Friday, March 30, 2012

I just haven't figured it out yet...

I mean what is the draw to finding out if President Clinton wears boxers or briefs, about the time of that question my son was wearing both so he could hang is pants real low and expose the boxers. I had gone to Vietnam and found not wearing underwear very chic. It was for the airing of the skin, jungle rot is not kind to people in hot humid, fungal swampy areas, parts of people start to turn green (really!) and one doesn't always have proper medicine to scrub infected infested areas with. Heavens, I was on a firebase with four large self-propeller artillery pieces, an engineer platoon for water, mine clearing and keeping road and berms and bunkers built. We wore shirts when the brass or the Miss America contestants dropped in for a far too few minutes - they were worth the dressing up (no, I didn't mean the brass, not that they visited that often either).

I have seen The Hunger Games, I am happy that I waited until I had read the first book, the two different versions of the same story work pretty well. President Snow is just so misunderstood, and I am not that sure that the movie/entertainment people could see themselves portrayed so closely aligned with EVIL. I am not sure what is going to happen if enough youth read the books and decide that President Snow has to go.... Do you think there is a reason there are thirteen districts feeding the Capital?

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tax Nation, tax sensation, tax information...

There is only one tax payer - and all those layers of government sucking his money and life away.

Do I have your attention yet?

Okay, LARGE OIL CORPORATION - let's make it STANDARD OIL - this is just for the discussion.

They find, refine and sell to a growing user base - a fuel that can be used for power.

Now, the government didn't find it, they didn't make it useful, they don't distribute it, but they do have a taxation POWER, which is not fueled by what STANDARD OIL produces but is fueled by the idea that their power would errode if STANDARD OIL's power from their successful product line weren't taxed MIGHTILY. So they, the government taxes the product, they tax the profit, they tax the workers, they tax management, they tax the consumers, they tax the exports, they tax the imports, they tax the reports.

Now, I know that someone in the government says we shouldn't support the industry by giving them tax breaks that they can use to make EVEN more money from their profits on their product. That it would be a subsidy.

I am just Earl, I filled my tank and it cost over sixty-five dollars, of which the government got a tax on each gallon sold. The government has already taxed my income from my job working for STANDARD OIL so I had less money to buy gasoline with, and since I own stock (that pays dividends from the profits of STANDARD OIL) I am taxed on that, too. I paid with a debit card, which makes the card company a profit from the fee for the transaction - which the government also taxed.

And the current, and past elected officials are sure that all those taxes aren't enough to make me the tax payer understand that I AM THEIR PROPERTY. I am, by law, not allowed to buy fuel that isn't taxed, I am not allowed to own shares in business that isn't taxed on its profit, that I am by law not allowed to use that fuel anyway I want...

So, in the end, I am sure it is not the evil LARGE OIL COMPANY that is the problem. It is the LARGER GOVERNMENT that thinks they own me and all my actions and all that I hold dear. You do understand that God doesn't ask for a tax on anything, just wants more love and my goodness. Which makes me happier? It isn't the LARGER GOVERNMENT.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Demons in the night...

I do have dreams about the military, mostly not nightmares just dreams. But when I started reading my Kindle edition of the Hunger Games Trilogy I could understand the bad dreams there. I felt real cool. I decided to read the books before wandering to the theater, and since the library has two hundred and some reserves on the first book, I would look into getting the Kindle version if not too expensive. When I am buying virtual books I only want to pay for the author's time not his/her agent's and lawyers. But then the seventy-five cent pulp I once feasted on when I made a dollar an hour, is now ten ninety-nine plus tax or better. So Amazon hooked me up, to download the set (always buy the entire series, otherwise the author may expire before finishing, doing a Robert Jordan). I didn't remember the WiFi password for my home system, so I went to Starbucks for a Mocha Grande, WiFi, and stuffed Leather-like seating. Before I was finished with the Latte I was in the story and hooked. I will confess, the reason I never picked the book up in the book stores was that it was written by a woman, and all my prejudices come right up immediately. Which is silly of me, I grew up on Andre Norton, and love the writings of several current fine authors - but in general I would rather have opened a book by an unknown male, writing from a man's point than a modern woman. Think Gone with the Wind, fine story in many ways - but I never re-read it, it wasn't about a male view of the war. I know why Rhett Butler wouldn't stay, she never did. It is for a young audience, but I can play in the Games and their time of troubles.

Writing of games, I have to confess to playing too many (3) of the Facebook type by Zygna. I started to support my sister's farm, became enchanted with the difference in each virtual farmer and how they would go in different directions and what they would cooperate and help each other out and they finally had a dog, although they never brought rifles to the farm, I built a rifle range anyway. My farm and I would make it like I wanted it. You do know they make those games to make a profit, will allow you to buy stuff with real money for your fantasies? Yeah, they hounded me off of FarmVille with commercials. They decided I wasn't warlike enough in Empires & Allies and so Nuked my Parliament, which caused a budget shortfall, I stopped going there, finally. I couldn't reach the real aggressors, the game designers, and take them out. Anyway, no matter what the designers had built for my mind to play in, they will always want my money to get new tattoos, and fast cars, and such. But if you look at my game I was just playing, building it like I did the ones I had in the dirt at the side of the house, forts, towers, castles and such. Nice, they are on the game servers and don't get in the way when I have other stuff to do.

Now I only play at CastleVille, and it is progressing in the same direction as the other two, I am trying to be a good sport, but Martha Stewart has come to help me enjoy the game more, better.

Sigh. Lady Gaga came to FarmVille and I got a sheep riding a chopper out of her time, now Martha is coming to CastleVille and Colored Egg parties. The game designers don't really appreciate religion or Holy days, but holidays and quaint customs like dying eggs, yeah, they can make some money on Spring picnics and bonnets and baskets with bunnies. She is there where I was playing in the Gloom and banishing little Gloom Rats, Wolves, Thieves, Goblins and Blue Yetis. I visited her Kingdom, there is not a shadow of Gloom, and even the wilds are tame and trimmed and allowing room for riding mowers to cut and clip the grass... ah, girls are supposed to play house and picnic over there - and let me dig in the muck, and build and blow up with my toy soldiers and such


My wife wonders why I got up so early today, well, Martha is on the East Coast and I have to stay ahead of her, she isn't helping a dairy herd on a farm - and I have to find out how the movie is going to play, President Snow can't win, can he? Turning pages on a Kindle, no I haven't the Kindle Fire, one thought on more speed and memory - 'They' fill the spaces and fun with ads for something to buy better faster and mind blowing.... I don't have that much time left.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As I have noted... I have things to say...

