willing to do so for the cause. Which means to me that not enough has changed in politics. I was pleased that the media darling front runner Mr Trump came in second. He was very gracious after, and that stands him very well. I was pleased enough that Senator Cruz and his team did very well, but mostly happy that Senator Marco Rubio came in a very close to second, third. That was great, the next thing was that before I moved off the cable to our evening WWE session, I get to hear the third place finisher give the victory speech. Wow! How he was covered first, had family and supporters in front of the camera immediately and broadcast first, I don't know. But it happened, he spoke very strongly and well and about all that was important. Finished and I could move on (after all I am not paid to pay attention like the reporters and pundits are)...  

  So we ended the evening with juvenile pleasure in watching wrestling tomfoolery and sipping adult beverages, enough to loosen my tongue and ensure conversation and arouse worry about if I had too much (its okay dear, I can walk to my bed). She remembers long ago and far away and having to care for a much lighter, stronger and handsomer fellow deep in his cups. To sleep to dream and then wake.

   I wake early, as normal, and get up and write up seven checks, put into six envelopes and mail them off.  Looking at the amount left, I will be careful the remainder of the month. Have to learn to spell frugal with a capital letter or all caps.  The Democratic Party sent me a survey to help them against the rascally Republicants, and as long as it isn't on my stamp, okay.

   I go off to the YMCA for sweat producing and stress reducing. Nineteen point seven miles worth. Light conversation but lots of time to reflect as I mindlessly row and pedal ... lots of time. I come to the realization I am not enthusiastic about this election, I am sure the fix is in, as it always is the money folks behind all the contenders are doing more than the voters. In the end, the election held the markers will be called, those responding correctly will be well rewarded and gain power and loot. And that loot is from the nation and the peasants plundered by a very corrupt system. And the fools will respond with it has always been that way.  So maybe this year they, the powers behind the curtain, need to buy my vote and attention.  But they won't.

   It is too costly, and the control of millions is impossible.  I can make my nation and community great, wonderful and powerful again.  At my level, right here in River City.  First response of a real American, question everything and don't comply until it makes sense... and that won't happen too often.  Kind of like wishing for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, well, where you are act like a saint and it will begin.  Act like a great American and that great America will rise up around you - where ever you go and what ever you do - do it well, do it with courage and love and always do your best, so it maybe blest.