Friday, December 20, 2013

Remember? God is dead! Remember that from the enlightend years of silly youth?

I do, I never found God dead, but those thinking so were sure they were now in charge.

I only mention that as an illustration of people making quick judgements and living on their words. Because, until today it wasn't official blogging is dead. Yep, Breda had been saying it was dead or dying for a bit, she packed up her blog and moved on. She is still at the reference desk in Ohio, in the snow, wishing she could carry in the library. I watch her on Facebook. It becomes official today that Nieman has written in a blog post, that the blog is dead.The blog is dead, long live the blog  

He might be correct, how did you get here... take a wrong turn up ahead, into the Twilight Zone? Of course there are many things that really are dead, the library can be carried in your device, your paper books, the publishing industry, newspapers, romance, truth, sex drive and thoughts communicated by face to face contact.

I know how I got here, my mother made me.  She said I had to produce a weekly letter to tell her what I was doing and stay in touch. It was once called correspondence, and my South American grandparents had a whole sequence of write, edit, re-write and review then post to the family far away. A weekly letter. For years we kept the USPS in the black, sending letters. Then the digital age, the computers arrived and email at work could become email to Mom. And since my life was so interesting, I would send that long, lonesome letter to everyone that must care something about me... you do know that everything is all about me? Yeah, that was dumb, everyone is too busy to read long boring prose about me. For the truth is that they are more interesting than I, and they all knew it. Email deletes so quickly.

Don't know the woman that read one of my long missives, but she sent me a note (an e-note) that I should blog. Wanting to make everyone happy, I started blogging. But I haven't changed my focus, it is still all about me, it is still long and mostly boring. But that does help me get some relief from having to think, just write and pretend it happened. There is more satisfaction in dreaming while resting.

My blogging will cease when I do, when Google decides to charge me for the service, when they turn out the lights and power up on global warming.... or some such. But then it could happen, no one shoots firearms anymore, not one politician has any reason... and that shows.


  1. I much enjoy your blogging and find it downright lively.

  2. I like your blogs. I always read your emails, too. They have always been part of my life.