I wrote an opening on Facebook, and got upset that I was typing the wrong vowels into some words, but spell checker caught me quickly, and I was then shocked that the sentence structure and content, when re-read many minutes later, was so wrong. I do use creative spelling and grammar for making my point - but this was out to lunch and wasn't coming back.

On the news, information about the dangers of Whip It, and sniffing or whatever they do... makes me wonder what the draw is for befuddling one's mind. Remembering how young I once was - I couldn't tell you a good reason why I engaged in drinking to drunken blackouts. I do know that I stopped completely when I decided that proving I was a fool didn't need any assistance from alcohol. So as my mind continues to slip quietly, and in pieces lay, I can take comfort in the fact that I won't really know it. People around me will, and wish it weren't so but will accept it. I hope so, because I didn't want to bother anyone, ever.

Also, interesting to me, is the beauty contestant thrown aside because she wasn't started as a female (born) but became one. I am more amused that the culture is more critical of the wrong of the establishment having rules against that, than the culture is of the contestant's lies to get into the contest she should know she wasn't eligible for... slip sliding away, slip sliding away...

You get what you pay for...

So, I have been playing games on the internet, for free and the game designers make sure I have to be flashed advertising from their clients. I am sure they worked into the programming a way to count the number of times I have gone from full screen game to messaging (which is when the ads show up on right and above my game view. Sigh, all this computing power to tempt old men that know better into financial transactions they don't have job, money or time for. That is the reason the good looking blond is on the ad for mortgage refinancing, isn't it? I don't know, I really don't read or click on any of them. I stay focused. In every case of why something is happening, somewhere, you can follow the money.

That could be the reason that I don't watch a lot of television for entertainment, commercial interruptions - happier buying a used DVD and watching it without the excess. Then they saw that they could put previews and ads at the start of the DVD, the end of the DVD, and with the cooperation of the producer and director make sure that there were products displayed in the story from sponsors.

Makes me wonder why I bought the display, the cable service, the internet access, the better reading glasses. Hearing loss has dropped my demand for better audio, I can't hear parts of that production, but I am still in the hunt for input, to stir my mind, to satisfy and amuse me. And then complain about it.

Turn it off and go for a walk about, say hello, look close, smile more and remember that Mount Rainier hasn't got very large letters on it telling the world it is there.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Time to lighten up a bit...

I was young once, the blondest baby boy in the hospital when I was born, amazing in Minnesota considering the number of Vikings up there. This is a picture of me and the neighbor girl, my friend. She was a real blond, too. The curls I can't tell you about.

Cowboy hat, canted and pistol in my hand, I am sure I had holsters in the house, but pockets always worked well for light work.

When I was close to twelve my mother decide this was the time to go to South America to visit my grandparents, and uncle and aunt (her sister). There was Mom, me, Joycelyn, Wynn and baby Nanette. The last would tell you that she wasn't a baby, but close. The reason we had to go then was the children all were half price tickets. So, we flew from Pittsburgh to Miami, to countries along the Andes to Montevideo, Uruguay. That was where my grandfather and grandmother had the Friendship House. I got to see a lot of the places my mother grew up, try to eat a wax apple, had too much wine, go to a church camp in the eucalyptus trees (the smell was great) and there meet the first real crush of my life. Graciela, a brunette of almost fourteen years. I was too young and terribly smitten.

I bring it up, because Sunday in the gathering room while I had coffee and talked about stuff with the other men, I caught a good look at a beautiful teen with black hair and a smiling face. What I noticed is that I wish her a wonderful life, and I wasn't thinking that she and I should hook up. I am so old, but I still think that is the kind of girl/woman I have always been attracted to - I just no longer have the impatience of youth - and the true appreciation of a fool old man. Life is good, remembering it makes me happy and hopeful for the future generations.

The girl, Julie, in the picture was killed by a bear in Glacier National Park, where she was camping. My mother wrote me about it, I was just in the Army.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to lose control of your government...

Or, How the Caucus Party Bosses wore me out! I have long held that people want government to replace God, probably because they think they can get around government. This is a long standing problem and I would send you to 1 Samuel 8. But since I live in an America that fancies itself like post-Solomon Biblical greatness and is getting ready to be ruined and looted by more proficient pretenders I will relate my day of trying to become part of a solution.

Woke early, dressed well and arrived to find parking and a long, getting longer line, of other representatives to the caucus at the Convention Center, that I have never seen utilized enough (I don't get out much). Fun stuff, talking and exchanging what we think we are going to return America to good stuff. The morning is cold but we are only waiting about thirty minutes for the people inside to get organized. They set up the reception, identification and credentials. The employees of the Convention Center are setting up the breakfast buffet and the sound systems and seating in the various rooms and checking systems. I talk to the sound board operator, he lived in Denver once. Because there are so many delegates to get certified the official meeting takes longer to get started, but I cruise the politician's tables for who is running where and labels and bumper stickers and buttons. I grab a cup of orange juice and a jellied roll, admiring the building positioning and outlook of Mount Rainier - if the weather only cooperated it would be stunning.

Finally about nine-thirty we were seated by precinct and the meeting began, with a long vigorous prayer of the Christians, the wonderful singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Focus, folks, the officers are temporarily appointed, motions, seconded, and other parliamentary actions done. Procedures, punctuate periodically. County Chairman starts the conversations and lauds, I get uncomfortable when he wants the Active service and Veterans to stand up, applause, then the parents, family of a veteran, applause. I grew up in a culture that all the good men were veterans and all the young men expected to serve like their fathers had and it was just the way it should be, no applause necessary or needed. Followed by dynamic presentations of politicians for office at various and sundry levels. They know why we are here, they do know our concerns and they do make all the buttons get pushed and the crowd rises to their call. A few of them are running for the same office and point out their differences and strengths. The last speaker was a short Hispanic looking guy running for governor, but the Republican Party choice, tall older white man with polish, had long ago spoken well. That last speaker, was an emigre, naturalized citizen from Iranian foolishness that loved the idea and story of AMERICA, land of the Free! And he could speak, I think his business is motivational speaking and teaching it. Wow! Being, a Saved Christian, he was also pushing God's blessings on his life and passing it on. The standing ovation he got won't get him into the Governor's mansion, but all the politicians and their henchmen were paying attention.

