Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wounded Knee to be remembered, today...

I am still wandering the American Revolution as I try to recover my health, and both are slowly getting to a better state. I was reminded that Wounded Knee was today. Long ago, but a government that had parts that didn't care for all the people, since it still defines people as us and them. If you really think, that however the media is reporting what the two major political parties are doing is just, effective and necessary - then you are part of the same problem - George the Third or the Indian Department. Government is not a moral institution, it is an institution.

I wandered and found a blog post about a Libertarian that had to join the Democratic Party because the Libertarians were all clowns or nuts, I figured out quickly that he wasn't afraid of being a clown or a nut, he did join another political party, but he didn't want to feel like he was hurting the helpless... the idea that everyman should be free to be whatever clown or nut they want to be is true libertarian, not a political party, wasn't on his menu. Free to succeed or fail, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Wright Brothers... no better examples of why governments can't control outcomes and shouldn't try.

One blog post wrote about instead of goals work on systems. Duh, you still want to make the shot perfect, but you actually work on the system to make that happen. I understood it immediately, that is how I do my Mathematics, I want an answer so I build a system to find it, I invent algebra once or twice a month to figure out the correct solution for a problem, when I worked in gunnery I memorized the systems, but when I got away from it, I built systems to find the solution, more time to do so.

The reason most people succeed or fail is that they tried and succeeded or didn't. The reason more people don't grow up nor old is they aren't trying, no growth without stimulation, mentally, physically or spiritually. Keep on trying, you haven't made that perfect shot yet, or if you have you may not own it, but you can.

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