Now all that had been great, a little slow on getting the next speaker up to present, but that worked for the speaker and the audience. Finally, the breakdown for lunch and breaking into the various districts for delegate voting. That was where the work was. I didn't get my ham and cheese box lunch, had to take turkey and ginger ale. But the Apple was crunchy and good, this is Washington, we do apples right.

Back to moving the mountain, more parliamentary procedures, jockeying for advantage the four candidate supporters trying to figure out how to get a majority of their kind to the State convention, sigh, they should have fought for it. No, we are civilized and fair, everyone would get a vote. The counting and reporting took way too much time - all volunteer hand counting, so ten fingers only go so fast. If everyone had an iPhone with the appropriate app, we could have sailed sweetly to the finish line. I stayed for three votes which took six hours to complete - and they say this is the modern era. I was dropped from consideration on the first vote, and until the third vote none of the parties was willing to share candidates and votes to get them advanced. Finally, the Santorum and Ron Paul supporters exchanged twelve names so enough people would vote to get those elected as delegates, if they did it that way for the remainder of the evening, it was already seven when I left, then they would get most of their candidates elected. Romney supporters were the greater number, but they were just going to try and wait it out until the voting changed to most votes instead of majority. I was on my way home.

I need to find Kirby Wilber's email for contact. This is in so many ways sad, in that it discourages participation. I am no longer supporting with money or time their political efforts - I have been used, and I am sure to be discarded as I am not that valuable. The winners? Not the people of Washington State, nor the Republican Party at all levels. Back to shooting straight, turning soil for my wife's garden, passing on the messages of the Lord and trying to be a better man. Be good out there, God loves you, even if your government doesn't really care. I am voting, seriously, we all must.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just sticking my neck out...

Seems the Federal Government in its fear of fanatics of faith, passed the PATRIOT act, no I didn't read it, and now has decided that killing terrorists without due process (because they are at war with whatever they are at war with us over) is okay since they are identified as against whatever we are standing for. I am almost of the opinion that they don't arrest and try many terrorists is because they have lost faith in our justice system, especially the Justice Department, being able to get a conviction and an execution. They could be correct, they are much closer to the problem with the Justice Department than I. More recently the Congress has looked at removing American citizenship, and they haven't fixed the immigration and naturalization process to a point where there is no longer 'illegal immigration'. The Federal government is of the opinion that an old Naval Coaling port left over from the Spanish American War, is not really within the American justice jurisdiction, but the Marines will tell you that they are covered.

Over at the New York Times, a reporter is complaining the NRA hasn't enough causes to pretend to promote so they can get lots more money from the Gun Industry. She would like America to be completely ungunned (my word choice, not hers) like New York City, where total bans and control are promoted as sane and safer. I don't think the rest of America would like the gun death rate of New York City, especially when compared to the number of people legally owning and carrying firearms in that city. Yeah, the ratio is really terrible. I would ask my sister to have some of her students work it out, comparing the numbers of New York city to the rest of us.

But a bit more thought on the Federal Government deciding that it can kill us, and get away with it... because. My only thought, it is time to change the government. Go back to a British Colony, or Commonwealth nation. But that won't work, they want the guns banned, too. Okay, lets move to become part of Canada. They are a Federation. They develop their resources, treat their citizens better, and don't think they are better than the rest of the world. And they speak two languages already, they could learn a third. Oh, to make such a happier union possible, we need to give all of California south of Carmel to Mexico. Only fair. What do you think, Canadians?

Because, I am sure that no one in Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, or Lo/as Angeles (transgender) wants to return to a Republic, obey the Constitution, and cut those ugly cancerous growths called agencies and departments back to size. Basically, America is sound - beautiful, rich, full of hard working good citizens, and it is only that ugly growths induced by artificial stimulants or addiction that ruin it. I have to tell myself that I can't be ruled by fear, that only when I risk going out and attempting to make a great life for myself and my people - only then can I do so. I don't really support fighting a rebellion, revolution or war of terror - I vote, I write and I pay some attention (like to this idea whose time has come) . But I have been playing with the idea of a banner to wave or stand under when reminding the government I am not a happy man. The Gadsen Flag was great in the War of Rebellion, but I want one for my days of protest.

I want one that says "LIBERTY under the LORD" has an appropriate symbol (working on it - a bird in flight, since one doesn't fly in a cage, a Phoenix? ) and under that "Come and take it!", an invitation. Says so much about my thoughts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The World is such a gloomy place...

People don't love each other, so they build protections against their own pain and hurt, and cut themselves off from aid and comfort. Republicans can't work with Democrats, Democrats can't work with Republicans - none of which is true. What is true that you don't need either political party to represent you. None of you, even true Party loyalists, believe exactly the same thing. Just like being used by the Union for your employment benefits, they always get stuff that you didn't want, you would rather have just kept working. You don't even get a chance to address the meeting often. Kind of like having a hundred shares of Exxon Mobil - you think they will listen to you in the shareholders meeting?

The world isn't really that gloomy, but it does seem that most human beings don't get beyond tribalism, clan loyalty and religious intolerance. Do I become a better man in Canada - their government isn't ours, or if I go into the Temple am I closer to God than the local Methodist church? People finally come to the conclusion they aren't going to be strong and handsome forever, that they are getting soft and weaker less vital and virile as they grow old, and prepare to drop off the branch of humanity. Governments and Religions don't seem to accept that, or those in positions of power and leadership don't accept change well. Something new might be to be feared, a strange idea needs to be stifled before it infects us all. The People didn't see a difference between the political parties, and started a protest called the TEA Party --- and the Republicans thought they could absorb them to increase their base. It hasn't worked well, it has worked, but the party should have looked at the why instead of trying to stifle the protest.

I did find it interesting that a new birth document from Kenya has surfaced for our President, looks much more like what would have been given at the time of his birth than the NEW one from Hawaii. Doesn't mean too much, President Obama is the President of the United States. I don't even care if he wants to be the Democratic Party Chief for Life. The number of lies won't hold back the flood waters of change - not much is working well in our CULTURE. Thank God that real love hasn't changed - that is something to build upon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UnGunned Culture... do you know it?

Not unarmed, but ungunned, like England - living down to its fears of Gun Violence, making sure that no one can ever have a gun again. Or so I have been told. Don't look down at them, for we allowed ourselves to be treated like cattle on the way to slaughter in response to Islamic Terrorists, who by my definition have won, since we changed our lives to their threat of repeating their suicidal stupidity... you don't hold them up as martyrs, do you?

I don't think much of 'Reality TV' since it isn't very real, but I enjoyed Top Shot, when they had various firearms or other weapons, and strange cool targets, but then they had to add drama - for those of us that wallow in our overstuffed recliners munching popcorn or chips or cookies and ice cream -- NOT BEING COMPETITIVE, we wouldn't understand if they didn't play up drama and vocalize the secret thoughts. Imagine, Peyton Manning whispering his thoughts before the next play to John Madden (don't bother, that is what color commentators do for those that didn't play the game). We can fast forward past that noise to the next shots and enjoy the shooting. My favorite way to enjoy football now that John Madden is off the air, is to Mute the sound.

Anyway, the Gun Control groupies seem to have noticed that the Gun Culture is changing the public perception of shooting - in the media. No, I don't mean that they will show the Olympic Awards to American shooters in the Summer Olympics, unless they notice that some of them are HAWT! and trend setters with commercial value. What is the name of the woman Indy 500 racer? You mean there has been more than one? But there are several gun sales and manufacture shows - copying the success of Orange County Choppers, and Antiques Roadshow. If I were to predict what the show was about - one or two interesting females wearing clothes for ample display of skin that doesn't do hot brass well, maybe some tattoos, some young guys that don't know everything but think they do, and an older wiser feller that keeps everyone in line. - Oh, and don't forget the piles and bags of cold hard cash (that most of us don't carry any longer) like gold coins in Arabia so much more exotic than debit or charge cards. Oh, and don't forget exploding targets (although I love Boomershoot, most of those shooters have lots of dry fire and normal targets under their belt before hitting something that blows up on impact).

It isn't the Gun Culture that is changing the public perception, it is the entertainment for money group. The Gun Culture is taking folks to the range, cleaning up their language (sometimes), and making it a fun, family thing to do. If we want to succeed, more access to ranges, more safety classes, more open encouragement of new folks, and government support. Less of: we are the only voice of the Gun Culture and 2nd Amendment, we know how to run this range 'you follow our rules', and we want more money for our time and facilities.

Anyway, the Gun Control guys and gals feel a slipping away of the pious looking down on the stupid Rednecks and their firearms by the public, and don't want their against guns in general (because you don't want me to think for myself! squeal!) supporters to fall under the media spell.
I don't want the public to fall under the media spell either, I cringed when someone brought their girlfriend in three inch heels to the range and she swept the line with her less than firm control but obvious glee in having the firearm go Boom!. But I like old folks hovering over their posterity, talking them through the safety rules, the steps in making the shot, the correct position and analyzing the target hits. I will watch and be friendly and helpful as I can -- I know that I would never like living in the UnGunned culture, just like I know I would never like to shoot another human being, again. Doesn't mean I won't if I have to just won't like either.

Monday, March 19, 2012


It can't be just me, an 'Earl'-thing, the human mind must be always moving on to the next big thing. Things change and opportunity doesn't knock twice, may not knock at all.

I woke in darkness, and warmly bundled and thinking about the fleeing dreams, then my wife's father and our almost meeting once. Being a young man trifling with his daughter I was avoiding that mostly. But we did see each other and pass by, not recognizing but remembering the details. He wrote us a couple times after we married, then it stopped... he had passed on and her family wouldn't tell her that news.

Turning on the news I find New York covering the tornado threats and facts in the midwest, the warm early Spring in Washington, DC, and only local news covering the snow and icy roads causing spin outs and traffic lock ups on 'the commute'. I haven't opened the home to the frosty morning quiet, as soon as they start covering the hard news and the public outcry about the neighborhood watch shooting, I turn off the sound, checking for my status on Facebook, needing to know if I am still relevant - I am not. I go to make my morning gruel, getting trapped into putting the old coffee grounds into the compost bin, cutting half a banana for my portion of potassium, the peal going with the coffee grounds. It is cold on the back porch, thirty-two exactly on my bare feet. I realize that they have closed the Good Morning America show, they started three hours earlier than I did and saved their best for my delight. I delight in the hot meal and absolute quiet, my wife is not up yet. The frosty outside adds to the solitude and stillness. Time to love the Lord, for He is good.

Seems I need a list, I make short ones sometimes, but I am disorganized and distracted, once I had direction, that was how I got here, but something called me... what was that I went into the garage for? I notice that the young ladies being interviewed outside, have inside makeup on, and it is too thick for picnics. No, I have no idea who they are, they have fans somewhere I have people I do know their names, I once knew all the car styles and years - but that is stuff I grew up and out of and away from. So I am typing away, knowing that I started this post to share that I didn't like the statement 'public outcry' over shooting of teen by the neighborhood watchman... my point being that we are frozen with our fears, frozen into foolishness: having a neighborhood watch, having a 911 service that doesn't get a policeman on the scene before a death occurs, having a media that proclaims there are dangerous darkmen in the darkness, doing damage - which is what gets a fearful fool out looking for them. I slept through all of that, there are strange people wandering the darkness around here - they do steal, break in, rape, rob and run away.

But no one wants me to get the night vision stuff out and my trusty M1 battle rifle and shoot them and let the body lay for the ravens. So, they aren't serious about doing anything for their fears, except form a local limited volunteer TSA and put up a gate at the entrance to our fifty-four home development. I can't control the direction of my own thoughts, I don't think I am the one to chart the course of the community, state or the nation. The picture is my artistic self portrait of a young warrior in Vietnam, the cracked mirror hung on the hot shower stall.

Monday morning.... wasn't that a song theme?

Good Morning, America! Breda says she is cranky, something to do with Monday and having to get to it. Another blogger mentions getting old isn't easy, nor nice, but I am convinced that I have only one chance to get it right - as soon as I stop trying to be whom I thought I once was it will be easier.

NFO did finish his Appleseed and report about it, here! I kept looking at the AAR forum for the official report, and didn't find it. The Shoot Boss and crew were busy with the Appleseed and then back to their real life, so it may take awhile to find pictures and prose - you do know why politicians and celebrities hire publicists? Yeah, no one has tons of time to publish. Still, after years of linking and publishing AARs and pictures of people at Appleseeds for the Revolutionary War Veterans Association - I want so much, although I am doing so little now, but intend to get better. I was interested to find out that all I had written didn't transfer immediately to readers of my blog - when I met them they asked, which was fine - I was happy to answer.

We have icy roads and snow somewhere scattered here in the great NorthWest! Yes, Good Morning America is covering tornadoes in the Center of the country, with the warm Spring in Washington, DC and the cherry blossums. Now, turn the television off and go make gruel. Take care out there!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading the Romney writing, not sorry,,,

The first thing that jumped out at me from his book, was that statement: "But in every case throughout modern history in which America has exercised military power, we have acted with good intention -- not to colonize, not to subjugate, never to oppress." To my eyes he has found the problem with current American military actions - there is no thought of defeating the enemy. The only reason to kill people and break things is to win the VICTORY! No victory in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Do you see a pattern here? That of a whining loser?

I have long held that America must vote for War, and the Nation fight it to the end, the enemy's surrender. After that, allow the State Department to establish a better line of communication - but the military doesn't do 'nation building'. And since we believe in Liberty, Freedom - allow the defeated enemy to heal its own wounds, if there is international trade with open borders, the healing and help will arrive. For sure, no one in America knows the dreams and traditions of the defeated country and culture. The same reason that business monopoly doesn't work well, that Sony Beta is long gone with eight track tape players, is the reason that the Federal government should do less and allow the states to find their local answers and better methods. Could you imagine knowing all the ways to tie a knot, but only having the one approved by government far away? We only need one airplane, car, bus, tractor and that is it. The approved one.

IF you really want to change the culture and the hearts and minds of another people - you send missionaries. It is a very long process, you can also support education in our higher institutions of education - but then they don't teach successful American values or value successful America. I am often confused.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So on Friday I go to the local Ron Paul delegate preparation meeting before the County Caucus next Saturday. They had cookies and bottled water, held in the County Library public meeting room. Sign in, sit quietly and watch the others come in, I meet a Knife businessman (Fox Knives USA). Talk about going to see his business, I ask to see one (he had to be carrying it - I have my normal three, and I don't sell). He mentioned that Ron Paul representatives could get a discount.

We get well briefed and and encouraged to stand for State Caucus representative. We also get told how a slate of Ron Paul reps will be given to us so we are gang voting against everyone else. They do give us an estimate of cost for National reps (about five grand) in Tampa. We are advised to be friendly, dress up and smile more, don't want to alienate the other representatives, no matter who they want to support. More than the Main Stream Media madness - the truth is the Republican seem to have four dedicated candidates for the Presidency. The Democrats are resting on the ruin of posterity and have only one person they are willing to follow into the depths, sigh.

Without breaking into an anthem or gospel song, we did get an opportunity to donate money to help cover those that don't have their entry fee. Times are hard, and there aren't any deep pockets for Ron Paul (not crooked enough? or Bill O'Reilly diss'ng Doctor Paul's chances?). There is a video on YouTube about the caucus in Athens, Georgia. Seems the county party bosses had made up their minds before the reps could vote. They didn't even like the Paul supporters questioning their procedures and closed the caucus without a vote. So irregular. But it was Georgia, what did you expect from the DEEP South? It is covered by a blogger here.

NFO has finished day one of his Appleseed, and posted a quick note. Hardly satisfying from my point of view. So I will go look and see if anyone has posted pictures or an after action report on the RWVA forum. Ah, well nothing there yet, but I looked up the Instructors Bootcamp that I missed last weekend. Tons of good information and great pictures of the activity and participants. No wonder they, the RWVA instructor crew, seem professional - they are dedicated volunteers trying to save the sinking America - one Rifleman at a time.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark night, cold chilling rain falling hard on me...

I am up too early, but weighed measured and medicated now. The garbage is out of the home and beside the curb. The muck and mud sucked at my boots and there are little rills of waters running in various directions in the yard, too many days of what west Texas needs more than us. This is the great NorthWest, and it is still Winter Wet. Cold wet. It continues to rain.

I have a Ron Paul meeting tonight, the Republican Party has contacted me and wants my lunch order for the caucus in Tacoma next weekend. Exciting, ponderously slow movement to making a Presidential election campaign. I have quit paying attention to the media coverage of what is going on... I could predict what they will key on and what they will say. I do think that the great orators of the 19th Century would not be able to use modern technology to get their messages out. Too many needed commercial interruptions (have you ever measured how much time is advertising? Even previews and hang on 'we will be right back' is a tease but advertising of things to come), and so the bites get to just nibbles of knowledge, and for the ObamaScare, 2700 pages of it - where are the Cliff Notes?

I spent some time yesterday working on my dry fire with my M1. As I ignored the Fox News behind me, should have had the Blues on instead, but wanted to know what is not going on. I thought seriously about cultures that ignore stupid behavior of themselves and how that happens. Look, Communist China, Soviet Union, British Empire to Commonwealth to what ever they are doing now. Seems the rival tribes of Afghanistan are truer to their cause and nature than most of the progressive folks. Change, it just isn't good enough, let us spend more money on our dreams.
Leftist Peace Symbol and the Right's ?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It is past time to bring them all home...

The politicians and their flunkies in Washington, DC, really don't have a clue - to include the professional 'Yes'men' of the senior ranks drifting around the Pentagon making things happen.

The disarming of our military for a briefing/photop in Afghanistan just shows it - we are not at war, not protecting anything and just spinning wheels wasting the troops time. NFO is right.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebration dinner with my wife, the woman in my

life. So, nice dinner, and she asked me, which were my favorite of the forty years. Put a man on the spot, so like a woman. It wasn't the time she hadn't kissed me good-bye as I went to work to make Iraq rethink its border disputes. That was not the way I wanted to spend that time. But the rest of them, they were all different and good - hard to remember a bad one. So many, how do they go so fast? I slept through them? Nah, I was there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You start out with so little... how do we become so...

arrogant? Really, I was reminded by my wife that tomorrow is a day she would like me to remember and celebrate with her. Did I have any plans? Just to wonder where the forty years got away and why we aren't rich yet.

My parents hadn't been married twenty-five years yet when this picture was snapped. Their anniversary would be on the twenty-third and we would be back for it. My mother would be waiting for her fiftieth, her Golden anniversary, she was always waiting, but Dad and the Lord had other plans.

1972 I owned a used Pontiac Lemans, a 1948 flathead Harley-Davison, several hundred dollars in US Savings Bonds and a couple of hundred dollars in the bank, three rifles, three custom made knives and a job jumping out of airplanes and helicopters. The stuff dreams are built upon. I would make nine thousand dollars that year. Buy a new trailer to live in and a new car, a puppy and a television all on time. And some of the happiest years of my life, except for the bad parts. Isn't it always that way? For all the rest of you out there, I wish you all the best in your lives, and happily ever after.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Whom do you trust?

I have been thinking about the inability of the politicians to get it right, around the world - not just in America, and looking at History and how many die because they won't change although changing wouldn't have stopped the problem, which seemed to be the leadership. So looking at the enormous debt that the current and last few generations got us into as they fooled with money, power and projects. Who do you trust? The money says 'IN GOD WE TRUST". But we are a secular culture, which means we don't really trust God (as a people), we trust the government instead.

There is an idea, and those in dangerous businesses practice for it, that one must prepare for an emergency. Sitting on the 98th floor waiting for rescue only works in Hollywood movies if Steve McQueen is a Fire Captain. You should know where the exit is, you should know how to put on a life vest, you should know how to swim or tread water, you should know how to use a compass, you should know what is safe to eat, to drink, you should know how to build temporary shelter, treat shock and stop bleeding or clear the airway. There isn't a lot of time to think, one must act and having thought about acting before the emergency is a wonderful thing. How do you act in the emergency?

Perhaps I should think about how to know there is an emergency, there aren't always tornado alarms. The power grids seem to go out a bit too regularly, how many cases of batteries do you own, on the shelf ready to power the radios - why do you have so many radios that you aren't maintaining for that emergency? Oh, listening to the iPod, not the radio? Take it all away, break everything strip yourself of protection - what do you do first? Prayer is a good start to clear thinking. THEN ACT! The Federal and State governments will be around as soon as they have control of the media coverage of the events. They, the more power they have the sillier the answers - will shut down all air traffic for days, because they never trust the people to be more than a cause. Example, the Federal Government is making sure you have good food to buy, they watch and inspect it, but no one in that government hangs when someone dies from bad food - do they? I trust the farmer more about food production than the government. But then I am buying processed and prepared foods, because the system hasn't broken down - yet. I should know some local farmers or have more land?

Just know that the only people I can trust are the ones I can reach out and throttle if I am angry. I will never get that close to the President or most Congressfolks. Not that I would throttle anyone, I just want to have a conversation, an opinion, and a hand with the heavy lifting - being me I don't look for a hug, but have noticed that it works well often. Whom do you trust?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

See what reading gets you....

Long ago, my mother made sure I liked books, stories and the Bible. So I had nursery rhymes and poetry, picture books and somewhere along there came Dr. Seuss and to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street. Cartoons in the newspapers, comics books by Disney. I had it all, and it was never enough so I was always looking for more - adventures and stuff. I started Zane Grey, then found Tarzan, and jumped to John Carter of Mars. Which likely helped me into Science Fiction, when I started noticing busty babes on the pulp fictions I went right into Mike Hammer and others. No one told me that they were Westerns set in modern America.

Today I dragged my wife off to see John Carter by Disney, in 3D! Yeah, do I remember the story? Is the new movie faithful to the books? Well, it has been so long that I can't tell you, but like a Frazetta poster, it was true to the vision in my mind. Lots of fun and if I were to complain, it would be of the hero with four day beard growth and shaved (or waxed?) chest. But young people today think everyone is like that. Go see, it is a fun movie.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dreams, waking from more bad dreams...

Army, in the field, trucks that need to get down the mountain dirt roads, no one in charge, lots of soldiers time up with stuff that are ready to leave and go to happier places. No drivers, and no one in charge, and there are no brakes that work. Two trucks get off the road and bounce down the hillside, losing everything and themselves. I get excited, jump into an empty drivers seat and stop one truck and feel like I should scream madly at someone, but end up waking up sweating ...

I feel like it is seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean ones, but it should have been Ron Paul jumping into the empty drivers seat and slowing the progress of the truck without brakes, which to me had to be the financial and government collapse of the United States of America. Although I am sure there are lots of people that would have jumped into the drivers seat and geared down and used the side of the hill to slow the truck to a stop... everyone knows how to fix American love affair with bigger, and better and borrowing more money to make everyone think we can make it back?

Nevermind, go back to sleep, someone else can take care of getting the truck off the mountain and everyone back home, right?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Self Portrait today... what do I think of me.

As I was finishing my walk today, my wife was driving off to work, I waved, she stopped on the road, powered down the window on the CTS I bought her and maintain, and as I shouted a hurried but happy "I love you!" she answered with "Will you vacuum today, please?" smiling before she drove on off. It is over you know.

No longer the guy worth marrying for building a family, protecting one from the evils in the darkness or just common predators and pests. Doesn't even jog now, just walking. Just tell him to vacuum, and just in case she didn't see me, she left a note on the counter in the kitchen. Sigh.

Another blogger/photographer/birdwatcher and many more things had a self portrait posted on Facebook, which prompted my picture of me and this post. Who do I see myself as? Well, the teenage tough with a cool black leather jacket and a Harley-Davidson - is long gone, but I liked being him, having his friends and enemies. The wannabe warrior in his early years of service, just loving that Army stuff, the challenges, the heroic stuff and the boredom waiting to do it again, better and badder. That naive fool, is long gone - but he was trying, really trying.

Somewhere exotic I found the drug and sexual revolution and found it revolting, I didn't seem to be able to drink well either. How Love snuck up on me and I ended up part of a married couple? If you don't believe in magic, well, I do. I got married, stopped drinking and smoking and concentrated on being a fine paratrooper. Ah, the Army in its wisdom shipped me off to become a Drill Sergeant, and it was interesting, rewarding and as long as it was my way - I loved doing it.

By then, about thirty some, I was a professional Non Commissioned Officer (NCO), running marathons and raising a son, when I had some time. I finished my BA, learned a bit of German and got ready to return to the States, and I wanted to be a First Sergeant. Someone messed up and lost his position, and I got called back from my leave to grab the job. It impressed my father that the Army was calling long distance to get me on a phone. I took the job, went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma and pinned on my own stripes because it was time, my battery was jumping onto their howitzers and prime movers that I had pre-positioned. Great three years, some of my happiest, I was playing D&D, and I impressed my paratroopers because I made them use the sidewalks let them carry exotic knives and go to schools and jump and hot to go to Grenada. It was great, but I am no longer that hard working, caring and leading from the front.

Sergeants Major Academy in Texas, three tough months of training crammed into six months. Then off to Korea, working with the Koreans, another language (quickly lost after departure), hosting my parents meeting my wife's culture and family. My son continued to break bones with his skateboarding, and his Korean experience convinced him that he was American.

Back to the 82nd Airborne, and the same battalion building that I had visited as a younger leg sergeant back from Vietnam. What goes around comes around. It was good, got to be in the first ground troops into Saudi Arabia, for speed bump duties. It was hot. The wait was long, the war was quick, and first in first out, thank you President Bush, anytime -- All the Way!

One more tour of Germany, and find myself getting old and out of touch with the Army and its goals, so different than my own. I do have to admit that my mouth and written words were getting me into more trouble than I was worth, seems as I look back I was always too vocal and sure of my opinions value. I have been wrong before, likely happen again. I am no longer wearing a uniform, those days are long gone, too.

Then I ended up in libraries, telling stories, recommending reading, finding answers or information. That was good, even when I was working in the McNeil Island Corrections Center. I retired and rode off on a motorcycle, brown leathers, thank you. I was also shooting and instructing with the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, all the way to Designated Shoot Boss - again, a great time and I liked me a lot like that. But that no longer is me, sigh. I am resolved to be a nice guy, but it isn't as easy as once was. I will probably not meet all the expectations of those that want my attention, my wife, son, grandson, friends and family. But I am getting down to 'no longer the man I once was'. I keep remembering my grandfather in his chair, rubbing his chin, and my father with his strokes before my son went off to Rota, Spain. It happens slowly, but it happens.

I couldn't really tell you who I am, it won't be the same tomorrow. It isn't the same after I save and publish this post. Change is so uncertain but so sure.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What are you doing for adventure?

Just wondering here, since I have long held that true adventure is best when viewed over adult beverages in overstuffed furniture before a roaring fireplace on cold dark nights. Living one or two makes you appreciate that reptilian brain which kicks in to survive when it all goes to Hell in a handbag or your favorite phrase for PANIC!

Maybe it is the Soap Opera and Reality Shows that make me cynical about the news coverage of the Republican Primary "fight", knockout blow?, 'let's get right to this' (said with excitement in the reporter's voice). Come on, folks. It isn't that important. Most of us are going to work, fall into and out of love, grow older and hopefully wiser. The broadcasters must be happier than they seem, since tension, drama and uncertainty mean someone will be tuning in for information and professional opinions. Which means that the Networks keep their sponsors. Ask Rush Limbaugh about the importance of sponsors (actually, the audience one draws daily causes the sponsors to bring money to the table - as long as the audience remains the sponsors will return). The court of public opinion and Political Correctness will jump for joy over the idea that someone is going to fail, especially someone that drinks raw milk or carries a gun and the Bible. As the discourse has gotten uglier, the word choice of Everyone poorer, few are surprised by venom from everyone with a bit of passion. Or projected passion, for they have directors whispering in their earbud, word choice and acting. Not a real adventure, nothing to get excited about.

Yes, politics are important, whom is elected will make a difference -- as most of the world has noticed. As long as the people get to make the choice, that change happens and errors are accounted for and corrected - there doesn't need to be much blood drawn. In America it is only the throwbacks to an earlier era that believe in Honor. So, don't get too excited, and buy too much ammunition, or prepare for the coming collapse. Or, better yet, turn off the television and read the WSJ at your public library, daily. You will be late, but just think of the emotions that aren't going to be artificially washing over you between medicine show barkers. For those of another persuasion the New York Times is often available, too.

Then, go out and have an adventure, one where one does the unknown and uncertain - almost unsafe, just almost... don't go for impossible, because gravity rules, and mass has big problems stopping quick enough to avoid squashing organic materials after it gets in high speed motion. And go with the Lord, because if you really have to go, it is best if you go with God.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

People don't really believe it could happen here...

When I am not listening to the Blues, I find myself drawn to Fox for commentary, and their primary advertisers are selling GOLD and SILVER, and sure enough they must be listened to - people are buying. Having been in countries where banks and bankers aren't trusted by the little guys - people do put their excess into gold. In Korea during a crisis the people were asked to turn in their gold and buy certificates for later re-purchase of gold. The government used that excess to pay down the problem and refinance and get through the troubles with the IMF.

One of the stories I loved from my father was his flying to Canada, and the passenger asked if he would like to come along to the Bank. At the bank they opened the deposit drawers and counted the Gold Coins, which had been stored there since Roosevelt outlawed them to make printed paper more valuable as a means of exchange in America. Doctor Ron Paul keeps saying we should go back to gold and silver (although there probably isn't enough) and the current price of oil and other stuff is artificially high because the dollar is sinking (or someone hears the water rising).

How much do you need? Tools, ammunition, gold, silver, breeding rabbits - for sure I have examples of currency issued by the United States that is TOTALLY worthless today! I have coins from countries that no longer exist, can't buy me love! But it could happen right here. Could.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Are you a target? a possible victim...

I hope not, but seems to be more questionable, shadowy types are haunting the bedroom communities and doing smash and grabs. No matter what industry they are pretending to be representing - they are bad people doing bad things to the unaware. I have heard that it is the fault of the victim, but since I heard it from convicted felons in prison I don't pay attention. But do you realize that they are just part, a violent criminal part of the entitlement society? They think you owe them a lively hood. They never go to where there isn't anything to steal.

Kind of like people that come to the United States to get qualified for SSI checks, one a month. It makes my wife upset, since she has noticed that they have successful families (normally working hard in business) getting their children into college and professions with excellent financial rewards, that promised when they sponsored their family members - that the family member wouldn't become a burden on this country. At least for five years, so what happened? She noticed because her Social Security check is smaller than their SSI check, and she doesn't get food stamps and housing assistance, fishing licenses and public transportation support and medical service.

I would bet, that those homes that don't seem to have loot unwatched, will not be hit by semi-professional thieves. Teenagers just looking, maybe, but not those that want larger rewards from their crimes. So there are not lots of people going to China or Vietnam for entitlements, and all those things one needs to survive. And being real Communist countries - they will take care of all your needs (in their time) when you finally find your way to the head of the line or become an productive asset.

One of the problems with being the greatest country in the world. The whole bundle of Western Democracies with Capitalist economies and great social services and supports have been under assault for years, and years. Each one has the problem and each has different answers or no answers.

As for being a Target, Rush Limbaugh has made himself a very large one. And he can't move fast enough to get out of sight and under cover. Once very long ago, when telling one of those war stories from Vietnam, in my mother's living room, with her present - I thoughtlessly used the F-word as an adjective. My mind went into shock, but my mouth kept pouring out the story and I have, ever since, made a mostly successful life of clean word choice. I am sure he will regain audience and advertisers, he does his talk show well - and if he tries to do it with more humor (real humor not the hurtful kind) he will remain successful. And if he doesn't, well, he can play bad golf and enjoy living on his investments. He is correct, our life choices are not something the government needs to steal money for... but it came out so badly.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

And the seventh day He rested...

Sunday, started very well, and continued to get even better. The Sun showed up to tease us, before the storms and cold come in tomorrow. I spent most of my day reading about the Sisterhood of Dune, or ching slings, or whatever else interested me. Jazz all afternoon, and some great Blues tonight. Trying to think if I have anything to say, I did look into the Art Class they wanted help with at church, volunteer aide, I will have to reinvent my talents or teaching techniques - it is for kids. They may not want me, but I will volunteer anyway. Getting out is a good idea, the motorcycles were ganging up today, but it was leathers with sweaters and face masks. Still Spring is promised and worth getting prepared for. Time for Historic Sword Swinging and political ploys. Good Night. I did have a small win in the lottery... very small.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well, did you see me on TV ????

I set off for Puyallup and the Elks to attend the Caucus to choose the representatives for the County Caucus of the Republican Party in Washington. I have never done this before, so I had my wife's admonishment not to try and be funny and her happiness that I was going out of the house.

I passed a big event at the Fairgrounds about sewing and stitchery lots of women attending. I did find the Elks, and smiled as I noticed the bumper stickers against so many politically correct attitudes. It was a long line in front of me to get inside, and I was in the slower moving line - not having brought my voting registration card, it has the precinct number on it. I stood behind three young men that were wearing Ron Paul stickers. They immediately noticed when he showed up and moved inside to address the group and his supporters. There were no OFFICIAL Spokespeople for Governor Romney or Senator Santorum, but Speaker Gingrich had one. They are the only ones permitted to speak for their candidate. No real problem, they all had supporters, but it was so much cooler to be at the Caucus that Ron Paul came to, and to get inside in time to hear him explain his positions, and the applause on his points supported.

So no matter how national media news is covering the results in Washington, the only numbers they have are the straw poll results. When I signed up as a voter from my precinct I was asked who I supported. I put down Ron Paul, others had their choices. That is the 'vote' that will be counted, I volunteered to be a delegate to the Pierce County caucus, cost me twenty dollars for the Republican Party card, and sixty dollars for my chair - there. There we will be asked again for information and choices, and will select the delegates to the State Caucus, where they pick the final delegates to the National Convention.

I did get excited about the energy, having watched union organized media events, these were real concerned folks - kind of like this is their only chance before TEOTWAWKI... I personally have NO FAITH in the political parties, but am still certain that candidates that really want to support a better America will have lots of people that normally don't participate helping now.

Thirteen people from my precinct, voted about what concerned us - for the party to think about as part of their platform. Two young men carrying babies, middle aged and old aged folks - all represented. America trying to heal itself. Y'all be good out there, we can get better.

Oh, I didn't see me on television either, but I was in the line they photographed and broadcast several times. Four years ago they had about a hundred voters, this year over five hundred - what does that tell you?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The first day of the first month of the year...

The real beginning of the year, as I wake from a sweat, dreaming of closing a library with worn linoleum flooring and having not enough baggage to carry all the really good books away. I think about turning over the calendars, paying bills and wondering where my mail has gone. My desk calendar tells me we are starting Daylight Savings before Spring - how will I spring forward? Will I winter forward? Checking the internet from last night, it snowed in Vancouver, Washington -- open my door and it snowed here, too, don't expect it to last much past dawn. But now I know why I didn't hear rain all night.

Among the thoughts was that stray one about in darkness is: why that boy, who will be tried as an adult, killed all those other students. Having shot my own computer, in my home (hollow points not being as terminal in computers as they might be in living flesh) I know where I find the reason he shot them. Wait, I don't really have an excuse for his behavior - I just expect better of it because of the culture, (the one I did not grow up in) but that has been laid upon real human beings by those that know what is best for everyone. I am sorry that anyone was shot and have died and I know that nothing will make it better.

Ask any cook, I would have said woman but that would be sexist (?), if you put soup on the stove and cover it - wander to distraction somewhere else - it might boil over before you get back. If you use a pressure cooker, which is so cool, if it doesn't have a release somewhere it could blow up - in the days of steam engines they watched for that stuff. My point being that no one allows young fool males to fight any more. You have an evolutionary design for males to fight for all kinds of good things, and then you put them in places and times and society where fighting is VERBOTEN! What results did you expect? There is no release, no way to let off steam. The other problem is lack of value of life, his own or anyone else's. He likely doesn't love himself.

When the society can proclaim that abortion isn't Murder, what is? Not that anything to do with reproduction rights are something I dwell on - but I have always thought that Post Natal Abortion would be proper, when the unwanted pregnancy problem gets to be eighteen, the mother and the problem go into a room with the bill for all the costs to the mother's life for the problems existence - and the one that walks out alive wins! No, I don't think much of abortion, it is too sad to think about at all, how did our society ever get to the point that sex was just an itch to scratch and never hurts anyone?

Don't you know, that if I (an old man) remain totally uncomfortable with women that display so much of their special charms where I bank, I am just always depressed by people that allow stupid bad behavior to destroy the beauty of babbling babies that poop too much, but smell so good when they are cleaned up and back to babbling?

And no, I don't think there should be a law --- I think you should know what is moral behavior - it isn't situational. There is a Right and there are Wrongs.